RAOFHas anyone else noticed -intel 2.4.14-0ubuntu1 being broken?00:17
RAOFOh, and that's why!00:25
ChelseaHi all, i'm trying askubuntu for the first time, and have a question. I'm trying to post a comment to a question, without answering the question. Is this possible with 1 reputation?01:10
RAOFI don't think it is, no.01:14
Chelseaok.. thanks01:19
RAOFbryceh: Still around to sponsor an -intel update, so it actually works?01:23
RAOFbryceh: No need for sponsoring; StevenK got it.01:37
brycehRAOF, what was wrong with it?02:08
brycehah bad canDoBGNoneRoot in patches.02:14
RAOFbryceh: No, it used intel_batchbuffer_wait_last, which didn't exist, so it didn't load.02:17
brycehhrm, not good that we missed that02:19
RAOFI just took the opportunity to make BGNoneRoot safe for 1.10 at the same time.02:19
RAOFDid anyone test the 1ubuntu1 -intel upload before uploading it?02:20
brycehRAOF, I had assumed sarvatt had, but sounds like we need to be more explicit about the testing02:20
Amaranthwait, so edgers went through 2 DDX ABI changes?02:21
brycehI'm wondering if we need some sort of staging ppa in addition to edgers, where the actual uploadable packages can age a bit02:21
RAOFAmaranth: Yes, because X went through a post-RC1 ABI change.02:21
AmaranthThere was one when the packages all got the ABI updated and another where you just did a rebuild (and I spent half a day with no X :/)02:22
Amaranthah, ok02:22
RAOFbryceh: What would the staging PPA pick up?02:23
* Amaranth waits patiently for intel 1ubuntu202:23
RAOFYeah.  Don't log out before then :)02:23
RAOFActually, I think I've heard ubuntu+1-proposed being proposed before.  This PPA would essentially be that.02:24
RAOFAlternatively, it could be a mirror of the sid/testing Debian split.02:26
brycehRAOF, yeah... basically a place for us all to dput things ready for being uploaded to the archive, for final review/testing before actual upload02:26
brycehbut dunno, maybe that'd just be extra bureaucracy02:26
RAOFIt would block uploads on PPA builder availability.02:27
RAOFPossibly just being more explicit about testing would do.02:28
* bryceh nods02:29
RAOFSpeaking of testing... time for synaptics.02:42
bjsniderAmaranth, i'm using xchat-gnome right now and i don't see how it's more fully integrated with gnome than xchat. can you enlighten me?02:49
Amaranthbjsnider: perhaps xchat has cleaned up since I last used it02:50
AmaranthIt used to look ugly and you had to manually configure what browser to open links with and such02:50
Amaranthand proxies02:50
bjsniderwell i don't have issues with either of those02:50
Amaranthnot that anyone uses a proxy with IRC :)02:51
bjsnidermaybe you should try xchat?02:51
bjsniderthey both use the same settings directory02:51
Amaranthbjsnider: btw, does xchat do spell checking?04:46
bjsniderit do indeed04:47
bjsnidercome to think of it having used both i'm not sure there's a need for an "xchat-gnome" anymore04:53
RAOFcnd: We need to update to a new evdev for xserver 1.10.  Do you have any wishes while we're at it?07:54
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rippswell, the 2.6.38 kernel is still to unstable. Keep getting ati pageflipping errors in dmesg and the desktop seems to freeze occasionally.15:55
seb128hello there16:33
seb128so xchat-gnome started showing refresh issues16:34
seb128is that a known issue?16:34
Amaranthseb128: I already filed that bug :)17:33
Amaranthseb128: It's a regression from -intel 2.13.901 to 2.14.017:33
seb128ok, weird17:34
* Amaranth has been living with it for some time on xorg-edgers, figured it would go away after a couple days17:34
seb128doesn't happen anymore after a session restart17:34
Amaranthseb128: scroll up17:34
seb128well I restart my IRC so up is the 2 lines you just wrote17:34
AmaranthFor me it sometimes goes away until I start scrolling17:34
seb128oh you are right17:35
seb128do you have the bug number handy?17:35
Amaranthbug 70723617:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 707236 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "corruption in xchat-gnome window (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70723617:35
AmaranthI knew I wasn't the only xchat-gnome user left :)17:36
seb128dholbach complained about it as well17:36
AmaranthShould have filed that bug sooner :/17:36
jcristauif it's still in intel master you should file it at fdo17:37
AmaranthJust figured it was edgers, things break and fix all the time, until I realized the same stuff was about to hit natty17:37
seb128it did now17:38
Amaranthjcristau: Apparently edgers has a git snapshot from 3 days ago so I guess I'll file upstream17:38
AzelphurAnyone got a GTX 570 here? I'm having X freeze issues with mine :(17:43
apwbryceh, is there an equivalent of intel_reg_dumper for ati and/or nvidia cards?17:44
Azelphurit's weird, it'll lock up for like 60 seconds, then return to normal as if nothing happened.17:44
Azelphur(most of the time, sometimes it doesn't come back)17:44
apwAzelphur, get any errors in dmesg associated with that?17:49
Azelphurapw http://pastebin.com/qPP9KuYy not sure17:50
AzelphurI did just have a total freeze and had to kill X17:50
Azelphurso there should be something near the bottom - if there is anything17:50
Azelphurit's definitely after line 105917:51
Azelphurthat Disabled privacy extensions thing might be something to do with it?17:51
apwAzelphur, so no nothing there ... the lo: bits are networking17:52
apwnice to see its not just me who has flash pooping self all over the place17:52
Azelphurhaha yea, flash crashes continually, I heard that's a bug in compiz that'll be fixed soon17:52
apwyeah right, all bugs in compiz are going to be fixed soon.  i am still waiting for my menus to appear above the background relaibly17:53
apwSarvatt, ROAF, is there an equivalent of intel_reg_dumper for ati and/or nvidia cards?17:54
Azelphuroh I should state this early, I'm running quad screen (2 separate X screens both running twinview) card 1 is GTX 570, card 2 is 8800GT :p17:55
Azelphurfigure I'll state my weirdness to start with :)17:55
Azelphurapw: http://pastebin.com/mtDvzLbB17:59
Azelphurthat's interesting, at the bottom17:59
apwAzelphur, is this with the binary drivers ?18:01
AzelphurI had this problem with the version available in the repositories, so I tried building a new package and upgrading to the latest driver, but I still get the problem18:01
brycehapw, no there isn't an exact equivalent but I do have leads on a couple tools.18:08
brycehapw, what I'm really curious about is if the kernel can emit a signal in these cases like with intel, so we can hook apport to it18:08
apwbryceh, hangs you mean?  yeah i am more interested in them for 'black screen18:17
apwon boot' cases i am seeing18:17
brycehapw, ok, for nouveau there is a pgtest tool mentioned here - https://bugs.freedesktop.org//show_bug.cgi?id=26980#c718:21
brycehdunno if it'd be useful in this case but might be worth checking out18:21
ubot4Freedesktop bug 26980 in Driver/nouveau "NVA3 / NVA5 / NVA8 / NVAF (GT2xx/GT3xx) with nouveau: random GPU lockups" [Normal,New]18:21
apwbryceh, know anything about "Nvidia graphics driver, obtained directly from Nvidia", any idea how its packaged, is it dkms ?18:29
brycehapw, pretty sure they have their own installer18:43
brycehapw, generally if a user installs nvidia from the nvidia site, they're on their own18:43
apwbryceh, that was my feeling, that he has installed it, got a new kernle and ended up in a mess, and thats what i'd expect "here keep both pieces"18:45
jcristauapw: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~airlied/radeontool/19:59
brycehtjaalton, hey can you shoot me a copy of that driver rebuild script?22:03
RAOFapt-get source $(apt-cache show xserver-xorg-input-all | grep Depends: | sed s/Depends://g | sed s/,//g)22:23
RAOFfollowed by for I in * ; do [ -d $I ] && (cd $I && dch --build "Rebuild against Xserver 1.10" && dpkg-buildpackage -S) ; done22:23
RAOF? :)22:23
RAOFbryceh: Also, good morning :)22:24
jcristauyou mean evening.22:24
jcristaudamn aussies have everything reversed!22:25
jcristauRAOF: pretty useful thing to have scripted for server abi bumps.22:28
RAOFjcristau: Yeah.  That shell will also pick up x11-common, so it could do with a little bit more love :)22:29
brycehRAOF, heya!22:35
RAOFbryceh: Was Sarvatt going to do the -ati update?23:45

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