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JackyAlcineIs it okay to report Nautlius lacking multiple threads for each window/GUI as a bug? Because I consider it to be one.04:55
JackyAlcineNot being use your desktop or other windows while one window is "frozen" is quite cumbersome.04:55
micahgJackyAlcine: feature request :)05:01
persiaJackyAlcine, I'd recommend filing that upstream: it's unlikely to be something we would want to carry as a distribution-specific patch.05:01
JackyAlcineHm. I mean, I've been working on trying to implement it. And it works okayish.05:02
JackyAlcineIt's like a daemon that manages each running copy of nautilus.05:02
JackyAlcineBut okay, thanks micahg and persia.05:02
persiaIt's a great idea, and I think it would improve nautilus.  That said, the Ubuntu Desktop team tends to try to get as much upstream as possible, and I suspect every install of GNOME (for every distribution that ships GNOME) could benefit from such a fix.05:03
JackyAlcineWell, lol, it's not stable at all. I lost a good amount of configuration settings because of it, but I'll submit the idea.05:07
paultagJackyAlcine: still dude, bugs.gnome05:08
paultagJackyAlcine: p.s. howdy05:08
paultagpersia: I just got your devel mail, thanks for that :)05:08
JackyAlcineI don't know, most GNOME applications aren't that thread-centric, and I think threads implement that async feeling that most people feel for. Like it'd be easier to implement a statusbar at the bottom of the window with progress with some kind of background implementations.05:10
JackyAlcineHow is this bug going to be fixed?05:13
ubot2JackyAlcine: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1)05:14
lifelesswith great care05:14
paultag.away not here05:14
paultagOh shoot. sorry.05:14
persiapaultag, I'm glad you found it useful.05:25
RedSingularitymicahg:  bug 703267  Am I missing any dups?  Maybe for lack of a better keyword search....?05:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 703267 in firefox "Google images search, image size dropdown resets" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70326705:51
* micahg would like to say that's a broken site, but hold on05:53
micahgRedSingularity: wfm in ff4.0b1005:53
micahgRedSingularity: confirmed in 3,6,14, but fixed in 4.0b1005:55
RedSingularitymicahg: Have a dup # for me?  I will mark it.05:56
micahgRedSingularity: not offhand, I can get it to work in 3.6.x if I try enough05:59
RedSingularitymicahg: Invalid then or leave it confirmed?06:00
micahgRedSingularity: not invalid, just not sure if it's worth an SRU task06:01
RedSingularitymicahg: ah06:01
micahgit would be fix released06:02
micahgRedSingularity: well, upstream will just mark works for me, so unless you find an upstream bug, nothing will happen with it06:09
RedSingularitymicahg:  Can i mark fix released an tell the user its upstream?  I hate to leave it confirmed if its not supposed to be.06:14
micahgRedSingularity: you can mark it Fix Released and note it's fixed upstream in Firefox 4.006:14
RedSingularitymicahg: Will do then.  Thx.06:16
micahgRedSingularity: actually, fixed in Natty :)06:18
RedSingularitymicahg: Is that 4.0 or still 3.x.x?06:19
micahgRedSingularity: 4.0b1006:19
ddecatori would hope mozilla has the 4.0 final out before natty, haha06:20
micahgddecator: supposedly end of Feb06:20
ddecatormicahg: sounds about right, but at this point i don't even listen to their timelines since it changes so often06:21
RedSingularitymicahg: Good.  Mentioned 4.0 in the report ;)06:21
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charlie-tcaw00t! Ubuntu16:44
charlie-tcaUbuntuBugDay today is totem! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2011012716:44
ari-tczewwhat does it mean? you will fix all bugs in totem?16:47
micahgari-tczew: no, it's meant to triage open bugs16:50
charlie-tcaAbhiJit: bugsquad does not fix bugs, we only triage them17:00
AbhiJiti missed the word 'fix'17:01
AbhiJityeah yah we triage them right. sorry my bad.17:01
charlie-tcabut, the more we get triaged, the better chances of them getting fixed! :-)17:01
ari-tczewcharlie-tca, AbhiJit: we as developers don't mind if you can prepare a patch as well :P17:08
micahgari-tczew: his point is that's not the focus of this channel not that people are limited in what they can do17:08
AbhiJitari-tczew, :D sure!17:08
ari-tczewmicahg: ... relax man, I'm talking flexible, with joke17:09
ari-tczew( emot ":P" at the end can means that )17:10
charlie-tcaari-tczew: I don't really think you want me to try that. It could double the workload for you ;-)17:15
bdmurraycould somebody triage bug 708914 for me?22:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 708914 in yelp "apport package hook shouldn't ask questions for crashes" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70891422:23
charlie-tcabdmurray: done, and no, I didn't reproduce it :-)22:48
bdmurraycharlie-tca: okay thanks!22:51
hggdhcharlie-tca: congrats on officially being the leader on Xubuntu!23:43
charlie-tcaThanks. It took long enough to get that done23:44
Picicharlie-tca: hey, congrats from me as well :)23:44
hggdhcharlie-tca: I gotta say I am proud I know you :-)23:45
charlie-tcaNow, that means a lot, you know!23:45
* hggdh blushes23:46
* ikt questions about asking if xubuntu will chase after lubuntu in terms of memory usage etc :323:46
iktah ok23:47
charlie-tcaxubuntu is not interested in how little memory it can possibly be run in. It is very interested in being usable by the average person after installation23:47
charlie-tcaLubuntu found a place for themselves, I wish them luck in keeping it going23:48
ikthrmm how odd, when I search for xubuntu it says this on google: An official version of Ubuntu Linux that uses the XFCE desktop environment. Designed for low-specification computers <- but when I click on the link it doesn't actually say that anywhere on the page :/23:49
charlie-tcanot odd, it was originally designed for low-specs, but sometimes things change. It is still designed for lower specs then Ubuntu23:50
charlie-tcaIn 5 years, low spec has changed somewhat23:51
ScottKThere's also lubuntu and LXDE these days too.23:51
charlie-tcaAll my systems are now considered low spec, including the 2.2GHz Athlon23:51
charlie-tcaOTOH, try getting google to update anything!23:53

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