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inetprogood morning03:56
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* superfly rubs his eyes04:33
superflyis it morning already?04:33
inetprosuperfly: I wonder04:35
drubinsuperfly: Sadly yes06:15
Maaznuvolari: By the way, drubin on freenode told me "tell nuvolari goeie goeie verjaarsdag! Happy Happy all around hey!" 16 hours, 22 minutes and 16 seconds ago09:04
nuvolarimornings :>09:04
nuvolaridrubin: thank you :D09:04
superflyhi nuvolari09:10
superflyyou've been scarce09:10
superfly(or have I?)09:10
superflyoh boy... http://dilbert.com/dyn_file/str_strip/111064/gif/strip.print/09:12
nuvolarisuperfly: it's me :/09:41
nuvolari(that's scarce)09:41
drubinnuvolari: a pleasure10:36
drubininetpro: "ow Apple Technology Supports and Enhances the Modern Classroom - Lecture Invite"10:57
superflyhmmmm some response to a spam message reply I sent 11:00
drubinit appears that we need to get our selves some "Ubuntu Education Mentor from the UK"11:00
superflydrubin: you left off the, " for Schools Who Are Rich Enough To Afford Our Products" ;-)11:01
superflydrubin: http://slexy.org/view/s20sZbMLup11:04
drubinsuperfly: if only that was sms smpam12:12
drubinspam* I had a similar issue I got bulktxt track th sms all the way down 3 different companies (that weren't using bulktxt) to get the source of the spam12:13
superflyoooo... another e-mail from those folks, this time with an e-mail address12:18
nuvolariany java guru's around?13:13
superflynuvolari: I thought you were the java expert13:16
nuvolariheh, you never know, there's always someone knowing more13:18
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drubinnuvolari: I would offer to help but my java skills are stuck on hard core for 1.1 release :)14:12
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Kilosafternoon superfly  and everyone else15:19
KilosMaaz, coffee on15:19
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:19
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Kiloslo smorar_ 15:22
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:23
KilosMaaz, ty15:24
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure15:24
superflyafternoon Kilos15:36
Symmetriadoes anyone know anything about the bharti network in mumbai before I spend a fuckload on DRP capacity on it (not that I have a huge option)15:38
Symmetriaooops mischannel15:38
smorar_Kilos: lo15:42
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mo_Hi , I am newbie to Ubuntu, I am difficulty in getting graphics drivers to load when i am running ubntu 10.02 from usb on my new laptop, HP nx8440  with Nvidia graphics, Ican hear the os load but the screen is blank /i.e. no graphics. Any help ? 16:17
mo_my email address vawdam @hotmail.com16:18
Kiloshi mo16:18
Kiloshi mo_ 16:19
mo_Hi kilos16:19
Kiloscan you wait some please. most of the guys are on their way home i think16:19
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za16:19
mo_Hav Ubuntu on my desktop for a month and I love it!!16:20
Kilosyou can also try the mailing lists just try give as much info as possible16:21
mo_Thank U for that info, I will try that. I tried to google for solution to this problem , but does not seem to be common at all.16:22
Kilosnormally ubuntu graphics work with the default settings and you get prop dardware drivers later16:24
Kilosbut thats by me16:24
Kilossome one will help you they just overloaded with work this time of the year16:24
mo_Unfortunately Ubuntu linux is not supported by HP. Though the laptopo is certified for another veresion of linux16:26
Kilosthere will be a way to make it work. normally hp products work with ubuntu16:27
Kilosif it works on linux it will work with ubuntu16:28
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mo_It is strange because the stick works on any other comp I try it on. I have also tried older versions with the same problem! I guess Iwill be stuck with Win 7 for a while16:29
Kilosno man be patient. some one will be able to help i am sure16:30
nuvolarimo_: not supported?16:34
nuvolariwe all here at the office are running ubuntu on HP's just fine16:34
Kiloshi nuv16:34
nuvolarilo oom Kilos, gaan dit goed?16:34
Kilosdankie ja seun en daar16:35
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom16:36
nuvolarigaan hou huistoe16:36
nuvolarimoet gou die reën buite trotseer om by my kar uit te kom16:37
Kilosgo safe16:37
Kiloshey mo_ you still here16:37
mo_still here , 16:40
Kilosit must work16:40
Kilosmaybe nuvolari  can help you when he gets home16:40
mo_That would be great, I am pleased that the linux community has people like yourself and others always willing to help where they can, maybe I will dump windows altogether! Lol16:43
superflymo_: you mean you're using 10.04? there's no such version as 10.0216:44
superflymo_: what graphics card do you have?16:45
superflyKilos: what is this "windows" he speaks of? :-P16:46
Kilos7 superfly 16:46
superflyKilos: 7?16:46
Kiloswinows 716:46
superflyI am afraid I seem to lead a very sheltered life here in LinuxLand16:46
Kilosyeah its the new one16:47
superflynew one? there are more?16:47
Kilossupposed to be slightly better than xp and vista16:47
Kilosi dont even wanna see them16:47
Morganvdit looks good bad performance16:47
Kiloshi Morganvd 16:48
Kilosthere you go superfly 16:48
Morganvdmaybe 8 will run better as it has a linux kernel16:48
Morganvdhi Kilos 16:48
Morganvdlike IE 9 running on firefox engine16:48
superflyMorganvd: are you dreaming again? :-P16:49
Morganvdi mean wonder what els will be used in the next ms apps16:49
Kiloseish ie has always be probs16:49
Kiloswhen i was online with xp i kept updating to latest ie hoping it would improve but it just got worse16:50
Kiloseventually used only firefox16:50
superflyMorganvd: MS can't use the Linux kernel in Windows because of the GPL16:50
Morganvdman i need to bookmark my searches16:52
superflyMorganvd: you're possibly thinking of a blog post that I also read where a guy suggested that MS use the BSD kernel for Windows 916:53
Morganvdhe was more saying that they where already discusing it16:53
Morganvdor something to that effect16:53
mo_Hi superfly17:03
mo_Sorry is the latest version 10.0417:03
superflyno, the latest version is 10.1017:04
mo_graphics card is NVIDIA NVS 3100 graphics with 512 MB dedicated gDDR3 video memory Intel® HD Graphics17:04
superflyuh, so which is it? nvidia or intel?17:04
Morganvdits the new hybread17:05
Morganvdits both17:06
mo_nvidia- just listed like that on HP site- http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF06a/321957-321957-64295-3740645-3955549-4095872.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN17:06
Morganvdyou have trouble installing ubuntu17:06
Morganvdwith it or the driver17:06
mo_yes, iam trying to run from usb first, but i get a blak screen after selecting try ubuntu 17:07
Morganvdhave you got a spare monitor?17:07
Morganvdjust to lend for a min17:07
Morganvdkk plug it into the laptop17:08
superflyMaaz: google for ubuntu hp nx844017:08
Maazsuperfly: "Hewlett-Packard nw8440 [LinLap - Linux Laptop Wiki]" http://www.linlap.com/wiki/hewlett-packard+nw8440 :: "HP Open Source and Linux - Compaq nw8440 notebook" http://h20338.www2.hp.com/enterprise/cache/349240-0-0-0-121.html :: "HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation - Worldwide QuickSpecs" http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12449_div/12449_div.HTML :: "Business support forums - nw8440 - VT disabled in bios" http://forums1117:08
mo_should i try pluging in vga cable?17:08
superflyI doubt it'll work17:08
Morganvdi had the same problem with my dell 17:08
Morganvdteh nuvou driver is the issue17:08
Morganvdyou install ubuntu 17:09
Morganvdand the prop driver and everthing els works17:09
superflyMorganvd: ah yes, I remember that17:09
Morganvdthere is more than one option17:10
mo_probably a difficult install then?17:10
Morganvdbut i found the 2nd monitor works best17:10
Morganvdmo_: 17:10
Morganvdlaptop or desktop17:10
Morganvdstupid question17:11
Morganvdplugin the 2nd monitor17:11
Morganvdrun the installer17:11
Morganvdand installer should pop up on the 2nd monitor17:11
Morganvdbut i would try 10.1017:12
mo_ok i will try that , will have to unplug my desktop 17:12
Morganvdnot 10.0417:12
mo_will let you know what happens later17:12
Morganvdmo_: when you install17:12
mo_thank u for the your help17:12
Morganvdthe laptop monitor17:12
Morganvdwill make funny lines like its going crazy17:12
Morganvdjust ignore it17:13
Morganvdtill you get teh prop driver installed17:13
mo_will the driver auto down load?17:13
Morganvdhardware upgrades17:13
Morganvdits nvidia driver17:14
mo_ok, will grub 2 be able to boot win 7?17:14
Morganvdi think with some tweaking17:15
mo_i had a problem with my desktop and had use easy bcd17:16
superflyeasy bcd?17:27
Morganvd3 Aug 2010 ... EasyBCD is NeoSmart Technologies' multiple award-winning answer to taking control of your bootloader. EasyBCD extends and revamps the17:30
superflyoh, YAPBL17:30
kbmonkeyeve all18:04
Kiloshi kbmonkey 18:05
kbmonkeyI have this really strange issue: When I click on Home Folder from the main Places menu, it tries to open with vlc :/18:06
Kilosha ha ha18:06
Kilosi had that18:06
kbmonkeyI remove vlc, and it opens in Nautilus18:06
Kilosright click on a folder on desktop and say open with18:06
kbmonkeyha ha yes :)18:06
Kilosthen um18:06
kbmonkeyAhh, I did that last night, must've clicked a folder by mistake ;)18:07
Kilosother option18:07
Kilosand look for gedit or whatever and tick the block that says use this for these kinds of files18:07
kbmonkeyOh wait, folder properties doesn't have a 'open with' tab18:08
Kiloswait a sec i see if i can do it again18:08
kbmonkeythanks :)18:08
Kilosright click18:09
Kilosopen with other app18:09
Kilosand look for what you want it to use18:09
Kilosif i right i had to install gedit18:09
Kilosand gdebi18:09
Kilosthey not here by default18:10
kbmonkeygot it! :)18:10
Kilosits a weird one hey18:10
kbmonkeyI chose custom command and entered nautilus18:10
Kilosyes thats it18:10
kbmonkeythe things you do unconsciously while multi-tasking18:11
Kilosthats how you get it to use gdebi instead of software centre too18:11
Kilosi like gdebi for installing18:11
kbmonkeymyself, or command line 18:12
Kilosi dont think gedit was installed either it wanted to use text reader or something18:12
kbmonkeylearning so much about firewalls and networking this week18:12
Kilosthats good18:12
Kilosif you go custom commands it gives tons of apps18:13
kbmonkeybuilding up some more skills, since I might need another job in couple months18:13
Kilosyou can select individual preferences for anything there18:13
kbmonkeyby my own choice18:14
Kilosknowledge is priceless18:14
Kiloslearn as much as you can18:14
kbmonkeyagreed! after this mission, it's back to the Python :)18:15
Kilosgood. the fly will be happy to hear that18:15
Symmetriaholy shitballs, has anyone seen apocalypse now? (old movie)18:17
kbmonkeyI'd be very hapy to get a job involving python and/or *nix18:17
kbmonkeyyes, it's one of my favs18:17
SymmetriaI just got holda the remastered high def version and watched the first 15 minutes just to see how my sound system handled it18:17
Symmetriathe sound.... is... like... whoaaaaa18:17
kbmonkeycoppola is a mad director18:17
Symmetriadude, u gotta watch that movie with my sound system, muahaha like, freak out18:17
Symmetriakbmonkey heh, you know those choppers in the beginning18:18
kbmonkeydoes it blow you away? 18:18
Symmetriaon my sound system, heh, you can hear them flying in all directions, like, lol, makes u wanna turn and look for a chopper coming at you18:18
kbmonkeyhow movies should be watched :)18:19
* Symmetria is glad he bought this sound system :P18:19
kbmonkeythats my next buy, just got a new box set up as a HTPC 18:19
Symmetriaheh kbmonkey will show you my system in a sec18:20
kbmonkey5.1 with a sub?18:20
Symmetriathats my amplifier 18:20
Symmetriaand those are my speakers :)18:20
* kbmonkey is turning green!18:21
kbmonkeyvery nice!18:21
Symmetriaheh I have 2 x C5's 2 x C1's 1 x C6LCR and 1 x C4 18:22
Symmetrialinked to that amp18:22
kbmonkeythats epic18:28
Symmetriaheh worth the price tag 18:28
Symmetria(which was rather high)18:28
kbmonkeyI had nice sound put in my car in Dec, wow :)18:29
Symmetriaheh kbmonkey I got lucky, my car has a harmon kardon system in it  that it had in it when I bought it18:30
Symmetriasaved me money having to upgrade it, cause well, kinda pointless screwing with an H&K system, u are only gonna screw it up if you try mess with it 18:30
kbmonkeysadly some guy did a u-turn in front of me, car is wrecked. 18:31
Symmetriaheh, insurance?18:31
kbmonkeyso 2011 can only get better I recon :)18:31
* Symmetria would cry if anything happened to his car :P my car is kinda, my baby18:31
kbmonkeythere's insurance, will see how it pans out.18:32
Symmetria^^^ thats muh car18:32
kbmonkeydriving a tiny 3-stroke now. 18:32
kbmonkeyuber lol18:32
Symmetriaheh that car of mine is a 3.5 litre twin turbo18:33
Symmetria0-100 in 5.2 :)18:33
* Symmetria loves that car more than life itself :P18:33
kbmonkeyyes I would too if I had one Symmetria 18:36
kbmonkeyha ha i meant :)18:36
superflykbmonkey: I hope your insurance pays out enough18:42
superflyI can't afford to be in an accident myself, even WITH my insurance :-(18:43
kbmonkeyI can't really afford it either, superfly, but we always survive :)18:43
superflyhey, kbmonkey, did you get those links I gave you the other day?18:44
* Symmetria notes that myadsl hasnt said anything about the next seacom outage yet18:46
Symmetriaheh, I suspect the forums are going to be full of whining bitching idiots again18:46
Morganvdanyone know if mo came right19:00
Kilosnot yet Morganvd 19:00
* Symmetria waits for hell to break lose after people see his announcement on the ren-news mailing list19:13
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:43

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