pleia2anyone have opinions about putting up our ubuntu-women.org redirect to the wiki now instead of later?18:06
pleia2we'll need to edit the copy from ubuntu-women.org to fit it in to the wiki front page, but other than that I don't really see a good reason to wait for the wiki theme18:07
pleia2(I'll toss this question on list too, just wanted to test the waters first)18:08
jledbetterFine with me.18:11
MichelleQdont see any reason why not18:32
pleia2ok, I'll get to work on copy editing :)18:49
AlanBellpleia2: redirect now would be fine I think20:45
AlanBellI have been failing to get the simplemente theme working, but that is OK20:45
AlanBellI will send you a mail20:45
pleia2thanks AlanBell20:46
AlanBellyou have mail20:56

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