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smspillazkvalo: morning!07:59
kvalosmspillaz: morning. how was australia day yesterdat?08:01
kvaloyesterday even08:01
didrocksgood morning08:09
smspillazkvalo: I didn't really get up to much suprisingly, and I missed the fireworks -_-08:11
smspillazdidrocks: morning!08:11
didrockshey smspillaz! how are you?08:11
smspillazdidrocks: I have fixed the "wrong window positions bug", now working on the gconf bug08:11
smspillazdidrocks: feeling awesome as usual08:11
kvalodidrocks: morning08:11
MacSlowhey everybody!08:11
didrockssmspillaz: awesome!08:11
kvalosmspillaz: oh, missing fireworks sucks08:12
kvaloMacSlow: guten morgen08:12
didrockssmspillaz: I don't see that one in your email, am I stilll awake?08:12
didrockseven still*08:12
didrockshey kvalo, MacSlow!08:12
smspillazkvalo: yeah, I messed up the time (thought it was 9pm instead of 8pm)08:12
MacSlowkvalo, hyvää huomenta08:12
smspillazdidrocks: I think I commented on your bug report with the patch08:12
MacSlowsalut didrocks08:13
kvaloMacSlow: oh wow!08:13
didrockssmspillaz: excellent then, will get to it as well :)08:13
smspillazguton morgen hyvaa huomenta bonjour bonjourno etc etc08:13
MacSlowkvalo, google translate... *cough* :)08:13
MacSlowkvalo, I would have no idea how to correctly pronouce that though :)08:13
kvaloMacSlow: next challenge, pronounce it correctly ;)08:13
kvaloMacSlow: about funny words, does "saippukauppias" sound funny to you?08:14
smspillazdidrocks: I was thinking though for bug 688816, we might need a new plugin to handle that case (since it needs to load before the place plugin)08:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 688816 in unity (Ubuntu) "Don't create windows over the launcher" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68881608:15
MacSlowkvalo, it certainly looks funny08:15
didrockssmspillaz: I can handle that one later, not for alpha2 though08:15
didrockssmspillaz: as you fix the wrong window position at start, it's fine :)08:15
smspillazdidrocks: ah ok, it would be like a ~100 line plugin08:16
kvaloMacSlow: I think I need to list you some funny words and we can go through them over beer08:16
didrockssmspillaz: yeah, I'll do it, I think I got what is needed08:16
smspillazI could do that in like 10 minutes, although I'm wondering if that's the case then how much sense would it make a compiz-plugins-unity package ?08:16
didrockssmspillaz: before the place plugin in any case? to avoid jumping again?08:16
smspillazdidrocks: yeah, so basically a plugin before place which hooks CompWindow::place on any window that has a special property set08:17
didrockssmspillaz: right, but at least, it will be a nice exercice for me :)08:17
smspillazdidrocks: I'll forward the email I sent to Jason08:17
didrockssmspillaz: excellent, thanks!08:17
didrocksI'm just ensure about the "another plugin just for that", maybe, we should find another way, or having a plugin that handle all those special cases08:18
smspillazargh, I keep on forgetting to back up evolution before reinstalling08:18
smspillazdidrocks: I would have opted to do it in the unity plugin, but that isn't possible since the unity plugin needs to load after place08:19
smspillazdidrocks: and you can make this plugin smart actually and not make it do anything unless the window has this property set08:19
didrockssmspillaz: yeah, because you need to override the place action in that case :)08:19
smspillazdidrocks: indeed, well loading before it will make place actually place the window and then we just shift it to the right if it overlaps the launcher area08:20
didrockssmspillaz: ok, can you just forward me the email? I'll get that done next week08:20
smspillazdidrocks: sure, although if I have time to I might do it so that we can get it in by the time we do the upload08:20
didrockssmspillaz: no, I will do the upload today and no more new feature then (freeze) for alpha208:21
smspillazfair enough08:21
didrockssmspillaz: so, I just need the gconf crash bug fixed :)08:21
smspillazdidrocks: yeah, good point08:21
smspillazdidrocks: give me some other stuff to fix in case I have time on my hands08:21
didrockssmspillaz: also, if you don't let the other try to do it, you won't get anyone helping you in the future :)08:21
smspillazdidrocks: this is true :p08:22
didrockssmspillaz: sure, finishing triaging my emails first, still 200+ to go :)08:22
smspillaz(and besides, someone is doing work *for* me, what a perfect opportunity :P!)08:22
smspillazdidrocks: so after gconf, I think I will fix 661049 and maybe I will check if our workaround to do 685968 is still working08:23
smspillazalso I should look into why the decorations of unfocused windows are going away with u-w-d08:24
didrockssmspillaz: I've done 66104908:24
didrockssmspillaz: look at the status :)08:25
smspillazoh? so double clicking works?08:25
didrocksyeah ;)08:25
didrocksstill need merging, but will be done today08:25
smspillazand that's using the PanelTitlebarGrabAreaView is it ?08:25
didrocks685968 is currently fixing by Jason08:25
didrockssmspillaz: right08:25
smspillazdidrocks: there's a feature in compiz we can turn on to fix 68596808:26
didrockssmspillaz: just the double click signal in nux is broken, so it's a workaround08:26
smspillazdidrocks: yeah I noticed08:26
didrocksthat's why you didn't want to do it before :)08:26
smspillazwell it gets broken by my method of using PanelTitlebarGrabAreaView08:26
didrocksno, even without the MouseDown08:26
smspillazdidrocks: ah weird08:26
didrocksyeah, I was first thinking of a conflict, but it isn't08:27
smspillazyeah since I do nasty things in that code like *cough* force ungrab the pointer08:27
didrocksright, but I tried to remove all the grab thing08:27
didrocksbut it's really an issue nux and jay didn't have the time08:28
didrockshence the workaround to emulate double-click myself right now08:28
smspillazdidrocks: ah ok, seems though I don't have this email I sent to jaon because I forgot to backup evolution *cough*. I'll ask Jason to foward it08:31
didrockssmspillaz: ok, no worry :)08:32
didrockssmspillaz: backup are good!08:32
smspillazthe server backs up for me :)08:32
didrockssmspillaz: and even with insane mailbox, evolution is working fine08:32
didrocks(like 1h to backup my 4 Gio of emails)08:32
didrocksGiB in english :)08:33
smspillazhow do you even process that much email in a day :/08:33
didrockswell, it's just "picking the right ones" that enables to see what bugs are important08:33
smspillazdidrocks: the gconf crash is bug 691561 right ?08:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 691561 in Unity "compiz crash on login to Unity desktop" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69156108:33
didrockssmspillaz: btw, I don't see a comment in the wrong window position08:34
didrockssmspillaz: right08:34
smspillazmaybe launchpad failed on me again, I'll email it08:34
didrockssmspillaz: you attach something to bug #70785308:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 707853 in compiz (Ubuntu Natty) "Window geometry isn't restored" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70785308:34
didrockswhich is the "geometry restore"08:34
didrocksbut not the "wrong position"08:34
smspillazah right08:34
smspillazI think they are the same bug08:34
smspillaz(I only tested with minimal plugins though, I might be wrong)08:35
didrockssmspillaz: ok, I'll tell you08:35
didrockssmspillaz: btw, just so that you know, Jason and I found why the launcher became so slow for me after your launcher change08:36
didrocksand it seems to be the same issue than alt + tab beeing slow :)08:36
didrocksin fact, you go through all window xid and redecorates them08:37
didrocksthis seems to be insanely expensiveeeeeeee there :)08:37
smspillazahh right?08:43
smspillazthat's interesting08:43
smspillazfile a bug I'll look into that08:44
smspillaz(and yes, redecorating windows is insanely expensive, good fine)08:44
smspillaz(good find)08:44
didrockssmspillaz: urgh, ABI break?08:44
didrockssmspillaz: what the "fix window jumping" is doing exactly?08:45
ionsmspillaz: “implement improved borders & shadows (phase 1): DONE” – improved in which way? :-) I’m still unable to try Unity out myself due to nux crashing on fglrx. I do hope that means reducing the borders to zero pixels. That’s what OSX does and it looks great. :-)08:45
smspillazion: exactly08:46
smspillazion: there is now a small area outside of windows to resize in08:46
smspillazdidrocks: there was one recently, yes08:46
didrockssmspillaz: I don't get that bug btw, how to trigger it?08:47
smspillazdidrocks: also, fix window jumping is when you grab on chromium  and then grab it again and it jumps a bit08:47
didrockssmspillaz: remember than any ABI break is ubuntu not being installable for 6 hours08:47
smspillazdidrocks: heh08:47
didrockssmspillaz: can that slip by just after alpha2?08:47
didrockssmspillaz: like, I took the two other patchss?08:47
smspillazdidrocks: it really annoyed me, it would be good to include08:47
didrockstrying to reproduce08:48
ionsmspillaz: A fully transparent area that becomes opaque on hover?08:48
smspillazion: no, it is always transparent (but your mouse cursor changes)08:48
ionAlright, sounds great.08:48
didrockssmspillaz: I can't reproduce it on chromium08:48
didrockssmspillaz: just that you ensure ABI break is expensive08:48
smspillazdidrocks: well, I'm not really sure if the ABI was really broken by that update, I just bumped the core ABI just to be safe08:49
didrocksurgh :/08:49
smspillazthough if we can get away with not bumping it, then that's probably a good thing08:49
smspillazI did add some new globals though08:49
didrocksI think I'll give you some classroom about ABI breakage one day  :)08:49
smspillazgood plan :p08:49
didrocksdid you change an existing struct?08:49
smspillazdon't think so08:50
didrocksand nothing in existing methods?08:50
didrocksok, let's try without the breakage08:50
smspillazurgh, can't seem to reproduce this gconf bug08:51
smspillazlet me try it from your packages I guess08:51
smspillazhi njpatel08:52
njpatelhey smspillaz08:52
smspillazI love it when my keyboard layout gets switched to Afghanistan08:53
didrockssmspillaz: our package, without the patch08:53
didrockssmspillaz: and ensure you are using the gconf backend08:53
ionsmspillaz: Every time keyboard-configuration gets updated it seems to revert the debconf values to defaults which happen to be af-something. I haven’t got around to filing a bug (if one doesn’t already exist).08:55
smspillazion: yeah, I think a bug has been reported already08:55
didrockssmspillaz: ok, so for your compiz backtrace11:28
smspillazdidrocks: so is there a way that I can get a backtrace from the .crash?11:28
didrockssmspillaz: rm all *compiz* in /var/crash11:28
didrockssmspillaz: because I think it's an old one11:28
didrocksso just ensure we get a fresh one first :)11:28
didrocksyou recompiled the packaged, right?11:29
smspillazoh, right11:29
smspillazit didn't crash11:29
smspillazyeah I recompiled the package without the workaround11:29
smspillazI'll try rming my config11:29
didrocksok, but it crashed you just told me?11:29
didrocksyeah, I'm almost sure you are using the ini backend :)11:29
smspillazdoesn't say I am11:31
smspillazand weird, even after I rm that stuff unity doesn't show up11:31
didrocksare you in the right session?11:31
didrocksenv | grep GDMSESSION11:31
didrocksand env | grep COMP11:31
smspillaznothing in both of them, weird11:33
smspillazoh, well, then again, sshing in doesn't help that11:33
* smspillaz opens a terminal11:34
didrockssmspillaz: right, those variables are handled by gnome-session, you need a process son of gnome-session11:34
didrocksor spawned by it, at least11:34
smspillazdidrocks: what's the name of the package to right click in nautilus and open a terminal there?11:35
didrockssmspillaz: I think it's nautilus-action or something like that… I'm not using it TBH :)11:36
didrockssmspillaz: first, look if the gnome-session process has the right env variable in11:37
didrocksif it's ok, you can just export the same in your ssh window I guess11:37
spikebnautilus-open-terminal - nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths11:37
didrocksthanks spikeb :)11:38
smspillazthat makes my life 435432523456372537483 times easier11:38
didrockssmspillaz: I tend, when compiz is started, to Ctrl + alt + T to open one at start :)11:39
smspillazthere's that too11:39
smspillazdidrocks: GDMSESSION=gnome11:40
smspillazdidrocks: COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE=ubuntu11:40
smspillazis that right?11:40
didrocksexcellent :)11:40
smspillazand compiz is working here ....11:40
smspillazeven with that patch uncommented11:41
didrocksweird… is it at session start?11:41
smspillaz(also, maybe the unity plugin isn't working right now because of the abi break, that might explain it)11:41
didrocksyou remember that it was utterly failing for everyone, we didn't invented that and you had it as well :)11:41
smspillazyeah, I know11:42
smspillazbut ISTR that it crashed11:42
smspillazwe skipped lunch over it remember?11:42
smspillaz(also, that day was _awful_ since the damn airconditioning system was destroying my lips)11:42
ograyou had that only one day ?11:42
ogralucky you11:43
smspillazit was every day11:45
smspillazbut wednesday was the worst11:45
ograheh, you should have come to the arm room ....air was so dry that we could produce blue sparks with the static electricity in th air (which is indeed helpful in a room full of bare non grounded boards)11:46
didrockswell, Friday was horrible for me as well :)11:46
spikebhaha ogra, did you guys end up frying anything?11:46
ograpersia made fun out of running around and randomly touching people11:47
ograi think Gruemaster fried something11:47
ograluckily a cheap and easily replaceable board11:47
didrockssmspillaz: btw, did you try to log twice as told on the bug report?11:52
smspillazwhat do you mean ?11:52
didrocks*shrugh* we already discussed that extensively and it's on the bug report :/11:52
didrockslike, the crash only happens when you log twice with the same profile11:52
didrocksnot on profile change (on the gconf copy)11:53
smspillazlog or log in11:53
didrockslog in11:53
smspillazdidrocks: right :)11:53
smspillazdidrocks: so interestingy enough I haven't hit the crash yet, but uncommenting that patch makes unity not load it seems11:54
smspillazare we enabling dbus by default?11:54
didrockssmspillaz: dbus isn't enabled by default11:54
didrockssmspillaz: unity --reset to reset to the distribution default11:55
smspillazdidrocks: ok11:55
smspillazdidrocks: that was 000_workaround_gconfbackend_hang.patch right ?11:55
didrockssmspillaz: right11:55
smspillaz(also had to disable move_checks_to_compiz.patch since it depended on it11:55
didrockshum, that's why it doesn't crash11:55
didrockswe don't load the ccp plugin :)11:56
didrocksadapt move_checks_to_compiz.patch rather to still load the ccp plugin without any arg11:56
didrocks(I still think that this patch should be upstream btw, there is no need to "do nothing and screw the user" if you just compiz --replace)11:56
smspillazideally ccp should be integrated into core11:57
didrockssmspillaz: so that's why you don't have any crash I think11:58
smspillazand we should remove command line loading11:58
smspillazdidrocks: but I get window borders11:58
didrockssmspillaz: readd it in adapating it11:58
smspillazand compositing11:58
didrocksyou shouldn't :)11:58
smspillazso it is clearly loading that plugin11:58
smspillazI think though people wanted it to be kept a plugin because we might experiment with other settings systems11:59
smspillazor for debugging purposes, etc11:59
didrockswell, first, let's get one right and see after… :)11:59
didrocksfor debugging purpose you still compiz <manual list>12:00
didrocksthe patch doesn't prevent that12:00
smspillazdidrocks: yeah, although it gives favor to a specific plugin. hardcoded12:00
smspillazdidrocks: there is a COMPIZ_DEFAULT_PLUGINS a build-time for a reason you know :)12:01
didrockssmspillaz: the plugin that loads all the other12:01
smspillazoh, but that doesn't work if ccp aint loaded, duh12:01
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didrocksso really it's just illogical12:01
smspillazdidrocks: I think that compiz should read the default values in the metadata then12:01
smspillazmaybe COMPIZ_DEFAULT_PLUGINS is just setting the value, not the default value12:02
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didrocksit's setting the value, but those values need to be read by ccp12:02
smspillazif that doesn't work I need to fix it :)12:02
smspillazdidrocks: the defaults still work if ccp isn't loaded12:03
didrocksno it doesn't12:03
didrocksI remember explicitely to try it12:03
smspillazdidrocks: for example, alt-button1 is a default value for the move plugin, and that works if you just compiz --replace move12:03
smspillazso what's happening is that we're not reading the default value12:03
smspillazand that is indeed abug12:03
didrocksright, but not if you compiz --replace12:03
didrocksyou were speaking about default like COMPIZ_DEFAULT_PLUGINS12:03
smspillazdidrocks: it should read the default values for the core plugin though12:03
smspillazdidrocks: exactly12:03
didrockswell, I'll let you try to reproduce the crash, on unity right now :)12:04
smspillazdidrocks: yeah12:05
smspillazdidrocks: what's that magical bzr command you did to fix patches not applying ?12:06
smspillazdidrocks: if I comment out 000_workaround_gconfblahblah 060_move_checks_to_compiz doesnt apply12:06
smspillazISTR you had a magic thing to fix that12:06
didrockssmspillaz: so, bzr bd-do12:06
didrocksquilt push -f 060_move_checks_to_compiz12:06
didrocksdo you have a reject?12:07
didrocksok, so fix it12:08
didrocksediting the file (not the rejected one, the original)12:08
didrocksto readd the ccp plugin12:08
didrocksthen quilt refresh12:08
didrocksexit 012:08
didrocksbzr bd…12:08
didrocksif you want to generate the debug symbols, you need to install a package, one sec12:09
didrockssmspillaz: install pkg-create-dbgsym, it will generate the -dbgsym12:09
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smspillazdidrocks: so weirdly enough, if I don't have any of those patches applied, unity doesn't get loaded :/12:41
smspillazso 000_fix_gconf_backend_init_hang is what makes unity load for me12:41
smspillazotherwise it doesn't load12:41
didrocksdo you have 060_move_checks_to_compiz still?12:42
didrocksagain, without 060_move_checks_to_compiz ccp doesn't load, and so no settings at all12:42
smspillazdidrocks: I dropped 060_move_checks_to_compiz and implemented it myself in the source12:42
smspillazdoing the same with 000_fix_gconfbackend_init_hang12:43
didrockssmspillaz: how implemented in the source?12:43
smspillazdidrocks: exactly the same way as the patch12:43
didrocksyou are building the package isn't it?12:43
smspillazso I just changed the source is build-area12:43
smspillazare you allowed to do that?12:43
didrocksand then?12:43
smspillazbzr bd12:43
smspillazok, that explains a bit :)12:44
didrockswhy didn't you follow what I told you?12:44
smspillazIt didn't work12:44
smspillazjust got more reject errors12:44
didrocksask rather, it's working, I've done that for years…12:44
didrockswell, reject is because other patch is depending on this one I guess12:44
didrocksjust update then one by one12:44
smspillazaand how do I do that exactly ;-)12:44
didrocksand think the pain I have at every update :)12:44
didrocksread above?12:44
didrocksquilt push -f <the patch>12:45
smspillazwell the pain is created by this bizzare packaging system :)12:45
didrocksno, the pain is made by upstream not accepting sensible patches :)12:45
smspillazthough, I'm glad you're there to help us :)12:45
didrocksbzr bd-do12:45
didrocksquilt push -fa12:45
smspillaz-f or -fa ?12:45
didrocks-fa is easier, it will try to push all the patches it can12:45
didrocksthen, you have a reject, isn't it?12:46
smspillazright, you missed that earlier :)12:46
* smspillaz was doing -f12:46
didrockssmspillaz: no, I told you quilt push -f <rejected_path>12:46
didrockswhich is the same in that case12:46
didrocksjust easier to -fa12:46
didrocksok, so now fix that in the source12:47
didrocks(the rejection)12:47
didrocksas you have the .rej, it should be easy12:47
didrocksthen, quilt refresh to refresh the patch12:47
didrocksthen quilt -fa to try to push more patch12:47
smspillazwhat do you mean "fix it in the source"12:47
smspillazsince you said going into build-area is wrong12:47
didrockssmspillaz: look at my next sentence12:48
didrocks13:47:34  didrocks | then, quilt refresh to refresh the patch12:48
didrocksit will bring back your change to the patch in debian/patches/<foo>12:48
smspillazah right :)12:48
didrocksonly the debian/ directory is kept on exit 012:48
didrocksso, just keep quilt push -fa ; fix ; quilt refresh ; until there is no more patch to refresh12:49
didrocksthen exit 012:49
didrocksand bzr bd12:49
smspillazso what exactly does "fix" entail though :)12:51
smspillazjust "quilt refresh" ?12:51
didrocksdo you know about patch? :)12:51
didrocksif it was only quilt refresh, it would be automated :)12:52
smspillazwhat, just patch -p0 060_move_checks_to_compiz ?12:52
didrocksno ;)12:52
didrockswhenn, quilt is doing that12:52
didrocks(-p1 in fact, but that's not the matter)12:52
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didrocksso, when you have a rejection, it means it can't apply a part of the patch12:52
didrocksbecause of the context is different12:53
didrocksso, you need to reapply that part of the patch (it's called a junk or something like that manually IIRC) manually12:53
didrocksfor that, if you have a reject on foo.cpp12:53
smspillazto what exactly12:53
didrocksyou have foo.cpp.rej12:53
smspillazsince build-area is something that you shouldnttouch[tm]12:54
didrocksso, you need to look at the changes and reintroduce them to foo.cpp12:54
smspillazbut the foo.cpp in where?12:54
didrocksin the build-area12:54
didrocksthen, quilt refresh12:54
didrocks13:48:22  didrocks | it will bring back your change to the patch in debian/patches/<foo>12:54
smspillazahh right12:54
smspillazthat's possibly the most confusing thing I've used in a looooonnnnggg time12:55
didrocksquit refresh is basically a diff -Nrup > debian/patches/…12:55
didrocksso just trust me and follow the guide:12:55
didrocksbzr bd-do; repeat: quilt push -fa ; <fix in the source> ; quilt refresh; until all patches applies again; exit 012:56
didrocksand bzr bd12:56
smspillazok :)12:57
didrocksthat's one of the 3 patch systems we are using if you want more info, look there: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems12:57
* smspillaz wishes things could be a simple as arch linux12:57
didrockswell, I admit that using bzr make it a little more difficult in that case until we can use source 3 for everything :)12:58
smspillazdidrocks: quilt-push -fa says no patches in series - I need to go into /debian right ?12:58
didrocksoh right, sorry, you need to export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches12:59
didrockswell, I have that for such a long in my bashrc :)12:59
smspillazhuzzah it worked!12:59
* smspillaz hugs didrocks12:59
didrocksgood luck now! ;-)12:59
didrocksand meanwhile… nux is still building :)13:00
smspillazaand it still refuses to build13:02
didrocksdo you have a reject at build only?13:02
didrockslike quilt push -fa works until the last patch.13:02
didrocksbut not while building??13:02
didrocksyeah, I got that too sometimes13:02
didrocksI really don't know why13:03
didrocksthe way to fix is:13:03
didrocks- note the patch which is failing13:03
didrocksbzr bd-do13:03
didrocksquilt push <name of the patch failing>13:03
didrocks(you should have shell completion btw)13:03
smspillazI do13:03
didrocks-> no reject normally13:03
didrocksquilt refresh13:03
didrocksexit 013:03
didrocksbzr bd13:03
* smspillaz adds QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches to bashrc13:03
didrocksdid it work?13:05
smspillazIT WORKS13:05
* smspillaz HUGS DIDROCKS MOAR13:05
* didrocks hugs smspillaz, sorry about that one, I'm not sure why quilt can applies cleanly some patches with quilt push and not at build time sometimes…13:06
smspillazlets hope I get the crash this time :p13:06
didrocksseems he can shift the patch context in some time :)13:06
smspillazmeh, its quilt's problem not yours :)13:06
didrocksyeah, let's hope it crashed!13:06
didrocksright, I should investigate though13:06
smspillazbtw, if you're not busy, I can help you write this plugin to do the soft struts13:07
smspillazwhile kompiz kompiles13:07
didrockssmspillaz: well, let's focus on the gconf crash, I'm doing the unity release right now13:07
didrockssmspillaz: and then, yes, if you are still awake, we can work on the plugin together :)13:07
smspillazsure np13:07
smspillazdidrocks: hmm, I have a dentist appt at 10h tomorrow, ah, screw it, all nighter it is13:08
didrockssmspillaz: hum, you should get some rest stil :)13:08
* smspillaz cranks up ipod volume13:08
smspillazstrangely though I've been maintaining a normal sleep schedule (eg not going to bed at 4am) recently. that's probably a bad thing13:09
didrockssmspillaz: or a good one?  :)13:10
* smspillaz blames the Dallas time difference13:10
smspillazdidrocks: eh, I pretty much have the house to my self for a while, don't really need to care about other people's sleep schedules13:11
didrockshehe, right :)13:11
smspillazstill no crash :/13:12
smspillazdidrocks: could you check if you still get it ?13:13
didrockssmspillaz: did you try to log twice?13:15
smspillazhmm, I'll try that13:15
smspillazforgot about that :)13:15
smspillazdo I have to do it in fairly rapid succession ?13:15
didrockssmspillaz: not really13:16
smspillazstill not getting it13:16
* smspillaz double checks that patch is gone13:16
didrocksdid you install the new packages? :)13:17
=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann_
smspillazdidrocks: any ideas?13:20
smspillazthe only thing I can think of is that gconf is using the ini backend, though that's unlikely13:21
smspillazdidrocks: what's that lp repo again?13:24
didrockssmspillaz: let me finish the unity release first13:24
didrockssmspillaz: you don't have debug output about which backend is used?13:25
smspillazhrm it says gconf here13:25
didrockssmspillaz: what says gconf? I was thinking our new startup order was telling nothing13:33
didrockssmspillaz: oh oh, I have another patch that can maybe help gconf to start13:33
didrockssmspillaz: try removing 080_migrate_gconf_from_alpha1.patch13:34
didrocksthis one can maybe avoid the race as well13:34
smspillazyes I recall removing this one made it worse13:34
didrockstry that :)13:35
smspillazI sure hope it isn't a race condition13:35
* smspillaz does not want to debug a race condition right now13:35
smspillaz*grabs coffee*13:35
smspillazAHAH it crashed!13:48
smspillazwait, no it didn't crash, there was just an ABI mismatch :/13:48
smspillazurgh, ok, still not crashing13:51
smspillazdidrocks: I guess I'll have to send you some patches for you to test then13:56
smspillazdidrocks: could you grab me that backtrace which we saw during the sprint ?13:56
didrockssmspillaz: isn't it on the bug report?13:57
didrocksdo you have the bug # handy?13:57
smspillazthis is bug 691561 right ?13:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 691561 in Unity "compiz crash on login to Unity desktop" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69156113:58
* smspillaz rebuilds nux and unity + friends from git13:59
didrockssmspillaz: why not using the package? :)14:06
smspillazdidrocks: has it been pushed?14:07
didrockssmspillaz: it is building right14:07
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
* smspillaz rebuilds everything14:13
smspillazits gonna be a LONNNG night14:13
* smspillaz looks into some other bugs in the meantime14:13
* spikeb gets ready to rock n roll all night14:13
smspillazseb128: are you still getting bug 687960 ?14:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 687960 in compiz (Ubuntu) "the alt-tab action does nothing until a dialog is clicked sometimes" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68796014:16
smspillazsince I'm not14:16
seb128smspillaz, no, seems to be fixed in the current version14:17
smspillazseb128: cool, can you close this bug?14:18
seb128smspillaz, ok14:18
didrockssmspillaz: ok, back, all is ready now14:22
didrockssmspillaz: I'm trying to rebuild with the patch14:22
didrockssmspillaz: ok, done the quilt dance (was fast, just one conflict) :)14:24
didrocksbuilding now14:24
didrockssmspillaz: there is a stack in the bug!14:25
didrockssmspillaz: do you really read bug reports?14:25
didrocksapport-retrace report (91.2 KiB, text/plain)14:25
smspillazah right14:29
smspillazI was looking for Stacktrace.txt14:29
smspillazdidrocks: in the meantime I'm looking into bug 68278114:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 682781 in Unity "empathy buggy list vanish when opened twice using the indicator" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68278114:30
didrockssmspillaz: well, please focus on the gconf bug first14:30
didrockssmspillaz: you have the stack now :)14:30
smspillazdidrocks: that bt isn't for the gconf bug14:31
smspillaz #0  0x000000000043b860 in CompWindow::id() ()14:31
smspillaz No symbol table info available.14:31
smspillaz #1  0x00007f94bc80391d in UnityScreen::getWindowPaintList (this=<value optimized out>) at /build/buildd/unity-3.2.6/src/unity.cpp:24614:31
didrockssmspillaz: well, it's the crash at start when removing my workaround14:31
smspillaz         pl = @0x12b8d5014:31
smspillazthat was for something else, which was fixed14:31
smspillaz         xwns = @0x7fff5f67212014:31
didrocksnot sure why my workaround fixed it14:31
smspillazdidrocks: I'm pretty sure the crash *we* got was in dbus or something14:31
didrockssmspillaz: right14:32
didrockssmspillaz: so, if this one is fix, set it as fix released please14:32
didrockscompiz still building without my first workaround14:32
smspillazdidrocks: could you test again with your workaround disabled? and if it doesn't work send me the bt :p14:32
smspillazsup DBO14:32
DBOhey sam14:33
smspillazDBO: can you forward the thing I mailed to you to didrocks14:33
didrockshey DBO14:33
DBOwhich thing14:33
smspillazDBO: the one about soft struts14:33
DBOsmspillaz, I am going to be disabling the redecorating of windows on scale for now14:35
DBOits very very costly14:36
DBOand causes the animation to skip14:36
smspillazit ... shouldn't14:36
smspillazworks perfectly fine here (even on intel)14:36
DBOit is very expensive here and confirmed by many users to be14:38
smspillazI can see why it might be somewhat expensive14:38
smspillaz(need to resize frame windows and stuff)14:38
smspillazmaybe I'll look into a better solution for this14:38
smspillazDBO: when did this start happening? maybe there was an xserver update that slowed things down </randomguess>14:39
DBOas soon as it was committed14:40
smspillazok, that's very strange then14:40
smspillazas I get no slowdown whatsoever14:41
didrocksDBO: received, thanks :)14:42
didrockssmspillaz: taking until 3-4s here14:42
smspillazDBO: maybe in unity we can not set a strut on the panel and disable decoration /painting/ *cough*reallyuglyfuglyzomghack*cough*14:42
didrockssmspillaz: and that's what is doing the alt + tab slow14:42
smspillaznah, alt-tab is a different issue14:42
DBOsmspillaz, also is there a way to convince the scale plugin to maybe *not* use the left 64px14:43
didrockssmspillaz: I told you that this morning (my morning :))14:43
smspillazDBO: *cough* set the strut *cough*14:43
hggdhis it a known issue that when returning to Classic Desktop from Unity all panel applets fail with "<whatever> has quit unexpectedly"?14:43
didrockssmspillaz: well, I definitively confirm that it's way way quicker if I have no window undecorated14:43
didrockslike less than a second with any window undecorated, several seconds with 4-5 window undecorated14:43
smspillazits pretty well instant here14:43
DBOsmspillaz, the problem with that is it becomes a race14:43
didrockshggdh: yeah, it's knowing and fixed by the new compiz release for alpha214:43
didrockssmspillaz: unfortunately, I don't have your hardware it seems :)14:44
DBOthere is no way for me to set the strut from X and have it get back to compiz before the scale plugin does its layout14:44
smspillazDBO: yeah14:44
hggdhdidrocks: merci14:44
smspillazDBO: welcome to the land of how much X sucks at doing what we actually want it to do14:44
didrockshggdh: yw :)14:44
DBOsmspillaz, so uhm, I have this crazy idea14:44
DBOwhy cant we just let a plugin slice off a bit of the workarea14:45
smspillazwont work14:45
DBOwhy not?14:45
smspillazbecause I'd have to add a WrapableInterface and PluginClassHandler to CompOutput which means a mandatory API change for every single plugin14:45
DBOscreen->claimWorkAreaSlice (CompRect);14:46
smspillaznot doing that14:46
DBOwhy not?14:46
smspillazyou do realize how many times maniac103 would kill me if I introduced that right?14:46
DBOyeah but is it any nastier than what is required for soft struts?14:47
smspillazDBO: yes14:47
smspillazDBO: it is supporting unofficial specs in core - no can do14:47
DBOso how do we do soft struts in a way that scale pays attention14:48
smspillazDBO: disto patching!14:48
DBOokay so I guess I get to do it any way I want then14:48
* DBO goes to do it the simplest way possible14:48
smspillazdon't break the API downstream14:48
DBOwhy not?14:49
smspillazdidrocks will kill you14:49
didrocksI won't :)14:49
DBOdidrocks, will you kill me if the Ubuntu plugin only works on Ubuntu?14:49
smspillaz(dude! you were supposed to back me up on that!)14:49
didrocksDBO: that's fine for me :) we have already a lot of distro patch that upstream doesn't want, so it's ok :)14:49
didrocks(even distro patch written by upstream ;))14:49
DBOgood deal14:49
smspillaz(they don't break the API though)14:49
DBOthis doesn't break the API14:50
DBOit just adds to it14:50
didrocksthey are still a burden to maintain, you learnt that!14:50
DBOwe had the same thing with mutter, there are things we just have to do14:50
smspillazDBO: you should just patch the scale and expo plugins to take into account soft struts14:50
DBOthats a more complex patch14:50
didrocksDBO: so, ntw, are you disabling the redecoration for alpha214:50
DBOdidrocks, depends when that happens I guess14:50
didrocksDBO: for monday14:51
DBOsmspillaz, my patch is like 10 lines, yours is a lot more14:51
DBOdidrocks, yes14:51
didrocksDBO: great, thanks :)14:51
smspillazDBO: I know that, but at least it doesn't introduce an API difference between the  ubuntu compiz and the upstream compiz14:51
didrockssmspillaz: FYI I'll probably to the same in the alt + tab plugin14:51
smspillazdidrocks: there's no such code in the alt-tab plugin14:51
dbarth_seb128, didrocks: klattimer can't land the full i-datetime today unfortunately14:51
smspillazdidrocks: like I said before, alt-tab is a different issue14:51
didrockssmspillaz: well, there is something related to the size of the window in any case14:51
dbarth_seb128, didrocks: but we're trying to have a part of it that lands14:52
klattimerdude you're going to make me feel full of shame and cry :(14:52
smspillazdidrocks: turn off mipmapping14:52
DBOsmspillaz, yes but we care about maintenance costs more than maintaining plugin compatibility with upstream14:52
didrockssmspillaz: can we do that by default?14:52
dbarth_seb128, didrocks: at least on trunk and with dailies14:52
smspillazdidrocks: sure14:52
didrockssmspillaz: hum, ok, will do then, (we will only have icons then? no window preview, isn't it?14:52
didrocksdbarth_: got it, thanks for the notice14:53
dbarth_klattimer: i need to warn platform about what they still need to block on14:53
smspillazDBO: the problem is that this method also introduces an ABI break between upstream and downstream, and that really sucks14:53
DBOsmspillaz, I mean basically what you have said to me is "upstream cant solve this problem, you must, but please solve it in a much more complex manner than normally required"14:53
klattimerdbarth_: I was only joking :)14:53
seb128dbarth_, klattimer: why not? it means we still have the 10.10 code for alpha2 and no rollout during that cycle yet?14:53
klattimerseb128: yeah essentially14:53
seb128that's an issue14:53
didrockssmspillaz: btw, speaking of ABI break between upstream and downstream, didn't you introduce one in metacity? :)14:53
seb128how come that's the one source not getting weekly rollout?14:53
didrocksDBO: helping you there ^^14:53
smspillazDBO: plus, adamw and the opensuse people are doing to kil me14:53
dbarth_seb128, didrocks: trying hard to have sometihng stable by tomorrow or monday, so requesting some flexibility for getting the last bits in alpha-2 ;)14:53
smspillazdidrocks: yes, but you don't develop plugins for metacity :)14:54
DBOsmspillaz, nah, they'll take the patch too14:54
didrockssmspillaz: you can14:54
smspillazDBO: adamw has indicated to be "kill your distro patches or else"14:54
smspillaz*to me14:54
klattimerseb128: I've had to learn ecal/ical api's and start implementing them in the indicator14:54
klattimerit's not easy as the documentation isn't very clear and existing examples are even less clear14:54
didrockssmspillaz: as you can have another *ccp* upstream and so don't enable it by default :)14:54
DBOsmspillaz, well thats really his problem :)14:54
spikebklattimer, write some documentation while you learn ;)14:55
smspillazDBO: if it is really that much of a problem, I will write the patches myself :/14:55
DBOsmspillaz, I dont see the functional difference really between the two14:55
DBOeither way it doesn't work is intended14:56
didrocksok, restarting to make compiz crash14:56
seb128klattimer, well still you should be able to do incremental rollout during the cycle and not block on having it to land at once no?14:56
smspillazDBO: one introduces new API in core for the sake of handling a corner case that only happens in one plugin which breaks some other plugins in one distro (X doesn't do what we want), the other makes those plugins directly handle the case14:57
klattimerseb128: well this is a single feature14:57
klattimerand has been causing crashes and breaking other indicators14:57
klattimerespecially the sound indicator14:57
DBOsmspillaz, if you want to do it your way you are free to14:57
smspillazawesome :)14:57
seb128klattimer, do you need help on tracking those crashes?14:57
seb128klattimer, is it close to be working once those crash issues are solved?14:58
klattimerseb128: mterry helped me out yesterday and got me past one hurdle14:58
smspillazDBO: the thing is that I don't want this to be a case "Well we let one API break slip, another one can't hurt"14:58
smspillazall the way until we have a fork14:58
seb128klattimer, like do we aim at next week or what sort of timeframe?14:58
klattimerbut in the mean time I'm trying to figure out whether it's my code or not that's at fault14:58
klattimeri'm hoping either tomorrow or monday14:58
DBOsmspillaz, I am glad you care so much about that :)14:58
seb128klattimer, thanks for the update14:58
seb128klattimer, don't hesitate pinging mterry if you need help debugging something14:59
smspillazDBO: compiz == my baby14:59
klattimerhe's pretty good :)14:59
didrockssmspillaz: I really can reproduce the hang quite easily15:06
didrocksseb128: I confirm, it's really a hang for me :)15:06
smspillazdidrocks: by just uncommenting that patch line ?15:06
didrockssmspillaz: right15:06
smspillazdidrocks: maybe there is something on your system ?15:06
smspillazsince I don't get it15:06
didrockssmspillaz: let me push the branch somewhere15:06
smspillazat all15:06
didrockssmspillaz: well, not just mine, every got it…15:06
smspillazdidrocks: are you sure it was this particular one though ?15:07
didrocksseb128: what happened when you removed the patch?15:07
didrocks(just a rhetoric question as we have already discussed that hundreds of time…)15:07
seb128didrocks, you are sure it hangs?15:08
seb128didrocks, or is apport blocking it because it's trying to collect the .crash?15:08
didrocksseb128: I wanted for 30s, maybe I should wait more15:09
didrockstrying waiting more15:09
seb128didrocks, ps ax | grep apport?15:09
didrocksbut in any case, when you removed the patch, people were complaining, isn't it?15:09
seb128to see if it's running15:09
didrocksit's running15:09
seb128didrocks, well people were getting a crash15:09
seb128not a hang15:10
didrocksat least, there were getting something15:10
seb128ok, I guess it's apport taking ages and keeping the process blocked15:10
didrocksso not *just* my system…15:10
didrocksgetting tired of having to justify every bug…15:10
seb128didrocks, right, as said everybody seemed to get a crash15:10
seb128nobody mentioned a hang15:10
didrockssmspillaz: do you believe me now? ^15:10
seb128but maybe the hang is just you having apport on and a slow box15:11
didrocksseb128: yeah, I'll try to wait a little bit more15:11
didrockstrying that right away…15:11
smspillazdidrocks: I believe you since I have seen it with my own eyes, but I just can't reproduce the crash myself15:11
seb128smspillaz, you should get a box with a standard natty install15:11
smspillazseb128: I just reinstalled natty today15:12
seb128smspillaz, not sure what you are doing but you mix versions and it makes getting issues harder for you15:12
smspillazthe only things I've installed are the compiz packages from launchpad :)15:12
seb128smspillaz, well you seem to try to do local builds15:12
* evilvish wonders how many "thank you" notes smspillaz might get for fixing the window resize bug ;)15:12
smspillazseb128: I have no local builds installed15:13
smspillazwith stock natty and compiz packaged from launchpad, I cannot reproduce this at all15:14
smspillazI have cc-b-gconf from the launchpad packages too15:14
seb128smspillaz, well a stock install using a compiz without the workaround should give you a crash15:15
smspillazseb128: hm ok, and you can confirm this?15:16
seb128smspillaz, I didn't try with today's compiz but last time we tried to drop the workaround everyone was getting a crash on start in the default session15:17
seb128not in the classic session though15:17
smspillazI know :)15:17
smspillazbut are you sure this happened with stock natty?15:17
smspillazcan you check again?15:17
smspillazbecause I'm not getting it :)15:18
seb128where did you get your compiz build without the workaround?15:18
smspillazseb128: lp:~compiz/compiz/ubuntu15:18
smspillazand then I removed the workaround from debian/patches/series15:18
seb128smspillaz, ok, I will try in a bit, I'm waiting to get the new compiz first15:19
smspillaz sure15:19
smspillazI'll keep going with this other bug15:19
didrocksdefinitively a hang here (waited for 3 minutes)15:21
didrocksI see 3 compiz process btw15:21
seb128didrocks, try to sudo stop apport?15:22
smspillazI feel your pain (sort of, can't reproduce this bug yet)15:22
seb128didrocks, btw could you upload the "broken" compiz in a ppa like yours?15:22
didrocksseb128: that was my suggestion :)15:22
didrocksstopping apport, but nothing in /var/crash/15:22
smspillazoh wow15:23
didrocksseb128: do you want the one with the new ABI?15:23
seb128didrocks, yes15:23
smspillazso fixing this flash crash, actually fixed the majority of my issues with the 2D mode compiz \o/15:23
didrocksok, doing15:23
seb128didrocks, the new stack is available in natty so once unity is published I will try to upgrade and then use your ppa to see if it hangs or crash15:24
seb128well if it hangs or crashes there15:24
didrocksseb128: thanks :)15:24
didrocksseb128: ok, uploaded, will ping you once published15:24
* smspillaz will pull an all nighter15:25
didrocks(that's when you double-check you didn't dput ubuntu :))15:25
didrockssmspillaz: did you kept 080_migrate_gconf_from_alpha1.patch for your tests?15:26
seb128didrocks, don't tell me I did dput some GNOME3 to natty yesterday15:26
smspillazI tried it with it commented out and included15:26
seb128didrocks, but I got lucky those were new revisions for versions not in natty so they got rejected on missing tarball15:26
didrocksseb128: oh, that was what you were talking about yesterday on -devel :)15:27
didrocksahah, lucky yeah :)15:27
didrockssmspillaz: ok, I'm wondering if this can be the cause as I see several threads15:28
didrockssmspillaz: I'm trying to comment it as well and install15:28
seb128didrocks, did you try to send it a sig11 when it's hanging?15:28
seb128that should give you a .crash15:28
didrocksseb128: no .crash, which was weird15:28
didrocksseb128: so, I wrap it on gdb15:28
didrocksand ctrl + C once hanged15:29
seb128you sig11-ed it?15:29
didrocksit didn't react to sig1115:29
seb128weird, I'm quite sure it's crashing and apport hangs it15:29
seb128didrocks, do you have any segfault in /var/log/syslog?15:30
didrocksso, I have some kind of weird backtrace…  but almost with only missing symbols15:30
seb128or dmesg?15:30
didrocksseb128: not recently (I have some from this morning)15:30
didrocksit's like it's ignoring the segv15:30
seb128didrocks, do you have a .apport-ignore.xml?15:31
seb128in your user dir15:31
didrocksseb128: no, I don't, and I get other compiz crash triggered with apport15:31
didrocksyeah :/15:31
didrockslet's see with the version in the ppa15:31
didrocksand I'm rebuilding without the run python script15:32
didrocksok, retrying with that15:45
dbarth_today is landing day15:47
* dbarth_ does more of the Thursday dance15:47
dbarth_lamalex: hiya; do you have presents for the ubuntu gods today?15:47
dbarth_tedg: more offerings for the gods?15:48
tedgdbarth_, Yeah, I went through kamstrup's questions on the reviews.15:50
tedgdbarth_, I think I've fixed everything now.15:50
dbarth_tedg: super, go appmenu, go!15:52
didrocksseb128: smspillaz: can't get anything better than that: http://paste.ubuntu.com/559061/15:56
AnAntmay someone comment on LP 701132 , LP 700971 ?15:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 701132 in hijra (Ubuntu) "Hijra: Use indicator framework" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70113215:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 700971 in minbar (Ubuntu) "Minbar: Use indicator framework if available" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70097115:56
seb128didrocks, install libglib2.0-0-dbg15:57
didrocksseb128: it is installed :/15:57
seb128dpkg -l | grep libglib?15:57
didrocksii  libglib2.0-0                          2.27.92-0ubuntu1                           The GLib library of C routines15:57
didrocksii  libglib2.0-0-dbg                      2.27.92-0ubuntu1                           The GLib libraries and debugging symbols15:57
didrocksand same for glibmm dbgsym15:57
didrocksI check on purpose it was the same version…15:58
didrocksii  libglibmm-2.4-1c2a                                   C++ wrapper for the GLib toolkit (shared libraries)15:58
didrocksii  libglibmm-2.4-1c2a-dbgsym                            debug symbols for package libglibmm-2.4-1c2a15:58
seb128didrocks, try the dbgsym instead15:58
didrocksseb128: that was my first try, same thing…15:58
didrocksthen, I decided to install the dbg15:58
seb128I need to check what  happened there15:58
didrocksseb128: no libglib in the dbg15:59
didrocksoh sorry, /usr/lib/debug/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0.2792.015:59
didrocksso yeah, it match the patch (why no usr btw is it intended?)16:00
smspillazdidrocks: so you can reproduce the bug ?16:00
didrockshum, for plymouth, before /usr is mounted I guess16:01
didrockssmspillaz: yeah, nothing changed :)16:01
didrockssmspillaz: with the workaround, or 2 patches remove, same backtrace16:01
didrockssmspillaz: 3 threads in compiz process16:01
smspillazsame as the one in the bug report ?16:01
didrocksand it's again for me16:01
didrockssmspillaz: no, look above ^16:02
smspillazah ok, missed that16:02
smspillazdidrocks: valgrind ?16:02
smspillazmaybe I'll have to look into running the main loop asap, right now we wait a bit before running it16:03
didrockssmspillaz: do you have the default settings btw?16:03
smspillazAHAHA I got the stacking bug with compiz 0.916:05
lamalexdbarth_, working on it, what time is upload?16:25
* smspillaz -> bed16:50
kenvandinetedg, when can i expect releases to start hitting me?17:23
tedgkenvandine, Well, I'm trying to figure that out... kamstrup did reviews and I fixed the stuff, but I need him to check off on them.17:24
* kenvandine will be leaving soon for a bit17:24
* tedg too17:24
jcastroanyone getting a "Stuff and Doodads" icon on their launcher after today's unity update?17:31
didrocksjcastro: hum, this is old from maverick, I don't get it though17:36
didrocksjcastro: did you unity --reset recently?17:36
didrocksweird, I just have the two unkown icons for the placs17:36
jcastroyeah, I get those for like, my plugged in USB keys17:37
jcastrothey work, just the icon is broken17:37
* kenvandine runs out for about 1.5 hours17:37
didrocksjcastro: they work?17:37
didrocksoh ok, USB keys, yes17:38
jcastroStuff and Doodads just sits there, however it appears  to be in like "notification" mode or whatever where it sticks out halfway when the rest of the launcher is hidden17:38
ronockenvandine, https://launchpad.net/indicator-sound/third/0.5.718:11
ronocmpt, are you in the office tmrw ?18:12
mptronoc, yep18:12
ronocgood stuff18:12
ronocmpt fancy sitting down for an hour to go through bugs ?18:13
ronocif not it can wait until next week18:13
ronocjust the design ones18:13
mptNext week would be a bit better18:13
ronocokay me too actually18:14
mptsince I'm trying to get this other project done by the end of this week18:14
ronoclets pencil it in tmrw18:14
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lamalexsomething has all of my memory18:48
lamalexbut htop wont tell me what18:48
lamalexcompiz is at the top with 4.5%18:49
lamalexsomething is wrong here18:49
lamalexUGH unityshell.h is not includable19:06
kenvandineronoc, on it19:19
ronockenvandine, schweet19:19
ronocborrowing an njpatel ism19:20
ronockenvandine, gonna grab some food19:21
kenvandinetedg, any love for me?19:23
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tedgkenvandine, Just starting, sorry.19:39
kenvandineno worries19:39
kenvandinei still haven't figured out wtf is up with the libappindicator packaging19:39
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tedgkenvandine, One down, though I forgot to update the shlibs: https://code.launchpad.net/~dbusmenu-team/dbusmenu/ubuntu/+merge/4772120:28
mterryNew unity/compiz acting badly for me here.  Not accepting clicks or hovers, but doesn't seem to have crashed either20:35
mterryAnyone else seen that?20:35
mterryah, this is a resurgence of the 'only can interact with unity during an alt-tab' bug20:37
jcastroDBO: ping21:39
jcastroDBO: is this still up to date/accurate? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/InstallationGuideFromSource21:40
DBOall the compiz stuff is no longer required21:41
DBOother than that, yes21:41
jcastrook so I can safely remove that from the wiki page?21:41
jcastroactually, just cut out the parts that don't make sense, they're mixed in together21:42
jcastroso it's not obvious to me21:42
jcastrothank you sit21:45
jcastroI mean sir ...21:45
DBOthere you go jcastro21:48
DBOall done21:48
RAOFIs there somewhere with Unity's mulit-monitor design published?23:28

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