tanepiperhi, can someone help me with this: https://gist.github.com/2d1703cede3597abd59523:44
tanepiperif i try start on startup, i get an error that /var isn't mounted23:44
tanepiperhowever if I manually call start quartermaster, the app starts fine23:45
tanepiperoh looks like i solved it :)  start on mounted; env MOUNTPOINT=/var23:51
ionUbuntu? ‘start on filesystem’23:52
ionSuch an ‘env’ stanza doesn’t really do anything except set the value of MOUNTPOINT for your scripts.23:52
ionHOME is something you could use env for.23:53
tanepiperwell that's working as well, thanks :)23:53
ion‘start on mounted’ probably never really worked. If it happened to get started at the right time based on it, you were just lucky. :-)23:54
ionAlso, 2>&1 before 1>… makes stderr go to stdout and stdout go to the logfile. You probably want to make 2 a copy of 1 after 1 has been redirected to a file.23:54
tanepiperyea, i started with a copy & paste job for running nodejs but that just wasn't working.  I'll definetly read up more on the upstart blog23:56
tanepiperso 1> /var/log/foo > &2  ?23:58
ion>>/var/log/foo 2>&123:58

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