cjohnstonTechnoviking: ive been drinking for a few hours00:02
doctormocjohnston: My wife made me an oldie, it's going down smooth.00:11
cjohnstonoldie? hmm00:15
doctormocjohnston: Yea, the original cock-tail02:31
doctormoOMG! Ubuntu font used on iphone theme! stop the press! http://1wildcat1.deviantart.com/art/LS-Personal-19495107102:32
doctormoTime for bed, tah-rah lovelies.02:42
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* Guest16855 waves from Ubuntu developer day06:07
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dpmmorning all07:57
dholbachgood morning08:01
AlanBelldoctormo: that is the old Ubuntu title font08:14
AlanBellnot the shiny new one which is going on display at the design museum in London08:14
* AlanBell is going to the opening reception for that08:15
dpmmorning dholbach08:20
dholbach¡hola dpm! ¿qué tal?08:20
dpmgut, gut :)08:25
popeyjcastro: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/70854010:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 708540 in ubuntu-website-content "askubuntu not listed as a support option" [Undecided,New]10:05
nigelbabuwho does developer.ubuntu.com? jono?11:09
duanedesignmorning all11:51
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evilvishhttp://twitter.com/#!/humphreybc/status/30611368583372801 cool!! :)14:36
evilvishAlanBell: wohoo! 1px window border bug.. just got fixed :D14:50
nigelbAlanBell: will you be around this saturday?15:17
nigelbjust in case we need some help :)15:17
AlanBellsome of it15:17
AlanBellmy eldest is doing a dance show thing in London15:17
AlanBellso I will be spending a *lot* of time doing nothing15:17
AlanBellhopefully with power and internet, but not neccessarily15:18
doctormoAlanBell: Yes, it's Ubuntu title, not Ubuntu. But it was funny to see.15:37
Technovikingdholbach: ping16:39
dholbachTechnoviking, pong16:39
Technovikingdholbach: email you back, think the number difference is cause when the old phpbb forum was upgraded to vBulletin, we already had 60000 user16:40
dholbachthanks Technoviking16:40
dholbachthat makes sense then16:40
dholbachmuchas gracias16:41
Technovikingi just ping ryan in IM, on how it the full stat from the DB16:43
Technovikinghe is sending me instruction16:43
TechnovikingI can get you some new stats soon16:44
dholbachTechnoviking, no worries - I mostly just wanted to just confirm if I was doing anything wrong :)16:46
Technovikingdholbach: got it, was not a big deal now I know how to do it.17:00
* dholbach hugs Technoviking17:00
dpmtime to call it a day! It was fun today at the translations videocast with the whiteboard. I'm glad people seemed to like it :)17:23
dpmsee you all tomorrow!17:23
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dholbachalright my friends - Icall it a day now too17:32
dholbachsee you tomorrow17:32
akgranerjcastro - I don't have his email address  sorry :-(17:55
doctormoHey akgraner, hows your week?19:29
akgranerbusy but good - getting ready to head to Tempe, AZ til Monday.  How's yours?19:30
doctormoakgraner: Good, got more work done, always a good sign. Had brilliant home made, non-machined, bread last night. Mini baggetts.19:39
komputesWhat do you guys think of including this song to Natty's Free Culture Showcase: http://soundcloud.com/mrjazzcat/one-world20:57

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