vexhow do I remove a build from the queue01:51
vexfor the builders on launchpad01:51
vexI messed up and now it's going to build a package that it doesn't need to.01:52
vexjob # 222619301:52
StevenKvex: Usually, you don't remove a build01:52
StevenKIs it going to harm anything if it builds?01:52
vexjust.. wastes resources :)01:52
StevenKIt's harder to remove it, so don't worry about it. :-)01:53
vexokay :D01:54
c2tarunI have a suggestion: do anyone think that we should have a launchpad group on facebook, in order for better interaction.04:45
lifelessc2tarun: http://www.facebook.com/launchpad.net ?04:59
fta2hi, PPA downloads are slow today, is that expected?07:17
fta2(way slower than they used to be)07:17
spmthe server in question is being hammered atm. that would account for much, alas.07:22
fta2oh, ok. thanks07:23
andrejzI have a minor launchpad problem08:58
andrejzif i go here https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/natty/+pots/ddtp-ubuntu-main/sl/+translate?show=new_suggestions08:58
andrejzand try to confirm the new suggestions08:58
andrejzi always get an oops with (Error ID: OOPS-1853EA326)08:58
andrejzThis has been happening for a week or so now08:58
mantienaHi launchpad developers11:28
mantienaTranslation export from launchpad doesn't work last 5 days, do you know about this?11:29
andrejz@matiena: it's a known bug11:30
andrejzi think it's been fixed11:30
andrejzoh, it's here - https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/70774111:32
mantienaandrejz: thanks11:32
andrejzso it's being fixed but not fixed yet11:32
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dicas3dI do a search on launchpad and found that the mozilla package are here. See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+search?text=mozilla .11:42
dicas3dHow a I can download it?11:42
dicas3dMy OS is Ubuntu Maverick 64 bits LTS .11:43
dicas3dBetter. How do i to download any package from launchpad?11:46
Ursinhadicas3d, if you found a package in a ppa, you can add it to your system and install it using apt-get11:48
Ursinhathere are instructions to do that in the ppa page11:48
dicas3dBut i don't found the ppa page.11:50
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* persia idly comments that Maverick isn't LTS11:52
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dicas3dBur how i found a ppa with the package mozilla from this page https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/amd64/mozilla/2:1.7.12-1.1ubuntu2 .12:04
dicas3dI have to go out.12:05
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ochosii have a very basic question, but i couldn't answer it with 15min of googling around: what's the correct syntax to assign a bug to someone? i always either get "invalid value" or "constraint not satisfied" when trying full urls or just the nicks (meaning the name after the ~)12:34
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ochosi(using the full real name or ~nick also didn't work)12:36
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maxbochosi: Are you talking about the web UI or email interface?13:27
maxbOr, indeed, the web API13:27
ochosimaxb: the web UI13:29
ochosibut i think now that it could also be due to restrictions13:30
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ochosiguess i'm not a member of the team i would i have to be13:30
maxbUnless you're in some team related (I forget precisely how) to a project, you can only assign to  yourself or teams you are in13:32
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ochosimkay, thanks, that it explains it13:32
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doko_hi, need to file a few private bug reports, but doing this within the Ubuntu project, these are create publically. how should I create these? do I need a separate project to keep them private?14:29
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Laneywhat does this mean: "Attempt to upload binaries specifying build 2203335, where they don't fit."?15:25
bigjoolseeek, that's not good, where did you see that?15:28
Laneybigjools: from soyuz somewhere15:32
Laneycan forward it to you if you like15:32
Laneyit's likely that the build (would have) failed, fwiw15:35
bigjoolshmmm never seen this in production before15:36
Laneygot it twice15:36
bigjoolshad you already uploaded the source ok, it built and then you got this?15:36
Laneyno, I think it was when it attempted to build15:37
Laneyvisit the build page15:37
bigjoolsthis message is generated only when uploading build results15:37
Laneyactually, it had15:37
Laneyeh, ok, this is the other one: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haskell-curl/1.3.5-4ubuntu2/+buildjob/2224459 — check that build log15:38
bigjoolswooo,  bizarro15:38
bigjools2203335 is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haxml/1:1.13.3-4build1/+buildjob/222458915:39
bigjoolsI'll file a bug and you can subscribe, one sec15:39
Laneyhaven't had that reject mail yet15:39
Laneydid get a failed to upload one though, which I hadn't opened15:40
* apw notes he is getting "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server." on every other launchpad link right now; never seen that one before15:40
bigjoolsLaney: that other one is a different bug it seems15:42
Laneylooks like something left over from a previous build15:43
geserbigjools, Laney : looks like an other case of bug 70534216:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 705342 in Launchpad itself "buildlog contains a mix of two different builds" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70534216:05
bigjoolsgeser: I don't think it's the same as that16:06
bigjoolsbut I expect it's related16:06
geserbigjools: when I look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/62954932/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-armel.haskell-sha_1.4.1.1-1build1_BUILDING.txt.gz it looks like an apt-get  of the build-depends for haskell-curl and a fresh start of a build (RUN: ...)16:08
bigjoolsgeser: right16:08
geserbigjools: and in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/62955459/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-armel.haxml_1%3A1.13.3-4build1_BUILDING.txt.gz you see the start of a fresh build and the output of building haskell-sha16:09
bigjoolswell spotted, thanks16:09
bigjoolsah jeez....16:09
Laneygeser: do you get the same rejected mail I saw?16:09
geserLaney: no, the first time I saw this was when looking at some "upload failed" on the FTBFS page16:11
Laneyhmm ok16:11
Laneyit sounds like it probably is part of the same bug though16:11
* bigjools investigates16:13
geserbigjools: 3rd one: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haskell-curl/1.3.5-4ubuntu2/+buildjob/2224459 The build logs shows a mix with an openjdk build16:15
bigjoolsthey are all arm builds right?16:15
geseryes, all three on satinash (armel)16:16
geserthe last time it was on 'adoxaceae' also armel16:16
bigjoolsok, I'm trawling some logs, thanks for helping16:17
Laneymass uploads are good for something after all :016:23
bigjoolsthis problem only affects nonvirtual builders16:28
bigjoolsI think it's trying to abort the build on a slow arm builder when it gets no response for a few minutes16:28
bigjoolsthe abort code fails horribly16:28
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aromanhello, all! Is there any way of seeing how many people are using a PPA of mine/a package? Or even just seeing how many people have branched from bzr or downloaded a .tar.gz? Thanks!18:37
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blueyedI am getting "Unable to find expected entry" errors on apt-get update for my PPAs since a while. See http://pastebin.com/4aX6awvT19:13
lifelessblueyed: interesting19:16
blueyedWhat's broken there?19:20
Methslifeless: Thanks for the CSS fix, codebrowsing looks great now.19:20
lifelessMeths: Cool!19:22
lifelessMeths: did you file the bug ?19:23
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lifelessthanks for doing that19:23
lifelesswe have a separate server doing the static frontend stuff19:23
lifelessbut it also runs the bzr+ssh server19:23
lifelesswe can't (yet) upgrade that when we upgrade other things, without causing downtime19:24
lifelessso there was a version skew :(19:24
lifelesseasy fix is to drop a separate launchpad tree on that frontend server, which we can upgrade to match the codebrowse middle tier machines - they are the ones that hand out the css19:24
blueyedlifeless: should I file a bug about the ppa issue above?19:39
lifelessbigjools: are you around?19:40
lifelessblueyed: let me just consult a colleague :)19:40
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bigjoolslifeless: yo19:46
bigjoolswhenver I've seen stuff like that it's nearly always a transparent proxy screwing things up19:47
lifelessbigjools: how would I debug blueyed's issue above?19:47
bigjoolsit's his fault for trying to download "restricted" when PPAs only have "main"19:48
bigjools"Unable to find expected entry  restricted/source/Sources " being the pertinent error19:48
lifelessso s/entry/file/19:49
lifelessblueyed: ^19:49
lifelessbigjools: thank you, i feel embarrassed :)19:49
bigjoolslifeless: :)19:50
blueyedoh, thanks bigjools and lifeless. Has this behavior changed? Was it ignored before? (I would say I have not changed it recently)19:52
lifelessI think so yes19:55
bigjoolsblueyed: we stopped publishing empty indices for non-PPA components recently19:55
blueyedmakes sense then. Thanks again.19:55
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