chibihogoshinoits 7 pm on wednesday wtf is everyone doing ?00:11
chris4585I just had a bowl of cereal00:31
chibihogoshinoanything good ?00:33
chris4585honey nut cheerios :D00:47
chibihogoshinosounds good01:03
linuxman410anyone here04:36
cyberangerI applaud linuxman410 for waiting more than sometimes, if only I didn't have a phone call04:55
cyberangerwrst: ^^04:55
chris4585sup cyberanger04:58
cyberangerchris4585: not too much05:05
cyberanger(honesty can be so harsh)05:06
cyberangerluckily nothing too important05:06
cyberangerbut I do need to blog another post or two, or shoot a dying dog, put it out of it's misery05:07
cyberanger(the dying dog being my dead blog)05:07
cyberangerchris4585: how about you05:07
chris4585eh, not the best.. but nothing wrong05:09
cyberangerthat sounds like the common cold "I feel like $H17, but I'm not gonna die"05:10
cyberangerso hope things improve05:10
chris4585you could say that, just wish life was a continuous dream, you know?05:12
cyberangerwell, I'm glad I can say that (cause I think I just did, opps)05:13
cyberangeryeah, I do know and understand that05:13
cyberangerthing is, some of the things I wish I could take it back to, were lousy times05:14
cyberangerthe best of times, the worst of times, what a curse05:14
cyberangernowadays, the dreams are easier, but the nightmares still hurt05:18
cyberangerxpra is intresting05:36
cyberangerI'd prefer a cli pandora app, to use with ssh and gnu screen, but this works05:38
wrstagree cyberanger, I do however wonder about his praise of blackberry phones when there are lots of linux based phones out there11:35
cyberangerI don't12:58
cyberangerthe phone market has different rules12:58
cyberangerand for a long time, windows mobile and blackberry was it12:59
cyberangerwith palm being in and out12:59
cyberangernot to metion their entrprise servers encrypt all traffic, to canidan servers, real nice for a traveller13:01
cyberangerwrst: that's not to say that a linux based phone isn't great, just give it time for proven stability in critical markets13:12
cyberangermarkets blackberry has proven13:12
wrsti have used a blackberry some and my android atleast IMHO blows it away and my android is not a top of the line one by a long stretch13:13
cyberangerwell, your necessarlly the critical markets I'd cite, markets that use BES13:14
cyberangerwhich android has no clear rival yet13:14
cyberangerthey have 3rd party options to build your own comparable setup13:15
linuxman410cyberanger have u ever tried jolicloud os13:15
cyberangerI'd prefer Maemo myself, followed by android, but I must admit there is a reason for Blackberry's sucess, mainly from their BES line13:16
cyberangerlinuxman410: not in awhile13:16
linuxman410cyberanger did u read their eula13:17
cyberangerhard to say, it's been awhile13:17
cyberangermaybe over a year by now13:17
linuxman410cyberanger the part i did not like was they say they have the right to share any of your info they want to13:19
cyberangeridk if that was in place back then, and besides, they had no info to share in my case13:19
cyberanger(you'd be suprised what dummy accounts and virtualbox can be good for ;-))13:20
linuxman410cyberanger i use it on my ek wi a fake name13:20
linuxman410cyberanger i have a blackberry again a 930013:23
cyberangerwhy not an android phone13:23
linuxman410my friends have black berries and we use blackberry messsenger13:24
linuxman410cyberanger my daughter has a android it is a piece of crap13:25
cyberangerwhat's the phone13:25
linuxman410motorola backflip13:26
cyberangerwell, substandard model13:30
cyberangerpoor example13:31
wrsthey linuxman410, chibihogoshino, orangeninja!! woot13:36
linuxman410wrst how are ya13:36
orangeninjaHey, what's going on13:36
wrstgood linuxman410 how are you doing?13:37
chibihogoshinowoot ?13:37
linuxman410ok have u ever used jolicloud13:37
wrstchibihogoshino: i don't know, a term of excitement :)13:37
wrstlinuxman410: never tried it13:37
linuxman410wrst have u ever read their eula13:38
wrstsure haven't done that one linuxman410 :)13:38
linuxman410You hereby grant to Jolicloud a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to: (i) reproduce, modify and publish any Content that you use; and (ii) distribute and/or display through the Jolicloud Software any Content that You provide or make available using the Jolicloud Software for the sole purposes of making the Jolicloud Software available to You.13:38
linuxman410Jolicloud reserves the right (but shall have no obligation) to decide whether any Content that You use complies with these ToS and any additional terms. Jolicloud may in its sole discretion remove such Content and/or terminate these ToS and Your account if You use any Content that is in breach of these ToS and/or any additional terms at any time and without prior notice to You.13:38
linuxman410sorry about the flood13:39
wrstnice linuxman410 :)13:40
linuxman410wrst me and the guy on facebook who created it have been going back and forth about this part13:40
wrsthow's that working out ? :)13:40
linuxman410wrst i do not think they should share data13:40
wrstno me either i'm not a fan of my data being shared at all13:41
linuxman410wrst that is why i use it but under a fake name13:41
linuxman410it is only os i can get to run on my old netbook13:42
orangeninjawhat netbook is it linuxman410? I want a netbook but I would like to put someform of linux on it if I got one.13:43
linuxman410it is a old asus eeepc 70113:44
orangeninjais that one of the old ones that came with linux or windows xp?13:44
cyberangerlinuxman410: I've got some stuff running on the smaller 2g version13:46
cyberangerit's possible for other options13:46
linuxman410cyberanger what was that13:46
orangeninjaYou know now that you brought it up, I wonder what google's eula looks like with their cloud OS13:46
cyberangerwell, currently my openbox setup, installed on top of ubuntu cli install13:47
linuxman410cyberanger is it updated13:47
cyberangeranother option is crunchbang13:47
linuxman410cyberanger will crunchbang work and update and still have room it only has a 4gig ssd13:48
cyberangerI installed to a 4g sd card, still up to date13:49
linuxman410on a 2g13:49
cyberangernow using a 8g sd card, but same sizes13:49
cyberanger2g surf13:49
cyberangerbut leaving the ssd intact13:50
cyberangerusing the sd card slot instead13:50
linuxman410what version version 1013:50
linuxman410cyberanger u using statler13:51
cyberangerubuntu 10.04, and crunchband starlter13:51
linuxman410cyberanger did u use unetbootin or startup disk creator in ubuntu to make the flash drive to install with13:52
cyberangerall three13:53
cyberangerthe 3rd being, a cd drive13:53
linuxman410unetbootin work fine on the install though13:53
linuxman410cyberanger so they all 3 worked when u installed on a eepc13:55
cyberangeras long as your careful of messing with the filesystems13:56
linuxman410thank you guess i going to install crunchbang then13:56
cyberangerit's a bit unique in that13:56
cyberangerthe bios is on the sdd13:56
linuxman410i have installed on them before so if 4 gigs ssd is enough then it gets crunchbang13:57
cyberangerI'd double check in virtualbox13:58
linuxman410cyberanger thanks for the help thought i was stuck with jolicloud13:58
cyberangerin case they adjusted something in updates, making the filesize larger13:58
cyberangerbut your still not stuck13:58
linuxman410what else beside crunchbang will work13:59
cyberangerwell, how custom are you willing to go13:59
linuxman410all the way14:00
linuxman410cyberanger as custom as it takes14:01
cyberangerthen you can do a cli install of ubuntu14:01
cyberangersimilar to the server install method14:01
linuxman41010.10 or 10.0414:02
cyberangerand just grab as little as you want14:02
cyberangersudo apt-get install openbox xorg14:02
cyberangerand go from there14:02
cyberangerlemme fetch you a list of what I've got14:02
linuxman410will it fit on the 4 gigs with open =box and xhat and a browser and still have room to update14:03
linuxman410cyberanger that is cool14:03
cyberangerthe updates purge what they replace14:03
cyberangerso idk how long it'll stay that way, but it's not an uphill battle14:04
cyberangerbut over time, it will be a headache14:04
cyberangerbut you can tie up the sd card too14:04
cyberangerso grab an 8 GB and you've really got room to burn14:05
linuxman410cyberanger so does your 2g run pretty good14:06
cyberangeradmiting it has limits, and areas nothing else touches it14:08
cyberangerit does14:08
linuxman410ok thanks cyberanger14:10
ZenAdm1ngood morning. Who's ready for 6 digit ip addresses? http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/01/26/internet-run-ip-addresses-happens-anyones-guess/?test=latestnews15:14
vychuneand mornin15:18
cyberangerZenAdm1n: they really borked that article15:22
vychunethey did15:22
vychune they wanna say it so people not computer literate can understand15:22
cyberangerwell, there's dumbing down, and getting it wrong15:23
vychunei didnt say they did it well lol15:23
* cyberanger has been running dual stack here for 6+ months15:24
* cyberanger has been running a dns server with ipv6 records (but that server has no ipv6 address itself yet)15:24
vychunereally? wow15:25
cyberangerthus my issue with these articles15:26
vychunei see15:26
cyberangerwhat needs to happen is the DoD needs to give up some of it's legacy IP addresses15:26
vychunewhy cant isp just issue both addresses?15:26
cyberangersame for ford, GE, and others15:26
cyberangerthey can15:26
vychunethey have legacy ips?15:26
cyberangerthe issue is that there isn't enough unassigned to keep assigning them forever15:27
vychuneFluky Old Rebuilt Dodge15:27
cyberangerlegacy in that they predate the IANA, and the internet15:27
cyberangeraka ARPANET days15:28
vychuneok then lol15:29
cyberangerthat article has already been gutted in the Lug here too15:30
vychuneMidsouth Makers chan is tearing it up15:31
cyberanger...I still think there ought to be a valid case on "truth in15:32
cyberangeradvertising" over putting "Fox" and "News" in the same sentence.15:32
cyberangera quote from one email15:32
vychunefox news is good in memphis15:34
cyberangerwonderful, the FAA just released another NOTAM relating to the DoD doing some more GPS tests15:34
* vychune head-butts keyboard 15:34
cyberangergotta run, work becons me15:36
vychuneok then see ya good luck15:36
exodus_mshows everyones thursday? week is almost over :)16:53
exodus_msneed help writing a simple script. when i connect my phone to my laptop i have to run "easytether connect" then i have to open another terminal or tab and run "sudo dhclient easytether0"17:21
exodus_msafter i type in the password I'm connected to the internet. I would like to create an icon that i can simple click on after i connect my phone that will do all this17:22
cyberangershame, that sounded like something I could have helped with...17:55
cyberangerwell, when he get's back on17:55
wrstcyberanger: i thought that was right up your alley18:00
cyberangerprobally is18:30
electricusanybody from the knoxville area in here?19:44
electricusi was thinking about heading to the knoxlug meeting next month  http://www.knoxlug.org/doku.php19:45
wrstelectricus: cyberanger is knoxvillish, but not all that close20:01
cyberangerchattanooga is closer20:01
cyberangerbut my folks are maryville20:02
cyberangerso I do a bit back and forth20:02
electricussame distance for me20:02
cyberangerothers are also in the metro area20:02
cyberangerelectricus: why were you asking about knoxville? klug>21:30
electricusJust wondering if anyone had been to one of their meetings21:31
cyberangerno, and idk if they've had any recently21:31
cyberangerthey've been quieter than they used to be21:32
electricuswell.. since it's 42 and sunny .. i think i'll take a walk today..21:34
* electricus heads to the store21:34
electricuseww.. Mountain Dew "White Out" flavor is gross21:53

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