TrickyJHi good morning friends :)00:50
karniTrickyJ: what's your local time :)?00:50
TrickyJi am in india ITS 6:21Am :P00:51
karniwow, early. I'll be at that time in less than 5 hours.00:52
CardinalFang19:56.  Zzz00:57
karniI'm designing an NFS-like protocol for my assignment. What a PITA. (even better.. in C)00:58
CardinalFangkarni, not Lua or something?01:00
karniCardinalFang: nah, it's an assignment from "Advanced operating systems". it's supposed to be low level C. and our own protocol.01:01
karniCardinalFang: I wish ;)01:01
karniLua is really cool from what I have seen.01:01
TrickyJFriends.. ny new updates for UBUNTU one03:27

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