macohighvoltage: riddell & scottk say yes akonaditray can be split off into its own package and not installed by default. so..there's a start00:57
highvoltagemaco: ooh, great! thanks for following up on that01:34
macogetting akonadi-server to not be installed would be a great deal more effort though and would require collaboration with debian, so breaking up python-kde4 into being more modular is not going to be happening this cycle01:35
highvoltagefor this cycle at least we'll just hide unwanted icons. knowing that it's fixable is at least a good start, knowing that people care enough to work towards a solution in the future is awesome.01:37
macoi should at some point get to know the debian kde packagers01:37
highvoltagesounds like a good thing to do... or even become one?01:41
EdencampusHi, we got a nice new server at Eden campus. We currently run 10.04 with 32 clients (VXL TC3831) lab.10:05
EdencampusI installed 10.10 amd DVD and the clients now give the error about  the kernel and cmov.10:05
EdencampusError This kernel requires the following features not present on the cpu: cx8 cmov10:06
EdencampusUnable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.10:06
EdencampusIs there a fix or should we just use version 10.04 for now?10:06
alkisgAfaik there's no fix, you need to use 10.04. Are you using LTSP? How much RAM do those clients have?10:14
Edencampus512MB RAM. They have been running edudbuntu since about Dapper. LTSP is being run10:42
EdencampusA few have only 256MB Ram10:44
EdencampusI was hoping I could just rebuild or re-configure the thin client image in opt for edubuntu 10.1010:46
Edencampusthe clients use VIA C3 800MHz processors - memory upgraded from 128 MB to 512 or 256 MB10:56
EdencampusEdubuntu 10.10 with via C3 clients - clients unable to boot due to cx8 and cmov kernel requirements - any suggestions?11:45
EdencampusThanks for the input. Downloading 10.04 now. Pity about the new features in 10.10 - now unusable in many thin client labs.12:06
macoEdencampus: there is nothing to be done about it. i586 is an unsupported architecture these days16:21
highvoltagestgraber: heh, I see global menu is now enabled by default in gnome and the menu is now just the small gnome menu instead of Applications Places System21:06
robehend1i take it theres still no way to remove the places menu from the gnome menu? that, or my google-fu is seriously lacking recently21:09
stgraberhighvoltage: using ubuntu again ? :)21:14
highvoltagestgraber: VM :)21:16
highvoltagestgraber: I'm just wondering whether we should keep that as-is in edubuntu or put it back to the old ways21:22
stgraberhighvoltage: not sure, having a delta in the UI is relatively painful for stuff like documentation. I'd need to have a look at what the user experience exactly is with classic desktop on edubuntu and if it might cause issues for our users22:28
highvoltagestgraber: indeed, the way I see it it's basically wheighing the painfulness of UI change for no reason against ... oh you're jabbering me :)22:58
highvoltageoh right, that was about something entirely different23:18
highvoltagepainfulness of UI change for no reason against the painfulness of having to maintain a change in default ubuntu23:18
stgraberif we plan on shipping with unity in 11.10, then following that change makes sense, because it'll be a smoother transition for our users23:23
stgraberif we don't, then it's indeed pointless23:24

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