diecastartsHailz all .. i know this is not really a support chat .. but anyone know a good one because the #ubuntu channel never responds to me06:24
hypatiadiecastarts: ask away, if anyone knows they will help06:25
hypatiaand you're welcome to ask for support in local channels, that's one of the reasons we're here06:25
diecastartsoh ok sweet // well i am just trying to find out ,,well how to find the name of the my gamepad .. tring to use jscal or jstest but cannot it the name .. i tried joy0 js0 not working06:27
diecastartswhat i am really tring to do is find the mapping of the buttoms so i can input those in a cfg file for a EMU06:30
diecastartsits works fine on some programs ... finds it not problem .. but finally have a good working emu but it doesn't have a why to easily config the gamepad buttoms i have to input them manually06:31
hypatiawhat emulator are you using?06:36
hypatiait probably has a config file in which you can save the byttons06:36
ZykoticK9diecastarts, your joystick is probably /dev/input/js0 BTW06:37
hypatiato fing out the name of the gamepad, do lsusb06:37
diecastartsok that worked /dev/input/js006:39
diecastartsthanks again ZykoticK906:39
ZykoticK9diecastarts, glad to help06:39
diecastartsok so one last question then how do i get the termial to break from that ,, it doing the test but i cannot seem to have it go back to the ~06:42
diecastartswell it seems i still don't know what to put in this cfg file // if i pastebin it anyone think that they could help??06:58
hypatiadiecastarts: pastebin it, i'll have a look07:07
diecastartsk one sec07:07
diecastartsmmm well just looking at a different program where it does work .. and it listed the buttoms as J1 J2 ectect .. not sure if that helps07:11
hypatiais this the config for your emulator, diecastarts ?07:12
hypatiahmm, i'm not familiar with it07:15
hypatiais there any documentation, diecastarts ?07:15
diecastartsoh ok np07:15
diecastartsnope just that .. i'll keep looking around07:15
diecastartsbut thanks for looking07:17
diecastartsI think i have an idea how to do it .. i just open a cfg file and the number are all wayyyy different so i'll try those and see if that helps07:18
diecastartsthanks for your time07:18
BluesKajHi all13:18
diecastartshailz all again .. well i am back.. i guess i was no going the correct path to get my joystick wroking with a emu .. but reading into it found it it should be supported its using SDL .. now still not sure how to get it working .. but i also found a program called SDL Configurator but no idea how to use it .. i tried sudo ./SDL-Test the name of the file .. not sure if i have to compile or not .. sorry sooo new it no funny LOL14:34
diecastartsBut i am guessing not a compile thing .. normally you can open the file to read it if it was .. but getting a unknown file when trying to open in gedit14:37
diecastartsnm all i think i got it15:31
ZykoticK9diecastarts, is the emulator in question mupen?15:32
diecastartsnope it vba-m15:33
diecastartsbut i have the SDL-test program working15:33
diecastartsand it returning the numbers i think i need to put into the cfg file15:33
ZykoticK9diecastarts, something you may need is "export SDL_JOYSTICK_DEVICE=/dev/input/js0 && PATH_TO_YOUR_EMULATOR" - brb15:34
diecastartsZykoticK9, k but i think i'll try this frist because .. the way it look it all set to keyboard these values are different15:38
diecastartsmm ok well that didn't do it .. but there is something that tell me to multiplied by 2 and different things15:47
ZykoticK9diecastarts, did you try the export?15:49
diecastartsnope not sure where the emu is looking for it15:50
diecastartsbut if you look at that you will see what i mean15:50
diecastartsi only pasted the input joy part15:51
diecastartsso now i know what the number are for the gamepad ..but this is just confusing15:52
diecastartsOh i never notice this // its says to check out SDL_keysym.h15:56
diecastartswell there is no file like that on my machine ... but the way it looks I need the decive number and then button numbers .. i know the buttons now .. but I tried different combos 021 or 0021 ectect //because lsusb tells me this "Bus 002 Device 021: ID 046d:c216 Logitech, Inc. Dual Action Gamepad"16:16
diecastartsHailz all18:49
diecastartsheya ZykoticK9 you still around?18:53

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