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big_tMarkDude: whats happening?00:33
MarkDudeHey there00:48
MarkDudeJust getting ready to go see a friends band00:48
MarkDudeWhen will you be in Portland?00:48
androidbruceso who's going to LFNW?01:14
valoriewouldn't miss it!02:19
valorieI'd better ping my son about it02:19
androidbrucevalorie, i am trying to convince my wife to go 03:49
valorieis she a geek?03:57
valoriemy son tried to get me to go for years, but I resisted03:57
valorienow I'm sorry I didn't go with him03:57
valoriethe hotel is really nice, the people are outstanding, and Bellingham is so beautiful03:58
valoriewhat's not to like?03:59
valorieeven if she skips part of the fest itself, there is plenty to do03:59
big_thello :)04:00
valoriehey big_t04:11
big_tany of you people play around with conky?06:45
big_tMarkDude: good all most afternoon.19:48

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