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josephseraoserUSUL, bastidrazor thank you! My connection is like a turtle00:00
Cpt_Zyphanyone know how i can fix my fresh install video problem ??00:01
josephseraosit will take some minutes00:01
erUSULjosephseraos: no problem00:01
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kv102tdid sudo apt-get update.i get error, how fix?00:02
kv102tE: Type ‘<html>’ is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list00:02
Sdw195how would you dual boot a notebook with ubuntu 10,10 and xp (already on it)00:03
erUSULkv102t: check the sources file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list00:03
Cpt_Zyphis there a install peram i can enter so that x11 uses a lesser driver or something im stuck and not finding good links on google other then compuiz problems *(00:03
erUSULkv102t: it has syntax errors00:03
h4fis there any plug in for empathy to handle more nicely  IRC ?00:03
the_studentCpt_Zyph: What is it?00:03
coz_Sdw195,  which did you install first?00:03
Cpt_Zyphwhat are some other ways to install so x11 dosnt try to start and im all bugged out.. even terminal view is messed up00:03
h4fcurrently I am seeing all joins in empathy00:03
erUSULCpt_Zyph: i think there is an option to boot with failsafe graphics (vesa ) in the boot menu00:03
BlankFor Netbook Edition, what are the requirement(s) for getting the option to keep in launcher for the sidebar?00:03
josephseraoserUSUL, Hey, how do I put one user to work with the "sudo" command?00:04
josephseraoserUSUL, by default, in Debian, there is no user who can work with sudo... Understand?00:04
Cpt_Zyphthe_student well on a fresh install with normal desktop 10.10 i cant use it because the gui is messed up so i downloaded the alt version and that does the old install .. b ut then when it boots its all scrambled and i cant make out anything on the screne00:04
erUSULjosephseraos: you are in debian?00:04
Cpt_ZypherUSUL i thought so too atleast there was when i installed 10.04 but i wasnt seeing it on either of these.. did i use the wrong media?00:04
kv102terUSUL: hold it. what is this list for?00:04
kenneth_reitzis there a way to have a username alias?00:04
erUSULkv102t: it is what tells apt where to look for packages00:05
Sdw195coz_: xp00:05
Sdw195i havnt installed ubuntu yet00:05
josephseraoserUSUL, No, I'm not. But I have a desktop that uses Debian... I'm trying to get start with00:05
Cpt_Zyphwhich media calls for the lesser video graphics vesa on fresh install?00:05
erUSULkv102t: the one that is wrong seems to be for playonlinux judging by the filename00:05
bastidrazorjosephseraos: sudo adduser username admin ... that will add username to the group admin which allows sudo00:05
coz_Sdw195,   well when you install ubuntu  it will install grub  which will allow you to choose which operating system you want to use for that session00:05
kv102terUSUL: all packages or just playonlinux. i don't use it.00:05
erUSULCpt_Zyph: i think the livecd has it in the boot menu00:05
coz_Sdw195,   I suggest you defrag windows xp  at least once  before installing ubuntu00:05
the_studentCpt_Zyph: Tough nut, repeat wo my username and see if someone else knows00:05
kv102ti don't want it so this list is void to me..00:05
erUSULkv102t: the one that fails is the playonlinux one00:06
BlankThe main sources file is /etc/apt/sources.list, I think.00:06
MarkAngHey there, fine fellows! I'm having a weird little problem. It's not a problem that needs immediate solving, but a little help might be useful. Anybody up for helping? Just let me know.00:06
kv102thow can i stop it looking at this list?00:06
erUSULkv102t: the error cearly states as much E: Type ‘<html>’ is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list00:06
coz_MarkAng,   well it would be easier for smeone to help if you tell us the problem :)00:06
erUSULkv102t: remove the file if you do not use it00:06
MarkAngHaha, was wondering when the first would say that XD00:07
erUSULkv102t: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list00:07
Cpt_ZypherUSUL ooo.. i normal try to avoid the live disks but i guess that would be ok .. so get live disk .. boot then do install to system once in gnome?? or can i do a install from fresh boot before going into live session?00:07
erUSULkv102t: then run « sudo apt-get update »00:07
josephseraosbastidrazor, look: I don't have to create a new user. There is one user by default too. But, to run apt-get, I have to change user to -> su <- (root)00:07
kv102terUSUL: i still get error00:07
MarkAngEvery so often, my Ubuntu 10.10 produces the weirdest graphical glitch, where all the fonts get messed up (sometimes beyond readable) and it won't do stuff like hibernating.00:07
Sdw195coz_: i recently installed 10.10 on my desktop and couldnt  get it to run on the same drive as xp00:08
erUSULkv102t: post the error you get00:08
bastidrazorjosephseraos: the command i gave will NOT add a user. it will add the user to the group admin.00:08
erUSUL!paste | kv102t00:08
ubottukv102t: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:08
kv102tError: Page cannot be displayed. Please contact service provider for more details. (3)00:08
josephseraosbastidrazor, very nice.00:08
MarkAngUsually I reboot, but I'm currently working on a project in a Flash app, and when my laptop shuts down all work is lost.00:08
kv102tthis is in the html00:08
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coz_Sdw195,   that's odd...  unless the ubuntu cd  is corrupted...it should have allowed  you to set the size of the partition for ubuntu  and then install grub for you to choose00:09
njbairI have a flash drive that I can't unmount because the gvfsd-tra command is keeping it busy.00:09
erUSULkv102t: what html ?00:09
kv102tplayonlinux.list contains html00:09
MarkAngcoz_, are you still there?00:10
kv102t<meta name="robots" content="noarchive" />00:10
kv102t<meta name="googlebot" content="nosnippet" />00:10
FloodBot2kv102t: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:10
erUSULkv102t: just remove the file00:10
erUSULkv102t: where did i told you to open it ?00:10
Sdw195coz_: i tried to  manually tell it the partition layout but it didnt like the one i set it to00:10
BlankUnless I missed the answer, how do you get the option to keep a running program in the launcher for Netbook Edition?  It is for a program extracted from an archive rather than installed through package manager.00:11
mzawieskahey I am runing ubuntu. But also I installed virtualbox where is windows xp installed. When i plug usb devices such as usb stick its not showing it? what can i do00:11
nofrillzits not showing in ubuntu?00:11
Cpt_ZypherUSUL were is the live ed download?? im not seeing it on the ubuntu site00:11
nofrillzor in vb?00:11
MarkAngEvery so often, my Ubuntu 10.10 produces the weirdest graphical glitch, where all the fonts get messed up (sometimes beyond readable) and it won't do stuff like hibernating. Usually I reboot, but I'm currently working on a project in a Flash app, and when my laptop shuts down all work is lost.00:11
MarkAngANybody got a clue what I'm doing wrong/could do to prevent this?00:12
mzawieskano its not showin on the vbox where i have installed windows xp00:12
FraxtilIs there a way to toggle caps lock from the terminal? I've mapped it to another key but there are some (rare) cases where I need to use it.00:12
nofrillzdid you enable usb support when you installed virtualbox?00:12
BlankMarkAng - My only guess would be video driver related, but that's not much help.00:13
KM0201mzawieska: what version of virtualbox did you install?00:13
MarkAngHeh, no.00:13
kv102terUSUL: deleted all fine now thanks00:13
nofrillzFraxtil, I would remap that key to Shift+CAPS, and leave caps-lock alone00:13
nofrillzor vice versa00:13
sam___hi can anyone help?00:13
mzawieskahow can i check what version i am running00:13
josephseraosbastidrazor, when I put su, and put the password, I entered like root.. So, I put you command: adduser joseph adm (do not have admin) and it returns -> joseph is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported00:13
MarkAngBut that does sound logically. Usually it works just fine, I can view movies, run all kinds of graphical content and such no problem00:13
nofrillzvirtualbox -> about00:13
erUSULCpt_Zyph: the normal desktop cd is the livecd00:14
bastidrazorjosephseraos: use the account you created when you installed the OS.00:14
thauriswulfaQUESTION: I have  a analog modem with 15 kbps d/w anybody know best way to optimise its speed , like small browsers or something00:14
nofrillzhow long does it usually take to generate a new personal PGP key?00:14
nofrillzthauriswulfa, try a text browser00:15
tyler_dmzawieska: from a terminal type                       lsb_release -a00:15
erUSULnofrillz: depends on the entropy of the system and on the key kenght. but shouldn't be much00:15
thauriswulfanofrillz: suggest one?00:15
KM0201tyler_d: thats not gonna tell him what version of vbox he's using00:15
erUSULnofrillz: move the mouse around00:15
freddis the remastersys still available ?00:15
Cpt_ZypherUSUL aa that one is nto working.. when it boots the menu is in the botom left corner and i cant read anything.. is there a way to stop its default startup scripts or something so i can pick the versa install??00:15
Cpt_ZypherUSUL or use the alt desktop cd to do the same thing etc?00:15
nofrillzi feel retarded00:15
nofrillzim erradically moving my mouse around on the screen00:16
josephseraosbastidrazor, ok, I add the account in "sudo" group, with the adduser command00:16
tyler_dKM0201: oh sorry, only saw, "(08:13:44 PM) mzawieska: how can i check what version i am running"00:16
nofrillzsp on that00:16
EnigmaticCoderCan someone tell me why this awk command used to give me the last occurance of an irclog but no longer works? http://paste.ubuntu.com/557006/00:16
bastidrazorjosephseraos: you're sure you're using ubuntu? no admin group?00:16
BlankMarkAng - So things only foul up when doing specific things, or does it seem completely random?00:16
erUSULnofrillz: well typing here should genrate entropy too ;P00:16
nofrillzwell i was trying to make one so I could sign the Ubuntu code of conduct thing00:16
josephseraosbastidrazor, I saw in Debian00:17
nofrillzand this is the longest anything has taken on thisOS00:17
nofrillzthis OS*00:17
iflemanofrillz: just leave it and do something else or ever on a editor and type random words, just do something else and get back to it....00:17
josephseraosI'm using Ubuntu this laptop, and a Debian in a Desktop00:17
KM0201mzawieska: youd on't need to run that command he gave you, its not going to tell you anything you need to know at this point00:17
sam___can anyone help?00:17
deltaray2How can I set service process options/flags in Ubuntu.  For instance, on redhat, you can usually edit the service config file in /etc/sysconfig/servicename00:17
nofrillzI was merely curious is all00:17
MarkAngBlank It seems completely random, but it almost always occurs when I'm working on said Flash app (Pimp My Gun 0.6 if you're curious) and I enter hibernation. When I come out of hibernation it usually happens.00:17
erUSULEnigmaticCoder: /join #awk00:17
nofrillzthat sentence I typed, finished it00:17
EnigmaticCodergood idea, ty00:17
iflemanofrillz: do somethingelse on the compuiter that is....00:18
bastidrazorjosephseraos: you should ask for help on debian in #debian00:18
nofrillzalso for text browsers00:18
nofrillzI have no clue on any of them00:18
MarkAngWell, not almost always, but it usually happens after hibernating like 3 times or so in a row.00:18
nofrillzso google :)00:18
mzawieskaDistributor ID:Ubuntu00:18
mzawieskaDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS00:18
FloodBot2mzawieska: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
josephseraosbastidrazor, Yes, I know. But it work in Ubuntu too... When I want to add a new user.00:18
KM0201mzawieska: ...00:18
KM0201mzawieska: are you gonna listen or just post mindless drivel.. that is irrelevant to your problem00:19
Cpt_ZypherUSUL is it some other options i can pick from the install screen .. acpi=off or noapic or edd=on something like that to make it dumb down the video drivers?00:19
bastidrazorjosephseraos: the command i gave will work for Ubuntu. i would not recommend it in Debian. ask in #debian00:19
Cpt_ZypherUSUL i cant boot to the non alt desktop disk and see anything at all on this laptop so im guessing i should have a similar option on this alt desktop disk as well im just not seeingit like i used to on the 10.04 disks00:20
MarkAngSo yeah.00:20
sam___can anyone help me please00:20
ZykoticK9!ask | sam___00:21
ubottusam___: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:21
MarkAngState your problem first, then members who know the solution will share it with you.00:21
BlankMarkAng I don't know enough to help, though maybe something flash related.  I'd think it would happen with anything if it was something like memoey of a hibernation problem.00:21
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:21
sllideis there a gui for SVN?00:21
sllideor a wrapper00:21
sllidei'm tired of those long commands00:21
tyler_dsllide: yes there is... can't think of the name... 2 secs00:21
MarkAngHey, at least you tried, Blank.00:22
MarkAngMaybe another with more intimate knowledge of the problem will help.00:22
nofrillzquick question00:22
sam___i installed lamp server on my ubuntu server yesterday i was fine allowing people to login but now it does not allow me or anyone to login or post00:22
nofrillzi run xinput list to find my mouse id00:22
erUSULCpt_Zyph: read here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions00:22
kenneth_reitzDoes anyone know if you can set a username alias w/ openssh?00:22
nofrillzand i get this00:22
FloodBot2nofrillz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:22
ZykoticK9sam___, ask the channel your question.00:23
sacarlsonsllide: I'm not sure about svn but there is a cool gui for git00:23
nofrillzwhich one is the real mouse id?00:23
sam___i installed lamp server on my ubuntu server yesterday i was fine allowing people to login but now it does not allow me or anyone to login or post00:23
kenneth_reitzFloodBot2 fail00:23
sllidedo they both work for usbversion?00:23
sllideerr, subversion00:23
tyler_dsllide: they are all pretty finicky however do work, if I recall I installed and used all of them with no real static success.... kdesvn worked well though from what I recall00:24
suqaCould I get GRUB's "bash-like" to boot a USB?00:24
sllideill look into it, thanks :)00:24
sacarlsonsllide: git is another type of subversion,  I don't think they work together but you can port from one to the other00:24
MarkAngAnyone got anything on my problem?00:24
josephseraosbastidrazor, I have 3 broken packages00:24
josephseraoserUSUL, bastidrazor I have 3 broken packages00:24
n3kr0nplease please help me...00:24
sam____anyone any ideas?00:25
nofrillzunless theres a new driver MarkAng I would suggest not getting too caught up in your work00:25
tyler_dsllide: rapidsvn was the other one...00:25
n3kr0nwell... I have a hd hooked in my usb.. and I was copying some files to it.... suddenly it stoped... I rebooted my windows and when I opened up my hd... voilà, corrupted ntfs... I repaired with windows 7 app... but unfortunately all my files disapeared...00:25
Sdw195coz_: i tried to  manually tell it the partition layout but it didnt like the one i set it to00:25
n3kr0nI came to ubuntu to try to fix it.... but too late... windows recoved my ntfs disk file system and I cant use ntfsundelete00:25
thauriswulfaQUESTION: if anybody can tell me the best ways to optimize the analog modem internet ,,,,,,,,,??????like proxy , or some kind of browser00:25
nofrillzn3kr0n, try Recuva?00:25
n3kr0nbut I can see that I have +- 40GB of data that I have to save...00:25
MarkAngHeh, I usually do. Thanks anyway guys.00:25
n3kr0nnofrillz, recuva?00:25
n3kr0nnot yet00:25
tyler_dthauriswulfa: try utilizing a smallish browser, ie. Chrome00:25
nofrillzrecovers files for ntfs00:25
nofrillzthauriswulfa, try Lynx00:26
tyler_dthauriswulfa: your doing well if you got an analog modem working though..... be thankful00:26
n3kr0nand what is the name of the package?00:26
sllidethanks :)00:26
nofrillztheres not one for linux00:26
nofrillzbut try00:26
thauriswulfatyler_d: why so00:26
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Caostersomeone is wrong with my networking.  in the syslog, network manager keeps saying carrier on, then carrier off00:27
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nofrillztheres a list of file recoverie stuff for you00:27
tyler_dthauriswulfa: I attempted it with an old laptop of mine, and ultimately gave up... depricated hardware on my behalf methinks00:27
josephseraoserUSUL, bastidrazor I have 3 broken packages... how do I solve?00:27
Cpt_ZypherUSUL thank ya found were to add the versa entry.. after install ill go read up how to install the nvidia proper drivers to support video features later .. thank ya kindly00:27
n3kr0nnofrillz, alright dude00:27
n3kr0nI will check it out.... there is a lot of important stuff into this hd00:28
nofrillzsorry bro00:28
nofrillzwish you luck00:28
thauriswulfatyler_d: no  long ago on ubuntu 9 i also gave up and on 10 i finally made  it work00:28
tyler_dsam____: need more info... log in using ssh, over the web? how are you logging in?00:28
tyler_dthauriswulfa: do you have a random guide you followed?00:29
BlankI think I found the answer to my problem, not sure if it will work with Unity though - only one way to find out.00:29
nofrillzjosephseraos, try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14092000:29
tyler_dBlank: tias00:29
nofrillzthauriswulfa, try Lynx or a browser that selectively allows you to download media00:29
nofrillze.g. pictures/songs00:29
thauriswulfanofrillz: ok ,i;ll giv it a try00:30
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nofrillznice try Guest4918600:30
Guest49186good morning00:31
nofrillzgot a question about my mouse id in xinput00:31
nofrillzwhich one is my mouse id?00:31
nofrillzI spot 3 possible ones00:31
newbieHi everyone00:32
nofrillzhi newbie00:32
Guest49186hi newbie00:32
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josephseraosis there how to undo last packages installations00:32
tyler_dsup newbie00:32
FirefisheI'm using ubuntu/kubuntu 10.10 LTS.  I have two users, myself, and my wife.  I'm having an issue with the balance controls for my side.  When I log in, my balance control is always to the far left, and I have to use the gnome-sound-properties dialog to correct it, regardless of whether I'm using kde or gnome.  My wife's side does not have this issue.  What might be the problem?00:32
nofrillzFirefishe, your wife is superior in the eyes of Ubuntu00:33
Firefishenofrillz: In my eyes, too :-)00:33
hanswis 10.10 lts?00:33
Firefishe10.04 LTS....gads00:34
aeon-ltdhansw: no00:34
Guest49186who use 11.o400:34
ZykoticK9hansw, no 10.04 was LTS00:34
nofrillzjosephseraos, you try my link?00:34
aeon-ltd!ubuntu+1 | Guest4918600:34
ubottuGuest49186: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+100:34
bastidrazorjosephseraos: sudo apt-get -f install00:34
josephseraosbastidrazor, debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable00:35
nofrillzyou have a package manager open00:35
nofrillzlike synaptic00:35
nofrillzor ubuntu software center00:36
nofrillzor you are running apt-get00:36
Firefishecheck also for forgotten terminals that might be open on another desktop00:36
nofrillzthat too00:36
Firefishe...that might have had apt-get being used00:36
FirefisheI've done that more than I care to admit ;)(00:37
sitescripterdoes anyone know an easy way to reduce the bit depth of the screen?  i think it's running at 24 or 32 bit color depth.  i'd  rtfm more, but my eyes recently became very light sensitive, and reading is hard on the screen. i'm hoping reducing the color depth might help reduce the contrast.  i'm using ubuntu/gnome/and ati/"amd proprietary fglrx graphics drivers" .  mostly the default ubuntu 10.10 install.00:37
randomcakeHi, I'm running a dual boot system, with Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7 HP, can symbolic links be created that will work across Windows and Linux? Or are NTFS junctions incompatible?00:38
Hilikushow do i upgrade the alsa drivers?00:38
bthorntonI'm running Ubuntu 10.10 . Sometimes when I log in, my GNOME desktop looks like the theme has changed (i.e. it's not doing theming). How do I fix this (without logging out)?00:38
bthorntonas I recall, this is a gconfd issue00:38
nofrillzubuntu cant write to ntfs by default00:39
josephseraosthe problem is in libc package00:39
nofrillzand the sym link structure is different per os I believe00:39
hanswsitescripter, sytem -> preferences -> monitors00:39
aeioui've done: 'sudo aptitude install postfix telnet mailx'  but i am unable to send mail from cli (i.e 'mail' program seems to be missing)00:40
aeiouhow do I install it?00:40
Firefishenofrillz: might you have an inkling on my aformentioned balance control issue?00:40
nofrillzI have no clue bro00:40
Firefishenofrillz: cool...thanks anyway00:40
nofrillzim a sound newb when it comes to linux00:40
sacarlsonsitescripter: I'm not sure about the color depth but themes can change the look and colors used, System>Preference>Apperance00:40
nofrillzi just got sound working yesterday00:40
Firefishenofrillz: It's some type of config file, but I just can't figure out which one00:40
hanswnofrillz, windows is not able to understand symbolic links the way linux creates them00:40
randomcakenofrillz: is there a package that will be able to write a sym link that windows will be able to read? I want to move the 'users' directory, which I don't think will work while Windows is running00:41
josephseraosErrors were encountered while processing:  /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.11.1-0ubuntu7.8_amd64.deb00:41
nofrillzrandomcake: see what hansw said00:41
mecoWhat application do I use to unpack a .IMG file?00:41
nofrillzif there is a package, I have no clue what its called00:41
nofrillz.IMG = disk image00:41
nofrillziso mounter probably00:41
nofrillzjosephseraos, what errors00:42
razz1are there any good wireless keyboard mouse for ubuntu. I know that logitech's wireless encryption does not work in linux, looking for a new pair, wondering  should I bother with wireless or just get USB ones.00:42
randomcakeokay, hmm, wonder if it's a soft or hard link...00:42
KM0201nofrillz: gmountiso will mount ISO images, if thats what you're asking for00:42
nofrillzWell ususally when they can mount ISO images, they can mount IMG images as well00:42
nofrillzin my experience that is00:42
slixxorhey all00:43
sitescriptersacarlson, thanks for the tip, but i want something that will tone down everything, graphics included. and web pages, and application gui's etc... something global. the settings are probably in a text file somewhere but i'm hoping for a gui tool.00:44
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sitescripterhansw, thanks i'll check there00:44
nofrillzsitescripter, you think about turning down the brightness of the screen itself?00:44
sitescripterhansw, no color depth settings.00:45
chrislusticHollaaaa all00:45
sitescripternofrillz, yes, i have. it helps a lot, but the contrast is still too overbearing.00:45
yeatsjosephseraos: can you post the full output of 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade'? (paste at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ )00:45
chrislusticI used to work at nofrillz00:45
mecoKM0201: Is that the only app for making a .IMG file playable?00:45
sitescripteri had sudden vision changes. it's cut into my career a bit (i'm a javascripter mostly). makes the screen hard to see00:45
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nofrillzsitescripter, i think theres some sort of accesibility option for that00:46
KM0201meco: no, i thought you wanted to mount the IMG so you could browse it... are you trying to install it t a drive so you can boot it?00:46
n3kr0nnofrillz, "recuva estimated time: 15 hours" :P I hope it works...00:46
sitescripternofrillz, thanks. i'll check00:46
nofrillznp and goodluck00:46
chrislusticCould someone help me speed my fan up?00:46
mecoKM0201: It's a video that I want to play00:46
nofrillzmeco, is the IMG file a disk image, or some sort of media?00:46
nofrillzforget mounting it00:47
nofrillzdownload vlc00:47
mecoI have vlc. Can it play the .IMG file directly?00:47
nofrillzif not there should be a codec for it00:47
mecook.. I thought it couldn't..00:47
nofrillzwhich vlc would prompt you to install00:47
FirefisheWhat config file does gnome (with PulseAudio) use for it's sound configuration?  I'm looking for the default balance control settings upon login.00:48
ChilaquilesHey I need to install x-lite on ubuntu has anyone installed it succesfully?00:48
mecogreat!  appreciate the help :-)00:48
txdvif the img has a valid dvd format in it00:48
chrislusticDoes anyone know anything about speeding up fans?00:48
ChilaquilesHey I need to install x-lite on ubuntu with no luck has anyone installed it succesfully?00:48
nofrillzchrislustic, check your BIOS settings00:48
nofrillzon boot00:48
mecotxdv: Likely it has00:48
nofrillzpress F100:48
nofrillzwtf is x-lite?00:49
chrislusticNofrillz my fan works fine,  I am on an IMAC, and when I boot mac I have my fan upto 3500 rpm, but when I boot linux, it's slow It gets quite hot after a while.00:49
nofrillzno clue then chris00:49
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chrislusticI just want to speed it up while linux is booted,    there are apps Ive read about,  but technicality is to much for me I am a linux noob for now,00:50
Chilaquilesnofrillz: google: x-lite00:50
TomV-415I've got two problems I could use some help with.. They may be related, I'm not sure.  Somehow, I managed to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 beta instead of 10.10..what's the best way to rolll back? 2. My  diplay is screwed up in an odd way.. Is it horizonal refresh or something easy to fix ( see screen shot here: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/5405758/1/ubuntu-problem?h=984adc )00:50
nofrillzvoIP soft phone?00:50
TomV-415Do you think my issues are related?00:51
bastidrazorChilaquiles: google install x-lite ubuntu00:51
TomV-415(box is Dell Latitude)00:51
Chilaquilesbastidrazor: I already did00:51
nofrillzrollback = save files to other location00:51
nofrillzinstall 10.1000:51
Chilaquilesnofrillz: yes is a soft phone00:51
Chilaquilesnofrillz: yes is a soft phone, but is for windows no for linux00:51
yeatsTomV-415: what does 'cat /etc/lsb-release' tell you?00:51
TomV-415nofrillz: reformat?00:51
chrislusticwow tom v415, in that case I would fresh install 10.10, if you have your stuff,  you could also use an archiver to save your stuff00:52
nofrillzChilaquiles, http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97037300:52
yeatsTomV-415: (that will tell you the version you're on)00:52
KM0201TomV-415: you very likely did not upgrade to 11.04   if you went to system/about... .the "about" for ubuntu 11.04, bot accidentally pulled into ubuntu 10.10 a while ago... do what yeats is telling you to confirm your ubuntu version00:52
aeioupackage requireed for mail?00:52
HunterBukowskiUbuntu freezes at "Updated DMI   GRUB"  Any ideas why?  I looked into my BIOS because that's the only clue I found in researching00:52
nofrillzdid you update your grub?00:53
nofrillzupdate-grub in terminal00:53
Kingsyok, anyone around/not busy to talk to me about repos and software sources?00:53
HunterBukowskialso, it won't boot from the cd, only flash00:53
chrislusticanyone here running ubuntu 10.10 on laptop or imac?00:53
sitescripternofrillz, i cannot see any color bit depth settings anywhere.  does anyone have a clue where to look here. i prefer a gui tool, but if i have to i'll edit config files.00:53
TomV-415yeats: Hey, you are right!  I'm on 10.10, but about tells me I'm on 11.04 beta!  DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu00:53
Chilaquilesnofrillz: I know you just searched for it without seeing if the links work, but is too old that there are no links that work00:53
TomV-415DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 10.10"00:53
FloodBot2TomV-415: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:53
sitescripteranything to get working productively again00:53
TomV-415KM0201: right you are.  Thanks!00:53
KM0201TomV-415: don't flood... thats because the "about" on 10.10 got accidentally screwed up a while ago.. it's not a critical issue.00:53
ny51bernany1 have experience with Dropbox?00:54
TomV-415KM0201: oops, sorry, will not to that.00:54
KM0201TomV-415: now, we know you're using 10.10... what was the other issue?00:54
sitescripterny51bern, i do, what's up?00:54
nofrillzsitescripter, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26815000:54
Kingsylike for example, for some reason, ubuntu installed "namoroka" over the top of firefox. how do I uninstall that and reload firefox?00:54
HunterBukowskinobody knows why computer freezes at "GRUB" ?00:54
sitescripterny51bern, i'm checkin the link...00:55
nofrillzapt-get remove namoroka00:55
nofrillzapt-get install firefox00:55
Kingsynofrillz: it says "package not found"00:55
TomV-415KM0201: my montior looks horrible now.  Take a look a the screen shot to see what I'm seeing.  Text renders fine, but there's this very odd pixel stuff by the mouse error, and in the icons.00:55
ny51bernsitescripter: having a little issue. My folder syncs on my desktop, but I cant get the icon to get on my top taskbar...therefore, I can't really edit my settings00:55
KingsyI will try it again.. 1 sec00:55
nofrillzon which one?00:55
sitescripternofrillz, i dont' know how i missed that, but i'll take it from here. looks like a bit of reading. thanks.00:55
KM0201TomV-415: i didn't see a screenshot.00:56
Kingsynofrillz: yup, package not found, namoroka00:56
Kingsybut its installed, I am looking at it right now00:56
TomV-415KM0201: hmmm let me check the  link aain.00:56
nofrillznamoroka is ff 3.600:56
nofrillzits a codename00:56
GeekManso i have a small issue with my speakers on my laptop maybe some one can help direct me to the cause of the problem?00:56
sitescripterny51bern, hmm.. can't help you. sorry. maybe dropbox has seen this already?00:56
Kingsynofrillz: yea I would prefer to not use a pre release00:56
yeatsTomV-415: you could try moving/renaming ~/.gnome2, then logging out and logging back in00:56
yeatsTomV-415: sometimes GNOME settings don't work correctly through upgrades00:57
andaiWhen I press enter in Mousepad nothing happens.00:57
KingsyI am guessing thats what it is00:57
nofrillzI would apt-get remove firefox00:57
nofrillzand then purge it00:57
nofrillzand then reinstall00:57
Kingsypurge it?00:57
TomV-415KM0201: Screenshot is here: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/5405758/1/ubuntu-problem?h=984adc, look at the icons and stuff, whic look corrupted..00:57
nofrillzsudo apt-get remove firefox --purge00:58
TomV-415yeats: I'll give that a try.  thanks.00:58
nofrillzi think00:58
Kingsynofrillz: what does that do?00:58
ny51bernsitescripter: ive tried looking online a bit. ill keep looking i guess. thanks anyways!00:58
nofrillzit removes all traces of the package00:58
Kingsyoh ok00:58
nofrillzconfigs etc00:58
andaifor now i just copy pasted the newline character a bunch of times, but that's silly00:58
sitescripterny51bern, good luck00:58
Kingsyand then do apt-get install firefox after?00:58
aeioucould anyone tell me the package i need to end a mail from the cli?00:58
knixyanyone know how to get the envelope back on the top right next to the clock?00:58
KM0201TomV-415: ugh... i'm not sure on that one... never saw a problem like that... have you tried changing themes?00:58
hanswnofrillz, not with all packages, it might still leave .mozilla00:58
sitescriptersee you all later. i'm out of here for now.00:58
nofrillzit removes _MOST_ traces of it00:59
vallhalla_mobilehey all00:59
chrislusticI really need to increase my fan speed00:59
niko-nojoHi room -anyone know how to get the home page working for Oracle Application Express (Apex) ? I'm running it from Ubuntu 10.04. The database works fine just can't the web front end to work. It should be of the form http://host:port/apex/ but I get a 'could not connect error'00:59
Kingsynofrillz: if I purge it, and then do apt-get install firefox what version would be installed? 3.5 ?00:59
nofrillzi dont know00:59
nofrillzi have installed firefox in a while00:59
Kingsyi suppose I might aswell just try it00:59
nofrillzdepends where you isntall it from00:59
hanswrm -rf ~/. as a non root will remove all settings01:00
bastidrazorKingsy: apt-cache policy firefox  :will tell you what version is available01:00
yeatsKingsy: did you add the mozilla-daily repository?01:00
hanswrm -rf ~/.mozilla, sorry01:00
Kingsyyeats: nope, not that I know of01:00
chrislusticin my sound setting i have no bass treble  etc.  how can I acess this?01:00
nofrillzTomV-415, is that just in your desktop bar01:00
nofrillzor is it in everything?01:00
Kingsyyeats: I also checked sources.list to see if it was there, and I couldnt see it01:00
nofrillzyou might have a corrupted theme01:00
nofrillzor gtk itself might be corrupted01:01
Kingsynofrillz: who me?01:01
chrislusticsound is horrible compared to when I boot mac, but there playing out the same speakers, I need to control my sound equalizer.01:01
GeekMani have a laptop with four speakers and one sub the 4 speakers are wired so that the mid and tweet are one set. so the first 4 are working but my sub doesnt work01:01
nofrillznot you kingsy01:01
nofrillzI was trying to tell TomV-41501:01
TomV-415nofrillz: no, it's every where.. Like a pixel depth issue.  I'm going to try 1. moving ~/.gnome2 then play with themes..01:01
nofrillzbut he is ignoring me01:01
yeatsKingsy: what's the output of 'apt-cache policy firefox'? (paste at http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the link)01:01
Kingsy1 sec01:01
nofrillzTomV-415, yeah I would do that01:01
nofrillzor save you themes01:01
simplyfailis there a diff package i should be getting for samba, apt-get install samba is giving me 404 find errors on the repos01:02
nofrillzand just reinstall gtk/gnome01:02
TomV-415how do I reinstall gtk/gnome?  seems like the cleanest path.01:02
yeatsnofrillz: it helps if you address the person you're talking to with each message ;-)01:02
TomV-415sudo apt-get install ?01:02
nofrillzagreed, yeats01:02
Kingsyyeats: http://pastie.org/148869401:02
iflemahansw in a terminal       apt-get remove --purge <packagename>       will remove configs01:02
nofrillzaw i had it mixed up01:03
TomV-415I actually can't really navigate much with this condition, since icons are illegible..01:03
nofrillzi did apt-get remove <package> --purge01:03
TomV-415iflema: cool thanks.01:03
TomV-415nofrillz: ditto01:03
hanswiflema, not for mysql-server, to name one of them01:03
nofrillzTomV-415, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:03
TomV-415nofrillz: will that hose my current session, and when I reboot without gnome, what will I see?01:03
nofrillzyou will lose some settings01:04
TomV-415nofrillz: ah, that sounds like a better path... not01:04
nofrillzbut it should fix your issues01:04
hanswbut the closest to get a new gtk desktop might be to create the account again01:04
BlankIt took a bit of work, but I managed to manually add what I was after following http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9910899&postcount=4 .  Needed to create/edit a few files to add something to Unity which wouldn't be added normally.01:04
TomV-415nofrillz: Ok, I'll do that now.01:04
Kingsyyeats: any thoughts?01:04
mrrothanyone know of a program that or webapp that is good for server maitnace, like a check list or form, to check what has been done or neesd to be done then it create short report01:04
TomV-415going offline..  thanks you guys a real wealth of knowledge and helpfulness here!  Thanks!!01:04
GeekManmight any one know what my problem lies in01:05
nofrillzGeekman, I have no clue about sound configuration01:05
HunterBukowskias for GRUB, I'm reinstalling from a flash drive that successfully installed on another computer01:05
nofrillzi just install alsa and im on my way01:06
GeekMannofrillz its cool maybe some one else knows01:06
HunterBukowskialthough I tried this once already...  could it be a bad mobo?  Would a near-dead CMOS battery cause GRUB freeze?01:06
suqaSomeone who have experience of booting via GRUB? I 've tried a cpuple of times the past hour and finds unetbootin but when I choose to "install lubuntu" it startes ubuntu instead.01:06
yeatsKingsy: have you tried the suggestion of deleting/moving your ~/.mozilla folder, then restarting firefox?01:06
Kingsyyeats: no, tbh I don't really know what the issue is, I was hoping someone could explain, don't I need to remove the application and re-install it to rollback the version?01:07
HunterBukowskisuqa:  a live disc will boot and then let you install01:07
suqahunterbukowski: cd is no option unfortenatly01:08
ny51bernSometimes when I restart my computer, my top panel gets messed up and I'm missing some of its components..any ideas?01:08
HunterBukowskican you use a flash drive?01:08
suqaNo, my BOIS doesn't support it.01:08
suqaGot to do everything via GRUB.01:08
yeatsKingsy: I have not seen Firefox be renamed like that unless I added the mozilla daily repo01:08
sacarlsonsuqa:  if you have it installed correctly you can change the default boot with startup-manager https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StartUpManager01:08
Kingsyyeats: i.e should I try the apt-get remove firefox --purge option? and then apt-get install firefox? or will that just re-install namoroka?01:08
HunterBukowskisuqa:  I'm not familiar with network installs, but that sounds like your only option01:09
chrislusticI've figured out how to speed up my fan but...01:09
chrislusticthe process is...01:09
yeatsKingsy: it *should* reinstall firefox01:09
ny51bernI think I got this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1650025   ....any ideas?01:09
suqaUSB should work. I find unetbootin.01:09
gpc!enter | chrislustic01:09
ubottuchrislustic: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:09
Kingsyyeats: ok let me test that out01:09
yeatsKingsy: you might try moving your .mozilla folder first though01:09
Chilaquilesnofrillz: I know you just searched for it without seeing if the links work, but is too old that there are no links that work01:09
Kingsyyeats: why? just curious?01:09
yeatsKingsy: that folder contains all your personal settings01:09
ChilaquilesHey I need to install x-lite on ubuntu with no luck has anyone installed it succesfully?01:10
HunterBukowskisuqa:  you said your BIOS doesn't support booting from USB..?01:10
Kingsyah, ok01:10
yeatsKingsy: there may be something in there that got borked along the way01:10
HunterBukowskisuqa:  I'm confused01:10
suqaHunderbukowski: No, so I have to do it via GRUB. And i succed to boot from my USB that way. But when choosing an option in the menu "install" "test" "memory test" etc it starts ubuntu anywat01:11
suqaHunterbukowski: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromUSB01:11
HunterBukowskisuqa:  but you can't install it after it starts?01:11
jagshey I'm trying to setup my ubuntu machines to print onto my windows shared printer.  I set it all up.  I watch it send a 127k file when I'm printing a test page, on the windows machine that 127k file stops at 64k and the file size keeps increasing.  It was 64k/50MB by the time I purged the queue.  Any Ideas, it won't print from ubuntu?01:11
suqahunterbukowski: Exactly! It starts Ubuntu instead of lubuntu. But there is only the ubuntu logo who is loading, the system dont start.01:12
HunterBukowskijags:  are you using cups?01:12
jagsno, I tried both the cups and the recommended driver.  They both did the same thing01:12
HunterBukowskisuqa:  oh, ok, so it freezes on startup?01:13
suqaYeah, ubuntu is not suppose to start, but it starts and freex.01:13
HunterBukowskijags:  It's been a looong time, but I got cups to work after researching in the forums01:13
jagsHunterBukowski, ok thanks I'll do some searches01:14
Kingsyyeats: looks like that worked :)01:14
yeatsKingsy: great!01:14
nofrillzCan anyone tell me my mouse ID from the output of xinput list? (http://pastebin.com/L9cVXVLL)01:14
Kingsyyeats: I don't really get why it happened in the first place tho01:14
nofrillzi see three possible ones, but I don't know which one to choose01:15
s0vileCpu breaking when hovering IRC-client. How fix it01:15
HunterBukowskisuqa:  did you check the MD5 on the (l)ubuntu file, or try redownloading it and putting it on your flash drive again?01:15
suqawill check md5 now.01:15
TomV-415still having issues with my display.  I think I have gotten a bit closer to the issue.  I think I need an NVidia 3rd party driver that may not be available for 10.10..01:15
TomV-415When I check for 3rd part drivers, nothing is found...01:16
CooKieMonsteris this sudo apt-get install traceroute a legitimate app ?01:16
xangua!info traceroute | CooKieMonster01:16
ubottuCooKieMonster: traceroute (source: traceroute): Traces the route taken by packets over an IPv4/IPv6 network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.0.14-1 (maverick), package size 51 kB, installed size 176 kB01:16
bazhangCooKieMonster, yes01:16
yeatsKingsy: firefox can get borked up for various reasons... usually conflicting addons and things like that.  Your profile is stored in ~/.mozilla/firefox and is named [randomstring].default01:16
Jamaican_Linux_Fmy wicd report "bad password" everytime i try to connect to my wireless01:17
Jamaican_Linux_FCan any one help!???... please01:17
suqaSeem to be correct01:17
suqaBut now it's a "_" only, no ubuntu logo.01:17
TomV-415now that I have an idea of my issue (nvidia driver, I'll do a bit of googling..)01:17
yeatsKingsy: if you move that folder out of the way, it sometimes solves the problems (though you lose your bookmarks/settings)01:18
suqaIs lubuntu using ubuntus logo?01:18
KM0201Jamaican_Linux_F: is it seeing other networks(than the one you've entered)01:18
sacarlsonsuqa: lubuntu is ubuntu just a different set of packages01:18
HunterBukowskisuqa:  might still be worth reinstalling on the flash drive, and/or using a different USB port if possible, also check your BIOS01:18
suqasacarlson: I know01:19
induzlately my Lucid hangup. why01:19
suqaHunterBukowski: I'll try that01:19
bazhanginduz, no idea without more details01:19
sacarlsonsuqa: there for it will look the same01:19
induzwhen i open 2-3 windows, it hangs up01:19
Kingsyyeats: ah right i SEE01:19
suqaBut i can see all files who are suppose to be in the USB-stick via GRUB.01:19
bazhanginduz, how much ram01:19
induzhow do i know how much RAM?01:19
induzI think its 1 GB01:20
bazhanginduz, type free in a terminal01:20
suqasacarlson: So the ubuntu-logo is actually lubuntu trying to boot (loading files)?01:20
sacarlsonsuqa: that sounds probable01:20
suqaSeems quite reasonly because it is usb 1.101:20
suqaextra slow01:20
induzbazhang, here;01:20
HunterBukowskisuqa:  you did check the system requirements, right?  I ask since you said your BIOS doesn't support flash-boot = older01:20
induztotal       used       free     shared    buffers     cached01:20
induzMem:       1016552     742584     273968          0     123344     35626401:20
induz-/+ buffers/cache:     262976     75357601:20
induzSwap:      1927760          0    192776001:20
FloodBot2induz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:20
suqaAn djust becayse of tge _ blinking to.01:20
bazhanginduz, dont paste here01:21
suqaHunterBukowski: 160 and less was not recommended.01:21
CooKieMonsterwill traceroute show which nameserver i'm now using ?01:21
induzbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/557026/01:21
induzsorry about that01:21
CooKieMonsteror how to check my default nameserver ?01:22
HunterBukowskisuqa:  160 what?  RAM, MHz?  That's a pretty low number for anything01:22
induzIt was all ok running fine but lately since 2-3 days it hangs up01:22
suqa As support for i586 chipsets has been dropped from the kernel for the 10.10 series (These include VIA C3, AMD K6, National Semiconductor and AMD Geode)01:22
suqahunterbukowski: RAM.01:22
induzkeyboard doesnt work, mouse stop working, it almost freezes up01:22
yeatsCooKieMonster: right click on Network Manager and select Connection information=01:22
ian_when trying to start mysql, I get error 2002 "can't connect to local mysql server through socket". Anyone know how this problem might be fixed?01:22
HunterBukowskisuqa:  you might try xubuntu, which is good, just less flashy01:22
justin___cookie, cat /etc/resolv.conf01:23
suqahunterbukowski: Ive got VIA and trying to install 10.10... Cold that be the problem?01:23
HunterBukowskisuqa:  yes01:23
induzis some program using all my memory?01:23
Jamaican_Linux_FPlease can someone tell me how to make my wicd connect w/o saying bad password01:23
bazhanginduz, open a terminal and type top ; dont paste here01:23
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HunterBukowskisuqa:  try DSL, xubuntu, knoppix, or headless and then install xfce desktop01:23
suqaHunterbukowski: I've tried xubuntu before, didn't run smooth. Only have 190 RAM.01:23
suqaWIll give xubuntu a try now then.01:24
=== Stalin is now known as Lenin_Cat
justin___induz, 75% of your mem is free01:24
bazhangsuqa, with that little ram lubuntu would be a better bet01:24
suqaBut I'll have to download 10.04 because of " As support for i586 chipsets has been dropped from the kernel for the 10.10 series (These include VIA C3, AMD K6, National Semiconductor and AMD Geode)" and Iäve got a VIA chipset?01:25
suqabazhang: Ok, I'll dw xubuntu. But should I dw 10.10 or 10.04?01:25
induzbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/557027/01:25
=== Lenin_Cat is now known as Pol_Pot
bazhangsuqa, you mean lubuntu ?01:26
CooKieMonstercan traceroute show which nameserver ?01:26
suqabazhang: yes.01:26
induzjustin___, why it hangs then01:26
yeatsCooKieMonster: no01:26
HunterBukowskisuqa:  as bazhang said, lubuntu is another option, but yes, try xubuntu with xfce or something more compact like DSL01:26
bazhangsuqa, xubuntu wont be much different from Ubuntu as far as ram usage01:26
suqaYes, but 10.10 or 10.04?01:26
induzIts happening when i use my USB drive01:26
induzright now I am not using it01:26
bazhangHunterBukowski, please lets stick to recommending Ubuntu products here01:27
justin___induz, not sure but ram usage is not your problem01:27
bazhangsuqa, 10.1001:27
induzis it caz of VirtualBox, but i am not usiing Vbox01:27
bazhanginduz, what video card, which driver01:27
suqabazhang: But it says it dont suport VIA and I've got a VIA chipset.01:27
induzI am not using video card bazhang01:28
sacarlsonsuqa: I would get the 10.0401:28
bazhanginduz, sure you are01:28
justin___cookiemonster,$ cat /etc/resolv.conf01:28
induzbazhang, I dont know if this comp has a video card01:28
suqasacarlson: Ok, I'll give 10.04 a try01:28
HunterBukowskisuqa:  or, you could try an older version of ubuntu-- 7, 8, 901:28
no4how do u flush dns in terminal01:28
bazhanginduz, you're using X, correct?01:28
induzI am  just using a LCD Dell monitor01:28
induzwhat is X bazhang01:29
bazhangHunterBukowski, almost all of those are unsupported01:29
HunterBukowskino4:  something "renew" I think01:29
suqahunterbukowski: But how is it with the hardware support then? VIA isn't running thar smooth under linux...01:29
induzbazhang,  i am using Lucid01:29
ny51bernhow do people have such cool looking panels in ubuntu?01:29
bazhanginduz, you have a graphical desktop, correct?01:29
yeatsinduz: do 'lspci | grep VGA' to find out your video card01:29
HunterBukowskisuqa:  I'm not sure, but that is a potential problem...  you may have to try several different distros/versions to see what your computer can handle01:30
induzyeats, lspci | grep VGA01:30
induz00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)01:30
suqaIm up to xubuntu right now01:30
yeatsbazhang: ^^01:30
suqaUbuntu 10.10 did support all my hardware from scratch.01:30
HunterBukowskisuqa:  and xubuntu isn't smooth?  as in, visual anomalies or really slow?01:31
elitedevno4: not best solution but you can always restart networking. that worked for me.01:31
bazhangsuqa, its installed now?01:31
induzhere http://paste.ubuntu.com/557028/01:31
xanguasuqa: what's the problem then¿01:31
suqabazhang: ubuntu 10.10 is installed01:31
bazhanginduz, how many plugins do you have for firefox01:31
suqaxanqua: Runnig to slow. 190 RAM.01:31
=== Sal is now known as saladin1980
Zolty_Hey everyone, I am having a problem with full screen videos in ubuntu 10.10 on chrome. Specifically this: http://i.imgur.com/4K54b.jpg I tried google but I can't phrase it right to get an answer, anyone know how I can phrase it or have a solution?01:32
bazhangsuqa, try installing lubuntu-deskop and login window choose it and try it01:32
induzbazhang, i am new to Lucid so i dont know01:32
sacarlsonsuqa: with that little ram might want to try another distro01:32
suqalogin windows?01:32
jongbergshi, are there any updates for AUFS support in 10.04?01:32
bazhanginduz, in the firefox address bar type   about:plugins01:32
suqasacarlson: Then xubuntu?01:32
xanguasuqa:  Lubuntu, not Xubuntu01:33
bazhangsuqa, where you type your username and password at startup, choose lubuntu01:33
suqabut it dont work to boot it01:33
wcjjbase memory for lubuntu is about 733mb01:33
sacarlsonsuqa: no I think lubuntu is as small as ubuntu supports but there are others that can run with less01:33
bazhangsacarlson, there is minimal 20mb that he could build upon01:34
aeon-ltdwcjj: 733mb? as a min req?, BULL01:34
suqaWould like to use lubuntu, but cant boot from USB01:34
HunterBukowskisuqa:  D*** Small Linux is about as small as distros get...  maybe try it01:34
suqaGet the lubuntu menu but it startes ubutu anyway01:34
bazhangHunterBukowski, please stick to ubuntu solutions here01:34
wcjjaeon-ltd, I didn't say req but if you do a clean install and check free -m that is what you get01:34
suqaIll give it at try01:34
bazhangsuqa, lubuntu-desktop can be installed from your current ubuntu install01:34
sacarlsonbazhang: suqa: yes I guess you could build a custom ubuntu thing but not sure how much that will help with just 190 meg01:35
induzbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/557030/01:35
|Long|need some help on error-the-symbol-grub_getcharwidth-not-found, i did tried few sites but still didnt work01:35
yeatssuqa: at the risk of being off-topic, I will also recommend puppy (#puppy-linux is their support channel)01:35
bazhanginduz, are you using a lot of flash tabs in firefox?01:35
aeon-ltdwcjj: unlikely... something must be wrong if thats the case, ubuntu(gnome) is reccommended as 512mb (at boot its around 300-400)01:35
Firefishe When I, in kde/kubuntu 4.5.3, and use the Login Theme Installer (located in the System Settings >> Login Screen >> Theme Tab), I get a weird thing:  When I click on the highlighted (link) title name of the theme, it tries to open many konqueror windows at once....and keeps going and going and going....until I have to kill the x server to stop it.01:35
induzbazhang, not really01:36
aeon-ltdwcjj: free-m, shows YOUR ram btw01:36
bazhanginduz, how many01:36
induzbazhang, right now none01:36
bazhangFirefishe, I'd ask in #kubuntu01:36
wcjjaeon-ltd, I thought that is what we were discussing, I must have missed something?01:36
induzbazhang, i was watching 3 youtubes videos at a time as it takes time to downloads01:36
GuilhermeCunhaHow to configure a site with php5 and another one with php4 in the same apache2?01:36
svchost1question guys... why cant i full-screen flash on ubuntu?01:36
shatlyhow do i change 10.10 to the old style look?01:36
svchost1whenever i fullscreen flash it crashes, regardless of browser01:37
Firefishebaz...I have, and it's not altogether active in there much ;).  I usually just default here.01:37
bazhangshatly, old style as of when01:37
shatlylike 9.04~01:37
induzbazhang, i dont use flsh video much01:37
xanguasvchost1: because flash sucks in linux01:37
aeon-ltdwcjj: sorry i apologize, i must've been out of context01:37
Omen_20When will flash stop sucking up so much memory over time? I hate having to reboot Chrome just because of flash.01:37
suqaCould u link a dw link do damn small linux?01:37
bazhangFirefishe, okay, just a suggestion01:37
xanguashatly: is not supported01:37
nyghtfyreok simple question i hope with simple answer is it as easy as installing vent on wine to make it work?01:37
bazhangshatly, you want the gdm and wallpapers from 9.04 ?01:38
shatlywhen i upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 it had the old style look, now with a fresh install of 10.10 it has this crappy sidebar thing~01:38
bazhangshatly, unity?01:38
xanguashatly: ooh you mean the theme, sudo apt-get install human-gtk-theme01:38
induzbazhang, why there are so many plugins??01:38
yeats!themes | shatly01:38
ubottushatly: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:38
KM0201xangua: pretty sure he's in unity01:38
|Long|need some help plz01:38
bazhangshatly, that can be fixed01:38
suqayeats: Could u post download link to DMS?01:39
bazhangsuqa, its offtopic here try distrowatch.com01:39
xanguashatly: if you mean unitu, just log out and use gnome desktop as default session; install ubuntu-desktop if it doesn't appear in login window01:39
KM0201shatly: does it look like this  http://lh4.ggpht.com/_eaG_2_ZTOwA/TO6u5JgFL7I/AAAAAAAAEbE/xjxXBSRpy2Y/s1024/Screenshot.png01:39
suqabazhang: okej..01:39
voltyhi, I have read arround that this could be a distribution related problem:   WINE  err:aspi:SCSI_OpenDevice Failed to open device /dev/sg0: Permission denied01:40
dzup2for lucid in which package unity is included?01:40
bazhangnyghtfyre, try #winehq after checking the appdb01:40
induzbazhang, can u figure it out why Lucid hangs01:41
maheshhai i am mahesh01:41
induzmahesh, bolo01:41
bazhangmahesh, ubuntu support question?01:41
nyghtfyrebazhang i am just making sure its just as easy as installing the ventrillo client with the wine:)01:41
xanguadzup2: there is no unity for lucid01:41
|Long|xangua, can you help plz01:41
pksadiqinduz: aap bhee indian he kya?01:42
sacarlsonsuqa: another small distro for small mem http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview%20and%20Getting%20Started.htm01:42
dzup2xangua: there is, i have that, i remember installing ubuntu version for laptops, but can nopt remember the package name01:42
xangua|Long|: will you tell us what your problem is¿ whe are not psiquic01:42
xanguadzup2: ubuntu-notebook ; but the interface of netbook for lucis Is Not Unity01:42
justin___induz, when it hangs does it ever come back or do you have to hard reset?01:42
bazhangdzup2, you mean netbook edition01:42
bazhang!une | dzup201:42
ubottudzup2: Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu01:42
Blue1xangua: unity is like the ipad interface.  no multi-tasking.  tried it, and then removed immediately01:43
induzjustin___, i have to hard reset01:43
special_khey guys i am having trouble with my Tkinter python my aplication just doesnt want to run01:43
induzjustin___, mouse,keyboard all hangs up01:43
|Long|need some help on error-the-symbol-grub_getcharwidth-not-found, i did tried few sites -uninstall and re-install grub2 but still didnt work01:43
SengokuHow do i change the ALT-TAB interface01:43
pksadiqspecial_k: might be #python channel is good01:43
justin___induz, might have already been suggested but did you test your memory?01:43
Sengokunot interface.. UI i guess01:43
special_kk thanks mate01:43
bazhanginduz, do a memtest01:43
induzbazhang, how??01:44
maheshhow can i using skype01:44
bazhanginduz, hold shift at boot and choose01:44
maheshhello sir tell me about this01:44
justin___at grub, choose memtest01:44
induzbazhang, i update almost everyday01:44
fed2nguys, does anybody know why i have 2.6.37rc2 maverick installed and my broadcom 4313 still doesn't work? (the open source driver must have been included in 2.6.37)01:44
bazhang!skype > mahesh01:44
ubottumahesh, please see my private message01:44
induzbazhang, then i will disconnect from IRC01:45
bazhanginduz, that has nothing to do with memtest01:45
|Long|xangua, can i pm real quick plz?01:45
nofrillzCan someone tell me which ID my wireless mouse is (xinput list output: http://pastebin.com/L9cVXVLL)01:45
induzbazhang, let me perform a memtest and i will get back later01:46
induzbazhang, i think it was that USB drive that has lots of Windows MS .exe program01:46
induzbazhang, thanks a lot01:46
bazhanginduz, doubtful01:46
gmgHi everyone...is their a program I can use to change the startup splash screen?01:46
PsPhaKeR_There is an anoying bug in the terminal01:46
nofrillzgmg, startup manager01:47
induzbazhang, now its alright01:47
PsPhaKeR_whenever there is a file with a space in it01:47
induzbazhang, it maybe  caz of WINE programs too01:47
Jamaican_Linux_Fi installed lxde, xfce and kde in my ubuntu but now some things look different i dnt kno how to change it back... for example... my boot up is that of lubuntu and i dont know how to change it back01:47
elikAnybody here ever heard of intel_reg_dumper?01:47
PsPhaKeR_if you try and "cd" into in with the terminal01:47
PsPhaKeR_it won't01:47
Jamaican_Linux_Fcan some one help???01:47
PsPhaKeR_because the file has a space01:47
ykican somebody explain how to make the public_html folder of apache2 remotely visible, wich ip do i have to use after forwarding port to connect remote?01:48
gmgno..the startup ubuntu splash logo screen...I wish to change it01:48
HunterBukowskiJamaican:  you're no longer getting a screen which asks you which desktop to boot to?01:48
Ademanis it valid to perform the actual creation of a network interface in the interfaces pre-up ? (I want to create a tap interface for myself, so I want to add a line "pre-up tunctl -u dan -t tap_dan" to the tap_dan interface configuration, I'm not sure the -t option is correct, but that's the spirit of what I want to do)01:48
justin___psphaker, try tab completion01:48
justin___psphaker, try backslash before you type the space01:50
TomV-415gradually working through some issues after my 10.10 upgrade... Here's an update (as an FYI) on what I got working, then questions about the next step.01:50
pksadiq!tab | justin___01:51
ubottujustin___: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:51
pksadiqjustin___: tab is also available here01:51
gmgHow can I change the Ubuntu startup splash screen?01:51
TomV-415My mysterious screwed up graphics was a result of not having the Nvidia drivers, so 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current' helped01:51
TomV-415followed by sudo nvidia-xconfig01:51
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KM0201hmm marcos_ did you see that01:52
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
TomV-415After all that when I rebooted, everything looked promising as my boot screen was very nice, but it totally stops on the reboot screen01:52
TomV-415I had to boot in recovery mode.01:52
TomV-415And select low graphics mode.01:53
TomV-415How do I troubleshoot the boot issue?01:53
hilarieHow do I configure proxy settings in pidgen?01:53
KM0201TomV-415: ran into this issue yesterday w/ someone else, and couldn't figure it out.. .nvidia card do you have?01:53
SengokuAnyone know where I can change how my alt-tab screen preference01:53
bazhanghilarie, try #pidgin01:53
josephseraosdoes someone use ubuntu + modem md300 Sony Ericsson + Internet 3G ?01:54
hilarieI was thinking about it, and then I saw KM0201 was online01:54
CamonZHi, how do I remove/add something from starting at boot time01:54
lucio_server irc.openjoke.org01:54
pksadiq!Nvidia | TomV-41501:54
ubottuTomV-415: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:54
bazhangCamonZ, startup applications01:54
KM0201hilarie: proxy settings in pidgin?.. probably tools/preferences/proxy :)  but i don't use a proxy01:55
pksadiqjosephseraos: I'm using nokia now01:55
bazhangCamonZ, system preferences startup applications01:55
mkf00anyone here a hero of regular expressions?01:55
CamonZbazhang: it's a server, no UI01:55
Blue1mkf00: still learning those01:55
CamonZI mean the scripts in /etc/init.d/01:55
bazhangmkf00, as in bash?01:55
TomV-415KM0201: how do I determine the card type?  this is a Dell Latitude.01:55
hilarieBleh, I was trying to only use a proxy for chromium, but aparently it's a global thing01:55
mkf00ye, bash01:55
bazhangmkf00, the people in #bash are01:55
josephseraospksadiq, I'm using Mini Modem MD300 Sony Ericsson to woork 3G...01:55
KM0201TomV-415: lspci | grep Video  in a terminal should tell you the basics01:55
Blue1KM0201: card type for?01:56
TomV-415pksadiq: thanks checking ubutu link..01:56
TomV-415KM0201: will do01:56
pksadiqjosephseraos: usb modem?01:56
josephseraosubuntu connects automatically with gnome01:56
KM0201Blue1: he tried to install the nvidia driver, now can't bring the GUI up... he's in recovery mode now01:56
josephseraospksadiq, yes01:56
Blue1KM0201: ah okay let you guys work those sometimes can be buggers.01:56
KM0201Blue1: i probably won't be much help... someone else ran into this yesterday.. didnt have much luck01:57
hilarieIs there a way to set up proxy settings on a per program basis? firefox and pidgen go to a global proxy setting01:57
pksadiqjosephseraos: I'm using through phone, anyway in terminal try ls /dev/ttyA*  and see whether any results popup01:57
TomV-415KM0201:  Driver is VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV28 [GeForce4 Ti 4200 Go AGP 8x] (rev a1)01:57
Blue1KM0201: you did  try this?  grep -i glx /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:57
josephseraospksadiq, and when I click in connections, in top bar, and Disconnect, the modem's the light keeps blinking01:57
elikAnybody here ever heard of intel_reg_dumper?01:58
KM0201hilarie: lookin gat the proxy section for pidgin... it looks like you can set it up w/o making it global01:58
KM0201TomV-415: you said you're in the safe mode GUI now, right?01:58
TomV-415KM0201: right01:58
CooKieMonsteranyone here know any non US online free web proxy01:58
josephseraospksadiq, Yes, the results are: ...M0 and ...M101:58
KM0201TomV-415: do you have anything in system/admin/additional drivers?01:58
GuilhermeCunhaHow to configure a site with php5 and another one with php4 in the same apache2?01:59
bazhang!ot | CooKieMonster01:59
ubottuCooKieMonster: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:59
TomV-415KM0201: looks like my Nvidia driver is currently activated and in use.01:59
hilarie@km0201 even when I don't tell it to go global, it does anyways' same from chromium, it prompts to make global, when you don't, it does anyways01:59
gmgIs their a program to change the startup splash screen? I installed Splash from the software centre but it doesn't work01:59
TomV-415KM0201: I'm wondering if there is a log or something I can see regarding the failed normal boot (so I don't have to boot into recovery mode.)01:59
KM0201hilarie: hmm, i don't use a proxie so i can't really explain that, you'd probably need to take that up in #pidgin01:59
KM0201TomV-415: i would uninstall the nvidia-driver completely and see if that gets you back to a "regular" GUI02:00
jongberg1hi, are there any updates for AUFS support in 10.04?02:00
pksadiqjosephseraos: ok, now you need to find the setting for your connection like accesspoint name, phone number(usually *99#) and then add such details to the file /etc/wvdial.conf02:00
josephseraospksadiq, Understand what I mean?02:00
CamonZbazhang: update-rc.d -f old_service remove and update-cd.d new_service defaults02:01
josephseraospksadiq, right... I'm connected02:01
pksadiqjosephseraos: ?02:01
razz1how to fix the full screen flash video from yuotube, left most screen issue, would like it to open on the right most screen. Any workarounds02:01
josephseraospksadiq, I'm connected, ok?02:01
pksadiqjosephseraos: ok, and so now?02:01
josephseraospksadiq, I'm not using wvdial. I'm using gnome network default02:01
galamarim trying to join #ipodlinux. any ideas why that is not working02:02
hilarieIt seems to be a global issue the more I look at it, the only thing that isn't effected by it is Xchat, and its possible it just shoots through my proxy no problem, the real issue here is it prompts for my password when its trying to go global I.E. an administrative function, but regardless of authorization it does anyways02:02
pksadiqjosephseraos: I'm using actually pppd, because wvdial and gnome network manager kills my connection when a phone comes ;)02:02
xangua!register > galamar02:02
ubottugalamar, please see my private message02:02
bazhanggalamar, register02:02
josephseraospksadiq, when I plug the modem, the Ubuntu turn it on automatically, ok? So, I want to know how turn off it safely02:03
bazhanggalamar, join #freenode for help with that02:03
josephseraospksadiq, understnd?02:03
pksadiqjosephseraos: k, do you mean, it connects automatically?02:03
bazhangcheck linuxprinting.org database tiox02:05
phawkdoes anyone know if you can have a portable version of ubuntu running off a flash drive on mac os x02:05
tioxThanks a bunch.02:05
josephseraospksadiq, I want to kill connection safely02:05
nofrillzCan someone tell me which ID my wireless mouse is (xinput list output: http://pastebin.com/L9cVXVLL)02:05
bazhangphawk, probably through a vm02:05
clemenstimpler@phawk vm= virtual machine02:06
bazhangphawk, also try in #vbox02:06
clemenstimplerphawk: ppc or intel?02:06
josephseraosYes. it does02:06
josephseraospksadiq, Yes. it does02:06
pksadiqjosephseraos: in terminal type ifconfig, does it show any names other than lo, then might be the command sudo poff will kill your connection02:06
phawkintel core 2 duo02:07
pksadiqjosephseraos: so try sudo poff  or simply poff02:08
clemenstimpler@phawk: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT194802:08
phawksee i dont really want to install rEFIt.. so a vmachine may do the trick02:08
galamarok i registered but i am still not able to join #ipodlinux02:08
pksadiqjosephseraos: it will disconnect you from the internet02:08
bazhanggalamar, you're not identified02:08
bazhanggalamar, this is really an issue for #freenode ,as I said before02:09
galamarhow do i identify?02:09
pksadiqgalamar: me too can't join the same,(I'm banned) !02:09
KM0201!register | galamar02:10
ubottugalamar: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:10
nofrillzi joined just fine02:10
galamarbazhang: sorry i didnt see your msg about freenode i was registering02:10
tioxJust answer his question. It's IRC, he's in IRC therefore we can give IRC information.02:10
breadcrumbpksadiq, probably because you're logged in as root user. a lot of channels ban *!*root@*02:10
bazhanggalamar, pksadiq lets discuss in #freenode02:10
pksadiqbreadcrumb: yeah, that's right02:10
Tm0Hi, how do i configure bind?02:11
tioxAnd bazhang, I can't find anything for my specific printer on OpenPrinting.02:11
KM0201pksadiq: why on earth would you run IRC as root anyway? thats as dumb as looking at porn on Win 7 w/o virus protection02:11
josephseraospksadiq, poff returns -> No pppd is running.  None stopped. <-02:11
tioxTm0: Huh?02:11
clemenstimplerTm0: lgtfy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto02:12
YodaRULZI have a question.02:12
=== jtannenbaum is now known as ohwelp
nofrillzevolution is under Office02:12
nofrillznot internet02:12
ayiehai all02:12
tioxHaha, KM0201 wins an internet.02:12
ayiehow ya02:12
Tm0Thank you clemstimpler02:12
sandhupl tell me about the  benefits of wine software02:12
KM0201tiox: thank you :)02:12
nofrillzi browse porn without av all the time02:13
pksadiqKM0201: I'm now not using installed version, but from a live usb, without a harddisk in computer02:13
bazhangnofrillz, stop that02:13
pksadiqjosephseraos: in terminal try ps -e | grep ppp02:13
KM0201pksadiq: ic02:13
nofrillzif you insist02:13
sandhupl tell me about the  benefits of wine software02:13
bazhang!wine | sandhu have a read02:14
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:14
ubottusandhu have a read: please see above02:14
tioxKM0201: Submissted as bash quote, keep an eye on http://bash.org/?93665202:14
josephseraospksadiq, it returns 102:14
mayfieldbot based on autumn framework?02:14
clemenstimpler@ nofrillz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Documentation/Edubuntu-menueditor02:14
hilarie@km0201 That doesn't sound link a bug to you?02:15
josephseraospksadiq, it returns 1 (nothing returned)02:15
bazhangmayfield, supybot02:15
pksadiqjosephseraos: try sudo killall pppd and see whether any connection is lost02:15
nofrillzthats nifty02:15
mayfieldbazhang: very cool! :)02:15
clemenstimpler@ nofrillz02:15
clemenstimpleredubuntu is a special edition of ubuntu02:15
clemenstimpleryou may have to install the menu editor separately02:15
KM0201hilarie: i'm sorry i wasn't following... what was wrong?02:15
clemenstimplerthis was what i could come up with in a hurry02:15
ny51bernhow do u make your ubuntu setup looks awesome?02:15
bazhangny51bern, with themes02:16
nofrillzCan someone tell me which ID my wireless mouse is (xinput list output: http://pastebin.com/L9cVXVLL)02:16
ny51bernbazhang: like?02:16
bazhang!themes > ny51bern02:16
ubottuny51bern, please see my private message02:16
bazhangny51bern, also consider a dock02:16
josephseraospksadiq, ok... using network manager from gnome, clicking in disconnect, the connection  is killed. So, the usb modem keep blinking02:16
bazhangcairo-dock , awn, docky etc02:17
nofrillzok is it just me02:17
nofrillzor does evolution need a password to download mail?02:17
bastidrazorny51bern: cairo-dock has great eye candy02:17
nofrillzbecause theres no input box to stick it in02:17
nofrillzjust my username02:17
bazhangnofrillz, it does need one02:17
ny51bernbazhang: themes = wallpapers? I don;t want a wallpaper. I'm looking to make my top panel look cool02:17
josephseraospksadiq, and, when I try connect again, it doesn't work. So, I have to remove and plug again, to reconnect. Understand?02:17
nofrillzny51bern, gnomelook.org02:17
pksadiqjosephseraos: if you can see that modem in ls /dev/ then you might use sudo eject <your device> which is not usually used02:17
nofrillzwhere do i stick my password then?02:17
ny51bernWhenever I see a screenshot of someones desktop they look so cool02:18
bazhangny51bern, no themes are much more than wallpaper; gnome-look.org for examples02:18
ny51bernwhich do you guys have?02:18
bazhangny51bern, getting offtopic here02:18
hilarie@km0201 The proxy settings for pidgen and chromium use a gnome type proxy settings to apply things globally, and they apply regardless of administrative authorization, IE it asks for P/W and does it whether you add it or not02:18
clemenstimpler@ nofrillz: If you right click on your "applications" menu, you can edit it02:18
nofrillzyeah I got it02:18
KM0201hilarie: i would think thats a bug... did you ask in #pidgin?02:19
josephseraospksadiq, how can I know what is my device?02:19
sandhupl tell me about good video games on linux02:19
bazhang!games > sandhu02:19
ubottusandhu, please see my private message02:19
josephseraoslsusb returns -> Bus 002 Device 010: ID 0fce:d0cf Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB <-02:19
pksadiqjosephseraos: that command is usually used only with CD /DVD drives, not usually used02:20
xanguasandhu: check playdeb.net ;)02:20
VarcHey guys, Droopy have any problem or is not a good program?02:20
clemenstimplernot to forget AisleRiot solitaire: very relaxing02:20
pksadiqjosephseraos: if once disconnected I think you can reconnect within 1 minute, me too, in my phone if I desconnect the connection, the connection persists in my phone for a while, but poff works well for me02:21
mister_mwhy can I connect to my wireless network through the gnome network manager, but not wicd or wicd-curses??02:22
josephseraospksadiq, I have a Nokia too, and when I connect with my cellphone, it work very well. I think poff works for you because you are using wvdial, that uses pppd02:23
KM0201mister_m: same reason some people can connect through wicd, but not gnome-network-manager... i admit, i have no idea02:23
pksadiqjosephseraos: I connects using pon itself, might be that is the reason02:23
mister_mKM0201, that is upsetting - because I want to get on my wireless from the awesome wm02:23
josephseraospksadiq, Yes. Maybe02:24
AmacidiaHey everyone. Weird issue here. I have a server that I can SSH into when the PCI video card is installed, but when I remove the card, and boot the computer, I can't SSH into the server. Any ideas why?02:24
josephseraospksadiq, Hey man, I gotta go now. Here is 11:25 pm02:24
pksadiqjosephseraos: you might try ifconfig down usb002:24
josephseraosI have to wake up at 6 am02:24
aRiEzhow to change DNS address in wvdial02:25
pksadiqjosephseraos: yeah ok, sorry as no destinations reached02:25
dismoAmacidia: sure it boots correctly ones the card is removed?02:25
josephseraospksadiq, I tried ifconfig usb0 down, and didn't work02:25
dismoAmacidia: *once02:25
mister_mKM0201, is there an alternative version of the gnome network manager that I would be able to use that isn't called wicd?02:25
josephseraospksadiq, no problem. You helped me a lot02:25
Amacidiadismo: hey, not sure, I can ping the box, thats about it.02:26
josephseraospksadiq, have a nice night. See you!02:26
KM0201mister_m: not that i am aware of.. i don't understand the problem, you connect fine through the gnome-network manager, right?02:26
mister_mKM0201, not an alternative version, but an alternative piece of software02:26
mister_mKM0201, yes02:26
pksadiqjosephseraos: k02:26
mister_mKM0201, but wicd fails no matter what02:26
KM0201mister_m: so...? whats the problem, just use gnome-network-manager?02:26
clemenstimpler@ mister_m: are both of them installed simultaneously?02:26
mister_mKM0201, I can't use the gnome one from the awesome wm02:26
josephseraospksadiq, Tomorrow I'll here again02:27
josephseraospksadiq, gool luck!02:27
danst_why don't you use cli utils02:27
dismoAmacidia: maybe your network card is set in bios for network booting. this way it would be "pingable"02:27
bazhangmister_m, then connect manually02:27
pksadiqjosephseraos: I have college tomorrow, then so next 26th02:27
mister_mbazhang, hwo02:28
Amacidiadismo: Correct it is. So I'm not sure why the system is not booting up correctly if I remove the card. Possibly udev ?02:28
bazhangmister_m, read the wifi links yet?02:28
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
dismoAmacidia: i would suspect more of a fundamental issue. like it doesn't get to booting your linux bc. of (bios, grub, etc.)02:29
josephseraosI'm on vacation by college. I'm doing Computing Engineering. And you?02:29
josephseraospksadiq, I'm on vacation by college. I'm doing Computing Engineering. And you?02:29
dismoAmacidia: is there any harddisk activity when booting?02:29
bazhang!ot | josephseraos02:29
ubottujosephseraos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:29
Amacidiadismo: lots, and never ending haha02:31
dismoAmacidia: so you are sure it gets to booting the linux?02:31
dismoAmacidia: if so. the logs will provide answers for sure.02:32
MACscri like to play games every so often and i really hate the fact that i have to close all my work (i have like 30 windows open right now) and reboot into windows. Then when im done, i have to open it all back up. Any way for it to dump the session to the drive so i can open it later?02:32
josephseraosbazhang, Sorry, but, there's no other topic here02:33
dismoMACscr: does hibernate not work?`02:33
dismoMACscr: you have to have a big enough swap partition.02:33
dismoMACscr: swap >= ram02:34
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
MACscrdismo: i wouldnt think that would work for my purpose. Would it? I have 8gb of ram, so a 16gb swap seemed a bit crazy02:34
MACscri only have 1gb of swap02:34
=== Candy is now known as Guest16154
MACscrer, 1.5gb actually02:35
dismoMACscr: but then you can't hibernate imho02:35
clemenstimplermister_m, there are people running awesome with gnome: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.window-managers.awesome/660302:35
MACscrdismo: but i dont think hibernate will even work for my purpose02:35
MACscram i wrong?02:35
novaspirithi all02:36
pksadiqjosephseraos: gone? sorry I was way02:36
novaspiritlooking for help / guidance02:36
Guest16154I have a clean install of Ubuntu 10.10 Server.  It keeps hanging at the flashing cursor on reboot indefinitely.  However, If I reboot, and hold down "shift" I see the "Grub Loading.." message.  and then the system boots fine.02:36
dismoMACscr: i think hibernate will do exactly what you want.02:37
GuilhermeCunhaHow to configure a site with php5 and another one with php4 in the same apache2?02:37
novaspiriti'm not sure if i got the right term but what i'm trying to accomplish is port fowarding02:37
jagshas anyone tried using a small flash drive in addition to swap, giving it priority?  I had it working for a few days, then the stick stop being recognized as swap, did I kill it that quickly?02:37
novaspiriti have a (2003 server) reverse putty to my ssh server (10.x.x.1) and my windows pc (192.x.x.1)02:38
MACscrdismo: i am at least using two different hard drives for the two os's, so that should help a bit. I have no problem expanding my swap if its going to work the way i need it to. guess i just need to find more details on it.02:38
dr3vanHello  I have a question.  I am new to Linux all together , but I have windows 7 installed on one of my hard drives and decided I wanted to install Ubuntu on a second hard drive.  How I thought it would work is that ubuntu would install grub when i installed it and when I would restart the computer it would ask what os to boot.  Now that I have installed Ubuntu it does not ask and even if i choose the hard drive windows is i02:38
dr3vannstalled on it says the boot record is invalid?02:38
clemenstimpler@ Guest16154: http://gggeek.altervista.org/2007/07/21/running-multiple-php-versions-on-a-single-apache-install/ (not tested)02:38
dismoMACscr: ok. be save :-)02:39
novaspiriti have a data base running on my 2003 server on port 2000 and i have it ssh to my 10.x.x.1 and i need my windows mahine to connect to that data base02:39
MACscrso for hibernation, do i really have to have double the swap?02:39
MACscror is that more just a recommendation02:39
MACscrer, double my ram02:40
dismoMACscr: hmm? what?02:40
Sdw195um I/O error could not boot from cd?02:40
dismoMACscr: swap needs to be equal or greater than ram. that is all02:41
pksadiqdr3van: while installing did the ubuntu installer said about windows 7?02:41
Guest16154I have a clean install of Ubuntu 10.10 Server.  It keeps hanging at the flashing cursor on reboot indefinitely.  However, If I reboot, and hold down "shift" I see the "Grub Loading.." message.  and then the system boots fine. What if anything to I need to change in my grub.cfg file to resovle this?02:42
novaspiriti guess what i'm trying to do is my data base to find port 2000 off my 10.x.x.1 and foward it to my 2003 server02:42
mister_mclemenstimpler, I switched to awesome because I didn't want to use gnome though02:42
CrippleWars[[[[-----> www.tinyurl.com/cripplewars <-- Best Way to Kill Time !!!!! <-----]]]]02:43
CrippleWars[[[[-----> www.tinyurl.com/cripplewars <-- Best Way to Kill Time !!!!! <-----]]]]02:43
CrippleWars[[[[-----> www.tinyurl.com/cripplewars <-- Best Way to Kill Time !!!!! <-----]]]]02:43
MagicJis there a version of the game "collapse" that will run under ubuntu = can't believe that there isn't but can't find it02:44
novaspiriti can read that data base from 10.x.x.1 so i know the reverse ssh port forwarding is working but when i try with my windows machine it wont detect it02:44
clemenstimpler@ mister_m: you are not alone - http://ircanswers.com/ubuntu/460596/wireless-address-address-connection-connection#02:45
clemenstimplercould that be a bug? did you have a look at launchpad?02:45
Slix`How can I remove Kubuntu and install Ubuntu?02:45
bazhang!puregnome > Slix`02:46
ubottuSlix`, please see my private message02:46
xanguaSlix`: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop02:46
bazhangmister_m, what have you done to connect manually02:46
Guest16154any assistance with my GRUB hanging issue is greatly appreciated as I need to get this box back up withoua keyboard and monitor attached to it02:46
Slix`I just want to reinstall everything from scratch though.. I guess formatting all non-Windows partitions will work.02:46
bazhangSlix`, no need for that02:47
Guest16154whenever I reboot via a remote ssh session the box hangs after GRUB02:47
tyler_dGuest16154: waht do the logs say?02:48
Guest16154that's the thing.....I don't see any errors02:48
dr3vanpksadiq: my bad but i dont recall it saying anything about windows 7 when i installed ubuntu02:48
tyler_dGuest16154: have you as well tried init 6 vs shutdown -r ?02:48
Slix`bazhang: It'll make me feel better. :< I've been dealing with an odd issue which causes Ubuntu to fail to boot (infinite blinking underscore or freeze at the loading screen) for a really long time. I want to just reinstall everything from scratch, confirm the problem still exists, and then seek out support to fix the issue.02:48
Guest16154if I hold down "shift" when booting, I see the "Grub loading..." screen and the system boots find02:48
bazhangSlix`, okay then02:49
razz1any one using a bluetooth keyboard  and mouse, planning on getting one. Do they work during login?02:49
Guest16154it also happens when simply powering the system on02:49
novaspiritrazzl: it does work durning boot on newer systems02:49
pksadiqdr3van: are the files of windows 7 present in your hard disk now?02:49
tyler_dGuest16154: possibly try referencing teh hd staticly02:50
bazhangSlix`, in future consider a separate /home partition02:50
sudoercan someone show me usb boot disk instructions for linux on the command line?02:50
Guest16154tyler_d: how would I go about doing that?02:50
novaspiritrazzl: i use the demovo bluetooth keyboard and mouse and works find with boot and all02:50
sudoerthe ubuntu instricutions are for a a gui, but i am doing this from the command line, i dont have a gui02:50
bazhangsudoer, command line? why not use unetbootin02:50
pksadiq!syslinux | sudoer02:50
pksadiqsudoer: might be use syslinux02:51
=== dj is now known as Guest58850
mister_mis it possible to run the gnome network manager outside of gnome?02:51
sudoerill try syslinux02:51
bazhangmister_m, yes, though why not connect manually02:51
dr3vanyes I have 3 disks in my pc 1: 250gb contains windows and all files still    2:  75gb contains working Ubuntu   3: 1tb  contains all media (movies, music, ect)02:51
MACscrshoot, i cant resize my swap using gparted. Seems im already at my max for that extended partition. What are my options? Maybe create a file image and use that?02:51
mister_mbazhang, I tried, I can't get that to work either02:51
dismomister_m: if you are talking about nm-applet then yes02:51
razz1novaspirit: can I please get the model #, and how hard was it setting up? my main concern is encryption, is it safe?02:51
bazhangmister_m, what exactly did you try, what exact errors did you encounter02:52
MACscrI have a 2TB drive that is formated with xfs. Can i not resize it and create a 16gb partition on it? gparted isnt letting me02:52
dismomister_m: if nm works don't do manual connection02:52
mister_mbazhang, dhcp couldn't get a lease02:52
tyler_dGuest16154: can't remember the exact method, but rather then referencing it via /dev/hda....  you reference it by the number...02:52
sudoerhmm, this really seems like apain02:52
tyler_dGuest16154: can't remember the technical name for the life of me :(\02:52
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:52
bazhangsudoer, it is compared to unetbootin02:52
mister_mdismo, is the nm-applet the one that runs in gnome by default up on the top panel02:53
bazhangmister_m, thats not a very descriptive error list02:53
dismoMACscr: not sure if xfs is resizable but you can also create a file for additinonal swap space02:53
Guest16154ok, thanks for the help02:53
pksadiqdr3van: in terminal try sudo apdate-grub02:53
novaspiritrazz1: it's diNOVO Mini from logitech02:53
dismomister_m: yes.02:53
mister_mbazhang, it tried to discover about 6 times, then stopped02:54
mister_mbazhang, not very exciting02:54
sudoerbazhang: ok, i iwll try that02:54
bazhangmister_m, did it associate with the AP, what was the encryption02:54
novaspiritrazz1: its was just all plug and play as long as your mobo supports usb keyboard02:54
novaspiritrazz1: you shouldn't have a problem with anything else02:54
bazhangmister_m, a pastebin of ifconfig lspci iwconfig would be helpful02:54
dismoMACscr: man xfs_growfs02:55
dismoMACscr: you may need to install it first02:55
Slix`bazhang: "in future consider a separate /home partition" <-- Why?02:55
sudoerbazhang: is unetbootin only gui, ? i dont have agui02:56
dr3vanpksadiq:  sudo: apdate-grub: command not found02:57
jupi2000how can i join in #C channel?02:57
rwwdr3van: update-grub, not apdate-grub02:57
jrib!register | jupi200002:57
ubottujupi2000: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:57
razz1novaspirit: thankyou02:58
rwwjupi2000: register and identify with nickserv, then /join ##c. See the instructions from ubottu for registration info.02:58
dr3vanGenerating grub.cfg ...02:58
dr3vanFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-24-generic02:58
dr3vanFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-24-generic02:58
dr3vanFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic02:58
dr3vanFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-22-generic02:58
dr3vanFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin02:58
FloodBot2dr3van: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:58
ykidr3van seems to be ok..02:59
ykiit doesnt see your windows? is that the problem?03:00
dr3vanhow do I get it to let me pick between windows and ubuntu when I turn the computer on?03:00
yki2 sec03:00
|Long|need some help plz reboot stuck at grub> screen how i fix this?03:01
ykiin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file03:01
ykiill explain private03:01
horseatingweedsAny advice for installing Eclipse as a php IDE?03:02
tacotronhi guys.. i just installed ubuntu 10.10 x64 on my asus laptop.. and im not getting any sound. my sound card is an Intel 5 Series/3400 chip03:02
bazhang!pm | yki03:02
ubottuyki: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:02
matt__sorry about that.03:02
bazhanghorseatingweeds, install from repos03:02
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dismo!away | Azoriath03:03
ubottuAzoriath: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»03:03
doomroboThis happened just now out of the blue: my comp graphics crashed, I rebooted and now whenever I'm in Visual Effects higher than "None", gnome-panel doesn't show up.03:04
=== Azoriath is now known as BrokenXhalo
horseatingweedsbazhang, That's my plan. I'm just wondering what else might be in store.03:04
=== BrokenXhalo is now known as Azoriath
bazhanghorseatingweeds, apt-cache search eclipse turns up quite a number03:05
dismo!panelreset | doomrobo03:05
ubottudoomrobo: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:05
=== matt__ is now known as Azoriath
sanduz2im trying to boot into ubuntu on my macbook pro but this guide doesnt seem to work, the usb drive is not available in the boot menu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromImgFiles#Mac OS X03:07
=== justin___ is now known as mprince
doomrobothe problem is when it's in autohide, it doesn't come back up03:08
okeeI thought I successfully installed Ubuntu, but gett an error "no active partition".  I don't see how that could be happening.  I followed the prompts exactly as the OS setup requested.  Also, I checked the boot order of the IBM Thinkpad W510 to insure that the hard drive was the first thing loaded.03:09
josephseraoshey, where I find this conversation in the Net?03:09
bazhang!1984 | josephseraos03:09
ubottujosephseraos: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/03:09
Ramir00sharing folder win7 and xubuntu no funciona03:09
bazhangRamir00, using samba?03:09
Ramir00tutorial good, grafic?03:10
=== Azoriath is now known as BrokenXhalo
=== BrokenXhalo is now known as Azoriath
bazhangRamir00, /msg ubottu samba03:10
rwwAzoriath: stop changing your nick and joinparting repeatedly, please. It's rather annoying.03:10
ShinjukuTechHi all - I'm quite new to Linux and am having some issues with auto-mounting a drive from my NAS, seems to only work if I manually do a 'sudo mount -a' - would anyone have any advice?03:11
dismoShinjukuTech: so you put it in fstab?03:11
boldfiltererror: You have local changes to 'extract-files.sh'; cannot switch branches.03:12
rwwShinjukuTech: What type of network connection are you using? Wifi or wired?03:12
okeeUbuntu does not have an easy setup.03:13
ShinjukuTechdismo: yeah I have the mount path string in the fstab: '\\\Media /mnt/NAS/Media        cifs    guest,rw,iocharset=utf8... etc'03:13
bazhangokee, elaborate03:13
okee I thought I successfully installed Ubuntu, but gett an error "no active partition".  I don't see how that could be happening.  I followed the prompts exactly as the OS setup requested.  Also, I checked the boot order of the IBM Thinkpad W510 to insure that the hard drive was the first thing loaded.03:13
ShinjukuTechrww: Its a wired lan03:13
tacotrondoes anyone have experience with trouble shooting sound issues? i dunno why my sound isnt working03:13
dismoShinjukuTech: rww is probably right in that your network isn't up when it tries to mount the share03:14
mprinceShinjukuTech: netfs running?03:14
Senixhow do i have ubuntu auto log in and then have a script that plays a song? I'm planning on using my compter as a type of alarm clock, I have my bios auto turn the computer on at a certain time so that is of no matter.03:14
addicthi i am trying to talk to someone that can use vlc to make multiple screencaps from a movie  like iron man 2 for example i want 100 pictures03:14
okeeanyone have an idea what is wrong?03:14
Senixokee, what is your problem i may be able to help03:15
ShinjukuTechAh OK so i have to get the network up and running before the fstab kicks in?03:15
okeeI still get an error that there is no active partition at bootup03:15
Senixokee, is this an old install of ubuntu or a new one?03:15
rwwSenix: For autologin, System -> Administration -> Login Screen has an option. For playing a song, run totem or something at login (see the message from ubottu) specifying the file you want to play.03:15
dismookee: where do you get this error? in grub or bios?03:15
rww!startup > Senix03:15
ubottuSenix, please see my private message03:15
okeeI am not sure what the problem is.  I am unabel to install Ubuntu.  I installed the disks, and followed all of the prompts.  I didn't use the whole drive and only used 100gb with an extra 6 gb swap, rebooted, and now I get an error message indicating that there is no active partition, cannot boot from any device.03:16
Senixrww, thank you kindly03:16
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
okeeI think it is in bios.03:16
MACscrok, so now i have a 10gb swap. How do i hibernate ubuntu so i can boot into windows?03:16
dismookee: do you know who/what gives you this error? (grub, bios, etc...)03:17
addictwho can i talk to for vlc help03:17
Senixokee, is it asking you to insert a system disc?03:17
josephseraosI can't find the conversation 2011 01 2203:17
josephseraosthis channel03:17
okeeI am not sure.  I think it is the bios.  it is immediately at bootup.  NO, it is not asking me to insert a disk.03:17
doomrobo ok, gnome-panel now works but whenever I click "Autohide" it disappears and does not come back when I hover my mouse on the edge03:18
Senixokee, you still havent told me, is it a new or old install03:18
okeeAfter the installation was complete, I was prompted to remove the disk before rebooting.03:18
dismoMACscr: should be an option now when shutting down. you may have to (logout, restart acpi, etc...,) easiest to just reboot03:18
rwwjosephseraos: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/01/22/%23ubuntu.html . The site's updated once per hour, at a couple of minutes past the hour.03:18
okeethis is a new installation.03:18
okeeThis is my first installation ever of Ubuntu.03:18
doomrobois gnome-panel the problem?03:19
=== matt__ is now known as Azoriath
Senixokee, you might have to reinstall there could have been some error during install, make sure your harddrives are in good repair and try again, now don't get updates while do the install get them after and don't install the mp3 codects03:19
josephseraosrww, ok, thanks03:19
okeeI have already reinstalled three times and get the same error.  I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I didn't have this problem when setting up SUSE......03:19
MACscrdismo: ok, so i i see the option to hibernate. Once it goes into that mode, what should i do? Press the power button to start the system again and then i should get the grub boot options?03:19
josephseraosrww, what time is there?03:19
Rothsdadhi, can I programming ipad apps on Ubuntu??03:19
lushous    03:19
Senixokee, i have had that error before, it might be grubs fault too, and if SUSE works for you then use it. Its not our fault that you're having problems03:20
Rothsdadis there iOS sdk for ubuntu?03:20
dismoMACscr: i guess. never tried it myself :-)03:20
lushousand !  do you know chinese03:20
Rothsdadlushous: 我知道03:20
Senixokee, do some googling of the problem on a seperate computer03:20
naiadhas anyone expierenced gtk menus sometimes not opening?  I'll rest the mouse over it and nothing happens, I'lll leave the menu and come back and it works fine03:20
Sonjahow do i resolve this dirver problem? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/69619003:21
dismo!cn | lushous Rothsdad03:21
ubottulushous Rothsdad: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk03:21
Rothsdadyou can /j ubuntu-cn03:21
rwwjosephseraos: It currently uses UTC+0. I believe it follows the timezone changes of the United Kingdom.03:21
EnigmaticCoderIs it possible to copy a line of text from less03:21
EnigmaticCoder$ less03:22
lushous我 们可以多多交流啊03:22
EnigmaticCoder(And I mean w/o the keyboard03:22
EnigmaticCoderer mouse03:22
okeesenix>  So what did you do to get rid of that error?03:22
lushous我喜欢英文! i love english03:22
rwwlushous: English language in #ubuntu. Chinese language in #ubuntu-cn.03:22
Senixokee, i reset by BIOS first, then i checked my hard drives, after doing all that i reinstalled without installing the updates or extra codec like mp3 and what not, worked just fine.03:22
josephseraosso, in UK is 22th or 23th now?03:23
okeeHow did you reset your bios?03:23
rww@now London | josephseraos03:23
ubottuError: Unknown timezone: London | josephseraos - Full list: http://ubottu.com/timezones.html03:23
rwwjosephseraos: 23rd03:23
HunterBukowskiCan anyone help me with a very basic Ubuntu web server issue?  It won't display the .html in my /var/www directory03:23
doomroboWhenever I click "Autohide" in gnome-panel, it disappears and does not come back when I hover my mouse on the edge. This only happens when I set my appearance settings above "None." This only started happening after my graphics crashed. I have no clue how to fix it. Please help me out.03:23
okeethe last two times I reinstalled without the updates as well.03:23
nofrillzyou remove the CMOS battery03:23
lushous我在更新的时候 提示窗口总是说插入CD-ROM03:23
Senixokee, its different for each mother board, you'll ahve to google, you can also remove the batter (its a watch batter) and put it back in after 5 - 10 seconds03:23
nofrillzHunterBukowski, hover your mouse near the middle edge of the screen03:23
nofrillzSenix: its 15 minutes03:24
* Rothsdad I recently got an ipad, I want to develop something on it. Now I use ubuntu 10.10, can I programming on linux? Is there iOS sdk for linux version?? Help!03:24
josephseraosrww, thanks a lot03:24
rwwlushous: again, English only here. /join #ubuntu-cn for Chinese.03:24
Senixnofrillz, oh really? my mobo it only takes a few seconds03:24
rww!cn > lushous03:24
ubottulushous, please see my private message03:24
doomrobo@Rothsdad No, the only iPhone sdk is for Mac OSX03:24
Senixokee, wait a maximum of 15 minutes then insert you battery again03:24
okeeAre you serious?  I really have to remove the battery?03:24
okeeThats awfull.03:24
Senixokee, yes....03:24
lushousoh! no ....i got a trouble03:24
thauriswulfarww: whats the channel for india03:24
Rothsdaddoomrobo: pity03:24
rwwthauriswulfa: /join #ubuntu-in03:24
nofrillzwell the understood default time to wait to guarantee the reset is 15 minutes03:25
lushousi am from china03:25
nofrillzit varies from mobo to mobo03:25
Senixokee, listen to nofrillz he's right03:25
Sonjawhat is the channel for ubuntu Djibouti?03:25
okeeso if I just don't reboot for 15 minutes after installing, I should be ok without removing the cmos battery?03:25
Rothsdadlushous dont understand english03:25
lushousbye ! i hope to see you again03:25
nofrillzthats the reason why the battery is there03:25
dismookee: remove the powerplug as well03:25
nofrillzso even if its off03:25
nofrillzthe battery still feeds power to it03:26
rwwSonja: It would be #ubuntu-dj, but there apparently aren't enough Ubuntu users for that country to maintain a channel.03:26
Naeblisslight problem...why can't i see the .rar files extracted in xubuntu?03:26
nofrillzthats why things like wakeonlan is possible03:26
mbvpixies78any help with web server index.html not showing?  (sorry got disconnected)03:26
lushousi think !i am fall in love with Ubuntu!03:26
dismoNaeblis: are you using rar-free or rar-nonfree?03:26
Sonjaubuntu djibouti gets no love :(03:26
mbvpixies78lushous:  if you do, you'd better sign a prenup03:26
okeeI installed with no battery -- just a power plug.  So you want me to remove the cmos battery/03:26
Naeblisdismo: err..not sure. their's this archive manager which is pre-installed and is showing the files.but when i extract it, the folder is empty03:27
dismo!who | okee03:27
ubottuokee: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:27
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HunterBukowskianyone know any irc channels for Ubuntu web server config?03:27
Naeblisdismo:also downloaded unrar-free from the terminal, but im not sure how to make it work03:27
dismoNaeblis: probably using the free version then. install the non-free version03:28
mprincembvpixies78: so, you get a 404 when trying to view index.html?03:28
rwwHunterBukowski: that's ontopic for here or #ubuntu-server03:28
josephseraosrww, I was looking for my conversation. And I found it. Thank you very much03:28
okeeI am confused and not sure what to do.  Someone said something about a battery.  Perhaps they should IM me?03:28
dismoNaeblis: uninstall the free version. then you should be fine03:28
HunterBukowskimprince:  no, I get the annoying "It works!" even though it just showed my edited index for a bit03:28
rwwjosephseraos: you're welcome03:28
mellinOk folks I'm confuse man ls shows -d should list directories. I have tried variations on -d like -ad (all directories?) and I don't get output like I would expect. I mean if I'm at / and issue ls -d I should see many directories. What am I missing?03:28
Naeblisdismo:I'll try03:28
SengokuOT: anyone know a good ER modelling tool for ubuntu/03:28
HunterBukowskirww:  kk, now if I can get it figured out...03:29
rwwmellin: "ls -d" is for listing dictionaries themselves, rather than the contents of dictionaries. You perhaps want ls -R?03:29
rwwdirectories **03:29
rwwmellin: (There aren't that many directories directly off /, so I'm assuming you want to recurse.)03:29
mprinceHunterBukowski: did you edit httpd.conf?03:30
mellinrww: Ok got it..as usual operator error. Thanks though03:30
HunterBukowski3mprince:  not on this computer, no don't think so03:30
mellinrww: Actuall what I want to accomplish is just list all directories in a given path03:30
HunterBukowskimprince: any advice?03:31
rwwmellin: find / -type d03:31
rwwassuming you want subdirectories too03:31
HunterBukowskimprince: where is httpd.conf?  I've never messed with it before03:31
mprinceHunterBukowski: so where did you put your edited page?03:31
HunterBukowskimprince:  /var/www03:32
mprinceHunterBukowski: http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/Deployment_Guide-en-US/s1-apache-config.html03:32
Naeblisdismo: removed unrar-free, now i'm getting the message that archive not supported.should i just install unrar?03:32
mprinceHunterBukowski: hold on, this is ubuntu03:32
rwwI was about to say...03:32
dismoNaeblis: unrar-nonfree it's  in the restricted repos i think03:33
rwwmultiverse, actually03:33
mprinceHunterBukowski: so inside of /var/www you created an index.html?03:33
mprinceHunterBukowski: what do you see when you go to http:<whatever>/index.html03:34
mbvpixies78mprince:  yeah, well, there was already one there.  I edited it, it showed up fine in Firefox, then suddenly back to generic it works page...  could it be because I had the file still open in command prompt?03:34
EnigmaticCoderWhat command can I use to find out the name of another command. e.g. I want to find out the command to start open office writer03:34
mprinceHunterBukowski: good info here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html03:35
dismorww: even worse then ;-)03:35
yki$ firefox, how can i access that remote?03:35
rwwdismo: not really. the stuff in restricted and multiverse is equally non-free, restricted is just stuff that Ubuntu considers a "necessary" evil. drivers and so forth.03:36
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HunterBukowskimprince:  I just tried the index address in windows (different comp) and get a time-out03:36
dismorww: i know but i had very bad experiences with multiverse and restricted is afaik "only" closed source03:37
HunterBukowskimprince:  let me look at what you shared03:37
Naeblisdismo:success. thanks!!03:37
mprinceHunterBukowski: try from the original server http://localhost/index.html03:37
kerebrusAnyone good with nvidia vid cards?03:38
HunterBukowskimprince:  it works perfectly from localhost/index.html (but not localhost)03:39
Jrekohow would i get my hostname on here to be my domain?03:39
rwwJreko: set up rDNS for your IP address. Considering that it looks like you're using a charter.com DHCP assignment, this is unlikely to happen :\03:40
rwwJreko: because consumer ISPs don't generally do custom rDNS03:41
Jrekoi cant use dyndns?03:41
rwwJreko: dyndns doesn't own your IP address, Charter does.03:42
rewtJreko, that's (forward) dns, not reverse03:42
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saliak1Anyone have experience getting digest authentication to work with apache2.2?  basic authentication works fine for me, but I can't figure out why digest isnt' working (the user/pass i put in the htdigest file doesn't work).  i'm not sure what could be going on.  i have a feeling it has to do with the "realm" and "domain" but finding inconsistent answers across the web03:42
rewtto get your domain to show, your ip has to resolve to it and it has to resolve to your ip03:42
Danny78mprince:  Hunter here, from Ubuntuland.  Can you send me that URL again?03:42
sandhuhi i m downloading american army  283 video game    will it run on ubuntu03:42
Jrekoso with dyndns it just resolves to my ip my ip doesnt resolve to it03:43
Jrekoand to get that i gotta use reverse dns03:43
mprinceHunterBukowski: good info here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html03:43
sandhuhi i m downloading american army  283 video game    will it run on ubuntu03:43
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doomrobowhere is my gnome applications menu located?03:43
rwwJreko: correct03:44
sandhuhi i m downloading american army  283 video game    will it run on ubuntu03:44
mprinceHunterBukowski: can you pastebin the contents of: /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf03:44
Jrekoso charter would have to do that i wouldnt be able to do that myself?03:44
rwwJreko: correct03:44
Danny78oh wow, the link actually works in Ubuntu, unlike Windows03:44
sandhuhi i m downloading american army  283 video game    will it run on ubuntu03:44
rww!repeat | sandhu03:45
ubottusandhu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:45
rewtsandhu, are you downloading the linux version?03:45
rewtthen it should work03:46
rewtoh, hmm... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AmericasArmy03:46
piercedwaterDoes anyone know why Ubuntu Desktop 9 and 10 will not install on my Dell SX270? Fedora 14 is the only distro that will display properly03:48
sandhuCurrent AA Version03:51
sandhu2.8.3 Overmatch Full Version    will it run on linux03:51
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jschallhow can i restore grub 2 from an ubuntu 10.10 livecd?03:51
ShinjukuTechHow can I check if 'netfs' is running/started?03:51
sandhupl tell me Current AA Version 2.8.3 Overmatch Full Version    will it run on linux03:52
iflema!grub2 | jschall03:52
ubottujschall: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:52
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sandhupl tell me Current AA Version 2.8.3 Overmatch Full Version    will it run on linux03:53
rwwsandhu: again, please stop repeating your question every minute or two.03:54
DaGeek247!patience < sandhu03:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:55
mprinceShinjukuTech: service netfs status03:55
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:55
gpcsteam runs in wine right?03:55
rwwgpc: yes03:55
gpcrww: so he should be able to play that game03:56
rwwgpc: you said Steam, not Steam games ;P03:56
Loshkisandhu: see if this helps -- http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79420403:56
Guest47963sandhu kidda puth03:56
rwwgpc: there's a native version of AA anyway, I think. I've just never used it.03:56
gpcrww: didn't realise there was a difference :)03:56
jgcampbell300hmm can somone help me undo this port bind ssh -fNL
ShinjukuTechmprince: cheers I got 'netfs: unrecognized service' - guess its not running/installed03:57
kerebrusAnyone know why seperate x screens for dual monitors would corrupt xorg.conf and cause the comp to boot to a shell with no graphics.03:57
rwwgpc: Steam runs in WINE. One of its functions is launching other programs that have varying levels of WINE compatibility.03:57
okeeNo fills.  I am going to be back a little later.  I have an errand to take care of.03:58
Loshkijgcampbell300: the binding should go away automatically when the ssh instance terminates...03:58
okeeMy Ubuntu is running fine from the CD, it just won't work from the installation.  I will try it with noFrills advice about removing the Cmos battery.03:58
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mudit1141Hi, I am having issues starting up my ubuntu hardy03:59
okeeI am running Ubuntu 10.10  Did the last version have a similar installation problem?03:59
kerebrusmudit1141 what kind of issues.03:59
Nyt3kHey guys, im having a problem with my wireless, after finally getting it to see my network and connect to it, ubuntu connects and says connection established but no pages load and cant ping anything, then it suddenly d/c after 20 seconds and then reconnects again etc in a cycle... internet never works even inbetwen when its "connected" any solutions??04:00
burhanwut the hell is this thing04:00
EnigmaticCoderset quit_message Green hues in a black ocean04:01
DaGeek247Nyt3k check the router?04:01
mudit1141kerebrus: when starting up I get >>> Running DKMS auto ........[OK], and after that the cursor blinks and blinks04:01
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:01
mudit1141nothing really happens after that04:01
Nyt3kDaGeek247 what to check? every other laptop on win/iphone etc all connect to it fine... using WPA only so legacy is on and using TKIP04:01
Cpt_Zyphguys how can i boot with the install cd to command line so i can edit my xorg.conf file??04:01
Cpt_Zyphmy other boot disk dont see ext4 partitions so i can t figure out how to get in and all live cds dont work with video card 8(04:02
yeats!alternate | Cpt_Zyph04:02
ubottuCpt_Zyph: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal04:02
Cpt_Zyphyeats i have the alternate install cd04:02
yeatsCpt_Zyph: that will allow you to boot into a "rescue mode" with a shell04:02
DaGeek247ok. i cant really help then. my old router sometimes does that and needs a reset to fix it.04:03
Cpt_Zyphyeats that works ofr the install but once it trys to boot the x11 is all messed up and i can't read anything04:03
mudit1141kerebrus: I used a boot info script, and these are the results >> http://pastie.org/148801704:03
Cpt_Zyphyeats i see.. when i did rescue mode it looked like the installer so i stopped it.. ill try again04:03
Nyt3kDaGeek247 oh ok.. thanks anyways this prob sucks big time and nothing onit online really, since i cant acess even router from it i think its a setting/OS problem not hardware..04:03
Nyt3kman they should have some network diagnostic application that sees problems and fixes lol04:03
Nyt3kanyone know maybe it exists?04:03
yeatsCpt_Zyph: it will boot up like the installer... just follow all the steps until it brings up a menu with rescue optiojns04:04
DaGeek247Nyt3kgoole is your freind for ubuntu network troublshoot software04:04
DaGeek247* Nyt3k google04:04
kerebrusmudit1141 didnt see anything wrong in that pastebin04:06
Danny78anyone know where "Listen goes in sites-enabled web site file??04:07
kthomas_vhbetter tool to manage multiple ssh auth keys,  than say,  emacs?04:07
PoGoGoDHello i am wondering if someone could help me out with how to install a wireless driver on the new ubuntu 10.10 i have no clue04:07
Nyt3kDaGeek247 now im getting an error saying bad password.......when the password is right... i tried WPA and WPA 1/2 ...04:08
mudit1141kerebrus: so what might be wrong ?04:08
Loshkimudit1141: can you boot into a different kernel or does it happen with them all?04:08
DaGeek247so, its over he wireless?04:08
ShinjukuTechAs I don't think NETFS is running ('service netfs status' results in: 'netfs: unrecognized service') any advice on how I can start/install it?04:08
Nyt3ki tried both WPA 1/2 (Passphrase) and WPA 1/2 (Preshared Key) the router is on WPA but it should connect, i can easily connect using other laptops i think some setting is wrong im using wicd btw to connect now04:09
mudit1141Loshki: it happens with all of them04:09
kerebrusmudit1141 sorry you got me stumped04:09
Nyt3kDaGeek247 maybe some driver problem? using the broadcom STA wireless driver04:09
mudit1141cricket fan ?04:09
FarisHi . Does anyone know where flash's config file is ?04:09
DaGeek247Nyt3k :  the wireless has auto DHCP enabled?04:10
PoGoGoDcan someone help me or guide me with installing wireless drivers please. I am new to ubuntu04:10
mudit1141okay, so I was trying to enable boot logging04:10
Faris'cause I need to disable hardware acceleration and I can't do that through flash itself04:10
DaGeek247i really have no idea04:10
mudit1141will that help ?04:10
kerebrusmudit1141 you enabled boot logging and then got that error?04:11
kerebrusmudit1141 did you do anything else before hand.04:11
Roasteddoes ubuntu netbook remix run poorly for anybody else on netbook hardware (1.6ghz atom, 1gb ram, intel gfx) while desktop edition runs great?04:11
rwwRoasted: Yes. 11.04 is better in that regard; uses Compiz instead of Mutter.04:12
Nyt3kDaGeek247 ye its enabled, i even see the ubuntu under DHCP clients list with IP and time with mac address...04:12
Loshkimudit1141: I assume it used to work. Can you tell me anything about what was going on before the failure started?04:12
SengokuOT: anyone know a good ER modelling tool for ubuntu/04:12
Roastedrww, thats funny - I had 11.04 on a flash drive and when I booted up it said incompatible with my hardware.....04:12
rwwRoasted: heh04:13
mudit1141kerebrus: nope it happened before enable boot logging , well this is really weird but I started my machine after a 6 months sabbatical04:13
Danny78mprince:  you still there?04:13
Roastedrww, oh well, I can dream, cant I? *says a little prayer hoping 11.04 wont bomb on netbook hardware upon final release*04:13
mykalhi all. looking to try and improve my graphics. moves play jerkilly in the media player, and youtube is unviewable when fullscreen. $ lspci | grep VGA ... gives response ... 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV6 [Vanta/Vanta LT] (rev 15). Any suggestions. so far is default 10.10 desktop install04:14
kuruhi.. I'm trying to use WindowMaker on my older thinkpad laptop.. but it doesn't seem to recognize the wireless card so I don't get online04:14
Loshkimudit1141: can you boot a live cd?04:14
kuruit configures nicely under Gnome, but not windowmaker.. how can I have it configured without going through either .. just on boot-up?04:15
Cpt_Zyphok well im in the command line but the xorg.conf file is not in /etc/X11 ... im trying to change to vesa mode so i can boot the gui and get things installed correctly04:15
DaGeek247Nyt3k :  goto in any connected system04:16
mudit1141Loshki: i haven't tried that yet04:16
DaGeek247on an internet browser like firefox04:16
mykalkuru, not sure which file you need to edit, i think its gedit.conf. you need to add the security key to it on boot. will be a command like ifconfig wlan0 up ssid wpa or similar04:16
mykalkuru, man ifconfig04:16
Nyt3kDaGeek247 im already there04:17
DaGeek247tell me if ou see anyhing strange04:17
debugnetrobinhood: welcome04:17
Danny78anyone know where the "Listen"  option goes in the sites-enabled Ubuntu apache2 web server config file?04:17
mykalkuru, oh, and the file is more likely init.rd04:17
Loshkimudit1141: if you boot the live cd we can poke around the filesystm and (maybe) get it booting again...04:17
DaGeek247haveyou checked the misbehaving computer's wireless card?04:17
mudit1141Loshki: kerebrus : these are my kernal logs from 10 days ago, it says something failed with my nvidia driver >> http://pastie.org/148895504:17
iflemaCpt_Zyph: in a terminal type     man Xorg     in particular the  -configure  option04:18
Danny78I can't find anythign about it because the actual file is the name you choose for your site04:18
Cpt_Zyphhumm not sure were to edit xserver so i can get it to not use the video settings it has ..04:18
Nyt3kDaGeek247 yup it has win 7 dual on it and works fine04:18
mudit1141Loshki: i can access the file system through recovery mode04:18
Danny78Cpt_Zyph:  xorg.conf I think04:19
Cpt_ZyphDanny78 well im trying to find that xorg.conf file tho to edit it so i can tell it to use vesa as a fresh install my video is broken..04:19
KM0201Nyt3k: what exactlyis your prob, if oud on't mind me asking04:20
warriorf1rGodhow can I set a static resolv.conf?04:20
dismomudit1141: can you confirm that the videocard is still fully working? (3d, etc...)04:20
GoteXhi ^04:20
xanguaCpt_Zyph: there is no xorg.file in ubuntu, create one04:20
dismomudit1141: oh wait. nvm.04:21
dismomudit1141: reinstalling the nvidia drivers should solve the issue04:21
chdif I want to run a script from shell and then not have to keep shell open whats the switch for that?04:21
Cpt_Zyphok so even tho i added the option on install "xforcevesa" nothing changed from a normal install.. so now im in the counsole on recovery mode..04:21
dismochd: use screen or dtach04:22
Cpt_Zyphi have never made an xorg.file before..04:22
Danny78Cpt_Zyph...  sorry, dunno what to suggest, my notes are blank on that topic04:22
mykali see there are driver packages available in the ubuntu repos for nvidia drivers, how do i tell which is best for me?04:22
Cpt_Zyphxangua is there a template i can use of some kind i dont quite know what to enter for such a file04:22
Danny78mykal:  go to NVIDIA web site, it will tell you04:22
mudit1141dismo: i suppose, you are telling that a kernel upgrade messed up my nvidia drivers ?04:22
mykalDanny78, thanks04:22
Danny78mykal:  np04:22
dismoCpt_Zyph: sudo Xorg -configure should do the trick04:23
dismomudit1141: not sure what messed it up.04:23
Nyt3kDaGeek247 epicness, it works!! after almost a day of troubleshooting04:23
Nyt3kguess what it was04:23
GoteXbuenas noches04:23
xgeriuzvos hablas español04:24
mudit1141dismo: okay i'll build it04:24
GoteXsi un poco04:24
mudit1141i mean install the nvidia drivers04:24
xgeriuzpero no sos español o latino04:24
DaGeek247Gotex ubuntu-es04:24
chdscreen or dtach dismo?04:24
xgeriuzgotex go to ubuntu-es04:24
chdI mean if I want to run ./run.sh04:24
Cpt_Zyphdismo i see. were does the .conf file get stored at so i can verifiy the vesa entry??04:24
mudit1141dismo: I suppose I can install the drivers in the recovery mode ?04:24
mOHawk!es | Gotex04:24
ubottuGotex: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:24
Loshkimudit1141: I see several hits in google for 'NVRM: failed to copy vbios to system memory.' but I'm not really qualified to evaluate them. But it sounds like you're having hardware problems...04:24
GoteXi also speak English04:25
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xgeriuzmenu - servero servidor - join a channel and #ubuntu-es04:25
dismoCpt_Zyph: /etc/X11/xorg.conf i guess.04:25
mOHawk!en | Gotex ...lol04:25
ubottuGotex ...lol: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:25
dismomudit1141: sure04:26
Nyt3kDaGeek247 its a bug and its already reported on launchpad basically u have to stop network-manager and then remove the network status and then start it back up and reboot.......did it and starst working its a network manager bug, im connected and online but network manager is still showing im offline and no networks are available, just removed it and gona continue using wicd04:26
Cpt_Zyphdismo it created it at the / directory so im guessing ill move it to the X11 folder?04:26
DaGeek247Nyt3k cool!04:26
kthomas_vhEnglish-only:  if it's good enough for G-D,  it's good enough for #ubuntu04:26
Nyt3kDaGeek247 :) thanks a lot man not lotta ppl help but u gave me some ideas so did try em out :)04:26
hole_i get an error splicing file its too large error message when trying to copy a dvd iso to a thumb drive04:26
DaGeek247!cookie Nyt3k04:27
dismoCpt_Zyph: yes. do that.04:27
dismoCpt_Zyph: not sure why it did that.04:27
DaGeek247your welcome. good luck with ubuntu!04:28
hole_i could repeat in spanish04:28
Nyt3kDaGeek247 here is the bug http://osdir.com/ml/debian-bugs-dist/2010-01/msg07864.html04:28
tioxBTW bazhang, I was able to get my printer working.04:28
Nyt3kthe fix is underneath posted by kiklhorn04:28
tioxI just had to stop being lazy and keep using my google-fu until I figured out I had to type hp-setup04:28
tioxhp-setup -i for me since --qt3 refused to work for some reason.04:29
mykalhmm, still dont see anywhere it tells me which driver from xorg might be best. i have options for ver96, 173 and 185. suggestions? and will this help just with normal desktop performance?04:29
UbuntuRulescan anyone help me by telling me where to start looking as to why SWAT will not start?04:29
mykalnvidia card04:29
hole_i get an error splicing file its too large error message when trying to copy a dvd iso to a thumb drive04:29
dismohole_: fat32?04:29
mykalUbuntuRules, have you tried running it from the command line?04:30
dismodismo: how large is the file?04:30
UbuntuRulesmykal: yes04:30
UbuntuRulesehen I do a netstat it doesnt show running04:30
=== Fraxtil` is now known as Fraxtil
hole_dismo : tried fat and fat32 havent tried ext or rieser yet because i'm trying too transfer it to a windows pc04:30
GoteXas he entered the ubuntu-channel?04:30
UbuntuRulesi have verified the control file under /etc/xinetd.d04:31
mykalUbuntuRules, so no error from the command line at all? sorry mate i wont be much help if thats the case04:31
dismohole_: fat32 can only hold files up to 4gb04:31
Danny78I can't restart my apache server due to sites-enabled file...  anyone can help?04:31
UbuntuRulesyep none04:31
Cpt_Zyphso if ubuntu dosnt normaly have a xorg.conf file then were does it get the gnome settings and xsession settings from.. as my guess would be thats were i need to change to vesa mode or what ever04:31
dismodismo: use ntfs if you want to share it with windows04:31
dismohole_: use ntfs if you want to share it with windows04:31
iflemaCpt_Zyph: now edit it, one line only, under section device - change the driver from whatever to vesa. what makes you think this will work. does the com in question actually function. Is there any evidence of bad support (not everything is supported = blame manufacturers) for it on ubuntuforumns, google and the like??04:32
DaGeek247ntfs is best windows s. gparted supports i04:32
GoteXalguien me lee?04:32
hole_lemme try04:32
Loshkihole_: a dvd iso can be up to 8.5G, more or less...04:32
Cpt_Zyphbecasue xorg.conf did not solve me problme.. humm04:32
Jrekois there a graphical web browswer for console linux?04:32
dismoCpt_Zyph: why do you want vesa mode?04:33
switch10_Jreko: links2 is good.04:33
dismoCpt_Zyph: what graphics card do you have?04:33
Cpt_Zyphdismo of a fresh install the video for my system is all messed up i can't read anything or see whats going on its just wavy lines04:33
Danny78what's command line to delete a file?04:33
rwwDanny78: rm04:33
Danny78rww:  ty04:33
Cpt_Zyphdismo so i found a few things on the web one of which was "add this boot option on alt distro install xforcevesa" but once the system booted its same problem04:34
switch10_Danny78: rm04:34
Jrekois there a graphical web browswer for console linux?04:34
Cpt_Zyphdismo so i have a install working but i can't see whats going on ..04:34
mykalDanny78, rm is for remove. you should read man rm before playing with it, things cannot be undone04:34
hole_file is copying now04:34
switch10_Jreko: links2 or lynx04:34
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:34
LaNc3Rhello guys.04:34
dismohole_: you may have to install ntfs-3g04:34
Jrekolynx doesnt show gaphics or aything just text04:34
Cpt_Zyphdismo its my understanding that i have to get a lower version of video working so i can manually install the proper nvidia files.. but untill i can get in and see anything i dont know how to do that04:34
LaNc3Rwould you be kind enough to help me?04:34
Danny78command line rename?04:34
UbuntuRuleswhen I manually launch swat using /usr/sbin/swat, I get a cursor on the next line and no other info, and it doesnt start  Any suggestions?04:34
rwwDanny78: mv04:34
hole_dismo : i've heard of that i had to install that on opensuse04:35
switch10_Jreko: if you are asking if you can view pictures via a command line browser the answer is no04:35
Cpt_Zyphdismo can i interupt grub and have it force my init lvl down to command line so i don thave to keep using the boot cd and try to add the nvidia driver that way ?04:35
rwwDanny78: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:35
switch10_Danny78: mv04:35
psycho_oreosUbuntuRules, is this samba swat?04:35
xanguaJreko:  switch10_ links2 can, don't ¿04:35
dismoCpt_Zyph: boot in recovery mode. then select safe graphics mode or sth. like that. it will give you vesa mode04:35
LaNc3Rokay. i need help duel booting linux backtrack and windows xp04:36
switch10_Jreko: xangua:  no04:36
UbuntuRulespsycho_oreos: Yes04:36
rwwLaNc3R: Backtrack isn't supported here.04:36
dismohole_: it's installed if your file gets copied onto the ntfs fs04:36
LaNc3Rwell where is it supported?04:36
Cpt_Zyphdismo i dont see that option maybe i didnt get far enough trying to boot to recovery mode cd now04:36
rwwLaNc3R: #backtrack-linux, but they block idents of "root".04:36
psycho_oreosUbuntuRules, I believe it will launch a web based configuration daemon, I cannot remember which port will it listen, maybe lsof -i might help04:36
hole_dismo : if not just install that right?04:36
wiggmpkIs "dontzap" available on Ubuntu 10.10?04:37
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FarisWhere are flash settings stored?04:37
dismoCpt_Zyph: not from cd. it should be an option in the boot menu. you may have to hold shift while booting04:37
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
dismohole_: y04:37
rwwwiggmpk: No. Use the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap instead04:37
* hole_ wishes he could get wow to run on linux04:37
Cpt_Zyphdismo oooo.. i didn't see that ill restart now its booting recovery mode atm04:37
dismohole_: wow runs fine to my knowledge04:38
wiggmpkrww: thanks, I dont see why this was change.. =(04:38
DaGeek247hole_ tride wine?04:38
rwwwiggmpk: the page explains that. the setting in xorg.conf that 'dontzap' changed doesn't exist any more upstream.04:38
Jrekohow would i install the windows type thing i get when i install ubuntu desktop on ubuntu server04:38
UbuntuRulesok it finally timed out with AlarmClock04:38
wiggmpkrww: well, guess its time to roll with the changes =) thanks for the link04:38
switch10_Jreko: a GUI?04:38
hole_no its not that it wont run it just runs SSSSSTTTTTUUUUUPPPPIIIIIIDDDDDD slow on linux04:39
KM0201Jreko: what do you mean "windows type thing"04:39
mykalhole_, have you tried wine?04:39
LaNc3Ri cannot find backtracks chat room04:39
KM0201Jreko: ask in #kubuntu04:39
rwwLaNc3R: /join #backtrack-linux04:39
dismohole_: ok. then you are on the right track with installing the graphics drivers :-)04:39
KM0201!backtrack | LaNc3R04:39
ubottuLaNc3R: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition04:39
mykalhole_, try having a look at your graphics drivers04:39
rwwJreko: to install KDE on Ubuntu Server, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:39
Cpt_Zyphdismo how do i enter the boot menu .. are you refering to grub menu?04:39
dismohole_: shouldn't run more than 10% slower than in windows04:40
switch10_Jreko: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:40
hole_native monitor resolution wont work either i cant help but to think that has something to do with it04:40
dismoCpt_Zyph: yes.04:40
Jrekoit doesnt look nothing like the one when i install ubuntu desktop thoi04:40
dismohole_: what is your graphics card?04:40
rwwJreko: ubuntu desktop uses GNOME, not KDE.04:40
Jrekook how do i ionstall gnome then lol04:41
hole_some intel card i gotta check google brb04:41
dismoJreko: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:41
Jrekothen i just startx to run it?04:42
switch10_Jreko: yes04:42
dismohole_: are you sure it runs in win then? i know wow is not very demanding but the card may be too weak04:42
Cpt_Zyphdismo humm not seeing that video option..im at the grub screen now..04:42
ubottuoneko is the cat of cats, the loler with minions, the sudo apt-get installable one, the cat of our times, but not the cat of the command line!04:43
LinuxGuy2009I have a Brother MFC-7840 all in one laser printer, scanner, copier, and fax, and brother makes deb packages for the drivers. The scanner works just fine but the printer will start to print the page normally and then part of the way through it will streak a random line of pixels down the rest of the page and then print out lots of blank pages after it. Ive had this issue for quite some time and have wondered if this is some known issue o04:43
dismoCpt_Zyph: ah then i misunderstood. it's not in grub. boot in recovery mode.04:43
Cpt_Zyphdismo my options are 2 ubuntu entrys.. one is recovery mode and the other 2 are memory tests.. i can hit c to go to command line or e to edit the commands04:43
dismoCpt_Zyph: then it will give you the option safe graphics mode. not sure if this is the correct name04:43
mOHawkhas ubottu turned into Dr Suess04:43
Cpt_Zyphdismo ok ill go to recovery mode04:43
Cpt_Zyphdismo understood thanks for the direction trying now04:44
dismoCpt_Zyph: select ubuntu recovery mode04:44
dismoCpt_Zyph: it should give you a 16 colour menu to choose from04:44
hole_dismo : yea runs on win just fine all 3d stuff laggs badly in linux mode i just use linux to surf the net safely without having to worry about malware on the net04:44
rlinuxguy3linux can get malware too04:45
* Loshki wonders what a 'loler with minions' is. Some kind of casserole, perhaps?04:45
rlinuxguy3but anyway I love ubuntu, can't wait for new version04:45
dismorlinuxguy3: y. but it's less likely.04:45
hole_way less04:45
DaGeek247hole_ linux is more than tht. if you just want safe internet browsing, get n internet vm04:45
hole_i know its way more than that i've used linux exclusively for years till recently wanting to get back into games04:46
DaGeek247Loshki : "sudo apt-get install oneko; oneko" and find out04:47
thauriswulfaQUESTION: 512mb ram enough for ubuntu ?04:47
dismothauriswulfa: yes04:47
Danny78thauriswulfa:  yes, xfce desktop at least04:47
dismothauriswulfa: the more the better though04:48
hole_i was thinking about installing osx on it though my bro has a still shrinkwrapped copy of snowleapard ipc04:48
rww!requirements > thauriswulfa04:48
ubottuthauriswulfa, please see my private message04:48
aaronb_houstxLinuxGuy2009:  I have the same printer and don't have that issue printing from Ubuntu 10.1004:48
thauriswulfarww: what are you saying?04:48
Cpt_Zyphdisomo im in the rescure mode and there is no such option ?04:49
hole_dismo : looks like it worked as always your help was much appreciated04:49
mykalok, so i can kinda watch videos in the movie player short of some flickering. funnily enough seems to work better without pri nvidia drivers. but fullscreen flash is like a frame every 2 seconds on fullscreen in firefox and chrome. any way i can boost flash? still cant find any html5 content on youtube to test chrome04:49
Cpt_Zyphdismo i know on older ubuntu even feodra distros there was a install with vesa options but.. atm im stuck04:49
rwwthauriswulfa: messages in #ubuntu beginning with ! are usually instructions to ubottu (the channel bot) to send information.04:49
Cpt_Zyphdismo i would think i could load up the x files and change it to use vesa but that didn't seem to work either.. or even tell grub to do something and install nividia options by command line or something04:50
LinuxGuy2009aaronb_houstx: Oh cool. I actually just read that manually selecting the PPD that brother provides on the website that is seperate from the one installed on the system from the deb package may work better and I reprinted the test page and it completed. So maybe this will fix it for me. I would like to stick with the LTS but if needed I will upgrade to 10.10. Thanks for the info!04:50
aaronb_houstxthauriswulfa:  it depends on what you intend to do... I'm typing this message to you on a laptop running 512MB  with Ubuntu 10.1004:50
LinuxGuy2009aaronb_houstx: BTW is yours setup for local USB or network printing?04:51
aaronb_houstxLinuxGuy2009:  network printing, scanning, et. al.04:51
LinuxGuy2009aaronb_houstx: cool04:51
thauriswulfaaaronb_houstx: so you mean 512 not enough for things like compiling04:51
dismoCpt_Zyph: did you edit xorg.conf after generating it?04:51
thauriswulfaaaronb_houstx: so you mean 512 not enough for things like compiling?04:52
DaGeek247!ask > tanix04:52
aaronb_houstxthauriswulfa:  it depends on how patient you are... more RAM would certainly help your cause if you're running a GUI or other stuff in the background04:52
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:52
FlynsarmyIs there a command line tool to set/get calendar events that may or may not recur forever and with ability to add exceptions?04:52
DaGeek247g'night all04:53
Cpt_Zyphdismo found it.. grub boot option recovery mode.. then in that mode select falesafe graphics.. how ever the video looks 100% the same as it does in normal boot 8(04:55
lestati'm having this problem where 3d seems to work (display is quite fluid compared to when 3d is disabled), but glxinfo segfaults, and many apps are not happy when they try to get the glx query string04:55
mykalanyone have suggestions on improving flashplayer performance04:55
dismoCpt_Zyph: what is the problem with the graphics?04:55
UbuntuRulesWhere can I look to see why SWAT doesnt start? Any Suggestions?04:55
lestatany idea how to solve this ?04:55
UbuntuRulesIll take anything at this point in time04:55
Cpt_Zyphwell in a second im about ot take a picture and upload it some place i can't make it out there are like 5 colums and lines everywere04:56
thauriswulfaQUESTION: for someone learning linux , xubuntu also same  like ubuntu means both have same softwares and community support04:56
Cpt_Zyphdismo i have seen this problem in the past both with 10.04 and fedora core.. but in fedora i just changed to vesa and presto no prob.. ubuntu 10.04 install cd had a lower video install and that worked ifne.. once in gnome i would upgrade and install proper nvidia drivers..04:56
Cpt_Zyphdismo dont know how else to explain the vidoe other then the center of the screen is the bottom right corner and there apear to be 5 versions of the screen runing at once with lines through them all off set from the right corner of the screen04:57
dismoCpt_Zyph: so it's unusable or can you at least do sth.?04:58
dismoCpt_Zyph: are you using a crt or lcd?04:58
thauriswulfaQUESTION: for someone learning linux , xubuntu also same like ubuntu means both have same softwares and community support?04:58
LoshkiUbuntuRules: how did you install it?04:58
UbuntuRulesloshki: sudo apt-get install swat04:59
Cpt_Zyphdismo lcd laptop the screen / hardwar is not an issue.. i can load older ubuntu or fedora or windows with no problems.. device is a hp dv6000 with a nvidia chip04:59
hilarieWhy would ping not work in the built in network tools, but works in the command prompt thing?04:59
thauriswulfaQUESTION: for someone learning linux , xubuntu also same like ubuntu means both have same softwares and community support              plz someone reply04:59
KM0201!repeat | thauriswulfa take a xannex i was typing a response04:59
ubottuthauriswulfa take a xannex i was typing a response: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:59
LoshkiUbuntuRules: did you do any of the stuff it talks about here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Swat04:59
thauriswulfapoint noted05:00
UbuntuRulesLoshki: yes all of that has been done and verified multiple times05:00
KM0201thauriswulfa: xubuntu, while it is essentially the same as Ubuntu... there are some differences... Xubuntu support is in #xubuntu...05:00
KM0201thauriswulfa: they don't have exactly the same software, etc.. but ou can generally install anything thats on ubuntu, on xubuntu if you like.05:01
LoshkiUbuntuRules: ok, next place is too find xinetd's log file and see if it sees client requests and tries to start swat05:01
Loshkithauriswulfa: absolute beginners should begin with plain old ubuntu, since the support is, in my opinion, the best....05:03
Cpt_Zyphdismo is there anyway to use the alt distro desktop 10.10 disk to boot a live session were i can edit some options and try to install from there?05:04
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kuttan_Hello All need some help.05:05
Cpt_Zyphdismo i found a picture online already perfect05:05
Cpt_Zyphdisomo http://chris.offtone.com/ubuntu%20problem.jpg this is what my screen is looking like.. 8(05:05
GabrielYYZ!ask |kuttan_05:06
ubottukuttan_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:06
spontatorhello everyone05:06
dismoCpt_Zyph: ok. looks bad :-)05:06
dismoCpt_Zyph: i think it's best to install the nvidia drivers from the command line05:06
Cpt_Zyphdismo 8( ya .. but i have fixed in teh past so i know it can be done lol but thats even what it looks like when i do recovery console and try to select05:06
dismoCpt_Zyph: but i don't know how since i don't have nvidia.05:06
mykalbest way to use joystick as mouse/keyboard on ubuntu05:07
Cpt_Zyphdismo im inclined to agree.. i would have ot use the install cd to boot to command line becuase even command line looks like that.. is this possable?05:07
dismoCpt_Zyph: someone else will help you05:07
Cpt_Zyphdiso baaaaaa lol05:07
Cpt_Zyphdismo so my new questiosn is how to install nvidia drivers from command line.. ( can i ask.. if this is possable from teh install cd ?? sense even command line mode will look like this )05:07
dismoCpt_Zyph: yes. you will have to chroot into your existing install.05:07
spontatorHow do I resolve an "autoaudiosink is missing" error?05:08
geuiscan someone point me to documentation on how to install ubuntu from an external hard drive on a new machine?05:08
geuisI'm on a Mac and all the info I can find is for usb sticks, or how to install ubuntu *to* an external drive05:08
dismoCpt_Zyph: someone else will guide you through i'm sure.05:08
kuttan_Say I have lots of apps installed on my Ubuntu system . For each kind of function there are 4/5 apps installed. Now is there any app which can show me a list which displays functionwise list of similar apps installed so that I can select which to keep & which yo uninstall ? Thanks . Hope my query is clear.05:08
Cpt_Zyphdismo .. this is very new to me is that like runing su - and a user name or starting commands with chroot?05:08
Cpt_Zyphrgr ill ask the channel and cross my fingers..05:08
Cpt_Zyphcan anyone tell me how to install nvidia graphics drivers from the command line??05:09
geuiscpt_zyph, have you done an apitude search for nvidia?05:09
kuttan_GabrielYYZ: Thanks for noticing.05:09
dismoCpt_Zyph: http://ss64.com/bash/chroot.html05:09
Cpt_Zyphdismo im currently trying to see how i can do this from the install command line.. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/10/automatically-install-your-nvidia-driver-for-new-kernels-hands-free/05:10
Cpt_Zyphdismo not to mention find out the exact hardware model number etc as i have not used this machine in years05:11
kuttan_So basically I want to keep only one app for each function, instead of multiple apps installed per function- which is the case right now. Which renders my system slow.05:11
GabrielYYZkuttan_: try doing (sudo apt-get search "app function") without parenthesis and "app function" = what the app does05:11
dismoCpt_Zyph: won't matter since there is just one unified nvidia driver05:11
dismoCpt_Zyph: they are just doing it for stats05:12
thefinn931My system76 Starling shows this on boot. Any suggestions?05:12
dismoCpt_Zyph: you can find out though with lshw or lspci05:12
Us3r_Unfriendlyhow's everyone tonight?05:12
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: not so well. My netbook won't boot05:12
Cpt_Zyphdismo i see 8/ hummm well this is a new one for me .. im going to have to learn chroot and maybe see if i can run the updates or something like this link says http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-nvidia-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat ?05:13
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: how so?05:13
thefinn931it shows http://pastebin.com/sTSdMLkw05:13
thefinn931it's a sys76 starling05:13
Cpt_Zyphdismo thanks for your help i really apprecaite ya time.. im kinda stumped05:13
kuttan_GabrielYYZ: So for internet I should issue " sudo apt-get search internet" ( for listing all the installed browsers ) ?05:13
geuisdoes anyone know where I can find documentation on placing the ubuntu iso on an external hard drive so I can install ubuntu onto another machine from it?05:13
bullgard4What is an "Album grid view" with Banshee? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banshee_%28media_player%2905:14
dismothefinn931: recreating initramfs should help05:14
thefinn931how do i do that...?05:14
dismothefinn931: can you boot with an older kernel?05:14
LaNc3Rwhere are backtrack?05:14
dismothefinn931: otherwise use the cd then chroot then update-initramfs -u -k all05:14
GabrielYYZkuttan_: ah installed, open the gui package manager and search for "browser" or "word processor" and see which ones are installed05:14
xivenDoes use phpmyadmin use a special port on ubuntu??05:14
Cpt_Zyphdismo if you still have 1 sec.. maybe i added the xforcevesa install option incorrectly..05:15
thefinn931dismo: ok05:15
VectorXhi, i have created a virtualbox image and shared a windows dir, but i get a permission denied error when trying to cd into it, how can i fix this ? "drwxrwx--- 1 root vboxsf    0 2011-01-22 18:42 sf_VMStore"05:15
LaNc3Rwhere is the backtrack servers?05:15
dismo!backtrack | LaNc3R05:15
ubottuLaNc3R: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition05:15
dismoCpt_Zyph: hmm. yes maybe but i don't know anything about that.05:16
GabrielYYZkuttan_: gui package manager = synaptic package manager* (didn't remember the name)05:16
tutysrai am trying to compile kernel in virtualbox05:16
tutysrahow much space will be needed so, that i can create a harddisk in virtual box05:16
thefinn931dismo: it does the same thing when I choose an older kernal05:16
dismoVectorX: either you add yourself to the group vboxsf or you adjust the permissions of the dir05:16
kuttan_GabrielYYZ: Thanks, let me try that. I have so much of redundancy for apps on my sys. That now its become slow & unbearable. Even software-center segfaults05:17
^Mike\bMy laptop's touchpad (the hardware) supports multitouch. How can I get Ubuntu to support that capability?05:17
VectorXdismo how do i add myself ?05:17
dismothefinn931: then you will have to boot in with a cd and fix it that way05:17
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: what happened to your machine to make it not boot??05:17
thefinn931not sure05:17
thefinn931it's actually a friends05:17
thefinn931she doesn't understand how to use IRC05:17
thefinn931she said she was just browsing the web05:17
thefinn931and in a skype call05:17
thefinn931when everything froze05:17
thefinn931rebooting resulted in this05:18
FloodBot2thefinn931: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:18
kuttan_GabrielYYZ: Yup I will try synaptic now. Thanks a lot05:18
GabrielYYZkuttan_: no prob05:18
dismoVectorX: http://www.mediacollege.com/cgi-bin/man/page.cgi?topic=usermod05:18
VectorXgetting user already in group with useradd -G vboxsf mn05:18
LaNc3Rhow di i sign in on IRC?05:18
GabrielYYZanyone knows how to fix "autoaudiosink is missing"? | mention spontator in answer if you know05:18
dismoVectorX: no05:18
Us3r_UnfriendlyLaNc3R: /msg nickserv05:18
VectorXactually  useradd: user 'mn' already exists05:19
tutysraanyone know how much space is required to complie the kernel05:19
dismoVectorX: then the user will only! be in vboxsf05:19
VectorXsorry i didnt get that last one05:19
spontatorHow do I resolve an "autoaudiosink is missing" error?05:19
=== kiran is now known as ubugeek
dismoVectorX:use this usermod -G vboxsf -a <username>05:19
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: what happens exactly when you power on the machine?05:19
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: can you get on or not at all?05:20
dismoVectorX: -a is for append. so it won't delete you from any other groups you might be on.05:20
thefinn931it powers on, goes through grub, then displays that05:20
dismoVectorX: bc. that would be really! bad!05:20
KM0201Cpt_Zyph: why on earth would you want to install nvidia drivers from command line?... can you not install them from system/admn/additional drivers?05:20
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: that being http://pastebin.com/sTSdMLkw05:20
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: so you have grub and recovery mode?05:20
VectorXdismo ok tries that but still getting permission denies05:20
ubugeekhow can i change the default booting options in the grub to windows05:20
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: yes, but it does the same thing05:21
dismoKM0201: he can't boot into graphicsmode: http://chris.offtone.com/ubuntu%20problem.jpg05:21
ubugeekhow can i chnge the default bootin optons to windows05:21
dismoKM0201: or she05:21
KM0201dismo: use the alt. install cd05:21
ubugeekanyone dr05:21
KM0201!alternate | Cpt_Zyph05:21
ubottuCpt_Zyph: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal05:21
KM0201thats what the alt. cd is for.05:22
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: how'd you get that output without her machine working?05:22
dismoKM0201: it's already installed. see the history of me and Cpt_Zyph05:22
thefinn931she manually typed it in05:22
ubugeekpls help me05:23
KM0201dismo: from the looks of it, he/she is trying to install ubuntu 10.04 right?05:23
GabrielYYZanyone knows how to fix "autoaudiosink is missing"? | mention spontator in answer if you know05:23
dismoKM0201: as far as i understood even with the alt s/he had to use some kernel parameter to make video work05:23
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: she manually typed it05:23
dismoKM0201: 10.04 or 10.10 don't know05:23
KM0201dismo: what is her graphics device?05:23
KM0201dismo: well, trying to read that horrible pic, is 10.04.05:23
dismoGabrielYYZ: try gstreamer-properties05:24
jimisrvroxhey guys could someone explain to me why it is that even though I have a wired connection, when I turn my box off and back on again that I have to powercycle my router for my connection to be seen? When I did ifconfig it told me that the nic was not config'd and when I tried to do ifdown/ifup it tells me that it failed to bring up the iface. However, powercycle the router and works like a...05:24
jimisrvrox...charm. Any suggestions?05:24
dismoKM0201: some nvidia05:24
rwwGabrielYYZ: don't repeat questions that other people asked, please. repeating every two minutes is too often regardless of how many people get conscripted to do it :\05:24
KM0201i can't imagine why any nvidia device would give a display like that... unless it's something that just came out yesterday05:24
ramsi wan to create a mobile phone application using java, what are all the s/w that i need to install?05:25
LaNc3Rhow do i log in?05:25
ramsi want to create a mobile phone application using java, what are all the s/w that i need to install?05:25
rwwLaNc3R: to what?05:25
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: yes...okay so it's not mounting for some reason.  the number one on your pastebin looks like that would be the root cause for all that problems.  can't mount your partition with ubuntu.  now would this be a grub issue???05:25
dismojimisrvrox: are you using dhcp or static ips?05:25
rwwLaNc3R: type /join #backtrack-linux05:25
KM0201LaNc3R: why do you keep trying to get backtrack support here?.. you've been told about 40 gazillion times, its not supported here05:25
jimisrvroxafaik static..05:25
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: i doubt it...05:26
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: i wonder if it is a grub issue that she could reinstall it and update it...it might work05:26
bullgard4jimisrvrox: You better describe your hardware setup more precisely. And mention what error message you obtain when you want your connection to be seen.05:26
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: she'd like to keep her files05:26
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: well then the question is how to mount a drive at boot up05:26
bullgard4What is an "Album grid view" with Banshee? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banshee_%28media_player%2905:27
dismojimisrvrox: you can check. right click on nm-applet then options -> etc.05:27
jimisrvroxbullgard4: I dont get any error messages...but when I do ifdown/ifup on my wired connection to bring the iface back up then I get failed to bring eth1 up not configured..05:27
rwwubottu: tell LaNc3R about register05:27
spontatordismo, Can you help with autoaudiosink?05:27
ramsi want to create a mobile phone application using java, what are all the s/w that i need to install?05:27
ubottuLaNc3R, please see my private message05:27
rwwubottu: tell LaNc3R about topic05:27
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: well that's a easy fix to get it working again but means using the ubuntu cd to copy files from the hard drive to a portable usb device and then to reinstall the os.  But i want to know how to fix it without that.  hmm05:28
jimisrvroxdismo: I dislike using nm-applet :) in fact it irritates me that I even have to do a gnome session when I like to run openbox :)05:28
dismojimisrvrox: so you use /etc/network?05:28
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: grub decides what to boot up.  your init should decide what you boot into05:28
dismojimisrvrox: then check there05:28
Akumahello, I have 2 ubuntu 10.10 installs on different computers, one of them is playing my mp4's fine (mplayer, VLC, Movie Player), the other one only plays my mp4 (same exact file) file with VLC but mplayer gives me a bunch of "Error on MB: 0"05:29
jimisrvroxI think at one point I even tried to do /etc/init.d/networking restart to see if the interface would come back and no dice but the minute I powercycle my router I get a connection..and this is happening for both wired and wireless connections that I have..05:29
Akumanot quite sure what is going on05:29
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: well inittab, but ubuntu doesn't use that anymore05:29
Akumathe mp4 movie also works fine on a windows machine05:29
bullgard4jimisrvrox: Does "eth1" designate a wireless interface?05:29
jimisrvroxbullgard4: no for whatever reason my system says its eth1 instead of eth0..either way the name on the iface should not prevent it from connecting..05:29
dismospontator: not really. i can just tell you the usual stuff.05:29
dismo!sound | spontator05:30
ubottuspontator: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:30
Jrekoanyone know a good spot to buy psybnc and use my domain name?05:30
Us3r_UnfriendlyAkuma: on the machine that isn't working, did you install all the codecs; gstreamer and ubuntu restricted?05:30
durandalCan anyone suggest a convenient (i.e. package-manager friendly) way to install both a 64- and a 32-bit kernel image on a 32-bit system?05:30
AkumaUs3r_Unfriendly: i know gstreamer is installed, I will check for ubuntu unrestricted05:31
LaNc3Ri have registered at #backtrack-linux..........i restarted my system and i dont know how to log back in05:31
bullgard4jimisrvrox: You did not provide sufficient detail of your setup and setup procedure. Thus all I can advice is that you scrutinize your dmesg log.05:31
Us3r_UnfriendlyLaNc3R: this isn't backtrack though05:31
rwwLaNc3R: /msg nickserv identify nickservpasswordgoeshere05:31
Jrekoanyone know a good spot to buy psybnc and use my domain name?05:32
rww!ot | Jreko05:32
ubottuJreko: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:32
LaNc3Ri know it wont let me talk to the damn thing05:32
spontatorubottu: volume app says "Waiting for sound system to respond" Looking at the other sites now05:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:33
Us3r_UnfriendlyLaNc3R: i'm going to msg you05:34
Us3r_UnfriendlyLaNc3R: what irc client are you using?05:34
ayakaI use smplayer but it will show play time in the left top side of the video how to disable it?05:34
Us3r_Unfriendlyayaka: sorry i'm only mplayer, only05:35
AkumaUs3r_Unfriendly: I don't seen any restricted package in synaptics on the box that I'm having problems with05:35
jimisrvroxbullgard4: afaik I have my two boxes that are having probs all setup as static addresses on the same net. and ive got them configd in the /etc/networks file05:35
Akumathe other one has one called ubuntu-restricted-addons05:36
jimisrvroxbullgard4: and I know theyre setup correctly or else they would never connect to the router..05:36
ezyhello all05:37
thefinn931Us3r_Unfriendly: I'm gotten my friend on IRC. could you give her like step by step n00b instructions? (i can do it if not, it's just that you seem to better understand this stuff)05:37
Us3r_UnfriendlyAkuma: i believe it's a codec issue...05:37
ezygpg -e -r myjunkid junkfolder does not encrypt the file...Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?05:37
Akumaso do I, but I don't know how to fix it... how do I get synaptic to actually see the restricted package?05:37
Akumait's not appearing in my package list for install05:37
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: with what?  sorry but i g2g for a sec05:38
Us3r_Unfriendlythefinn931: i'll be back to help though05:38
masai47I am hoping to add a file server and proxy server to a room with a couple of computers with Edubuntu installed.  Is there a way that the (clients?) can have /home and any other user related files (such as login credentials) on the file server so that settings follow them from computer to computer.  But still have it so that each computer can also boot up and login as standalone if the network is not available?05:38
rwwezy: gpg's -r option doesn't mean recurse like it does in other programs. You can't, in fact, encrypt a directory with gpg. You'd need to tar it up first.05:38
ezyrww, I tried it on a text file and still I can read the file without decrypting05:39
rwwezy: what command are you using for the text file?05:40
rwwezy: oh, another thing... gpg just writes to standard output by default. if you want to write to a file, use gpg -o05:41
ezyrww, ah ok...I will do it that way05:41
ezyrww, thanks a bunch05:42
aaronb_houstxmasai47: you can use NFS to export user home dir's from your server, then mount homes on client workstations... login credentials can be centralized with LDAP or other directory05:43
tomasijoin #ubuntu-cn05:44
masai47aaronb_houstx: But if the server is not online what happens with the clients?05:44
axp2hi all. i'm running natty alpha 1 on my second pc and it's been offering a partial upgrade for about 4 days now with heaps of updated packages not selected in the update list. anyone else experiencing the same? usually the partial upgrade things goes away quicker than that05:46
rwwaxp2: Natty discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:46
axp2thanks rww05:46
Nyt3khey how come whe ni install some apps like xterm etc theres no shortcuts being created in menu's ?05:46
AkumaUs3r_Unfriendly: I installed restriced on the box, but mplayer and movie player are still displaying junk when playing the mp4 video, audio still works fine05:47
aaronb_houstxmasai47: then no home dir's and no centralized logon...05:47
ubunturocks#debian banned the word ubuntu :\ is sad05:47
Akumaand I still get the "Error at MB: 0" message05:47
aaronb_houstxmasai47:  it's probably too much trouble to go through if it's going to be a temporary/unstable resource05:47
rwwubunturocks: 1) #debian doesn't support Debian derivatives, just like #ubuntu doesn't support (unofficial) Ubuntu derivatives. 2) #debian is offtopic for #ubuntu ;P05:48
ubunturocksstill doesn't make it right they ban the word ubuntu05:48
masai47its supposed to be a good resource but I am unsure about long term techincal support05:48
deeeerpMy system76 Starling won't boot. After GRUB I get http://pastebin.com/sTSdMLkw then a busybox prompt. I'm something of a n00b in this and don't even know what most of this means. Please go easy~05:49
aaronb_houstxmasai47: if you're really script happy, you could cook a few shell files to rsync the user files  between client and server, but the logons wouldn't be easy to do if server was offline05:50
dragonkeepermakes me sad to have to inflict pain onto my pc   but  i need to install windows xp    but need to do it so doesnt stop my ubuntu from booting05:50
user-67842I"m having trouble with my audio under ubuntu 10.10. Sound isn't switching to headphones when there plugged in, instead it continues to plays over both the headphones and rear speakers. I don't have an potion to select the headphones as a device under sound settings ether. My sound card is a Realtek ALC889.05:51
Us3r_UnfriendlyAkuma: then it's a codec issue05:51
masai47aaronb_houstx: The origional plan was to go with thin clients but some demands for windows nixed that.  But I still have a (more)powerful computer to act as a central server and would like to make good use of it.  It being a school environment it would be great if students could access everything from any machine.  That said, its an african school environment where I am trying to ensure that the maximum will still be available and usable as stuff goes wro05:52
AkumaUs3r_Unfriendly: yea, any idea what I can do to fix it? no quite sure where to look at this point05:52
gnewbdeeeerp: By the numbers, did you check the MD5sum?05:52
Akumabtw, VLC plays the file fine on that box, but for some reason mplayer and movie player do not05:53
aaronb_houstxmasai47: going to PM you05:53
=== o_o is now known as Guest98962
user-67842that should have been option not potion lol05:53
=== Fraxtil is now known as Fraxtil`
deeeerpgnewb: What's that mean?05:54
gnewb!MD5 | deeeerp05:54
ubottudeeeerp: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:54
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
user-67842Would anyone be able to help me with this? I"m having trouble with my audio under ubuntu 10.10. Sound isn't switching to headphones when there plugged in, instead it continues to plays over both the headphones and rear speakers. I don't have an option to select the headphones as a device under sound settings ether. My sound card is a Realtek ALC889.05:55
deeeerpubottu: I've had it installed just fine for a coule monthes now, then this just happened.05:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:56
gnewbdeeeerp: Is it the Edu or the Standard ISO?05:56
deeeerpgnewb: It's UNR05:57
boolcrapman i rebooted and i cant load into my GUI now05:58
boolcrapon ubuntu05:58
=== aether is now known as Guest2508
boolcrapi installed kubunutu-desktop05:59
boolcrapand it installed but im still booting into the tty-105:59
boolcraphow do i load into the desktop?05:59
gnewbdeeeerp: I only found one post on the Forums about S76, still looking,,05:59
deeeerpgnewb: Much appreciated.06:00
delinquentmeif i have an Ubuntu box thats hooked up to the same network as this computer.. does the other ubuntu box need to be logged into for me to access it .. or can that be done over the network connection/06:01
boolcrapi do startx06:02
boolcrapand i get error06:02
gnewbdeeeerp: From that output on the pastebin looks like or could need a Restore Session, or something, maybe even so much as a Repair or re-install, and you are quite welcome.06:03
wiggmpkthe directory shortcuts that are generated when installing wine, is this a feature that was added to the ubuntu wine package..?06:04
deeeerpgnewb: So, what do I do now?06:04
deeeerpgnewb: I'06:05
deeeerpm not to sure what any of that means.06:05
gnewbdeeeerp: Looks like the boot file is corrupted, those Starlings look like a nice box, but also very finicky, may have to repair the boot or system, re-install or use the Repair option, hold c at boot, maybe.06:07
deeeerpgnewb: My files are safe though, right?06:07
gnewbdeeerp: The Repair option usually saves files, a re-install may wipe them out, boot to a live, try and access them and back them up, a good backup routine is like the first or second rule of Electronic Computing Devices.06:09
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
cooper_hi i need ubuntu lap top edition whre can i get it the site only has desktop server net book06:09
thefinn931cooper_: laptop and desktop are the same (in this case)06:10
buisscooper_, Desktop is enough06:10
cooper_will battery work with desk top?06:10
thefinn931cooper_: yes06:10
deeeerpgnewb: Thank you very much~06:11
gnewbdeeerp: You are very welcome.06:11
kanupatarwhat is the server name and port number of #kernel IRC?06:11
kanupatari want to add that in ubuntu koversaion06:12
boolcrapgnewb my turn please06:12
rwwkanupatar: the kernel devs usually talk via mailing list, not IRC06:12
gnewbboolcrap: Pretty much the same thing, did you try the Recovery option?06:13
kanupatarbut how can i add that in my Konversation in ubuntu 9.10?06:13
boolcrapahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;(06:14
gnewbboolcrap: Sounds like maybe the GTK or something like that is not loading, It should be recoverable...06:15
gnewbboolcrap: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode06:15
kanupatarany help on previous question?06:16
boolcrapi should just repair broken packages?06:17
dublued2Hello all, I have a question about networking.  I have a linksys router that has DHCP and assigns IP addresses to my networked devices.  On one of those devices (a wired desktop) I manually assigned an IP address outside of the DHCP range.  Now I am unable to see networked drives.  Any ideas as to how to remedy this?06:17
gnewbboolcrap: That usually works, yes.06:17
gnewbkanupatar: Did you check the Freenode log, is the screen at log in to the server?06:20
aaronb_houstxdublued2: is your manually-assigned IP in the same subnet?  can you ping the Linksys router's inside LAN IP address?06:21
alpha_centauriso: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null gives me about 85mb/s.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda gives me about 16mb/s. why? (regular hd. from samsung)06:21
bonjoyeedublued2: if you gave an ip in the same subnet..you should be able to connect without issues!06:21
sjuxaxHi. My bro-in-law has an iPod here with some DRM'd video on it. Anyone know if there is a good DRM stripper for Linux so that he can watch stuff when he is near a Linux machine? Or if I have to use Windows for a one-time DRM strip, that's OK too.06:22
dublued2aaronb_houstx: yes it's the same subnet.  I am able to get into the router settings by typing in the ip address in the url bar of a browser06:22
dublued2bonjoyee: yes it's the same subnet06:22
bonjoyeedublued2: so where's the issue?06:23
aaronb_houstxdublued2: which system has the resources and which can't see?06:23
gnewbkanapatar: The server names and numbers are listed there.06:24
dublued2so here's the issue.  there are 3 devices in play.  laptop, desktop, and a NAS.  The laptop and NAS get an autmatically assigned ip address from the router.  the desktop ip address is manually assigned.  i can see the nas drive from the laptop but i cannot see it from the desktop.  the desktop ip address was first assigned to be outside of the dhcp range, then i tried assigning it an ip address that was within the dhcp range but it still won06:25
dublued2the nas unless it gets an ip address automatically from the router06:25
aaronb_houstxdublued2: are you accessing resources via IP address or DNS names?06:27
crazzyharryI have 4 gig ram, and I installed ubuntu 64bit, but when I type free it shows Mem:       3090168   and Swap:      480562806:29
gnewbsjuxax: That is like a pirate question, is unsupported here.06:29
crazzyharrywhy isnt Mem: 4gig ?06:29
dublued2aaronb_houstx:  in the manual settings, i put in the following info:  ip: ; subnet mask:, gateway: ; primary dns:
Loshkidublued2: you've power cycled everything? Starting with the linksys....06:30
dublued2Loshki: yes06:30
Loshkidublued2: then I can't explain it. It should work with a legal ip address whether it's within the DHCP range or not...06:32
minixkingneed to have a question answered anyone willing to help?06:32
Loshki!ask | minixking06:32
ubottuminixking: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:32
minixkinghang on let me get into the log file06:33
minixkingim getting an error on initial install in ubuntu 10.1006:33
bonjoyeedublued2: i assume you restarted the networking service on the desktop!06:33
crazzyharryI have 4 gig ram, and I installed ubuntu 64bit, but when I type free it shows Mem:       3090168   and Swap:      4805628 , why isnt Mem showing 4 gig06:33
kanupatarhi all, is it possible to upgrade frm ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntu 10.04 directly via 10.04 installation CD?06:33
dublued2bonjoyee: how do i do that.  i usually just disconnect and then reconnect to my network connection06:34
minixkingOSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'C:\\ubuntu\\install\\ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso'06:34
minixking01-22 22:21 DEBUG  TaskList: # Finished tasklist06:34
Loshkicrazzyharry: well, not all of it is free memory. The OS is in there somewhere...06:34
crazzyharryLoshki, so its making use of all 4 gig ?06:34
bonjoyeedublued2: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart06:34
Loshkicrazzyharry: yeah, I think so...06:35
boolcrapthat did not work06:35
bonjoyeedublued2: also if using network-manager restart it as well!06:35
minixkingwhat do i need to change so i can actually install this os and try it out?06:35
minixkingi have already surfed some of the forums cant find it on my own06:35
bonjoyeedublued2: ?06:37
minixkingdont want the review to just state "Would not install properly out of the box"06:37
alpha_centauriso: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null gives me about 85mb/s.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda gives me about 16mb/s. why? (regular hd. from samsung)06:37
dublued2bonjoyee: thanks i'll try that06:38
bonjoyeealpha_centauri: i believe one is the read speed while the other is write..and seems logical!06:38
alpha_centauribonjoyee: shouldn't be that different though06:39
minixkingno one06:39
boolcrapany other ideas guys? ;()06:40
alpha_centauriboolcrap: repost the issue06:40
boolcrapX: /tmp/.X11-unix has suspicious mode (not1777) or is not a directory, aborting.06:42
boolcrapi rebooted06:42
boolcrapnow the GUI wont start06:42
boolcrapi tried repairing package06:42
FloodBot2boolcrap: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
boolcrapsorry ;(06:42
alpha_centauriboolcrap: why doesn't it start: post /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:43
Gneaboolcrap: can you output ls -l /tmp/.X11-unix ?06:44
plustaxI just installed and switched over to e-1706:44
boolcrapthres nothing in there06:44
plustaxlooks like gnome to me06:44
boolcrapi alreayd looked06:44
plustaxanyone help?06:44
boolcrapwhats suppoed to be in there?06:44
Gneaplustax: what are you smoking? e17 and gnome look nothing alike.06:44
alpha_centauriboolcrap: then: sudo service gdm start06:45
plustaxGnea idk I just installed it following the guide06:45
Gneaplustax: which guide?06:45
plustaxlogged out and chose e17 session06:45
boolcrapmaximum number of X diosplay failures reached: check X server log for errors06:45
plustaxit looks exactly like it did before06:45
plustaxI dont see any change or difference.06:45
plustaxI was wondering if there is something I need to do to set it up06:46
Gneaplustax: if you can't answer my question, I can't help you.06:46
plustaxoh one moment06:46
Gneaplustax: also, you should take a screenshot and post it06:46
minixkinggnea: any ideas on my problem?06:47
Loshkialpha_centauri: my samsung gives me a read speed of 106 MB/s and a write speed of 71.5 MB/s (but I wrote to a file on an ext3 fs, not to the raw device)06:47
alpha_centauriGnea: is enlightenment still as buggy as 3+ years ago or is it usable? do you use it?06:47
Gneaminixking: and you're asking me because..?06:47
rootxhai  there06:47
Gneaalpha_centauri: it's been usable for well over 6 years now06:47
minixkinggnea: because u seem to actually be helping ppl06:47
plustaxhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/2066611/Screenshot.png   my current screenshot06:47
Gneaminixking: well, you're right about that, but I never saw your problem, plus I can only help so many people at a time.06:47
alpha_centauriGnea: i tested it back in the day. it was really buggy. btw. why is it not in the repos?06:48
boolcrapnothing in logs06:48
boolcrapnothing that stands out at least06:48
alpha_centauriLoshki: thx for testing. you don't have an idea why it does the described problem to me?06:48
minixkinggnea: OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'C:\\ubuntu\\install\\ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso' 01-22 22:21 DEBUG taskList: # Finished tasklist on original install, wont go any further than that.06:48
minixkinggnea: when you get some time06:49
rootxanybody knows the best wordpress blogging client in ubuntu?06:49
kanupatarhi all, is it possible to upgrade frm ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntu 10.04 directly via 10.04 installation CD?06:49
plustaxit is indeed kanupatar06:49
Gneaalpha_centauri: using any software out of cvs/svn/git and expecting stability is like expecting a horse not to kick you when you stand behind it and play with its tail06:50
rootx@kanupatar .. nop you cant'06:50
kanupatari didn't get u06:50
Loshkialpha_centauri: no, check the specs on your drive. If it's badly out of spec I'd consider RMAing it...06:50
Loshkialpha_centauri: also, check the SMART data for the drive...06:50
alpha_centauriboolcrap: it would rly. help if you could post these logs. btw. if you boot in recovery and select safe graphics mode you should be able to get your gui back.06:50
Gneaplustax: ah, well there are some newer howtos than that one - note the date on it06:50
alpha_centaurialpha_centauri: it's too old for that.06:51
plustaxwell is it worth tooling with?06:51
Gneabut easy_e17.sh is the correct utility to use06:51
alpha_centauriLoshki: it's too old for that.06:51
plustaxgnea or should I just forget about it? It worth it?06:51
Gneaplustax: oh, it's worth it06:51
alpha_centauriLoshki: also checked smart. drive is healthy06:51
okeeDoes the version prior to 10.10 also crash if installed on a hard disk?  I am only able to get Ubuntu to work from CD.06:51
plustaxwell I have that utility installed06:51
plustaxit just doesnt do shit06:51
boolcrapthere is no "safe graphics"06:51
boolcrapin recovery06:51
okeeI can't get 10.10 to boot.06:51
alpha_centauriLoshki: also tried disabling write cache via hdparm. didn't help.06:51
boolcrapjust resume clean dpkg grub netroot root06:52
plustaxI did everything it told me to do. I logged out and chose e17 no problems06:52
rootxubuntu 10.04 is more stable than ubuntu 10.1006:52
plustaxand it lookssss like nothing06:52
okeeNow they tell me.  Ok.  I will burn 10.04.  10.10 shouldn't have even been released.06:52
okeeDoes 10.04 install to a hard disk?06:52
alpha_centauriGnea: so your saying they don't do releases?06:52
Gneaplustax: well, clearly the e17 session that you choose didn't load up e1706:52
alpha_centauriGnea: or snapshots06:52
nit-witokee, do you get the grub menu, or s this a cd06:53
plustaxwell im a linux moron so I have no chance of undoing what I did and actually successfully installing this Gnea06:53
alpha_centauriso: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null gives me about 85mb/s.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda gives me about 16mb/s. why? (regular hd. from samsung)06:53
Gneaalpha_centauri: they've been working on e17 so long now that it's become rather routine to just snag the latest snapshot and hope for the best... if you update every few days, eventually you get a version that actually works06:53
okeeWhen you say grub menu, are you referring from a hard drive?  Or from CD?06:53
boolcraplog says UnloadModule: synaptics"06:53
Loshkialpha_centauri: what model is the drive?06:53
boolcrapLogitech USB optical mouse:close06:53
okeeI don't get anything from a hard drive.  After installing, it won't boot up for the first time -- big mess.06:53
nit-witokee, have you installed Ubuntu?06:53
alpha_centauriGnea: pardon me but that doesn't sound like stable software for me.06:54
Gneaalpha_centauri: and at this stage, it's such a stable dev that it just about passes... but this is the rasterman we're talking about :)06:54
alpha_centauriLoshki: samsung. do you need more info?06:54
okeeActually updating is what causes problems.  I run win XP 32-bit pro and have the same installation on my computer for no less than three years.  It is a 190gb installation.06:54
Gneaalpha_centauri: I'm not trying to sell you on the idea, I'm just trying to put to rest your claim based on a minute amount of data06:55
minixkingi cant even get it to install lol06:55
okeeI installed ubuntu no less than 5 times today and the installation program for 10.10 shouldn't have been released.  it is an alpha to say the least, and that is no exageration.06:55
boolcrapim trying to chmod 1777 /tmp/.X11-unix but06:55
minixkingis 10.10 not a functioning version of ubuntu?06:55
nit-witokee, so when you installed it I assume you have here was it from the Ubuntu cd booted to a Live Ubuntu Desktop?06:55
boolcrapit just stays at 377706:55
Gneaminixking: not as much as 10.04 is06:55
okeeI am running ubuntu from CD and works ok.  it is the installer that has major issues.06:55
chovynzhow do I mount a cd drive at command line?06:55
alpha_centauriGnea: i wasn't claiming. i was just guessing :-)06:55
minixkinggnea; is my problem not common? i mean are there other ppl that cant even get it to go past the wobi install?06:56
=== RobBeane|Away is now known as RobBeane
Gneaminixking: wubi, TBPH, sucks as far as a permanent install goes. if you like it enough, you should install it to its own partition06:56
LucaseI do not have this problem06:56
Loshkialpha_centauri: yes, output of 'sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda' pasted to http://goo.gl/ixcN9 please06:56
Gneaminixking: also, I have no idea what caused your original error with the .iso file06:57
minixkinggnea: i havent even got it to the point where i can try it yet06:57
okeeI will try using 10.04 tomorrow.  I tried SUSE earlier today and it was a big disappointment.  SUSE KDE used to work really well with windows.  It locks up and crashes and the wireless connectoid don't work.  I suspect gnome would work better on SUSE.06:57
minixkinggnea: thats all i wanted to do was try it and i cannot even get that far06:57
rootx@chovynz  mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /media/cdrom0/06:57
okee10.10 seems a bit slow as well.06:57
Gneaminixking: well what method are you using to install it?06:57
chovynzrootx: what does  -t iso9660 do?06:57
okeeI have a 2.6 ghz processor on here and this is a very robust laptop.06:58
minixkinggnea: just as the website says06:58
Gneaokee: single core? how much ram?06:58
boolcrapthe problem i guess is taht06:58
minixkinggnea: clicking the links they gave me06:58
Gneaminixking: could you please be more specific?06:58
boolcrap  is that /tmp/.X11-unix is not 177706:58
boolcrapi tried to chmod it but06:58
boolcrap'it wont go to 1777 wtf :(06:58
okeeI have dual core, and 2gb of ram.  I haven't gotten around to buying 8gb.  I was looking for 8gb stick on one stick or really cheap 2 4gb modules.  My laptop holds 16gb.  I have a Thinkpad w510.06:59
Gneaboolcrap: did you ls -l it? I didn't see anything.06:59
minixkinggnea: wubi, it says click here to install, i do that, it spends well over an hour dl'ing the iso that i already have dl'ed b4 gets to about 15min remaining and shows that error06:59
boolcrapi did stat06:59
alpha_centauriLoshki: i can't since i'm not able to access the machine right now. it's 500gb samsung 7200rpm (i think it's this one: HD502IJ)06:59
boolcraptheres nothing in that folder06:59
okeeI bought the laptop with the cheapest memory configuration because buying ram from IBM is twice the price of what you would pay at Fry's or elsewhere.06:59
Gneaminixking: is your windows user account administrator?06:59
minixkinggnea: yes07:00
Gneaokee: I would stick with 10.04 for now then, might even try kubuntu if you prefer kde07:00
chovynzrootx: only root can do that. after sudoing it, it says mount point /media/cdrom0/ does not exist07:00
Gneaboolcrap: ah, try: ls -ld on it07:01
alpha_centauriso: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null gives me about 85mb/s.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda gives me about 16mb/s. why? (regular hd. from samsung)07:02
boolcrapdrwsrwsrwt 7 root /tmp07:02
chovynzwould I mkdir /media/cdrom0 first?07:02
Gneaboolcrap: like this:  ld -ld /tmp/.X11_unix07:02
chovynzactually it should work if I just take off teh 007:03
boolcrapld cannot find -ld07:03
chovynzrootx: ok so the removal of zero worked. now it says mount : special device /dev/hdc does not exist07:04
Gneaboolcrap: sorry, should be ls not ld07:04
Gneaboolcrap: ls -l /tmp/.X11_unix07:04
boolcrapld: cannot find -l/tmp/.X11-unix/07:04
boolcrapthat directory exists07:05
dayatada orang indonesia07:05
Gneaboolcrap: listen to what I am saying (or read, as the case is):  ls -ld /tmp/.X11_unix   and paste everything that it outputs, please.07:05
boolcrapsorry :(07:06
boolcraptheres nothing in that folder07:06
chovynzis it possible that I have to install some support for a cdrom before I can mount it?07:06
Gneaboolcrap: stop.07:06
minixkinggnea: you got the link for the ubuntu 10.10 desktop installation guide, im willing to rtfm07:06
Gneaboolcrap: I'm not asking for what's in that folder, I want to know the output of that command, that's it.07:06
boolcrapdrwxrwsrwt 2 root root 4096 date 1:51 /tmp/.X11-unix07:07
Gneaminixking: I would recommend 10.04, not 10.10 for your first install07:07
Gneaboolcrap: thank you.07:07
Gneaboolcrap: what tells you that /tmp/.X11_unix is the problem?07:07
boolcrapwhen i startx07:08
Gneawhy do you startx?07:08
minixkinggnea: its not my first *nix install, but if i cannot even get the install to work, i cannot tinker so i cannot fix my errors on my own lol, an install guide for the desktop version would help07:08
boolcrapim trying to get into my desktop07:08
Gneaboolcrap: why don't you login via the gui?07:08
boolcrapi thought thats how u got into it from the shell ;/07:08
boolcrapit wont let me07:08
Gneawell, that's one way07:08
boolcrapgoes straight for tty1 login07:08
Gneawhy not?07:08
GneaI see.07:08
Gneaboolcrap: did you install ubuntu or kubuntu?07:09
Gneaboolcrap: what version?07:09
boolcrapi also tried to install kubuntu07:09
minixkinggnea: ubuntu will install on an existing winblows partition wont it?07:09
minixkingpoor guy, doesnt anyone else in here offer help lol07:09
boolcrapcrap i dont remember ;/ #70-Ubuntu07:09
alpha_centauriso: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null gives me about 85mb/s.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda gives me about 16mb/s. why? (regular hd. from samsung)07:10
boolcrapi think07:10
Gneaminixking: if you use wubi, it will create a virtual filesystem in windows and then install to that file07:10
Gneaboolcrap: lsb_release -r07:10
Gneaboolcrap: did you try to install kubuntu after ubuntu was installed?07:11
chovynzwhat can list all devices like sda cdrom ide etcetc?07:11
boolcrapsorry i only tried to install kubuntu-desktop07:11
boolcrapnot kubuntu os07:11
Gneachovynz: you mean devices that are mounted?07:11
boolcrapi was using VMWARE07:11
boolcrapand i had to reboot07:11
boolcrapwhen i came back, i couldnt get into my desktop07:11
Gneaboolcrap: vmware installed in ubuntu?07:11
chovynzgnea not mounted but all possible ones. I have to find out where my ubuntu has put the cdrom/dvd drive07:11
chovynzGnea: so that i can mount it07:12
Gneaokay, so you you use ubuntu as your host os, then tried to install kubuntu to vmware, right?07:12
boolcrapno i installed windows07:12
boolcrapeverything was running fine07:12
Gneachovynz: well it should already have something defined for it in /etc/fstab07:12
boolcrapsorry i used apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:12
boolcrapto try and get a desktop back07:12
minixkinggnea: ok that is what i am trying to do, and wubi will not complete install it stops at that error, i am not changing any default settings other than the pw under the user account in the wubi setup window, i click next it starts the dl of the ubuntu10.10-i386.iso.torrent and gets almost done and quits07:12
Gneaboolcrap: now I'm confused.07:12
boolcrapthat what iw as doing when i had to reboot07:13
boolcrapi had VMWARe open with windows XP on it07:13
Gneaminixking: do you have enough drive space? which version of windows?07:13
boolcrapon ubuntu 9.1007:13
boolcrapthen i rebooted07:13
boolcrapnow i cant get into desktop07:13
Gneaboolcrap: slow down please.... I know this is very frustrating, but we need to take things in stride, one thing at a time and not get too ahead, okay?07:13
boolcrapone thing at a time07:14
Gneagood :)07:14
Gneaboolcrap: so, your host os is just ubuntu 9.10, correct?07:14
Gneaboolcrap: and you installed windows xp in vmware, correct? or vista/7?07:14
minixkinggnea: plenty of drive space well over a tb left and windowsXP home+sp307:14
Gneaxp - good choice07:15
boolcrapxp for life.07:15
Gneasame :)07:15
Gneaokay, so this kubuntu, you installed that in vmware too?07:15
boolcrapno sorry, no kubuntu on vmare07:15
boolcrapi did "apt-get install kubuntu-dekstop"07:15
boolcrapto try and get a desktop back07:16
alpha_centauriso: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null gives me about 85mb/s.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda gives me about 16mb/s. why? (regular hd. from samsung)07:16
Gneaalpha_centauri: you should ask that in ##linux07:16
VectorXfrom gnome how do u run a program as root ?07:17
Gneaminixking: wubi should have the option to use a .iso already downloaded07:17
GneaVectorX: sudo name_of_program07:17
VectorXGnea from gnome, not the cli07:17
GneaVectorX: super-r07:17
GneaVectorX: should bring up the run command dialog07:18
minixkinggnea: im seeing that, rtfm lol07:18
Gneaboolcrap: did the command complete successfully?07:18
minixkinghavent found the syntax yet just seen that is an option07:18
boolcrapit did07:19
looserhai every one i used pitivi video editor for joining of some video files of mine..but after completion of my work the joined video is saved in the format some what called .xptv due to that it is not opening in movie Player..how to convert it to play07:19
Gneaminixking: when you run wubi.exe, make sure you look at the whole thing and look at each option before checking 'next'07:19
boolcrapthen it started up07:19
boolcrapand it had the kubuntu desktop loading image, then it just went to tty1 shell07:19
boolcrapthen i died a little more inside.07:19
chovynzshould I use ssh or ebox? what's the difference?07:19
Gnealooser: better to ask in #pitivi07:19
alpha_centaurilooser: i think it should have some kind of export option07:20
minixkinggnea: i think it might be a command line syntax no?07:20
Gneaboolcrap: okay, were you able to get back to tty7 or tty8?07:20
boolcrapjust up to 607:20
looseralpha_centauri, no there is no such option07:21
minixkingboolcrap: update from 9.04 to 9.10 is supported but says nothing about going from 10.04 to 10.10?????07:21
Gneaboolcrap: try 7 and 8 now, if there's something there, you can ctrl-alt-f1 to get back07:21
alpha_centaurilooser: how about: render or rendering07:22
boolcrapnope only up to 6, i just tried again07:22
Gneaminixking: what did you select for installation drive, size and desktop environment?07:22
Gneaboolcrap: okay, try this command at tty1:  sudo service kdm restart07:23
minixkinggnea: 8gig and ubuntu07:23
Gneaminixking: what about the drive?07:23
boolcraprestart:unknown instance07:23
looseralpha_centauri, rendering07:23
Gneaboolcrap: okay, now try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm07:24
Gneaboolcrap: should give you an option between kdm and gdm07:24
boolcrapit does07:24
Gneaboolcrap: pick one07:24
alpha_centaurilooser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnJypwN2TCM#t=4m10s07:24
boolcrapi did07:24
boolcrapback to shell07:24
Gneaokay, what did you pick?07:24
Gneanow do:  sudo service gdm start07:25
boolcrapstart/runinng process 232107:25
boolcrapthats it07:25
Gneatry tty707:25
boolcrapno :(07:26
Gneatty8? 9?07:26
boolcrapjust up to 6 ;/07:26
Gneado you have pastebinit installed?07:26
boolcrapi do not07:27
Gneacould you please install it?07:27
minixkingdamnit something is not working right07:27
lushoushello!anyone there07:27
minixkingand i think its me lol07:27
sudarshanhi guys07:27
Gneaboolcrap: now:  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit07:27
pietrobohello. How do I stop the Update Manager from removing a package that I need?07:28
sudarshanhow to install only multimedia restricted codes?07:28
Gneaboolcrap: need to know the url it spits out, please07:28
sudarshani dont want java and fonts etc07:28
sudarshanplease help07:28
Gneasudarshan: what do you mean?07:28
Gnea!pin | pietrobo07:28
ubottupietrobo: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto07:28
boolcrapit didnt spit one out yet07:29
sudarshanGnea: i mean if i do sudo apt-get ubunturestrictedextr then it install multimedia coded, java, fonts and othes. but i only want the multimedia cocded. that to play song and movie07:29
zs1otb_hi, can one re-install the ubuntu desktop (gnome)?07:29
minixkingok i manually dl'ed ubuntu10.10-desktop-i386.iso how do i make wubi use it07:29
Gneaboolcrap: give it time07:29
bazhangzs1otb_, sure07:29
Gneasudarshan: if it requires java, then it's going to install java07:29
chovynz!me give Gnea a box of chocolates for all the hard work07:30
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »07:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:30
bazhangsudarshan, click on a file (like an mp3) and it will prompt you to install the codec07:30
sudarshanGnea: you are not getting me07:30
bazhangsudarshan, similarly with a movie07:30
sudarshanbazhang: ok07:30
Gneasudarshan: it doesn't matter, if it requires java to be installed, then that's it07:30
sudarshanGnea: okay07:31
Gneasudarshan: because some packages have certain requirements - it may not always use java07:31
zs1otb_<bazhang>how do I re-install the desktop?07:31
lushoushello! i got a trouble...07:31
Gneaboolcrap: any luck?07:31
sudarshanGnea: hmm07:31
bazhangzs1otb_, you realize that ubuntu-desktop itself is just a metapackage that draws in other packages, right?07:31
boolcrapnothing ;/07:32
Gneaboolcrap: ctrl-c and try again07:32
boolcrapit finished installing07:32
zs1otb_<bazhang>you might be able tohelp, may I private you?07:32
bazhanglushous, aks a question then07:32
bazhangzs1otb_, better to ask here, more eyes to see07:32
boolcrapi was supposed to runit?07:32
Gneaboolcrap: yes07:32
boolcrapok runinng it07:32
Gnea!pm | zs1otb_07:32
ubottuzs1otb_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:32
sudarshanwhere is hte option to control brightness in maverick? i cant find it under powermanagement]07:33
minixkingthey need to fix thatr07:33
lushousi cat't installing VMware-workstation07:33
Gnea!vmware | lushous07:33
ubottulushous: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware07:33
zs1otb_<bazhang>I had a glitch during upgrade to 10.04 and had to restart whilst upgrading...l now the desktop open all application without the top line and I can only open one desktop, it does not allow more desktops...07:33
minixkingthat much of a f'in headache because i needed to extract wubi from the iso and place it in the directory with the iso07:33
Gneaminixking: do you have a cd/dvd drive?07:34
bazhangzs1otb_, sounds like a failed upgrade07:34
c4cookiesor flash drive?07:34
lushousi installing vm virtualbox later07:34
minixkingno optical drive on this box07:34
minixkingusing poweriso07:34
Gneaboolcrap: try it a few times, perhaps it's picking a bad pastebin site07:34
zs1otb_<bazhang>Yes and I have tried everything to try and get it sorted07:34
minixkingwhy is it download the iso.torrent again07:35
bazhangminixking, what about usb boot07:35
Gnealushous: I've had good luck with virtualbox lately07:35
minixkingbrb im gonna go get a bigger hammer07:35
Gneaminixking: lol07:35
boolcrapgod hates me.07:35
minixkingbool: atleast yours will install lol07:35
lushousi think vmware is batter than virtualbox07:36
=== Pinako is now known as Pinako|wet
minixkingmine is trying to give me a stroke07:36
Gneaboolcrap: I doubt that. ls -l /var/log/Xorg.0.log  is it zero length?07:36
nutshelli want to connect to the irc.icq.com server07:36
boolcrapits not07:36
boolcraptheres a log07:36
boolcrapits just not errors.07:36
lushousi have vmware.tar07:36
nutshelli want to connect to the irc.icq.com server07:36
zs1otb_<bazhang>any idea on how to fix this problem?07:37
nutshelli want to connect to the irc.icq.com server using xchat07:37
pietroboubottu: The PinningHowto says that there is not a known way to Pin a package with Update Manager. I tried to lock the package in Synaptic, but the Update Manager still wants to rempove it.07:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:37
bazhangzs1otb_, can you get to recovery mode (hold shift at boot) and start in safe mode?07:37
lushousi install winXP and win7 on the virtualbox07:38
Gneaboolcrap: wish I could boot into ubuntu right now and tell you which option to use to make it use paste.ubuntu.com, but my wubi is broken badly07:38
nutshellno one is fekking answering me07:38
zs1otb_<bazhang>I doubt that as I have done a num ber of thing since the problem... at this stage I think that to recover would not work...07:38
Gneaboolcrap: oh, nevermind07:38
bazhangnutshell, patience07:38
* Gnea pays attention now lol07:38
bazhangzs1otb_, so not tried it? not going to try it?07:38
* nutshell patient07:38
=== zhang is now known as Guest49112
lushousto me?07:39
=== Guest49112 is now known as zhang_
* nutshell can't be patient no more07:39
zs1otb_I must just move to that machine... OK I hold shift and boot.... sorry I'm stu pid please explain. I'm willing to try anything07:39
boolcrapwill upgrading possibly solve the problem?07:39
bazhangnutshell, try #xchat then07:40
nutshelli want to connect to ircqnet07:40
nutshellnot #xchat07:40
Gneaboolcrap: not sure yet07:40
Gneaboolcrap: still reading07:40
Jesdisci`nutshell: that's a network?07:40
nutshelli want to connect to ircqnet via xchat07:40
bazhangnutshell, come to think of it #freenode as this has nothing to do with Ubuntu07:40
Jesdisci`oh blast my nick07:40
pietroboPinning a package in Update Manager does not work. Should I disable the Update Manager and update/upgrade manually?07:41
=== Jesdisci` is now known as Jesdisciple
digitalfiznutshell, type: /join #xchat to ask how to get on other networks07:41
nutshellsame time i can't bring up my wireless adapter07:41
Jesdisciplenutshell: Xchat > Network List... (just opened it to check)07:42
=== Pinako|wet is now known as Pinako
tonysanis there any handy countdown timer script could be used in terminal?07:42
Gneaboolcrap: okay, ls -l /var/run/acpid.socket  does this file exist?07:43
Jesdiscipletonysan: best I've found is wmtimer07:43
Klossorlol whoops07:43
tonysanJesdisciple: seems good under GUI, but I need a CLI solution, thanks anyway07:44
Jesdiscipletonysan: it can run a command07:44
boolcrapit exists07:44
awantiHi. I am using Ubuntu server for practice. But in server arrow keys are not working!07:44
minixkinggnea: you think if i  install an optical and burn the iso i will have better luck?07:44
Jesdiscipletonysan: works fine both ways07:44
tonysanJesdisciple: really, I would give it a try.07:45
Jesdiscipletonsysan: only thing missing imo is an option to hide the GUI07:46
Jesdiscipletonysan ^^07:46
nutshelli love playing music via my terminal. was using limewire before07:46
Gneaboolcrap: can you output it please?07:46
nutshellbut it was shutdown. any other prgram that i can use?07:47
Jesdiscipletonysan: and of course there's cron & at07:47
c4cookiesanyone know the cmd to check out the computer and hard drive temp?07:47
Gnea!info hddtemp | c4cookies07:47
ubottuc4cookies: hddtemp (source: hddtemp): hard drive temperature monitoring utility. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3-beta15-46 (maverick), package size 54 kB, installed size 288 kB07:47
Gnea!info lm-sensors | c4cookies07:47
ubottuc4cookies: lm-sensors (source: lm-sensors-3): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component main, is extra. Version 1:3.1.2-6 (maverick), package size 114 kB, installed size 448 kB07:47
SengokuHow do i tweak the effects settings? (maverick)07:48
Klossorc4cookies: grab conky ;)07:48
glacemanGood morning ya'll07:49
glacemancan anyone please tell me how to manually remove a program from wine, cause the uninstaller simply dosen't work07:50
Gneaboolcrap: weird.  okay, try this:  X  (by itself - if you get a grey screen and an 'x' cursor, you can ctrl-alt-backspace to back out of it)07:50
Gneaglaceman: #winehq would be a better place to ask07:51
nutshellneed help on my wireless adaptor07:51
nutshellcan't bring it up07:51
wisevoyagerc4cookies: install ailurus07:51
boolcrap( /tmp/.X11-unix has suspicious mode (not 1777) or is not a directory, aborting.07:51
Gnea!wifi | nutshell07:51
ubottunutshell: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:51
Gneaboolcrap: have you tried rebooting?07:51
boolcrapmany times07:52
nutshellthese bots aint helpful at all07:52
boolcrapill reboot again.07:52
=== david is now known as Guest11981
Gneanutshell: well, you didn't mention that you tried going through the documentation to see if your card is supported or not07:52
boolcrapstill samae deal07:52
chovynzfrom winxp how do I log into a ubuntu ssh? (for that matter how do I get ssh running on ubuntu?07:53
c4cookieswisevoyager, wat is ailurus07:53
boolcrapit wants mod to be 1777 on /tmp/.X11-unix07:53
Gneaboolcrap: weird, considering that /tmp is cleared on a reboot...07:53
Gneaboolcrap: 1777 should only be set on /tmp itself07:53
boolcrapits not07:54
=== juxta_ is now known as juxta
boolcrapbrb sec07:55
Gneaboolcrap: k07:55
nutshelli get no return when i try to check the type of wireless card i have07:56
nutshellfrom the terminal07:56
boolcrapk back07:56
iflemachovynz: install    openssh-server         and connect using putty on winblows  username@hostname(ip) on port 2207:56
nutshelllspci -v | less07:57
bhaveshI have three linux swap spaces. So can I delete two of them and increase the size of one?07:57
chovynziflema: I've actually heard that before! thanks.07:57
Gneanutshell: it's not usb?07:57
wisevoyagerc4cookies: see my private msg.07:57
nutshellno it is not usb07:58
bhaveshwont it harm my computeR?07:59
ubuntuklokhello good morning07:59
ubuntukloki got a question07:59
ubuntuklokrvry tipme i shutdown my computer and boot it my clock is reset07:59
genesisNot speak Spanish????07:59
bhaveshgood morning07:59
ubuntuklokwhat can i do N08:00
rwwgenesis: /join #ubuntu-es for spanish08:00
bhaveshdid u change the clock properties for ubuntu?08:00
iflemaubuntuklok: change the motherboard battery08:00
rshhey anybody got BT concted w/ ubuntu08:00
bhaveshselect your location in preferences08:00
bhaveshubuntuklok, right click on ur clock > eidt locations08:00
vin_xubuntu power button not doing anything.  Any ideas?08:01
bhaveshvin_ I guess try to change the theme to default. may be its ur theme?08:01
ubuntuklokbhavesh my location is right ANTWERPEN belgium08:01
ubuntuklokmy theme is default (;08:02
vin_I think I am default also.08:02
vin_I check powerbtn and it looks good08:02
iflemaubuntuklok: change the motherboard battery or are you dual booting with another operating system using opposite time/locale settings?08:02
Gneaboolcrap: can you stat /tmp/.X11-unix ?08:03
Jrekohow do i get info about my ip in linux?08:03
bhaveshiflema, can I delete my 2 linux-swap partitions? coz I have 3 atm. Does removing two harm my computer? I will extend the third one later08:04
ubuntukloki dualbooting with xp08:04
bhaveshJreko, if u need your client IP do ipckicken.com08:04
Jrekoi need info about eth008:04
Jrekolike my local ip08:04
Jrekonot net ip08:04
rshboolcrap how du connect BT in ubuntu08:05
Jrekoneed info about my lan ip and gateway and crap like that the 192. ips08:05
bhaveshjreko, got it right click on ur network icon> connection information08:05
Jrekoi dont have xwin08:05
sacarlsonJreko: try ifconfig08:05
Jrekojust console08:05
Jrekothanks sacar08:05
iflemabhavesh: depends... fstab(s) may need altering08:06
bhaveshiflema, so its not safe to delete them08:06
iflemabhavesh depends :P08:06
bhaveshiflema, lol ok08:06
Gneaboolcrap: it's saying it is 377708:07
vin_type route -n08:07
chovynzdo I use ssh to run ssh on my server?08:07
boolcrapshould be 1777 ?08:07
iflemabhavesh: the system will boot but complain here and there about missing mountpoints until ya sort fstab08:08
bhaveshiflema, ok so I wont delete them08:08
Gneaboolcrap: that is weird, I wonder what creates that... I would look with:  rgrep /etc/* .X11-unix08:08
nutshellcould you send me the link with the documentation on wireless config  again08:09
bazhang!wifi > nutshell08:09
ubottunutshell, please see my private message08:09
iflemabhavesh: have a look a    /etc/fstab     all ya gotta do is identify wich ones you want gone/have gone, and remove its line.08:10
boolcrapwith space between * and .X1108:10
firtyxhi guys08:11
ravenmachine hangs up at http://picpaste.com/7894d89af316602c7173ceaf604e3b5a.JPG08:12
Gneaboolcrap: yes08:12
Jrekohow would i get dir to use colors?08:12
Jrekolike ls -l08:12
boolcrapwont let me pastebinit08:13
boolcrap.X11-unix: No such file or directory08:13
boolcrapgrep: /etc/blkid.tab:08:13
boolcrap: /etc/apparmor.d/disable/usr/bin.firefox-3.508:13
Gneaboolcrap: wait08:13
boolcrapthats it :)08:14
Gneaboolcrap: like this:  rgrep .X11-unix /etc/* > output.txt 2>&108:14
Gneaboolcrap: I typed it wrong lol08:15
ravenwhat is this??????? http://picpaste.com/e68264105e1cb5d9ab41e00877ebfcb8.JPG08:16
rwwraven: German08:17
bazhangraven, in German?08:17
boolcraprgrep .X11-unix /etc/* right?08:17
boolcrapnot outputting anything ;/08:17
ravenrww, bazhang  at partitioning at install08:18
bazhangraven, sorry I cant read the german, care to translate?08:18
ravenhdd partitioning - back-forward08:19
minixkingGnea: even when i burn the iso to a disk and reboot to install i get errors08:19
Gneaboolcrap: it shouldn't - check that output.txt file08:19
Gneaminixking: the same permission errors?08:20
minixkingMount /dev/loop0 failed input output08:20
boolcrapunable to read from :rgrep08:21
minixkingmount /dev/sr0 /filesystem.something input output error08:21
minixkingdl'ing 10.04 right now see if that distro works for me08:21
minixkingimho it should have a better error log and have a better error log finder tool on thier website08:22
minixkingwhen i try to wubi install from the cd i get invalid argument08:22
ravenbazhang, ?08:23
bazhangraven, could you explain what you are trying to do?08:23
ravenbazhang, installing ubuntu 10.4 on a 2gb hdd machine08:24
Gneaboolcrap: cat output.txt08:24
ravenis that the problem? to less hdd?+08:24
minixkingthe 10.10 does not contain casper\filesystems.squashfs08:24
boolcrapUnable to read from : regrep08:24
boolcrapis the output08:24
bazhangraven, 2 (as in two) Gigabytes?08:24
ravenbazhang, right08:24
boolcraprgrep .X11-unix /etc/* > out.txt 2>&108:25
bazhangraven, I'd say so08:25
bazhangraven, you trying to get a usb installer stick?08:25
ravenbazhang, i have to08:26
bazhangraven, using unetbootin ?08:26
Gneaboolcrap: okay, I guess try it the other way then:  rgrep /etc/* .X11-unix > output.txt 2>&108:26
bluefrograven 2GB for ubuntu is not enough.08:27
Gneaoh wow, I just found a c:\found.000\dir0000.chk\08:27
ravenbluefrog, bazhang i just saw it is a 7 gb hd08:27
Gneabut I don't know what directory that's supposed to be :(08:27
bazhangraven, this is a usb stick? using unetbootin?08:27
Gneais anyone using wubi properly can tell me their c:\ubuntu\ directory structure please?08:28
Virtualdo you guys recommend ubuntu netbook edition?08:28
ravenbazhang, no native hdd08:28
minixkinggnea: nope08:28
minixkinganyone know what this casper\filesystem.squashfs is08:28
bazhangVirtual, you can try it out see what you think08:28
Gneaminixking: never seen it08:29
resurectionI create a simple php script which start with #!/usr/bin/php and put file into ~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts/my, set chmod +x. If i try execute them from nautilus context menu, it dosnt work :(08:29
VirtualI would try it for me but I want to install it for my gf, and I was wondering if she doesn't have to be a geek to use it after I set it up completely...08:29
Virtualbazhang did you try it ?08:32
minixkingis it possible the distro is missing a file it needs?08:32
bazhangVirtual, yes; good for limited screen real estate machines08:33
Gneaminixking: I doubt it... it's something silly but not easily seen08:33
resurectionWhy doesnt work simple script (http://pastebin.com/duM31P8s) from nautilus context menu? But, it work fine from console.08:33
minixkinglol it has a fix08:37
minixkingbut only for flash drives08:38
minixkingthats assanine08:38
Gneaminixking: eh?08:40
ronr_I think I broke my ubuntu installation.08:45
minixkinggnea: yeah the ubuntu install sometimes does not create a proper casper rw fs and they have a fix but its only for flashdrive installs08:45
minixkingbecause they are assholes :P08:45
minixkingi dont even want ubuntu anymore, but im going to get it installed rather it likes it or not08:46
minixkingppl going from 10.04 to 10.10 wont have a prob08:47
minixkingbut looks like everyone that is going to start with 10.10 is going to08:47
=== lol is now known as Guest53473
minixkinghopefully they fix that08:49
diddyHow can I make SQL files smaller if phpmyadmin does not allow large imports or times out?08:52
diddyIs there a Linux tool?08:52
plouffeI have a OS level issue that prevents mysql user from entering or even seeing a directory owned by user and group mysql. I was told this is a chroot issue. Can anyone help solve this, so I can run mysql again?08:53
mimiron_Can someone help me please? System monitor won't load and the terminal shows up as a grey window. I can't get Firefox to open either08:53
boa`hi i was wondering what sound applet ubuntu uses08:56
boa`i use a diff linux distro and liked it08:56
rww!info indicator-sound | boa`08:56
ubottuboa`: indicator-sound (source: indicator-sound): A system sound indicator.. In component main, is extra. Version (maverick), package size 76 kB, installed size 312 kB08:56
rwwboa`: since indicator applets aren't exactly used by a lot of other distros, you likely won't be able to ;(08:57
boa`its not open src?08:57
minixkingrww: you know anything about the casper/filesystem.squashfs not working?08:57
diddyHow can I make SQL files smaller if phpmyadmin does not allow large imports or times out? Is there a Linux tool?08:57
rwwboa`: it is, yes.08:57
rwwminixking: no. if I did, I would have answered you.08:57
Midnightryder2Does anyone have experience with "efax-gtk" that could possibly help me?08:58
minixkingrww: sorry didnt know if you seen it or not08:58
boa`hmm pulse audio08:58
minixkingif you punch it in, in google you get 13000 hits but no answers yet08:58
boa`i think its in my distro already rww08:59
rwwheh, didn't know gentoo had picked it up. cool.08:59
boa`i think its a wip.09:01
boa`theres no files there09:01
plouffeif I do a user switch (su mysql) I am unable to see certain directories, even ones owned by mysql, that other users can see. Any explanations? Could it have to do with chroot?09:02
sacarlsonplouffe: maybe apparmor?09:04
plouffesacarlson, how so?09:04
minixkingcan someone help me find the solution, ive been surfing the forums so long my eyes hurt09:04
plouffesacarlson, how can I check it?09:04
sacarlsonplouffe: I'm not sure but I've had problems like this that apparmor was involved,  I would have to google to find the config for it09:05
plouffesacarlson, were you unable to start mysql?09:05
coz_minixking,  if no one , at this particular time..can help you can also open the ##linux  channel09:05
minixkingi am09:06
sacarlsonplouffe: no I think it was another application,  but I didn't know about apparmor09:06
minixkinghow do i md5 check my iso09:07
plouffesacarlson, and you had to fix the apparmor configuration file? That solved it?09:07
bazhang!md5 > minixking09:07
ubottuminixking, please see my private message09:07
=== brian is now known as Guest40408
sacarlsonplouffe: yes,  and I just checked this sudo apparmor_status  and see mysqld is in it09:08
Guest40408hello guys09:08
plouffesacarlson, do you know if it is possible to just remove mysql from apparmor?09:08
doobienhow does one change the gdm theme in lucid?  i tried using gdm2setup, but it doesnt seem to work.09:09
bazhang!cn | ylmfos09:09
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk09:09
sacarlsonplouffe: I'm sure there is but it's not hard to add the directory you want mysql to use also09:09
coz_doobien,   see if this works on lucid    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/REINSTALL%20LIST09:09
plouffesacarlson, so apparmor selectively gives access to directories to processes?09:10
coz_doobien,   when that opens at logon  it will "look"  like you are changing the  entire theme,,,but it will only change the gdm theme09:10
coz_doobien,  even though you select a theme as if you were chaning the system theme09:11
sacarlsonplouffe: yes,  I'm still researching it09:11
herveGood morning09:11
shanetHey everyone, does anyone know of a good screen recorder? I have tried istanbul desktop session recorder, mythTV and another one (cant remember the name), but they are all absolutely horrid, does anyone have a reliable screen recorder?09:11
plouffesacarlson, thanks09:12
sacarlsonplouffe: I found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor09:15
plouffesacarlson, since my apparmor profile for mysql seems to be corrupted, do you know if there is a way to reset the profile to installation settings? Complete reinstall didn't fix it.09:15
plouffesacarlson, yes I am reading it, thanks09:15
sacarlsonplouffe: and I have now found this file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld09:16
plouffeha, the directories I cannot access are commented in there09:17
herveAnyone van help me .......... yesterday i install  the SHACKBOX AIR in the installation  i my name and new password but it still keep the the default ...... anyone can help me please???09:18
sacarlsonplouffe: so suspect you keep your database files outside of /var/lib/mysql/** rwk,  this dir?09:18
plouffeyes, I originally did09:19
sacarlsonplouffe: cool just uncomment and restart apparmor09:19
plouffebut after the complete reinstall I changed the datadir back to /var/lib/mysql09:19
plouffehow do I restart apparmor?09:19
rwwherve: ShackBox Air is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support from your distribution, not from #ubuntu.09:20
plouffeok it seems just restarting the processes will apply the apparmor profiles.09:21
herveok rww thank you annd 73s09:21
sacarlsonplouffe: I'm sure reboot will reset it and maybe sudo invoke-rc.d apparmor reload09:21
sacarlsonplouffe: ok then your set09:22
baron_sengireasy question for the gurus out there. I'm trying to install ubuntu restricted extras using apt-get in the terminal. it keeps hanging on the eula for the MS fonts. i can't agree to it, and I can't continue passed it to finish the install. is this a common problem? I'm just looking for some help, since I didn't want to install using the software center09:23
plouffesacarlson, thanks, that solved my problem accessing the directories09:23
sacarlsonplouffe: we get lucky sometimes, it was just a guess09:24
bhaveshI have a problem with JAVA. I cannot install on chromium ubuntu09:24
bazhangbaron_sengir, use tab then hit enter09:24
bhaveshanyone please09:24
bhaveshinstall java on google chromium ubuntu09:25
baron_sengirbazhang: thanks, I'll try that09:25
bhaveshwasted my 45 mins yesterday with java..09:25
SwedeMikebhavesh: if you don't give more data, nobody can answer your "question"09:25
bhaveshSwedeMike, more data? I want to use JAVA for google chromium installed on my ubuntu 10.10. I downloaded java 6 package from java website09:26
bhaveshthen installed the .bin fille09:26
bhaveshrestarted my browser09:26
bazhangbhavesh, thats not how to install java09:26
bazhangbhavesh, install from partner repo09:26
bhaveshbazhang, then how can I install it?09:26
bazhang!partner | bhavesh09:27
ubottubhavesh: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »09:27
bazhang!java > bhavesh09:27
ubottubhavesh, please see my private message09:27
Lewoco_Even though I can do lookups with nmblookup, there is no 'wins' in my nsswitch.conf. How does Ubuntu do netbios name lookups?09:27
minixkingto anyone that cares what the solution was to my problem it was a bad md509:27
minixkingthe casper directory on the disk was corrupted09:27
SwedeMikebhavesh: googling for <install java chrome ubuntu> yeilds http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1255646 , does that help you?09:28
bhaveshSwedeMike, I tried that earlier09:29
bhaveshI am gonng try installing partner repo as suggested by bazhang09:30
bhaveshwhen I try to do this in terminal >>  sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »09:30
SwedeMikebhavesh: oki, you need to write up what you've tried and what you haven't tried and what didn't work and why and how it behaved, pastebin it, and then reference this with your question. This is "more data" and it's needed to help you.09:30
brontoeeebhavesh, works here, japa apps embeded into page, dunno how i installed java thought09:31
NagiKnighthey guys i need some help09:31
bhaveshok SwedeMike09:31
TSKIt might be of interest to know how Chrome itself was installed also.  If it was installed from a ".bin" file or other similar method, then installing Java the CORRECT way may STILL not work no matter what Herculean efforts are tried.09:32
bhaveshI installed chrome directly from chrome.google.com > download google chrome09:32
brontoeeebhavesh, i'am using chromium09:33
ghufranhi. i dont have sound in flash anymore.. it used to happen intermittently earlier. and restarting the browser fixed it. but now its not working ..09:33
ghufranbrowser is chrome09:33
AndroidGoatI'm unning dpkg in recovery mode. Ill this screw my computer up? And how long does it take?09:33
bhaveshbrontoeee, ok I am trying to enable java on chromium here.09:33
ghufrannot working in FF either09:34
bhaveshI think ill get some solution from here09:34
snimavatHow to install packages in a custome location09:35
AndroidGoatWill running dpkg in recovery mode screw up my windows side?09:35
snimavatlike ~/softwares09:35
snimavatpl see my thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167386309:35
pricassoI don't see clip art in my open office text document even after installing the open clip art.  What to do ?09:35
bhaveshWhen I try this > sudo add-apt-repository “deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner” | it gives me Error: need a repository as argument09:35
felesHello all09:36
rwwbhavesh: change the “ to "09:36
snimavatdoes any one have idea how can I install packages in a custom location !09:36
AndroidGoatHow do I know when it is done?09:36
snimavatmy thread is here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167386309:36
bhaveshrww, where is 'to' ?09:37
felesJust wondering if getting sound to work with: Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller is a common issue?09:37
rwwbhavesh: change the fancyquotes to normal quotation marks09:37
bhaveshrww, ok09:37
felesIn Ubunto 10.10, I should clarify.09:37
AndroidGoatFinally getting some action09:37
felesdang it, Ubuntu09:37
felesI've been trying to get ALSA working, but to no avail09:38
coz_feles,  did you check in #pulseaudio and #alsa channels ?09:38
brontoeeefeles, i think there are certain problems with your specific hardware yes09:38
bhaveshrww, putting ' in place of " and then applying it puts just a > in my terminal.  why?09:38
feles... no, I did not! :-)09:38
felesThank you09:38
rwwbhavesh: because you didn't do it to both of the fancyquotes.09:38
snimavatAny one ?09:38
snimavatit seems simple.. i just dont know being new to ubuntu09:39
rwwthis is, incidentally, yet another reason not to copypaste commands from crap blog sites09:39
bhaveshrww, or my mistake09:39
agrumanhow do i verify that my hw (mb & drive) supports NCQ & Trim? (and check if they are enabled)09:39
AndroidGoatam I like the only one here? I'm a nub and I don't want this computer to explode09:40
sdrshi all, i would like to open a file on my ubuntu, i am trying nano file and it doesn't work, i try vi file.conf but i don't seem to be able to edit the file, what is another command to open and edit a file please like for example services.conf09:40
brontoeeerww, i wonder how fancy quotes get there? would that be the bloging software or fancy admin?09:40
arunpallisserii have installed ubuntu 10. in my system09:40
brontoeeesdrs, sudo nano file.txt09:40
rwwbrontoeee: blogging software09:40
SwedeMikesdrs: "doesn't work" is a worthless error report, if you don't specify the output from it "doesn't work", nobody can help you.09:41
brontoeeerww, wordpress doesnt do that by default i think09:41
rwwbrontoeee: or copypasting from microsoft word. but in this case, probably blogging software09:41
sacarlsonsnimavat: I think when I normaly install stuff I download and compile the default to a dir ~/local  or something like that and are kept separate from the packages installed from deb installs09:41
AndroidGoatI want to put a Ubuntu live CD into one of the computers at best buy and see what happens?09:41
arunpallisseriits showing that window manager is not loading properly please help me09:41
TSKsdrs: Is this a file in a place where you don't normally have "write" access?  (System config file in /etc, for example?)09:41
brontoeeerww, right, posibly admin using visual editor , that would do it09:41
bhaveshWhy does ubuntu has terminal, I mean commands have to be typed in and then u get the output or a certain task is followed. Dont you guys think everything needs a GUI?09:41
snimavathow do u do that?09:42
sdrsSwedeMike: and the rest when i do nano file.conf it says command not found, or even when i do sudo nano file.conf again it says command not found09:42
snimavati dont want to compile09:42
brontoeeesdrs, sudo nano ./file.txt09:42
SwedeMikesdrs: then you need to install nano. sudo apt-get install nano09:42
snimavatI download .deb files and now i want to keep it in my home folder09:42
TSKIt is not possible for EVERYTHING to have a GUI.  Some things simply cannot be done with a GUI.09:42
snimavatunder some thing like softwares09:42
sdrsbrontoeee: again command not found09:43
snimavatsacarlson ?09:43
SwedeMikebhavesh: ubuntu has a terminal because that's the history it comes from, just like windows also has a terminal.09:43
rwwbhavesh: The thing you're doing does have a GUI. It is, however, a lot harder to give instructions in text about doing things in GUI than it is for CLI.09:43
arunpallisserii have installed ubuntu 10. in my system ,its showing that window manager is not loading properly . please help me09:43
brontoeeesdrs, as SwedeMike said, install nano then09:43
jake__Hello I need some help09:43
rwwbhavesh: especially since 1) people use different GUIs (I'm using KDE. You're probably not.) 2) different versions of Ubuntu put things in different places09:43
snimavatsacarlson: any idea?09:43
sacarlsonsnimavat: I looked closer at my installed custom and it's /usr/local/*  that they end up,  it's the normal default that's setup in the compile configs i guess09:44
Gnea!helpme | jake__09:44
ubottujake__: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude09:44
sdrsnow it says sudo command not found09:44
Gneajake__: actually, that should have alluded to "just ask your question"09:44
brontoeeesdrs, then you are probably not on ubuntu09:44
snimavatbut how do i get packages installed in a directory i want weather it is /user/local or any other?09:44
sdrsi would like to find out the version of it please09:44
jake__I can't seem to find a dvd player to play my dvds09:44
sdrshow do i do that, sorry to bother you's so much09:45
brontoeeejake__, vlc?09:45
snimavatsacarlson: did u read my thread?09:45
Gneasdrs: can you pastebin the output of this command: lsb_release -a09:45
bhaveshjake_ download VLC media player from ubuntu software centre09:45
sacarlsonsnimavat: yes I read your thread09:45
Gneajake__: vlc should do it09:45
sdrs-bash: lsb_release: command not found09:45
Gnea!caps | AndroidGoat09:45
ubottuAndroidGoat: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.09:45
prasadin Ubuntu my cd drive doesn't read cds.  what to do09:45
jake__Ok thanks09:46
kk9822i have a problem pl help me09:46
AndroidGoatGuys. How come I can't get expanded downloads list in windows?09:46
arunpallissericouldnt launch windows in ubuntu09:46
sacarlsonsnimavat: I assume your custom is compiled source from outside ubuntu,  each source is a bit different to configure but they seem to be common for the most part.  but to be sure you should look at the configs of that source09:46
kk9822my dell studio is loaded with ubuntu 10.1009:46
snimavatits not source09:46
snimavatits .deb files09:47
kk9822i m not able to get sound in the speakers09:47
TSKjake__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats <- Might be helpful to you.09:47
kk9822i tired installing sound drives going to system ,administration09:47
kk9822it did not help09:47
sacarlsonsnimavat: oh ok,  so you want to keep the cd install in one set and any upgrades in another?09:47
AndroidGoatHoW LOnG dOeS tHiS lAsT09:48
greenIThi, i have a problem with vlc... the video isn't playing fluently... can anybody help me plz?09:48
sdrsMandrake Linux release 9.2 (FiveStar) for i58609:48
snimavatI want to keep softwares i download in other locations09:48
brontoeeegreenbit, cpu usage?09:48
kk9822should i have to reinstall ubuntu again or it can be fixed pl help me09:48
bhaveshgreenIT, it should be a video problem. Well from where did u download VLC?09:48
plouffekk9822, are the speakers broken?09:48
snimavatlike pidgin, media players and other softwares09:48
snimavatit can be anything09:48
kk9822it works fine with windows09:49
greenITbhavesh, i have downloaded vlc from the ubuntu ppa09:49
midomixi want programs for networking09:49
GneaAndroidGoat: do you have an ubuntu-related question?09:49
jake__Ok VlC didn't work its not letting me play the dvd09:49
sacarlsonsnimavat: well I guess the easy way is to install from cd and move everything to a new dir so when you add new stuff it will acumulate in the original location09:49
brontoeeesnimavat, not sure, but the way its handled in ubuntu, thats probably not possible, at least no easy way09:49
TSKjake__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs09:49
plouffekk9822, oh so you have a dualboot?09:49
bhaveshgreenIT, ok if the video is fine try to reinstall it.. ubuntu software centre09:49
kanupatarwhen  i tried to emulate an arm machine(by giving a am cross compiled image) in ubuntu 9.10 QEMU ,am getting this error..please help me..ths is urgent...09:49
kanupatarqemu-system-arm: command not found09:49
bhaveshkk9822, try to use this > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems09:49
greenITis there a way to preload the video before it plays?09:49
snimavatbrontoeee: would dpkg --instdir would help ?09:50
plouffekk9822, cause you said your Dell came loaded with Ubuntu09:50
brontoeeegreenIT, cpu usage is?09:50
kk9822no i loaded09:50
TSKjake__: VLC will play DVDs, but your issue is likely that you don't have the libdvdcss2 package installed.  That package is required in order to play commercial DVDs on Linux.09:50
AndroidGoatGnea I did and I asked it more than 3 times09:50
greenITbrontoeee, cpu usage is 50% and 46%09:51
GneaAndroidGoat: didn't see it, any other question since then is irrelevent.09:51
aaron11Hey guys where can I get lreadline. Im trying to install scanmem09:51
brontoeeegreenIT, how about playing with mplayer?09:51
plouffekk9822, what program are you using that doesn't have sound?09:51
Gneaaaron11: you mean libreadline?09:51
greenITbrontoeee, i will try, w8 a bit plz....09:51
aaron11Gnea, yeh libreadline-dev09:52
kk9822the startup of ubuntu09:52
AndroidGoatI asked how long does running dpkg in recovery mode usually take.09:52
sacarlsonsnimavat: I'm not sure how complicated that would be to move all /usr/sbin /usr/bin  /bin /sbin  files to example /usr/sbin.org /usr/bin.org /bin.org /sbin.org  and add those to the path so they will work09:52
Gneaaaron11: just install it09:52
kk9822next is youtube09:52
GneaAndroidGoat: until it's done.09:52
kk9822and dvd movie player09:52
AndroidGoatI'm in a text based log in for Ubuntu now. How do I get to graphically?? Anybody?09:52
snimavat sacarlson: dpkg have an option --instdir to specify the install directory, but i am not sure if it would work09:52
Gneawhat is a text based log?09:52
snimavatinfact it mostly doesnt work09:53
rumpe1AndroidGoat, startx09:53
snimavatdoes that mean, you guyz keep installing every thing in /09:53
sacarlsonsnimavat: but I guess there are also the libs and database and etc configs,  I guess it's much more involved than I realize09:53
AndroidGoatLogin * gnea09:53
TSKGnea: AndroidGoat is logged in on a tty rather than in X.09:53
snimavatevery software weather it is from ubuntu or not, u install it in /09:53
plouffekk9822, have you tried this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting ?09:53
GneaTSK: oh, he said log, not login.09:53
sacarlsonsnimavat: cool I didn't know that09:53
snimavat sacarlson: ?09:53
brontoeeesacarlson, + user defined settings that go into /home/user, ect ...09:54
TSKGnea: Aye.  I'ma mindreader.  ;)09:54
AndroidGoatHow do I get to x09:54
jake__Oh great ok now my terminal isn't working correctly09:54
greenITbrontoeee, same problem... probably it is cause i watch it through hdmi, but is there a possibility to preload at least a part of the video in vlc or mplayer?09:54
GneaAndroidGoat: it's ubuntu, X should already be running.09:54
kk9822no i will09:54
AndroidGoatIts text tho. Danforth. I only needed 1 thing...09:54
Victor__I have an ubuntu administration problem with cryptdisks/cryptsetup: I have a regular Ubuntu 10.10 setup with an encrypted partition /dev/sda1, I added this partition to /etc/crypttab but Ubuntu does not ask for the password at boot time, what am I doing wrong?09:55
rumpe1AndroidGoat, try strg-alt-Fx  with x from 4 to 8 ... otherwise enter "startx"09:55
brontoeeegreenIT, they both have some sort of prebufering, if that is your question? you can specify buffer in mplayer command line, but it wont help09:55
GneaAndroidGoat: then you need to learn how to communicate properly instead of assuming that anyone knows what you're talking about.09:55
AndroidGoatCan't connection to x server. Well isn't that unfortunate09:55
ikoniaAndroidGoat: stop now09:55
ikoniaAndroidGoat: explain your problem clearly09:55
manashi everbody09:55
ikoniaAndroidGoat: are you running ubuntu desktop ?09:55
ikonia(as in the desktop install)09:55
greenITbrontoeee, probably it would, because i play the video from a hd, which isn't the fastest^^09:56
brontoeeegreenIT, so there are certain videos you have that play smoothly?09:56
=== StarSky is now known as Lucase
greenITyeah, but they are all less than 1080p, the ones with fullhd are all jiggling09:57
greenITerm... does anyone know framebuffer?09:58
manascan anybody troubleshoot my problem. i am unable to run my window 2003 instance in UEC 10.10. it  is showing pending state then terminating.09:58
aaron11Why does scanmem return with 0 matches when i search09:58
ikoniamanas: UEC ?09:58
manasUbuntu Enterprise Cloud09:59
AndroidGoatOkay. But beware I am typing this from an android device. Okay well I turned off Ubuntu hard during an upgrade since I was goin to install wubi with a much larger amount of space. But when I got to the windows side whenever I tried to get to the advanced download list it redirected me to something else. I tried to get back Ito Ubuntu by got stuck at the boot splash. Then I ran dpkg in recovery mode then reboot. Now I'm in a tx09:59
ikoniamanas: ahh, ok what platform are you running it on ?09:59
kanupatarwhen  i tried to emulate an arm machine(by giving a am cross compiled image) in ubuntu 9.10 QEMU ,am getting this error..please help me..ths is urgent...09:59
kanupatarqemu-system-arm: command not found09:59
jake__Ok thank you so much! Um is there any other ways i can get ubuntu on a netbook that doesn't have internet right now and doesn't have a disk frive?10:00
ikoniaAndroidGoat: it sounds a mess, I would re-install, as quitting mid upgrade will break it10:00
=== fx is now known as Guest8543
ikoniakanupatar: install that package10:00
manasintel x8610:00
ikoniamanas: ok, what's the error ?10:00
AndroidGoatI want to reinstall with wubi 10.10 but I can't get the stand alone without it redirecting me10:01
manasin the nc the instance kernel size is showing  empty10:01
AndroidGoatMaybe if someone sends me the links to the advanced download page it would work.10:01
ikoniaAndroidGoat: where is it redirecting you ?10:02
AndroidGoatIkonia hold on I will switch to an irc not on my phone10:03
ikoniamanas: that's odd, I've never seen that10:03
GneaAndroidGoat: by 'advanced download' do you mean the page where you can select different iso files?10:03
jake__Is there any way to get the ubuntu 10.10 on a netbook that doesn't have a disc drive or right at this moment no internet as well?10:03
sacarlsonsnimavat: maybe the dpkg  --root=dir  option?10:03
snimavatMay be, not sure10:04
snimavathow about --instdir ?10:04
AndroidGoatGnea I think so its a page that has a whole list of downloads its like black and white from my recollection. Hold on10:04
FloatingGoatokay i am android goat10:05
manascan you tell me what i do next10:05
remoteCTRL2hi guys! can anybody recommend me a decent soulseek client for ubuntu, pls?10:05
GneaAndroidGoat: sure thing10:05
ikoniamanas: how many machines is your cloud spread over10:05
Corneliushello, if i start 2 processes by using the & keyword: "gedit & vlc"; if i call "killall vlc" they both die. how do i stop that from happening?10:05
FloatingGoatgnea http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download10:06
Victor__anyone here who might be able to answer my cryptsetup and cryptdisks related question?10:06
ikoniaCornelius: don't use &10:06
FloatingGoat"enhanced download page" gnea10:06
Corneliusikona i need the programs to run at startup. im adding them to rc.local and i have to use & for that10:06
ikoniaCornelius: no you don't10:06
manasit is in test purpose . so we have 3 machines including clc.10:06
Corneliusso i can remove the &'s? and itll boot them all ok?10:07
ikoniamanas: ok, so you do have a distributed node set10:07
sacarlsonsnimavat: i looked at --instdir but seems --root has presidence over that,  try a single deb file with both and see,  if it seems to do what you want then maybe make a symlink to a modified dpkg script  that adds the --root or --install on every install after that10:07
ikoniaCornelius: no, you put graphical apps in your session startup not rc.local10:07
GneaFloatingGoat: yup, that's the one10:07
kanupatarqemu-system-arm: command not found10:07
ikoniamanas: your setup is sane, I don't know why the kernel whould show as 010:07
ikoniakanupatar: yes, install it10:08
FloatingGoatgnea can you send the URL to that page in this chat? maybe if i go directly to the URL i wont get redirected10:08
ikoniaFloatingGoat: where are you getting redirected to10:08
kanupatarhow to install that?10:08
ikoniakanupatar: open the package manager, search for qemu and look for it10:08
kanupatarok ok10:08
FloatingGoatikonia: I get redirected to this page http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download10:08
gusgsome driver comes in RPM (only RPM) and is meant to install on openSUSE. How can attempt to get it working in Ubuntu?10:08
Corneliusikonia its for a server, i have x11 running on it for testing only.10:08
ikoniagusg: don't10:08
ikoniaCornelius: so ? that doesn't change what I said10:08
remoteCTRL2gusg cou can use the alien application to change the .rpms to .debs10:09
ikoniaFloatingGoat: what's wrong witht hat URL10:09
ikoniaremoteCTRL2: but he should not use it10:09
Corneliusikonia im not familiar with "session startup", where can i find more info on it10:09
manasis it error between walrus and NC10:09
gusgikonia: if you'd elaborate, it would be helpful10:09
ikoniaFloatingGoat: click the options you want on that page and click download10:09
FloatingGoatThat is not the page im looking for ikonia I got a different page in firefox on ubuntu10:09
GneaFloatingGoat: http://mirrors.us.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/10:10
ikoniagusg: you should not try to use software compiled for other distros on your ubuntu machine10:10
remoteCTRL2ikonia: well.. sometimes youre fine with it, sometimes youre doomed, one should mention that, guess youre right there *g*10:10
FloatingGoatgnea dude you are awesome10:10
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod10:10
GneaFloatingGoat: it won't redirect, and it's a 4gbps link10:10
jmad980gusg: setup for differnt kernel and others, even if it did work could cause problems10:10
agrumanhow do i verify that my hw (mb & drive) supports NCQ & Trim? (and check if they are enabled?)10:10
ikoniaagruman: read the manuals10:10
GneaFloatingGoat: cheers10:10
ikoniaagruman: contact the vendors10:10
remoteCTRL2gusg do that as a last ressort...10:10
ikoniagusg: or don't do it at all10:11
gusgthey're closed source drivers. I don't know how else to do it10:11
ikoniagusg: what are they for ?10:11
gusgikonia: NI DAQ (Data acquisition) board10:11
ikoniagusg: I'd contact the makers and ask them to make it available in a binary format or in a dpkg format10:12
FloatingGoatthanks again it's working! i didnt know there was a stand alone wubi 10.10! thanks for the help10:12
agrumanikonia, ok ... should i contact the vendor to see if its enabled!? I would have guessed that linux would be able to show that using a cmd like lshw or something10:12
GneaFloatingGoat: no problem, good luck10:12
ikoniaagruman: that's not what you asked, you asked to see if it supports it, not if it's enabled, ask a question clearly10:12
Corneliusikonia, its my understanding that the session startup only runs after someone logs in, i need root to start them just after booting up. i think ive explored the session startup option10:12
TSKOkay.  After reading snimavat's question thread, I think it might be a good idea to point something out here for the folks who don't understand.  You should ALWAYS try to install software on Ubuntu using the package manager.  Do NOT just download software from random websites and try to install it like you would under Windows or Mac OS.  Linux does things differently.  ALWAYS try to find the software you are seeking in the package manager10:13
TSKFIRST, and if it's not there, then try to find a TRUSTWORTHY package source to add to the package manager.  Installing from source code or from a random package should be a LAST RESORT.10:13
Dr_Willisagruman:  last i read up on 'ncq' it was basically dident give much (if any) benifit if it was enabled.. Not heard about NCQ in the various blogs/benchmark blogs, in ages.10:13
manasis it problem between walrus and NC10:13
altinHi all10:13
agrumanikonia, well i asked both actually, but ok, il rephrase, how do i check if NCQ and TRIM are enabled?10:13
altincan someone tell ... does UBUNTU have a FIREWALL ??????10:13
ikoniaCornelius: that makes no sense, gedit won't start until after someones logged in and a desktop is running, so in that case sesison manager is fine10:13
TSKaltin: Yes10:13
ikoniaagruman: for ncq you normally need a tool from the disk vendor10:14
altinTSK, I cant find it :S10:14
Dr_Willisagruman:  NCQ - from the libata faq --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14485810:14
altinits not even in System > Administration :/ ??? TSK10:14
ikoniaagruman: you may be able to see it in hdparm10:14
Corneliusikonia, gedit was an example. i actually need it for a few peices of software10:14
TSKaltin: Linux in general has a firewall built into the Kernel.  It's called iptables.  What you are likely looking for is a GUI interface to manage your firewall rules?10:14
Cornelius*custom peices of software10:14
Dr_WillisIf NCQ is enabled for your drive, it will be printed in dmesg after the lba48 flag, such as:10:15
ikoniaCornelius: ok, ANY X11 software will only run after someone logs in, so the point is still valid10:15
manasikonia: how to troubleshoot it10:15
Dr_Willisata1: dev 0 ATA, max UDMA/133, 488281250 sectors lba48 ncq10:15
agrumanDr_Willis, thanks alot, very helpful! :)10:15
ikoniaDr_Willis: are you sure that shows if it is enabled, I thought that was just showing it was capable10:15
=== Silanus is now known as silanus_
Dr_Willisikonia:  no idea. last i looked into ncq - it basically was a 'big deal' about Nothing...10:15
TSKaltin: The firewall in Ubuntu is called ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall), and there is a GUI for it called gufw which can be installed from the software center (package manager).10:15
sacarlsonaltin: do you mean from default?  there are programs to setup firewalls like firestarter10:15
agrumanikonia, both (0/32) disabled, (31/32) enabled10:16
Dr_Willisthe NCQ posts i am finding are also rather old. 2yrs old in some cases.10:16
ikonia!ufw | altin10:16
ubottualtin: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.10:16
LoneShadowHi, would it make sense to have a second HDD formatted with btrfs and use it for nfs storage and backups? My / and /home are ext410:16
=== silanus_ is now known as Silanus
ikoniaLoneShadow: not really no, not in my opijion10:16
altinTSK,  ok the reason is that I have some open ports that I found with nmap but even ufw doesnt close them ikonia10:16
agrumanikonia, thanks for the hint of hdparm, will read up on that10:16
ikoniaaltin: it will if you configure it to10:17
Dr_WillisEnabling NCQ, if supported, is the same:10:17
altinI used sudo ufw deny (port)10:17
Dr_Willis$ echo 31 > /sys/block/sdX/device/queue_depth10:17
altinikonia, I used sudo ufw deny (port) ?10:17
LoneShadowikonia: I want to use my second hdd mainly for backups for both linux and windows data. So you think its better to use it as ext4 and install some sort of backup software to manage it?10:17
ikoniaaltin: so ?10:17
TSKaltin: You may want to try scanning using "Shields Up" at http://www.grc.com/ before you start messing too much with the firewall locally.10:17
Dr_WillisLinux NCQ (SATA native command queueing) support is enabled automatically, if your SATA drive supports it. At boot, you will see a line in dmesg (or kernel log) like10:18
altinwhen I scan with nmap it shows that its open again :/ ikonia10:18
ikoniaLoneShadow: I think it will be better to use a filesystem that both linux and windows can use, eg; fat32, or partition it into 2 partitions, one for linux backup ext4 and one for windows backup, ntfs10:18
ikoniaaltin: what nmap command are you using ?10:18
TSKScanning a local machine with nmap will only show what other machines on your local network can see.  If you want to know what ports are open to the OUTSIDE world, you have to scan FROM outside.10:18
brontoeeeikonia, any problems with ntfs and ubuntu this days? (not for linux backups, just for files)10:19
MagicJdoes anyone know of a version of the game collapse for ubuntu - it would seem that it must exist but I can't find it10:19
sacarlsonaltin: in most cases I just close the application that I don't want to listen,  sudo netstat -pant to isolate the application to the port10:19
* jmad980 still doesn't trust linux + ntfs10:19
jmad980tho it is functional @ brontoeee10:19
Corneliusikonia, well i have x11vnc and a teamspeak3 server that needs to run as root after boot. without a login, how do you prepose i run those?10:19
ikoniabrontoeee: I wouldn't do it10:19
altinI also used  Zenmap10:20
Dr_WillisCornelius:  teamspeak server has a GUI for X?   or is it an actual 'service' ?10:20
ikoniaCornelius: they are not X11 apps10:20
TSKI'm using NTFS on my 2TB external USB drive for over a year now without issue (using NTFS3G).10:20
altinanyway how can I close the ports ?10:20
ikoniaCornelius: the examples you gave are X11 apps, those are not10:20
LoneShadowikonia: Why NTFS for windows, I could export the ext4 partition using samba right?10:20
=== Silanus is now known as silanus
brontoeeeikonia, i have constanly files that are bigger than 4 gigs, and i need to share the usb disks with windows and macs, how to solve that then perfectly?10:21
ikoniaLoneShadow: sure, I as assuming from how you explained windows and ubuntu where on the same machine in a dual boot, not windows clients on the network10:21
sacarlsonaltin: close or killall the application?10:21
Dr_Willissamba shouldent care what FS its  'shareing' but shareing NTFS can be a bit tricky at times.10:21
Corneliusikonia, im aware of that, sorry i gave bad examples! do you have any suggestions as to how i can run them, and kill one without them both dying?10:21
ikoniaCornelius: you don't use & as I told you10:21
Dr_Willisbrontoeee:  id use ntfs then.10:21
brontoeeeDr_Willis, right10:21
ikoniabrontoeee: I'd use two partitions with native file systems for each OS10:21
LoneShadowikonia: Sorry, missed that part, only my laptops are running Windows. I guess I will format this as ext4 on the linux server :)10:21
ikoniaLoneShadow: that makes sense10:21
Corneliusikonia, yes thanks you've said that already. It still doesnt point me in the right direction10:22
FloatingGoatwas 8.10 a bad version of ubuntu?10:22
SwedeMikeFloatingGoat: no, why?10:22
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.10:22
ikoniaCornelius: it doesn't as the & problem was for X11 apps, if you're not running X11 apps, you can just put them in rc.local10:22
Corneliusok, now i understand. thanks ikonia10:23
FloatingGoatSwedeMike: it was my favorite10:23
brontoeeeanother q, regarding wd usb stuff, is it possible to get rid of wd smardware with ubuntu box?10:23
ikoniabrontoeee: when you format it, it will go10:23
brontoeeeikonia, nope, survives every type of destruction i tryed10:24
TSKbrontoeee: I removed that partition from my drive entirely after I copied it to a CD.10:24
ikoniabrontoeee: delete the partition and re-create10:24
brontoeeeTSK, how?10:24
brontoeeeikonia, thats what i did10:25
ikoniabrontoeee: I doubt it10:25
TSKbrontoeee: The Smartware is a partition on the drive.  You need to use a partition editor tool to remove it.  (Be EXTREMELY careful with such tools.)10:25
ikoniabrontoeee: the software is held on the partition, if you remove it, it will be gone10:25
TSKThe partition is formatted such that it appears to the system as if it were a CD, so that it will autorun when the drive is connected to a Windows machine.10:26
brontoeeei used gparted to do that and osx tools do try the same, still it persist somehow...10:26
brontoeeewell, offtopic, doesnt matter really, just an annoyance10:26
Dr_WillisI wonder if one could take a ubuntu iso and make a similer 'rescue' partition...10:27
TSKDr_Willis: Hmmm...  That's actually a really EXCELLENT idea...  I might have to give that a try...10:27
brontoeeeDr_Willis, i'd say this is wd hardware specific, hd drive bios specific even10:28
LoneShadowikonia: If you were to use a new 2nd HDD for backups, would you use it as complete primary partition + ext4, OR use LVM, Extended Partitions,..?10:28
brontoeeei mean the non-destructible partition10:28
Dr_Willisi can set up GRUB2 to boot ISO files.. but thats not quite the same. :)10:29
bastien<%[Goku]Harima> [version HD] - [GCP] Major - 147 HD [1A1CE137].mp4 - /MSG [Goku]Harima XDCC SEND 14910:30
sacarlsonDr_Willis: I tried to get grub2 to boot an iso and failed,  did you ever get that to work?10:30
TSKbrontoeee: http://www.marccizravi.com/2010/remove-wd-smartware/10:31
Dr_Willissacarlson:  yes. it was rather trivial once you learned the basics, :) and that every disrto seems to have its own *#&*&!&@# options needed with non-standard naming of various variables.10:32
Dr_Willissacarlson:  check http://delicious.com/dr_willis  under my grub/grub2 tags.10:32
sacarlsonDr_Willis: cool I"ll take a look, thanks10:32
Dr_Willissacarlson:  once you get one going.. i  made a 8gb flash drive tha tcould boot like 8 differnt iso's10:33
Dr_Willissacarlson:  another trick - you can keep the ISO files on a ntfs, or other partition. and have a 'emergancy rescue/live cd' option in your grub menus on a normal install.10:34
ayakaDoes ubuntu have nvidia non-free package ,is it's nvidia-current?it's not the lastest10:34
Dr_Willisayaka:  ubuntu is often 'not the latest' in most everything. Its usiong a 6 mo release cycle.10:34
amiti have an ip adress of my friend and i want to connect with remote desktop viewer.how to use remote desktop viewer.help me or give any link where can i study about this.10:34
TSKbrontoeee: On the Smartware partition itself is a tool called "Virtual CD Manager.exe".10:35
Dr_Willisayaka:  so if nvidia came out with new drivers in the last 6 mo. they are most likely not in the repos.10:35
usuariokomo va esto10:35
tangohi guys dont suppose anyone could point me in the direction of the documention for netbook edition taskbars?10:38
nUboon2Agedoes anyone know how i can turn the controls (ie. the three boxes normally in the top left hand corner in Lucid) back on?  Somehow it seems i've 'lost' them.10:38
boudiccason booting my new installation of ubuntu i get an "errorl file not found. Grub rescue>" what do i reply to regain access please?10:38
Dr_WillisnUboon2Age:  you mean you lost the Min.max/close buttons and the titlebar?10:38
nUboon2AgeDr_Willis: yes!10:39
Dr_WillisnUboon2Age:   try alt-f2  and run 'compiz --replace'10:39
f00bar80any guide on how to set ubuntu as vps10:39
drt48484Hi, I was trying to format a media device but I accidentally formatted my windows partition! i stopped the formatting after a few seconds after realising, but now i cant mount it or boot windows, is there a way i can recover it, please help10:41
nUboon2AgeDr_Willis: is the !vps thing directed to me?  don't know what that is.  trying the other now.10:41
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:41
Dr_Willisits a bot command10:41
remoteCTRL2i need a recommendation for a decent linux soul seek client please?10:41
ubottuSoulSeek clients: Nicotine (GTK), Museeq (KDE), Mucous (terminal-based) - See also !P2P10:42
remoteCTRL2!!!  niceeee!10:42
boudiccastry again. after booting my new installation of ubuntu, i get "Errorl file not found. Grub rescue>" what do i have to do to regain access please?10:42
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:43
Dr_WillisTry reinstalling grub from a live cd perhaps.10:43
remoteCTRL2!p2p > remoteCTRL10:43
f00bar80Dr_Willis, i mean to use ubuntu as a virtual private server10:46
AndroidGoatRebooting into 10.10 thumbs up if you use 10.1010:51
nUboon2AgeDr_Willis: hmmm... i tried compiz --replace but got no joh10:51
wooterandroid 2.210:51
AndroidGoatThe little boot splash is a lot cleaner that is for sure.10:51
Dr_WillisnUboon2Age:  theres also 'metacity --replace' - if the window manager (compiz, or metacity) crashes, tyou can lose your window decorations10:51
AndroidGoatAndroid. 2.110:51
nUboon2AgeDr_Willis: it says:10:56
nUboon2Age"Buggy client sent a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x240001e (x-nautilus)10:56
nUboon2AgeWindow manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed."10:56
n00p3hello @ all10:56
Dr_WillisnUboon2Age:  sounds like you are having some deeper issues. -   whens the last time you rebooted?  You may want to run a memtest also.10:57
nUboon2Ageokay, how do i do a memtest Dr_Willis?10:58
Dr_Willisgrub menu, should have a memtest option10:58
nUboon2Ageokay Dr_Willis i'll try it.  thanks!10:58
n00p3i have a problem with installing ubuntu on an old FuSi RX10010:59
kanupatarrenjithg@dell-desktop:~/Downloads/PARDUS/boot$ qemu-system-arm -kernel kernel-2.6.32-134 -initrd initramfs-2.6.32-13410:59
n00p3anytime i try it i get those two errors10:59
n00p3create_floppy_devices[182]: specified group 'floppy' unknown10:59
n00p3udevadm settle - timeout of 180 seconds reached, the event queue contains: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:0a.0/host1/target1:0:0/1:0:0:0/block/sdb (9210:59
n00p3[  181.146252] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!10:59
kanupatarwhen i given like this i can view a separate qemu window ..but the image is not booting10:59
kanupataranything missed out in the command?10:59
kanupataram using ubuntu 9.1011:00
kanupatarrenjithg@dell-desktop:~/Downloads/PARDUS/boot$ qemu-system-arm -kernel kernel-2.6.32-134 -initrd initramfs-2.6.32-13411:00
kanupatarthe folder contain one more file uImage ..how can give that..? what is the use of that?11:00
kanupatarDoes this eror came due to this ?11:00
kanupatarplease help me ..11:01
kanupatarwhen i given like this i can view a separate qemu window ..but the image is not booting11:01
Dr_Willisnever used qemu - so cant help much.11:01
kanupatarplease amy one help me...it is some way urgent..11:01
kanupatarthis is for my final year project11:02
nUboon2AgeDr_Willis: how do i bring up grub menu if it doesn't come up automatically?11:02
Dr_WillisnUboon2Age:  shift key i think. I always set mine to always show in its configs.11:02
* Dr_Willis hates auto-hideing grub menus11:02
nUboon2Agety Dr_Willis11:02
kanupatarrenjithg@dell-desktop:~/Downloads/PARDUS/boot$ qemu-system-arm -kernel kernel-2.6.32-134 -initrd initramfs-2.6.32-13411:02
kanupatarwhen i given like this i can view a separate qemu window ..but the image is not booting11:03
Asad2005what command to use in order to see if the memory is in dual mode or not?11:03
n00p3[  181.146252] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!11:04
n00p3udevadm settle - timeout of 180 seconds reached, the event queue contains: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:0a.0/host1/target1:0:0/1:0:0:0/block/sdb (9211:04
wooterAsad2005, look in the bios11:04
Asad2005wooter: i mean from ubuntu11:04
n00p3i try to install ubuntu on an old FuSi RX100 with P4, 1 GB DDR and a FastTrak RAID-Controller11:05
n00p3udevadm settle - timeout of 180 seconds reached, the event queue contains: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:0a.0/host1/target1:0:0/1:0:0:0/block/sdb (9211:05
Dr_Willisn00p3:  you may want to not use teh raid - it may be a major problem11:05
n00p3i tried it Raid disabled an enabled .. if it is disabled the SETUP doesn't find any HDD's11:06
mattehow can i give file executeble rights, file on CD11:06
Dr_Willismatte:  you dont normally. If its a windows executable. you can do a 'wine /media/cdrom/whatver.exe' as a quick qwork around11:07
n00p3Dr_Willis: i tried it with RAID-Controller disabled in BIOS but then the SETUP doesn't find any HDD'S and ask for the right driver11:07
Dr_Willistheres a silly wine/securioty thing they got setup :) makes running exe's from cd's a pain11:08
f00bar80any guide on how to use ubuntu as a virtual private server ?11:08
Dr_Willisn00p3:  old raid controller - can be a bad thing.  Not sure what else to tell you.11:08
alteregoasomeone help me installing vlc 1.06 on meerkat?11:08
Dr_Willisf00bar80:  you checked the forums and wiki pages?11:08
Dr_Willis!info vlc11:08
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.4-1ubuntu1.2 (maverick), package size 1998 kB, installed size 4512 kB11:08
Dr_WillisTheres ppa;s for newer verisons of vlc out i belive for most relases11:09
kanupatarDoes this eror came due to this ?11:09
damianim from poland11:09
alteregoaI SAID 1.06 not the actual11:11
alteregoaim not that stupid11:11
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto11:11
alteregoais there a vlc repository for older versions?11:11
kanupatarwhen i given like this i can view a separate qemu window ..but the image is not booting11:11
kanupatarrenjithg@dell-desktop:~/Downloads/PARDUS/boot$ qemu-system-arm -kernel kernel-2.6.32-134 -initrd initramfs-2.6.32-13411:11
n00p3Dr_Willis: :( .. this is a pity ... but i started the LIVE-CD and search with dmraid for the HDD's and dmraid found them?!11:12
tyomahello world!11:12
steveyboyhi. What are people's opinions of UNITY on ubuntu11:12
Dr_Willisn00p3:  i dont use raids at all. so really no idea. You may need to set up /boot/ and grub on a non raid partition.11:12
alteregoathats what i hate on open source, they change things without backward compatibility11:12
abcd99hey does anyone know what keeps closing my fullscreen mode in firefox flash player (when i watch smth at example .. youtube)? it keeps switching to window mode after dam like 10-30 secs after i set fullscreen... i cant live with it what to do?11:12
Dr_Willisyea.. closed source.. NEVER does that alteregoa .....11:13
ayakaDr_Willis, what is the mo,I see nvidia-current in 180,but now is 25811:13
Dr_Willisabcd99:  used to be just clicking outside the fullscreen window would unfullscreen it. so anything geting the focus from the player would unfullscreen it.11:13
MariaKeysI am trying to sort syslog by date: "Aug 09 11:00:06.138 security". Any help with sort command?11:14
Dr_Willisayaka:  What?11:14
MariaKeys sort -k 1.1,3M -k 2.1,2n -k 3.1,2n -t: -k 1.1,2n -k 1.4,5n -k 1.7,8n . no go. any ideas how to do that?11:14
=== webpigeon is now known as Guest45671
n00p3Dr_Willis: ok, i try it .. thx11:15
abcd99Dr_Willis: is there any way to make that option off? i mean how to get rid of it... i dont know what is getting focus from flash player...11:15
ayakaDr_Willis, the non-free drivers version number11:15
Dr_Willisabcd99:  no idea. I tend to watch in a little window at the top of the screen always 'on top'11:15
Dr_Willisabcd99:  i was thinking that was 'fixed' in some new flash versions. but never tried it.11:15
RowenI've got a youtube full screne issue as well, but it's a bit more complex, I'm currently running a dual monitor set up so both run a seprate X server and xinerama enabled so I can move windows from one to another. YT will go full screen on both no problem but it goes in wide mode or so and looks like a funky widescreen11:16
Dr_WillisErr.. using Xinerama - both are not running a seperate X server.. unless you got some fancy tricjks going on. :)11:16
abcd99Dr_Willis:im using adobe's 64bit square preview ver. so maybe its because of it... dam11:16
Dr_WillisI use 2 monitors - with twinview. I can fullscreen on monitor #2. but if i click on #1. it would unmax. but ive not tried  it lately.11:17
Rowenoh sorry, seprate X screen11:17
sacarlsonDr_Willis: this link you gave me worked to boot from a grub2 entry added to boot iso files,  not sure what I did wrong before http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1288604   thanks again11:17
Dr_Willissacarlson:  they make the task way harder then it should be. :) they need to get togetyher and standarize the options. Every disrto seems to need different options for that to work.11:18
RowenThis is not my system exactly though :T It's a friends system that he recently asked me to and I quote"Install something other than windows on." so I installed Ubuntu, and he likes it so far, but this issue with YT in fullscreen is annoying him11:19
sacarlsonDr_Willis: ya I guess the method I tried was not for ubuntu so it failed,  this gave about 4 examples that showed differences in each distro11:19
Dr_WillisRowen:  its basically a flash issue from adobe...11:19
Dr_Willissacarlson:  ive done a dozen disrtos.. each with differnt options.11:19
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RowenAlright, thanks Dr_Willis I told my friend about it, he doesn't fully understand but thank you anyways.11:23
edwardteachRowen,  if he is using firefox there is a addon to use an alternate flash player, i use it to get rid of those adverts !11:23
h-deeDr_Willis: I just read you mentioning twinview. Actually, yesterday I tried connecting my lappy to my lcd tv through HDMI, but it showed some part on my lappy display, and remaining part of the same screen on the lcd. Would twin-view help in that situation. I don't have an external graphics card accelerator on my lappy.11:23
sacarlsonDr_Willis: my goal was to just install without a usb flash or cd and this should do that,  I guess one last problem it might not install on the same disk? I've had that problem also since you can't do partition manipulation on the same disk you boot from,  you have a solution for that?  or will this work?11:23
Dr_WillisRowen:  'its adobes fault' :)11:23
Rowenedwardteach, I jsut use AdBlock plus for those adds :P11:23
LucaseWubi installer; Sacarlson11:23
sacarlsonLucase: I don't have windows11:23
RowenI've never had the problem because I only use one monitor, with the multi desktops on one screen thing, I felt no need for dual monitor anymore11:24
edwardteachRowen,  its called flashvideoreplacer11:24
sacarlsonLucase: I have an old version of ubuntu and wanted to install another version on another partition11:24
Dr_Willissacarlson:  i set up a 'rescue' partition, i kept the iso's on (on a hd) then i setup grub2 and the files on that partition. the pc could then boot any of the iso files.  (about 10gb in size) - i left  the rest of the HD unallocated. I could boot the rescue partition. then boot an iso/install to the rest of the HD.11:24
thomcis it possible to network two ubuntu machines connected to a wireless router if one is connected wirelessly and the other uses a wired connection?11:24
Dr_Willissacarlson:  or simile thing with a flash, or a 2nd hard drive.11:24
=== owner is now known as sinzuelos
sacarlsonDr_Willis: like I said the iso live boot is booting fine,  but the next problem is to do the install from this boot11:25
LucaseThomc, yes why not ?11:25
Dr_Willissacarlson:  you install to a differnt drive, or alrleady partitioned location. You dont resize where they are at during the install.11:25
thomcLucase, i just wondered if them being connected differently made a difference. guess not.11:26
Rowenedwardteach, whould it let it display dualmonitors properly in full screen11:26
Lucasethomc, it wont affect anything :)11:26
sacarlsonDr_Willis: ya that might work,  maybe if the partitions are already there,  I'll try it11:26
thomcLucase, great. is nfs the recommended way of sharing files between linux machines?11:26
edwardteachRowen, i dont know but it maybe worth a shot!11:27
apparleis there any shortcut to toggle the menubar of any app.... particularly firefox11:27
Dr_Willissacarlson:  the trick is you CANT resize the partition you booted from - during the isntaller..11:27
Lucasethomc, the recomended way to share files will be on the Program list in ubuntu software packages11:27
besogonthomc: Of course NFS is not recommended way for connecting 2 machines11:27
Dr_Willissacarlson:  after i get an install going. I set up my iso files on /boot/ or some other HD. and set grub to boot them from my installed system. as a 'failsafe'11:28
RowenOk, well.. .some how my friends wired mouse died... So I'll give it a shot the moment the mouse wants to work again..11:28
sacarlsonDr_Willis: for now I'll live with just adding another disk drive,  I found some old laptop drives that I have a converter for to plug in so problem solved11:28
thomcbesogon, ok. is there a recommended way? i'm new to this.11:28
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Not true, as long as you use the toram option :)11:28
Dr_WillisHmm. I use NFS to share stuff btween 2 machines all the time.. what else is it supposed to be used for. :)11:28
besogonthomc: you can use Samba or ssh11:28
Dr_Willisits all in the details of what you are doing i guess.11:29
thomcbesogon, ok thanks11:29
Jordan_Usacarlson: If you pass "toram" as a kernel parameter, and you have enough RAM (> 1 GiB), the complete iso will be loaded into RAM so that the partition it was loaded from can be unmounted.11:29
besogonDr_Willis: NFS is not convenient way I suppose even thou it is the fastest one11:30
Dr_Willissacarlson:  watch out for swap partitions also. the live  cd's often see/use them automatically11:30
sacarlsonJordan_U: no this system has 512meg, but I'll keep that in mind11:30
Dr_Willisbesogon:  depends on what your convience is.. :)11:30
Dr_Willisive had less hassles setting up NFS in the past  then fighting samba in a mixed network. :)11:30
besogonDr_Willis: For me it's using Nautilus and Win clients if possible11:31
shubbaris there a way to see all packages installed by a specific user?11:31
Jordan_Usacarlson: The option for that is to use the minimal install iso, it loads everything into RAM (it's just a kernel and initramfs) but it's small enough that 512 MiB is more than enough.11:31
raviepic3hello people, i am facing the legacy dual boot problem, installed windows after linux and my linux boot option aint visible, so i loaded into live disc and did this | sudo -s, grub, find /boot/grub/stage1, root (hd0,6), setup (hd0,6), quit, reboot | kindly replace , with enter. after setup it finally asid done but when i restart it default boots into windows11:31
raviepic3how do i proceed ?11:31
Jordan_Uraviepic3: What version of Ubuntu are you using?11:32
LucaseRaviepic3, do you have windows on the first os ?11:32
raviepic3Jordan_U, ^11:32
fuwhat r u doing11:32
raviepic3Lucase, on the first os ! ? how do i see that ?11:32
Lucaseraviepic3, I mean , do you use windows11:33
raviepic3Lucase, i already a working copy of windows and ubuntu on same machine, windows got corrupted so reinstalled, and now this proble,11:33
raviepic3Lucase, yes i use windows11:33
Jordan_Uraviepic3: 9.04 is no longer supported, you should upgrade as soon as possible. As for GRUB, the problem is that you tried to install to a partition rather than the mbr. Either "setup (hd0)" or don't use the grub shell at all and use "grub-install --root-directory=/mountpoint /dev/sda"11:34
Lucaseraviepic3, yes try to get the new ubuntu version on your cd, or just go with Wubi11:34
Tornado-MintHello! Please i need help with my new external monitor: I have connected it through my Linux Mint 9 but it is displaying everything with this kind of "wavy" improper output. I tried it on the same laptop but different OS, it is working perfectly, any suggestions please? I tried AandR but not much i can do there. Please any help is highly appreciated.11:34
Dr_WillisTornado-Mint:  mint has its own support channels.11:35
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:35
raviepic3Jordan_U, you mean i shoul dhave setup (hd0) instead of setup (hd0,6) ?11:35
Dr_Willissounds like your refresh rate is wrong.11:35
Jordan_Uraviepic3: Yes.11:36
Dr_Willisraviepic3:  hd0 = the mbr of the hd. hd0,6 = mbr (of the partition)11:36
raviepic3ok will try and return back here thank you11:36
RowenAwesome, I found a flash plugin that fixed my issue.11:40
RowenI uninstalled the Adobe plugin and installed Gnash SWF Viewer11:41
Dr_Willisim suprise gnash works at all. :)11:41
RowenBit of lag when first loading the YT page but then it runs fine11:42
Dr_WillisYou do realize that Youtube can use html5 for video playback for most videos and not need Flash at all?11:42
Dr_Willisat least with the right browser. :) Chrome/chromium11:42
RowenIT's not my system :)11:43
Rowenmy friends11:43
Rowenwhat ever works, he's ok with11:43
Dr_Willisexcept gnash may not work at some OTHER flash sites..11:43
lapionusing html5 video means less load and a more stable system11:43
sharkkhi, do someone knows a way to get a list of installed packages sorted chronologically? thanks11:43
Dr_Willissharkk:  not sure there is a way to do that.11:44
RowenNot sure why you whould do that.11:44
Dr_Willissharkk:  i think the software center is supposed to get some features like that some time.. but not sure if its in there yet.11:44
sharkkjust toknow which pkgs i installed yesterday, because i forgot...11:44
Dr_Willissharkk:  what tool did you isntall them with?11:45
sharkkthere is no log of apt-get activity?11:45
Dr_Willissome may keep logs.11:45
lapionsharkk, ubuintu software center has a history thingy check it out11:45
brontoeeelapion, Dr_Willis for a video producer html5 is pain currently, example: chromium on ubuntu reports that it can play h.264 when it actually cant without certain nonfree install, so in any case you need to prepare multiple files..., but yes it might kill flash for video part in some years to come11:45
=== oCean_ is now known as oCean
oCeansharkk: there is also the /var/log/apt/history.log logfile you can check11:46
RowenAlso, Dr_Willis: My friend is used to Firefox, I don't think he will use Chrome...11:46
Dr_Willishis loss.11:46
brontoeeelapion, Dr_Willis so basically html5 is a rich-man domain currently, which is exactly the opposite on what the producers would expect..., google will not support h.264, apple will probably not support webm and so on...11:47
Dr_WillisI use both. :) often at the same time.11:47
sharkkok, i solve it: cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep 'install '   thanks to you anyway11:47
RowenBleh, I'm just not in the mood... I've been working on this beast for 3 days now...11:48
LoneShadowHi, I need to disable ohci_hcd driver from loading onto "0000:00:04.0" device, can someone tell me how to disable this during bootup?11:48
Rowenbecause a ton of issues because of dual monitors came at once and had to reinstall 3 seprate times for 3 seprate issues11:49
Rowenso it was easier to jsut reinstall than fix because there was nothing installed11:49
Dr_Willisrarely had any issues with Twinview on my 2 monitor setup.11:49
Dr_Willisit pays to learn how to fix things. :)11:49
RowenWell twinview didn't work how we wanted it, when a program went fullscreen it took both monitors11:50
edwardteachRowen, how did you fix it ?11:51
lapionrowen are you using compiz ?11:51
RowenI uninstalled the Adobe plugin and installed Gnash SWF Viewer11:51
Dr_WillisRowen:  you dident have twinview setup then,. You were using Xinerama11:51
Rowenand no11:51
Dr_Willisboot system -> install nvidia drivers -> reboot -> run nvidia config app. -> enable twinview NOT xinerama -> restart X server.. should work/fullscreen to each monitor seperately11:52
Dr_Willisifyou just use 'apply' and DONT resart the X server after enabling twinview - You can have issues.11:52
Frappuccinohow do i 'rename using perlexpr' for files, file01 file03 file05 to file01 file02 file0311:53
edwardteachDr_Willis,  can you use twin view just as well as xinerama ?11:54
Dr_Willisedwardteach:  twinview Superceded xinerama. you dont use both. :)11:54
Dr_Willistwinviwew = Xinerama+extrastuff11:54
Dr_Willisati has a similer thing I recall.11:54
Dr_Willistime for some f00d >:) Brb11:55
RowenDr_Willis, is there a way to jsut restart xserver with out loging in and out? or no?11:56
|muse|hey, I want to restrict internet access at the application level. Is this possible in ubuntu?12:00
=== jack is now known as Guest68964
brontoeeeis it possible to change nautilus file management in a way that files are queved instead of copiing all at once?12:00
magellancan someone give some advice to where i start, i want to merge my firefox bookmark backup or compare and merge into one file those old or new ..the bookmark backup is html or json extension12:01
|muse|and while Im here how do you turn off join/disconnect messages in empathy like I used to in pidgin?12:01
Guest68964magellan, Firefox has a Sync add-on that syncs bookmarks acorss multpial machines12:02
brontoeeemagellan, Guest68964 yes, i guess two different logins would do, so basically make a user for your old bookmarks and your new ones and sync plugin should get you started12:03
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=== Rowen is now known as Rowen_Stipe
DhaniJeremyHello! how do i add KDE desktop in ubuntu?12:06
Dr_WillisDhaniJeremy:  install the kubuntu-desktop pacakge12:06
magellanGuest68964, thanks- by the way i want to accomplish somewhat like this i have my firefox old bookmark  and again i create a new firefox bookmark backup again. so it is two deffirent files backup which i want to merge..is firefox sync extension you mention will do the tricks12:07
DhaniJeremyDr_Willis: there are so many packages, do i need to install all of them?12:07
Rowen_StipeWell Dr_Willis, I chould have left my set up alone and have the same results as the twin view12:07
Dr_WillisRowen_Stipe:  im not sure whatyour whole problem was.. but proberly could12:08
sandkingi got dual boot with windows and i was wondering if it's possible to make "restart into windows" command ?12:08
Rowen_StipeMeh, it's working now... my friend like it. and I get to slap him in about 30 minutes if he doesn't wake up12:09
Dr_Willissandking:  its possible. but  may take some work.12:09
Rowen_StipeGRUB should let you choose your OS when dual booting12:09
Dr_Willisgrub has options to 'set the default' via command line, so you could some how use that featurem, then reboot.. and it would go to the default.12:09
Dr_Willisbut then it would stay at windows as the default untill you set it differntly12:10
Dr_Willisit also has a saved-default option where it rembers the last os you selected. and that is the new defauilt12:10
Rowen_StipeMaybe have a script that runs on login and checks what the default is, and if it's not ubuntu it sets it to ubuntu12:11
Dr_Willisyep. thats always possible.12:11
sandkingtoo complicated :/12:12
Dr_Willissuch is life.12:12
=== CripperZ-v6 is now known as CripperZ-
sandkingi of course have menu to choose at boot but i thought that maybe i can boot directly12:12
masai47I have just installed edubuntu 64bit on a machine but it does not seem to be connecting to tthe network /internet12:12
sandking k, thx anyway12:12
Rowen_Stipe.... I swear I've had to type my friends poassword so much It's because instenctive...12:14
LoneShadowCan someone tell me how to disable ohci_hcd from initializing at bootup, its built into the kernel12:14
=== rat is now known as Guest70594
wmorriLoneShadow: i believe that you can disable that with the following command12:17
antonellobuongiorno   per palrare con qualcuno di un problema come faccio12:17
ikonia!it > antonello12:18
ubottuantonello, please see my private message12:18
wmorrisudo sh -c 'echo blacklist ohci_hcd > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ohci'12:18
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:18
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MangledBodyHi folks!12:19
LoneShadowwmorri: I tried that, didn't help, probably because ohci_hcd is not a module, its kernel built in12:19
MangledBodyThis is little OT, but... Does anybody have download link (working) for cdproboot-0.2.iso ??12:20
Dr_WillisLoneShadow:  there might be some kenel boot options to disable it.12:20
LoneShadowI am tring to see if there is something similar to nousb grub option12:20
Dr_WillisMangledBody:  check torrent sites perhaps.12:20
magellanmay i ask command how to mount with users permission not root a ext4 partition12:20
magellani mean manually not in fstab12:20
LoneShadowDr_Willis: Yes, but not finding it yet, know any global list of kernel options webpage?12:20
MangledBodyDr_Willis: No... Pirate bay has no clue about it and the others too...12:20
Dr_Willismagellan:  you dont just 'override' a linux flesystems permissions with mount options.12:20
Dr_Willismagellan:   this is a usb drive you are moveing around machines? or what exactly?12:21
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Dr_Willisircing as root is bad. :) heh12:22
magellani mean not the root partition i have an extra partition ext4 fs and not mount automatically  i want to use a command that mount as user permission12:22
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Lucasehahaha @willis12:22
magellanbecause if i use the point and click i think its root permission.and i cant copy or move a files to that partition12:22
Dr_Willismagellan:  you can set up fstab to allow a user to Mount a partition. but that will NOT give the user full access to the ext2/3/4 partition. the normal linux ownership/permissions will still apply to the files on the partition.12:23
zatanhi I cant install : linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic-pae  om maverick 64bit it was working fine on 34bit but at the moment no sound who can help ?12:23
antonellonn riesco ad andare sulla chat italiana12:23
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MangledBodynevermind, thanks guys12:23
magellanDr_Willis, can i ask if there a cmd command not in fstab i dont want it to auto mount.12:24
Dr_Willismagellan:  fstab dosent have to Mount things at boot time..12:24
Dr_Willismagellan:  fstab has a 'noauto' option.12:24
proofjei am trying to update and upgrade on an ubuntu server 10.04 LTS version12:25
proofjebut it fails12:25
kanupatarany one used QEMU?12:25
magellanDr_Willis, thanks for the info.12:26
magellanASK: How to accomplish to reply a msg here without typing the name, just like a shortcut. cause every time i want to reply i need to type the name.12:27
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.12:27
gordonjcpmagellan: tab12:27
Dr_Willisthe tab key is our friend.12:27
magellangordonjcp, thks12:28
kanupatarhi ..one urgt help.12:28
gordonjcpmagellan: did you type g<tab> ? ;-)12:28
kanupatarwhen i logged into #QEMU irc ..i can't send messages to the forum..12:28
kanupatarit is telling [17:58] == Cannot send to channel: #qemu12:29
kanupatarwhy..pls help me12:29
Dr_Williskanupatar:  are you using a regiestered nick?12:29
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:29
Dr_Willismany channels only allow reg' nicks to post to them12:29
raveninstalled ubuntu via gpxe - ubuntu only boots in text mode - how to boot in window mode? (alt+ f7 = could not write bytes: broken pipe")12:29
kanupatarbut i have one registered nick12:29
kanupatarbut i have logged the same in #ubuntu12:30
Dr_Willisraven:  you did a full install? or just a minimal install?12:30
jolopgood evening to all12:30
Dr_Williskanupatar:  use your registered nick, and identify to the services, and see if you can chat in the channel then.12:30
SgameOv3rciao a tutti12:30
ravenDr_Willis, full with ubuntu-desktop12:30
jolopim hoping to get help here, im sure its simple for many of the users here its about ubuntu10.04 server and raid112:30
Dr_Willisraven:  try 'startx' from the text login12:31
omar_Hello, How can I have a list of installed packages using standard C function (I prefer to be man pages function)?12:31
Dr_WillisC function? if you want a list of installed packages ther are dpkg/apt commands to do that.12:31
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:31
Dr_Willisor am i missreading the question.12:32
LucaseTab key or me is just doing the computer error sound for me hehe12:32
Dr_WillisLucase:  it may  depend n your irc client also.12:32
ravenDr_Willis, startx works but it should be automatically12:32
Dr_Willisraven:  check that gdm is installed and set to start at boot.12:33
LucaseBah that's mIRC. but it doesn't matter,  i type fast so i'll write the name by hand12:33
magellanAsk: i would like to ask why my extra linux partition fs when i mount only root has a right to write to the partition12:33
Dr_WillismIRC supports tabs' last i used it.. years ago...12:33
ravenDr_Willis, how to check and config?12:33
jolopfresh install of ubuntu-10.04.1-server-amd64 and i followed the step by step in the https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html but on boot im at the busybox mounting errors12:33
Dr_Willisraven:  try sudo apt-get install gdm12:33
Dr_Willisraven:  try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm12:33
jolopgood evening to all12:36
jolopim hoping to get help here, im sure its simple for many of the users here its about ubuntu10.04 server and raid112:36
jolopfresh install of ubuntu-10.04.1-server-amd64 and i followed the step by step in the https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html but on boot im at the busybox mounting errors12:36
FloodBot1jolop: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:36
brontoeeejolop, try #ubuntu-server12:37
ikoniajolop: are you using fake raid12:37
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jolopim using the ubuntu software raid12:38
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ikoniajolop: and you're using raid 1 mirroring ?12:39
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kirani am not able to play the videos in youtube even though the adobe flash player is installed12:39
kirani am not able to play the videos in youtube even though the adobe flash player is installed12:39
Lucasekiran do you use firefox or chromium12:39
kiranpls anyone help me12:39
jolopyes raid1 mirroring12:39
Dr_Willisand how did you install flash player?12:39
kiranam using firefox12:39
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ikoniajolop: so you used the software mirroring in the ubuntu server installer ?12:40
kirani''v downloaded the package then installed12:40
jolopyes that is right12:40
bonjoyeekiran: does about:plugins list the flashplayer in firefox?12:40
Phase`recordmydesktop` has the option --windowid (id of window to be recorded), how does one find this id?12:40
LoneShadowCould not find a way to disable ohci_hcd, so I ended up adding 'echo -n "0000:00:04.0" > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ohci_hcd/unbind' into /etc/rc.local12:40
Dr_Williskiran:  doenloaded what? you ued the package manager? or did you go to adobes web site?12:40
omar_I want to know the installed application on the OS using manpages standard C function, How can I do that?12:41
LucaseKiran @ Dr_Willis.12:41
jribPhase: use xprop or xwininfo12:41
kiranya from the adobe ste only12:41
Phasejrib: Thanks12:41
Dr_Williskiran:  thats not the right way to install it.12:41
kiranhw can i install it then12:42
Dr_Williskiran:  uninstall that and use the flashplauyer-installer package in the pacakge manager12:42
LucaseKiran, Open the software manager12:42
LucaseAnd just type in Flasplayer and see there for firefox plugin's one12:42
Dr_Willisflashplugin-installer - Adobe Flash Player plugin installer12:42
|Long|got stuck at grub prompt screen and wont boot can someone plz help?12:43
kiranuninstalled then12:43
|Long|hi kiran, can you plz help?12:43
LucaseKiran: Open the software manager12:43
Lucaseand in the search bar, type in : flashplayer12:44
Lucaseand see there for firefox plugin's one12:44
Lucaseand install it .12:44
Lucasethen you are done .12:44
wmorri|Long|: what do you see on the grub screen is it just a grub prompt?12:44
|Long|grub screen12:45
|Long|i type boot and give me some error12:45
Lucasethen you open firefox, go on youtube and try it .12:45
wmorri|Long| can you post them here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12:45
DhaniJeremyHow do i manually add kubuntu to grub menu?12:46
Dr_WillisDhaniJeremy:  you installed kubuntu? or ubuntu? or what exactly is in your menus?12:47
madjoeIs there a better tool for editing audio files for n00bs like me? I tried audacity...12:47
DhaniJeremyDr_Willis: I installed Ubuntu after Kubuntu, in grub i get like 6 menus but it all appears to be Ubuntu and now i cannot boot my Kubuntu12:48
wmorrimadjoe: what type of editing do you want to do?12:48
bonjoyee1madjoe: theres also jokosher12:48
brontoeeemadjoe, audacity is as noobish as it can get12:48
Lucasemadjoe, i use jokosher12:48
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madjoeWmorri: nothing fancy... crop, fade in, fade out, and simple stuff...12:49
madjoeLucase: is jokosher n00b friendly? :-)12:49
wmorrimadjoe: I have been using audacity for that, but you can always try jokosher.12:50
awanti arrow keys are not working on Ubuntu server??/??12:50
madjoebrontoeee: there are tons of features that I won't use in audacity...12:51
Dr_WillisDhaniJeremy:  i tend to juzxt install ubuntu desktop over kuybuntu desktop. and have both desktops on one machine. no need for seperate installs.12:51
madjoeWmorri: ok thanx, i12:51
wmorrimadjoe: here is their website, http://www.jokosher.org/12:51
|Long|wmorri, can i pm plz?12:52
Dr_WillisDhaniJeremy:  im no teven sure that kubuntu gives a differnt grub menu tentry then ubuntu does. ive no idea how grub could even tell which one each is.12:52
blinkis it possible to run more than one Empathy clients at the same time?12:52
wmorriawanti: have you checked the keyboard to make sure that isn't the problem?12:52
DhaniJeremyDr_Willis: how do i manually edit grub menu?12:52
madjoeWmorri: ok, thanx, I will... audacity has crashed for me once, and I thought maybe there's something more stable and simple for me... I'll take a look at jokosher12:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:53
awantiyes i checked every thing key board is working fine. But i think its not problem with keyboard12:54
awantiI think by default they disabled in Ubuntu server. But i don't know how to enable this12:54
wmorriawanti: I am don't know the most about ubuntu-server. I would check with the people on #ubuntu-server12:56
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awantifrom last few hours i am waiting for the answer in #ubuntu-server but nobudy  answering12:58
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wmorriawanti: I can try and find something for you.12:59
awantiPlease please..12:59
awantithank u12:59
stanman246how can i get sound out of 10.10 using an ac97 onboard device?13:03
brontoeeeawanti, you have server with actual keyboard attached or your sshing in?13:05
awantiits directly connected13:05
mudit1141hi all, I am having booting issues with ubuntu hardy13:06
mudit1141just booted from a live cd13:06
Bit9somebody readme ??13:06
mudit1141Bit9: i do13:06
Lucaseyes bit913:06
Bit9Oh tanks !13:06
Lucasewhat happens when you try to boot mudit114113:06
mudit1141Lucase: when starting up I get >>> Running DKMS auto ........[OK], and after that the cursor blinks and blinks13:07
Lucasemudit1141: what version of Ubuntu is on your cd13:08
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wmorriawanti: have you tried another keyboard to see if it is just that one?13:08
mudit1141Lucase: 8.0413:08
mudit1141that both on the USB and the installed one13:08
Lucasemudit1141: it's no longer supported, try to get the 10.1013:09
Lucaseor try with Wubi13:09
antonelloper il canale italiano13:09
antonellocome faccio13:09
mudit1141Lucase: so how do I upgrade a broken system ?13:09
LucaseAntonello: English-only .13:09
awantii tried 2 different key board13:09
mudit1141is that a recommended thing ?13:10
bonjoyee1mudit1141: do you have dkms installed?13:10
Lucasemudit1141: You just go to the website, download the new version, burn it and boot it , or with wubi via windows.13:10
awantiwhen i am using ssh from ubuntu desktop edition, its working fine in that13:10
antonelloubuntu italian13:10
geirhaLucase, mudit1141: Well 8.04 LTS Desktop is still supported another 3 months ...13:10
oCean!it | antonello13:10
ubottuantonello: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:10
brontoeeeawanti, how about keymap, try 'setxkbmap -print'13:11
Lucasegeirha: I woul recommend to use a new one instead =/13:11
mudit1141geirha , Lucase : I have 8.04 LTS Desktop13:11
geirhaLucase: Sure, you said it was already without support, just a minor correction on that.13:11
oCeanawanti: what version are you using?13:11
geirhamudit1141: It'll soon be out of support, you best get 10.04 LTS or 10.1013:12
Lucasegeirha: Absolutely.13:12
awantiUbuntu Server 10.0413:12
mudit1141Lucase: I have plenty of softwares installed on the 8.04, would they be compatible ?13:12
mudit1141with 10.04 ?13:12
gianHi all: PC AMD Athlon 64 - Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 :   no way to see video you tube...installed Swfdec 0.8.2...no way to see minitube "could not open media source" ...no way to play gnomeradio..no possible to play "/dev/radio0"! ..someone can help me ?13:12
geirhamudit1141: You have 8.04 installed on your system? If so, upgrade that to 10.04.13:13
Lucasemudit1141: I can't answer this. I'm not too sure if you can transfer them13:13
awanti<brontoeee> when i entered this command #setxkbmap -print its showing i have to install this " x11-xkb-utils"13:13
Lucasemudit1141: But if you can find a way, they would work with updates.13:13
brontoeeeawanti, arh, so thats desktop related command probably13:14
mudit1141Lucase: okay13:14
geirhamudit1141: Software for 8.04 may work on 10.04, but if someone provides software for 8.04, they'll surely provide it for 10.04 too.13:14
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antonello- it13:14
giangian -it13:14
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brontoeeewhat kind of software mudit1141 ? example or two?13:15
suigeneris!it | antonello13:15
ubottuantonello: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:15
mernilioHello fellow ubuntians! :-)13:15
mudit1141brontoeee: dev softwares like java, pythin,scala tomcat ?13:16
mudit1141i mean sdks13:16
gianubottu_ ma in ubuntu it non risponde mai nessuno..questa la mia esperienza13:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:16
Lucasemudit1141: theses are in 10.0413:16
oCean!it | gian13:16
brontoeeemudit1141, python yes, java yes, dunno about scala tomcat13:16
ubottugian: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:16
antonello! it13:16
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mudit1141one more thing, I used to install proprietary nVidia drivers after every kernel upgrade, is this handled in 10.04 ?13:18
Lucasemudit1141: Entirely.13:18
oCean!cn | zlguan13:19
ubottuzlguan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:19
mudit1141thanks all13:19
Lucasemudit1141: have fun13:19
zatanhi how to install linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic-pae ?13:20
akSeyahi there folks13:21
zatanikonia,  hi can u help with linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic-pae ?13:22
oCeanzatan: it's just there in the repositories, right?13:23
akSeyai'm booting ubuntu from a pendrive, usin the ISO file... of cource, everytime I boot, i miss all changes. Is there a way to keep them on another folder on the pendrive?13:23
zatanoCean,  No there is no in repository it was on 32BIT13:23
oCean!info linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic-pae13:23
ubottulinux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic-pae (source: linux-backports-modules-2.6.35): Ubuntu supplied Linux modules for version 2.6.35 ALSA snapshots.. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.35-24.15 (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for all i386 amd64 lpia)13:23
akSeyalike.. everything that is changed, get changed on another place...13:23
oCeanzatan: ^^13:23
zatanoCean,  so how do I install them ?13:24
oCeanzatan: you are on 64 bit?13:24
zatanoCean,  yes13:24
MeanEYE Anyone knows where bookmarks list is stored?13:24
zatanoCean,  i got just these : http://pastebin.com/afY1rHvf13:25
erUSULMeanEYE: in firefox?13:25
RocketSnailhave you guys heard about Linux on the palm pre? I think it uses X13:25
oCeanzatan: ah, contrary to ubottu's answer "avaiable for all i386 amd64 .." it seems that packages.ubuntu.com says only i38613:25
akSeyai have a three boot pendrive with slax, ubuntu and windows 7 installations :)13:25
MeanEYEerUSUL, no, Ubuntu Bookmarks... am making a file manager and want to integrate with system13:25
emanuelespeak italian?13:25
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:25
oCean!it | emanuele13:25
ubottuemanuele: please see above13:25
MeanEYEerUSUL, you know the stuff in places13:25
zatanoCean,  so how can I fix as I cant play sounds at the moment thats really annoying13:25
erUSULMeanEYE: yes i see13:26
oCeanzatan: as per your output, you have not installed anything yet13:26
mae_taepeople, i hope somebody will look at this http://imagebin.org/133993, i just want to ask your opinion if do i need to put another router in routers, purpose is to ping from 3.0 network to 121 network & viceversa13:26
the_dark_warriois there a rule of thumb to always get the man page for the C function and not the bash command? For instance, `man pipe' gives me the bash command, so I have to guess which number is the C function.13:27
oCeanzatan: you should try installing with the complete packagename. But, since packages.ubuntu.com states that it's for i386, it might not be available for amd6413:27
zatanoCean,  for examaple i can play music on banshee but if I am trying to play oen more sound on youtube or vlc, its nots working, with this package i was able to play multitple sounds on system13:27
zatanoCean,  so Its means, that I will not be able to play multitple sounds ?13:27
MeanEYESo, anyone knows where nautilus bookmarks are stored?13:28
oCeanzatan: I'm not really into multimedia issues, just try to install using: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-alsa-`uname -r`13:28
amanhi guys can anyone tell me how can i check what is the partition number of my current booted OS?????13:29
MeanEYEnvm, found it13:29
zatanoCean,  I try to install with complete package name but I getting errors on make command :http://pastebin.com/bP8c2AHW13:29
zatanoCean,  linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic is already the newest version.13:29
zatan0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded13:29
oCeanzatan: so the package is already there. As to the issue why you do not have sound - I have no idea13:30
brontoeeeaman, disk utility ?13:30
amanbrontoeee, u mean gparted?13:30
zatanoCean,  the right package is not here! I need linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic-pae but I got just only linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-24-generic13:31
erUSULaman: see « cat /proc/mounts »13:31
mprinceaman: df will tell you the currently mounted filesystems13:31
angelslon kubuntu. somehow my father received an upgrade notice, so he went along with it and somehow got 11.04. how do I revert back to 10.10 safely?13:32
oCeanzatan: but the uname -r gave the "type" kernel you are currently using, it's apparently not -pae13:32
magellanASK: I notice in a ntfs partition you cand change a user permission of a file it always root permission although you can rwx is this true or ill mistaken13:32
amanerUSUL, thanks man i got it....:))13:33
zatanoCean, where else I can try to pass these questions ?13:33
amanmprince, even your advise is also good...:)13:34
amanmprince, thanks13:34
masai47I have just done a fresh install of edubuntu but for some reason it does not recognize Internet (even though it downloaded data during the install process.  Is there something I have to start or restart?13:34
mprincemagellan: can you rephase?13:34
manasmy window 2003 instance showing pending state after that get terminated how to troubleshoot13:34
magellanDoes only root permission allowed in the ntfs partition..i notice a changed the permision no error but when i check it still root permission..13:35
oCeanzatan: remember you don't need any -pae package if you are not running the -pae kernel. So in this case, you have the package that matches your kernel. This channel would be the correct place to ask about your sound issues, or scan the forums (http://ubuntuforums.org)13:35
brontoeeemagellan, there are no permissions possible on non-linux file system i think13:35
RickyHarlineHey, all, I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 10.10 x64.  I'm trying to install the alternate version, and after I select "Install" or "Run Ubuntu from this USB" a bunch of text starts flashing across the screen and then when it gets to one command it just stops.13:36
magellanmprince, Does only root permission allowed in the ntfs partition..i notice a changed the permision no error but when i check it still root permission..13:36
zatanoCean,  okay so now where I can look what causing this problem ?13:36
manascan anybody know how to troubleshoot13:36
mprincemagellan: they can be changed by the user / group that has ownership of the files and by root13:37
oCeanzatan: I have no idea. Just ask your question (detailed with the steps taken and results sofar) in this channel. Then be patient and try again in 20 or 30 minutes13:37
Gneamanas: yes, it's possible for anyone to learn how to do it13:37
zatanoCean,  suprise!  I dont know how but suddenly its start working, its really strange ... after 2 hours ..13:38
manasGnea: my window 2003 instance in UEC showing pending state after that get terminated how to troubleshoot13:38
oCeanzatan: oh wow :)13:38
zatanoCean,  thank anyway, its time to go do some shopping now ;]13:39
mprincemagellan: can you copy / paste what you're seeing to pastebin13:39
magellanbrontoeee, thx. iused luckybackup and point the destinition to a ntfs partition like my home dir source but when i check the permission of the destination files its own by root.what if i restore the files it will be owned by root. althought i never try to restore.13:39
oCeanzatan: cool, enjoy13:39
magellanmprince, what do you mean paste bin13:40
brontoeeemagellan, as far as i know you need to use linux-aware filesystem for linux backups or possibly a tool that can pack files together with a proper metadata, but i'am guessing here.13:40
mprincemagellan: it appears luckybackup is not preserving the permissions when it copies all your data to the ntfs share13:41
oCean!it > Bubbubuntu13:41
ubottuBubbubuntu, please see my private message13:41
erUSULbrontoeee: correct. tar can pack unix metadata13:42
alboW:Failed to fetch http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org/dists/<lucid>/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 80]13:43
albo, E:Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.13:43
|Long|root@ubuntu:/mnt/boot/grub# update-grub13:43
|Long|./usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).13:43
magellanmprince, is it luckybackup or just the ntfs partition.in ntfs partition there no problem create files past/copy but if u check permission is only root and when change to user perm. no error but still root. it maybe the ntfs?13:43
|Long|how i fix this guys?13:43
ikonia|Long|: are you chrooted ?13:44
masai471any advice on a fresh edubuntu install not recognizing network (even though it did durring the instalation process13:45
ikoniamasai471: how have you configured the networking ?13:45
Gneamanas: what does this look like, #windows?13:45
masai471ikonia: I did not do anything, just simple fresh install13:46
ikoniamasai471: ok, so configure your network card13:46
masai471ikonia: how?13:46
ikoniamasai471: use the network manager application13:47
masai471ikonia: I see network Proxy and network tools but no network manager13:48
mprincemagellan: I just realized you're talking ntfs instead of nfs.  Too early for me.  brontoeee was giving you better advice.13:48
ikoniamasai471: have you read the introdcution documentation on how to use ubuntu ?13:49
Meuhmeuhhi all! =D13:50
aeiouis there a way i can pipe stdout into a program that will send it to a pastebin?13:50
LDChey guys... how Do I find the cache location of Chromium in Ubuntu 10.10? Moreover, is there a similar softare Chrome Cache View for Windows in Ubuntu?13:50
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bonjoyeeaeiou: pastebinit13:51
mplspana no te olvides de pasarme el ini13:52
bonjoyee!pastebinit | aeiou13:52
ubottuaeiou: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com13:52
masai471ikonia: as a basic user I have been using ubuntu for a few years, this is just a new problem for me (I might be too tired to look at it intelegently)13:52
ikoniamasai471: ok, so if you've been using it for a few years, you should know how to configure a network card13:53
pradeephello everyone13:54
mplsq fue gato13:54
oCean!it | mpls13:54
ubottumpls: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:54
oCeanoh wait13:54
LjLwrong romance language13:55
RickyHarlineHey, all, I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 10.10 x64.  I'm trying to install the alternate version, and after I select "Install" or "Run Ubuntu from this USB" a bunch of text starts flashing across the screen and then when it gets to one command it just stops.13:55
RickyHarlineAny help much appreciated.13:55
Jackneilli wanna to install ubuntu13:55
LDCsorry... was a wrong paste. Please tell me where do I find the cache location of Chromium in Ubuntu?13:55
RickyHarlineYo tambien13:55
RickyHarlineI would also like to install Ubuntu very much.13:56
RickyHarlineWhat is your problem, jackneill?13:56
Jackneillhow to write a bootable DVD in windows to install ubuntu13:56
RickyHarlineYou don't know how to write the DVD?13:57
RickyHarlineWhat's the problem?13:57
Jackneilli know, but bootable..not13:57
RickyHarlineWell, making CDs bootable isn't problematic like making a USB drive bootable13:57
asdf39what is bonobo-activation-server?13:57
RickyHarlineSo long as you have ISO burned correctly, it will be bootable.13:57
Jackneilli have 16 GB USB pendrive13:57
Jackneillthen USB13:58
RickyHarlineI reccommend pendrive linux13:58
RickyHarlineI used a different unsuccessfully just yesterday but using pendrive linux solved my problem13:58
RickyHarline*a different one13:58
pradeepJackneill, do you have an ubuntu dvd13:58
LDCis anyone able to read me or am i invisible due to username?13:59
Jackneilli dont have iso13:59
red2kicLDC: You're fine.13:59
LDCoh.. i guess then no one has the answer13:59
pradeepJackneill, if you do open up your burning software click on make iso i think you know what to do from there13:59
victor_____chicos! me he pasado a e17 para la netbook y es una pasada! por si a alguien le interesa!13:59
Jackneilli have a dir called: ubuntu 10.10-desktop-i38614:00
pradeepJackneill, you could download Power ISO it is a software14:00
Jackneillok, thanks :)14:00
masai471ikona: I guess I am just used to having things work out of the box.  I think for some reason the network manager is not showing up14:01
RickyHarlineWhy would he require an ISO burner for using a flash drive?14:01
bonjoyeeJackneill: is it a dir(as in a folder) or an image of ubuntu installation disc?14:01
yeatsLDC: try ~/.config/chromium/Default/Application Cache14:01
RickyHarlineHe just needs the ISO file and a make-a-flash-drive-bootable utility14:01
Craig`hey guys, is there a command i can run to determine whether im running x86 or x64 ubuntu 10.10?14:01
Jackneillit is a dir14:01
mellinAnyone know if there is a channel for help with X server?14:02
pradeepRickyHarline,  he wanted to make a dvd and not flash drive14:02
bonjoyeeJackneill: how did you get the dir?14:02
Jackneillfrom ubuntu.com14:02
Jackneillor ubuntu.hu14:02
bonjoyeeJackneill: to make a livecd or liveusb you need the .iso file14:02
Jackneilli forget sorry14:02
sw0rdf1shCraig: uname -m14:02
pradeepJackneill, you has to be an iso... iso simply mean an image of that disc14:03
Craig`sw0rdf1sh: x86_64 meaning x64? - i know mine is x64, just a  friend didnt know what his was, he also outputs x86_6414:03
Jackneilland im on laptop14:04
Jackneillubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386 is good for an laptop?14:04
RickyHarlineCan anyone help me with my Ubuntu installation problem?  The installation freezes a few seconds after I click "Install" using the alternate, and doesn't work at all using the regular install14:04
LDCYeats.... I found it here actually "/home/lenin/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache"  Thanks for the reply though :)14:04
yeatsCraig`: that's correct - an x86 version wouldn't include the "x64" part14:04
yeatsLDC: good14:04
RickyHarlineTrying to install 10.10 x64 on a new laptop...14:05
WestzJackneill, how new is the laptop, and are you going to install 11.04 when it comes out?14:05
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Craig`yeats: he's installed x64 on what he thinks to be an x32 laptop, is this a problem?14:06
yeatsCraig`: if it installed at all, it can handle x6414:06
gordonjcpCraig`: it won't work14:06
Jackneill10.10-desktop-i386 is not good for a laptop?14:06
gordonjcpCraig`: if it works even a little bit, it's x64 hardware ;-)14:06
Craig`oh haha, cool.14:06
Jackneilli think 11.04 is better but i dont want to wait for that14:06
WestzJackneill, im sure itll be fine if the laptop is relatively new14:07
bonjoyeeJackneill: how much ram?14:07
Jackneill2 GB14:07
Westzprocessor clock speed?14:07
Jackneilldual core intel 1.73 Ghz14:08
RickyHarlineI guess I'll come back later.  You gents have a good afternoon.14:08
bonjoyeeJackneill: then it should be fine...and most compatible as well,,,14:08
Westzyeah it'll run okay14:08
Jackneillok thanks14:08
Westzis it a dell?14:08
ngrstanhey any mediawiki-knowledgeable folk in this channel?14:09
yeatsRickyHarline: I'm assuming you've 1) checked and double-checked the downloaded image(s) you're using, 2) attempted both CD-ROM and USB installation, 3) verified the integrity of the image with the menu option in the installer, and 4) have used the regular and alternate installers?14:09
bonjoyeeJackneill: if you have a spare empty cd, just burn the iso as an "image" to it..and you should be able to install from it14:09
oCeanngrstan: there is #mediawiki you know?14:09
yeatsoh - he left :-/14:10
Jackneillubuntu netbook editon or desktop is better for a laptop?14:10
Garzookano i didn't14:10
WestzJackneill, dont just put the ISO on the CD, you have to burn it as an ISO. if you're in windows go download infrarecorder and use that14:10
yeatsJackneill: you should try both and see which one you like better14:11
Jackneilloh okok14:11
bonjoyeeJackneill: or ImgBurn..it has clear labelling as well..14:11
mellinOk need some help getting output via HDMI cable to external monitor. I will try and post one line at a time starting with what I have done and tried so far.14:11
WestzJackneill, how big is the screen?14:11
Jackneill15.4 col14:11
oCeanmellin: for multi line pasting, use paste.ubuntu.com14:12
Westzyeah desktop will work fine, netbook is for slower processors and smaller screens14:12
Jackneilloh ok thanks14:12
Westzalthough if you want it to run  bit faster netbook will work fine too14:12
masai471How do I configure a network card in edubuntu14:13
Westzits all personal taste. thats 90% of what unix based OS' are all about14:14
bonjoyeeWestz: netbook edition is not really different in terms of speed ..as its just the basic ubuntu with the unity interface..14:14
mkf00masai471 i guess the same way as in ubuntu14:14