dns53is it a vodaphone?00:00
orly_goill try modeswtich 1st00:02
dns53yes, use mode switch but the vodaphone tool is a wrapper around it00:03
orly_gooh so vodafone tool is a gui?00:04
orly_goi can use modeswitch and then network manager right?00:04
dns53i think it does the mode switch when it starts00:04
orly_gowhat does00:05
dns53you cold probably work out your script or modify the modem to be in modem mode when it is plugged in00:05
orly_goill just run modeswitch and click network manager00:06
orly_gobrb testing it00:09
orly_goit sees the modem if i plug it in and reboot but it doesnt connect00:27
orly_goi can set up a new mobile broadband connection00:27
orly_goso idk00:27
orly_goi have reception here00:28
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iktDo not fret! It is not your fault you don't understand sed. I will cover sed completely. But I will describe the features in the order that I learned them. I didn't learn everything at once. You don't need to either. 18:42
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