rava anyone know why ec2-run-instances seems to break a security group with00:28
rava       spaces in it into an array?00:28
rava i'm passing the value in from a shell script with "my sec group"00:29
ravadoing it manually via the commandline seems to work, but wrapped in a var in a bash script and ec2-run-instances seems to think it should eval each word in the string as a seperate sec grp00:29
erichammondrava: Sounds like you might have a shell argument expansion issue with your command line.  Perhaps not using the right quoting?00:33
erichammondrava: Or there could be a bug in ec2-run-instances command itself.00:34
erichammondoh, it works on your manual command line, so it's probably a quoting problem in your bash script.00:34
ravathought as much00:35
erichammondIf you can pastebin your shell script, somebody might be able to glance at it and give feedback.  Make sure you remove any private info.00:36
ravasure thing, one sec while i clean it up :)00:36
ravaerichammond: http://pastebin.com/tAAkukmE00:40
erichammondrava: Try sticking the word "eval" in front of "ec2-run-instances"00:45
erichammondrava: ec2_out=$(eval ec2-run-instances ...00:46
ravathat worked, i keep forgetting about eval...00:47
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theTraverichammond: thanks, I figured that might be the case... It kind of implies that there's no neat/easy migration between the two platforms00:58
theTravexcept maybe making an image on them that runs a virtualbox image :P00:59
erichammondtheTrav: If you are building custom images, then you can easily migrate.01:02
erichammondtheTrav: Start with the dowloadable image, customize it, and use it for both EC2 and UEC.01:25
erichammondtheTrav: You can also snapshot a running instance on EC2 and build the UEC image from a copy of that file system.01:25
erichammondtheTrav: In many cases I recommend starting with a standard base image and applying software installation/configuration at run time.01:26
erichammondtheTrav: Then you're not copying big, complicated images around, but just small, clear startup instructions.01:28
theTraverichammond: yeah, one of the guys here recommended I look into Chef01:55
theTravthere's a pretty nasty closed source dependency on the project though with a fairly horrendous installer, so I'm not sure how well I could script that01:56
erichammondtheTrav: Sure, those configuration management frameworks are used by many, but simple shell scripts are often all you need, especially if you are configuring from a known starting point (base image).01:56
erichammondtheTrav: The installer would end up creating files.  Perhaps you can tar up the results and install them on new systems.01:57
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TeTeTDaviey: would you know if there's something like MAX_MEM akin to MAX_CORES where a admin can oversubscribe memory on a NC for UEC?15:40
TeTeTDaviey: question just came up in our UEC class15:41
Davieyih.. no15:46
DavieyTeteT. sadly we cannot currently oversubscribe memory.15:47
TeTeTDaviey: thanks for the quick answer!15:47
DavieyUEC.. uses virt.. not containers.. whuch wiuld allow it15:48
Davieywow... typo fail.15:49
TeTeTkvm with ksm should be possible to oversubscribe memory, not?15:51
TeTeTother question is: can there be multiple sc in a cluster? I guess not, but not sure15:51
elasticdogif I changed a CC's IP address and want to make sure it gets re-registered, what do I do?16:15
elasticdog"euca_conf --list-clusters" shows the old IP address16:15
elasticdog/var/log/eucalyptus/registration.log seems to indicate that it's "Calling cluster cluster01 ..." at the correct (new) IP address16:17
elasticdoglooks like manually deregistering/registering works for the CC/SC...now to fix the NC's16:24
Kiallany of the UEC devs about? (or anyone familiar with patching/compiling euca on ubuntu...) - I keep running into some issues when building saying patches dont remove cleanly...16:30
Kiallelasticdog, you might want to test the hell out of it once you're done :) I've never managed to re-number UEC components without hassles..16:31
elasticdogKiall: thanks, I will...the whole process seems a bit wonky16:55
Kialli don't think your really meant to re-number things ;)16:55
elasticdogKiall: my whole install is a bit of a mess...basically I wanted to change to static IPs after everything was installed16:56
Kiallyup .. that would do it ;)16:56
elasticdogit's also compounded by installing on new mac mini's, and the ethernet driver isn't in 10.04 by default, so I used a USB->Ethernet adapter to install, then compiled the proper kernel module16:59
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