dewmanmrand, have you had any luck with getting any digital music channels?03:16
dewmanwith the hdhr scan?03:16
dewmanfreaking jamu... seems it has crashed 3 times in the past hour....Think its time to figure out how to remove it.03:18
dewmanor disable it.03:18
rhpot1991dewman: check silicon dust's website and it will tell you what channels you can get04:39
rhpot1991those silly music channels are normally available04:39
skiwithpeteI need help, anyone around?09:42
skiwithpete I've just installed myth - and through all the trouble shooting, discovered that mysql is not running09:44
skiwithpeteOh, yeah, I'm running XFCE09:45
skiwithpetedammit, living in NZ means there's never anyone here09:48
* skiwithpete twiddles thumbs09:55
skiwithpete... I fixed the database problem by installing mysql-server10:46
skiwithpetebut now i can't get mythweb to work :(10:46
Lala_Chersihi there i ve installed myth tv in ubuntu cant set it right for my tv card ... any ideas11:26
DaveMorris1which card have you got11:30
DaveMorris1and how have you set it up?11:30
Lala_Chersiwell i ve got msi tv@ny where plus .... internal tv card11:34
DaveMorris1Lala_Chersi: sorry for the delay, meetings at work13:16
DaveMorris1Have you got it to work in Ubuntu outside of MythTV to make sure you have the correct drivers etc?13:17
DaveMorris1http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linuxquestions-org-member-success-stories-23/linux-mint-3-0-msi-tv%40nywhere-great-success-579640/ has someone doing it on mint (which is very similar to Ubuntu)13:17
Lala_ChersiDaveMorrisl : yeah it works on xawtv13:20
mranddewman, I actually haven't played around with higher numbered channels yet.  I've got some HDMI audio (and video, for that matter) problems I'm more focused on with the few spare minutes a week that I have.15:10
qwebirc28476Hello, I have Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz old computer that I would like to use with Mythbuntu for my home setup with Comcast digital cable. I’m new to this and don’t know what kind of hardware I should additionally to buy to make it happen, and what the setup should be. Can you help with this?15:24
rhpot1991qwebirc28476: HD or SD video?15:26
Patrickdkheh, that will only do SD15:27
rhpot1991Patrickdk: unless he adds a VDPAU capable card15:27
PatrickdkI don't think he can, it should only be agp15:27
Patrickdkthey make them in pci? heh, how evil15:28
rhpot1991harder to find, but they do exist15:29
rhpot1991not sure anything in the current gen, but something that will do vdpau at least15:29
Patrickdkwell, I picked the gt2xx series for it15:30
Patrickdkcause others have strange bugs15:30
Patrickdkand before the gt[345]xx came out15:30
Patrickdkthen testing vdpau, I found I didn't really like using it at all15:31
rhpot1991its pretty easy to enable and use, I wouldn't build anything without it anymore15:31
Patrickdkit can't play back any video I throw at it, without going nuts every few min15:31
rhpot1991define going nuts15:32
Patrickdkthrowing crap all over the screen from decode errors15:32
rhpot1991did you try some of the tweaks on the wiki page?15:32
Patrickdkusing atsc sources, and good outputs from ffmpeg/x26415:32
Patrickdkhmm, looks to be some new options15:33
Patrickdkthis was 2 years ago, I think15:33
Patrickdkgot a gt240 when it just came out pretty much15:33
rhpot1991Adding "vdpaubuffersize=32" (or higher: eg. 42 works well for the Zotac HD-ID11 box) in the list of filters in Playback Settings may help with artifacts during playback.15:34
rhpot1991then the xorg tweaks on there are good to make too15:34
Patrickdkya, I don't see anything different in xorg settings15:34
rhpot1991 Option         "TripleBuffer" "True"15:35
rhpot1991Section "Extensions"15:35
rhpot1991       Option "Composite" "Disable"15:35
rhpot1991   EndSection15:35
Patrickdkhave that15:35
Patrickdkguess I will have to test with the filters15:35
rhpot1991Patrickdk: I think that 240 can do vdpau high, you might want to try vdpau normal if you having issues though15:36
* Patrickdk notes a 1090T cpu plays back everything good though :)15:37
rhpot1991Patrickdk: ya you may not need it, but its a nice option to have15:37
rhpot1991I offload everything to my 9600 so I can free up my athlon x2 for other stuff15:38
rhpot1991then things like an ion you wouldn't want to cpu that :)15:38
Patrickdkwell, I plan to use this for a frontend soon15:38
Patrickdkhaven't got the cables yet though15:38
Patrickdkand decommission my c2d 2.8ghz frontend15:38
Patrickdkit can play pretty much everything except 1080p15:38
Patrickdkatleast not >10mbit15:39
rhpot1991Patrickdk: vdpau can prob help you there15:46
Patrickdkbut the purpose I got the 1090T for was to dump that system :)15:47
Patrickdkjust need to get the hdmi wires ran from it to the tv, audio connected15:47
Patrickdkand then reconfigure this to run mythtv on a seperate x screen for it15:48
Patrickdkthen figure out how to handle different keyboard inputs to different x screens15:48
Wickedhello all. Im running ubuntu 10.04 with mythtv with a pvr-150 and im using the pvr-150's blaster to change channels. Recently due to all the changes going on regarding the kernel/lirc module the blaster uses...its been a hude pita to get it working. But yesterday ubuntu updated lirc which totally broke it for me. I was able to downgrade lirc and reply the "zilog" patch and reconfigure lirc to work19:28
Wickedbut now im worried this next update will break it again for good19:28
Wickedthis is the directions ive been using to get the blaster working: http://notepad.bobkmertz.com/2010/06/pvr-150-ir-blaster-on-mythbuntu-1004.html19:30
Zinn[notepad.bobkmertz.com] Bob's Notepad: PVR-150 IR Blaster on MythBuntu 10.0419:30
rhpot1991Wicked: if you specify the lirc module as lirc_zilog it doesn't help?19:35
Wickedwell. as of current...i need to do what i posted in that link. Last i checked lirc_zilog was not in the ubuntu kernel19:35
Wickedso i would need to get the lirc source and use a zilog patch...recompile...then load the module19:36
rhpot1991I thought that it was19:36
Wickedim just worried that another change in the kernel/lirc will break it for good...leaving my myth setup useless if it cannot change channels19:36
rhpot1991unless I'm thinking about something else that had a z in it19:36
Wickedwell. when i set up this box a few months ago im 98% sure it was not.19:36
Wickedi had a hella time getting it working19:37
Patrickdk10.04 should use the old way to set it up19:49
Patrickdk10.10 uses the new control system19:49
Wickedwhat exactly do you mean the "old way"19:51
Patrickdkthe ir stuff hasn't changed for ever, except between 10.04 and 10.1019:52
Patrickdkso 10.04 uses what almost all web documentation says19:52
rhpot1991in 10.10 a lot of things started to go kernel module based instead of lirc19:53
Wickedhmm. i just know i had a really hard time figuring out how to setup my blaster.19:53
Wickedive been using this pvr-150 for like ~3-4 years and the way i had always set it up didnt work with 10.0419:54
Wickedsomething to do with changes in the kernel modules and stuff19:54
Wickedthe module also changed to "lirc_zilog"19:54
rhpot1991sorry they started to move to input layer modules, I shoulda been more clear19:55
Wickedim updating the machine now and gonna reboot to the new kernel and pray the new kernel has what i need lol19:56
Wickedit would be awesome to have it all back in the kernel by default...so i wont have to worry/much around on each kernel/lirc update19:57
Patrickdkheh? what kernel are you using?19:57
WickedLinux Core 2.6.32-27-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 00:51:09 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:58
Wickedand just updated and about to reboot19:58
Wickedtheres my other nick(Kernel)....need to reboot the box that runs myth and has my bouncer running.19:59
Kernel..and crap. modinfo lirc_zilog20:02
KernelERROR: modinfo: could not find module lirc_zilog20:02
Kernelon the new kernel20:02
KernelSo.... any ideas on how i can get this working again?20:03
rhpot1991john@ultramagnus:~$ modinfo lirc_zilog20:04
rhpot1991filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.35-24-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/lirc/lirc_zilog.ko20:04
rhpot1991john@ultramagnus:~$ uname -a20:04
rhpot1991Linux ultramagnus 2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 02:41:37 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:04
rhpot1991its in 10.1020:04
Kernelyea. but not 10.04.20:04
rhpot1991might be worth checking to see if its been backported20:05
Kerneland getting it installed was a total pita20:05
Kernel10.04 that is....i had alot of issues...and im not really looking to upgrade.20:05
Patrickdkyou can just upgrade the kernel in 10.0420:05
Wickedback to my old nick20:05
WickedPatrickdk, to a 10.10 kernel?20:06
rhpot1991Patrickdk: shouldn't be kernel here, lirc I think20:06
Wickedid really prefer to keep things as stock at possible. i hate modifying things then having to manually track updates20:06
rhpot1991no wrong, thats in the kernel20:07
Zinn[packages.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu -- Package Contents Search Results -- lirc_zilog.ko20:07
Patrickdkya, that is what ppa's are for :)20:07
Patrickdkthere is a *newer* kernel ppa for lucid20:07
PatrickdkI don't remember what it is, other than a guy needing it last week20:07
Patrickdkso I know it exists20:07
Wickedhmm. is it done buy the ubuntu team? or some 3rd party?20:08
rhpot1991Wicked: what kernel are you on?20:09
WickedLinux Core 2.6.32-28-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 10 23:42:43 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:10
Wickedon 10.0420:10
rhpot1991looks like its in a kernel in lucid-updates: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=lirc_zilog.ko&mode=exactfilename&suite=lucid-updates&arch=any20:11
Zinn[packages.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu -- Package Contents Search Results -- lirc_zilog.ko20:11
Wickedlucid-updates is like bleeding edge packages?20:12
Wickedi really dont want my system to be unstable.20:12
Wickedi chose 10.04 because its stable and is LTS20:12
rhpot1991no, that should be on by default20:12
Wickedoh hmm20:13
Patrickdkman, you just want everything :)20:13
WickedPatrickdk, i do! :)20:13
rhpot1991you may need to dist-upgrade to pull the new kernel or something20:13
Wickedi do see it in a aptitude search20:13
Patrickdkyou will20:13
Wickedmaybe i can just install the new kernel via apt?20:13
Wickedhopefully it wont break much20:13
rhpot1991if you sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:13
rhpot1991it should pull it20:13
rhpot1991along with ay other updates available20:14
Wickedi thought dist-upgrade was for switching between releases20:14
rhpot1991or just specify you want that specific kernel whatever way you are confortable with20:14
Wickedapt-get dist-upgrade updates nothing20:14
Wickedso looks like ill need to manually specify the one i want20:14
Patrickdkit won't now20:15
Patrickdkit will when the kernel updates though20:15
rhpot1991dist-upgrade is for installing packages with new depends or conflicting depends20:15
Patrickdkkernels only install on dist-upgrade20:15
Patrickdkother things do on upgrade20:15
Wickedi normally use aptitude20:15
rhpot1991Wicked: if it didn't pull it you may need to specify that kernel then20:15
Wickedbut aptitude upgrade just installed a new kenrel20:15
rhpot1991Wicked: just do that in aptitude then20:15
Wickedok. let me install the new kernel20:15
Patrickdkapt-get upgrade is equiv to aptitude safe-upgrade20:15
rhpot1991Wicked: make sure it pulls any modules that match and so on20:16
Patrickdkand apt-get dist-upgrade is like aptitude ..20:16
rhpot1991dpkg -l |grep linux-image20:16
rhpot1991and make sure they match up with your current packages20:16
Patrickdkaptitude full-upgrade20:16
Wickedperfect rhpot1991 ..i was just trying to figure out what other packages i would need20:16
Kernelok so this new kernel has lirc_zilog20:26
Kernel....but its not working20:26
Kernelthe blaster is *not* changing channels20:26
Kernelnothing happens when i issue a change channel command20:27
=== Kernel is now known as Wicked
Wickedwelp this certainly sucks20:39
Wickedsometimes i really hate linux :|20:45

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