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manfredrastahi all16:29
manfredrastaanybody can help  me?16:29
bioterror!ask | manfredrasta16:29
ubot5manfredrasta: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:29
manfredrastaIm trying to conect my laptop to the tv16:29
manfredrastawhere can i find the screen settings?16:30
manfredrastabioterror, no idea?16:33
manfredrastabioterror, sorry?16:34
bioterrormenu -> preferences -> display settings16:34
manfredrastabioterror, I have monitor settings16:35
manfredrastabioterror, but there it talks about resolution...16:35
manfredrastabioterror, nothing about conect to the tv16:35
manfredrastaIm trying to conect my laptop to the tv16:35
bioterrorHD15, HDMI, DVI what16:35
manfredrastawhat is this?16:36
manfredrastaI use a video cable16:36
manfredrastathose yellow16:36
manfredrastalike with the play station16:36
bioterrorthat's called component16:36
manfredrastathe cable is called component?16:37
bioterrorit's composite16:37
bioterrorcomponent is three cables, red,green and blue16:37
manfredrastaI just have a yellow one16:37
manfredrastaconected to the laptop and to the t v16:37
manfredrastanow I have to find the settings in the laptop16:38
manfredrastado you understand?16:38
bioterroryou dont have a hd15(aka vga)?16:38
manfredrastais that the video card?16:39
manfredrastaI think so but not sure. how was it to check it?16:39
bioterrorare you using laptop16:40
bioterrorhttp://spider.georgetowncollege.edu/t3/smartboard_files/image002.jpg the one in the middle is HD15 aka VGA16:41
bioterrorthat BLUE one16:41
kosaidpo-|hello guys16:41
bioterrordoes your tv support computer-in?16:42
bioterroris it a LCD tv?16:42
bioterroror are you using CRT16:42
manfredrastaI can watch my other laptop with windows in the tv16:42
manfredrastait is an old tv16:42
manfredrastai use an euro conector16:42
manfredrastaas with the play station16:42
bioterrorahh, scart16:42
manfredrastato the laptop I use a yellow jag cable16:43
manfredrastato the tv I conect a yellow jag cable to an euro conector and that to the scart16:44
manfredrastawith jag i mean minijag16:44
bioterrorthere's really no good guide howto get composite out16:45
bioterrorand to be honest, your hardware is really ancient for todays techonology ;)16:45
manfredrastalook at this: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRWWZ3SxeebNhTdMth9cEGl-5CPf7zEWUWIgCOrVQuyX-2aIT9E&t=116:47
manfredrastais the yellow one on the left16:48
manfredrastanot probably, is that one16:48
manfredrastaso, dont know where those monitor settings are?16:48
bioterrorhttp://www.computergear.co.uk/userfiles/image/Composite.jpg this one is actually not that supported16:48
bioterrorhttp://www.chinapans.com/images/hdmidvi.jpg this is year 201116:49
manfredrastaand if i use one of those16:50
manfredrastathen where will i find the settings in the laptop?16:50
bioterrorI pasted that mythtv url16:50
bioterrorread it16:50
kosaidpo-|bioterror: is there any way to change the name of my machine ??16:54
bioterrorkosaidpo-|, change network settings16:54
kosaidpo-|bioterror: in whxih file ?? /etc/host ??16:55
kosaidpo-|bioterror: the backpots repo are meant for the future vesion is it ??17:02
kosaidpo-|as in for 11.04 ?17:02
bioterrormanfredrasta, did you get it working?18:14
esinghi :)21:04
esingHOw much space should give the partition /home ? I have 80 gb in total on my hdd21:04
esingI want to encrypt my /home partition too :)21:05
bioterrordont encrypt21:05
bioterrorit doesnt work21:05
esingheh :)21:06
esingwould you recommend to make partitions?21:06
bioterroryes and now21:06
bioterrorI'm a huge fan of two partitions21:07
bioterror2x RAM for SWAP and rest for /21:07
esingwould you recommend me to make 2x ram partitions too iam a normal ordinary pc user21:07
esingwho watches TV, uses Internet and office :)21:07
bioterroris that laptop?21:08
esingthinkpad t4321:08
bioterrorthen I would suggest21:09
bioterrorif you're going to hibernate21:09
esingbut I never have much user data like my videos & music stuff never exceed 20 gb21:09
bioterrorwhen you hibernate your laptop it will write RAM to swap21:10
esingwhat do you mean by hibernateE21:11
esingi turn off my laptop every day21:11
esingi think i give my /home folder 30 gb21:12
esingmb less :)21:12
bioterrorI just suggest you to use whole hard drive21:13
esingI just created the /home drive21:14
esingshould I delete it agaiN?21:14
bioterrorwhy you want it to be separate21:15
esingfirst i wanted it to be seperated because of encryption21:15
esingi only wanted to encrypt /home21:15
esingsecondly (which i dont care much) is the use for formating only the system not /home21:16
esingwhy do you think encrypition sucks?21:16
bioterrorgive 15G for /, 2x RAM for the SWAP and rest for /home21:16
bioterror15GB is way too much for the /, but you never know :D21:17
bioterrormy whole lubuntu is 15GB /21:17
esingis hibernating very usefull?21:17
bioterroresing, some people do like it, I'm a suspend guy21:17
bioterrorphillw, do you suspend or hiernate your piglet when you take it with you?21:18
esingi think iam the suspend guy too21:18
esingi never used hibernating with windows21:18
esingso I wont need those extra partitions21:19
esingbut why do you think encryption doesnt work?21:19
esingslows my laptop too much?21:19
esingafter setting my /Home for 40 gb21:21
esingi have 40 gb left21:21
esinghow can I put the remaining 40 gb to the system space?21:21
esingthere is the " free space 40 gb" :: should I just press installation?21:22
bioterror40GB is alot for /21:22
esingye mb21:22
esingbioterror :D21:23
esingtell me why you dislike full encryption :)21:23
esingI thought it is very good against physical attacks21:23
bioterrorbecouse there's problems with it in lubuntu21:24
bioterrortrying to recall which those was21:24
esingshould I put the bootloader in SD1 or /dev/sda ATA WDC (my hdd)21:24
esingAh I see21:24
esingthen I will install everything in one thing21:24
bioterrorGRUB goes to /dev/sda21:24
esingbecause I wont need partitions without encryption21:24
esingk thx21:24
bioterrorno numbers21:24
bioterrorbut still21:24
bioterrorI think you should give ~10GB for /21:25
bioterrorT43, I think you have 1GB of RAM21:25
bioterrorso 2GB for SWAP and rest for /home21:25
esingwhat if I download something which has 20 gb I couldnt download it on /home21:25
esingwhy 2 gb for swap when I dont use hibernating?21:25
esingi have 1,5 gb ram btw21:26
esinggot t43p21:26
bioterrornice, 1400x105021:26
bioterrormy wife has t40p ;)21:26
esingheh awesome :)21:26
esingwhat r u using?21:26
bioterrorat the moment Dell Latitude D42021:27
bioterrorclose to X40, I think21:27
bioterroresing, well, even tho you're not going to hibernate, if some program decides to leak RAM, you still have swap21:28
esingx40 is awesome aswell,  with the latitude d420 iam not familiar but I guess latitude is good due of many business people use it21:28
bioterrorthe situation isnt lost and you can have some control to kill applications21:28
esingi see21:29
bioterroryep, this is my worklaptop21:29
esingi like lubuntu much21:29
esingit looks very clean21:29
bioterrorhope you understand what I ment by having some RAM21:29
bioterrorfor just in case21:29
esingyea sure21:29
esingin german we call it " auslagerungsspeicher"21:30
esingwhen ram is full in use it puts some stuff on space21:30
esingbut I started the installation 5 minutes ago21:30
esingbecause I need to get finished before 23:00 :D21:30
bioterrorlubuntu installation takes about 20mins21:31
esingah perfect21:31
bioterroractually every distribution can be installed in 20mins21:31
bioterrorexcept gentoo if you do it with stages21:31
esingwhy didnt the lubuntu developers fixed the encryption?21:31
bioterrorand sourcemage or what ever those linux from scratch kinda distros are21:31
esinglubuntu has only a different desktop environment but the rest would be ubuntu wouldn it21:32
esingand with ubuntu encryption works21:32
bioterrorahh, it's a bug in LXDM21:33
esingdid you see how much is going on in northafrica ^^21:33
esingah I see LXDM is the fault :D21:33
esingbut therefore my laptop wont slow down without encryption21:34
esingI actually dont need encryption21:34
bioterrorI had encrypted home21:34
bioterrorI dont anymore :D21:35
bioterrorI was making backups and I got bad sectors while making 'em21:35
esinghow long does take a backup?21:35
bioterrordo you have now that 3-4GB SWAP?21:35
esingnah I dont :P21:35
bioterrorhow much you put for the swap?21:36
esingI just pressed normal installation21:36
esingI made no partitions21:36
bioterroryou chose "use whole hard disk2?21:36
bioterrornice ;D21:36
esingMaybe it is creating a swap too with the normal installation21:37
bioterroryes it is21:37
esingah good21:37
bioterroresing, when you're done with the installation, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ check that. we've made it for you new users21:37
esinggood I do so21:38
esingbest about linux/lubuntu is that it is free21:46
esingyou can use it all over the world, fast installation21:47
esingmany free programs21:47
esingi.e. gimp21:48
esingfor adobe photoshop you pay +150 euros21:48
bioterrorfor CS you pay some more21:48
bioterrorI do some photo editing21:49
bioterrorI used have a Mac and CS221:49
esingbut now gimp is totally sufficient?21:49
bioterrorbut I noticed that I can do the same with linux and GIMP21:49
esing*awesome :D21:49
bioterroropen picture, resize, do some curves tweaking, save (for web, as it saves color changes ;)21:50
bioterroresing, you've got invitation21:50
bioterrorto the #lubuntu-offtopic21:51
esingI want to install Google Earth on Lubuntu22:42
esingthere comes a window up saying that it will harm other packages22:42
esingis this np?22:42
esingbioterror you still here ?22:44
esingcan I accept the changes to the other packages?22:44
esingwhen installing google earth22:44
esingnvm ^^22:45
bioterrorI've heard nvm many times today22:45
bioterrornot just you22:45
esingdidnt you tell me not to use the freeJAVA?22:49
esing2 days ago or so22:49
esingis commonjava the free version of java?22:50
esing(that is the name of the package in synaptci)22:50
esingah k so I can keep it22:50
bioterrorit's sun-java6-{bin,jre,plugin,fonts}22:50
esingso I can delete it?22:50
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge commonjava22:51
esingsudo apt-get remove commonjav22:51
esingpurge better?22:51
bioterrorit's same as sudo apt-get remove --purge22:51
esingive deleted the menu23:03
esinghow can I recover it23:03
esingmanaged it myself23:07
esinghow can I delete a folder in the menu ?23:08
esing*calling* bioterror23:09
bioterroresing, szczur will assist you ,)23:15
esing*calling* szczur23:15
bioterrorif he's awake23:15
esingdamn ^^23:16
esingbioterror it is the last thing23:16
esingthen I wont disturb you today anymore ^^23:16
szczurbioterror, front and center23:16
bioterrorgood night ;)23:18
esinggood night bioterror :D23:18
esingszczur *calling*23:18
esingszczur how can I delete a submenu?23:18
esing like "games"23:18
szczurto remove folder in menu you would need to remove every entry in it23:19
szczurentries are made by addint an activator to /usr/share/applications23:19
szczuractivator is something like a shortcut23:19
szczurso if i would have a menu called "things" and in this menu would be an entry called Gedit23:20
szczurremoving the activator for getind would remove the entry i think23:20
szczurbut i may be wrong23:20
szczurlemme try this23:20
szczurhang on23:20
* szczur is installing lxpanel23:21
szczurhmm, there is easier way23:23
szczuryou can edit a /etc/xdg/menus/lxde-applications.menu23:24
szczurand remove the parts you don't want23:24
esingI will try immediatly23:24
szczurlemme try this, before i will start to remove my files23:25
szczurdon't do anything23:25
szczurbefore i wont do this to myself23:25
szczuryou will be fine23:25
esingok sir :)23:25
szczuri can recover my system :P23:25
szczurit worked23:27
esingperfect thx :D23:27
szczurfor example23:27
szczuri removed this part23:27
szczurand i don't have "Others" entry anymore23:28
szczurthis should be self-explainable23:28
esingmy submenus are in german23:29
esingthe file shows them in english23:29
szczurshould work either way23:29
szczurlemme check something23:29
szczurok confirmed23:30
esingand how would I change only one application?23:30
szczurmy entry was in Polish. "Others" means "Inne"  and this entry was removed23:31
szczurfor only one application23:31
hblounthi. how do i delete a shortcut in the menu? the "start menu" like thing23:32
szczuresing, for removing on eapplication remove the file in /usr/share/application23:33
esingah k, and what if I want only the shortcut to be delete and not the app?23:34
szczurthat will remove the enttry23:34
szczurnot the app23:34
szczuresing, but wait one more time23:35
szczurthere's a program called alacarte23:35
szczuralso knoiw as gnome menu editor23:35
szczuri'll try if it works with lxpanel23:36
szczurthis would be even easier23:36
szczurif not, removing the files in applications folder would be the way to go23:36
szczuryou can use alacarte23:38
szczurit will be easier23:38
szczurfor you23:38
szczursudo apt-get install alacarte23:38
szczurbut unticking the entries wil not work23:38
szczuryou have to remove them23:38
szczursame thing applies to hblount23:39
esingso i do it the way u mentioned before23:40
esingdamn my back hurts :/23:40
esingi was too much on computer today i fear23:40
esingcan i edit the file off th shell either23:45
esingbecause with vi it troubles me too much23:46
szczuryou can use nano23:47
szczuror gedit23:47
esingah nano i remember23:47
szczuror whatever you want23:47
esingthanks :)23:48
esingit worked23:49
hblountso delete the folder in usr/share?23:49
esinghblount you want to change submenus or the menu on the taskbar?23:50
hblounti want to delete shortcut in the "start menu"23:50
esingclick right click on the taskbar23:50
esingthen panel properties23:51
esingthen panel more23:51
esingthere you can add and delete any shortcuts on the taskbar23:51
hblountu mean "panel preferences"?23:52
hblounti dont see anything that lets me remove/delete shortcuts23:52
szczurhblount, let me specify, you'd like to remove entries in LXPanel menu (the "start" menu)23:53
szczurif so, use alacarte, and delete the entries you want to remove23:54
hblountoh. sorry i thought it didnt work. esing is doing something different than me23:55
hblounti guess23:55
szczurif you want to remove whole submenu, edit /etc/xdg/menus/lxde-applications.menu file23:55
szczurand remove part you don't want to see23:55
hblounti have to use command line for alacarte?23:57
szczuryou can run it from terminal23:58
szczurbut it is graphical editor23:58
szczurso there's no thing to worry about23:58

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