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hrwdid someone had keyboard-configuration hang on postinst on panda?09:58
hrwsveinse: have a moment to discuss bug 683832?10:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 683832 in gcc-4.5-armel-cross "gcc fails to cross compile Qt" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68383210:01
sveinseYes, I do10:02
hrwsveinse: did you tried to compile in ARM mode?10:03
hrwsveinse: Thumb2 is default10:03
sveinsehrw, Yes, that works. However I'm if it has any performance impact10:04
hrwsveinse: for Thumb2 mode you need to check ubuntu qt patches10:05
hrwthere were some for it iirc10:05
ograhrw, console-setup being broken is a known issue and not arm specific10:06
hrwas this bug is a bug in Qt not in gcc10:06
hrwogra: ok, but it hangs only on arm for me so thats why I asked here10:07
ograno idea whats the workarouns10:07
hrwogra: rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/keyboard-configuration.postinst ;d10:07
ograif you upgrade to natty you get about 20 requests to configure your kbd10:07
sveinsehrw, Yes. Qt does have some fixes for the thumb2 issue which I have also tried10:07
hrwogra: I am on natty10:08
sveinseHowever it fails during early compilation. Let me see if I can find the error.10:08
hrwand yes, console-setup is insane10:08
hrwanyway... console-setup does not even lists my keyboards ;S10:08
ograhrw, when do you run the keyboard configuration then if you are on natty ?10:08
sveinsehrw, The reason I'm mentioning this is I'm suspecting some difference between CSL and Linaro/ubuntu gcc10:09
ograthe issue is that some value is missing in /etc/default/console-setup10:09
hrwogra: during "apt-get upgrade"10:09
ograah, k10:09
hrwsveinse: I think that csl defaults to -marm, ubuntu defaults to -mthumb10:09
ograwell, thats the same i get when upgrading from maverick then10:09
ograhrw, i think its CHARMAP or CODESET being empty that causes this10:11
sveinsehrw, but for your inital question -marm fixed the compilation as such10:11
sveinsehrw, however my qt compilation relies on sysroot... I haven't figured out how to cross compile without it yet (nor has I investigated how to, so its on me)10:17
hrwsveinse: "xapt install lib1 lib2 lib3" + configure + make10:18
sveinsehrw, lib1 lib2 lib3 being the libxxx-dev build-depends to the software you're building, right?10:19
hrwworks under natty, no idea about maverick10:21
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ograhrw, why doesnt xapt-get build-dep <my target source package> work ?10:26
hrwno idea?10:26
ograi.e. why doesnt it just stick to apt syntax10:26
hrwgood question10:29
hrwprobably fast written tool while waiting for multiarch10:29
loolhrw: hang > that sounds like very very slow perl, I had that a while ago; maybe it's something else though10:34
hrwlool: I just removed postinstall scripts10:35
hrwlool: a4tech keyboard which I use do not require extra config. and is not listed in console-setup list anyway10:36
sveinsehrw, if I check out qt on the master branch (where qt has fixed the thumb2 issue), the compilation fails in the compilation of the first file:11:18
sveinse{standard input}: Assembler messages:11:18
sveinse{standard input}:527: Error: thumb conditional instruction should be in IT block -- `strexeq r2,r5,[r6]'11:18
sveinse{standard input}:528: Error: thumb conditional instruction should be in IT block -- `teqeq r2,#1'11:18
sveinseNow, I dont know if this is related to GCC or if its a qt issue. Is this familiar?11:18
hrwcheck bug 67534711:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 675347 in gcc-linaro "volatile int causes inline assembly build failure" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67534711:19
hrwno, it is rather bug 68274211:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 682742 in thunderbird "thunderbird doesn't build on armel in natty (Error: thumb conditional instruction should be in IT block)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68274211:20
hrwhm.. not this too11:21
hrwthere was a bug about it...11:21
hrw bug 49037111:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 490371 in qt4-x11 "Atomic operations not safe for ARMv7,Thumb-2 and multicore" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49037111:22
hrwalso bug 67308511:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 673085 in qt4-x11 "Qt/KDE fails to build on ARM without implicit-it=thumb" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67308511:23
sveinseWhat is the difference of armv6 and armv7? Because the qt fix in 490371 is agains armv6 it seems11:24
ograthere is a new QT coming this week i was told11:25
ograthat might fix some of these issues11:25
persiaCould check the beta, unless it's a fix since then11:25
sveinseogra, we're using git, not the official snapshots/releases11:25
sveinseand the armel compilation issue is still present in the head of their branches11:26
hrwsveinse: there were no optimizations for armv7 in Qt so armv6 ones are used or sth like that11:26
sveinseI'm a little surprised that qt doesn't fix this, armel build for qt must surely be focus area for nokia11:27
ograerm, indeed, our package sets -march=armv611:29
sveinseI think I shall check out the qt source package to see if there are any other relevant qt patches for armel11:35
ograi think there are a bunch11:35
hrwprobably also check other projects for their patches11:35
ograyeah, checking OE usually makes sense for arm patches11:37
hrwogra: and vice versa ;D11:40
hrwogra: OE has Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora patches11:40
ograwell, i wouldnt really care for the armv5 patches of debian or fedora11:40
persiaActually, a lot of the armv5 patches *also* help with armv7 (which is part of why we have all of the Debian ones in Ubuntu)11:51
sveinsehrw, Do I understand that I should be the one to close bug 683832 ?12:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 683832 in gcc-4.5-armel-cross "gcc fails to cross compile Qt" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68383212:34
hrwsveinse: I prefer you to be one, or I can mark it as invalid12:36
sveinsehrw, done12:41
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ograbug 68414814:33
ubot2ogra: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/684148)14:33
loolLP #68414814:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 684148 in unity-2d "[i18n] integrate gettext and use translations from Unity" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68414814:49
rsalvetiogra: did you move the image script for omap4 to get the new x-loader from the new package?15:04
rsalvetiogra: then we can request the removal of x-loader-omap415:04
ograrsalveti, can you check if it actually ends up on the image ?15:05
ogra(yes, i did change the scripts)15:06
rsalvetiogra: sure, just wanted to ask you first, as I know you changed for omap315:06
rsalvetibut don't know for omap415:06
rsalvetiwill check the logs15:06
ograi changed both at the same time15:07
rsalveticool, so we should be fine15:07
zulhi guys i know you guys you did a lot of work in lucid to get arm working on likewise-open do you guys want to take another crack at it?15:30
apwogra, i've got some new kernels previews you might like to test: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/arm/15:30
rsalvetiapw: why preview?15:30
rsalvetiwhat is special about this kernel?15:30
apwpreview as in the arm kernels take days to build in the archive so won't be in there for at least another 24 hours15:31
apwso these are hand built for earlier access15:31
rsalvetiapw: oh, ok, cool15:31
rsalvetiwill give it a try now15:31
rsalvetiweee, kernel panic while installing new deb hehe15:43
* rsalveti is trying again15:43
hrwogra: ac100 has sata internally used?15:57
hrwogra: emmc storage?15:58
rsalvetiapw: eeek, not good15:59
hrwthx ogra16:00
apwrsalveti, s'up16:00
rsalvetiapw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/559064/16:00
rsalvetiwarning but later on failed to start omapfb16:00
rsalvetiso, no display16:00
apwrsalveti, not sure if the warning matters per-see16:00
apwnot having a framebuffer looks more annoying16:01
rsalvetiyeah, don't know if they are related atm, need to properly check the code16:01
apwrsalveti, yeah16:01
rsalvetiwell, at least some fun debugging time for later today16:02
apwrsalveti, yeah :)  we have a couple of days (well two i guess) before we freeze for A216:04
rsalvetiapw: ok, ping you back if I get any other news about it16:06
KC9SJQHey all.16:06
apwrsalveti, thanks ... i note there is exactly one commit between v2.6.37 and the tip for omapfb16:07
KC9SJQGoing from ubuntu netbook version to ubuntu desktop is just a matter of removing ubuntu-netbook package and installing ubuntu-desktop, right?16:07
rsalvetiapw: cool, just checkout out the git tree16:08
apwrsalveti, ok that warn_on is telling you you  have an erratum16:11
apw        if (IS_PM34XX_ERRATUM(PM_SDRC_WAKEUP_ERRATUM_i583)) {16:11
apwrsalveti, any idea what graphics driver one should have?16:12
GrueMasterWow.  Firefox is using 172% of cpu on omap4, reporting an oem-config crash bug.16:12
apwrsalveti, do you have the whole of the dmesg16:17
rsalvetiapw: not yet, checking the code atm16:18
rsalvetiapw: sure, 1 sec16:18
rsalvetiapw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/559074/16:21
rsalveti[    0.147460] Unable to get DVI reset GPIO16:22
rsalveti[    4.675109] regulator_init_complete: VPLL2: incomplete constraints, leaving on16:23
rsalveti[    4.682983] regulator_init_complete: VDAC: incomplete constraints, leaving on16:23
apwcommit f8362d215549c66066f78e67c033dd370ae5032216:24
apwAuthor: Koen Kooi <koen@beagleboard.org>16:24
apwDate:   Tue Jan 11 17:13:36 2011 +000016:24
apw    omap3: beaglexm: fix DVI reset GPIO16:24
apwrsalveti, th16:24
apwrsalveti, though we _have_ that in the kerenls you are running16:25
apwrsalveti, is this an XM or regular16:25
apwrsalveti, i idly wonder if yours is on the other gpio number16:29
apwrsalveti, the v2.6.37 based kernel worked on your xM didn't it?16:31
apwrsalveti, diffing to there there is no mention of the 129 gpio in the code before16:31
rsalvetiapw: 37 worked fine16:32
apwrsalveti, also i see that things like cpus and swap coming up in the dmesg, were you able to login to the machine remotely?  i suspect other than the display it came up16:32
rsalvetiapw: yup, login works fine16:32
apwrsalveti, i think i might suggest that you try as a first stab making this bit always use 17016:33
apw+       if (omap3_beagle_get_rev() == OMAP3BEAGLE_BOARD_XM)16:33
apw+               beagle_dvi_device.reset_gpio = 129;16:33
apw+       else16:33
apw+               beagle_dvi_device.reset_gpio = 170;16:33
apwas i think in 27 it always used 170 for all beagles16:33
apw static struct omap_dss_device beagle_dvi_device = {16:34
apw        .type = OMAP_DISPLAY_TYPE_DPI,16:34
apw-       .reset_gpio = 170,16:34
apwwas the old .27 code16:34
rsalvetiapw: at maverick we have this change, but differently16:36
rsalvetibut also using 129 for xm16:36
rsalvetiso it should be fine16:36
rsalvetibut weird that it worked fine for 3716:37
rsalvetiif it was only using 17016:37
apwrsalveti, welll not necessarily16:37
apwstatic int beagle_enable_dvi(struct omap_dss_device *dssdev)16:37
apw        if (gpio_is_valid(dssdev->reset_gpio))16:37
apw                gpio_set_value(dssdev->reset_gpio, 1);16:37
apw        return 0;16:37
apwas the platform init does that16:37
rsalvetion maverick the reset_gpio was struct was set as 17016:38
rsalvetibut then we had a check at beagle_display_init16:38
rsalvetithen then set it correctly if it's a xm16:38
rsalveti*that then16:39
apwbut then that other check may occur in time before it or something16:39
rsalvetiso 37 probably had something similar16:39
apwusing the diff from v2.6.37 and the tip of natty 129 does not appear with a -16:40
apwie if it was there its still there16:40
apwrsalveti, we might also consider putting the failed gpio pin number in the error on failure16:43
apwmight help know if its an init ordering issue16:43
apwrsalveti, hrm how much did you miss i wonder16:45
rsalveti_let me check the logs from bip16:45
rsalveti_rebooting my host pc, got dead for some unknown reason16:46
rsalveti_still 37 :-)16:46
rsalveti_but with btrfs16:46
apw:) good16:46
apw:( bad16:46
rsalveti_yeah :-(16:47
apwrsalveti_, so any oppinion as to what debug to shove in, and will you do it, or do you need me to make kernels16:48
rsalvetidon't worry, I can check this here16:48
rsalvetiand easily cross build the kernel16:48
apwok cool ... i guess we are at 'have h/w will debug stage' so i'll get out your hair16:49
rsalvetiok, ping you back with more results later16:49
rsalvetithanks anyway16:49
ograwhere do you have his hair ? in a drawer ?16:49
* ogra imagines apw with a rsalveti wig16:50
apwrsalveti, :)  thanks16:50
apwogra, with mine yep :)16:50
apwrsalveti, do keep me in the loop as i will need to upload pretty soon for A2 as you know and i have some bits for aufs pending which i would batch up with yours :)16:52
rsalvetiapw: sure, np16:52
GrueMasterHey, maybe we can use these as buildd's.  Quad core Cortex A9, portable (small), what's not to like?  http://games.slashdot.org/story/11/01/27/1432205/Sony-Reveals-the-Next-Generation-Portable-Console16:59
prpplagueGrueMaster: hehe17:20
prpplagueGrueMaster: i suspect it isn't going to be quad core17:21
prpplagueGrueMaster: first versions probably with just be dual core17:21
GrueMasterI just saw the article and the mention of quad core Cortex-A9.  I have no detailed specs yet, but haven't looked either.17:22
ClubPeteyhey all, I'm trying to get the 10.04-server-armel+omap image working with qemu (emulating a beagleboard).  I have it booting to the install script (where you select a language) but the keyboard doesn't work.  I ran a debian image just fine with the same emulator, so I'm starting to think it's not the qemu build.Anyone experience this before?17:49
* apw wonders how rsalveti is getting on :)18:04
rsalvetiapw: waiting a build to finish, to properly check what's happening, my host seems quite unstable atm :-(18:07
rsalvetihad to reboot 2 times already18:07
rsalvetiapw: how is the 38 testing going?18:07
* rsalveti thinking about changing to 3818:07
rsalvetibut heard people were facing lots of issues with it18:08
apwrsalveti, ahh how long does it takeing18:08
apwmy machines here are running .38 based kernels, previews like the arm ones, but i'd not say i was stressing them18:08
rsalvetiapw: hm, what are you running at your desktop?18:09
apwthis machine is back furhter than that18:09
apwmy other smaller boxses are on the preview though18:10
apwrunning unity, when it works18:10
rsalvetimine is very broken18:10
rsalvetiusing classic desktop atm, with metacity instead of compiz 2d18:11
apwso this machine is all uptodate, including the upcoming kernel18:11
apwand its holding together mostly, well as long as you remeber to right click to get the menus working18:11
rsalvetihehe, cool, maybe will update mine later on18:12
apwbut i've not got the guts to put it on my bigger machine as i am not yet ready for the paradigm shift18:12
apwjust about to do an update on a desktop18:13
rsalvetisomething to check later is why it's powering DVI down using 170 as a hardcoded value at omap3_beagle_init18:14
rsalvetiwhile when starting up it checks if it's running xm or not, and select the proper gpio pin18:15
rsalvetidon't know what is connected to 170 at xm18:16
rsalvetineed to check the hw docs18:16
apwrsalveti, this bit you mean:18:37
apw        omap_mux_init_gpio(170, OMAP_PIN_INPUT);18:37
apw        gpio_request(170, "DVI_nPD");18:37
apw        /* REVISIT leave DVI powered down until it's needed ... */18:37
apw        gpio_direction_output(170, true);18:37
apwlooks like it should be using the reset_gpio as well indeed18:37
apwmaybe... hard to tell it does use different descriptions18:38
apwas if 170 is power and 129 is reset on xm, but both on !xm18:38
apwall depends on semantics i guess18:39
apwthe docs sounds like ones freind here for sure18:39
apwrsalveti, the below sounds bad:18:43
apw"Passing invalid GPIO numbers to gpio_request() will fail, as will requesting18:43
apwGPIOs that have already been claimed with that call."18:43
apwas far as i can tell for !xm we would request 170 twice and violate that18:43
apwwhich would lead to that error ...18:44
rsalvetihm, makes sense18:44
rsalvetion maverick this was remove with commit 8c3818913431c5ae62a7e56a38d38c4ca81ee4a218:45
rsalvetilet me check 3718:45
apwrsalveti, oh yeah its removed ... hrm18:46
* rsalveti is still waiting his build to finish18:47
apwrsalveti, how long do they take ?18:47
rsalvetithis is the first one, then I can just make what changed18:48
rsalvetibut 30 min probably18:48
rsalvetiapw: if it's faster for you, can you try removing that out and build it again?18:48
apwrsalveti, about the same once i've pushed it so you can get to it18:48
apw        omap_mux_init_gpio(170, OMAP_PIN_INPUT);18:49
apw        gpio_request(170, "DVI_nPD");18:49
apw        /* REVISIT leave DVI powered down until it's needed ... */18:49
apw        gpio_direction_output(170, true);18:49
apwseems it was in there for .3718:49
apwwhich is perplexing18:49
rsalvetihm, not from one I'm seeing here18:49
rsalvetifrom Ubuntu-2.6.37-9.2218:49
rsalvetilet me check again18:49
rsalvetigit show Ubuntu-2.6.37-9.22:arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c18:50
rsalvetisounds fine18:50
apwyep clearly new...18:50
apwshall i build without that in parallel ?18:50
rsalvetiapw: sure18:51
apwrsalveti, i can see how that got lost, as we dropped all the omap stuff for XM as it was coming down in spades from upstream ... clearly not all of it18:53
rsalvetiapw: yup, the same patch that changes to use 129 is the one who removes this piece18:54
rsalvetiand you got a conflict and probably just removed the patch18:54
apwyep thats what i would have done, there is clearly stuff in there saying "added support for Xm" so it would be a simple choice to drop18:55
apwrsalveti, heres hoping thats the main issue18:55
apwif i had been diffing to a sensible place for .37 i'd have noticed that too ... silly me18:56
apwrsalveti, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/arm/linux-image-2.6.38-1-omap_2.6.38-1.27~pre5_armel.deb-219:05
apwrsalveti, stupidly i made it with the same pre5 name ...19:05
rsalvetiapw: awesome, mine is still building =\19:05
apwrsalveti, just tried a new way to copy it ... saved self 15 mins19:05
apwavoided a tortuos upload over my adsl19:06
apwrsalveti, just tell me it works :)19:07
rsalvetiwe'll see :-)19:08
apwi suspect the testing will be as slow as the build :)  its never easy to get a kernel onto one of those19:08
rsalvetiyeah, very slow sd card19:08
apw"oh no you want to <pause> save a lot <pause> of files to <pause> me ..."19:10
rsalvetiargh, panic while installing19:16
rsalvetirebooting and trying again19:16
apwrsalveti, noo19:17
* apw drums his fingers in agitation19:23
rsalvetiLinux version 2.6.38-1-omap (root@tangerine) (gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.1-10ubuntu3) ) #27~pre5 Thu Jan 27 18:53:05 UTC 2011 (Ubuntu 2.6.38-1.27~pre5-omap 2.6.38-rc2)19:23
rsalvetistill same issue19:24
apwthats the rigth timestamp19:24
rsalvetithat was the only thing that is actually different at the board-omap3beagle.c from our 37 to mainline19:27
apwi would say i tend to concur, there is some odd ordering, but nothing 100% different19:27
apws/odd/difference in19:27
rsalvetioh god, trashed my sd card :-(19:28
rsalvetitoo many kernel panics while booting19:28
apwrsalveti, oh19:28
apw-       if (cpu_is_omap3630())19:28
apw-               beagle_dvi_device.reset_gpio = 129;19:28
apw-       else19:28
apw-               beagle_dvi_device.reset_gpio = 170;19:28
apw        r = gpio_request(beagle_dvi_device.reset_gpio, "DVI reset");19:28
apwis that difference significant19:28
rsalveti37 has an issue with the mmc driver it seems, so sometimes giving i/o errors all around19:28
rsalvetibut the same logic is applied later on19:28
apwyeah but note, that the line after the context uses it19:29
apwso is the other place its added, earlier in execution19:29
rsalvetibeagle_display_init is the last function from omap3_beagle_init19:29
rsalvetibeagle_twl_gpio_setup is a .setup from beagle_gpio_data19:30
rsalvetithat gets registered at omap3_beagle_i2c_init19:30
apw+       if (omap3_beagle_get_rev() == OMAP3BEAGLE_BOARD_XM)19:30
rsalvetiand probably calls the .setup19:30
apw-       if (cpu_is_omap3630())19:31
apwand we know those are the synonymous19:31
rsalvetithat could be another diff, but that would break a lot of stuff for xm19:31
apwyeah tend to agree19:31
rsalvetionly if .setup is not being called before beagle_display_init19:33
rsalvetibut need to check the callbacks19:33
apwrsalveti, perhaps i should just print it in the routine19:33
rsalvetiapw: that would do it19:33
apwyou got a testable system if i slam in some dbg ?19:33
rsalvetiput some printks all around and lets see19:34
GrueMasterOut of curiosity, when will we be seeing a new omap4 kernel?19:39
apwrsalveti, ok building a new one with loads of output19:40
apwGrueMaster, thats in ti's hands19:40
apw(isn't it?)19:40
GrueMasterAh, ok.19:40
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yup, ti released a new version, but not that well tested19:40
rsalvetias I reported at the meeting today19:40
rsalvetiso they are waiting to add support for es2.219:40
GrueMasterYou expect me to actually be awake for that meeting?19:40
rsalvetithen will probably request us to update it19:40
apwrsalveti, what was it based on ?19:41
rsalvetinow for the 38 is a completely different history19:41
rsalvetiapw: 35 still19:41
apw.35 ? thats ... erm ... old19:41
rsalvetithat's.... ermm.... ti?19:42
rsalvetithey are building a landing team at linaro to care about pushing stuff upstream19:42
apwrsalveti, well thats something ... wonder what chance we have of having a kernel in time ...19:47
rsalvetiyeah, that's what worries me the most19:48
apwrsalveti, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/arm/linux-image-2.6.38-1-omap_2.6.38-1.27~pre6a_armel.deb19:52
rsalvetilet me try19:53
* apw whips rsalveti to get a result :)19:54
apwrsalveti, there will be much APW noise19:55
apwrsalveti, ok have to run to the shop to get some food in ... back in 2019:57
rsalvetiapw: ok19:57
rsalvetiapw: eeek: APW: beagle_display_init: reset_gpio=-2220:06
rsalvetithe function that initializes reset_gpio is called later on20:07
rsalvetiso that's why20:07
rsalvetiso we need a patch to move this as before and also removing the settings for the hardcoded gpio20:08
rsalvetithe 170 one20:08
rsalvetiapw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/559192/ will probably be enough20:13
rsalvetijust need to build and test20:14
GrueMasterjanimo_: can bug 697382 be reproduced on other arches now?20:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 697382 in pyside "ftbfs on armel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69738220:16
rsalvetirenatofilho: ^ :P20:16
janimo_GrueMaster, yes, it fauils on x86 too20:16
janimo_it is a cmake isseu from what I can tell20:16
GrueMasterOk, will tag appropriately.20:16
janimo_pyside 1.0 beta4 is out but still not in debian too see if it fixes it20:17
janimo_I think doko's archive rebuild should point out if pyside fails on all archs now (if it inlcudes universe)20:17
renatofilhoGrueMaster, this was fixed some time ago on pyside check bug: http://bugs.openbossa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41520:19
ubot2bugs.openbossa.org bug 415 in PySide "phonon bindings does not build" [Major,Closed: fixed]20:19
GrueMasterOk.  Hasn't hit the pool yet then.20:20
rsalvetirenatofilho: cool, thanks :-)20:20
rsalvetiapw: I'm firing up another build, but it'll probably take longer than yours20:22
rsalvetiapw: can you try rebuilding your deb with the supposed fixes when you're back?20:22
apwrsalveti, just back20:36
apwrsalveti, ok build in progress20:41
apwrsalveti, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/arm/linux-image-2.6.38-1-omap_2.6.38-1.27~pre6b_armel.deb21:01
* apw pokes rsalveti 21:04
rsalvetiapw: sorry, getting something to eat21:07
apwheh no worries21:13
rsalvetiapw: that error is gone, but still no display21:18
rsalvetione less bug at least21:18
rsalvetilet me get the dmesg for you21:20
apwrsalveti, ok cool21:24
rsalvetiapw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/559224/21:29
rsalvetithen same messages for omapfb21:30
rsalvetihm, I don't like having a warning for an erratum21:40
rsalvetijust a kernel message saying it would be enough21:40
rsalvetilet me put more debug at omapfb21:41
rsalvetiseems it's not getting a proper dss device21:43
rsalvetiand I just noticed that we have 18 patches against dss at l-o21:43
apwyeah WARN is dumb as it will trigger apport etc for no reasdn21:43
apwrsalveti, worth looking indeed21:43
apwrsalveti, what timezone you in?21:44
rsalvetiapw: utc-221:44
apwso its near midnight ?21:44
rsalvetialmost 8 pm21:44
apwhrm ok :)  thinking its food time here, but i can provide build services in the AM if thats helpful21:45
rsalvetiapw: sure, don't worry :-)21:46
rsalvetimy new build just finished, so it should be ok now21:46
apwexcellent, speedyier once one is done21:48
apwi'll catch you in the morning see how it all went21:48
rsalvetiok, thanks!21:48
GrueMasterrsalveti: Have you seen the latest patch link attached to the panda MAC bug?  bug 67350422:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 673504 in linux-ti-omap4 "Pandaboard chooses a new IP address on each boot" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67350422:44
GrueMasterTHis would really be helpful for us and for the buildd pool (if it ever gets online).22:45
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yup, sounds fine, just didn't follow if it's upstream or not already22:45
Nekohey guys, any reason why linux-headers does not pull in the plat-mxc/include/* stuff into the headers here?22:57
NekoI'm just using make-kpkg and wondering if there is some clever overlay trick to it22:57
apwNeko, probabally an oversite as things have moved over time, if there is something needed in there then get a bug filed saying they are missing23:13
Nekowell what I'd like to do is file a bug and ship a patch at the same time23:14
Nekobut I am having trouble working out how I'd detect the scenario23:14
NekoI can't tell what machine the kernel is built for...23:14
Nekoonly the arch23:14
Nekoit seems like the whole kernel thing just never ever worked for any arm platforms and this would affect arm on debian too23:15
Nekoor worse, linux kernel doesn't do it23:15
rcn-eeHey Neko in 2.6.38-rc's the mainline deb-pkg now generates linux-headers, but like make-kpkg it too only seems to generate x86 stuff..23:52

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