kdubi'd guess it means day 15000 since jan 1, 197002:27
kdubi've heard worse excuses to drink O:)02:28
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nhainesjamie_: good morning.16:20
jamie_morning nhaines16:24
MarkDudeDarkwingDuck, you have any ideas on planning a SoCal geeknic yet? Can we get nhaines involved- that would be cool. Anyone else down south interested?19:11
* MarkDude says lets get some ideas- then take it to the ML19:12
MarkDudeAnd have a plan for Scale19:12
MarkDudejedahan, I forgot about his calendar- it has all sorts of events that might be good20:14
MarkDudejedahan, Feb 19th- good event - http://superhappydevhouse.org/w/page/16345504/FrontPage20:22
seidoshey MarkDude, what would it take to turn a mediabox into a kind of console system?20:37
jledbetterMarkDude, That looks awesome. Have you been?21:36
MarkDudeNot to devhouse yet21:38
MarkDudelots of cool people I know there tho21:38
jledbetterNice. :)21:38
MarkDudethat tech venue calendar has all sorts of cool stuff on it21:38
MarkDudeUbuntu Hours should be there as well21:38
MarkDudeThere is a cool social media thing in SJ tonight21:39
MarkDudeSM for change or sumthin21:39
pleia2I always forget to add them to the bay area linux events calendar21:39
jledbetterTechVenue - Embody your healing? What in the world.21:40
MarkDudepleia2, there is no one to yell at folks with the TV calnedar ;)21:40
MarkDude10% of stuff there is crap - at least21:40
jledbetterThis is so hard to read.21:41
MarkDuderight click- open in new window- the way it is laid out - is funky21:41
seidosmultiplayer cake mania ^_^21:42
MarkDudeseidos, what sort of console were you thinkin' of doin'?21:42
seidosMarkDude, none.  no $ for the hardware.21:43
seidoswell, i suppose i could buy one...hmmmm21:43
seidosi would need to get the console and then at least 2 controllers.21:43
* MarkDude did not know if you meant console gaing21:43
seidosi wonder if xbox controllers could be used to work.21:43
seidosMarkDude, yeah, console gaming.  sorry.  what other kinds of consoles are there?21:44
MarkDudeyes- I think they can be modded21:44
* MarkDude has also heard folks say console in relation to TV also21:44
seidosso, can i set up a mediabox as a nintendo gaming console?21:44
seidosi've never heard that one21:44
MarkDudeDude, you  can set up a P2 for doing that21:45
MarkDudein the repos21:45
MarkDudeif it is very old hardware- use puppy linux21:45
seidosyeah, i have an old dell system21:45
seidosit only has 130mb of ram21:45
MarkDudespend your $ on a contraoller or 221:46
seidosi should play with it when i get back home21:46
seidoswell, i was thinking more in terms of marketing21:46
MarkDudePuppy- try the Arcade version21:46
MarkDudelegalities with that area tho21:46
seidosthere isn't a killer app though21:46
seidosbut i was thinking if there was a killer app, like multiplayer cake mania or something21:46
MarkDudeowning roms requires the cartridge21:46
seidosa foss version that is, then the mediabox would sell more21:47
MarkDudetechnically that is ;)21:47
seidosi'll see what i can do on my own21:47
* MarkDude wanted to do that a while ago- could not - so I need folks to donate old games21:47
seidosit sounds like a software problem, and price point problem21:47
seidosMarkDude, it depends what you mean by "owning"21:48
* MarkDude puts hands in pockets, looks up 21:48
MarkDudeand starts whistling21:49
seidosi think you just "owned" me21:51
* MarkDude is the PR person for non-profits21:56
MarkDudeplausible deniability is very important21:56

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