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almufadadoWhere is located the project for the screenshots ?19:33
nisshhalmufadado, http://launchpad.net/quickshot19:33
ChrisWoollard_The project for the screenshots in Quickshot19:35
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almufadadoYes, to take the screenshots19:36
almufadadoI meant to see and upload the ones for my language19:36
almufadadoThe quickshot apps ask for a project address19:37
ChrisWoollardI think Quickshot deals with the screenshots, however I don't really know how it works19:37
almufadadoI installed the quickshot app19:38
almufadadoin the windows it ask for a project site19:38
ChrisWoollardI don't know what it is.19:39
almufadadothe site address of the project ubuntu.maunal19:39
ChrisWoollardI am just asking somebody that might know. If they respond19:39
almufadadook tnks19:39
almufadadook thanks19:40
ChrisWoollardhe doesn't have it to hand at the moment19:46
ChrisWoollardI will look in the irc logs to see if i can find it19:46
godbyk_nick godbyk-laptop19:51
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godbyk-laptopstupid slash key.19:52
godbyk-laptopOh, how I've missed you, bash prompt!19:52
godbyk-laptopWindows cmd drives me bonkers.19:52
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: almufadado is the one looking for the quickshot address19:52
godbyk-laptopHey, almufadado.  Let me check the logs on my laptop real quick.  I don't think I've got it here, but I'll look.19:53
godbyk-laptopalmufadado: Looks like this might be the link to the qsproj file: http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-04/%5Bump%5D10-04.qsproj19:54
godbyk-laptopfor the 10.04 edition.19:54
ChrisWoollardThanks godbyk19:56
almufadadoI am going to browse in it to see19:56
almufadadoBye Obrigado19:56
ChrisWoollardI couldn't find that with a google search of the irc logs19:56

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