ojwbhmm, two logging bots now00:44
ojwblocobot_3 and ubuntulog00:46
ibeardsleealthough not a bot, I log the channel as well00:46
ojwbor do you see more?00:46
ojwbwell, me too00:46
hadsibeardslee: Watched the Cerf keynote yet?00:47
ibeardsleealthough I, ibeardslee, solemly swear that I am not a bot00:47
* ojwb has watched half of it00:47
* hads too00:47
ibeardsleeseen some of it00:47
ibeardsleewas trying today's keynote but was not having complete success00:48
hadsI'm just watching on blip.tv00:48
* ajmitch just reads the summaries on LWN00:48
ojwbi was able to watch the vint cerf one there with html5+ogv00:48
ojwbi've never had much success with youtube's html5 player, but the blip one seemed to work pretty well00:49
ojwbhmm, according to http://www.getpoli.com/systemcheck.aspx I have Microsoft .NET 3.5 installed01:39
hadsYeah I think that's broken.02:32
hadsSilly Windows specfic stuff.02:32
ojwbthere's slightly more excuse there than sometimes, but it should be doable in-browser02:32

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