ChinnoDogandrew: I have never been witness to thundersnow before. What is going on out there?00:03
ChinnoDogThat sounded like I had it happening here. No thundersnow in Denver, PA.00:04
ChinnoDogAnd, if pure water is an insulator and the ground is covered in snow but you are mostly snowless, does that turn you into a lightning rod?00:05
mikedep333alright, I heard the ad again. It is noon to 9 on friday, like the website says00:20
waltmanChinnoDog: I haven't heard any thundersnow yet.01:57
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InHisNameGreat thundering action back at 7ish near Doylestown03:34
InHisNameEven had some flashing light thru the clouds.03:34
InHisNameBest I could do is a pencil drawing of me in living room and noticing the window light up 3 x and then ba ba boom a few seconds later.   All while snowing.   Unfortunately I am a lousy artist.03:44
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!12:17
JonathanDsnow covered bacon?12:22
SamuraiAlba9 inches12:24
SamuraiAlbaI checked ;)12:24
SamuraiAlbaWhy are you up, this early?12:31
JonathanDNo ones called off work yet12:31
JonathanDand I'm always up this early.12:32
JonathanDI've been up 2 hours already :P12:32
JonathanDdarn schools think it's fun to call at 5am to tell me they are closed12:32
JonathanD13.5 here.12:32
SamuraiAlbawhere u work?12:33
JonathanDit's 4 miles of level driving, I can make it :P12:39
JonathanDI just figured they would call12:39
SamuraiAlbaThey should call.12:40
SamuraiAlbaCall out "not giving enough of a damn to drive in this white crap"12:40
* ChinnoDog yawns13:56
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SamuraiAlbaMutu, care to log in?23:48

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