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hotmantaHaving problems with desktop effects causing slow response to keys and mouse scroll, anyone willing to discuss?00:57
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JuJuBeeI just finished upgrading from kubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 and it reported an error. I opened a terminal and tried to apt-get install -f to fix things... but I get http://pastie.org/150114201:55
nabukadnezar43anyone knows how we change font colors in mplayer?02:05
nabukadnezar43using config file02:05
isaiashi, too bad i have to uninstall kubuntu, its getting to slow for my poor machine, i really like it, but, i have no choice but to go back to my old xubuntu ;-!02:32
nagihello, i'just installed kubuntu 10.4. I cant conf my home theater 5.102:37
nagisomeone can help me?02:37
Spaztic_Oneso, uh, the panel and stuff is frozen. I can still do alt-f2 to start programs (which is what I did to start irc). what is the command I need to pass through terminal to restart that aspect?02:43
Spaztic_OneI know its restart, but don't know the program name02:43
DarkriftXi can never find that command when i need it either02:44
DarkriftXsometimes i just have to restart kwin02:44
DarkriftXwhich is kwin --replace but not sure if that will work for you02:45
Spaztic_Oneit says unknown job for kwin02:45
DarkriftXtry in the rn command dialog02:45
Spaztic_Onedid there first, didn't do anything02:46
DarkriftXyou cant use a browser?02:46
Spaztic_Oneprobably can.02:46
Spaztic_Onecan even switch workspaces02:47
DarkriftXsudo /etc/init.d/kdm start <--- not sure about that02:47
DarkriftXthat restarts the whole desktop manager02:47
Spaztic_Onekicker is the name of it I think02:49
Spaztic_Oneor not02:49
Spaztic_Onejust flat out did sudo restart kdm02:56
DarkriftXkicker is the panel at the bottom but i thought by "and stuff" you meant kwin also02:57
DarkriftXi think kicker --restart would have worked02:58
DarkriftXor not02:58
Spaztic_Oneoh, not restart kicker?02:58
DarkriftXguess this is the blind leading the blind02:58
* DarkriftX shuts up02:58
DarkriftXi dont really use the gui for much except for chrome and xchat02:59
DarkriftXeverything else i use terminal.02:59
Spaztic_OneWell, either way, you suggested restarting kdm, and that worked.02:59
DarkriftXoverkill, but glad it worked lol02:59
Spaztic_One*shrugs* I'm not complaining02:59
DarkriftXif not a "sudo reboot now" will always work lol03:00
Spaztic_Onebut yeah, I use the panel for monitoring my battery, cpu usage, and the time03:00
DarkriftXi have a big 4in wide panel on the right for that crap03:00
Spaztic_Onebut it also had a huge blurry rectangle covering the bottom right corner of my screen which kinda bothered me03:01
DarkriftXcpu/temps/disk activity/bandwidth03:01
DarkriftXoh, i get those a lot03:01
DarkriftXi get wallpaper showing thruogh my apps when a tooltip type window goes away03:02
DarkriftXhave to move the window around to make it redraw03:02
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blissLIST [<channels> [<server>]]04:10
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Guest42862i loaded the option for amarok to show vidoes but it isn't loading them ny idea?04:43
hotmantaError 5: dependency not met: gawk not found in path04:44
milltonerikпривет всем04:48
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ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:14
i4ba1excuse me05:27
i4ba1i want to join into a project on kubuntu05:27
i4ba1anybody have team?05:28
i4ba1if you don't objection, can i join?05:28
Daskreechi4ba1: sure05:53
Daskreechwhat would you like to do?05:53
i4ba1i like to research and coding06:08
i4ba1can i join in kubuntu project?06:26
susundbergplease see http://www.kubuntu.org/community/contribute06:32
i4ba1are you developer susundberg06:34
Daskreechi4ba1: you can help out in #kubuntu-devel06:35
susundbergwell i consider myself as a passive tester (by using developers version and reporting bugs)06:36
susundbergAnd i do try to give support in irc-net ;)06:37
Wenzel__Hello, I've got a problem with openDesktop and the social network06:47
Wenzel__I've put my login in system configuration06:48
Wenzel__and when I return, they 've gone06:48
Wenzel__so i can't use the community plasmoid06:48
Wenzel__I add that i don't use KWallet06:48
Wenzel__has anybody the same problem ?06:49
valoriewell, kwallet is the way to store your passwords07:15
valorieif you don't want to save them, then you'll have to put them in over and over again07:15
sirishahi I am having a problem with connecting to the internet using wifi...07:16
sirishamy os is karmic koala07:16
sirishacould u help me07:16
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:16
valoriehope that helps, because I don't really know much about it, myself07:16
sirishaok thanks will try :)07:16
tech-mikesup peeps - why does screen goto sleep/suspend while watching a movie (dragon player) ??07:37
tech-mikeanybody alive07:46
jhohn!anybody | tech-mike07:53
ubottutech-mike: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:53
tech-mikejhohn,  i did - "sup peeps - why does screen goto sleep/suspend while watching a movie (dragon player) ??"07:56
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tech-mike*sleep/suspend/screensaver  -- why though if im watching a video, with media playing it should not be idle timing08:03
jhohnif you use vlc, there is a setting for this08:07
jhohnor use caffeine: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146543608:09
tech-mikevlc is a great choice - just thought id test the defaults beforing having to replace08:11
DhaniJeremyis there any way to install gnome desktop environment in kubuntu by using ubuntu cd?08:16
Tm_TDhaniJeremy: only if it's alternate cd08:16
Tm_TDhaniJeremy: but if you have internet connection, the installation is easy08:17
DhaniJeremyis it possible to add a directory to the apt source?08:17
Tm_Tno need to, simply install ubuntu-desktop package08:18
DhaniJeremyTm_T: i think that is only if i have a fast internet connection08:18
Tm_TDhaniJeremy: how fast you got then?08:18
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fdgcan anybody recommend me some math chat ?10:14
fdgbecause I need some quick help with calculus and matrices10:14
valoriefdg, do a /list math10:23
valorieand see what you come up with10:24
valorieor google for calculus IRC channel10:24
fdgthanks, but im new with irc can you tell me where to type the /list ?10:24
tsimpson"/msg alis list *math*" would be better10:24
valorieIRC commands use a slash as the first character on the line, followed by the command10:24
tsimpson/list math would not work10:25
valorielike /nick newnick, etc.10:25
valoriesure it does10:25
tsimpsonmaybe in _your_ client10:25
valorieah, well, true10:25
fdgi have to type it here ?10:25
tsimpsonbut if you give an argument to /list, /list just shows the output for that channel10:25
valorieinteresting, tsimpson10:25
valorieyou can type it here if you want; we won't see it10:26
fdgyup, I tried, so where then ?10:26
jhohnfdg: /join #calculus10:27
fdghey that was cool :)10:27
amgarchingis there a way to tell kde to log out from the command line? Something analogous to "init 0" but after closing the session cleanly?10:34
amgarchingHi, this is KDE 4.5.3 on Ubuntu Lucid started by KDM. When I select shutdown, reboot or even log-out (end session) from a K-Menu, nothing happens. ~/.xsession-error does not show anything in these moments. Where do I start looking?10:34
amgarchingsome time ago I filed this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/459695 At that time I solved the problem by using KDM instead of GDM.10:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 459695 in KDE Base "KDE has not Shutdown/Restart buttons if started from GDM" [Unknown,Fix released]10:34
Tm_Tamgarching: what happens if you press Alt-F2 ?10:43
amgarchingTm_T: k-runner or whatever the name is pops up to eneter the command.10:44
bigbrovaranyone have this issue with libreoffice taking so long to open on Kubuntu 10.1010:45
Tm_Tamgarching: if you try to run "logout" in there?10:47
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CuBeW0rKhi all! I have an odd question: is it possible to install KDE4 4.6 packages from kubuntu ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports to debian testing?11:17
CuBeW0rKsynaptic says it can upgrade a lot packages, but in the end it says a lot will be broken and wants to remove them11:17
bulldog98CuBeW0rK: Normaly it won’t work, because kubuntu uses experimental packages and so some of the deps can’t be installed11:18
CuBeW0rKanf if I tell apt -t maverick ?11:20
CuBeW0rKtoo bad I badly need 4.6, but don't have time for a full system reinstall :(11:21
bulldog98CuBeW0rK: I guess that the debian team will build upon the kubuntu packaging and so they hopefully have it in a few days11:22
CuBeW0rKdebian itself won't build new packages untill Lenny is not out11:23
CuBeW0rKthere's  a "semi official" repository, but that updates weeks later too11:23
bulldog98CuBeW0rK: maybe in experimental?11:25
CuBeW0rKexperimental still has 4.5.3 iirc11:25
CuBeW0rK# stable (codename lenny) KDE 3.5.1011:28
CuBeW0rK# testing (codename squeeze) KDE 4.4.511:28
CuBeW0rK# unstable (codename sid) KDE 4.4.511:28
FloodBotK3CuBeW0rK: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:28
CuBeW0rK"Latest news": August 24, 2010 As Squeeze has been frozen, Debian will ship Squeeze with KDE 4.4.5. Unstable repos will have 4.4.5 too until Squeeze release. KDE 4.5.x will be available via other repo some time later.11:29
agropesusburada türklerde var mı ?11:31
rork!en | agropesus11:32
ubottuagropesus: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:32
rorkagropesus: out of curiousity, which language did you use?11:33
agropesusturkhis triends11:34
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rethusif someone here also means, s.m.a.r.t notifyer is a "must have" for KDE to warn before your HDD crash, please vote for this bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25431311:47
ubottuKDE bug 254313 in general "kinfocenter should show S M A R T and notify if a Disccrash is near" [Wishlist,Assigned]11:48
rethusi only save my data, cause i try gnome-shell and installed gnome... first thing, that gnome notify is, that my hdd will crash soon... on KDE i never have an notify about this11:48
rethusi think... SMART notifyer is an absolutly "MustHave" for each WM11:50
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bertoldofonsecais there anyone who can talk about installation files?12:16
bertoldofonsecaon the kubuntu-ppa/backports12:17
amgarchingTm_T: Alt-F2 + logout has no effect. This prints a new line and nothing happens: /usr/bin/qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer logout 0 2 012:17
Tm_Tso ye, I had similar issue some time ago, but cannot remember what it was (:12:18
amgarchinghttp://pastebin.com/xTrhYQJ5 this is the output of "strace /usr/bin/qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer logout 0 2 0" I see nothing obvious12:20
amgarchingTm_T: was if starting KDE from GDM?12:20
Tm_Tamgarching: no, with KDM12:20
bertoldofonsecaHi guys!!! I want to report a missing files on the server (ppa/backports)...12:23
bertoldofonsecaIs there anyone here wha I can talk to?12:23
Tm_Tbertoldofonseca: #kubuntu-devel might be better place for that (:12:25
bertoldofonsecathanks Tm_T12:28
JuJuBeeWhy is the 32 Bit version of 10.10 the one that is "Recommended" ? and not the 64 Bit?12:56
yofel_because that will work on all systems so users don't get confused about downloading an image that doesn't work on their systems. Also, it doesn't require 32bit compatibility libraries and wrapping as for flash, skype, etc.12:57
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JuJuBeeI see.  But if I have Core 2 with 6GB Ram I "should" use 64 Bit, correct13:00
iulainif your pc is 64 bit, yes13:01
iulainbut then maybe is better dvd install i got errors with cd13:02
james147JuJuBee: you dont `have` to... as far as I know you can access all 6 gigs of ram on a 32bit kernel (though it needs spical options set), but each application can use more then 3-4 gig of ram... on the other hand, 64bit is simpler :)13:03
james147iulain: dvd just contains more packages... no point in using it unless you want to install it on something wiht no internet... best to use the alternitive if your having problems with the cd13:04
iulainmno idea maybe on cd some files missin thats why is recomended check md5 but...13:05
JuJuBeeI tried the upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 last night and something didn't go so well... Gonna do clean install now... things are a bit wonky13:06
james147JuJuBee: what went wrong?13:06
JuJuBeejames147: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167625713:08
alexmacohello everyone; i've got a small question: where exactly (filesystem location and kubuntu packet if possible) is the default air theme for plasma stored?13:10
alexmaconot air-netbook, but the plain default air13:10
alexmacoi haven't been able to locate it with find (don't know what to look for exactly)13:10
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Guest51481Hello! Who can help me? Why i cant move files on desktop (manual sort) KDE SC 4.6?13:16
Guest51481Widget "Folder view"13:17
james147alexmaco: probally /usr/share/apps/desktoptheme/13:17
BluesKajHi all13:18
james147alexmaco: ^^ seems to be the "default" one for me (name is in the metadata.desktop in each of the theme folders)13:18
james147Hey BluesKaj13:19
Goliathi installed the new kde. in kmix i pressed a little x button and when i bring it up now, the screen is gray (no volume bars appear) How can i fix it?13:20
Guest51481people help please....13:21
james147Guest51481: hmm, dont see a "manual sort" here, "unsorted" is there though... and can move them. have you tried removing the folder view and readding it?13:21
james147Guest51481: Give us time :)13:21
alexmacojames147: thanks, found it (was /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme)13:22
BluesKajGoliath, make sure alsa-base and alsa-utils are installed13:22
james147alexmaco: yeah, thats probally it (sorry, currently on my arch box so my paths are a little different13:22
GoliathBluesKaj: its ok13:23
Goliathi just pressed an x that removed the hda intel device from kmix13:23
james147Guest51481: (although i am still on rc2, so think might... although unlikly... have changed... will update now and see if anything is different13:23
Guest51481until this time everything was normal. now I can `t the mouse to drag the labels on the widget"Folder View"13:23
james147Guest51481: ^^ have you removed and readded the widgeT?13:24
james147Guest51481: then could you create a new user and see if it works for them?13:25
Guest51481its not work13:25
Guest51481ok, now try13:25
Goliathso i pressed the x near the new tab button in kmix,  and the screen in kmix is gray. how can i fix it?13:27
james147Goliath: try adding a new tab again13:27
Goliaththe button is missing now13:27
Goliathfor the new tab13:28
james147Goliath: :S13:28
Goliathjames147: is there any way to restore kmix defaults?13:28
iulaintry reinstall kmix13:28
Goliathi did that also13:28
Goliathdidnt fix it13:28
Goliaththe settings are saved somewhere13:28
Goliathmaybe in my home dir13:28
james147Goliath: you can try resetting kmix settings by renaming ~/.kde/share/config/kmixrc13:28
Goliathjames147: can i just remove that?13:29
james147iulain: reinstall shouldnt be need, or help at all, if its a user level config problem13:29
iulainful remove package setiings is in config files13:29
james147Goliath: you can13:29
james147Goliath: (renaming backs it up however)13:29
Guest51481with new user works normal...13:29
iulainthen install kmix again13:29
opade13is there a way to restore bootsplash in ubuntu 10.413:30
BluesKajGoliath, I don't bother with kmix, alsamixer is easier more flexible and overides all kmix settings anyway13:30
james147^^ so its best to rename and delete later if all went well (though its only kmix ;) )13:30
Goliathjames147: should i reinstall package after i remove the file?13:30
james147Guest51481: then its probally also a bad config file :) you can reset plasma-desktop to its default settings by renaming ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*  (all files begining with plasma that is)13:31
james147Goliath: no13:31
iulainyes but make sure you have backup copy to this file13:31
Guest51481ok thanks13:31
james147Goliath: kmix will create it if it dosent exist on next run13:31
james147Goliath: "killall kmix && kmix" should restart it13:31
iulaintry full remove config files also with synaptic first13:32
james147Goliath: iulain: Re installing kmix will do NOTHING... its jsut a user level config problem13:32
james147Goliath: rename that file i told you to and restart kmix, or log out and back in13:32
iulainyes but some copmponenets of missing drivers is saved in config files13:33
Goliathlet me try it13:33
KyranBehey, does anyone know if there is a ppa which provides the lion mail plasmoid?13:33
james147iulain: why does kmix care about missing drivers for a closed tab?13:33
james147iulain: best to do the safer and easier option of remiving a userlevel config before reinstalling anything13:34
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* james147 notes that a reinstall is rarly required in linux... at most a reconfig should fix it (sudo dpkg-reconfigure <package> .. but that wont help here since its a suerlevel config which dpkg wont touch)13:35
skramer_hi everybody, I'm on Kubuntu 10.10 with latest KDE SC 4.6. Aptitude says that I have an obsolete or self-created package "hotkey-setup". Is this package really obsolete, which one replaced it?14:08
skramer_the system was upgraded at least since Kubuntu 8.1014:09
JuJuBeeI downloaded the 10.10 64Bit iso and tried to boot, but every time I boot, it goes to the (initramfs) prompt stating an error mounting /dev/Loop014:09
JuJuBeeAm I better off with the Alternate CD?14:09
JuJuBeeI have never needed to use Alternate before.14:10
james147JuJuBee: run the cd check14:10
james147JuJuBee: and check the md5sum of the iso14:10
JuJuBeeok, let me go stick it back in a machine...14:10
JuJuBeeWhere on site is the md5?14:11
james147JuJuBee: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download14:12
JuJuBeeAh, way at the bottom...14:12
JuJuBeemd5 checks out14:13
Goliathhey i installed the new kde+kernel and i get an error msg on login saying: an audio device (alc888) seems to have been removed (Input&output). How can i fix that?14:14
james147JuJuBee: then run the cd check14:14
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JuJuBeejames147: CD Check's ok14:27
james147JuJuBee: well, you could try burning it again, but I do not know if it will help (or better yet, install it to a flash drive with usb-creator) or you can try the alternitive cd14:29
JuJuBeeI never used usb-creator.  Can I do that directly from the iso?14:31
james147JuJuBee: usb creator will install a *ubuntu iso to a flash drive to make a live usb14:32
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:32
JuJuBeeHmmm can I use the persistent one to do installs?14:33
james147JuJuBee: yeah, just means it saves settings to the usb14:35
james147but other wise acts as the livecd14:35
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zbyszekany speek??14:43
JuJuBeejames147: done with usb, rebooting.  Thanks for the tips... be back later... with good news hopefully...14:43
rtdosi have a 6.04 desktop that does not have access to the internet (so i'm not as concerned about security updates) - is there a way to install software from the repositorie archives using only a CD?15:48
genii-aroundrtdos: Do you mean Dapper ( 6.06 ) or Jaunty ( 9.04 ) ?15:58
ecinxit looks like my bigger disk partition which i set up for home isn't being used, while the small one is fillign up16:02
ecinxhow do I fix this16:02
james147ecinx: is the home drive listed in /etc/fstab16:05
semehey guys... I've enabled the kubuntu backports ppa but after doing a refresh it only shows me the kde 4.5 updates... do I have to enable Pre-release or Unsupported updates to get kde 4.616:09
Space_Manrtdos: you may be able to add the cdrom to the repository sources list16:10
JuJuBeejames147: Finally got 10.10 installed from the disc t hat wasn't working.  The USB just hung and the alternate had errors..16:21
FloodBotK3ucenik26: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:22
iulaindo you got these errors after retstart16:26
Freyris there a way to install vlc 1.1 on 10.04 (not installing from ppa) ?16:28
james147Freyr: you can always compile from source16:30
james147^^ though that breaks the idea of an LTS... since your no longer using super stable stuff :p16:30
rtdosgenii-around: Dapper (6.06) - i have kubuntu installed on a machine with only 128Meg RAM & 700MHz Celeron CPU and 12G Hard Drive (very very low specs). it was mainly a windows 98se machine but now i use it mainly for games (mostly text based) and to practice shell scripting. it does not have internet access and upgrading to a newer distro would be pointless on this machine.16:38
rtdoswhere would i d/l the archived packages / repositories for 6.06 ?16:38
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genii-aroundrtdos: Apologies on lag, work required me. You can use a cdrom as a repository by adding it with apt-cdrom, or by making a manual entry in sources.list . As for trying to download the entire repository, you're looking at about 30-35Gb. Also it's not archived yet because 6.06 server is still active and supported16:50
rtdossorry, i'm trying to do 2 things here at once: i'm not looking at downloading the whole repository, just certain packages.16:51
JuJuBeeAfter fresh intsall of 10.10 I have no audio it seems.  Any help?16:52
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:54
james147JuJuBee: run "alsamixer" see if any of the chanels are muted16:55
JuJuBeejust front mic16:56
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genii-around!info apt-offline dapper17:05
ubottu'dapper' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable17:05
Goliathshould i use qt4 or qtcurve as gtk theme in kde?17:23
Goliathhey is there a package for kde, that partially lights up the windows at taskmanager when  you hover over them with your mouse?17:34
krabadorwhen the daily build with kde 4.6.0 stable?17:37
mantas_NewbieHi, does anyone know why when I am trying to open presentation file with openoffice the system logs off?17:38
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mantas_Newbieis it possible to fix open office?17:43
james147mantas_Newbie: could you try creating a new user and testing it with them17:47
mantas_Newbieok ill try17:55
mantas_Newbie@james147 btw.. the thing is that i can create a new file... but i cant open saved one.17:57
iulaindo you have added any script ?17:58
92AAB8HU9james147 the same with new user18:06
iulainok tell us system log off or just cant safe file ?18:07
92AAB8HU9i downloaded presentation from internet.. and i just cant open18:08
92AAB8HU9it loads file for a few seconds18:08
92AAB8HU9and when system logs off18:08
92AAB8HU9and my name changed:/18:08
=== 92AAB8HU9 is now known as mantas_Newbie
iulainok do you have added any script ?18:10
mantas_Newbiei dont play with scripts atm18:10
mantas_Newbiecuz exam period;) and i cant risk with that:D18:11
iulainmaybe saved files is just virtual saved and when log off after this they gone18:11
mantas_Newbiebut i dont save18:11
mantas_Newbiei donwload18:12
mantas_Newbiei think i will come to this problem later..18:12
mantas_Newbiemaybe now i should instal microsoft office to virtual machine?18:13
iulainno no18:13
mantas_Newbieas i need to study whole night for tomorrows exam:/18:13
mantas_Newbiei have windows xp on virtualbox18:13
mantas_Newbieso maybe it wont take much time just to instal office18:13
james147mantas_Newbie: you can try koffice, also make sure you are upto date.18:15
james147can you open files you have saved?18:16
mantas_Newbiei didnt try i didnt need it yet18:16
mantas_Newbienow i just need lesson presentation;)18:16
mantas_Newbiei will try koffice if it doesnt work... i think im going to windows this time18:19
mantas_Newbiemantas_Newbie@ testing18:20
Elipsealgum progamador C?18:25
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Pici!it | nerio18:28
ubottunerio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:28
ubuntuhello, did I set this up right?18:30
ubuntucrud how do I change my name in this...18:30
DarthFrog  /nick <nick>18:30
=== ubuntu is now known as gaurdianAQ
gaurdianAQthank you18:30
gaurdianAQI don't use irc very often so I'm not very knowledgeable...18:31
gaurdianAQSo is there any chance someone here might be able to help me with some grub issues...18:31
DarthFrogIt's more important to have fun.18:31
gaurdianAQAlso I hope I wasn't intruding on anyones conversation...18:32
james147!ask | gaurdianAQ18:34
ubottugaurdianAQ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:34
gaurdianAQAnyways what I was hoping I could get help with, is recently I switched back over from windows, to linux... I was planning on setting up a dual boot, but I forgot that the simpler way to do it would have been to install windows first and then kubuntu after so that grub picks up windows, but I forgot since it's been a while and I installed windows after, now grub has been overwritten... How hard would it be to reset up grub without wiping kubuntu off and18:36
gaurdianAQreinstalling... or would it just be better to reformat, I hadn't yet installed many programs so it wouldn't be to much of a hassle.18:36
DarthFroggaurdianAQ: This channel is frequently inactive for hours at at time.  It's also the nature of IRC that multiple conversations can be going on simultaneously.  To continue a thread, preface your comment with the nick of the intended recipient, as I've done for you in this one.18:37
DarthFroggaurdianAQ: It's pretty easy to do what you describe.18:37
gaurdianAQDarthFrog: Alright and sorry for asking to ask a question18:38
gaurdianAQDarkFrog: Did I do that right? lol I feel like such a noob...18:38
DarthFroggaurdianAQ: We were all newbies once.18:38
DarthFrog!grub | gaurdianAQ18:38
ubottugaurdianAQ: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.18:38
james147!grub2 | gaurdianAQ18:38
ubottugaurdianAQ: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:38
james147^^ thats probally the one you want :)18:39
DarthFrogAs usual, james147 is correct. :-)18:39
* james147 notes they share the link you want anyway...18:39
gaurdianAQOk then I wasn't sure if Ubuntu had switched over to grub2, I remember reading somewhere that not all distros had switched18:39
DarthFroggaurdianAQ: Kubuntu was one of the first to use GRUB2.18:40
gaurdianAQDarthFrog: Really, well I was using Ubuntu before, but when I realized installing 64 bit was a bad idea I decided to give KDE a try, I g2 admit I'm loving KDE over GNOME, so DarthFrog, when I'm typing does the message appear with the orange background as it does for me when you type to me?18:42
gaurdianAQ@DarthFrog: Thanks guys, I'll check this out after lunch, I'm gonna sign off this now.18:45
gaurdianAQ@james147: Thanks for your help as well!18:45
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ChessTeachWhy does ubuntu not have the latest versions in the package manager?18:47
mika__hi, are the kmail address books working for you? i've some address books in kaddressbook, but kmail doesn't show any address of them when i try to send an email..... should i have to install some extra packages?18:47
ChessTeachI am trying to insall postgresql and the package manager think the latest verion was 8 something when they are on 918:47
ChessTeachnerio: are those ?s directed at me?18:48
nerionon capisco18:49
mika__nerio: non ci sono file da scaricare qui18:49
nerioscusa mi dici dove trovo i file per scaricare?18:50
mika__nerio: http://kubuntu.org18:50
rapidsphey, kde 4.6 from backports upgrades without troubles? :)18:51
ChessTeachrapidsp: thanks18:53
rapidspChessTeach: that was a qustion :)18:54
ChessTeachrapidsp: heh... i am on another channel as well and they told me to look in backports....solved the issue18:54
rapidspjr i didnt understand :)18:54
rapidspi remember upgrade to 4.5.4.... :)18:55
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
rapidspok, i'll try18:57
pickabuntuif i partition ubuntu19:15
pickabuntuif i partition my hard drive into ubuntu and windows, then can i access my windows partition in ubuntu19:16
james147pickabuntu: yes, ubuntu can access ntfs drives19:16
pickabuntuthank you i couldn't get into ubuntu - i didn't get to say hello....19:17
james147pickabuntu: however, windows cannot access ext drives :( so you cannot see your ubuntu partiton from windows (and it may ask you to formate it if you can see it :p i suggest you ignore that warning from windows)19:17
pickabuntui hate windows. mine has a virus. I making the switch. thank you19:18
pickabuntuhello james14719:22
james147Hello pickabuntu19:22
pickabuntuso here is the plan. i partition my hard drive to put ubuntu on it. then, i get access the windows partition section and back-up any stuff i can. then, i install ubuntu with no partitions. my windows partition has a vrus, and i am so fed up with it. Would it work....19:23
pickabuntu*i get access the windows partition section from ubuntu19:24
DexterFanyone know a ppa with vdpau enabled kaffeine-kde3 for 10.10?19:25
james147pickabuntu: I would back up any stuff you need onto an external media (flash drive or cd) then install ubuntu and copy the stuff back across assuming its not that much and you no longerr want windows. If there is allot of stuff then it becomes tricker19:26
geeteehi. are there any ppa's with packages for kdevelop 4.2 (final) for 10.10? I want to upgrade to KDE 4.6 but need Kdevelop for work and don't want to break it.19:27
pickabuntuyes. there is. the virus is slowing it down, so much so that i cannot access copy and paste. It takes half an hour for the right click to load and then to press copy freezes the windows!19:28
=== kt_ is now known as klux
pickabuntuthe window19:28
james147pickabuntu: you can back up stuff from a ubuntu live cd19:29
kluxi have installed kbuntu19:29
kluxim using it but i have a problem19:29
james147pickabuntu: if you boot into the full desktop rather then just running the installer19:29
kluxcan someone help me?19:30
james147!ask | klux19:30
kluxi am using WIFI internet19:30
ubottuklux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:30
kluxthat blue light on my laptop is turning off and on19:30
kluxwhy is that?19:30
kluxblue light = shows that wifi is connected19:30
kluxits repeatedly turning off and on19:30
james147klux: does the connection work?19:30
kluxits working19:30
kluxi am connected now from it19:30
FloodBotK3klux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:30
james147klux: then ignore the light...19:30
kluxbut its constantly changing colors like red/blue/red/blue19:30
kluxbut it will spoil the  laptop, wont it? Red light means its turned off.. its constantly changing to red and then blue again19:31
james147klux: my old laptop the light didnt come on at all :p19:31
kluxyou sure it wont spoil my wifi ?19:31
james147klux: if the connection is fine and not dropping out then its probally just a buggy driver playing with the lights19:31
pickabuntuwhat do you mean by "live cd" : http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook19:32
james147klux: and my current one the light dosnt turn off at all :p19:32
kluxhow to fix this buggy driver19:32
kluxconnection lags though19:33
kluxits lagging alot19:33
james147pickabuntu: ubuntu uses a "live cd" as its installer, and lets you either boot into a full desktop on the disk, or run the installer and install it to a disk (or you can install it from the desktop)19:33
pickabuntuok so if i boot into a full destop, then would it give me the option to back up by files19:34
james147pickabuntu: it lets you try out the system before installing it...  as well as backup anything you need to or prepare anything else you might need to before installing19:34
james147pickabuntu: no, but it will allot you to access your files and you can back them up manually19:34
kluxjames147:  can u help me sir19:35
pickabuntuoh, ok.....19:35
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:35
james147klux: dont know much about them sorry :p19:36
pickabuntuat least that would be faster than slow windows19:36
kluxdo u know any avs for linux19:36
kluxthis is my first hour on linux19:36
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus19:36
james147klux: ^^ so you really dont need one, even if you have a windows computer i would suggest jsut having the av on that rather then kubuntu as well  :)  why should linux have to protect windows from its own stupidity19:39
pickabuntuwhat about backing up driver names19:43
* BluesKaj is tempted to dump windows after yesterdays probs with makware19:43
james147pickabuntu: driver names?19:43
james147pickabuntu: ubuntu should have most if not all the dirvers you need out the box, and if not run "Hardware Drivers" from the menu.... though it might eb called something different in ubuntu19:44
james147^^ that will install all the needed drivers for closed source drivers19:45
pickabuntuwell once i put ubuntu on there properly and i want to switch back, so i put a bootable xp cd in there, with all the driver names deleted, i wouldn't be able to run wireless internet on xp                   SOURCE: (tried with osx86)19:45
james147pickabuntu: then i suggest that if you decide to switch back that you down load the windows drivers on ubuntu first... you should be able to google the make of your laptop to get the drivers you need19:46
pickabuntugood advice.19:47
pickabuntuthank you19:47
pickabuntu(why didn't i think of that...)19:47
james147or if not ^^ "lspci" should list your chipsets which should lead you to the drivers (though googling your laptop model is easier)19:47
kt_someone help me man19:53
kt_james how can i update my ubuntu complete19:53
kt_like theres a window update in windows, what is in linux?19:53
james147kt_: ubuntu or kubuntu?19:55
kt_and how can i get the most fancy graphics in it19:55
james147kt_: run "kpackagekit" and go to the software updates tab (or you can get to it via system settings)19:55
dmattanybody updated to 4.6 from 4.5.5? experiences?19:55
kt_and tell me about some cool things i should download for kbuntu19:57
kt_i heard linux has very good graphics n blah blah19:58
kt_i cant see anything better than windows19:58
james147kt_: that depends on what you define as "good graphics" ... kde has some nice desktop effects19:58
kt_what is kde?19:58
james147kt_: kde is the desktop interface when kubuntu uses19:59
kt_a friend told me download nvidia drivers from their site19:59
kt_but he is offline now19:59
james147kt_: dont19:59
james147the ones in the repos work better most of the time19:59
james147you can install the closed source ones by opening "hardware drivers" from the menu (or run jockey-kde)20:00
james147^^ that is the recomended way and easiest way to install the drivers20:00
=== ralsina_afk is now known as ralsina
kt_i am so upset man20:01
kt_i cant get this wireless thing fixed20:01
kt_can u tel me about some good drivers for wireless in kubuntu ? ill download them20:01
james147kt_: you already have them..20:01
kt_no its auto windows one20:02
kt_i was using win720:02
kt_and now i installed this on dualboot20:02
james147kt_: kubuntu wont use the windows drivers...20:02
kt_so i think its that one20:02
kt_tell me some other good driver20:02
kt_tell me about the best kubuntu wireless driver20:02
james147kt_: it has its own that it automatically installs20:02
kt_iwlagn is current one20:02
james147kt_: the best one is the one kubuntu installed...20:02
kt_how can i update this particular driver?20:02
kt_maybe that will help20:03
kt_current driver is iwlagn how to update it20:03
james147you can do that from kpackagekit when you update your system...20:03
kt_how can i do that?20:03
kt_cant i type osme command in run that will do it?20:03
kt_for this specific driver20:03
alaa_hello,.....i was wondering will kubuntu ever get the "sync folders to ubuntu one" like ubuntu and nautilus has ?20:03
james147if you ahve already updated your system then it should already be uptodate20:03
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone20:04
james147alaa_: there was a program developed to do that, but it wasnt working very well the last time i tried it20:04
kt_well sir20:04
james147afraid i dont know its current state20:04
kt_why dont utell me about other drivers available20:05
kt_ill try them20:05
alaa_hm,... :(20:05
james147kt_: as I said, you have the best ones...20:05
kt_just tell me the other ones20:05
kt_and let me try20:05
kt_sometimes the best are not ideal for use20:05
james147kt_: it highly depends on your wireless card... and mostlikly there will only be one set for your card (which you probally already have)20:06
* james147 suggest the oldschool solution of taping over the led :D20:06
kt_i shall be thankful if u just name the drivers20:06
james147kt_: I cannot... they vary from card to card...20:07
james147since i have no clue what card you have i cannot "name" a driver20:07
kt_wireless 802.1120:07
kt_how can i tell u the name of my card20:07
kt_where is it writen? tell me so i can tell u20:07
james147kt_: all wireless cards are "wireless 802.11"20:07
kt_how to know the specific name which u want20:08
james147run in konsole "lspci | grep -i network" and pastebin the result20:08
kt_tell me where can i find that so i can check it20:08
kt_02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection20:09
james147kt_: intels cards are open source and you already have the -only- ones i know of20:09
kt_plz can u search one for me20:10
kt_a different one20:10
kt_i dont know what to search20:10
kt_im googling from hours, still no luck :o20:10
james147kt_: no... since i dont think there will be any... and if there are then I doupt they will work/could be a security problem20:10
kt_ill try it20:10
kt_if it didnt ill leave it20:10
kt_plz help me20:10
james147kt_: intel open sourced its drivers so everyone uses them... there is no need for "other" drivers20:11
kt_but this driver is not serving my purpose20:11
kt_i better get another one na20:11
kt_what do u think about http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/20:14
rapidspupgrade to 4.6 was with little trouble20:14
kt_4.6 what?20:14
rapidspi had purge/install kdm...20:14
rapidspcant found csome theme...20:15
james147kt_: thats already in kubuntu...20:15
james147kt_: http://alexcabal.com/stop-blinking-intel-wifi-led-on-ubuntu-karmic/20:17
kt_i cant see the first command20:18
kt_what is it plz?20:18
jschallI have a suspend problem with my nvidia 8800GTS. When I resume, the graphics are slow (I get about 1/5th of the framerate in games.) Any ideas?20:18
kt_thee create problem20:18
kt_whats the create complete command plz? lemme know20:19
james147kt_: sudo nano /etc/network/if-up.d/wifi-led-noblink20:19
james147kt_: and the second one after you edit the file is sudo chmod u+x /etc/network/if-up.d/wifi-led-noblink20:19
james147kt_: and the one in the updated part is  sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/wlan.conf20:20
kt_it says permission DENIED20:23
kt_when i do options iwclore led_mode=120:23
kt_it says permission denied20:23
james147kt_: ^^ are you copying that into the file rather then running it?20:24
kt_how to run it20:24
james147kt_: you dont, you copy it into the file  /etc/modprobe.d/wlan.conf20:25
james147kt_: then restart you network20:25
kt_i typed the first 3 commands20:25
kt_now i msut restart?20:25
kt_i was doing the below shit also lol20:25
james147^^ or rather you computer (or unload and reload the drivers)20:25
kt_ok wait let me restart network20:26
kt_i must restart laptop?20:26
hagorath_do someone know, how to pair with devices without pin?20:26
alaa_any ideas how to make kubuntu a semi-rolling release distro (aside from saving PPA's to packagekit,...etc) ?20:26
james147alaa_: ... why? it will be more effort then its worth...20:28
james147alaa_: you may as well install an actuall rolling release distro20:28
alaa_yeah am running sabayon on a VM atm,... but it seems its kinda lacking packages...20:29
alaa_so am sticking with ubuntu/kubuntu for now20:29
alaa_and i did try arch but heard that its kinda hassle to install KDE on it,....so am too lazy to try it out20:30
james147alaa_: you could try arch linux, they have allot of packages... that is if you dont mind configuring your system from the ground up ;)20:30
james147alaa_: heh, running arch here with kde... wasnt any hassel20:30
kt_help me20:31
kt_its not working20:31
kt_still same20:31
alaa_pacman -S KDE kdm,...etc ?20:31
alaa_no kdemod ?20:31
james147kt_: if you having speed issues you can try http://www1.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9831101&postcount=10 (though i doute it will fix the leds)20:31
pickabuntu does ubuntu destop have unity20:31
alaa_yes but its still development20:32
james147alaa_: installed kde-meta and it worked... maby something else, i forget... jsut followed the kde entry on arch wiki.... however this is way offtopic and i suggest you join me in #archlinux or and offtopic :)20:32
pickabuntuis there going to be a release coming soon for ubuntu20:32
iulainkt: see there http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1524950.html20:33
pickabuntua new release20:33
alaa_yeah sorry james,..it kinda went that way.20:33
james147pickabuntu: ubuntu releases every 6 mounts.. in the mounts of 04 and 10 :)20:33
james147months ^^20:33
pickabuntuwhat do you mean by months 4 and 1020:34
james147the 4th and 10th month... april and october20:34
james147(hence why the version are 10.04 and 10.10 11.04.... its year.month)20:34
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pickabuntuand can ubuntu run maya cos i herd it hard to do so, (apparently only fedora can do this)?20:35
pickabuntudon't worry...20:35
pickabuntui'll put ubuntu on this slow junk, and hopefully it will run gr8!!!20:35
alaa_maya the 3d program ?20:35
james147!info blender20:36
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.49.2~dfsg-2ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 10520 kB, installed size 27612 kB20:36
alaa_i dont think it can,...20:36
alaa_it might with wine tho,but i doubt u will get the full performance outta it20:36
pickabuntuahh forget it .. i'll put ubuntu on there and use virtual machine on my mac for maya....20:37
pickabuntusee you20:37
james147^^ :S vm for 3d erkk20:37
alaa_does ubuntu one only work with ubuntu ?20:45
alaa_or can i upload files from diffrent ditros ?20:46
* james147 thinks their goal is multi platform20:49
Picialaa_: You may want to ask in their channel if there are clients packaged for other distros.  #ubuntuone20:49
sylionHello, i have some problem: GTK style QTCurve not work, and its looks not good...21:01
=== claudio is now known as Guest20579
sylioni change style to Raleigh and its dont work too21:02
rtdoshow come i am getting a wrong architecture message when i attempt to install the following: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/otherosfs/xapple2 - i thought i could install legacy 32bit packages?21:08
james147rtdos: :( dosnt look like apt-get supports that :S though running the application should work21:11
ubottuAMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64%20Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.21:11
james147(see teh first link)21:11
pickabuntui downloaded the destop ubuntu edition, so i go into the boot device selection menu, by hitting F12, and select cd but windows starts as normal/not the ubuntu installation, why?21:27
james147pickabuntu: did you md5sum check the iso?21:32
pickabuntuwhat does that mean21:32
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:33
parduistPardus 2011 is released! http://pardus.org.tr/eng/21:38
pickabuntusums are the same21:38
rtdosjames147, I tried downloading the file directly from that link and i get that same message. :-(21:38
james147pickabuntu: try reburning the disk as a slower speed or using a usb21:39
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent21:39
pickabuntumy computer doesn't boot from usb21:40
james147rtdos: yeah, as far as i can tell apt, or at least ts front ends dont understand dualarch systems (ie running 32 on 64)21:40
rtdosouch. ok. i'll see if i can copy the files manually.21:41
james147pickabuntu: then try to reburn the disk...booting strick to the os when you selected to boot form teh cd indicates that the biso failed to find anything of intrest on the cd (namly aa mbr)21:41
pickabuntujames147, am i meant to use the windows ubuntu installer....!21:43
iulainyou have downloaded on cd now or usb ?21:45
geneiroshi there...21:52
james147Hello geneiros21:54
geneiroshi james14721:54
geneirosi'm having a problem in kde 4.621:55
james147!ask | geneiros21:55
ubottugeneiros: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:55
geneirosmy gtk styles doesnt work...21:55
geneirosi was using kde 4.5.5 with molecule gtk style, and when updated to kde  4.6 all my gtk apps like firefox, gimp, eclipse doesnt use the gtk styles that i have configured in system settings...21:56
james147geneiros: do you have a ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 and ~/.gtkrc-2.0  file?21:58
geneirosonly have .gtkrc-2.0-kde421:58
james147geneiros: then symlink it to the other21:58
james147(not sure if it will help :)  )21:58
geneirosit worked...22:00
geneirosyou're the best...22:00
geneirosnow...i have another one....i have my panel(task bar) and when i resize it to decrease or increase the height, when i log out and log in the panel seems to return to default height size...22:01
geneiroswhere does the settings of the size of panel are saved?22:02
Kurdistanhey guys will kubuntu 11.04 with kde 4.6 be any faster?22:13
Kurdistanand lighter?22:13
james147geneiros: panel settings are saved with the plasma-desktop settings at ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*22:13
james147Kurdistan: hard to say seeing as its no where near a realse state yet.... but the goal for every new release it to make it faster :)22:14
james147Kurdistan: kde and gnome cannot be considered light however, thats not their goal22:14
Kurdistanjames147, thx for your nice comment, I tried out kubuntu 10.10 and it was terrible slow.22:14
geneirosi think kubuntu 10.10 one of the fastest22:15
KurdistanI am myself a buntu person, normally I run ubuntu/lubuntu.22:15
james147Kurdistan: probally a configuration problem.. what drivers/graphics card did you have?22:15
geneirosi tried almost all the kde distros...and maybe kubuntu is as fast or better then pclinuxos22:15
Kurdistanjames147, I have Geforce Go 7400.22:16
james147Kurdistan: how much ram/swap?22:16
Kurdistan:) I am pretty well oriented with buntu distros.22:16
Kurdistan:) I have 2 gb ram so my swap normaly is around 2 gb.22:17
james147Kurdistan: kde should run smoothly with those specs (hell it runs smooothly on my netbook :D )... are you using teh open or close drivers for nvidia?22:17
KurdistanI am pretty good at tweaking for shorthing out boot-time (really easy with gnome/lxde).22:18
Kurdistanjames147 the close ones22:18
KurdistanI removed animation and desktop effect it helped little bit under kubuntu 10.1022:18
james147Kurdistan: try disabling desktop effects, see if that helps22:18
DaskreechKurdistan: YMMV!22:18
Kurdistanbut other then the terrible slow upstart/reboot/shotdown I like kubuntu/kde concept.22:19
DaskreechDon't reboot or shutdown :)22:19
james147Kurdistan: o its just start up and shutdown?22:19
bigjoolsit boots like the wind on my box22:20
KurdistanI can accept that kde/kubuntu will never be fast like ubuntu/gnome (in natty unity), but it would be good if it is in the same level.22:20
Kurdistanjames147 yes, but in general kubuntu is slow compare to ubuntu. If I compare to Lubuntu, Kubuntu/kde feels like Windows.22:20
Kurdistandont take me wrong I like all buntu derivates.22:21
Kurdistanso guys and girls, will kubuntu 11.04 be any faster then kubuntu 10.10?22:21
DaskreechKurdistan: compare it to ratpoison :)22:22
Kurdistanor should I stick with unity/xfce/lxde?22:22
DaskreechKurdistan: If being light and fast is your objective I'd say look at openbox or ratpoison22:22
Kurdistan:( I hope it will be fast and light, becuase kubuntu is damn good looking, eyecandy .22:22
Kurdistandaskreech, I have tried openbox under crunchbang it is fast, but pretty ugly.22:23
Kurdistanlxde with openbox integration is nicer.22:23
Kurdistanratpoison is geeky.:)22:23
Kurdistanhow is kubuntu netbook edition?22:24
DaskreechKurdistan: Try e?22:24
KurdistanI have notebook, can I try it or it is pain in the as like ubuntu netbook 10.10 ?22:25
KurdistanI think kubuntu netbook should be faster? Correct me if I am wrong.22:25
DaskreechShould be22:26
Kurdistanis the kubuntu netbook edition only good for intel atom users?22:26
DaskreechMore polished at the very least22:26
Daskreech If you want lighter and faster and pretty have you looked at E ?22:26
KurdistanI am not fun of e1722:27
KurdistanI read news that kwin will be faster. thats good. I hope they learn something from compiz team.22:28
Kurdistanrtdos you use kubuntu/kde and you dont know, kwin?22:31
Kurdistanthats wierd22:31
Kurdistankwin=kde based windows manager22:32
DaskreechKurdistan: Why would that be strange?22:33
DaskreechI'm sure most people using Gnome don't have any idea about Metacity or Compiz22:33
DaskreechAnd I'm sure whatever you want them to learn from compiz will probably not be learned in this release22:34
Kurdistandaskreech, maybe you are right.22:35
KurdistanI wish kubuntu all the best and I will be really pleased if kubuntu gets lighter and faster.22:36
Kurdistanit would be my main distro22:36
Kurdistanbye guys/girls.22:36
Daskreechbut in general expecting something to be capable pretty and fast is going to lead to very few choices and lots of compromises22:36
DaskreechUnless of course you build your own :)22:36
geneirosdoes preload work in kubuntu 10.10?22:37
Kurdistandaskreech, I dont have time for arch and my student internet is a main turn off.22:37
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Daskreechgeneiros: Preloading what?22:37
DaskreechKurdistan: Student internet?22:38
Kurdistanpreloading is something used to startup application faster.22:38
geneirospackage preload 0.622:38
Kurdistanthats what geneiros writs about22:38
geneirosused to work in 9.1022:38
geneirosand then in 10.04 stoped working22:38
geneirosif it works again...helps a little22:39
Kurdistandaskreech, my university internet I must log in to page before I can be able to use internet22:39
Kurdistanbye guys/girls.22:40
Daskreechah that doesn't seem like such a hard ship22:40
Daskreech Kurdistan Bye22:40
xjjkhello, is anyone using the Akonadi-based Kontact from Kubuntu's experimental PPA?22:50
xjjkhow is it…22:50
geneirosi havent tried22:50
geneiroshi xjjk22:51
xjjkgeneiros: hello22:51
xjjkI *really* want to do some kind off offline IMAP storage22:51
xjjkmy Internet connections have been getting slower and slower and I want to cache all this =/22:51
macoxjjk: you dont need the akonadi version to do DIMAP22:51
xjjkbut I don't want to download 3 GB of e-mail just to do it again with akonadi-based kontact22:52
xjjkmaco: I don't, but I rather not download stuff again22:52
xjjkmaco: also, last I used it (4.2?), there were a lot of bugs22:52
macoi would *hope* that if you have it in the old format itd convert it when you upgrade o the akonadi one22:52
xjjkmaco: that's something I'm not sure about22:52
maco4.2 is when i started using it. DIMAP was much less buggy than normal IMAP! normal IMAP crashed when you deleted > 1 message at a time.22:52
xjjkmaco: I had to nuke my nepomuk db going from sesame to virtuoso22:52
xjjkthat was *annoying*22:53
adi_it does convert when upgrading22:53
xjjkhence, I don't want to re-download all my e-mail22:53
geneirossee you..22:54
xjjkwell, back to the original question: is anyone using akonadi-based kmail, and how great/bad is it22:54
xjjkit's inevitable by KDE 4.6.1 or .2, I'm assuming22:55
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drbobbdoes rekonq support flash?23:02
drbobbso mine must be misconfigured somehow23:03
drbobb(i just installed kde 4.6 from the backports ppa)23:03
james147drbobb: do you have flash installed?23:04
drbobbdo I need any package other than flashplugin-installer?23:05
james147dont think so23:05
drbobbthen yes it is installed23:05
james147does it work in konq or other browsers?23:05
drbobbI've only been using chrome23:06
drbobbbut that probably comes with its own flashplayer?23:07
james147dont think so,23:07
drbobbwell flash does work for me in chrome23:07
drbobb64bit system btw23:07
james147try konq23:08
drbobbit's not installed by default, is it? just askin'23:08
james147it is23:08
james147or should be23:08
nysosymwow kubuntu have a lot of graphical bugs23:09
nysosymand this after 3 years of kde 423:09
james147nysosym: what graphical bugs?23:09
drbobb'which konqueror' says nada23:09
nysosymjames147: scratched images23:10
jcgshi :) can anyone help my try and get my laptop's mic working?23:10
nysosymjames147: hard to decribe, just damaged like mixed pixel lines23:11
james147nysosym: not seeing anything like that here,23:11
drbobbthe calendar plasmoid is too big, and it refuses to scale down23:12
nysosymsome menus are fluid, others like 5fps, makes no sense23:12
nysosymno consistency23:12
drbobb(just a minor annoyance)23:12
nysosymwindows can scaled to the dead23:12
james147nysosym: can you test a new user? see if they have the same problems23:12
nysosymjames147: i tried 2 new installs ;)23:12
nysosymnvidia non free driver23:12
james147nysosym: can you print screen it?23:13
maconysosym: from what ive heard, its to do with using documented parts of the X API that havent been getting much love from Xorg devs, but there's work going on to get the stuff Plasma & KWin use to be better supported by the X devs23:14
drbobbthe nvidia nonfree driver is buggy23:15
drbobbor at least, does not play well with kde23:15
drbobbthat is m experience23:15
nysosymmaco: ahh ok, it'll getting better after 3 years, nothing that apple or ms could do23:15
drbobbsome desktop effects need to be avoided, they tend to freeze the display23:16
nysosymdrbobb, a shame, 3 years ago nvidia was the best graphic card for linux23:16
drbobbI just tried to use the cube, and got a 2-minute freeze23:17
nysosymand thats called a final release -.-23:18
nysosymthere are very good ideas, but most of them seam very rough made23:19
james147nysosym: for most people it is stable... I have never had a problem with nvidia or kde being slow :s  its probally a small subset of devices that are affected23:19
nysosymshure, it's stable, but buggy23:20
james147nysosym: like allot f software ... hell most software :)23:21
nysosymbut the most of them work well in basic functions23:21
james147nysosym: not always for everyone, in this case it unfortunately happens to be you :(23:23
nysosymselecting files i laggy as hell, on a actual 4 core system with 3 ghz23:23
nysosymthat should not happen23:23
nysosymthere you can see the graphic bugs23:30
nysosymon the right side of dolphin23:30
nysosymand the dolphin icon itself over the menubar23:30
SJrI get the horrible static in my left channel in Kubuntu, on a dell M121023:30

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