chibihogoshinohows the convention cyberanger ?01:44
netritioushowdy locotn03:00
wrsthowdy netritious03:08
netritioushow are things wrst?03:08
wrstpretty good how are you doing netritious?03:08
netritiouspretty good03:09
netritiouswent to the meetup today03:09
wrsthow was it?03:09
netritiouswrst: pretty good03:19
netritiousdidn't exactly go as planned either, but I'll be more prepared next time....03:19
wrstcool, a loco meetup?03:19
netritiouswas invited back at least03:19
netritiousand thanks again to Midsouth Makers for having me03:19
netritiouswrst: yes03:19
wrstcool netritious03:20
netritiousI kept trying to clone a usb thumb drive to another usb thumb drive that was oh so slightly smaller03:25
netritiousclonezilla was not happy about it03:25
netritiousif I would have had thought about it, I would have just resized the source usb thumb drive, but didn't think about it until I was on the way home lol03:26
wrsthaha your thumb drive is awesome03:36
netritiouswrst: I'm reading now about how to backup and restore a MBR using dd, and also how puppy uses grub4dos by default03:41
wrsthmm backup and restoring the MBR that's cool stuff03:42
* netritious gets a little nervous when dd and MBR are mentioned in the same sentence :P03:43
wrstwell yeah :)03:43
wrstdd scares me a little anyway03:43
netritiousI'm trying to figure out if it's even possible to install grub4dos using ubuntu03:44
netritiousI haven't just had a whole lot of luck with it, but then again I have no idea what I'm doing lol..i kinda do but reminds me of old days with norton disk doctor trying to fix mbr03:45
netritiouswell not as bad as that, but bad enough hehe03:46
netritiousanyway trying to figure it out now03:46
wrstwhat exactly is grub4dos netritious?03:48
netritiouswrst: it's a bootloader like grub04:02
netritiousa little more flexible than grub or grub2, at least that's what I keep reading04:03
wrsthmm cool04:06
wrstwell i don't have a real high opinion of grub2 but it seems to be improving04:06
netritiousI agree04:15
netritiousfor a while there I was removing grub2 and installing grub04:16
netritiousnite everyone...afk04:50
cyberangerchibihogoshino: sweet05:36
chibihogoshinohello orangeninja15:29
chibihogoshinowhats up ?15:29
orangeninjanothing much....15:31
orangeninjajust kicking around the idea of making my hp dv6775us laptop all Ubuntu with 10.1015:31
orangeninjai have it deul booted with 10.04 and vista right now15:32
orangeninjaanything I should look out for?15:33
chibihogoshinoid try out the live install and make sher everything works ok..15:35
chibihogoshinoi havent ran 10.10 yet so im not up on what all has changed..15:35
orangeninjawhat are you running?15:35
chibihogoshinofrom what i saw they didnt change much so im going to wait till the next release .. that should be a big update15:36
orangeninjahmmm, maybe I should just use 10.04 myself15:37
orangeninjajust got to find the old iso again.....ha15:38
chibihogoshinoyou need the download page ?15:38
orangeninjanaw, I got that, I am dloading 10.10 right now from it15:39
chibihogoshinowhen more people come back online in here you could ask them about 101015:39
orangeninjayeah, I really have no idea15:42
orangeninjaI just really started messing with Linux seriously..15:42
chibihogoshinowhat got you interested in linux ?15:44
orangeninjahmmm well15:47
orangeninjaI guess, IT security type stuff. and it being free.15:48
chibihogoshinosecurity is a good part of it ..15:49
chibihogoshinoi like how you can change anything about it, look at all the code and get help with almost anything15:50
orangeninjaI just have a genuine interest in computers and I like messing around with them when I can.15:51
orangeninjaI also like that too. it seems you make Linux what you want it to be.15:51
chibihogoshinoyeah.. especially if you run arch or crunch bang .. doing a manual install, you learn allot15:53
orangeninjayeah, I did a gentoo years ago, got it working for an hour or so but crashed the xorg and never got it up again. I used the online documantaion to do it step by step.15:55
chibihogoshinox can be picky15:56
orangeninjayeah old nvidia drivers about 5 or 6 years ago15:57
orangeninjaI think I tried to change the resolution to something other that 800x600 and that crashed it. I had cli but I new nothing at all back then.15:57
chibihogoshinoi never had a problem with nvivia .. ati15:57
chibihogoshinoati i did but they have gotten allot better15:58
chibihogoshinodid you edit the xconfig ?15:58
orangeninjaha, I tried several things I just know I broke it.15:59
chibihogoshinoit could be refresh rate, monitor or video card timing..16:00
chibihogoshinocolor depth..16:00
orangeninjathe community was as helpful as they could be with a guy on his first experiance with linux. I have no idea why I tried that.16:00
chibihogoshinoits great you got it working tho16:00
orangeninjawell they had documantation online so i just followed that word for word from another computer.16:01
orangeninjaahhh I know why I did it....16:02
chibihogoshinowhys that ?16:04
orangeninjaa book called hacking: the art of exploitation Jon Erickson he said he used Gentoo so I had to get it. HA ha ha16:05
chibihogoshinoahh :-)16:05
chibihogoshinoits got good reviews16:06
orangeninjayeah it was good. I guess that is also what helped open my eyes to linux16:09
chibihogoshinodid you read it all ?16:09
orangeninjano, I read probably half skipping here and there. at the time I knew nothing of linux, and I still know nothing of assembly or and kind of programming.16:11
orangeninjaI did understand his section of buffer overflows and why they worked. but I could not create one or anything,16:12
chibihogoshinoi dont know how that works..16:13
chibihogoshinoiv tried learning programing but it never worked out16:13
orangeninjawell I have "looked" into it too. but never really stayed with it.16:14
chibihogoshinoi like python16:17
chibihogoshinoim trying to learn that but its going slow16:18
orangeninjais python the one everyone says you should start with?16:18
chibihogoshinoi think so16:21
chibihogoshinoyou can do allot with it16:21
chibihogoshinowhat part of tn are you in ?16:28
orangeninjaIm in Nashville16:38
cyberangerchibihogoshino: yea python16:45
chibihogoshinoyeah if i can figure it out16:45
orangeninjahow far are you into learning it chibihogoshino?17:07
chibihogoshinohow far ?17:11
chibihogoshinoi would like to make some gui aps if i can17:11
orangeninjajust beginning?17:14
orangeninjaon youtube I searched Python Programming and found a playlist with 43 videos. Pretty good too.17:17
chibihogoshinoi need to find a book or something that makes it make sense to my brain17:17
chibihogoshinooh.. cyberanger do you remember who was having a problem with the google search dns redirects with comcast ?17:24
chibihogoshinothis guy reminds me of rodney mckay17:25
orangeninjaprint 'I'\m just a computer, I can\'t understand.' this guy is cracking me up17:42
cyberangerchibihogoshino: not offhand18:02
cyberangerbut I don't recall anything dns related in here recently18:02
chibihogoshinoahh.. i was looking at it again and you can disable the redirect in the comcast user account settings18:03
cyberangeraside from myself, between dns hijacking and OpenNIC18:03
cyberangerintresting, esp if it's not a cookie18:06
cyberangerI like the MAC address method, but they need to simplify it for avg joe18:10
cyberangeror make it opt in18:10
cyberangerit really needs to be opt in18:45
cyberangernot opt out18:45
cyberangerit can cause so many issues18:45
cyberangerthus why I was being real careful doing it here18:46
cyberangertargetting two subdomains18:46
cyberangerideally next year I'll have apublic ubuntu mirror18:47
cyberangerand just do it to my own subdomains18:47
cyberangerand change apt here18:47
cyberangerthere was no issues in doing it small scale, but was it standards compliant, no18:48
cyberangerand the hotel breaks standardswith a captive portal18:48
cyberangerbut an isp, ugh18:48
=== orangeninja is now known as Guest94724
chibihogoshinodns should be locally cached along with the web site name only remotely looked up if the site is not known.. the web site should also give its web address to verify that is the site you are trying to reach.20:43
cyberangerchibihogoshino: true, ideally20:49
cyberangerbut that's gotta be suppported, and with a long ttl20:50
chibihogoshinounlimited ttl would be ok since it would expire when the page cant be found or the website name changed20:52
cyberangerchibihogoshino: that's not true21:33
cyberangerif it's a dns cacheing server, or client21:33
cyberangersince it's not a dns issue21:33
chibihogoshinoif the web pages publish the web site name to verify the address youll know if your at the right one or not21:33
cyberangerrouting issue or daemon issue usually21:33
cyberangerthe only way to sidestep a cache with a bad result is purge it and query the authoritive nameserver21:36
cyberangerthere were some attacks where the ttl was set to 68 years21:37
chibihogoshinothats how it works now ..21:37
cyberangerand hotspots hijack dns for a captive portal in some setups, set the ttl to 60 sec. or less21:38
chibihogoshinowhat would that matter if your computer didnt check a external dns server ?21:39
cyberangerthe long ttl, I hijack the dns server on a hotspot, set the ttl to 68 years for facebook.com, but point it at porn or an attack site21:42
cyberangerand you leave the hotspot, still a long ttl21:43
chibihogoshinoif my computer isnt looking at that and getting the ip from its own cache that wont matter21:43
cyberangerand since I was the authoritive server, nothing upstream to check21:43
cyberangeryes, but I took advantage of the hotspots captive portal21:44
cyberangeryou were firewalled off21:44
cyberangerqueried the dns server dhcp told you of21:44
cyberangerit's a system needing overhauls for sure21:46
chibihogoshinodid you tell them ?21:46
cyberangerbut if you cache my site, www.zachgibbens.geek, to my ip for a long time, it'll resolve to my current server, what would tell it of my other server21:48
cyberangerlike if I moved my mailserver from google to my own, or something21:48
cyberangertell who, ICANN?21:49
chibihogoshinoit would check with the external dns server21:49
chibihogoshinobut the web pages would verify them self with a key so you know your at the right site21:50
chibihogoshinolike they kinda do now21:50
cyberangereveryone high enough in the chain knows, dnssec extensions is the current patch21:50
cyberangerwell, if a webserver has ssl, it validates it21:52
cyberangerbut that's not the current system for http or dns21:52
cyberangerexcept with dnssec21:53
cyberangerbut the cache trusts the ttl21:53
cyberangermy cached result for mail will still resolve to google, and since the route works, the ttl is good21:54
cyberangerit won't goto my box21:54
cyberangeruntil the ttl runs out21:54
chibihogoshinoi dont like this21:55
cyberangerbut when I change, wit a reasonable value, it'll update21:55
cyberangerwell, it's a system of trust21:56
chibihogoshinoits taking control out of the users hands21:56
cyberangerdns has allways been outside the users hands21:56
chibihogoshinothe verification process is done through the isp with dnssec tho21:57
cyberangercause it replaced the hosts file in the early days21:57
cyberangersomething the admin did21:57
cyberangeror I can sidestep the isp, and run dnssec21:58
cyberangeras a cacheing server21:59
cyberangeronce the entire root is signed, it'll work21:59
cyberangerbut just like ipv4 to ipv6, it's not overnight22:00
chibihogoshinohow big would that be tho22:00
cyberangerbandwidth, disk space, memory, fine by todays standards22:01
cyberangerbut dns's early days, no way22:01
cyberangerand it took a long time for alot of the attacks to be found22:02
* chris4585 pokes wrst 22:04
cyberangerit's just a core service with them found now22:04
cyberangerliterally core, without going back to hosts files and remembering ip addresses22:05
cyberangeror a replacement22:07

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