directhexthere's a reason agencies don't accept pdf00:02
directhexthey strip your contact details in the version they send to prospective employers. otheerwise the employer could contact you direct & cut out the middle-man (who earns a lot per successful candidate)00:03
popeyparasitic bastards00:05
* popey is happy that his current contract isnt through an agency00:10
popeywhich is rare for me00:10
moreatinot only do they strip your name, someties they add extra skills/experience00:13
popeyheh, yeah :)00:14
popeyMy very first job was obtained because the agency lied and told them that I could drive. At the time I hadn't had any lessons :)00:14
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] 4.6 Release Supper - http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/437901:15
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MooDoohello all08:06
AlanBellmorning all08:12
AlanBellmeeting at 21:00 this evening08:13
MooDooAlanBell: is it on the topic?   i didn't notice08:16
AlanBellMeeting Thursday January 27th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet08:17
AlanBell\o/ Cats (and minecraft)08:17
MooDoooooo mine craft :)08:17
AlanBellnot sure what the big deal is about cats08:21
AlanBelldo they give you eggs? I don't think so.08:21
HazRPGgood morning everybody08:34
DJonesMorning all08:37
DJonesAlanBell: Although I'm not fussed about cats, I think I'd rather have a cat sitting on my lap than an egg producer with a beak & claws08:41
HazRPGpersonally I'd rather have a dog08:42
MartijnVdScats > *08:42
DJonesDogs FTW08:42
HazRPGat least dogs are entertaining08:42
MartijnVdSso are cats :)08:43
DJonesCats & Dogs together are even more entertaining :)08:43
TheOpenSourcererCats are good08:43
MartijnVdSdogs are needy08:43
TheOpenSourcererMorning BTW08:43
MartijnVdS\o TOS08:43
HazRPGMartijnVdS: true... however dogs will always be a mans best friend08:44
TheOpenSourcererHmm - I might need a different "handle" - really not sure about TOS.08:44
HazRPGa cat tends to do their own thing08:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: that's why I like them :)08:44
HazRPGhaving a cat is like having a teenager in the house all day long08:44
HazRPGthey just constantly nag until you let them out so they can go out and party08:44
HazRPGdogs are happy to just go where-ever you want to go08:45
MartijnVdSHazRPG: nah you just need to train your cats better.08:45
MartijnVdSIn/out when $boss wants it08:45
MartijnVdSFood when $boss wants it08:45
MartijnVdSworks fine with my parents' cat :)08:46
HazRPGyeah, but you can't exactly go out with a cat can you and have a walk together lol08:46
DJonesHazRPG: Tell that to my dog, yes he's happy to go out with me whenever I want, but when he doesn't want to come in, he does a good job of being selectively ignorant08:46
HazRPGDJones: dogs just like having fun too much lol08:47
DJonesOne advantage cats have over dogs is that they don't bark & when they make a noise, its very rarely anywhere near as loud as a dog barking08:48
HazRPGI don't know how my mum's managed to do it, cos she owns 2 dogs and 8 pups at the moment (bare in mind she use to HATE dogs all of her life - but since she got her first dog like 2 years ago, she seems to love them now)08:48
DJonesWhat breed does she have?08:49
HazRPGanyways, she's managed to train that first dog to be like the perfect pet/friend - always listens08:49
HazRPGI haven't a clue, in arabic they seem to call them "multipoo"08:50
DJonesOur dog has a native american name, "Oscar TwoPoo" based on experience while on his regular walks08:51
HazRPGits a pure white dog, it'd be about 40cm ish in height, has naturally wavey hair08:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: like this? http://www.flickr.com/photos/tannie/5386744767/08:52
HazRPGher daughter looks like a dalmatian - cos she got pregnant from a street dog lol08:53
HazRPGbut I don't mean those white dogs with black spots type of dalmatian though08:53
HazRPGMartijnVdS: haha yeah that's the one08:54
HazRPGexcept the one my mum has, has softer looking hair08:54
HazRPGmight just be cos she baths it every other day08:55
popeymorning all09:00
MartijnVdShowdy popey09:00
* popey tickles MooDoo with http://popeydc.dyndns.org/maps/ and http://popeydc.dyndns.org/gmaps/09:01
HazRPGhttp://picasaweb.google.com/hazrpg/MumSDogsPuppies?feat=directlink <== puppy power!09:04
DJonesHazRPG: Nice and cute, although not sure about the ribbons09:05
popeyanyone fancy confirming a bug for me?09:05
popeybug 70839309:05
lubotu3Launchpad bug 708393 in pitivi (Ubuntu) "Pitivi crashes when adding a mov file to the timeline" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70839309:05
popeyI'm using natty, but would be interested to know if it works in 10.1009:05
HazRPGDJones: the ribbons are temporary, it just so my mum can associate each one with the right names until she gets them all proper collars09:05
HazRPGshe doesn't see the point in getting collars when we're not sure how big they're going to get09:06
DJonesIs she keeping them all09:06
HazRPGnor if she's keeping them all09:06
HazRPGheh, nah she's not sure09:06
HazRPGshe got rid of the last set (minus tutu, which is the mother in the background of the first photo) but this time she really doesn't want to09:07
HazRPGjust because she seems to have like a full set of very different dogs09:07
HazRPGnot fair :( by the time I get to see the pup's they'll be huge!09:08
DJoneskeeping 8 or 9 dogs would be expensive though, probably more for vets fee's, insurance etc, food possibly less so because they're not huge dogs that'd eat big meals09:08
HazRPGtutu there stands in at about half a meter or so, but she's almost a meter long and man can she eat!09:09
* DJones ponders a bring your pet to IRC day09:09
HazRPGDJones: haha09:09
HazRPGmum's planning on opening her own veterinary09:10
HazRPG*slash* hair-dresser shop09:10
HazRPGits an odd mix09:10
HazRPGbut in egypt vets are only open on a Thursday, and hair dressers aren't open at all on a Thursday - its weird09:11
HazRPGobviously the rooms for the animals will be completely different to the rooms for hair cutting09:11
HazRPGwith different entrances09:12
HazRPG(she's retired, she just wants something to do now lol)09:12
* gord looks at his schedule, decides not to do an entire week of uds this time, maybe skip entirely09:12
HazRPGman, why can't I find any photos of mum's first dog09:13
* Neoti|work I hate formatting data....09:14
HazRPGdon't we all09:15
HazRPGsuppose I should get cracking on some work09:15
* HazRPG goes to look at some boring relationship diagrams09:15
popeygord: are you allowed to choose not to go to UDS?09:18
popeyalso gord any idea if my bug 708393 is compiz/unity related?09:18
lubotu3Launchpad bug 708393 in pitivi (Ubuntu) "Pitivi crashes when adding a mov file to the timeline" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70839309:18
MartijnVdSpopey: all bugs in natty are compiz/unity-related :P09:19
gorddepends how needed i'll be, if not then i don't have to go this time09:19
gordpopey, doubt its related, more likely gstreamer09:19
popeyit gives an x type error09:19
gordit'll be asking for some buggy format that X can't do, compiz shouldn't cause X errors in applications09:21
MartijnVdSAny Nottinghamites in here? :) http://periodicvideos.blogspot.com/2011/01/public-lecture.html09:22
Neoti|workim from nottingham09:24
MartijnVdSNeoti|work: check the link :)09:24
Neoti|worki just did .. lol ....09:25
Neoti|workwhere in notts u from,09:25
popeygord: known bug that you can't drag stuff to the trash in unity?09:26
gordi think so, i brought it up with the guys doing the launcher once at least09:26
MartijnVdSNeoti|work: I'm not from Nottingham :)09:26
MartijnVdSNeoti|work: I just follow Brady's channels on Youtube09:27
Neoti|workah ....09:27
popeyi notice that in natty the bin has reverted back to being called Trash09:27
popeyand in nautilus it's called Wastebasket09:27
* popey files a new bug about this09:27
wintellectis "Recycle Bin" patented by Apple / MS?  :P09:32
Neoti|workjust out of interest in the next release of ubuntu have they fixed PPTP vpn ..... ??? is it is broken and there are some bug reports about it on ubuntu website etc...09:35
* seeif slaps ajmcpherson around a bit with a large trout09:35
* HazRPG wonders why he always has the urge to click links09:36
TheOpenSourcererHazRPG: It's genetically encoded09:36
HazRPGTheOpenSourcerer: ^^,09:37
* popey clicks on TheOpenSourcerer 09:37
HazRPGpopey: did it do anything :O09:37
TheOpenSourcerermoar coffee (and perhaps a biscuit...)09:37
* DJones offers popey some antivirus just in case09:37
* TheOpenSourcerer is NOT contagious 09:38
gordpopey, translations in unity aren't turned on yet, i'm dealing with a merge request for that right now, doesn't need a bug :) in nautilus its called rubbish bin here09:41
* HazRPG 's twitches.09:41
* HazRPG eye's twitches.09:42
popeygord: the shortcut is called wastebasket09:42
popeybookmark thingy09:42
HazRPGapparently I have the pizzaman song09:42
gordpopey, i don't have a bookmark to the rubbish bin at all09:42
popeyunder places09:43
HazRPG"I tell her I wanted a fork..."09:43
popeyI have alan, Desktop, File System, Network, Floppy Drive (gah!), Wastebasket09:43
gordpopey, yeah there its callled rubbish bin here09:43
gordand i don't have a floppy drive :P its not 1995!09:43
popeyneither do i09:43
popeymy machine has never had one09:43
HazRPGhmm, I have 3 floppy drives that have never seen the light of day since 199709:44
directhexi stopped putting a floppy drive into pc builds after vista came out09:45
directhexxp still needed one09:45
HazRPGabout about 10 floppies which probably has corrupt data on it09:45
HazRPGdirecthex: really? I've never had a floppy drive on any XP machine I've owned09:45
popeydirecthex: http://popey.com/house/ & http://popey.com/~alan/house/scripts/ & buy a currentcost and a cable09:45
popeyHazRPG: for sata drivers during install09:46
gordif you don't have a floppy drive, how on earth do you play the secret of monkey island?!09:46
gordalso, really... minecraft should come on floppy disks09:46
directhexHazRPG, xp will only load drivers during install from A:\, so if you need to add a driver to install...09:46
BigRedSdirecthex: you can do it from local HDD, and I'm pretty sure from a second CD drive, too09:47
directhexgord, http://store.steampowered.com/app/32360/ ?09:47
BigRedSIt's a bunch of faff, but as supported as anything else is in an XP install09:47
popeylocal hdd on a machine that cant see the disk controller?09:47
directhexBigRedS, no.09:47
popeythats paradoxical09:47
BigRedSpopey: yeah. Say a USB stick or a disk that's not on the controller you're trying to install support for09:47
andylockranhowdy guys09:47
andylockranand gals09:48
directhexBigRedS, the NT5 installer will only read the drivers integrated into the install media driver database, or A:\09:48
popeyxp does not support usb on install09:48
directhexBigRedS, you're thinking of vista09:48
gorddirecthex, yeah but thats the special addition that looks weird, booooo! *ignores other mode*09:48
BigRedSI've never installed vista09:48
directhexor xp by the sound of it!09:48
BigRedSI've done that at least a couple of times with XP on Dells to get the raid cards working. The get-the-stuff-off-a-different-local-disk thing.09:48
HazRPGwoah, vista can be installed!?09:48
gordand now my bin icon is called rubbish bin in unity :) woo09:49
BigRedSHm. All I can find on the subject is "replace the windows CD with one wth a driver on it"09:51
BigRedSI'm sure it was documented *somewhere*09:51
BigRedSanyway, nobody is installing XP these days so it's not like it matters09:51
directhexBigRedS, things that don't exist can't be documented09:51
BigRedSI didn't just guess that it'd work and try it09:51
DJonesBigRedS: I'm going to have to install XP so I can install a bios update on a laptop ):09:51
BigRedSpopey: yeah, so USB doesn't. I *know* I've got raid card controllers inserted into an XP install before off a local HDD09:52
BigRedSor, thinking about it, more likely server 0309:53
popeyI *know* you haven't09:53
BigRedSor whichever one was XP dressed up as a server09:53
popeymaybe :)09:53
BigRedSfair enough09:53
directhex2k3 isn't xp09:53
directhexbut xp64 is 2k309:53
directhexboth are still nt5-series though09:53
directhexyay for the 5.2 kernel. blocking game installs since... 2003!09:54
HazRPGtime to do some mail10:16
HazRPG(why some things can't be done electronically is beyond me :/)10:16
MartijnVdSHazRPG: because there's a whole generation of people who don't "get" computers10:17
MartijnVdSnot really anyway10:17
HazRPGyeah but by surely constantly pushing paper, people are just going to get use to paper and it'll never be electronic10:19
HazRPGI remember that computers were the new way to save trees way back when :/10:19
HazRPGstill hasn't took off lol10:19
HazRPGI have a feeling its more to do with people don't want people to get lazy and forget how to write lol10:20
HazRPG(remembers a time when I had to hand write an essay T_T)10:20
HazRPGanyways, back in a bit10:21
* HazRPG looks forward to seeing more diagrams ;?10:22
* screen-x feels sorry for cold calling people that get his number10:23
popeygord: full screen minecraft sucks on 11.0410:26
popeygord: is it same for you? framerate is awful10:27
gordpopey, fullscreen how, f11?10:27
popeyno, maximise the window10:28
popeyso it takes up one screen10:28
popeyf11 maxes over both screens and is thus worse10:28
popeyone frame every 10-20 seconds10:28
gordhuh, it works fine maximised here, 70-80fps (and i have it set to limit fps)10:29
gordworks fine on this gtx260 machine and my 9600gtm in the laptop10:30
popeyunusable here10:30
gordpopey, how updated is the system? new xorg at the moment that might be screwing things up for you10:32
gordi haven't done a proper update since last week10:32
popeybeen like it all the time I have been on natty10:33
* czajkowski peers into #ubuntu-uk 10:33
gordnot sure then :(10:36
Myrttibut how can you keep an eye on IRC if you play minecraft fullscreen? :->10:37
popeytwo screens10:37
czajkowskipopey: geek!10:37
bigcalmMorning peeps10:38
bigcalmI can't play minecraft full screen, it makes me feel ill (motion sickness I guess)10:38
czajkowskibigcalm: *hugs*10:38
popeyi tried it with red/blue glasses10:38
bigcalmczajkowski: 2 screens maketh the geek?10:38
popeyok, so i run glxgears10:38
bigcalmczajkowski: *big hugs*10:38
popey35712 frames in 5.0 seconds = 7142.334 FPS10:38
popeybut the screen updates once every so often10:39
popeyits not smooth at all10:39
popey(not full screen)10:39
HazRPGhas anyone got the ubuntu hoodie's?10:39
popeyXIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0" after 45 requests (45 known processed) with 0 events remaining.10:39
popeygord: run glxgears10:40
bigcalmpopey: it's 100% smooth for me in 3d10:40
bigcalmDon't have the glasses to play with though10:40
popeydo you see two windows in t  he laucnher?10:40
gordpopey, glxgears  Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate. 300 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.931 FPS10:40
gordall runs fine10:40
bigcalmpopey: 2 windows?10:41
bigcalmOh, I'm on windows atm :)10:41
popeytwo items in the unity launcher10:41
popeyeach with 3 dots next to them10:41
bigcalmStill don't know what you're talking about10:41
gordpopey, bug we know about in a service we use to get window information, seems to be fixed in the latest version of that service though10:42
gordhappens with glx windows10:42
popeymy system prety much locks up when i run glxgears10:42
popey100% cpu10:42
gordpopey, maybe in opengl settings in nvidia-settings set sync to vblank and allow flipping. might need to restart your session10:43
popeydoes that change immediately?10:43
popeythat fixed glxgears!10:44
popeynice one10:44
* popey hugs gord 10:44
popeynot fixed minecraft tho :(10:45
HazRPGgot an interesting question for ya, do you guys use OpenOffice or LibreOffice at the moment?10:53
* HazRPG whispers: that was me high-fiving you10:54
popey^5 is high five :)10:54
popeyo/ is "hi"10:54
MyrttiLaTeX all the way10:54
HazRPGpopey: yeah I know10:55
HazRPGhow bout o| for high-five then ^^10:55
HazRPGit just looks more high-fivey10:56
TheOpenSourcererAh HAAAAAA!!!10:56
HazRPGTheOpenSourcerer: Eureka?10:57
TheOpenSourcererOpenERP - MRP Scheduler.10:57
HazRPGpopey: Q) is there any point putting both, English (United Kingdom) & English in an install of LibreOffice?10:58
HazRPGjust notice by default it tries to put both10:59
TheOpenSourcererHazRPG: IIRC in the OOo language pack, en_GB is sort of bundled in the main English pack along with some of the other English translations...11:00
BigRedSistr there being some hackery going on with the various Englishes, some being effectively diffs against a 'main' one11:00
BigRedSso to get en_uk you need 'english' and the 'diff' to make it into UK, for en_us you just then need to add the 'diff' to get en_us out of the same 'english'11:01
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: its separate in lo11:01
TheOpenSourcererOh OK.11:01
popeyyou install the base, then add in tha lang pack11:01
popeywell, thats what I had to do last night on osx11:01
TheOpenSourcererThat's better IMHO11:02
TheOpenSourcererLess baggage the better11:02
HazRPGso wait, you saying I should take out the English (UK) on install... and then download the language pack for UK?11:02
* HazRPG confused11:03
popeyuh, in libreoffice if i click "get more templates online" it goes to openoffice.org11:12
HazRPGpopey: yeah cos it still uses the same base really11:13
HazRPGthey'll eventually transfer everything over, just give em chance11:13
HazRPGI mean they only just left OpenOffice lol11:14
popeyI am well aware of the history11:14
HazRPGI didn't say you didn't :P11:14
popeyhttp://www.libreoffice.org/features/templates/ exists11:14
HazRPGpopey: yeah, but there aren't any templates there11:15
HazRPGin fact I think the idea is they'll be hosting them on the document foundation wiki11:16
popeyyes, which is linked from that page11:16
HazRPGso it is11:17
HazRPGonly a handful of templates on there though11:17
HazRPGmight be worth pointing it out as a bug then?11:17
popeykinda why I mentioned it :)11:18
davmor2morning all11:19
HazRPGdavmor2: o/11:19
Silver_Fox_Hello davmor211:21
HazRPGpopey: have you posted it? or shall I?11:21
popeyI'll speak to the LO guys first11:21
HazRPGpopey: ah you mean in #libreoffice?11:22
HazRPGoh wow, LibreOffice puts back the awesome document icons back in11:23
HazRPGwhy did Oracle feel the need to make them all the same colour :/11:24
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 11:27
davmor2czajkowski: You not feeling well again?11:28
davmor2morning czajkowski11:29
* Neoti|work thinks playing Magic: The gathering is going to turn in to Minecraft where i lost blocks of hours playing it...11:38
shaunonow you're losing hours playing with blocks :)11:42
directhexNeoti|work, the real card game, or the online game?11:43
Neoti|workdirecthex : both lol11:43
Neoti|worktho last night the online game11:45
czajkowskifeck I need to do my expenses :(11:46
screen-xevery so often, my NTP server rejects all its peers and goes of to sulk in stratum 16, I setup a cron job to log what was happening: http://paste.ubuntu.com/558960/12:04
screen-xAny idea how to solve it.. stop running my main ntp server in a vm? add more upstream servers?12:05
* screen-x wonders over to #ubuntu-server, apologies to those of you who are in both..12:09
* BigRedS wonders if screen-x is actually wandering12:10
dwatkinsWindows has finally caught-up to Linux and allowed you to run a screensaver on the background: http://j.mp/icsyW3 also works with 9031.com's screensavers (i.e. the Lego one)12:10
screen-xBigRedS: that'd be the one :)12:10
MartijnVdSdwatkins: Welcome to 1991 :)12:12
dwatkinsprecisely, MartijnVdS :)12:12
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I ran glmatrix on the desktop of my Ubuntu machine a couple years ago, was nice12:13
screen-xMartijnVdS: I used to think running a winamp visualisation as a background was the coolest thing ever :p12:13
MartijnVdSI've run xplanet as a background12:13
MartijnVdSwith ISS and Hubble projected onto it12:13
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I did that, then moved the processing over to a server, oonce an hour, with clouds :D12:13
dwatkinsalso, I added various text to the image, such as a calendar12:14
dwatkinsI should set it up again to automatically update my desktop background each hour on my work machine.12:15
ubuntuuk-planet[Jamie Bennett] Linaro image downloads - http://www.linuxuk.org/2011/01/linaro-image-downloads/12:16
screen-xIs it rude to ask my question in here, then in #ubuntu-server, then in #ntp?12:16
popeynot if you dont get an answer12:18
screen-xcool :)12:19
screen-xBigRedS: donkey.avi.co, brilliant :)12:21
X3Nscreen-x: clocks and VMs don't play nice12:24
BigRedSscreen-x: Yeah, my hostnames are shrek-themed :)12:31
HazRPGBigRedS: haha interesting choice :P12:32
HazRPGmine at one point were names from Blizzard lores, then I switched to female names from One Tree Hill, and now I just use animals - mainly because I wanted my laptop to be called Penguin ^^,12:33
BigRedSMy laptop's still called 'moses' from when they were biblical characters12:33
popey\o/ WOPR12:34
BigRedSbut someone did object to getting an email from mailer-daemon@god and then I started helping out more at my synagogue and figured even more people were likely to12:34
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cpsafternoon peeps :)12:45
Silver_Fox_How are you ?12:47
HazRPGpopey: apparently it was a bug, but has been changed in the final release12:48
=== denny_ is now known as denny
HazRPGpopey: also it points to http://templates.libreoffice.org/ but that redirects back to the OpenOffice.org site for now since that's where all the templates are hosted12:49
cpsSilver_Fox_, I'm alright :)12:49
shaunowow.  nothing hurts my head quite like running screen inside a screen session12:50
dwatkinsshauno: try connecting to multiple remote systems, running nested screen sessions on each ;)12:51
HazRPGdwatkins: gets confusing sometimes doesn't it xD12:52
dwatkinsThis is how I used to regularly use my terminal, shauno - http://rowla.dyndns.org/images/screen-nested.png12:52
shaunothat's not far off what I've got atm.  from within screen, I'm logged into two more hosts .. each of which is running screen12:52
dwatkinsadmittedly, I've gone back to another machine there, but I often had 3 or 4 levels of nesting12:53
shaunohah, funky screenshot.  glad I don't use status bars :)12:54
dwatkinsIt makes it easier to tell where you are, but you lose a line each time, of course.12:55
* dwatkins notes that vmware workstation supports multiple named snapshots, but vmware server does not12:55
screen-xdwatkins: I've recently migrated from vmware server to kvm+libvirt, much less hassle..13:00
dwatkinsI can well imagine, screen-x.13:00
directhexshauno, i ran qbasic in dos in windows in qbasic in windows in dos once13:06
directhexit ran out of ram :(13:06
cpsdirecthex, wat13:08
directhexi wrote a DOS-like command prompt in qbasic13:08
directhexleft it running when i went to the loo, forgot what i was looking at when i came back & assumed i'd quit windows for some reason. so started windows & qbasic to do more hacking13:09
MartijnVdSfail :)13:14
cpsback in a minute13:14
HoaxKeyAfternoon all, I ma having problem after problem today trying to sort out my backup system.13:18
HoaxKeyhaving successfully installed Sbackup, I come to formatting my usb hard drive in order to use as a back. It is currently in fat 32 and sbackup gave me errors about files sizes too large (even when i limited them to 4GB))13:19
HoaxKeySo i try to unmount UNTITLED 1 the usb hard disk and it doesnt do anything.13:19
HoaxKeyi cannot format it because it doesnt know the mount point which is apparently the fault of having a space in the volume label. to fix this i need to unmount it, and so the circle of shite continues. Is anyone available to guide me through this I've been at it for hours with no luck.13:21
daubersHoaxKey: Can you pastebin the output of "mount" please?13:22
HoaxKeydaubers, http://pastebin.com/g7Jeu7MX13:23
MartijnVdStry "umount /media/UNTITLED\ 1" (without the "" but with the \)13:23
MartijnVdSor try the disk utility in System -> Administration :)13:23
daubersor umount /dev/sdb213:23
daubersYou'll need to use sudo though13:23
dauberssudo umount /dev/sdb213:24
HoaxKeyi get no error when using sudo umount /dev/sdb213:24
MartijnVdSHoaxKey: then it's now unmounted :)13:25
directhexno error means no problem13:25
HoaxKeybut the drive is still lsited under the "Places" menu13:25
MartijnVdSHoaxKey: sure, because it's still connected13:25
MartijnVdSHoaxKey: look at the Disk Utility in System -> Administration13:25
MartijnVdSHoaxKey: it should tell The Truth®13:25
HoaxKeyit is lsited in disk utility13:25
HoaxKeyalso in gparted13:26
MartijnVdSHoaxKey: sure it's listed.. that's because the disk is physically in the system13:26
daubersHoaxKey: Look at the mount command again, if you've not reopened it in places it should be unmounted13:26
MartijnVdSHoaxKey: click on it in disk utility to unmount/remount/format/partition/etc.13:26
HoaxKeyit appears not to be listed  by mount13:27
MartijnVdSthen it's not mounted13:28
daubersHoaxKey: Then the disk is not mounted :)13:28
HoaxKeyWhen i try to alter the label via disk utility apply is greyed out13:29
HoaxKeyalso the disk seems to have 2 partitions a msall 20mb one and a large 500gb one13:29
=== cking-afk is now known as cking
directhexHoaxKey, sometimes usb disks have a nice useful small partition with windows-only crap on it. it may even be read-only13:41
popeygord: how long after hitting the maximise button on a terminal does it go full screen?13:51
gordpopey, instantly?13:51
popey1-5 seconds here13:51
popeyis it a know issue that the close button for an app maximised on screen 2 are on screen 1?13:52
Gringoguys quick question whats the exact command to get winrar? i keep getting couldnt get package13:52
popeythere is no winrar for linux13:52
popeyits unrar13:52
popeysudo apt-get install unrar13:52
Gringooh its unrar? i was typing winrar13:53
popeywin <- windows13:53
Gringothanx guys13:55
jpdspopey: so: fail ← faildows ?13:55
popeydouble clicking titlebar maximises a window, but double clicking again doesn't unmaximise13:56
davmor2jpds: No that would be faild'ohs13:56
markjonesShwma' pawb (Hello All)14:00
jpdsmarkjones: Привет.14:02
MartijnVdSjpds: privet!14:02
JamesPage(oops wrong window!)14:07
jpdsJamesPage: It was a fitting smiley.14:07
danfishthat Sky must be stopped I tells ye - first they by the cloud, next it'll be the wind and rain and we'll all be doomed! Actually they can have the rain14:10
daubersI quite like the rain14:11
Myrttilatests news on the Deepwater Horizon accident is that apparently one of the causes for it was the Windows NT4 that had crashed to BSOD and couldn't do the alarms14:11
popeygord, 5 seconds to take a gnome terminal full screen :(14:13
czajkowskiMyrtti: how is your shoulder/neck this week ?14:14
Myrttiit's back to normal, so atleast life hasn't played me a total screwball14:15
PendulumMyrtti: glad it's feeling better14:16
czajkowskiMyrtti: glad to hear it14:16
* danfish throws a snowball at czajkowski :D14:17
* davmor2 awaits to hear the ambulance sirens as czajkowski beats danfish to within an inch of his life14:17
gordpopey, we fixed the unmaximise by double clicking, in todays release. maybe give these things a go again when the new packages are built?14:18
MartijnVdS /me wonders how those things break14:19
MartijnVdSthey're quite.. central..14:19
* MartijnVdS has "make test" to prevent breakage like that ;)14:19
danfishdavmor2: nah - she's too far away.....come again she's not14:19
* danfish calls own ambulance and waits patiently14:20
* davmor2 hears the distant siren and assumes czajkowski work is done :)14:20
* czajkowski peers at danfish whats with the boldness14:20
czajkowskidanfish: clearly davmor2 is rubbing off on you!14:20
MartijnVdS.. eww14:21
* AlanBell wonders if czajkowski is going to make it to the opensourceexpo?14:21
czajkowskiandylockran: I am14:21
czajkowskicoming up wed and thurs14:21
czajkowskiand going to font thingy on thursday14:21
czajkowskiand friday head to fosdem14:21
czajkowskinext week is a bit of a mad week14:21
davmor2czajkowski: Wash you keyboard out with soapy water this instant14:22
MonsterKillerhow does one see max disk space / used disk space on ubuntu server?14:23
BigRedSMonsterKiller: df14:23
BigRedSdf -h to have it in human-friendly units14:23
* danfish stops being ill at the thought rubbing again davmor2 (no offence davmor2) and looks forwards to opensourceexpo14:23
danfishczajkowski: my weekend starts today, hence the boldness:)14:27
popeygord cool14:27
czajkowskidanfish: jammy14:30
TheOpenSourcererThanks for the RT czajkowski. Seen this one too? http://www.osor.eu/news/ch-public-spending-cuts-for-cantons-using-or-migrating-to-free-software14:32
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer:  np14:32
danfishczajkowski: I'm being all romantic and taking my beloved away for a weekend :)14:33
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: did you tweet that recently ?14:33
czajkowskiwas gonna rt it14:33
czajkowskidanfish: awww no rugby on then I take it :p14:33
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: 45m ago https://twitter.com/opensourcerer/statuses/3062305538650931214:34
TheOpenSourcererI am *mightily* looking forward to our rugby geek-up :-D14:34
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: :D14:35
danfishI'm sure it will be a great event. I for one am still booked on a conference about STD's :<14:36
TheOpenSourcererZOMG! Bug 160311 is apparently *finally* fixed. (In Natty). A backport anyone?14:36
lubotu3Launchpad bug 160311 in metacity "Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult [please no more comments; patches welcome]" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16031114:36
czajkowskidanfish: surely you all there is to know14:37
czajkowskidanfish: and it was the pub you suggesed, make someone else go !14:37
gordTheOpenSourcerer, did you not read the bug? "working grip backported to gtk2 already avaiulable in ppa"14:39
danfishczajkowski: I'll tell you what, you tweet me the score, and I'll tweet pics of the slideshow I'll have to endure!14:40
gordi'v had that fix running on maverick/natty for a looong time14:40
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, which bug is that?14:42
TheOpenSourcerergord: No - I just read my email.14:42
gorddirecthex, the one he mentioned and the one that lubotu3 verbosed?14:42
gordwhat is it with people not reading today? :(14:43
directhexoh. i just started using alt-middleclick to resize windows...14:43
TheOpenSourcererIt's the one where you can't grab the edge of a window and resize because they are only 1px wide. Try that on a high res window.14:43
* Laney uses a tiling WM. no resizing here!14:48
* Laney neckbeards off into the sunset14:49
* Azelphur hugs compiz14:49
czajkowskidanfish: hardly seems very fair at all14:49
TheOpenSourcererHmmm - snowing in Farnham...15:02
TheOpenSourcererNot much mind...15:02
TheOpenSourcererGot to sow my seed this weekend too.15:02
dwatkinsI moved to Edinburgh expescint lots of snow and now it's all happening near where I used to live, TheOpenSourcerer ')15:03
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: chili's ?15:05
* TheOpenSourcerer installs http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/ubuntu-countdown-widget-for-android-released/ on his phone15:06
cpsback in a minute peeps15:09
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: I have: Bulgarian Carrot, Bangalore Torpedo, Naga Jolokia, Carribean Red Hot, Demon Red, Portugal, Cayenne, Thai Mound, Hot Jalapeno, Dorset Naga, Fatalii, Aji Crystal, Lemon Drop, Goat Horn & The Black Naga.15:11
* cps` returns15:12
=== cps` is now known as cps
LaneyOMG THE CPS15:12
* Laney RUNS15:12
cpsLaney: calm down! I ain't a monster!15:13
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: now I want something with hot chilis in it15:14
davmor2Pendulum: Chocolate?15:14
* cps laughs15:14
dwatkinshttp://uksnowmap.com/ shows more snow in the last few minutes15:15
dwatkinsit's coming towards me!15:15
Pendulumdavmor2: don't have any of that either :(15:15
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: have you a bumper load of medicated toilet roll arriving as well? :P15:17
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: that's one heck of a selection - looks great :)15:17
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: only got Jalapenos and Pinnochio's Nose this year15:18
TheOpenSourcererI am going to have to restrict my sowing somewhat. Not sure what to leave out yet.15:19
TheOpenSourcererWill probably only grow 6 varieties.15:19
bigcalmMix them up randomly15:19
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: alternatively grow them all to small size and flog the ones you don't want at a farmer's market or whatnot?15:21
TheOpenSourcererBy the time you've paid for the pots, compost etc. there really isn't enough to make it worthwhile.15:23
TheOpenSourcererI do give a few to mates etc.15:24
hamitronpopey: you alive?15:24
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: what did you use for the ftp mount problem in the end?15:26
andylockranlftp :)15:26
TheOpenSourcererblimey - thanks andylockran that was quick.15:26
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: yes lftp.15:26
andylockranno problemo.. just happened to be paying attention15:26
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: A snippet of the script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556533/15:27
popeyhamitron: ya15:30
hamitronI started a forest fire and was worried15:33
hamitronwas heading to someones house15:33
popeygood job we have a backup :)15:37
hamitronit is ok I think15:38
screen-xWhat's the current state of flash on 64bit?15:42
BigRedSworks for me15:42
screen-xgood :)15:43
davmor2screen-x: works here has done for a while, but then I install flashfox which seems to fix it :)15:43
screen-xdavmor2: ok, just got new workstation, and going to install 64bit on it :)15:44
=== denny is now known as D
KrisDouglasHello, I have a clonezilla dump of my ubuntu install, it is split into 9 parts16:00
=== D is now known as D-
KrisDouglas.gz.aa, .ab etc..16:01
KrisDouglasis there a way to merge them16:01
KrisDouglascat doesn't work16:01
bigcalmpopey and all minecraft geeks: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/2680-Minecraft :D16:02
Laneyall i have done so far is explore a huuuuuuuuge cave16:04
Laneyand make some water flow into some lava16:04
Laneymmm obsidian16:05
directhexi fear my wife getting minecraft16:05
directhexit would likely end a marriage already strained by farmville16:05
Laneyyou could craft your dream house together!16:07
DJonesdirecthex: Don't you have to "think" for minecraft? I'd have thought that Farmville users & Minecraft users were at opposite ends of the spectrum16:07
directhexDJones, not really. only the forced socialization differs.16:08
pr0ph3thi all16:10
pr0ph3tI have a problem with cairo dock, after about 15 minutes it sttarted, cairo dock starts using just over 70% of my RAM, how can I find out what the problem is? I wouldn't want to delete the configs as it took me a while to do it16:12
popey:) bigcalm16:12
popeybigcalm: i started a new bridge from the big house16:13
popeybigcalm: also implemented a daily backup :)16:13
bigcalmpopey: aha, so this map is a keeper?16:13
popeyi think so16:13
popeygot a nice backup script which does online backups of the map16:14
directhexpr0ph3t, back up your config, and bisect16:14
Laneypopey: how do you do the screenshots?16:14
Laneygot a link to script?16:14
=== D- is now known as denny
popeyiirc, maybe f216:15
Laneythat's how you automate it?16:16
pr0ph3tdirecthex thanks, bisect? Is that something like deleting configs until I find what is causing the problem?16:16
popeyLaney: automate what?16:17
Laneythe screenshots16:17
Laneydidn't you have a page with them?16:17
popeyLaney: i am not automating screenshots, I'm automating backups16:17
popeyand maps16:17
Laneyi swear i saw a huge image of a minecraft map the other day16:17
Laneywas that manual?16:17
popeyno, its automatic16:17
popeybut its not screenshots16:17
Laneyoh ok16:17
popeyhttp://popeydc.dyndns.org/maps/ and http://popeydc.dyndns.org/gmaps/16:18
directhexpr0ph3t, yes, basically. try halfway between "known good" and "buggered". if it's still buggered, try halfway from there to "known good" - otherwise if it's fixed halfway, go halfway from there back towards buggered. eventually you find the 1 breaking change16:18
Laneygot source?16:18
directhexgoogle mapscraft? cute16:19
directhexpopey, so if i understand correctly, you're expanding the borders of the known universe nightly on your server?16:19
popeyyeah, they're in git, one is called mcmap the other is called minecraft-overviewer16:19
popeydirecthex: not always,16:19
popeya lot of time is spent toiling underground or within the 'known world'16:20
AlanBello/ Daviey16:20
directhexpopey, i meant all the map generation you speak of16:20
popeythe map generation is just based on what has been explored in the game16:21
popeythe in game world generates on the fly as you reach the edge16:21
popeyfirst person to hit the edge, generates the next chunk16:21
LaneyI want images of my underground lair too :(16:22
popeyyeah, some have options for that too16:22
gordi have not physically seen another person on popey's minecraft server yet ;) i know they exist, they sometimes say "hi", but its like living in a world where ghosts just randomly talk to you16:26
popeywe're quite well spread out16:27
screen-xIf I kill and restart do-release-upgrade, will it resume the download, or restart it?16:28
davmor2gord: you mean like this life?16:28
popeyscreen-x: resume16:28
gordi'm not! i never stray from the spawn because you never see people if you do ;)16:28
gordcourse i did stray once to make an epic mountain house... http://gordallott.com/img/Screenshot-6.png16:30
popeyhow did you get that map in the top right?16:32
hamitronhow did you get the map? ;)16:32
gordit came with a mod that adds ambient occulsion16:32
popeyambient who?16:33
BigRedSI never quite got round to making houses: http://avi.co/stuff/lancasters.png http://avi.co/stuff/destroyer.png16:33
gordhttp://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=55700 - makes minecraft look way prettier16:33
popeyLaney: you're welcome to jump on the popey server :)16:42
popey(everyone is)16:42
dauberspopey: What're you using to make the maps?16:42
BigRedSwhere is the popey server? The work server appears to have died of neglect :(16:42
popeydaubers: mcmap and minecraft-overviewer16:43
directhexwake me when minecraft has bump mapping16:43
Laneycool, may well do16:43
popeyI dont know what bump mapping is so its clearly not required16:43
directhexpopey, an amazing new graphical effect used to make quake 3 ultra-realistic16:44
gorddirecthex, actually that's tangent space normal mapping ;)16:52
* directhex slaps gord with carmack's reverse16:53
gordyou can't, the creative labs guys own the patent on that!16:54
popeybigcalm: kids home16:56
bigcalmpopey: enjoy kid time :)16:57
=== MonsterKiller is now known as monsterkiller
Myrttiihihii, I've found two monster spawner caves and found sulfur and yarn there17:02
Myrttican't get them otherwise with peaceful17:02
* daubers waits for his server tests to finish so he can slap a second 5690 in it and start them again17:04
bigcalmYou should turn dungeons into mob grinders :D17:04
Myrttier, right.17:06
gordbefore monsters were in multiplayer, i had to do all kinds of crazy things to get what i needed. would have to look for hours and hours for a spider spawner. then fight all the spiders off, no small feet. light up the spawner so they wouldn't spawn then make a trap out of it to get string from them17:07
Myrttiis using Minutor cheating? or is it just intelligent planning?17:11
dutchiegord: what did you do with that much string?17:11
gordMyrtti, generally depends, if you use it to find things then yeah, your not exploring. using it to find materials doubly so, but to find your way home after getting lost or just to look at your world, thats fine17:12
Myrttioh well17:13
gordMyrtti, if you want to "cheat" go ahead, but it'll prolly make the game less fun in the long run17:16
MyrttiI just urgently needed iron to finish off a project :-/17:16
Myrttiafter finding the caves though minutor became a bit useless because I found all I needed17:17
gordyou could strip mine, thats what i do when i need minerals17:18
gordget yourself down underground, somewhere from level 12-16 or so. dig out a line, move two spaces across and dig another line so that basically you can see every block in the area, keep doing that17:19
gordyou'll find so much iron and diamond and everything else you won't know what to do with it17:19
* daubers decided to try and mine a long tunnel from one edge of the map to the other.... then realised the map is more or less infinite in that plane :(17:20
=== tubadaz_ is now known as tubadaz
Laneyhow long did you spend before realising?17:29
daubersLaney: It takes 2 game days to walk from one end to the other :()17:41
* daubers heads home17:42
popeyI have never heard of Minutor Myrtti17:50
lubotu3To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »18:00
X3Nah yes -a18:01
AlanBellevening all18:37
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
danfishgrrr - virgin cable down "You will currently be experiencing Loss of all services" <-- website but no 'why?'19:33
MartijnVdSdanfish: lots of companies don't explain "why", while "why" would be the most useful thing :)19:33
BigRedSIs 'why' ueful that often? I don't think I've ever minded particularly what it is that whoever has broken19:34
BigRedSI mean, it's interesting, sure, but that can wait until they've finished unbreaking it19:35
danfishooh - they've update the status to 'will be fixed by 22:23'. That's incredibly precise!19:40
AlanBellthey are educating their customers on the difference between "precise" and "accurate"19:44
danfishAlanBell: very true. Ho hum. The android-usb tether option at least is a backup and works with ubuntu seemlessly :)19:48
moreatievening danfish19:49
danfishlo moreati19:51
danfishI'm on a technically 'no tethering allowed' mobile phone contract - my question is "how can they tell if you are tethering?"19:51
moreatidanfish: in theory deep packet inspeciton, plus analysis of headers like user-agent or simply port matching (e.g. he has traffic on port X the only software that uses that port is for PC)19:53
danfishwotcha czajkowski19:53
moreatiI highly doubt any networks actually do it - more likely just he's used 25 GB this month, that's probably tethering19:54
danfishmoreati: so in theory, if I tunnel everything over ssh etc they can't tell?19:54
czajkowskidanfish: still enjoying the weekend so far19:54
moreatidanfish: they couldn't prove anything, but it would make it likely - possibly evedence enough in a civil court case19:55
danfishczajkowski: yup :) wine opened, kids in bed, and leaving in the morning :)19:56
czajkowskidanfish: it's only 819:56
czajkowskigood going19:56
moreatidanfish: Didn't know you had kids (assuming I haven't confused with someone else)19:57
danfishczajkowski: bribery did enter into bedtime discussions tonight I'm afraid19:58
danfishmoreati: yup - 2 boys under 419:58
moreatidanfish: In that my apologies, I've confused you for someone else19:59
danfishmoreati: np19:59
czajkowskidanfish: we used to always be in bed by 7:20  we would hear corrie start19:59
czajkowskiwas like that till we were 11 maybe 1220:00
danfishczajkowski: tbh, the Corrie music still drives me out of the room ;)20:02
Azelphurhttp://threestore.three.co.uk/DealSummary.aspx?tariffid=2507&offerCode=24TXT5D057&id=1183 thinking of getting my mum on this, any comments?20:02
Azelphurshe currently pays £10/mo contract anyway, this is £15 (£3 monthly discount so £12?) and has a nice free android phone and more minutes/texts and internet :o20:03
popeydont be cheap, get her an iphone :)20:03
Azelphurexcept, I actually like my mum :D20:04
danfishAzelphur: hah - but will she actually use mobile internet?20:04
nucc1erm, does anybody know this website? www.legalsounds.com ?20:05
Azelphurdanfish: probably not, the main things I can see her using are the GPS, MP3 playback, she hates phone keyboards (so much so she refuses to text message) so the on screen keyboard will be good, free skype is something she'd also use20:05
Azelphuralso the ability to read her email on the move, as she gets her work schedule via email20:05
Azelphurand she always grumbles that she needs more minutes20:06
Azelphurso for £2 extra a month, not bad I figure20:06
AlanBellmeeting in an hourish20:06
HazRPGMan, I'm really stumped... I can't seem to find a way to get RSS feeds in chrome to pass it over to Juice20:06
Oli``Anybody know how to get get_iplayer to play live BBC2?20:06
AlanBellpopey hates . . oh I can't be bothered, just get the iPhone20:06
HazRPGjuice can recognise "podcast://", etc... and will open up Juice... but is there no real extension that'll send the URL properly for Juice to pick it up?20:07
HazRPGThe google RSS extension seems to send the URL using %20, etc... and just causes more work - anyone have any ideas?20:08
AzelphurHazRPG: could do what I do with steam:// urls, I just have the browser launch a bash script and handle it how I want it.20:08
HazRPGthanks Azelphur :)20:10
Azelphurdanfish: hehe, it's cheap because samsung don't bother to update it20:11
Azelphurbut I don't care, I root and flash all my phones on day one anyway :D20:11
Azelphurandroid 1.5, samsung herd u lieked it.20:12
HazRPGAzelphur: heh, did a better way... I just changed an existing extension that handled "feed://" requests and changed it to "podcast://" instead... bout to test it... obviously I had to do a bit of other changes otherwise the code wouldn't run properly too but that was the main gist of it20:39
HazRPGholy crap, that actually worked xD20:41
HazRPGI have the urge to post this up onto the google extension site... but I'm not sure if they'll accept this or not :/20:43
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* AlanBell tickles popey 21:01
AlanBellmeeting starting now in #ubuntu-uk-meeting21:11
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
* DJones points TheOpenSourcerer at uk-meeting21:15
* TheOpenSourcerer has already joined21:15
DJonesjacobw: Multitask, eating & meeting21:19
jacobwi'm watching the programme that was on the iplayer last night about public schools and politics in this country21:22
MartijnVdShmm politics21:22
MartijnVdSgood idea.. time for sleep21:22
jacobwi hate the way people think that priviledge makes them superior21:23
MartijnVdSjacobw: from my "outside" viewpoint, the British "class" system is weird as well :)21:26
MartijnVdSjacobw: it's not there officially, but it's there.21:26
jacobwi must admit, i've not experienced a great deal of it in my life, but to see the effect it still has on our government is fustrating21:31
jacobweven more fustrating is how no one believed me when i said that nick clegg was so similar to david cameron before the election21:42
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday February 10th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | \o/ Chickens (and minecraft)
ubuntuuk-planet[Ralph Janke] February 2011 Ubuntu Hour in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada - http://drupal.txwikinger.me.uk/content/february-2011-ubuntu-hour-waterloo-region-ontario-canada22:16
AlanBellwho is Ralph Janke?22:24
devushhi zleap22:25
DJonesAlanBell: Is it txwikinger?22:26
brobostigonevening all.22:27
zleaphow do i get control back from virtual box22:27
AlanBellright control zleap22:27
zleapi copied a windows xp cd to a flash drive can i install it from a flash drive22:28
devushhow you transfered the disk.22:28
devushjust copied? zleap22:28
devushwell. not really22:28
devushyou need to make the iso image.22:29
devushyou are on which system.22:29
zleaphow do i do that22:29
* AlanBell hopes this isn't going in a dubious direction22:29
devushas your host22:29
zleapyeah running linux on a netbook and want to install xp onto virtual box22:29
devushi think brasero disk burner can make the iso from the disk. you can try zleap. let me check on my syste22:30
devushyou do not have the CD/DVD on the system where you are installing. i assume on netbook you do not have CD etc. correct22:30
zleapdevush, yeah22:31
zleapi have a desktip with a cd drive in22:31
devushif you start the brasero. then at the bottom there is an option to burn the image from teh cd/dvd.22:31
devushzleap. you should try to burn the image. once you have the iso image. you can put it in the flash drive etc.22:32
devushand in the virtual box give the iso file.22:32
devushi never tried virtual box. but did this in vmware hundreds of times. it should work. unless some body corrects me22:33
devushso what you on netbook currently?22:33
zleapubuntu on both computers22:33
devushok. i see you have linux and want xp on the top.22:34
devushfine. it should work. try it.22:34
zleapas virtual box ose does not support usbm,  but on netbook it should support the netbook webcam22:34
devushif it is xp CD, it should make a image iso of around 600 MB.22:34
devushzleap. not idea on that size.22:35
zleapwell not sure how else to do it22:35
devushi am also currently running ubuntu in vmware player on the top of XP>22:35
zleapunless i buy virtual box22:35
devushbut soon i will transfer the ubuntu VM to the MAC.22:36
devushwell you can run the vmware player. which is also free.22:36
devushit works fine.22:36
devushbut if you can bring the virtual box to work, then you have probably better system. i have never used the virtualbox. have used Vmware over 10 years now!.22:37
zleapcan't find that option in brassero but here is how to do that on a command line http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-creating-cd-rom-iso-image.html22:37
devushwell yes. you should be able to do it.22:37
devushzleap. you can see the option here on this link22:39
devushyou just point your iso file on your flash. or better copy it to the linux first for the speed. good luck22:39
zleapwell it's doing something22:41
kiekohi, dvd is not playing on laptop, help? I using sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh22:42
devushfor the test purposes. you can always download the iso file of some small OS, like puppy-linux or anything and try it with virtualbox.22:42
zleapi have installed xp before so i know it works22:44
zleapjust before i had a cdrom drive to point to22:44
zleapok copying now22:45
devushok. fine. i mean time iso file is corrupted. in that sense. !22:45
zleapok if there is a problem will try with a different iso22:45
zleapi have 10.10 somewhere22:45
devushya. that is a good way. with ubuntu.22:46
zleapi need a bigger flash drive22:46
zleap2gb is ok but it runs out of space to quickly22:46
TheOpenSourcererAnyone use a USB Turntable to rip vinyl on Ubuntu recently?22:46
dutchieTheOpenSourcerer: that sounds like the sort of thing MartijnVdS might do22:48
HazRPGstupid thing :/ won't let me upload my extension to the google chrome site :/22:48
zleapyay xp boot / set up screen thingy22:48
HazRPGthe one time I decide that something I've made might be useful to others, and it won't even let me upload it :/22:49
dutchieHazRPG: what does it do?22:50
HazRPGits a podcast extension (or RSS feed extension)22:50
TheOpenSourcererlsusb sees the turntable but I can't hear any music when I play a record. Audacity remains silent.22:51
dutchiedoes it show up in sound inputs?22:52
HazRPGdutchie: basically adds features to the existing RSS extension that google have pumped out, but with a some tweaks to allow it to parse the URL to add things like "podcast://", "feed://", "pcast://" and a few other common URL types that applications usually register22:52
devushzleap. it looks like it is working.22:52
TheOpenSourcererI see a PCM2900 Audio Codec which I think is it.22:53
zleapi am an idiot though rebooted and told it to boot from cd again22:53
devushnever mind22:53
zleapok its installing properly now22:53
zleapthis was xp rebooting as part of install22:53
HazRPGso that when your on a webpage with some RSS on it, you can view the contents in a webpage, and then at the top pick if you want to open it up in an application, etc22:54
zleapman i am not used to things doing that22:54
HazRPGworks pretty well I'd say22:54
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: you want to see it as a device rather than a codec22:54
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: what is the line in lsusb?22:54
zleaphmm this could be the quickes xp install on record22:54
TheOpenSourcererBus 004 Device 002: ID 08bb:2900 Texas Instruments Japan PCM2900 Audio Codec22:54
TheOpenSourcererI think.22:54
devushzleap: sure. as CD is generally very slow.22:54
TheOpenSourcererMaybe I need to check my cabling in the daylight... ;-)22:55
zleapand this is going from iso,  which i guess is from hard disk22:55
devushzleap: you should probably got faster netbook also.22:55
AlanBellthat is probably it22:55
zleapwell duron 1600 vs atom at same speed22:55
HazRPGeven modified the usual RSS icon that we all know, to have a lemon in the bottom corner for the Open Source podcast receiver Juice.22:55
zleapor similar speed but as atoms are er faster anyway as they are newer22:55
devushzleap: yes iso from HDD is fater. i think around 70 MB/s or so. not sure.22:56
HazRPGoh well, just an extension that shall never see the light of day I guess lol22:56
TheOpenSourcererThe Sound Prefs refer to it as PCM2900 Audio Codec Analog stereo. There's a translation bug there... Should say Analogue.22:56
zleapwell i can run a few xp programs hopefully which will be a good thing22:56
TheOpenSourcererAnyway - am bored now. Going to bed,22:57
TheOpenSourcerernn all.22:57
devushi need the XP for the DVDFlick or something like that. which basically allows you to create DVD from any random media files. even to menu etc.22:57
TheOpenSourcererOooh - lots of errors in syslog:22:58
TheOpenSourcererJan 27 22:36:00 lobsang pulseaudio[1895]: alsa-source.c: Error opening PCM device hw:1: Device or resource busy22:58
TheOpenSourcererJan 27 22:35:31 lobsang kernel: [ 4936.388992] 2:2:3: endpoint lacks sample rate attribute bit, cannot set.22:59
kiekoI installed mplayer and some mplayer skins but the player is not there ?23:01
TheOpenSourcererBug 644708 :-(23:02
lubotu3Launchpad bug 644708 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "usb audio partially broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64470823:02
zleapdevush, sounds good23:02
devushzleap: nice to hear that!23:03
zleapsomeone at the rugby club wanted a way to make a dvd from the files off a video camera23:03
devushzleap: last time when i tried to make the iso image of my XP CD. i had problem, but never tried it on ubuntu. i know all these dd=if etc. commands23:04
zleapthe one i posted worked fine23:04
zleapjust had tro use mtab to figure out where the cdrom disk was23:04
zleap/dev/sr0 here23:04
devushgo to the XP optimize site. they have link to the DVD program. search it on google - XP Optimize23:04
zleapthen tell it to creatre it in a more useful place23:04
zleapyeah may do that, as i don't really need a lot of the stuff that comes with xp23:05
zleapon a more on topic note what do you think of unity23:05
devushmay be we should try to runs the XP software on the wine directly on ubuntu.23:05
zleapsome of it works on wine23:05
devushok. my last try of wine was at least 7-8 years ago.23:06
zleapi have got the crossover package from when it was free download for a while,   that worked nicely23:06
devushthings are changed now.23:06
zleapwell i think i got star wars working with it23:06
zleapsometimes its probably easier to simply use a virtual machine it depends what you want to do i guess23:06
devushis anybody using the tmux?23:07
zleap9 mins to go23:09
zleaplol windows xp includes the most secure version of internet explorer to date,  note to self install firefox23:12
devushstats could be different from the reality.23:13
zleapwell this was ie 6 iirc23:13
devushcould be true given the criteria of testing it.23:14
devushyou should ask basically under which condition etc.23:14
zleapdidn't they do a securirty test between apple, linux and windows 7 and linux won23:14
macozleap: you're thinking of teh Pwn2Own competition23:15
macoapple loses every time23:15
devushwell all these things are manipulated.23:15
devushzleap.do you have programming background23:15
zleapnot much23:15
zleapdone stuff in basic23:15
macobut the stuff that takes them down tends to be like... Flash23:15
zleapwell flash does tend to be rather insecure23:15
* zleap cranks handle while xp loads23:16
* brobostigon gets zleap some wd4523:16
devushzleap: tiobe provides the top language index. i read lots of stories how they manipulate to put one or the other languages top in the list.23:17
zleapwd45 or wd4023:17
brobostigonzleap: wd40, :p23:17
brobostigondamn, joke failiure, :(23:18
zleapnaa its windows taking ages to log in23:18
* zleap is used to linux type password, hit enter and go23:18
zleaphmm so far so good i am in23:20
zleaphmm pressed wrong button and shut it down was meant to switch from full screen mode23:22
zleaphi kristjan23:23
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