danostonegiving that error for all00:02
charlie-tcato see what is what, go to /dev/disk/by-uuid00:03
charlie-tcause    ls -l00:03
charlie-tcaso, maybe they are not ext4?00:03
danostoneyes they are and the boot partition mounted00:05
danostonebut thats only several gb00:06
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danostonethat was no use had no files except the /boot and kernel files00:10
charlie-tcathe only thing I can think of is the filesystem is wrong.00:11
charlie-tcadid you use sudo to mount them?00:12
charlie-tcaAre they encrypted?00:12
charlie-tcaThen they won't mount that way. They have to be decrypted when mounted00:12
charlie-tcaand that is way different00:13
danostonemaybe another day00:13
danostoneyou may not realize it but in the course of all this it works fine the other way and I have to clean up00:17
skiwithpeteI want to run skype everytime XFCE loads - so I added it to startup & Sessions00:33
skiwithpeteBut I want it to run minimized00:33
skiwithpeteis there a tag I can add to the command so that it minimizes on run?00:33
charlie-tcaWhen you quit, make sure it is minimized, then save session at the quit prompt00:33
charlie-tcaNot all programs can be made to work that way, though. It depends on how it is written00:34
skiwithpetethanks charlie, but I also run XBMC on top of the session - so if I do that, I lose XBMC00:34
skiwithpeteI need that tag...00:34
charlie-tcait isn't there00:35
charlie-tcaMaybe you could force it with devilspie00:35
skiwithpetereally? there's no skype -m00:36
skiwithpeteor skype -min00:36
charlie-tcaHave you checked man skype   or   skype --help?00:37
charlie-tcaI don't have skype, myself, so I don't know00:37
andaiWhen I press enter in Mousepad nothing happens.00:57
etechI love Xfce !!!03:58
skiwithpeteholy mental07:23
skiwithpeteI have an external USB Tb drive that I want to keep connected to my XFCE install07:23
skiwithpetebut I've just figured out that it doesn't auto-mount on boot.07:24
skiwithpeteI've googled it, but there doesn't seem to be an easy work around.07:24
skiwithpeteanyone got any suggestions?07:24
skiwithpetecan I just run some kind of "discover" code to get it to mount?07:25
skiwithpete... is anyone here?07:25
bazhangskiwithpete, put it in fstab?07:26
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:26
skiwithpetecool stuff thanks07:27
skiwithpetebazhang, my mrs made me run off for dinner - but i have to report fstab worked a treat08:04
bazhangskiwithpete, good deal08:05
skiwithpetebazhang, as I'm mega new to XFCE - is there an easy way to setup shares on the network?08:28
bazhangskiwithpete, same as in regular ubuntu, with samba08:29
skiwithpetei don't know how - I'll look into it08:29
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:29
skiwithpeteI'm actually in Gnome now, I just right click and properties - "share"08:30
bazhangbut set it up on the windows side as well08:30
skiwithpetewhat is NFS08:37
skiwithpeteI don't have any computers on windows at home08:37
bazhangnetwork file shares08:37
skiwithpeteall 'bbbuntus08:37
bazhangbetter still :)08:37
skiwithpetefaster, better?  or shall I stick with sambas08:37
bazhangbetter less hassle better08:38
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dvanstoneanyone awake ?13:22
Sysieven if is, no guarantee they know anything13:23
dvanstoneSysi I know what you mean13:24
Sysi"just ask"13:25
dvanstoneis there a working application for speech to text?13:26
dvanstonefor linux?13:26
dvanstonehey tux44413:45
frenzzhey, one time i shutdown and check "save session".. and all time when i start system this session bings back. how disable this?16:11
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bizalhi guys18:15
bizali'm installing xubuntu to my dell inspirion 1100 laptop18:15
bizaland after clickong forward at "Preparing to instal Xubuntu" screen it loads for half an hour and still nothing :(18:16
bizalany ideas what coudl be wrong?18:16
craigbass1976I've just (I think) removed gnome from a lucid install and thrown xfce on. (sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop) Are there any other things people normally do to speed things up?18:23
craigbass1976Did my last messsage get posted?  Wireless keeps dropping out so I'm not sure18:32
mark76I've just (I think) removed gnome from a lucid install and thrown xfce on. (sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop) Are there any other things people normally do to speed things up??18:33
mark76That message?18:34
craigbass1976mark76, yes.  THanks18:36
mark76Then, no, it didn't :p18:36
KaleeatsbbsCan I just install the cd image on a flash drive?21:14
mhall119someone in Ontario Canada is looking to hire an Xfce developer, anyone interested?23:35

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