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ereotavi just installed 10.10 on my comp..i have two hdds..i put it on sda (c:\) but my sdb (d:\) seems "split" in half.. any ideas01:36
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sogeppyo guys, is there any da modeling as power designer on linux, wich could open and edit the power designer output?06:40
pleia2hmm, not familiar with power designer06:41
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babymammothliveshello, im trying to change my ip on my cable ISP. It works on windows but i cant get ubuntu 10.10 to take this comman -> ifdown eth009:33
bioterrorsudo ifconfig eth0 down09:33
bioterrorsudo ifconfig eth0 up09:33
babymammothlivesok, let me test n ty09:34
bioterrorand I believe that will not change your protocol from v4 to v56 ;)09:34
bioterrorv6 even09:34
bioterrorusually ISP's has some sort of lease time for the ip addresses... ;)09:36
babymammothlivesthat did disconnect my lan and i was able to reconnect09:38
babymammothlivesbut the ip stays the same09:38
bioterroryour isp has a lease time for a mac address09:38
babymammothlivesyes, but cant i spoof my address ?09:39
babymammothlivesi tried it once and it didn't do much but stop some functions on my computer09:39
bioterrordid you get banned from 4chan or why you want another ip address09:40
babymammothlivesim just wondering why it wont allot me to use this ifdown eth009:40
babymammothlivesfunny enough09:40
babymammothlivesi read this guy had gotten banned from 4chan and was trying to do the same on the ubuntu forums09:40
bioterrordid you use sudo09:40
babymammothlivesive tried typing sudo in front of it, yes09:41
babymammothlivesifdown: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied09:43
babymammothlivesi read that i may have to do it in root and i have no idea what that means09:44
babymammothlivesThese commands should be executed as root or via sudo  <--this is what i read09:45
dustring010HOWDY! any grub experts here?10:05
MrChrisDruifdustring010: Not me, but what do you want to know?10:07
dustring010well everytime there is a kernel update or something grub add 2 more linux entries to itself....10:07
MrChrisDruifMaybe that is because the older kernel are still on your system :)10:08
dustring010im at 8 entries already... 4 if u dont count the safe modes...10:08
dustring010well how do i remove them?10:08
MrChrisDruifSearch in Synaptic for linux-headers if I'm not mistaking :)10:09
MrChrisDruifAnd ofc only selected the old ones....the newest you should keep10:10
MrChrisDruifHai hajour :)10:10
MrChrisDruifJust making sure ;)10:11
dustring010theres a ton.... im unsure of what to remove safely10:12
MrChrisDruifI'll have a looksy myself...10:13
dustring010lol ty10:13
MrChrisDruifI've only got these (linux-headers-2.6.35-24-generic, linux-headers-2.6.35-24, linux-headers-generic) marked as installed with these versions (2.6.35-24.42, 2.6.35-24.42, behind them :)10:16
MrChrisDruifYou've found it?10:17
dustring010some one told me how ty vm10:17
MrChrisDruifAs long as your problem is solved :)10:18
dustring010tyvm have a wonderful day10:22
MrChrisDruifYou too :D10:22
yofelMrChrisDruif: the headers should get removed on update, what says are the images (linux-image-2.6.35-XX-generic) [for safety reasons]10:27
MrChrisDruifSo linux-image should be removed instead to remove them from grub? (I never see grub, so I don't know10:30
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Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/558979/ whats wrong in it12:53
Bipul`any one12:53
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge dkimproxy12:54
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge vsftpd12:54
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Bipul`bioterror,  what this command will do12:57
bioterrorand take the config files with it too12:58
bioterrorif that doesnt help, then we have to use dpkg12:58
Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/558983/ check this now13:00
Bipul`i think it remove now13:00
bioterrorahh, you're root man13:00
bioterrorjah mon!13:00
bioterrorBipul`, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade13:01
Bipul`updating is over and now i think its downloading something linux images13:02
bioterroroh those silly linux images, always breaking something13:03
Bipul`it will take 15 mins to complet upgrading13:04
Bipul`bioterror,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/558984/ check this13:15
Bipul`and my ftp is stil active13:16
Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/558991/ any one here can look at this problem13:40
Bipul`sory got my mistake :p13:42
szczurare you running synaptic or other package manager at the same time?13:42
Bipul`yes that why13:43
Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/559008/ can any one help me ?14:13
bioterrorThe following partially installed packages will be configured:14:15
bioterror  dkimproxy14:15
Bipul`yes bioterror14:23
bioterrorfor what do you need it14:23
bioterrorand that seems to be broken14:23
Bipul`i wants to know whats wrong with it as i am getting every time when ever i install any application related to LAMP14:23
Bipul`linux apache mysql perl14:23
bioterrorBipul`, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dkimproxy/+bug/58896014:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 588960 in dkimproxy "package dkimproxy 1.2-3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:30
bioterrorBipul`, CHECK HERE!! ^^14:40
joe_happyi need a litle help pzz16:02
AbhiJitjoe_happy, ask16:04
joe_happyi was talking on the ubuntu chanel and the helped me16:07
AbhiJiti was disconnected16:07
joe_happythanks anyway dont worry16:08
joe_happyi needed help reseting the panel but now i have the command16:08
joe_happybut you knwo if you could help me with something else16:08
AbhiJitask in general to channel. if anyone knows they will answer16:08
aveilleux!ask joe_happy16:09
ubot2Factoid 'ask joe_happy' not found16:09
aveilleux!ask | joe_happy16:09
ubot2joe_happy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:09
joe_happykay thanks haha16:10
joe_happywell i wanted an explanation about installing theme like whats matacity and gtk1 and gtk216:10
AbhiJitjoe_happy, you want a nice theme for your ubuntu?16:15
joe_happyyeah i went to gnome look but i dont understand all of it16:16
AbhiJitjoe_happy, http://www.bisigi-project.org/?lang=en16:17
joe_happythank you il look into that16:18
Dangr_AbhiJit: Thats pretty cool. I haven't seen that site before.16:18
AbhiJitoh yah16:19
AbhiJitits really nice project16:19
AbhiJiti just forgot what i am doing in this channne for 1 sec!!!!!!!16:19
joe_happyhey i need some helo with the terminal when i type any command and it ask for my password y type it and then it says command not found and dosnt ask for my password again when i type the comand again just command not found16:31
Dangr_joe_happy: what command? Any command?16:34
joe_happynope this one16:34
joe_happysudo add-apt-repository ppa:alecive/antigone && sudo apt-get update16:34
joe_happyand it also has happened to my with other commands16:34
aveilleuxjoe_happy: sudo has a timeout period. It won't ask for your password if you've used sudo within the past few minutes.16:36
aveilleuxjoe_happy: Also, run: sudo apt-get install python-software-properties16:36
joe_happythis happened to me before so i used sudo su - to install directly from root16:36
joe_happyohh i didnt know that16:36
aveilleuxjoe_happy: Don't log into root if you don't need to16:37
joe_happyand well afther that it told me to instal the aptitude package16:37
aveilleuxjoe_happy: What did?16:37
joe_happyok so how do i log out of root?16:38
joe_happythe terminal16:38
aveilleuxjoe_happy: type "exit"16:40
joe_happyand with python it told me its allready installed in the most current version16:41
joe_happywell afther that i had to format my computer and i dont know if i should install aptitude again16:42
aveilleuxjoe_happy: No16:42
joe_happymm ok16:42
joe_happycan i know why?16:43
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joe_happyis there a short cut form the keyboard to open the terminal la crtl t or something?17:04
Dangr_joe_happy: I'm not on my Ubuntu machine at the moment but I think you can set this in Compiz Keyboard17:06
Dangr_joe_happy: but I'm not sure17:07
Dangr_*Keyboard Shortcuts17:07
joe_happykay thank you17:08
johnny77My update manager is not working. It tells me that there are updates, but does nothing when I click install.17:32
holsteinjohnny77: try restarting the manager17:33
holsteinand make sure you get your pass right17:33
holsteinthat would be my first guess17:33
johnny77holstein: update manager is supposed to ask for a password? well it's not. I bet that is the problem. How do I get it to ask?17:34
holsteinjohnny77: you can always logout17:35
holsteinand back in17:35
holsteinif that is easiest17:36
holsteini just wouldnt worry about the updates right now17:36
holsteini would close it17:36
holsteinand run sudo apt-get update17:36
holsteinthen sudo apt-get upgrade17:36
johnny77holstein: This has been happening for a while... I have been using update/upgrade, but it would be nice if I could get update-manager to do it.17:38
holsteini turn it off17:38
holsteini think its nice not to be hassled by it17:38
Dangr_holstein: is there a downside at all to using the update manager17:38
holsteinand choose when i want it to run17:38
holsteinDangr_: in theory, no17:38
holsteinunless an update breaks something17:39
holsteinOR if the update manager is working in the background, and you dont want it to be17:39
holsteinjohnny77: you can try running update-manager from the terminal17:40
holsteinsee you you get helpful error output there17:40
johnny77it looks like for some reason update-manager is not automatically asking for the password. If I typed in gksu update-manager it forced it to ask for a password. Is there a file somewhere that specifies which programs need to be run as a super user?17:48
Cheri703I have an update manager question too...17:50
Cheri703mine is saying "to install all updates, do a partial upgrade"17:50
johnny77what does GTK+ X mean?18:36
greyfiendI'm getting a "gave up waiting for root device" error while booting, it only happens when I have the USB digital TV receiver plugged in. Any suggestions on where to start with this?18:39
ssssssssshey so i cannot connect to the internet on my linux comp because it does not have wireless capability and it is far from my router so i connected an ethernet cable between that and my macbook and set up a network i  think anyway my macbook says the ethernet port is connected while my linux comp still does not get internet please and thank you19:22
ibuclawsssssssss, is that a question?19:23
sssssssssyeah sry i need help19:23
sssssssssi have a broken hand so it took me forevr to type19:23
holsteinsssssssss: easiest way is to get internet to the machine wired19:24
holsteini would try restarting the machine19:24
sssssssssi know but my router is so far away19:24
holsteinim not sure how that gets set up in OSX19:24
ssssssssswhat the network19:24
holsteinSO, we dont know if its the wired card in buntu19:24
holsteinOR the config in OSX19:24
holsteinyou can DL what you need on the macbook19:25
holsteinand transfer them to the buntu machine with a USB stick or whatever19:25
sssssssssyeah i guess19:25
sssssssssi think its the config in ubuntu19:26
ssssssssscause it says its not configured19:26
holsteinsssssssss: you just plugged it in19:26
sssssssssbut im n ot sure y19:26
holsteinso there is no config in buntu yet19:26
holsteinif the macbook is sending it, the buntu box *should* be seeing and using it19:27
Dangr_sssssssss: Is your Mac configured to have Internet sharing?19:27
ssssssssshow would i check19:27
Dangr_sssssssss: System Preferences > Sharing19:27
Dangr_It should be listed in the left column19:27
Dangr_sssssssss: hopefully that will fix it19:28
Dangr_sssssssss: I haven't tried it before this way but who knows - hopefully that is all there is to it19:28
sssssssssi did turn on sharing and i did also set up the network settings in ubuntu my macbook says its connected19:30
sssssssssbut it still doesnt work19:30
sssssssss 19:31
holsteinsssssssss: do you have any other wired internet device?19:31
holsteinto plug into the macbook19:31
holsteinso you know that it is doing the job19:31
sssssssssi dont know how to seup netwroks i just googled how to set up a quick one19:31
sssssssssone sec19:32
holsteinthat would be my first point of trouble-shooting19:32
Dangr_sssssssss: http://superuser.com/questions/141407/share-internet-via-ethernet-from-mac-osx-to-ubuntu-10-0419:32
Dangr_Seems like they are looking for something similar19:32
* bioterror notices that his beachball senses are tingling ;)19:32
holsteinyou have an unknown box on an unknown network19:32
holsteinbioterror: hehe, beach-ball ;)19:33
holsteinsssssssss: unless the router is up on the roof19:33
bioterrorsssssssss, first of all: edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf19:33
holsteini think the easiest way it to plug right into the router19:33
bioterrorput correct workgroup and so on19:33
holsteineasiest by 90% or so id say19:34
bioterrorI cant remember how os x handled shares19:34
bioterroro yeah19:34
bioterroryou had to connect with hostname/ip address19:34
holsteinbioterror: sssssssss is trying to pass the internet through to the buntu machine19:35
holsteinthe buntu box is not ont he network yet19:35
holsteinhas no connection19:35
ssssssssswait what should i do first19:35
holsteinsssssssss: walk to the router ;)19:35
bioterrorread basics of networking19:36
ssssssssshaha i get it but its a desktop and the routeris upstairs19:36
ssssssssswell this is what i did http://www.wikihow.com/Connect-Two-Computers19:36
ssssssssshaha i guess its probably wroong for what im doing19:37
holsteinsssssssss: you're not connecting 2 computers19:37
holsteinyou need the internet to be shared19:38
ssssssssswhat is the difference  they both have 2 ip addresses on a network right? i mean idk but it looked good to me19:38
holsteinon the mac19:38
sssssssssand i did turn on sharing19:38
holsteinthe mac will recieve the internet via wifi19:38
holsteinand act as a router19:38
holsteinsharing the connection with the machine on the wired device19:38
holsteinim not sure what the process is like on OSX19:39
sssssssssyes the mac is the router and is using airport and yes sharing for the wired connecting19:39
holsteinnot connecting the 2 machines together19:39
holsteinthats not the goal19:40
sssssssssit seems pretty easy i think its something very stupid that i didnt do19:40
holsteinthe goal is internet sharing19:40
holstein2 totally differnt things19:40
holsteinthat can be mutually exculsive19:40
holsteinyou need to reduce the variables19:41
holsteinyou need to either confirm that osx is sharing the network and acting as a router19:41
holsteinOR confirm that the buntu box's wired device is working properly19:41
ssssssssswhen i go to networ settings on the ubuntu machine and go to the hosts tab i dont see me macbook though i dont know if it should be there or not19:41
holsteinright now, you cant say which is failing19:41
holsteinsssssssss: you wont19:42
holsteinit'll just see network19:42
holsteinlike its a router19:42
holsteinwhen you have the mac properly sharing its network connection19:42
holsteinyou'll just have internet on the buntu box19:43
holsteinIF the wired device is being used properly by buntu19:43
sssssssssif i do what it says on the thing i was reading it said to ping to see it h=the connection it there what should i then be looking for19:45
* holstein shrugs19:45
holsteinthe ip address?19:45
Dangr_Well I guess you can ping the computer (mac)19:45
Dangr_and see if that comes back19:45
sssssssssalso if they are connected at all wouldnt i be able to see like a network place on my macbook19:46
holsteinthats not set up yet19:47
Dangr_probably not19:47
holsteinand is not the same at all19:47
holsteinyou're just trying to get internet19:47
holsteinthat can be passed through the mac, or any other device acting as a router19:48
sssssssssok well what i meant was maybe i set it up for the wrong thing19:48
holsteinand not give you access to 'shares' or 'network places'19:48
Dangr_Does Ubuntu have a feature like that? Is there a package or system setting for Internet sharing?19:48
Dangr_I don't even know, now I'm curious19:48
holsteinDangr_: yes19:48
holsteinive used the printer one19:48
holsteinback in 9.1019:48
holsteinworked nice19:48
holsteinstill working nice *19:49
Dangr_printer as in sharing printers19:49
sssssssssmy frind has a bunch of mac windows and linux comps all sharing the same internet through one comp running osx19:49
holsteinsssssssss: thats who i would ask19:49
sssssssssyeah hes busy cant talk haha19:49
holsteinyour friend would know how to conigure your OSX box to act as a router19:49
aveilleuxsssssssss: Wirelessly? Because wireless Internet sharing is easy.19:50
holsteinshould be easy as http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=mac/10.5/en/8156.html though19:50
sssssssssno he has a wired connected between them all19:50
holsteinaveilleux: needs to provide wired to buntu19:50
holsteinin this case19:50
aveilleuxholstein: I know, I'm saying his friend who uses OSX as a router might just share the connection wirelessly.19:50
sssssssssanyway when i ping the me=acbook from the buntu it says set 54 packets and then says 64bytes from the ip address of my macbook the icmp_req=some number ttl=64 and the time19:51
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sssssssssso i think thats means they are connected19:52
holsteinping -c 4 google.com19:52
holsteinor whatever19:52
holsteingood luck... naptime...19:53
sssssssssk thnks19:53
sssssssssi will figure that out on my own but would anyone be able to help me with this... my buntu comp was running window and needing wireless i bought a wireless card that plugs into a pci slot the drivers were for windows is it possible to use that card?20:02
Dangr_One sec theres a page for that20:04
Dangr_That should help - its what I used to buy my card20:05
ssssssssshaha thanks i should have just googled it and the thing is i bought this a while ago so i guess ill just check if its supported20:05
Dangr_sssssssss: Also I haven't tried this but I found this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing20:06
sssssssssthank u Dangr_:20:07
Dangr_No problem20:08
sssssssssDangr_ so i went to the wireless card link then the first likn to see if my card is supported and it is not but then it says there are drivers avalible at a link what does that mean20:15
Dangr_Well it means it could work20:16
Dangr_Is your card in the computer ?20:16
Dangr_Have you tried looking for proprietary drivers20:16
sssssssssbut how could it not be supported but there are drivers20:16
ssssssssswell im at a website that is said to have them20:16
Dangr_Whats the page you are at20:17
ssssssssshttp://madwifi-project.org/wiki/UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo it is a how to on the driver haha20:18
sssssssssthe link was from the ubuntu supported card page20:18
Dangr_Looks like it could be useful20:19
Dangr_But I'm not sure since I haven't had to do this before, sorry. I bought a card from the supported list so I wouldn't have to go through it :P20:20
Dangr_But you did try to see if the card worked at all and it doesnt?20:20
ssssssssswell im gonna try it i guess anyway again dangr_ and anyone else who helped me20:20
sssssssssuh no it doesnt even show up on the network list20:20
ssssssssswhat? how would i check20:21
_spacer_i would like to know how to open a gnome terminal from a remote connection20:22
Dangr__spacer_: like ssh?20:24
_spacer_i am currently connected via ssh to my home computer running ubuntu. how can i force a gnome-terminal to open up on the home pc20:25
Dangr_Oh, uh idk never thought to do that20:25
Dangr_Why do you want to?20:25
_spacer_my son is supposed to be studying, but he is dickin around on facebook.20:25
Dangr_hahaha thats awesome20:26
_spacer_i would like to exercise my roll as a mature adult, and fuck with him20:26
paultag_spacer_: export DISPLAY=:0.020:26
paultag_spacer_: then run "firefox http://porn.site.com", then barge in20:26
paultag_spacer_: and accuse him of watching porm20:26
paultagporn *20:26
_spacer_lets have a go....too funny, but i dont want to scar him20:27
paultagwhere porn.site.com is a real porn site ;)20:27
_spacer_i got that20:27
paultag_spacer_: if you run the "export DISPLAY=:0.0.", as the local logged in user, you can throw open X windows20:27
paultag_spacer_: just be sure to export, and run as his local user20:27
paultagin opposite order20:28
_spacer_ok lets try20:28
paultagsudo su bobby # if he's bobby20:28
paultagexport DISPLAY=:0.020:28
paultagfirefox http://thewillpower.org20:28
paultagbe sure to use `alsamixer' to turn his speakers up20:29
ibuclaw_spacer_, ssh I.P.Add -u username -X firefox http://porn.site :)20:33
paultagibuclaw: that pops it up local you twisted lamer!20:33
ibuclawpaultag, *blink*20:34
paultagibuclaw: _spacer_ here is one of them grown-up-types who's messing with his kid20:34
ibuclawtotally forgot! :320:34
paultagibuclaw: <320:34
ibuclawwell, my definition of "messing with kid" is playing word tricks with them. ;)20:35
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paultagibuclaw: :)20:35
ibuclaw"What are you doing ‽"20:35
ibuclaw"Exactly!" D:20:36
Dangr_This sounds neat20:36
ibuclawright, I've got to rest. -_-20:37
paultagibuclaw: night!20:38
Dangr__spacer_: let me know how that works out - export sounds interesting20:38
Dangr__spacer_: are you doing it now?20:38
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ibuclawbtw, anyone got a sheevaplug?20:41
Dangr_Neat, so that works like a portable server?20:43
_spacer_sorry called away @ work hang on20:43
_spacer_glad i checked that link....20:44
_spacer_i get a cannot open display error20:54
_spacer_ha ha20:56
_spacer_it worked, i screwed it up the first time20:56
NutsAboutUbuntuI guess we can connect the speaker output to the microphone input, of a laptop, in order to record what is being played by the laptop. Is it possible to do without the cable? In other words, is it possible to record something the laptop is playing through an internal connection?21:08
aveilleuxNutsAboutUbuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2948327&postcount=221:12
aveilleuxNutsAboutUbuntu: Or, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153136721:13
NutsAboutUbuntuThank you very much aveilleux. You've put me on the right track.21:15
aveilleuxNutsAboutUbuntu: No problem21:16
ibuclawI have login running on /dev/ttyUSB021:32
ibuclawany ideas on connecting to it? 8-)21:32
jasonoHi. Can someone please help me with creating a 3D Aluminum model in Blender?21:33
aveilleuxjasono: Try #blender21:34
jasonoaveilleux THat's what I need help on but #Blender is no help.21:36
aveilleuxjasono: Why?21:39
jasonoI cannot follow the instructions.21:40
aveilleuxjasono: Why not?21:40
jasonoUncomprehendable in the format given.21:41
aveilleuxjasono: I think you mean incomprehensible, and what do you mean by that:21:41
jasonoI can't understand the direction because of the length that was given to me.21:42
jasonoIt looks mixed up. Which to follow? What comes second?21:43
aveilleuxjasono: I still don't understand what you're saying. Normally instructions are written in the order that you perform them in.21:43
jasonoaveilleux Never mind, it's okey.21:43
jasonoHi. Can anyone help me save my registerd nickname info on XChat so I don't have to log in with a command every time?23:55
zkriessejasono: Yeah I can do that bro23:59

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