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RAOFTheMuso: Around for a little light -intel sponsoring?  I'd quite like intel users to be able to get to X after updating :/01:25
sabdflthat sounds useful :-)01:27
RAOFYeah.  I'm a fan of not-black-screens after boot :)01:28
rickspencer3ok, got to step away01:31
rickspencer3will come back and kick mrpes2 some more after some food ;)01:31
TheMusoRAOF: Sorry had my head burried in code. If not already sponsored, plesae point me to something I can review. :)01:40
TheMusogah typing01:40
RAOFTheMuso: StevenK got to it before you.  You could endorse my core-dev application though :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChrisHalseRogers/CoreDevApplication01:40
TheMusoYes, I could, will look after lunch, thanks for the URL.01:41
* TheMuso -> lunch01:41
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RAOFAnyone want to sponsor an xserver-xorg-input-synaptics upload? :)04:24
TheMusoRAOF: Sure.04:27
TheMusoRAOF: You left out the other changelog entries from Debian since the last merge.04:29
RAOFBah.  So I did.04:29
TheMusoThats better.04:34
* TheMuso test builds.04:35
TheMusoRAOF: Uploading.04:43
brodergrr. wasn't it possible to run compiz under vmware as of maverick? it keeps falling back to metacity for me right now05:04
brodermaybe my guest tools got borked somehow05:04
RAOFUnity has requirements above and beyond those of Compiz.  If that's what you're trying, that's what you might be running into.05:06
broderno, i'm just trying to run straight compiz in my maverick vm05:07
RAOFI therefore have nothing to say :/05:10
* broder shrugs05:11
broderi'll try the actual vmware tools instead of open-vm-tools and see if that helps05:11
broderRAOF: how much compiz hacking have you done? i'm trying to figure out if the activateWindow function (i.e. CompWindow::activate() in the new world order) will move you between workspaces05:13
RAOFI've done no compiz hacking at all.05:14
RAOFI'm not the droid you are looking for :)05:14
broderfair enough :). maybe i'll bug didrocks if i'm still awake when he shows up05:14
broder(or maybe i'll get compiz running in my vm and can find out for myself)05:14
pittibroder: server-side dbus doesn't work yet from python with gdbus, I'm afraid07:24
pittiGood morning07:24
broderpitti: ah, so python-dbus is still the way to go for that, then?07:26
Smaughello all.  I have installed ubuntu 10.4 on my computer via Wubi.  My wireless internet is not working.  It does not detect any networks.  My wireless card is an Intel 4965AGN.  Can anyone offer me some help?07:30
broder!support | Smaug07:32
ubot2Smaug: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com07:32
pittibroder: I'm afraid so, yes07:42
bentech4youany one please explain this script wget /dev/null -o /dev/null http://$1/ &07:44
RAOFpitti: Good morning07:46
pittihey RAOF07:46
pittibentech4you: the first /dev/null makes no sense07:47
bentech4youk..-0 /dev/null means output redirect to null file na..?07:53
bentech4youhttp://$1/ & ..i am confused with this07:54
pittibentech4you: that's -O, not 0 or o07:56
pittithat's the output file, yes; the argument is the URL you want to download,and the & runs that in the backgroud07:56
pittias you are apparently not interested in the page content, tihs is by and large a "ping" to that web site07:56
bentech4youbut $1 means a variable something na.?07:59
pittiyes, first command line argument08:02
didrocksgood morning08:09
pittibonjour didrocks08:19
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti, how are you?08:20
pittiI'm great, how about you?08:20
pittididrocks: happy release day!08:20
didrockspitti: hehe, I hope it will be a happy day :)08:20
didrocksotherwise, I'm fine, thanks :)08:20
mvohey didrocks and pitti08:29
pittihey mvo08:29
mvogooood morning08:29
pittiguuuuten Morrrrrrrrrrrrgen!08:29
didrocksgood morning mvo08:29
* pitti takes his Halsectomy gun and kills of the last remaining stragglers in main08:29
mvobammm :)08:30
didrockspoor Hal :)08:38
pittibryceh, RAOF: in your next xorg-server upload, would you mind dropping the libhal-dev build dependency?08:48
pittibryceh, RAOF: the udev backend is working well enough, and we don't really support hal any more, so I'd really like to drop it to universe08:49
pittihey seb12808:59
didrocksgood morning seb12809:00
mvompt: around? I'm just fixing some gwibber integratin in software-center and I would like to remove the link to apt.ubuntu.com for now until we provide a basic page on the webserver. currently it shows "you appear to be not running ubuntu" when clicking on the link09:07
mvompt: the other one I would like is "reviewed %(appname)s in Ubuntu Software Center: %(rating)s %(summary)s %(link)s")" i.e. mention ubuntu in the twitter line (and/or software center)09:07
mvompt: what do you think?09:07
didrockspitti: FYI, just a second prototype of places are landing today, the rest will land on Monday (discussed with the dx team, there is no way they have time to land all the places work today with enough quality). However, to ensure we have the right CD space, I'll still recommends unity-places-* so that this + zg get back on the CD09:10
mptmvo, those two are related. If it ends with a link to an ubuntu.com domain, and especially once that goes to a page talking about Ubuntu, it's not necessary to mention Ubuntu a second time.09:10
pittididrocks: ah, good09:10
mptmvo, in either case, though, "in Ubuntu Software Center" takes a lot of characters away from the review summary.09:10
didrockssorry for the delay, but better to get something working than crashing quite often like now :)09:10
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mptmvo, how about just "in Ubuntu" for now?09:11
mvompt: sounds good to me09:11
mvompt: thanks! and in the next call we need to bring up the issue that apt.ubuntu.com is really not that great for non-ubuntu people yet09:13
pittiRiddell: ok for me to drop the hal dependency of libqtserviceframework1?09:15
pittiRiddell: the package doesn't build-depend on libhal-dev anyway, so it doesn't even have hal functionality09:15
pittiRiddell: and it'll get rid of another package on the Kubuntu CDs then :)09:15
pittioh, it's not actually on the CDs09:15
pittibut still, keeps hal in main09:16
Riddellpitti: mm, well it certainly uses hal09:16
Riddellactually it's more a question for the mobile people I think09:16
pitti./plugins/contacts/symbian/contactsmodel/tsrc/t_groups.cpp:#include <hal.h>09:17
pitti./plugins/contacts/symbian/contactsmodel/tsrc/t_utils.h:#include <hal.h>09:17
pittithat's the only two instances I can find09:17
pittiand it doesn't build-dep on hal09:17
pittiah, it directly talks to DBus09:18
Riddellyes, it's Qt mobility's hardware library09:18
RiddellI'm ok with losing that feature, it's not something KDE cares about, we could move hal to a recommend or suggest, but we should probably check with the mobile people as I say09:19
pittiI'll file a bug on Debian and Ubuntu09:20
pittiand we can drop it once it's the only remaining dependency?09:20
Riddellk3b still uses hal too, although I don't think the package depends on it, I need to package the new upstream version to fix that09:21
kamstrupdidrocks: do you know the state of the zg 0.7 packaging?09:23
* Riddell slightly surprised to learn that qtmobility sources also list every public toilet in New South Wales09:23
didrockskamstrup: I discussed last week with RainCT and he told me that he'll get it in debian this week, then we will merge from it, why?09:24
pittiRiddell: do you know why qtmobility is in main in the first place? only for qtwebkit? the MIR hasn't even been approved yet09:25
pittiqmf apparently was also pre-promoted and is already in mian09:27
kamstrupdidrocks: oh, no biggie, I just wanted to make sure we got it in, because there is a range of nice optimizations in there09:28
didrockskamstrup: I think it won't be for alpha2 TBH, but I'll ensure we have it just after09:28
Riddellpitti: yes, qtwebkit needs libqtmultimediakit1 from qtmobility09:38
kamstrupdidrocks: ok, that's fine by me09:54
didrockshey huats!09:55
huatshello didrocks !09:55
pittididrocks: do you know if the new release by any chance fix the "menus appear under all windows" proble?09:57
didrockspitti: it's compiz, and yeah it is09:57
didrockspitti: but we had new issues09:57
didrockspitti: you can already have it in the ubuntu-desktop ppa09:57
didrockspitti: I'm backporting new fixes to fix the other issues (bugs #707853  and #707852)09:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 707853 in compiz "Window geometry isn't restored" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70785309:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 707852 in compiz "all window appears to the top left corner" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70785209:58
didrocksbut there is an ABI break, so I'm rebuiding everything :)09:58
pittimicahg: do you keep thunderbird in VCS somewhere? I'd like to remove the unnecessary libhal-dev build dep09:59
rodrigo_how do I remove a firefox extension by hand? it's preventing firefox from starting and makes it crash all the time10:49
Laneystart it in safe mode10:52
RAOFpitti: I'm happy drop libhal in the next xserver upload.10:53
pittiRAOF: \o/ cheers10:53
pittiRAOF: just talked to some other guys about the remaining rdepends, and it looks like we can get rid of all of them in natty :)10:53
RAOFWhich should, agents of chaos willing, be tomorrow.10:54
* pitti tears apart a rubber chicken to put them into a graceful mood10:54
didrocksRAOF: excellent :)11:13
didrocksRAOF: btw, is the nvidia with the new Xorg stack available?11:13
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, you can also just delete the extension from your profile folder (~/.mozilla/firefox/<random_name>/extensions/<extension_id>11:15
pittihey chrisccoulson11:20
chrisccoulsonhi pitti11:20
chrisccoulsonhow are you?11:21
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rodrigo_chrisccoulson, hmm, that folder is empty11:22
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, this is ff 411:23
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, in natty? how did you install the extension?11:23
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, it's from ff 3, I guess it just got updated and crashes ff11:23
chrisccoulsonit should be in the extensions folder though :/11:24
rodrigo_so, how do I start it in safe mode?11:25
rodrigo_ah, -safe-mode11:25
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, "firefox -safe-mode" should do it11:28
chrisccoulsondo you know what extension makes it crash btw?11:29
rodrigo_ok, now the buggy extensios are disabled11:29
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, yes, so far yoono and jsonview11:29
rodrigo_checking the others11:29
chrisccoulsonyou don't happen to have moonlight installed do you?11:30
chrisccoulsonah, that's ok then11:30
rodrigo_and yes, those 2 are the buggy ones, the others seem to work11:30
chrisccoulsonmoonlight will definately crash it, it's pretty much the most frequent crash being reported to mozilla from ubuntu users now11:31
chrisccoulsoni suspect that will end up being blacklisted11:31
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, do either of those extensions ship binary components?11:32
rodrigo_hmm, let me see, I guess so11:33
chrisccoulsoni hope so ;)11:33
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, where should I look? ~/.mozilla/firefox/<random_name>/extensions/ is empty11:36
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i'm confused about why that is empty, do you have any other folders in ~/.mozilla/firefox11:36
chrisccoulsonin any case, it would be worth installing firefox-dbg and then running it in gdb just to see where it crashes11:37
chrisccoulsonyou can run firefox in gdb with "firefox -g"11:38
rodrigo_chrisccoulson,  ls ~/.mozilla/firefox11:38
rodrigo_console.log  Crash Reports  i8scanam.josmprofile  pluginreg.dat  profiles.ini11:38
rodrigo_ok,m running it in gdb11:39
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, http://pastebin.com/pwqj5d1d11:45
rodrigo_this is with yoono extension enabled, doesn't crash if I disable it11:46
chrisccoulsoninteresting, so, it's not crashing inside native code provided by the extension11:48
chrisccoulsondo you get a crash dialog? would be worth submitting that one to mozilla11:48
rodrigo_yes, already submitted a few times :-)11:48
chrisccoulsoni'll install that extension later and see if i get the same11:49
rodrigo_ok thanks11:49
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: around?11:53
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, yeah, i am11:53
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: PM ?11:54
chrisccoulsonyeah, sure11:54
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ari-tczewdoes anybody know when can I catch Robert Ancell ?12:03
chrisccoulsonhe's 11 hours ahead of me, so it's 11pm for him now12:05
chrisccoulsonand i think he's at LCA this week too12:05
ari-tczewI'd like to merge bluez and sponsor by him :)12:06
seb128hey ari-tczew, could you stop that?12:06
seb128don't request sponsoring by someone specific but just let sponsors of the day do their work12:07
seb128btw didn't we say yesterday that gedit was not worth doing a merge and upload?12:07
ari-tczewseb128: chrisccoulson agreed to upload12:07
ari-tczewseb128: I can stop contributing if you like12:08
czajkowskiari-tczew: I'm sure seb128 isn't saying don't contribute, just perhaps finding someone on IRC may not be the best solution, either pm or mail them12:08
chrisccoulsoni said i'd sponsor it because it has a bug fix from debian that is worth taking :)12:08
seb128you are not easy are you?12:08
ari-tczewseb128: that's life12:08
ari-tczewyou won't cooperate only with people which you like12:08
ari-tczewyou have to get to use12:09
seb128nobody else has been trying to do what you are doing and select their sponsors12:09
seb128but nobody got issues getting endorsements for membership due to it12:09
seb128you are creating extra work and confusion for no reason12:09
ari-tczewdon't worry, only until FeatureFreeze12:09
seb128well you are creating extra work for a while now12:10
seb128so maybe it's time to stop doing that12:10
ari-tczewseb128: ok I'm stoppping contribution12:10
seb128ari-tczew, ok, you're call12:11
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: please sponsor these 2 merges and I won't do anything anymore12:11
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, i'll sponsor those in a bit12:12
kklimondachrisccoulson: is it normal that firefox uses a lot of memory when you browse lots of images?12:12
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, it depends on what sort of images, and how big they are ;)12:13
kklimondachrisccoulson: I can easily pump firefox up to 1GB (and add ~300MB to Xorg process) by just reading comics ;)12:13
kklimondachrisccoulson: not that big12:13
chrisccoulsonhmmm, have you got any examples?12:13
kklimondachrisccoulson: hmm..12:14
kklimondanow this is an embarassing moment, when I have to admit I'm reading manga ;)12:14
chrisccoulsonsomeone did report a bug a while ago where viewing a particularly large image caused firefox to allocate so many X resources that the system died12:14
kklimondachrisccoulson: I think you can reproduce it by opening http://somemangas.com/manga/Holyland/1 and reading one page at a time..12:15
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, thanks. it doesn't seem to go crazy here though :(12:18
kklimondachrisccoulson: bah, it's going to be a nightmare to reproduce it then ;)12:19
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, are you on nvidia?12:21
kklimondachrisccoulson: indeed :)12:22
kklimondachrisccoulson: closed driver12:22
kklimonda(I can't use nouveau, it brings computer to knees when I open web pages with a lot of images like google image search)12:22
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, the nvidia drivers are the only supported drivers where you can create a GL context in firefox right now12:33
chrisccoulsonnot sure if that's at all related ;)12:33
chrisccoulsoni was trying to figure out a way you could stop it from doing that, but it doesn't seem like it without patching it12:34
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chrisccoulsonkklimonda, http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/c07c9b91ec4d/gfx/thebes/GLContextProviderGLX.cpp#l22812:35
chrisccoulsonperhaps i should override it and see ;)12:36
kklimondachrisccoulson: we could try, but I do seem to recall that happening earlier and this change is rather new?12:36
kklimondaI can't be sure of that - I tend to forget unimportant (to me) things rather fast :)12:36
chrisccoulsoni think only the whitelist is new12:37
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cyphermoxgood morning!13:09
didrockshey cyphermox :)13:11
cyphermoxseb128, re the libgdata7 dep in e-d-s: I filed a merge request -> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/evolution-data-server/libgdata7-nbs/+merge/4759813:13
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loolpitti: Hey, we're currently using some really dumb distutils based setup.py in a Linaro component right now, and I was considering python-distutils-extra to replace that; I was asked whether we should use setuptools though; I guess you'd recommend distutils-extra, is it a superset of setuptools, or do you know what possible features we'd miss?  :-)13:42
pittilool: TBH I haven't used setuptools myself13:43
pittibut it certainly doesn't do things like mo file building, icon installation, etc.13:43
loolOk; thanks13:44
loolpitti: How to you roll apport and/or jockey release tarballs?13:46
looldoesn't that generate a MANIFEST and stuff13:46
pittilool: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jockey-hackers/jockey/trunk/view/head:/do-release is what I use for jockey13:47
pittiit does a few more things13:48
loolpitti: thanks13:48
micahgpitti: should be lp:thunderbird13:53
micahgpitti: the problem is we use that branch for dailies as well, that's why I didn't drop it13:54
pittimicahg: but the code doesn't use hal anywhere, so I uploaded a new natty version which just drops it13:55
micahgpitti: still listed in the system requirements: http://www.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/thunderbird/system-requirements/13:56
chrisccoulsoni think they need to update that ;)13:57
chrisccoulsoni can't think why HAL would have ever been required13:57
micahgpitti: we need to upload a new version to natty anyways, we can drop it13:58
pittichrisccoulson: it's nowhere in the code13:58
pittimicahg: ok, thanks13:59
micahgchrisccoulson: unless you were waiting until after alpha2 for 3.1.813:59
chrisccoulsonmicahg - no, i was just waiting until the official announcement for the 3.1.8 builds14:00
chrisccoulsonwhich was this morning or late yesterday i think14:00
micahgchrisccoulson: ah, ok14:00
chrisccoulsonoh, the bzr branch is out of date ;)14:01
pittiIt didn't have Vcs-Bzr:, and I didn't get an IRC response, so I uploaded; but I'm happy to send you a debdiff14:02
chrisccoulsonheh, it's ok. i can fix it ;)14:02
pittiok, thanks14:02
cyphermoxcould someone please take another look at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/natty/evolution-rss/688776.stan+debfixes/+merge/47090 ? :)14:06
micahgcyphermox: I commented last week, but didn't receive an update e-mail sorry, can look tonight if no one gets to it sooner14:07
cyphermoxmicahg, oh, ok14:07
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cyphermoxI don't know why you don't receive update emails but I addressed your comments. thanks ;)14:08
kklimondahmm, firefox doesn't warn me when I close window with multiple tabs opened (I have the option selected in preferences)14:09
micahgcyphermox: ah, I think because there was no follow up comment14:09
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, that's intentional (see mozilla bug 592822)14:09
ubot2Mozilla bug 592822 in General "Remove quit warning dialog" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59282214:09
cyphermoxmicahg, oh, i'll take note of that from now on :)14:10
kklimondachrisccoulson: can I reenable the previous behaviour?14:10
micahgcyphermox: maybe merge proposals should send code update notices as well, idk14:10
kklimondachrisccoulson: I've somehow managed to close the window twice ;)14:11
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, you can turn on the warning again by changing the value of browser.warnOnQuit in about:config14:11
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, the session is saved by default still though, so you can restore it from the history menu14:11
chrisccoulsonwhat will most likely happen is that there will be a "restore previous session" button in about:home14:12
chrisccoulsonbut that is no use for us, because we change the default homepage to our own ;)14:12
kklimondachrisccoulson: can you add one?14:13
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, not really. our homepage is online, whereas the firefox home page is all local content14:13
kenvandinechrisccoulson, that would be cool on our's14:13
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, i've been thinking of implementing a homepage using offline content ;)14:13
chrisccoulsonbut obviously, that would only work in firefox ;)14:14
kenvandinechrisccoulson, what's the status of the global menu in natty?  i am so loving it :)14:14
kenvandineyay for consistency!14:14
chrisccoulsonit would also avoid the hacks we have now where we select a different homepage URL depending on your search engine14:15
kklimondachrisccoulson: well, it may be worth considering if Firefox changes the behaviour and relies on its home page for providing nice user experience.14:15
chrisccoulsonbecause, if it's local content, you can detect the users search engine locally, and get the search URL from the local search plugin14:15
kklimondathe "Restore previous session" in the history menu isn't as accessible.14:15
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, yeah, that sucks. i'm considering reverting that pref in ubufox for now. the new behaviour is really broken for anybody not using the firefox start page14:16
mterrybratsche, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/gtk/ubuntu-f10 for me?  I didn't want to push it without you looking at it14:24
pittiseb128: would you mind if I updated gtk-doc to 1.16? it allegedly fixes out-of-tree builds14:26
pittiwhich I need for udev; the current hack that I have there breaks the gir14:26
seb128pitti, not at all14:26
seb128go for it14:26
bratschemterry: Does this also catch things like Alt-F and stuff?14:27
seb128hey mterry, can you make sure your pending changes are on ted's review list before he rolls tarballs today?14:27
mterrybratsche, no, those are already caught14:27
bratscheOh you're right.14:27
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin,14:27
GunnarHjpitti: https://launchpad.net/bugs/69333714:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 693337 in language-selector "Menus for choosing language should have one option per available translation" [Undecided,In progress]14:27
mterrybratsche, though...  when holding down alt, the menus should appear with the mnemonic showing.14:27
GunnarHjpitti: please...14:27
GunnarHjpitti: Start with gdm if you are pressed for time.14:27
mterryseb128, sure.  tedg, hi!14:28
bratschemterry: On my system the global menu is invisible until my mouse enters the top panel.14:28
tedgGood morning mterry14:28
bratscheIs that a bug, or is that a feature?14:28
tedgbratsche, Feature14:28
mterrybratsche, I know, I'm describing how I'd like it to be (how it is without global menus)14:28
mterrytedg, a missing feature, right?14:29
tedgmterry, ?14:29
mterrytedg, "when holding down alt, the menus should appear with the mnemonic showing."14:29
bratschemterry: Right, but I'm saying.. if you hit alt, where do you show mnemonics if there's no menubar in your panel until your mouse enters it?14:29
tedgmterry, Oh, the holding down Alt?  That's missing, but hidden is a feature.14:29
mterrybratsche, I'm saying holding down alt should show the menu14:29
tedgbratsche, We've got a libindicator signal to tell the panel to show them.14:29
bratscheOh, oh.. I get it.14:29
bratschemterry: Anyway, I don't have time to test this patch right now, but the code looks good so I'll approve it.14:30
mterrytedg, but anyway, I wanted to check if you could squeeze in my various branches before release?  Let me get a list of outstanding ones14:30
mterrybratsche, OK  :)14:30
mterrytedg, the two toggle-state-is-int branches (whose merges got deleted somehow?  did you do that?) and the misc-fixes branch (which is part of your parser refactor branch now it seems)14:31
seb128tedg, hey14:32
tedgmterry, Yeah, I deleted them because I put it in the dbusmenu-gtk parser directly.  And the pending merges it libappindicator and appmenu-gtk remove all that code.14:32
seb128is that a known crasher?14:32
seb128#0  theme_changed_cb (theme=0x9fb5840, user_data=0xa03e820)14:32
seb128    at /build/buildd/libappindicator-
tedgmterry, I thought I send a mail about that, no?14:32
tedgmterry, Yeah, I just grabbed misc-fixes as well.  All that parser code is going in dbusmenu today.14:33
tedgmterry, So, I got all those, and they're already planned to go in :)14:33
tedgseb128, Hmm, no... is there more to the error?14:34
mterrytedg, no, I don't remember an email about it.  OK, I will drop my re-merge requests14:34
seb128tedg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/559019/14:34
seb128tedg, it's the policykit-agent crashing sometimes when using update-manager14:35
mterrytedg, well, I remember you talking about the new parser code, but not that it obsoleted toggle-state-is-int branches14:35
tedgmterry, Hmm, odd, they're in my sent folder but they don't seem to be on the merges. :-/  Anyway, here's the link to where I merged it in: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ted/dbusmenu/now-with-parsing/revision/20814:36
tedgseb128, Uhg, okay.14:36
mterrytedg, awesome, thanks14:36
seb128tedg, ok, let's not bother with that now then, deal with this week updates and I will file a bug on the updated stack if that's still an issue14:37
tedgseb128, Cool, thanks!14:38
pittiseb128: argh, doesn't fix it; but oh well, it at least still works, so I'll upload it anyway14:42
seb128pitti, ok14:42
mvopitti: could you do a quick sanity check if http://paste.ubuntu.com/559028/ makes sense? invocing apt-xapian-index from s-c via dbus gave me introspect errors recently14:46
pittimvo: oh, that's a system daemon?14:47
pittimvo: checked, looks good14:49
mvopitti: thanks! it supports working as a system daemon, but only on demand etc :)14:50
pittichrisccoulson: xulrunner-1.9.2 will eventually be dropped from natty/main?15:01
chrisccoulsonpitti - yes. the only thing pulling it in is swt-gtk, and i have a patch for that15:01
chrisccoulsonbut i can't test it, because all apps using it crash on start15:02
chrisccoulsonbut did already15:02
chrisccoulsonso i'm not sure what to do :/15:02
chrisccoulsonpitti - do you want to sponsor the upload anyway? :)15:02
pittichrisccoulson: crash because of the new version, or they crash with the current one as well?15:03
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, they don't work with the current one either15:03
chrisccoulsonpitti - bug 70361815:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 703618 in tuxguitar "[natty] UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-pi-gtk-3555 or swt-pi-gtk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70361815:03
chrisccoulsonall the apps i'm trying to test have the same problem :)15:03
pittichrisccoulson: I can upload it, sure15:04
chrisccoulsonand i don't know enough about java to figure it out. i've checked all the obvious things already15:04
chrisccoulsonthanks, i'll get that ready in a bit15:04
mvopitti: just looking over the software-properties merge. pack_start() has no default arguments anymore? is there a plan to readd them in python - IMO it is a bit sad to loose them15:37
pittimvo: that was discussed, and even committed to pygobject, but reverted afterwards15:38
pittimvo: the reason is that we should stay very close to the official GTK API15:38
mvofair enough also I can not say that I sympathize with that much. but *shrug* a case for something like qwidgets15:39
pittimvo: there's of course a conflict between making them as comfortable as the old pygtk, and not breaking the existing GTK documentation15:41
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pittigood night everyone!16:20
didrocksgood night pitti16:20
seb128'night pitti16:23
scott-workdidrocks: do you have time to help me more with setting gnome-classic as the default xsession?16:29
didrocksscott-work: not really today, sorry :/16:29
scott-workdidrocks: completely understandable and i understand16:29
didrocksscott-work: tomorrow?16:29
scott-workdidrocks: tomorrow would be outstanding for me :)16:29
scott-workdidrocks: approximately this same time?16:29
didrocksscott-work: sounds good :)16:30
scott-workdidrocks: thanks again16:30
didrocksyw :)16:30
bcurtiswxunity is trying to be removed.. darn.. i want to try out the snap features!16:39
* bcurtiswx gets impatient for cool updates he can't get :P16:39
seb128bcurtiswx, you use amd64?16:41
bcurtiswxseb128, yes sir16:41
seb128because the i386 update is already downloadable16:41
seb128it's likely amd64 is behind16:41
* bcurtiswx kicks all amd64 builders16:42
didrocksyeah, I retried the build later for amd6416:43
didrocksbcurtiswx: you will need to unity --reset btw16:43
didrocksbcurtiswx: did you get the new compiz already?16:43
bcurtiswxits waiting, but it tries to remove unity16:44
bcurtiswxdidrocks, ^^16:44
didrocksbcurtiswx: yeah, because of the ABI breakage16:44
bcurtiswxApplication Background Interface?16:44
didrocksthe packaging is ensuring telling that for you instead of silently update and then, you can't remove :)16:44
bcurtiswxi was close16:45
seb128cyphermox, hey, thanks for working on that libgdata rdepends issue16:45
cyphermoxseb128, np. thanks for the reminder yesterday16:46
seb128ok, time for another round of compiz testing16:46
cyphermoxI also fixed lunar-applet this morning16:46
bcurtiswxbrb, gonna move to a more comfortable place, sharing a small couch both having laptops isn't good16:47
bcurtiswxi dont' need anything but main for natty right.. the rest come into play after final release16:55
bcurtiswxwhere'd didrocks go?17:01
bcurtiswxwell anyone who deals with unity, i did the unity --reset http://paste.ubuntu.com/559095/17:01
seb128bcurtiswx, what issue do you have?17:02
bcurtiswxthere's no issue with unity, other than the two filesystems show on the side panel but at question mark icons17:03
seb128what is the log for then?17:03
bcurtiswxi guess just to be a help17:04
seb128well I just started IRC and you give a pastbin with a log and no context17:05
seb128so I was wondering if you need help with something17:05
seb128or what the pastbin is for there?17:05
bcurtiswxseb128, oh thanks! but i just gave that because there were some critical sections to the log, but my unity seems to be running OK17:05
seb128those are not new17:05
seb128don't worry about the warning for now17:06
bcurtiswxOK, I didn't know17:06
seb128bcurtiswx, but feel free to open bugs about those if you want17:09
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* mterry notices that gtk+3.0 also isn't in the desktop set18:17
seb128weird I though kenvandine ran into that one before18:17
seb128he might have got upload rights at that time though and didn't ask for it to be solved18:18
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nessitatedg: ping19:31
didrockstime for dinner!19:38
tedgnessita, pong19:38
didrockssee you tomorrow :)19:39
nessitatedg: hi! I was wondering if you could help me with the following issue: I have the /usr/share/indicators/me/ubuntuone.menu file with a single line in it: the path to a desktop file, and that file gets properly installed. Any idea why Ubuntu One is not appearing in the me-menu?19:39
tedgnessita, Because I don't think that indicator-me reads those files...19:40
tedgnessita, kenvandine or dbarth__ might know.19:40
dobeytedg: it worked in maverick19:41
dobeytedg: because that's how you told me to do it :)19:41
nessitatedg: ok, I guess that changed on natty? like dobey said, it used to work on maverick19:42
nessitakenvandine: ping19:42
nessitakenvandine: thanks!19:44
kenvandinenessita, it looks like it doesn't care about files in that directory at all19:44
kenvandineit is hard coded19:44
kenvandineif ubuntuone-preferences exists, it gets displayed19:44
kenvandinegood timing for dbarth to drop off :)19:44
nessitakenvandine: how can we change that to be 'ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk'?19:45
kenvandinenessita, so that should be changed to the control panel right?19:45
kenvandinei can do that19:45
kenvandinebut we should make that dynamic19:45
nessitakenvandine: I agree. Do you need a bug report?19:45
kenvandinenessita, i'll fix that asap19:45
kenvandinenessita, please do19:45
nessitaagainst... indicator-me?19:45
nessitakenvandine: bug #70884219:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 708842 in indicator-me "Should load services list from /usr/share/indicators/me directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70884219:50
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bcurtiswxhmm, is it known that unity breaks with an alt+tab20:12
bcurtiswxor is it compliz20:12
bcurtiswxcan anyone confirm?20:13
dobeyi think it's unity breaks compiz20:14
bcurtiswxdobey, but the same happens to you?20:24
bcurtiswxbrb, restarting20:24
dobeyi am not using unity or compiz now20:25
dobeybut i recall hearing complaints about alt-tab with it before20:25
seb128nessita, kenvandine: having a way for any application to clutter the indicator menu doesn't seem a feature but a bug20:43
seb128bcurtiswx, no crash there20:43
bcurtiswxseb128, hmm IDK why it does that20:44
seb128could be a video driver issue20:44
seb128what card and driver do you use?20:44
bcurtiswxyeah, ATI has given me troubles20:44
seb128did you do xorg updates?20:44
bcurtiswxit uses the open source right now20:44
bcurtiswxseb128, yes20:44
nessitaseb128: having the list hardcoded looks like a bug to me, we can't even rename the executable name. I agree that we should review packages branches that add files to the directory where entries will be read from20:44
seb128nessita, well it's not only packages, it means anyone can install craps in the directory20:45
seb128nessita, didn't we discuss dropping the ubuntuone item from the indicator menu previous cycle?20:45
seb128that seems the wrong place to add launchers20:46
nessitaseb128: I don't think so, or at least I was not in that discussion. Nevertheless, U1 is in the me menu but pointing to the wrong app (was pointing to u1-preferences)20:46
seb128well I think we dropped the entry last cycle and you guys complained so we did put it back ;-)20:47
nessitaseb128: well, I guess we should be moving it to the messaging menu since we will be using it heavily to notify about shares, folders, etc20:47
seb128nessita, yeah that's a bug and orthogonal from the discussion about having launchers there20:47
kenvandineseb128, i agree... but hardcoding is still kind of ugly20:48
seb128not sure why "open the configuration dialog for something" should be listed in there20:48
dobeyseb128: last cycle i was told to put the .menu file in the directory to make it work.20:48
seb128usually you want to set up your accounts once20:48
seb128not to have those listed in your indicator on daily use20:49
dobeyseb128: it shouldn't in narwhal20:49
seb128dobey, shouldn't what?20:49
dobeybe in the me menu20:49
seb128ok, so what is the issue? ;-)20:49
seb128should be bother fixing the code or just dropping it?20:49
seb128why spending time fixing code to drop it?20:50
dobeyit shouldn't hardcode external entries. not sure what all external things would need to be there20:50
nessitaseb128: we have an opened bug to have U1 discoverable on natty. On classic desktop we wanted to use the same thing as we have right now (the me menu). But since alecu is working on showing messages for U1, I think is enough to have the entry on the messaging menu only20:51
dobeyhaving it in the me menu always seemed wrong to me anyway20:51
seb128nessita, ok, did you talk to ted or mpt about that?20:52
nessitaseb128: about what exaxctly?20:52
seb128nessita, not sure but I think adding system messages to the messaging menu was discussed in the past and not welcome20:52
seb128the messaging menus is made for user messages, not for collecting infos about services, etc20:53
dobeyseb128: it's not system messages. it's "5 people shared things to you" messages20:53
dobeywe discussed that in dallas20:53
nessitaseb128: well, U1 is not system messages, but user oriented messages. We did talk with neil about this20:53
seb128I was just curious20:53
nessitaseb128: is ok, thanks for pointingt that out!20:53
seb128some people suggested in the past to have things like "updates available" listed there20:53
seb128which turned out was not really something we want20:54
dobeynah, that makes no sense20:54
dobeyespecially for u1 since we just automatically 'update' files anyway20:54
mterrytremolux, love the ratings & reviews work  :)  It seems like I have to write a text review, can't just rate an app?21:25
tremoluxmterry: yep, you gotta write something (make it witty)21:33
bcurtiswxis there a special package that you all use for the desktop team as far as editing projects?  Maybe one thats not command line only ?21:48
seb128bcurtiswx, editing what?21:49
bcurtiswxpackages, like if i go edit lp:~ubuntu-desktop/empathy21:51
bcurtiswxor is command line the most preferred and quickest?21:51
seb128bcurtiswx, not sure to understand the question, I usually use gedit to edit files21:52
seb128ie a graphical editor, not the command line21:52
bcurtiswxyeah, maybe something that makes it more integrated with nautilus21:52
bcurtiswxlike a package is a folder in nautilus and built in push/pull/branching21:53
bcurtiswxhmm IIRC jorge made something or maybe someone else.. that did something like that21:58
jcastroMaybe you're thinking of doctormo?21:59
dobeyare you talking about the doctormo thing?21:59
bcurtiswxjcastro, yes.. thats it22:01
* bcurtiswx apologises to doctormo22:01
bcurtiswxthanks jcastro22:03
RenatoSilvais there any way to create a ubuntu installation cd which is already up-to-date? it's for a dial-up-only pc22:17
rickspencer3hey Renato, what specifically are you trying to do?22:23
rickspencer3create one on the web, and download it updated?22:23
rickspencer3or have local updates and changes, and make an ISO out of that?22:23
RenatoSilvaI want to install ubuntu on a dial-up-only PC22:24
RenatoSilvaI would like to burn an up-to-date installation CD22:25
RenatoSilvaso that I don't need to download hundreds of MB22:25
RenatoSilvaafaik the iso from the website is not up-to-date22:25
RenatoSilvaat all22:26
rickspencer3RenatoSilva, there is a "minimal install" image that ight help you22:26
rickspencer3but the website only has daily images for the development release22:26
rickspencer3and you have to download the whole 700 Megs22:26
RenatoSilvaI can download in some place, but can't bring the pc to that place22:27
RenatoSilvait's like windows service packs, once in a while MS deliver them together in the windows installation22:28
RenatoSilvait would be nice if the ubuntu cds had the same pratice, but of course on a weekly or monthly basis22:28
rickspencer3RenatoSilva, well, there are updates to the LTS22:28
rickspencer3so in a few weeks, you can get 10.04.222:29
rickspencer3which will be up to date22:29
RenatoSilvais there any special, particular reason to regular releases not having that too?22:30
rickspencer3RenatoSilva, that's a deeper question22:30
RenatoSilvaAbout later updates after ubuntu is installed in the dial-up pc, is AptOnCD still the way to go?22:30
rickspencer3I think that would better brought up on the @ubuntu-devel list if you want to change that kind of thing22:30
RenatoSilvait's been quite some time after I used aptoncd, so I wonder if there isn't a better solution now22:32
RenatoSilvait seems I'll need it again, I'll have to install a raw 10.10 then apply everything from there with aptoncd22:33
RenatoSilvais there any way to download ubuntu updates in windows, for burning a cd-based apt repo?22:34
RenatoSilvathanks anyway22:41
rickspencer3nice nick bigballz23:29
bigballzIt was onlt for this.23:29
bigballzI need help with the ubuntu desktop version23:29
rickspencer3bigballz, well, this channel is not the support channel23:30
bigballzThen what is it?23:30
rickspencer3it's for folks who are developers building the destkop version23:30
rickspencer3just #ubuntu23:30
rickspencer3is for support23:30
bigballzOh fuck...23:30
bigballzI'm an r-tard23:30
rickspencer3you're welcome to hang out, though23:30
rickspencer3no worries23:30
bigballzI'm getting my feet wet in the world of linux and ubuntu23:30
rickspencer3please keep in mind that we have a code of conduct:23:31
bigballzOh yes. The language. My apologies.23:31
rickspencer3just letting you know23:31
rickspencer3you may want to revisit your nick as well23:32
bigballzUGH. OK. How can I change it?23:32
rickspencer3type: /nick my_new_nick23:32
bigballzin here or where?23:32
rickspencer3where "my_new_nick" is whatever you want to be23:32
rickspencer3yeah, if you use a "/" then irc knows you are sending a command23:33
bigballzAh. See? I'm NOT a computer nerd.23:33
rickspencer3so maybe change your nick and then hop into #ubuntu, I'll bet you get some good support there23:33
=== bigballz is now known as Spitfire77
Spitfire77Changed my name.23:33
Spitfire77So, you guys develop Ubuntu here?23:34
rickspencer3not me23:34
rickspencer3I just sit around with my pointy hair asking when everything is going to be done23:35
rickspencer3but everyone else is an actual engineer23:35
Spitfire77I see your logic.23:35
Spitfire77Dang. That's pretty cool. :D23:35
rickspencer3if you want to get involved with helping with the desktop, this is the channel for you23:35
rickspencer3like you could start by triaging bugs, for example23:35
rickspencer3or testing specific programs you care about and helping the developers get the information they need to fix the bugs23:36
chrisccoulsonoh, ratings and reviews aren't anonymous?23:42

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