dmcgloneHi all00:38
dmcgloneHow is everyone doing?00:40
* canthus13 yawns.00:41
dmcgloneyou must be tired00:42
canthus13Nah. slept all day, actually.00:42
meinwaldoversleeping seems to make one tired, oddly enough00:42
* canthus13 was making up for lost sleep from the rest of the week.00:43
meinwaldalso lack of sleep often tends to "kick in" a couple days later00:43
Cheri703I've been on a really bad sleep schedule. I am going to attempt sleep at a reasonable time so I can run some errands tomorrow00:44
meinwaldgood luck00:46
canthus13Cheri703: Any job prospects yet?00:46
dmcgloneI can't go to bed earlier than like 12 or 100:46
canthus13dmcglone: Eh? You're always off of here for bed at like 11pm on the dot.00:47
dmcgloneI lay and watch tv canthus13 :-)00:47
Cheri703:/ I've been collecting application options, trying to convince myself to apply for meh jobs instead of trying to get my own business off the ground, but very tempted to see if I can make a go of it...00:47
Cheri703regular income would be good though...00:47
dmcglonecanthus13: I've also been feeling sick lately :-/00:49
dmcgloneI got a doctors appt on the 31st00:50
dmcglonegoing to the doctor scares the crap out of me00:51
dmcgloneespecially when I haven't felt too good in a couple months00:51
dmcglonemy wife is watching ultimate fighting blah.01:06
Unit193Is that what you watch before bed?01:07
dmcgloneHeck no01:07
dmcgloneI usually watch the first 48 or I watch George lopez or everybody loves raymond01:08
charliewayhwhats going on guys?01:33
Cheri703not too much over here01:34
Unit193Cheri703: Friend is sick so he can't go and I now don't have a ride...03:26
Cheri703ok, np. we can just skip this one03:26
Unit193Does this day work best for you?03:27
Unit193You're the boss person so I'm guessing it does....03:28
Cheri703at this point I'm pretty flexible03:28
Cheri703Previously I had commitments on certain nights, but now I'm free most nights03:28
Unit193I don't think we really need to change it (just asking to see if it works best for you)03:29
BiosElementAnyone have any suggestions for team task tracking tools/workflows?04:54
thafreakBiosElement: what exactly are you looking for with team task tracking?15:53

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