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catsceoanyone know how to copy a folder from the commandline to a webdav folder?00:21
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amougehey guys, anyone looking for a php position in the tampa area?04:21
nightfrogNot I04:44
reya276Morning Everyone14:21
dantalizingi need a new screen theme14:42
dantalizingwhat are you guys using?14:42
reya276hey does anyone know how to configure your own fonts for a web app?15:29
reya276I know you can use the google font directory for it but I want to be able to do it from within my server15:30
mhall119dantalizing: you mean for byobu?15:34
dantalizingreya276: css?15:34
dantalizingmhall119: yes, sry meant byobu15:34
mhall119I just use the default15:35
mhall119or one of the provided themes15:35
reya276CSS, what is it you need?15:35
dantalizingreya276: i'm saying you should specify your fonts in your css15:35
dantalizingreya276: maybe i'm misunderstanding yoru question15:36
reya276yes I know, but how do I point them to my fonts on my server instead of google15:36
reya276you need some kind of API which points to your server, at least that is what google does15:37
dantalizingyeah i'm lost15:37
dantalizingi  thought h2: {font: Ubuntu,Arial,whatever} was good enough15:37
dantalizingworks for me15:38
dantalizingreya276: i see what you're saying now ... you want to force users to download the font if they dont already have it ... i think15:49
dantalizingi think @font-face: {url:foo} works for modern browses15:50
dantalizingso probably not ie15:50
dantalizingor maybe thats a webkit thing15:50
reya276so google has this font directory which does that but they have some kind of API which you have to add to your pages/CSS15:50
reya276oh I don't care about IE as this will be an internal tool15:51
reya276Chrome/FF only15:51
dantalizingyeah google just added all the fancy schmancy so that you get the right code in different browsers15:51
dantalizingif you control the browsers being used, you should be able to gen the correct @font-face yourself15:52
dantalizinggoogle's first search result for "@font-face" is good enough to show you what you need15:53
tiemonstermhall119: are you around?20:04
mhall119tiemonster: 20:26
tiemonstermhall119: do you guys do SCRUM at work?20:29
mhall119not my group anyway20:29
tiemonsterDo you use any kind of project management software?20:29
mhall119well, we have enterprise project management20:29
mhall119but it just tracks our time against a project20:29
mhall119you guys looking to implement something like that?20:30
tiemonsterwe have some really basic project mangement software that I wrote20:30
tiemonsterI was looking to either expand or replace it20:32
tiemonsteroh well. back to your regularly scheduled programming.20:33
tiemonsteroh, and thank you for your time :-)20:41
govatenti was just reading that skype has released a version of its client for mac that is currently on par with all the features found in the windows version. (Version release number wise are both labeled 5.x) Where is the linux love. We have basic and bad skype quality with a super outdated client. 21:38
mhall119skype has no linux love22:01
maxolasersquadmhall119: ??22:01
maxolasersquadmhall119: nm22:01
mhall119there's like a 3 year old version22:01
maxolasersquadI wonder what Skype's market share on Linux looks like.22:02
mhall119and I haven't heard of them having any plans to update it22:02
maxolasersquadI wonder how much Skype on Android relies on the Skype on Linux code.22:02
maxolasersquadIs there a way, from the CLI, to have a file opened with its default program.22:12
maxolasersquadLike ./file.doc22:12
maxolasersquadAnd that open in LibreOffice22:12
maxolasersquadnm, I found a better solution.22:36
reya276Hey guys how can you output PHP content that is in a DB column such as "Today is $foo, Day!"23:18
reya276I tried doing a Replace function on like doing  "Today is #foo, Day!" then replacing the # for $ so that I can out put it but does not work23:19

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