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TakyojiSo; DD-WRT or OpenWRT?23:20
TakyojiIt apparently looks like the x86 version of DD-WRT is implicitly crippled in favor of their proprietary commercial version of it.23:21
Obsidian1723I chose neither, and to not use wireless. to easily hacked23:21
TakyojiIf only my damn smartphone had a way to be connected via Ethernet; then I wouldn't have any reason to use wireless whatsoever23:22
TakyojiEverything else is strictly Ethernet23:22
Obsidian1723I hear that.23:22
Obsidian1723I guess one reason I dont use a smart phone.23:22
TakyojiMy whole point of setting up this old desktop as a router/switch is to have proto-41 packets routed properly23:25
TakyojiWhereas my other two consumer-level routers completely drop proto41 (or 6in4) packets, even when you set a system on the LAN as the DMZ23:26
Obsidian1723You using SOHO stuff or business class?23:33
TakyojiJust your typical off-the-shelf crap from Walmart/Radioshack/etc23:45
TakyojiBut am intending on using an old desktop to do the IPv4 NAT work, and also work as a IPv6 switch.23:46
Takyojiotherwise I'll just look for a different router entirely, and find something capable of DD-WRT, OpenWRT, pfSense, etc23:46
TakyojiBecause both routers have insufficient flash memory for those firmware23:47
Takyojiand this is only just for home use23:47
Takyojiand for my own hands-on educational use23:47
Takyojiand for the sake of just doing it, and becoming more familiar with things like iptables and so on23:47

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