magicianlordis 11.04 stable enough now00:26
KM0201lol, NO00:26
rwwmagicianlord: no, it's a mess00:26
rwwa fun mess, but still, it's about as stable as I am.00:26
Angryfurbyhey guys i have having issues trying to host multiple websites with ubuntu 10.04 can anyone offer some help00:28
magicianlordso you'd recommend installing debian 6 rc 2 instead00:35
charlie-tcaAngryfurby: this is support for the development version only.00:37
charlie-tcaTry either #ubuntu or #ubuntu-server00:37
magicianlordwhat's the primary difference between debian 6 now and ubuntu00:38
charlie-tcamagicianlord: since the development version of Ubuntu is not stable, recommend installing Ubuntu 10.0100:38
magicianlordis 11.04 more stable or anything00:39
charlie-tcasorry, 10.1000:39
charlie-tcathere is no 11.04 yet00:39
magicianlordcharlie-tca: i have 10.04 installed on here00:40
charlie-tcaIs it not doing what you want?00:40
rwwmagicianlord: Debian squeeze is being released in a few days. Ubuntu 11.04 is being released in a few months. /Of course/ Debian is going to be more stable.00:45
magicianlordit is doing well on this netbook, with the exception of the sound mute bug in 10.0400:45
magicianlordrww: what is the ETA for d 6?00:46
rwwmagicianlord: weekend of February 5th00:46
magicianlordoh nice00:47
magicianlordyou think i should upgrade to d 6 at that point on here?00:48
rwwI think you should use whichever is more suitable for you, based on the factors that are important to you ;P00:48
rwwIf you're interested in stability and looking for one of Debian 6 or Ubuntu natty, then I'd go with Debian 6.00:49
magicianlordthe most important thing to me is bacon00:49
magicianlordbut that doesnt help this decision :/00:49
magicianlordwell, i have rc2 ready on a stick right now00:50
magicianlordbut 10.04 is working fine00:50
magicianlordthanks, homie00:50
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legodudehey everyone, the latest updates from today really wedged my machine where it will boot then hang cold to console input after about 8seconds04:04
legodudenever launching X04:04
legodudeand I did not have a ssh server installed04:04
legodudeso it seems to respond to pings04:04
legodudesyslog has some error info about X server failing to start04:06
gunndawgSo is there any news on if Natty will have GPU acceleration support for flash ?06:06
Blue1ahh it's still in alpha06:06
Blue1guess I will wait a few more weeks06:07
Blue1i wish they would put back the support for legacy mode video cards06:07
gunndawgI keep juggling between like 3 diff linux distros for my laptop and need to just settle on one!06:07
Blue1i looked at unity06:07
susundbergHmm really06:08
Blue1it was on my system long enough for me to play with it06:08
susundbergmy natty flash is not working that well06:08
susundberg(and i have nvidia gpu)06:08
susundbergthough the nvidia gpu drivers are latest from nvidia website so that might cause problems ..06:08
susundberg(for opencl)06:08
gunndawgyour using alpha natty ?06:08
Blue1my flash works okay here, just that firefox crashes my system (64 bit) didn't have this problem in 10.0406:08
gunndawgso natty is available to test? I am on 10.1006:09
susundbergi am using natty allright -- there is no other natty, correct?06:09
susundbergsure google for daily image06:09
Blue1i thinking i might migrate back to 10.0406:09
Blue1i will wsay this much for unity.  if you like the ipad you will love unity06:09
susundbergyeah, most of flash work ok, but some site flash videos are 'blinking'06:09
susundbergi mean they are partially black06:10
susundberg(at time to time)06:10
gunndawgBlue you are going to migrate back to 10.04 from 10.10 or from 11.04 ?06:10
Blue1from 10.1006:10
gunndawgah, I havent used 10.0406:10
susundbergwhat are you doing on 11.04 channel then! :D06:10
Blue110.04 is an LTS relase06:10
gunndawgim rather new to ubuntu06:10
Blue1just seeing what's down the pipe06:11
gunndawgsusundberg, just trying to get info, thats why06:11
susundbergah yeah, you two joined 1min after another06:11
gunndawglol really ?06:11
susundberg08:05 -!- gunndawg [~gunndawg@c-24-20-248-158.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+106:11
susundberg08:06 -!- Blue1 [foobar@ip24-255-62-145.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+106:11
Blue1yeah I run nullidentd06:12
Blue1where ru susundberg?06:12
gunndawgcan you migtrate back to 10.04 from 10.10 without re formatting ?06:12
Blue1oh no, I'd do a clean install.  I always do.06:13
susundbergim from Finland, Turku, if thats what you mean06:13
Blue1ahh I am in southwest U.S. the time stamp was 9 hours ahead of me06:13
gunndawgright now I am doing a dual boot, so just delete the ubuntu partition and start over ?06:13
susundbergyeah or format06:13
Blue1yeah or when you install just say format06:14
gunndawgwill it keep my windows partition if I format ?06:14
Blue1sure as long as yhou don't do anything with the windows paritition06:14
Blue1so my windows is sda106:14
gunndawgnow I need to figure out if I really wanna go to 10.04 or just stay with 10.1006:15
Blue1linux is sda306:15
Blue1so as long as I only play with sda3 I am good06:15
Blue1well I have compelling reasons to go back to 10.04 - but i want to see what's ahead in 11.04 before I make that decision06:15
Blue1legacy mode support, and firefox that doesn't crash my system06:16
gunndawgim doin some reading and it seems there isnt much diff between 10.10 and 10.0406:17
gunndawg*head explodes*06:17
Blue1well flash is different in 10.1006:18
Blue1and there is no legacy mode video card support in 10.1006:18
Blue1plus 10.04 was an LTS release, 10.10 isn't06:18
gunndawgthat confuses me also, if they are going to offer LTS to a product why even release the .10 version ?06:19
gunndawgif its LTS it should eventually be on par with 10.10 and even better than 10.1006:19
Blue1newer kernel in 10.10 as well06:19
gunndawgwhy dont they put the newer kernel in 10.04 then if its LTS ?06:20
Blue1I'd love to play 20 questions with mr. shuttleworth06:21
gunndawgyeah pardon someone who joins this channel in seek of information06:21
gunndawgits a crime, I know06:21
gunndawgI wasnt asking questions to get answers but more or less to start a discussion, but you couldnt pick up on that, its cool06:23
Blue1no no I think you mis-understand06:24
Blue1I would like to ask mark shuttleworth (controls ubuntu basically) about the future direction of ubuntu and unity, etc.  I was NOT criticizing you for asking questions.06:25
gunndawgoh, lol06:25
gunndawgI see06:25
gunndawgI thought you were calling me mr.shuttleworth06:25
Blue1not at all06:25
Blue1like where is ubuntu situated in relation to windows, etc. etc.06:26
gunndawgI just decided to pick up ubuntu as a learning experience and project06:27
gunndawgfeels kinda nice to be using something that isnt MS, for a change06:27
Blue1you can read all about my experiences here:  http://www.pkill-9.com06:27
gunndawgI am also heavily interested in shell scripting06:27
Blue1i haven't delved much into that yet.06:28
Blue1568,392 things to do before that06:28
Blue1hope this restore finishes soon06:29
yofelgunndawg: use that as a start http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide since we use bash as default shell, but you probably want to become familiar with the command line in general first06:29
Blue1i have a book a bought on bash.06:30
Blue1but that looks like a good place to start06:30
gunndawgthx Yofel06:30
gunndawgyeah I've done a bit of scripting already06:30
gunndawgits quite nice06:30
gunndawgim an avid windows programmer06:30
Blue1it is but I am not super good with sed or awk or regular expressions yet.06:30
Blue1i am an old ibm mainframer, and dec mini guy (systems programming on both)06:31
yofelsed isn't hard, regular expressions take some time to be understood, but are cool, haven't used awk much yet06:31
Blue1i am trying to develop a script that just lists files that have lowercase extentions06:32
gunndawgfor what reason ?06:32
Blue1learning exercise06:32
gunndawgoh ok06:32
Blue1i  would learn more about reg. expressions06:33
Blue1hmm maybe I should renice these restore ops06:34
yofelbtw. reading the backlog: kernel 2.6.35 is available for lucid you know?06:36
yofelcalled linux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick06:36
Blue1ahh nice to know06:36
gunndawgim reading that site you gave me Yofel06:37
gunndawggood info06:37
Blue1logcheck then off to bed06:37
Blue1here's something that I can't figure out.  If I am locally logged into my system, .bash_aliases work.  however if I ssh into the box, it doesn't.06:39
yofelyou do source it in your .bashrc?06:39
Blue1yeah let me check06:39
yofel(starting with the obvious)06:39
Blue1if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then06:40
Blue1    . ~/.bash_aliases06:40
Blue1like I said, works if I am locally logged in.  doesn;'t work if I ssh into the box06:41
Blue1same .bashrc/.bash_aliases that is on my 64 bit machine and works fine.  this is a 32 bit system.   both running 10.1006:42
yofelhm, it could be that you have a faulty ~/.profile .bash_profile or .bash_login, but it should print an error in that case06:43
gunndawgI dont even know what you're trying to do, lol06:44
gunndawgsounds like greek to me06:44
Blue1nor i06:44
yofelover ssh the shell will be considered a login shell, since you aren't yet logged in, on your local machine the terminal will start a simple bash session06:45
yofeland a login shell will read other config files excep .bashrc too06:45
yofel(that's the only difference I can think of currently)06:46
Blue1ahh I think this struck on something06:46
Blue1i think that's it::06:47
Blue1nwayno@Phoenix:~$ cat .profile06:47
Blue1# Sample .profile for SuSE Linux06:47
Blue1let me try fixing that...06:47
yofelthe default ~/.profile is in /etc/skel/ - if you want to compare them06:48
Blue1yeah the profile on the machine that doesn't work is for SuSE06:48
Blue1that might be an issue06:48
gunndawgmmmmm SuSE06:49
Blue1boy that's been there for awhile06:50
Blue1-rwxr-xr-x 1 nwayno nwayno 925 2007-05-20 00:45 .profile.old06:50
Blue1when I converted over to ubuntu06:51
yofelwell, I need to go, good luck06:51
Blue1fixed it perfectly - thanks06:51
Blue1great find yofel!06:54
Blue1who'd have thunk, suse was my downfall06:55
gunndawgI been reading comparisons between all the leading distros07:04
gunndawgyou like Suse ?07:10
Blue1i cut my teeth on suse07:18
gunndawgthats not good07:18
Blue1what is not good?07:19
gunndawgthough I know you're not serious, I also do not understand your metaphor07:19
gunndawgthat you cut ur teeth07:19
Blue1i learned (like a new born baby) on suse07:19
gunndawgah ok07:19
gunndawgI suppose Ubuntu 10.10 would be my "teeth cutting" then07:19
Blue1if this is the first linux distro you have ever used, yes07:20
gunndawgyeah for the most part, I installed RedHat like 12 years ago but never did anything with it07:20
gunndawgthis is my first real attempt at trying to learn and use linux to its fullest potential07:21
gunndawgright now im just researching and reading the differences between KDE and Gnome07:21
Blue1gnome is more commonly used07:22
Blue1each has plusses and minuses07:23
Blue1you can run kde apps under gnome, but it hauls in almost all of kde07:23
Blue1i pay the price, because evolution doesn't work and Kontact does.07:23
gunndawgnot sure what apps those are yet07:24
Blue1YMMV applies (your mileage may vary)07:24
Blue1usualy anything with a K stuck somewhere07:24
Blue1like k3b, kontact, korganizer, amarok07:24
Blue1i also use akregator which is an rss reader.07:27
Blue1woo hoo!  I solved the over 1 year mystery with yofels help07:27
gunndawgright on07:27
gunndawgall I use so far is chrome and xhcat07:27
gunndawgI wanna get a good development IDE on here but not sure which one yet07:28
gunndawgwhat are some good IDE dev enviroments ?07:32
cortex|skgunndawg: try eclipse or netbeans07:50
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vincenzomlHi, how do I launch ubuntu-software-center in natty?11:29
twagervincenzoml: Have you clicked the button at the top of the sidebar ?11:38
vincenzomltwager: the ubuntu logo?11:39
twagervincenzoml: That's the one11:39
vincenzomlthere I can find a not-so-well-working menu with icons11:39
vincenzomltwager: there's no software-center there anyway11:40
twagervincenzoml: Have you looked in  find more apps ?11:41
vincenzomltwager: yes and for me, it opens anyway the folder containing all the application links11:41
vincenzomlmaybe you have proposed-updates?11:41
vincenzomlthen I'd just have to wait11:41
DaekdroomHell yeah. 2.6.38 is in!11:42
twagerI did an apt-get dist-upgrade this morning11:43
vincenzomltwager: do you remember if you enabled natty-proposed?11:44
twagervincenzoml: No I did not..11:45
vincenzomland when you click on the ubuntu logo, then on "find more apps" the software center is launched?11:46
twagervincenzoml: I have been running Natty for a few weeks...For me the software centre is in the side bar but cannot remember how I put it there11:47
vincenzomltwager: thanks11:48
twagervincenzoml: I always use apt or synaptic to control the system11:48
vincenzomltwager: yes I can survive without it :)11:48
twagervincenzoml: NP...Dont forget if you use apt  a dist-upgrade -d will allow you to see what you are getting before an install11:50
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BluesKajHi all13:18
BluesKajhmm. plenty of upgrades today ,anyone have probs?13:26
yofelBluesKaj: for me PyKDE stuff being held back thanks to new SIP13:55
yofelother than that, nothing broken yet13:55
BluesKajyofel, yeah same here , things seem ok13:56
yofelhm... make that: "SIP being held back thanks to PyKDE"13:56
yofelRiddel was working on kdebindings though13:57
BluesKajkde upgrade broke some stuff yesterday , but it fixed itself last night with an update13:58
FloridaGuykubuntu 11.04...trying to open dolphin .... sudo dolphin.....and geting this....KUniqueApplication: Cannot find the D-Bus session server:  "/bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: No protocol specified..Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.13:59
yofeldon't use sudo, use kdesudo13:59
FloridaGuyyofel: that worked.....but i have always used the sudo for that....14:00
yofelsudo in natty is more strict in discarding environment settings, seems like that makes dbus unusable in sudo14:01
FloridaGuydang.....now cant remember where the plymouth folder is...so i can change a background image14:02
yofel/lib/plymouth/ ?14:03
FloridaGuyyep.....i got it14:06
FloridaGuynow reboot and see how it looks14:06
hifiok, aptitude was kind enough to provide a potentially good solution during this X conflict14:53
BluesKajhifi, what X conflict ?15:15
hifithe big Xorg stack upgrade that is currently being pushed15:16
hifilike the topic says15:16
hifithere are a lot of packages which conflict with unresolved depencies15:16
hifinot a conflict per se15:16
BluesKajhifi, so it's in the repos ?15:16
hifimm, maybe it's just the xorg-edgers ppa15:17
hifiwill reboot to find out what broke15:17
BluesKajok, I'll wait for your return15:18
Daekdroomxorg-edgers ppa doesn't break X if you had it installed breviously.15:22
DaekdroomIf you didn't, well..15:22
BluesKajstuff to do , BBL15:22
hifieverything seems to work just fine15:52
dupondjefirefox upgrade cleans cache/cookies etc ? :s16:08
Daekdroomdupondje, not usually16:09
dupondjeweird, firefox upgraded yesterday16:09
dupondjeand now I start it, and nothing anymore in cache16:09
dupondjeall cookies gone16:09
dupondjeplaces.sqlite was moved to places.sqlite.corrupt16:14
dupondjeputted it back16:14
dupondjeand it works now16:14
dupondjeweirrrd :D16:14
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krabadorwhen kubuntu daily cd, with kde 4.6.0?17:38
charlie-tca!info kde17:42
ubottuPackage kde does not exist in natty17:42
Gulfstreamdoes enabling natty-proposed have any effect on the updates yet?17:47
PiciI wouldn't expect that to be used until natty has been released.17:47
GulfstreamI just typed sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and it says 7 packages are going to be removed.17:49
PiciThen don't do it.17:50
Gulfstreamokay. It was going to remove: gnome-media-common libbrasero-media1 libdrm-nouveau1 libgnome-media0   nautilus-sendto nautilus-sendto-empathy ubuntu-desktop, which I think would be dangerous removing.17:51
DaekdroomWhy hasn't the 2.6.38 kernel hit the repos if there are i386 and x64 builds ready?17:51
DaekdroomGulfstream, iirc, libdrm-nouveau1 is meant to be replaced by libdrm-nouveau1a17:51
Daekdroom!info libdrm-nouveau117:52
ubottulibdrm-nouveau1 (source: libdrm): Userspace interface to nouveau-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.22-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 12 kB, installed size 104 kB17:52
Daekdroom!info libdrm-nouveau1a17:52
ubottulibdrm-nouveau1a (source: libdrm): Userspace interface to nouveau-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime. In component main, is required. Version 2.4.23-1ubuntu3 (natty), package size 13 kB, installed size 104 kB17:52
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Gulfstreamnow, I cannot close windows19:10
Gulfstreamand I did run dist-upgrade19:11
BluesKajdist-upgrade , to upgrade kde ?19:12
mycroft_what does it takes for a package to get from the upload queue to the actual repository ? ( I am waiting for 2.6.38)19:17
Daekdroommycroft_, there are many packages that were built after 2.6.38 and that are already avaiable in the repos.19:19
DaekdroomMy theory is that it'll only hit the repos when the armel and powerpc builds finish as well.19:19
mycroft_or they are waiting for post alpha2 ?19:19
mycroft_armel is finished as well apparently19:20
rick_Has anybody installed 11.04 comfortably and without issue in VMware player 3.1.3 in 64-bit Linux on an actual AMD64 CPU?19:39
rick_I keep having issues when I try to install yesterday's daily-live/current iso.19:40
rick_Am downloading today's now.19:40
Gulfstreamrick_: I have been able to install using the 32 bit daily from 1.24.11 or 1.25.1119:41
Gulfstreamor was it 1.26.11?19:41
rick_Gulfstream: I think I may just have a corrupted iso. Some others tell me they've had no issues with Narwhal even since earlier this month.19:41
Gulfstreamokay... well.. I have to close firefox to open terminal and maybe get some issues fixed... If I'm not back in 15 minutes, then I am most likely having to reinstall because of the dist-upgrade19:43
* BluesKaj wonders why he insists on using dist-upgrade19:45
GulfstreamI ran compiz --replace in terminal and things are working okay19:46
* BluesKaj wonders what Gulfstream is using dist-upgrade for?19:46
GulfstreamBluesKaj: to update some packages that are required to be updated for Software Center to work properly19:47
PiciGulfstream: Did you continue your upgrade after you said before that it wanted to remove some packages?19:48
Gulfstreamno, I updated the package lists and then I ran dist-upgrade19:48
PiciGulfstream: Did it still remove things?19:49
GulfstreamPici: yes, 7 things, and the same 7 things that would have been removed earlier. Since they didn't seem required, I ran dist-upgrade19:49
Gulfstreamjust refreshed package list. Running upgrade.19:50
* BluesKaj just use apt or aptitude then autoclean or autoremove19:53
PiciGulfstream: which packages did it remove?19:53
PiciGulfstream: Nevermind, I scrolled up.19:53
PiciGulfstream: Sometimes that happens if the updated packages simply aren't available yet, and you shouldn't upgrade.19:55
PiciGulfstream: Like the message in the topic states regarding Xorg.19:55
GulfstreamPici: Is there a way to update the packages that the Software Center required without removing the others?19:56
PiciGulfstream: aptitude will give you options of what you'd like to do instead.19:57
rick_have downloaded jan 27 build, attempting install now.20:05
Gulfstreamrick_: daily live or daily?20:06
Gulfstreamrick_: Please let me know what happens - if it installs or not. I am currently downloading the daily-live image.20:07
rick_Gulfstream: It's already gotten further than the 1-26 build. :-)20:08
rick_Gulfstream: Same error.  It gets to the part where it's copying files, and then throws "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error and will now reboot."20:08
GulfstreamThat's saddening20:09
rick_Gulfstream: I had changed the # of cpus and deleted the floppy disk driver when creating the vm.  I'm leaving everything default now to see if it works.20:09
rick_Gulfstream:  Same error.20:11
rick_Gulfstream: Was 64-bit version on 64-bit machine running VMware player
rick_Gulfstream: Downloading 32-bit version now to see if it will work.20:13
Gulfstreamyeah, try the 32-bit version20:13
mongyany way to get my netspeed applet in the panel in unity?20:18
mongyGulfstream, sending my stick back for refund :)20:19
Daekdroommongy, no. Unity panel is completely uncompatible with gnome panel applets20:19
mongyDaekdroom, hmm, anything similar I can have visible ?  I dont want conky though20:20
DaekdroomSorry, I have no idea on a replacement.20:20
mongyI like to glance and see my speeds without much effort20:20
rick_Gulfstream: 26 minutes remaining... :-)20:23
Gulfstreamrick_: 1 hour remaining (I just restarted the donwload)20:24
GulfstreamRick2: I am assuming you were rick_?20:37
Rick2Gulfstream: Yes.20:37
GulfstreamRick2: done downloading?20:50
Rick2Gulfstream: Just finished.  Attempting install.20:53
Rick2Gulfstream: appears to be working, though taking a long time on creating ext4 partition21:04
GulfstreamRick2: has it finished?21:14
Rick2Gulfstream: Nope.  Locked up apparently on the create ext421:17
GulfstreamRick2: That's even more saddening...21:18
yofelhm, I tried to install a few days ago, mkfs.ext4 about 5 minutes, but it did finish21:19
yofel*took about 5 minutes21:20
Rick2yofel: I'm letting it keep running.21:20
Rick2yofel: It's responding to mouse events, so I can cycle through the features.  But, still taking forever.21:20
Rick2yofel, Gulfstream: Still sitting there. :-)21:28
GulfstreamRick2: I would abort the installation process.21:34
yofel+1, that's too long..21:34
Rick2yofel, Gulfstream: Yeah, I aborted.  Tried again using some alternate settings.  Nothing seems to work.21:36
mongyI installed mine today, from a daily.21:47
mongyis that the problem? with a daily?21:47
Rick2mongy: Installing in VMware player 3.1.3 for Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64. Fails in both 32-bit and 64-bit natty installs.  I have Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Ubuntu 10.04, and 10.10 64-bit modes all installed just fine.  Just natty won't.21:51
mongyah vmware.. I stopped using it because it would never work with newer kerneles21:57
mongyand would never offer any kind of support21:57
Rick2mongy: Never had any problems with vmware until today, if that's the issue.21:59
mongyIt was a few years ago I used it, I switched to vbox by then and not looked back....21:59
mongythe times before any 'free' version22:00
Rick2mongy: I began using vmware in Ubuntu 7.04, an player 2.1 I believe.  Never had any issues whatsoever, except that my computer's 3d card wasn't recognized, so no accelerated 3d graphics.  Today, with my newer graphics card, not an issue either.  Everything works.22:01
Rick2mongy: Only other issue I ever had was trying to resume a suspended machine on a different CPU.  Sometimes it would work, most times it wouldn't.22:01
mongyok..well just saying it was a recurring theme at the time for me with vmware.22:02
mongyevery kernel newer than vmware would require a patch for vmware tools...22:02
mongyI got tired of it.22:02
Rick2mongy: Hmm... it may be that vmware doesn't work with natty since it's not released yet.22:03
Rick2mongy: Will try vbox.22:03
mongyyeah, thats half what it was at the time... distros with kernels newer than vmware22:03
mongynewer than vmwares knowledge22:04
Rick2mongy: If true, really speaks of the fragile nature of vmware, that it's not a full emulation, but a "mostly emulation" with some hacks added on to fix install-specific issues.  BAD if true.22:06
mongythe guests worked, just the vmware tools wouldnt build without some patch22:07
mongyguests without any accel arent nice to use22:08
Rick2mongy: They're tolerable, but if they're full emulation, meaning no native execution on underlying hardware, that's when it's awful.22:08
Rick2mongy: I read recently of the Godson-B Chinese CPU that's coming.  MIPS-based, with instructions for x86-emulation, allowing for 70% native speed execution.  That CPU will be able to run in cell phones, and at 1.2 GHz would provide support close to 800 MHz speed for any x86 software.  A big thing coming.22:09
Rick2mongy: Imagine running Ubuntu inside of hte android OS in your phone, and at near desktop speeds.22:10
mongyChina is scary22:11
Rick2mongy: in vbox, how to setup a cd/dvd?22:12
Rick2mongy: I want it to point to iso22:12
Rick2mongy: figured it out22:12
Rick2mongy: Installing in vbox now... seems to be working22:14
mongynatty works (and additions ('vmware tools') also22:15
Rick2mongy: I think the problem with my installs may have been using vmware's "easy install" rather than going through literal install.22:15
Rick2mongy: will try to do normal install in vmware22:15
Rick2mongy: vbox is installing without any issues.22:18
Rick2mongy: Yup, that was it. 64-bit install is working fine in vmware now.  It was the easy-install feature that wasn't working.22:19
mongy'easy' lol22:20
Rick2mongy: spoke too soon.  It made it further, but then crashed. vbox is still going. :-)22:22
=== voidmage-away is now known as voidmage
coz_ah oh error with /var/cache/apt/archives/compiz-gnome22:47
coz_dist-upgrade ^^22:47

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