jibelHi, does anybody get random kernel panic when booting the last natty iso in virtualbox ?08:35
jibelAnybody could test the latest natty desktop iso without 3d ? When I  boot from a livecd and select 'try ubuntu' there's no 'install ubuntu' link on the desktop but I need a confirmation if it's the iso or my setup.11:51
pedro_jibel, i'm syncing the iso, in ~30 minutes i'll be able to test12:01
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pedro_jibel, confirming, same problem here12:42
pedro_jibel, but if you look at ~/Desktop the .desktop files are there12:42
pedro_just not being shown12:42
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jibelpedro_, yep, you tried in a vm or real hw ?14:12
pedro_jibel, vm14:13
jibelpedro_, hm, I'd like to know if the pb is with the vm or with the desktop env instead.14:14
jibelpedro_, I've a lot of instabilities in a vm14:15
jibelmarjo, ping14:15
pedro_jibel, i can try to test the same on real HW with a usb stick14:15
jibelpedro_, I don't have hw that is not 3d enabled :/ and I don't know a way to disable the 3d on the graphic card.14:16
jibelmarjo, can you try something on your eeepc ?14:16
pedro_mm true, mine is 3d capable...14:16
jibellets wait for charlie-tca14:17
charlie-tcaGood morning.14:18
charlie-tcasyncing now14:18
jibelgood morning charlie-tca14:20
charlie-tcajibel: you want that run on a non-3d system?15:35
jibelcharlie-tca, yes please, boot a livecd and select 'try ubuntu', the desktop is empty here and pedro_ as well  but we tried in vms.15:37
charlie-tcaOkay. Trying now15:39
charlie-tcahm, this is painfully slow trying to bring up the desktop15:51
charlie-tcajibel: shows a desktop icon in 2d, using nvidia 620015:59
charlie-tcahm, and wants me to install the hardware driver15:59
jibelcharlie-tca, thanks for testing, that's a problem specific to VMs then.16:00
charlie-tcano problem16:00
jibelI'll retry and file a bug.16:00
charlie-tcawell, probably should have said, You are welcome, instead ;-)16:00
charlie-tcarunning it up in vbox, too16:06
charlie-tcalet's see what I get there16:06
charlie-tcaheh, VBox 4.0 gave me the install icon16:07
charlie-tcaDid they change the image late?16:07
charlie-tcajibel: all my tests were with the i386 desktop image16:08
jibelmine too, I'm resyncing the images.16:09
jibelcharlie-tca, I confirm that the livesession is slooooooowwwwwwwwwwww16:14
charlie-tcaUsed to be able to start the install and get quite a ways in by the time it comes up now16:17
charlie-tcaI am trying the 64bit image in vbox now16:17
charlie-tcaoops. Lies and propaganda. I didn't get the 64bit image synced yet16:21
jibelargh, ubiquity crashing, X crashing, :-(16:25
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