dpmgood morning all07:57
andrejzmorning dpm08:26
andrejzlooking forward to the videocast this evening08:26
dpmhi andrejz, cool :)08:39
andrejzdpm i have a minor launchpad problem08:51
andrejzif i go here https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/natty/+pots/ddtp-ubuntu-main/sl/+translate?show=new_suggestions08:51
andrejzand try to confirm the new suggestions08:51
andrejzi always get an oops with (Error ID: OOPS-1853EA326)08:51
andrejzare you aware of any similar errors?08:52
dpmandrejz, no, Ißm not aware, but it could perhaps show a bigger problem. Do you mind going to #launchpad and mentioning it? This way developers can have a look at it08:55
andrejzsure, i first wanted to check if it's somethig know here08:56
dpmI haven't been seeing OOPses in a while, but it's worth mentioning it if they have started reappearing08:58
andrejzthis is the only one i am aware of currently08:58
andrejzfortunately :)08:58
dpmhey everyone, the next Translations Videocast talking about the translations workflow will start in ~10 minutes, feel free to join in!15:52
andrejzalready there :)15:58
dpmallright, let's roll!16:00

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