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akuHi there07:32
akuanyone is listening??07:32
gordonjcpat 7:30am on a sunday, are you joking?10:51
deathguppiehi guys :) I have a m-audio fast track pro.  It seems to work, as in I can record using Audacity, but Jack can't see it.  Any ideas how to fix that?17:35
holsteindeathguppie: hey17:36
holsteini would ask over in #opensourcemusicians17:36
holsteinin jackcontrol17:36
holsteinthere are drop down menus17:36
holsteinmake sure you have alsa driver selected17:37
deathguppieI opened qjackctl and looked in the setup.  all the alsa stuff shows up but not the usb stuff.17:37
holsteinthen look around near 'interfaces17:37
ailodeathguppie: usb devices use alsa driver17:37
holsteini have a USB device17:39
deathguppieyes in "setup" for qjackctl if the driver is alsa, for interface drop down options I get hw:0 plughw:0 default /dev/audio /dev/dsp17:39
holsteinand i select it with the drop down menu beside the word 'default'17:39
holsteinin 'setup'17:39
holsteinbeside 'interfaces17:40
deathguppiegot that17:40
holsteinbeside that still17:40
holsteinnot the 'default' drop down17:40
holsteincan really look different though17:41
holsteinper device17:41
holsteini know several folk over in #opensourcemusians use that device with JACK17:41
deathguppieno ok... ha  it was the little arrow to the right..  beside the drop down arrow.  I ddn't even knowtice that!!17:41
holsteindeathguppie: i think its a bit confusing17:41
holsteinthe layout there17:41
holsteindeathguppie: you see it though?17:42
holsteinmaudio something in the list?17:42
holsteini think my maudio transit shows up by name17:42
deathguppieya,, not the best interface design.. but ya.. '17:42
deathguppienow let's see if I can get ardour to record something..17:45
deathguppienope I was wrong.  The only thing showing in connections is FastTrack Pro midi17:51
deathguppieso it's not working17:51
holsteindeathguppie: you're looking in all the tabs?17:51
holsteinin 'connect' ?17:51
deathguppieya in connect.  under Alsa I have FastTrack Pro, but it only turns out to be midi17:52
holsteinid call that progress though ;)17:53
holsteindeathguppie: 10.10?17:53
deathguppiejust installed it last night17:53
holsteinor 10.04?17:53
deathguppieI can see the ISO on my other system17:54
holsteinif you have time, i would /j #opensourcemusicians17:55
holsteinthere are several folk using that device with JACK17:55
holsteinwith no problems17:55
deathguppieok.. I'll check it out thnks..17:55
holsteinpretty sure most are using 10.0417:55
holsteini am too17:55
holsteindeathguppie: did you reference http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/M-Audio_FastTrack_Pro ?17:56
holsteindeathguppie: could be you need to use 16bit17:57
holsteinmaybe check 'force 16 bit' in JACK17:57
holsteinand that will do the trick17:57
holsteini do remember them saying it was 16bit only in linux17:57
ailoYeah, I think 16 bits and also a limitation on sample-rate. All within usb 1.1 class compliancy. Without specific drivers you'll be limited. Haven't taken the time what that means exactly, though.18:04
ailoto learn*18:05

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