apwsoren, if its not that then git cat-file -p  $SHA:path/to/file00:12
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ricotzapw, hello :), do you know if there is a package of Ubuntu-lts-2.6.35-25.44 for lucid already available?09:10
apwricotz, it does not appear so yet, it seems that kernel is lagging, with a previous version not yet promoted to -updates09:13
smbThe archive seems ok, but I guess nobody uploaded09:13
smbI mean git09:13
apwsmb, yep, i know the previous one only just got promoted yesterday, and a newone uploaded, but it seems to be behind still09:15
ricotzok, thanks, so it will be available soon09:16
apwi suspect the stable team has not gotten it in their process, and tim is still doing them when he has time09:16
smbapw, lilely. as the repo is up to date. I guess we should/could just upload the latest version09:17
ricotzsmb, this would be nice09:18
ohsixwhere can i get a hand with the information i've gathered trying to troubleshoot suspend problems09:18
ohsixis there like a go-to guy or is it jus down to filing a bug09:18
apwsmb, yeah in general i think we can do that, but i suspect its better to get the stable peeps to do it, to make sure they are remembering09:18
apwohsix, its always worth getting all of it attached to a bug, file one with ubuntu-bug linux as that gets the machine info09:19
smbapw, Yeah, probably09:19
smbricotz, That would be a few more hours 09:20
apwsmb, i wonder if the mainline builder should be at least shoving the latest tags into the kernel-ppa ppa09:21
apwas i keep forgetting to do natty as well09:21
smbFor Natty surely. Maverick, maybe. Though probably it just should be on the list of steps when uploading a Maverick to proposed09:23
smbapw, Are you still doing the mainlines on zinc?09:24
apwsmb, yep ...09:24
smbpoor machine. :)09:24
apwsmb, i am thinking both, that it should be something on the checklist for maverick, but also whether we could get the things uploaded09:24
apwwell it doesn't have to do so much for a PPA upload, just make the source deb and upload it09:24
ricotzsmb, alright09:24
apwsmb, i suspect if that mav kernel contains security then it should be expedited into lucid anyhow09:25
smbapw, It might be something slightly less often. Ie only if there is a new closing tag09:25
smbI guess as the process seems mostly automatic anyway, maybe the upload could go directly to the proposed staging ppa instead of kernel-ppa09:27
smbThen there is one thing less to think about in the normal case for the stable team09:27
apwsmb, perhaps so, it is tricky to know if the automated build will work09:27
apwbut as yet it has not failed for me09:27
smbapw, We should brig that up. Maybe there is a wiki page about that already, of which nobody has heard. :-P09:28
apwheheh probabally09:29
ohsixhrm i have the symptoms on this bug running the natty kernel https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/592780 going to try some of the stuff they said worked09:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 592780 in linux "[Lucid] kernel suspend + resume works only once, 2nd timesystem freezes" [Undecided,Fix released]09:39
ohsixit's probably my card reader; is there anything more finegrained than usbcore.autosuspend? like; do the separate drivers have knobs for it09:42
apwohsix, what system is affected09:43
ohsixyou mean model number? compaq cq6009:44
apwohsix, from the bug it seems worth checking out that usbcore.autosuspend thing09:57
ohsixi'm having a problem with the mav kernel too; it'll suspend but not wake up, it starts with some hd activity but doesn't get anywhere10:01
ohsixyea, no dice on the usb thing10:12
ohsixi gathered this earlier with netconsole http://paste.ubuntu.com/558898/10:15
ohsixit's the successful suspend followed by the failure; and it consistently says its stopping the disk the second try10:15
ohsixhrm, the pm_trace thing on the failed sleep always turns up in drivers/base/power/main.c:60510:53
apwohsix, that disk line being different is plain odd10:54
apwohsix, you definatly have a different cause to your issue than them then, i would recommend a new bug10:54
apwand add that pastebin to it10:54
apwohsix, which kernel?  lucid ?10:55
ohsixthe natty kernel, 2.6.37-12 or something10:55
apwohsix, well that line is a resume line10:58
apwohsix, what is the whole of the magic line in the next boot ?10:58
ohsixya i looked at it already; too bad it doesn't say which device it's resuming10:59
apwohsix, can you paste the MAGIC line you got that from ?11:00
ohsixdo you mean the magic number? there are no further or more specific matches, the numbers are 0:900:74011:00
ohsixhm, i assued the tracepoints were automatic, reading s2ram.txt says i might have to add some11:04
ohsix3rd number in the magic is supposed to be the device? dunno how to look it up if it could'nt look it up already11:08
ohsixout of time for this today, i'll be back later11:10
ohsixif you find any information i should digest when i pick it back up, msg me, bye :]11:12
rocky2Hey can anyone help me with kernel debugging... using kgdb?11:22
* apw doesn't recall every using kgdb11:29
apwbut ask your question, someone might know11:29
apwohsix, get that bug filed, i suspect some more debugging needs enabling in suspend/resume as it appears that the machine started resuming which implies a failed suspend11:30
apwrocky2, but ask your question, someone might know11:31
rocky2Question is... the test kernel not waiting with kgdbwait parameter in grub. What could be the problem...11:31
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stefanlsdapw: just to let you know i'll test your kernels for bug #552311   - needed it for a while for kvm passthru12:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 552311 in linux "CONFIG_DMAR is not set " [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55231112:51
apw_stefanlsd i had about given up on getting testing for that one ... missed tgis upload either way12:56
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stefanlsdapw_: yeah, sorry. was subscribed to the other bug about it. will still do12:58
apw_remin me of the big number would you12:59
stefanlsdapw_: bug #63971212:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 639712 in qemu-kvm "PCI Pass Through via libvirt cannot remap IRQ's" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63971212:59
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noodles775Hi! I want to trouble-shoot resume from suspend which broke recently on my maverick box... is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1228332 the best place to start?13:30
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tgardnersmb, tangerine:/home/rtg/kern/hardy/kern-64/ubuntu-hardy/debian/build/custom-source-xen13:52
smbtgardner, So I think my and your version are functionally the same. The only difference is that I tried to make it look the same as the mercurial latest code14:00
tgardnerapw, https://kernel-tools.canonical.com/srus.html14:21
apwcking, https://edge.launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/pre-proposed/+packages14:25
apwsconklin, hey14:49
sconklinapw: hi14:49
apwmumble ?14:49
apwsconklin, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/70584514:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 705845 in linux "Suspend on Thinkpad X200s worked in 2.6.35-24-generic but no longer in 2.6.35-25-generic" [High,New]14:54
apwJFo, i think we need to include all of the regression-potential bugs on the kernel-key list15:07
apwpossibly regression-updates, but i suspect not yet as i suspect we are going to drown15:07
JForegression-potential has been deprecated, do you mean regression[proposed?15:10
JFoerr regression-proposed that is15:10
apwi do indeed proposed15:10
apwmean proposed yes15:10
JFoI can definitely do that15:10
* JFo makes some minor tweaks15:10
JFoI expect I shall have that up today (in the next little bit) so we can see those and the kernel-key ones as well15:11
apwJFo, mumble ?15:14
JFoone sec... was listening to some music :)15:15
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apwJFo, i think we need to get someone to run through all of the bugs on the key that are New and get them Triaged, and a priority assigned15:53
JFoyep, I am looking at that now15:53
JFoapw, want me to do that?15:54
apwif you have time, that'd be great15:54
apwthese need special handling as we need to know wherre they worked previously and testing with the latest proposed/updates rather than necessarily upstream testing15:55
apwthat the current arsenal would request15:55
apwwe might want to special case t15:55
apwthe ones with regression-xxx on them in what we ask for 15:55
apwsconklin, bjf, the key kernel bug list now has all the regression-proposed bug enumerated on it15:56
apwJFo, i also wonder if we need to target them to the release they are reported on15:56
JFoI was thinking that too15:56
JFoI think it is a good idea15:56
JFolooks like the only problem with that is that it doesn't show up in the overall list15:57
apwas in if the natty task is gone then they are gone ?15:57
JFoI see one that has a Natty task, but the buglist just shows it with everything else15:57
JFono, what I mean is, we are only able, currently, to show what they are milestoned for15:58
JFothe script isn't giving us the release they are tasked for15:58
apwJFo, hrm15:59
JFoI hadn't really noticed that before15:59
apwJFo, yeah it is, thats the nomnation column, its separate from the milestone col ?15:59
JFoyep, you are right16:00
JFoI guess it is just broken for natty16:00
* JFo thinks that should be a relatively simple fix16:00
JFook, I have added all that should be needed16:02
JFolet me do some testing to make sure I didn't break something16:02
JFoand I'll get this change committed and pushed16:02
manjosforshee, git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/kteam-tools.git16:06
manjosforshee, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/SuspendResumeTesting16:06
bjfJFo, on this "key kernel buglist" page, i'd like to see a key which explains what the "comments" mean, for example, do I care about "cert team blocker"? "cert team pcert" ?16:07
JFothose are just an enumeration of what tag we pulled those from16:08
JFoI think we care, to varying degrees, about all of them :)16:08
JFobut I do see what you mean bjf16:08
JFolet me see what I can do16:08
JFoI should be able to add some sort of legend to the page16:09
bjfJFo, and "regression-proposed" is printed twice in the comments16:13
JFoyeah, I've fixed that already16:13
JFothanks for pointing it out though16:13
bjfJFo, i'd suggest dropping the image link at the top left of the page since it's broken and just takes up space16:14
JFohuh, I hadn't noticed that.16:15
JFohuh, that is a launchpad librarian icon16:16
bjfJFo, i'll wager that with the new corporate style, there is a different logo link16:18
JFoI was just thinking that16:19
JFowonder where it is... ah well, I'll get it later16:19
bjfJFo, don't think we really need it, just taking up useful space16:20
JFoyeah, was just prettification16:20
maks_just saw the
maks_there are some drm patches we fwd from 2.6.35, that you'd could also be interested16:25
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maks_in total they were eleven16:26
tgardnersmb, ^^16:26
maks_smb: they are found in Debian 2.6.32-30.16:26
maks_2.6.35 longterm support forward ported them mostly fine.16:27
maks_they are not all in bwh's git mirror, as it seem out of sync16:31
JFohiya skaet :)16:37
JFolet me know if you have any new bugs for me.16:37
smbmaks_, Hi, if there are drm patches for the combined tree, feel free to send them to our kernel-team mailing list. Unfortunately stable is so busy by now that one easyily overlookes things16:38
maks_smb: asked bwh to sync git mirror16:43
cr3hi folks, what might this mean in the udevadm output for a serial input device: E: PRODUCT=11/2/8/732116:43
smbmaks_, Yup saw it. 16:43
maks_afterwards I can send a combined mail with the sha1sum16:43
maks_but really no time to fwd them each16:43
smbmaks_, I sked him to ping me when I can look. :)16:43
maks_ok cool.16:44
smbcr3, what udevadmn command? Did it fail? Otherwise it means that the environment variable PRODUCT has this value. :-P16:48
cr3smb: udevadm info --export-db, nothing failed, just wondering what those numbers assigned to the PRODUCT environment variable mean: 11/2/8/732116:49
smbcould be bus numbers as well as vendor product subvendor subproduct... Need to look at one example here16:51
cr3smb: when comparing against lshal output, it seems that the "2" might mean hotplug_type, but nothing seems obvious about the other numbers16:52
apwsmb, a bit short for vendor etc arn't they16:52
cr3smb: if it were vendor product subvendor subproduct, I wonder against which table those values can be looked up. since this is a serial input device, I don't think it maps to pci.ids, usb.ids and probably not pnp either16:52
smbapw, Though it seems that they are16:52
smbjust shortened16:53
apwshortened, as in 0011/000216:53
smbP: /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/LNXSYBUS:00/PNP0A08:00/LNXVIDEO:00/input/input516:53
smbE: PRODUCT=19/0/6/016:53
smbE: MODALIAS=input:b0019v0000p0006e0000-e0,1,kE0,E1,E3,F0,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,ramlsfw16:53
JFok, apw natty shows up in the nominations now16:55
JFoand there are currently 86 bugs :-/16:55
JFoI'm going through the new ones now16:55
smbnSo we have <bus>/<vendor id>/<product id>/<version>16:57
cr3smb: hm, where can those identifiers be looked up?16:58
apwcr3 ... looking16:58
tgardnerbjf, can you review 'Karmic/Hardy SRU: thinkpad-acpi: lock down video output state access, CVE-2010-3448' ?16:58
ubot2tgardner: drivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.34 on ThinkPad devices, when the X.Org X server is used, does not properly restrict access to the video output control state, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (system hang) via a (1) read or (2) write operation. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-3448)16:58
cr3apw: I looked at http://www-pc.uni-regensburg.de/hardware/TECHNIK/PCI_PNP/pnpid.txt, can't seem to map that to smb's output above16:58
apwcr3, i think they are mostly fake17:01
cr3apw: wild goose chase.. I prefer chasing sheep17:03
JFosforshee, don't forget to change status on your bugs so they reflect the latest. :)17:04
apwcr3 ok think i have them17:04
apwP: /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input917:04
apwE: MODALIAS=input:b0011v0002p0008e0000-e0,1,2,k110,111,112,r0,1,amlsfw17:04
apw#define BUS_I8042               0x1117:04
apwso that mouse is on 'b0011' bus ID 11, which is BUS_I804217:05
cr3apw: ok, so at least the <bus> part doesn't seem to be fake17:06
apw'fake' in the sense its an internal to the kernel numbering thingy17:06
apw        input_dev->id.bustype = BUS_I8042;17:06
apw        input_dev->id.vendor = 0x0002;17:06
apw        input_dev->id.product = psmouse->type;17:06
apw        input_dev->id.version = psmouse->model;17:06
apwso for a mouse it does that ...17:06
apwclearly 0x2 has no name17:06
bjftgardner, looking17:06
apwbut it is possible all mice are 2 there17:07
sforsheeJFo, trying to, but sometimes I forget, or maybe don't know that they require an update17:07
sforsheeany in particular you're referring to?17:07
apw        dev2->name = "PS/2 Touchpad";17:07
apw        dev2->id.bustype = BUS_I8042;17:07
apw        dev2->id.vendor  = 0x0002;17:07
apw        dev2->id.product = PSMOUSE_LIFEBOOK;17:07
apw        dev2->id.version = 0x0000;17:07
JFosforshee, heh, no problem17:07
apwcr3 that for a touchpad17:07
JFosforshee, when you ask for information, you can mark the bug incomplete17:07
JFoand when you take actively working the issue, you can set it to In Progress, incomplete, etc.17:08
JFoit is just so I can tell what the current state is17:08
sforsheeJFo, yeah, I know I've forgotten that a couple of times, I'll try to remember17:08
JFoand if something has been incomplete for a while it gets automatically expired after a time17:09
JFosforshee, it isn't a big deal :)17:09
JFojust wanted to remind17:09
cr3apw: except for smb, he seems to have a vendor of 017:09
apwcr3, his i think was not a mouse17:09
cr3apw: and I think to have version 7321, which seems like a heck of a high version17:10
smbThe random pick I made seems to be my acpi graphics device17:11
apw        input->name = acpi_device_name(video->device);17:11
apw        input->phys = video->phys;17:11
apw        input->id.bustype = BUS_HOST;17:11
apw        input->id.product = 0x06;17:11
apwcr3, so i think his is his video card17:12
apwyou might find the other things more useful than the alias though17:12
smbyep so  guessed17:13
apwE: MODALIAS=input:b0019v0000p0006e0000-e0,1,kE0,E1,E3,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,ramlsfw17:13
apwP: /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/LNXSYBUS:00/PNP0A08:00/LNXVIDEO:00/input/input1217:13
apwfor example that is my video card17:13
apwcr3 perhaps we might turn this round and ask what you are trying to work out17:14
apwE: PRODUCT=11/2/8/732117:15
apwE: NAME="AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint"17:15
apwfrom my dell17:15
cr3apw: trying to accurately detect touchpad devices. I'm in the process of referring to capabilities/key under the input device in sysfs but, in doing so, I noticed the PRODUCT variable which I thought might provide additional information of interest.17:15
JFo<- lunch17:17
tgardnerjjohansen, since you're somewhat xen qualified, please have a look at the Hardy xen SRU request on the k-t list.17:38
jjohansentgardner: hehe, yeah already looking at it17:38
tgardnercool. thanks17:38
=== sforshee is now known as sforshee-lunch
apwJFo, we seem to have lost some closed bugs ... did we look at getting the tag searcher to keep closed bugs too ?18:05
JFoapw, hmmm that may have been from me removing the ones that were in the manual list18:06
apwJFo, i think that search for tags i gave you is selecting open only, and prolly a one liner to fix that18:07
JFoyeah, I think that is possible18:07
apwJFo, what was it called anyhow? i seem to have lost it18:07
JFoI have it on my todo18:07
JFoit is stored in the canonical-qa-tracking bzr branch18:08
JFoapw, do you also want to see Invalid and Won't Fix?18:17
apwJFo, i'd say so to start with, as those are dispositions of a sort18:17
apwi suspect we need to work out how to make them dissappear like a month after they go closed18:18
apwbut we can work on that separate18:18
bdmurraybug 708690 looks important18:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 708690 in linux "Kernel 2.6.35-25-generic boots into command prompt rather than GUI" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70869018:21
apwbdmurray, nvidia binary drivers i suspect18:21
keessconklin, bjf: so, another kernel with security fixes landed in -updates without any notification to the security team. :(18:22
keeswhere are maverick, karmic, and hardy? or is there no plans to do lock-step updates?18:22
apwmaverick was promoted this morning i think18:23
tgardnerkees, isn't this an archive admin issue? they are the ones doing the pocket copies. Or do you need to do the copy to -security as well?18:23
keestgardner: we have to copy to -security, publish USNs, possibly do ABI-tracked bumps, etc.18:24
keestgardner: this is the second time there has been no notification to the security team about kernels with CVE fixes :( where is this process dropping the ball? is the security team supposed to be watching something, the kernel team pinging us, or the archive admins pinging us?18:25
tgardnerkees, well, until we work through the backlog of CVEs, this is likely to happen with every promotion to -proposed, so we'd better figure out how to coordinate.18:26
tgardnerkees, how would you like to be notified?18:26
keestgardner: in a perfect world, all kernels for all releases would promote at the same time. is that possible?18:26
keestgardner: I'd like to know the day before it's planned to go out. if there is a fixed schedule, that works too.18:26
tgardnerkees, well, its up to the AA ding the pocket copying.18:27
keesso it's not like "on the 2nd thursday of the cadence, kernels are published"?18:27
apwbdmurray, yeah this guy says "I am using the most recent Nvidia graphics driver, obtained directly from Nvidia" so I assume he needs to know what the heck he is doing18:28
tgardnerkees, well, I think sconklin _does_ request pitti to do the copy, but it doesn't always happen like clockwork.18:28
sconklinkees: no, releases are not and can't be synchronized18:28
keessconklin: okay, we'll find a way to adjust our USN practices.18:29
sconklineven beyond that, with the new process, there's no guarantee that the same CVE gets applied to all kernels at the same time18:29
keessconklin: what I'd really like is for USNs to be timed to pocket copies, but that requires advanced notice of the pocket copying18:29
sconklinalso, in most cases, the pocket copies are done when cert is done or there's enough time in -proposed. we don't ask for it18:30
keesokay, so it sounds like this notification does not need to be in the hands of the kernel team.18:30
keesnow, I'd like USNs to be proactive instead of reactive, so that needs to be coordinated with the pocket copying.18:30
bdmurrayapw: okay, thanks18:30
keeswho has traditionally done the copying? is it any archive admin, or is someone dedicated to the kernel cadence?18:31
tgardnerkees, I think its only pitti to date18:32
keesokay, I will go pester him, thanks!18:32
keestgardner: what's the eta on hardy and dapper?18:35
tgardnerkees, I just pushed a xen commit for Hardy, CVE-2010-369918:35
ubot2tgardner: The backend driver in Xen 3.x allows guest OS users to cause a denial of service via a kernel thread leak, which prevents the device and guest OS from being shut down or create a zombie domain, causes a hang in zenwatch, or prevents unspecified xm commands from working properly, related to (1) netback, (2) blkback, or (3) blktap. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-3699)18:35
tgardnerkees, there is also one pending for dapper18:36
sbeattietgardner: same one or something different?18:36
keestgardner: right, but I mean, hardy and dapper weren't published in the last cadence cycle.18:36
tgardnerkees, not sure when sconklin et all will wrap those up in a bow18:36
tgardnersbeattie, something different, CVE-2010-407818:37
ubot2tgardner: The sisfb_ioctl function in drivers/video/sis/sis_main.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.36-rc6 does not properly initialize a certain structure member, which allows local users to obtain potentially sensitive information from kernel stack memory via an FBIOGET_VBLANK ioctl call. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-4078)18:37
tgardnerkees, since dapper/hardy aren't really part of the 2 week cadence, we can likely coordinate them better.18:38
keessconklin: in the future, can you merge unpublished changelogs (and just bump the version forward) to avoid things like Lucid's current changelog?18:38
sconklinhardy, karmic, and dapper are sitting in proposed, waiting to be published. We don't really decide when. Usually at the point we are ready to put new ones in -proposed, we'll remind pitti that they are there18:38
keestgardner: why are the LTSes not part of the cadence?18:38
keesso it sounds like pitti needs to be on this too?18:38
tgardnerkees, no test capacity with cert and qa18:38
sconklinthe cadence is interlocked with cert and QA, and they only test lucid and Maverick18:39
* kees starts crying18:39
jdstrandwhoa, seriously?18:39
sconklinit's been coincidence so far that the pther match up, and we'd like to keep it that way, but it probably won't happen18:39
jdstrandso security patches could conceivably go out without testing?18:39
tgardnerjdstrand, as they always have...18:40
tgardnerkees did the only testing18:40
sconklinI love it when people first clue in to that . . .18:40
jdstrandtgardner: well, they are going through -proposed now, and then pushed without the security team's knowledge18:40
keeskernel team did boot testing, and I did regression testing. that's not "untested"18:40
jdstrandtgardner: in the past, someone either from the kernel team or the security team would test18:40
sconklinyeah, that's one of the major drivers for putting security fixes into the normal patch handling process18:40
tgardnerjdstrand, not always. we've had some regressions.18:41
jdstrandkees: ok, I was under the impression that you were not aware of those kernels18:41
keesjdstrand: "those"?18:41
jdstrand12:40 < kees> kernel team did boot testing, and I did regression testing.  that's not "untested"18:41
keesI meant "In the past, kernel team did boot testing, and I did regression testing. that's not "untested""18:41
keesnot with these18:42
keeswith the "new process", QA does the boot and regression testing18:42
jdstrandright, except not for anything before lucid18:42
keesbut now I'm told there is no QA team for anything other than stable and LTS18:42
kees(er, most recent stable...)18:42
jdstrandbut the kernels are stilling using the same -proposed process18:42
jdstrandwhich means they could miss at least our team's regression testing18:43
sconklinkees: I think that cert and qa have been testing other releases as they can, but I don't think there's any guarantee18:43
keesI just don't know any other way to say this: we need CVEs fixed in all the releases. this happened in the past, and it needs to keep happening, regardless of the process. I don't much care what the process is.18:43
jdstrandif there isn't coordination, which there has been a problem with lately18:43
keesif QA is doing the testing, and using qrt (which they say they are), I'm happy with that.18:44
jdstrandkees: that assumes that the CVE fix/regression tests get run, which we have to know about them to write them and they have to be public18:45
keesjdstrand: right, this whole process is only for public CVEs, and we write the test cases as we can.18:46
jdstrandkees: which sorta implies we need to write the tests as soon as we see a CVE (if possible), and the 1 day alert that you mentioned18:46
keesvery few of the CVEs end up with viable test cases18:47
jdstrandI'm also a little concerned about the comment about a CVE might be fixed in maverick, but not lucid18:47
jdstrandthat ec2 CVE is a prime example of why that can be a problem18:48
jdstrand(rather the CVE for linux-ec2)18:48
tgardnerjdstrand, we attempt to fix the vulnerability in all the applicable kernels18:48
tgardnerthat we support18:48
jdstrandit seems all of this will a) get better with more coordination b) become a lot easier once the CVE backlog is caught up18:50
tgardnerjdstrand, yeah, we've still got 30 or more left18:50
keesI'm worries that the older stable releases are not part of the cadence. I think that needs to be fixed first.18:50
jdstrandso, as long as we are striving to work together (along with the pocket copying AA), things will improve 18:50
keesbut it sounds like that's primarily a QA time issue?18:51
jdstrandkees: it sounds like the kernel team is patching them18:51
jdstrandkees: if they have only security fixes, the kernel team can upload those fixes to their ppa at the same time18:52
keessteps are triage (security), patching(kernel+security), building(kernel), testing(qa), publishing(archiveadmin+security).18:52
jdstrandkees: as the others. then just mention it to QA to test. if they can't, we can do qrt and publish through -security18:52
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* tgardner --> lunch date18:54
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komputesJFo: Could you please have a look at this bug. Seems like an ACPI issue which causes the laptop to be seen as a desktop: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/70156119:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 701561 in indicator-applet "IBM ThinkPad X31 not seen as laptop - battery status not available" [Undecided,New]19:08
* JFo looks19:08
komputesJFo: do we have an ACPI expert?19:08
apwdefine seen as a desktop ... just no battery you mean?19:09
apwi know of no 'desktop/laptop' differentiator in acpi19:09
komputesapw: yes, plus laptop-detect report no indication that it is a laptop19:10
kamaldmidecode provides a "Chassis Type" which indicates desktop vs laptop ...19:10
komputesapw: oh ok, I must have been mistaking. Anyhow the applet always shows a thunderbolt (no battery/battery+AC icon)19:10
apwkamal, so there is19:11
apwand thats what the latop thing uses first19:11
kamalI've seen a laptop that had that set wrong in some BIOS table, which led to various problems relating to lid/battery ...19:11
apw        dmitype=$(dmidecode --string chassis-type)19:11
apwwhat does that say on it komputes 19:11
JFokomputes, also, it would be really helpful to get the apport-collected data here19:12
vanhoofvanhoof@downer:~$ sudo dmidecode --string chassis-type19:12
vanhoofLunch Box19:12
apwkomputes, could we get sh -x /usr/sbin/laptop-detect19:13
apwvanhoof, is that the machine or something else?19:13
JFovanhoof, :)19:13
JFomine says Notebook19:13
apwfor mine, but thats ok too19:14
vanhoofthat was run on a mac mini19:14
vanhoofLunch Box ...19:14
kamalkomputes: just the output from this would be good:  sudo dmidecode --string chassis-type19:14
JFohuh, for my desktop it says Unknown19:14
apwkomputes, oh and remember to tun laptop-detect with sudo19:15
apwvanhoof, as in "out to `sudo dmidecode --string chassis-type`"19:15
vanhoofapw: yup19:16
komputesHow does one find out the driver being used by a USB network card - I would like to add an entry to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsBelkin#USB19:43
komputesapw: i will and let you know if the result is different19:44
apwkomputes, does lsusb -vv tell you ?  can't remember19:44
komputesapw: idProduct and idVendor and a lot of verb info but no module. I never understood why lsusb doesn't have a -k feature for kernel module (like lspci)19:47
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* jjohansen -> lunch20:35
* tgardner notes that the dapper build does not parallelize correctly21:25
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keesoops, I broke cpu hotplug23:05
apwkees, tsk, let me guess ... nx23:14
keesapw: well, related to that, but actually my ignore-the-bios-filter-for-nx code. https://lkml.org/lkml/2011/1/27/34523:15
apwkees, bad kees23:25
keesapw: whee23:26
apwkees, could you email me any resolution as i will be pushing the A2 kernels very early next week at the latest23:28
apwand i want to make sure that is in23:28
keesapw: yeah, for sure. I'm under an OOo update at the moment, but if someone else doesn't confirm my fix, I'll try it.23:29
jjohansenback on later23:46

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