raphafis dell vostro 3700 a good option?00:00
joeoshawacraigbass1976: they old enough for first person shooters00:00
joeoshawathey will love urban terror00:01
joeoshawaand the new urban terror hd will be coming out soon hopefully00:01
craigbass1976joeoshawa, I say no (4 and 6); thanks for asking00:01
joeoshawatry the repos there is lots00:02
joeoshawatry handplay00:02
joeoshawamy daughter goes nuts for it00:02
KM0201!info supertuxkart | craigbass197600:02
ubottucraigbass1976: supertuxkart (source: supertuxkart): kart racing game. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.2+dfsg1-2 (maverick), package size 548 kB, installed size 1452 kB00:02
mungeshcan someone help me out with privoxy?.....can get it to install and run on default ip:port, but after changing to lan netmask and different port, privoxy cannot bind to ip (permission denied)00:02
joeoshawaany games will work on that00:03
Cairo|Backupso anyone know?00:03
dascapital__can anyone help me with my problem00:03
KM0201!info extremetuxracer | craigbass197600:03
ubottucraigbass1976: extremetuxracer (source: extremetuxracer): 3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 255 kB, installed size 752 kB00:03
joeoshawawith a cheap video card even urt one of the higher grafix games00:04
lda17hdammit installe00:04
dascapital__does anyone know any way i can get my ubuntu OS to connect to the internet in any way at all??00:04
lda17hy u create extended partition?00:05
lda17hnow i need to redo it :D00:05
lolcatdascapital__: Because Ubuntu was made to connect to the internet in any way.00:05
KM0201dascapital__: well... have you tried hooking it up to your router via a network cable?00:05
dascapital__KM0201 i was the noob guy last time with the same problem00:05
dascapital__you might not remember00:05
dascapital__but my nickname was noob last time00:06
dascapital__i just never solved it00:06
magicianlordwhat is in the new kernel upgrade to 10.04? the .8 one00:06
KM0201dascapital__: thats right, you got kicked cuz you were anoyng.00:06
KM0201dascapital__: does the machine have a wireless device?.. or only wired00:06
joeoshawait is a very difficult problem it seems00:06
sacarlsondascapital__: what kernel are you using?  to see try uname -a   and pastebinit to us00:06
dascapital__it should have a wireless device00:06
KM0201sacarlson: he can't do that, no internet at all on ubuntu00:07
lolcatKM0201: He claimed his problem was it could, not that it couldn't00:07
joeoshawafor some reason its not seeing his network card00:07
sacarlsondascapital__: oh right past it here it's just one line just then number part00:07
KM0201lolcat: well if he's connected to the internet, then he really doesn't have a problem00:07
dascapital__Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-24-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 2800:07
lolcatKM0201: I tried telling him that00:07
dascapital__need the rest?00:07
KM0201dascapital__: are you on the internet now?00:07
dascapital__not on my laptop00:08
KM0201dascapital__: ok... i was confused...00:08
KM0201dascapital__: run "lspci | grep Ethernet" w/o quotes, and see if it turns back a wireless device00:08
joeoshawaa command line irc chat client should be included in ubuntu just incase x11 messes up on people00:08
sacarlsondascapital__: no that fine,  I would try another version of ubuntu maybe older or the 11.04 version00:09
KM0201sacarlson: thats already an old kernel, why wouldh e want to go older?.00:09
m2mgdascapital_: open a terminal and type lspci to see if you have a wired or wireless card in your computer00:09
KM0201dascapital__: does it show your wireless device? if so, what is it00:10
dascapital__Atheros Communications AR81451 v1.0 Gigabit Ethernet00:10
sacarlsonKM0201: dascapital__ ;  true newer might be better and I see history in 2.6.32-22-generic as bad already so I guess  newer,00:10
dascapital__no wireless device shows up00:10
mungeshcan someone help me out with privoxy?.....can get it to install and run on default ip:port, but after changing to lan netmask and different port, privoxy cannot bind to ip (permission denied)00:11
dascapital__so should i delete this OS from windows and install another one??00:11
KM0201dascapital__: the atheros device you posted, i'm pretty sure thats your ethernet jack.00:11
KM0201dascapital__: try lspci | grep Wireless00:11
dascapital__KMO0201_: ok so how do i connect via ethernet00:11
m_fuldererUSUL, I solved my problem .. somehow the files where still hidden on my desktop :S really weird00:12
dascapital__just returns nothing00:12
iconmefistodascapital__: lshw -c network  will show you all network devices, wired and wireless00:12
sacarlsondascapital__: I also noteed that the modprobe you aready did was not the same I suggested just one letter different at the end00:12
joeoshawathis is dascapitals ifconfig http://pastebin.com/h5sQ6tf1]00:12
dascapital__should it be network controller???00:13
m2mgdascapital_: hold on lets try one thing type in the terminal ifdown eth0 then type ifup eth0 the first command will shutdown the net card and the second command should bring it back up00:13
jodie_Purchased a BlueRay RW CD drive and put it in my Ubuntu Box.. Record DVD's fine but BlueRay disks seem to be problem.. Any advice?00:13
KM0201dascapital__: you could try network controller.. bprobably won't change anything though   "lspci | grep Network"00:13
dascapital__sacarlson_: oh sorry i never heard you that it was one letter off lol00:13
popeyjodie_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD00:14
dascapital__Network controller: Broadcom Corporation Device 435700:14
sacarlsondascapital__: wow bad set broadcom has a history of not working out of the box00:15
KM0201dascapital__: that broadcom, is very likely your wireless devicr00:15
dascapital__sacarlson_: so should i get a new wireless device? how much will that cost00:15
KM0201dascapital__: just stop for a second...00:16
dascapital__KM0201_: ok....00:16
KM0201dascapital__: do you see anything in system/admin/hardware drivers00:16
dascapital__KM0201_: nope00:16
joeoshawai think his connection is working00:16
sacarlsondascapital__: I see people getting your ethernet working with a compile at this site http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147623100:16
joeoshawaby his ifconfig00:16
joeoshawai think its probably a router problem00:16
sacarlsondascapital__: so since they have had it working at this time I would think a newer kernel should work00:16
KM0201dascapital__: were you the one that could go to some websites, but couldn't go to others?00:17
dascapital__sacarlson_: so i just type that into terminal and my wifi will show up?00:17
dascapital__KM0201_: no i cant get onto the internet at all00:17
binaryhati want to connect to my virtualized o/s on my server using virt-viewer w/o ssh. how do i do it?00:18
sacarlsondascapital__: I don't know I was just hoping something would pop up00:18
binaryhatvirt-viewer -c qemu:// win_ult7 does not work00:18
joeoshawaRX packets:131182 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:000:18
KM0201dascapital__: honestly, i would try another ditro.00:18
joeoshawahe is sending and recieving packets00:18
magicianlorddoes anyone kno how to bookmark radio that's playing in vlc 1.06, a station?00:18
joeoshawanone droped or lost00:18
dascapital__KM0201_: like a newer model of ubuntu? i heard ubuntu was for beginners so i installed that, whats another easy distro??00:19
joeoshawaits probably a router setting00:19
joeoshawawhat router you using00:19
jodie_popey. Thanks.. Not watching movies on the BlueRay.. I need to store large amount of files. I'm only interested in getting the files to disk.00:19
KM0201dascapital__: do you have access to log in to yoru router?00:19
popeyjodie_: ah, sorry00:19
KM0201joeoshawa: i still don't think its a router issue00:19
dascapital__KM0201_: i dont know.. lol00:19
sacarlsonKM0201:  dascapital__: that's not a bad idea and if you really want ubuntu after you find a working desto just use there working kernel to boot ubuntu00:19
dascapital__sacarlson_: whats not a bad idea?00:20
sacarlsondascapital__: try another destro to find a working kernel00:20
dascapital__sacarlson_: any recommendations??00:20
joeoshawadascapital__: is there a label on your router00:20
KM0201dascapital__: do this... go here, and download this ISO  http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/14/Live/i686/Fedora-14-i686-Live-Desktop.iso  burn it to a disk, and boot it in "Live Mode".. and see if you can get an internet connection00:21
sacarlsondascapital__:  does ethernet work from the live cd boot you installed from?00:22
SqeazerHey guys, i have a bash question...00:22
dascapital__dascapital_: i installed it from windows to dualboot without using a cd00:22
Descriptionedcan i play mw2 under wine?? or counter strike?00:22
SqeazerHow can you read a file and output it to a variable...00:22
KM0201dascapital__: oh crap... STOP.. before you do anything with Fedora, make sure you remove ubuntu from Wubi.00:22
Sqeazeri cant do it.... no matter what i do00:22
sacarlsondascapital__: oh this is wubi00:22
aeon-ltdDescriptioned: i think CS is definitely supported, MW2 - not so sure; check the site lists00:23
* KM0201 wishes wubi had never been released00:23
dascapital__KM0201_: i was going to uninstall/remove linux anyways, but why? and whats Wubi?00:23
joeoshawalol that was a question earlier00:23
Descriptionedaeon-ltd: where i can check that could u give me link?00:23
joeoshawadl ubuntu 10.1000:23
joeoshawalive cd00:23
joeoshawaburn it on lowest setting00:23
sacarlsondascapital__: wubi is the method of install from windows I assume that's not where your problem comes from00:24
joeoshawaafter checking md500:24
Sqeazeranyone? How to get file content to a variable in bash?00:24
KM0201dascapital__: wubi is what you used to install ubuntu inside Windows.00:24
mr_shedI'm looking to install an Open Source CMS, specifically Drupal, but before I do I wanted to be clear on whether or not it would affect my existing LAMP setup (as it obviously will be serving as a local webserver)?00:24
KM0201dascapital__: first things first, uninstall wubi... please make sure you do that.. cuz if you try to install ubuntu on top of wubi, you're in for a mess00:25
jodie_Sqeazer__: SOMETHIING=`cat <filename>`00:25
Sqeazerjodie_: does not work00:25
SqeazerSOMETHING would then be cat file.txt00:25
mr_shedalso, are there any good channels to go seak info on Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP Frameworks etc... I'm a complete stranger to Frameworks and CMSes, but I know my way around php/mysql00:25
xyzmr_sheds try http://www.turnkeylinux.org/00:25
m2mgDescriptioned: http://appdb.winehq.org/index.php  http://www.cedega.com//00:25
jhansonxiSqeazer, what type of variable?  Bash array?00:25
Picimr_shed: Theres #django00:26
Sqeazerna, just a normal veriable.00:26
Sqeazerthat would hold a string...00:26
dascapital__KM0201_: so i uninstall ubuntu and wubi? or just ubuntu?00:26
Descriptionedm2mg: it need to install any extra wine plugi ?00:26
Sqeazerlike VAR="Hello"00:26
biiterhi. im installing ubuntu right now.. and it is stuck in 'wiping swap space for security'.. progress bar didn;t move in a while.. is this step necessary? can i hardreboot?00:26
KM0201dascapital__: can i PM you?.. you're gonna make a mess, i can just tell00:26
sacarlsonKM0201: dascapital__ or could wubi that be the problem? In my ralink I had problems when I booted windows and then rebooted to run ubuntu my wifi adapter wouldn't work since the nv rom in the device was loaded from windows,  if I unpluged the device or powered off my system it would work if ubuntu was first to boot00:26
Sqeazerbitter: it takes some time, just leave it run00:27
KM0201dascapital__: now are you listening?00:27
jhansonxiSqeazer, the backticked command that jodie posted should work.  Alternative form is variable=$(cat filename)00:27
mr_shedxyz, thanks for the link but, I see a back-up service at that page...?00:27
Vooloosince installing new kernels my network card stops working randomly for 5-10 seconds, what can I do?00:27
jodie_Sqeazer__: from prompt do date > junk.txt; JUNK=`cat junk.txt`; export JUNK; set |grep JUNK00:27
mr_shedPici, thanks I'll go join there in a mo.00:27
m2mgDescriptioned: wine is free cedega is not  wine will tell u if it work with your version just search for the name of the game and i thin mw2 is in there00:28
sacarlsondascapital__: it might be a waist of time but you might try burn a cd of ubuntu and see if it works or try boot from a usb flash disk00:28
biiterSqeazer: ok00:28
PiciSqeazer: You may want to ask in #bash if we're confusing you here :)00:28
SqeazerNah, i'm folowing you :) Just a sec00:29
le0-im trying to ssh into my ubuntu server.. and it says connection timed out.. i foward the ports on my router.. but it still seems like my wan ip doesnt have that port open.. i can connect locally00:29
m2mgDescriptioned: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1060000:29
piercedwaterDoes anyone know why when I convert a video in VLC it always outputs a 1MB file that cant be played? I have set all my settings for the video and audio before converting.00:29
NET||abusehey guys, i'm running gnome on netbook remix 10.10, tomboy alt+F12 doesn't seem to work,00:30
Sqeazerweeeeak -.- i was using quotes -.-00:30
NET||abuseshortcut access to my notes,, i NEEED it!!!00:30
Sqeazer'cat filename' instead of `cat filename`00:30
Sqeazerk, thanks guys :)00:30
jhansonxiSqeazer, that's why I prefer the other form of $()00:31
root___i have installed proftpd on ubuntu server.  But no mater i do with the configuration i can get anyone to connect00:31
biiterit's 20 minutes in 23%.. disk is doing nothing... i think it's broken00:31
duke___hi :) problem here ssh -N -D cindy@cindy-VirtualBox00:31
root___i have even tried connecting locally00:32
duke___Bad dynamic forwarding specification 'cindy@cindy-VirtualBox'00:32
duke___whats up  root?00:32
induzis there any way Lucid offers a way to restore a state of the system like on Xp restaore point00:32
root___need help with proftpd00:32
duke___mh you can pratimage induz00:32
=== Loongjiang is now known as LongJ
root___or what ftp package do you all recommend?00:33
duke___google it00:33
lolcatroot___: filezilla00:33
duke___whats your prob root?00:33
induzdule, I had some desktop settings and Panels, some how they all went haywire and i can not figure out how to go back to defaults00:34
sacarlsonroot___: did you try ssh?00:34
lolcat!duke | google00:34
magicianlordwhere does ubuntu save temp file that are opened in firefox?00:34
root___i have googled i have came up with proftpd00:34
root___but i can't get anyone to connect00:34
duke___google was at induz sry00:34
jhansonxiroot___, check the settings in /etc/default/proftpd and /etc/inetd.conf.  Also check the log in /var/log/daemon.log00:34
duke___mh i think ftp you use the modzilla plugin what you wanna do?00:34
jhansonxiroot___, also try connecting locally ""00:35
root___jhansonxi: I have receated /etc/default/proftpd.conf and ran proftpd -td5 without issues.00:35
sacarlsonroot___:  did you try sudo apt-get install ssh  to see if you can at least ssh in and posibly use that for file transfer?00:35
root___jhansonxi: localhost does not work00:36
root___sacarlson: im on ssh to the box now00:36
root___it me look at /var/log/daemon.log00:36
sacarlsonroot___:  is that not an option then to move files?00:36
root___sacarlson: oh no, i need to setup ftp in a DMZ.00:37
root___first time trying to use proftpd00:38
sacarlsonroot___: I've played a bit with proftp the config is complicated00:38
jhansonxiroot___, normally proftpd is started on-demand by inetd.00:38
root___jhansonxi: and it is. that way for me00:39
root___here is somthing in daemon.log00:40
root___in.ftpd[3524]: error: cannot execute /usr/sbin/in.ftpd: No such file or directory00:40
TetracommHow do I hide all desktop icons in ubuntu?00:41
sacarlsonroot___: I think part of the complexity was it also uses apparmor so that may need to be configured also00:41
jhansonxiroot___, in my system /etc/inetd.conf:  ftpstreamtcpnowaitroot/usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/proftpd00:41
Renskiwow, ksm is pretty awesome00:42
magicianlordwhen is vlc 1.0.6 going to be upgraded to 1.1.6 in ubuntu 10.0400:42
Renskicurrently saving me 143 mb00:43
root___sacarlson: you lost me.00:43
duke___ssh -N -D cindy@cindy-VirtualBox   is syntax wrong?00:43
Picimagicianlord: It likely wont, unless theres a reason for it to be backported.00:43
root___jhansonxi: i have to edit my inetd.conf00:43
sacarlsonroot___:  check sudo apparmor_status  see if your proftp is in the list00:43
root___sacarlson: oh thanks i willtry00:44
duke___it says this will start a socks proxy i have just installed ss and run on server00:44
duke___no futher configs i did00:44
magicianlordPici: it would be good for it to be upgraded to a current version00:44
CoinOpNewbie here, would appreciate anyones help on a wireless issue should you have the opportunity. http://paste.ubuntu.com/558785/00:45
duke___i can ping host and hostname known00:45
root___sacarlson: apparmor_status doesn't show proftpd at all00:45
root___sacarlson: what should i do?  Or what did i do wrong?00:45
=== capnschmitty is now known as CapnSchmitty
sacarlsonroot___: cool then don't have to worry about that00:46
Picimagicianlord: Well unfortunately that isn't always a good enough reason. :/  You may want to take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports if you'd like to try to push it along yourself.00:46
root___sacarlson: oh that is good it not being listed?00:46
duke___:/ mhhhhhhhhhhhh00:46
le0-does fios block port 22?00:47
jhansonxiroot___, ftp is not in my apparmor_status either but it still works.00:47
dascapitalhey KM020100:47
sacarlsonroot___: well yes it adds more security that would have to be configured,  if it's not setup then nothing to configure00:47
KM0201dascapital: yes?00:47
dascapitalKM0201_: my power went out lol00:47
joeoshawakvirc automatically downloads avitars?00:48
joeoshawadunno if i like that00:48
* Loongjiang is away 00:48
root___jhansonxi: how does your ftp line read for inetd.conf00:48
joeoshawai don't like my downloading anything without permission00:49
jhansonxiExactly as I posted above00:49
sacarlsonroot___: I'm on the side of low security so I say that's a good thing00:49
joeoshawamy computer that is00:49
root___jhansonxi: you know how to page up in irssi00:49
root___i have forgotten00:50
jhansonxiroot___, did you install a different FTP server earlier and then replace it with ProFTP?00:50
joeoshawawhat is the best irc client00:50
jhansonxiroot___, inetd.conf:  ftpstreamtcpnowaitroot/usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/proftpd00:50
root___jhansonxi: i might have00:50
induzcan evolution offers to have 2 different accounts and different folders00:51
jhansonxiroot___, if you removed but did not "purge" it (different commands) then the setting from the previous one may have been left behind.00:51
joeoshawai know its opinion blah blah blah i am asking for opinion what irc client is the best00:51
agentgasmaskHi. I'm getting a "could not initiatte dbus" error from update-manager. Can someone point me to a fix?00:51
root___jhansonxi: hmmmmm,   thanks i think you got it00:51
root___i did do that00:51
dascapital2KM0201_: uhh, dont know how to pm lol00:51
joeoshawaxchat you consider better then kvirc then00:52
joeoshawai want to remove this one i dont' like random files dling00:52
jhansonxiroot___, based on the log message it looks like inetd is trying to start a different executable.00:52
duke___ssh -o ProxyCommand="<Pfad>/connect-proxy -H <host P>:p %h %p" -p 443 <user>@<host S>00:53
joeoshawaand being able to autoauthenticate would be good00:53
CoinOpNewbie here, would appreciate anyones help on a wireless issue should you have the opportunity. http://paste.ubuntu.com/558785/00:53
joeoshawainstead of typing the nickserv command00:53
duke___i can use this but i want for all destinations not to define just one00:53
SorinanIt's already possible to have a whole system encryption just from the installer?00:53
joeoshawathat could be a problem tho00:54
dascapital2KM0201_: yea wubi or whatever it is is definitley off00:54
joeoshawaif your system ever locks up and you can't find the key00:54
coraxxn e one with some insides on WMA v8 codec in video files ?00:54
dascapital2KM0201_: HEY!!00:54
joeoshawalive cd is useless00:54
truthslaveanyone having problems with dual installs...aka remoe user desktop00:55
root___jhansonxi: I have replace that line, now how do i get the change to take affect.00:55
m_fulderis it possible to erase files from a .zip compressed folder using terminal?00:55
root___how do i restart inetd?00:55
joeoshawaremote user destop and dual installs are  two different things i think00:55
joeoshawaremote user destop would be like thin client i believe00:56
truthslaveanyone having problems with dual installs...aka remoe user desktop00:56
KM0201dascapital2: answer your PM00:56
gpctruthslave: please explain what the problem is00:56
jhansonxiroot___, I think it takes effect immediately.  Just try to connect locally with an ftp client to and if it fails then check the logs again (tail /var/log/daemon.log or /var/log/proftpd/proftpd.log)00:57
truthslaveseems i had hosts running as false devices ..includig sata.. and hdmi00:58
Loshkim_fulder: check out the zip command. It has a 'delete' option (warning: keep a backup copy of the original in case you mess it up...)00:58
root___jhansonxi: I did just that, daemon.log still show the old executeable00:58
coraxxWMA v8 codec ....anyone ?00:58
ChelseaDoes anyone here have experience with the stackexchange system from askubuntu?00:59
root___jhansonxi: but i have changed in the inetd.conf00:59
gpcChelsea: #ubuntu-stack00:59
gpcor is it #ubuntu-x00:59
root___google tell me that there is /etc/init.d/inetd, but i dont have it00:59
Loshkicoraxx: see if there's something useful here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-901909.html01:00
m_fulderLoshki, thanks01:00
m_fulderwill check it out01:00
jhansonxiroot___, inetd doesn't have an init script or Upstart job so all I can suggest is to try a reboot.01:00
coraxxLoshki: thanx...I'll check :-)01:00
Chelseahmmm... both ;)01:01
root___jhansonxi: that has to be a way, no?01:02
sacarlsonroot___: I just installed proftp-basic  and was able to ftp localhost  and login to my present user account,  I selected inetd install option at install01:02
jhansonxiroot___, I'm out of ideas but I think the error in the logs is the key.  You could try running it as a daemon instead then start it with "/etc/init.d/proftpd start"01:02
root___sacarlson: ya, jhansonxi hit it on the head.  I had installed another ftp packge with out purge and now im left with this mess01:02
root___jhansonxi: i think you fix my problem, Thank you01:03
root___but i need to know how start inetd with out reboot01:03
Niglopi restarted my computer and now all the folders/files on my flash stick are locked?01:03
coraxxLoshki: unfortunately no new info in the link :--( ...I've done all I know how ...with medibuntu ... the installation of the restricted-extras ...still can't hear WMA v8 in Video files.01:04
joeoshawawant to know what people think this is my desktop i got the login screen the same with a black and red theme for the login box [url=http://www.imagehosting.com/][img]http://piczasso.com/i/ha4ki.png[/img][/url]01:04
sacarlsonroot___: ya not sure how to fix that,  I think the problem would be in the inetd config then if you just delete all the lines after a purge of proftp and reinstall maybe that will fix it01:04
bazhangjoeoshawa, not the place to show off desktops01:04
bazhangjoeoshawa, try #ubuntu-offtopic01:04
Niglopi restarted my computer and now all the folders/files on my flash stick are locked?01:05
joeoshawanp will do nexttime01:05
xyztwit half off?01:06
magicianlordNiglop: different owner01:06
Niglopmagicianlord› ?01:06
jhansonxiroot___, it is started by the network subsystem FWICT.  Look in /etc/network/interfaces.01:06
joeoshawai think niglops point is he would want to access it anywhere01:07
Niglopcould anybody help me please?01:07
coraxxNiglop: I might...what's the problem ?01:07
Niglopi restarted my computer and now all the folders/files on my flash stick are locked?01:07
jhansonxiroot___, you may have to ifdown/ifup or restart networking01:07
joeoshawaa usb stick is not very usefull if you cannot access it from other computers01:07
coraxxNiglop: was the flash drive yanked out during the reboot ?01:08
Niglopnop why01:08
GaryDNiglop: can you access the files as root?01:09
coraxxNiglop: just diagnosing ... sometimes its a filesystem problem ...sometimes its a mounting problem ...in your case is proberly a mounting problem.01:09
NiglopGaryD› yes01:09
agentgasmaskHi, I'm getting an error in update-manager saying: could not initiate dbus. It works if I run an X session as root and run it. Running it with sudo doesn't work.01:09
CoinOpNeed help with a wireless problem, did all the ticket information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://paste.ubuntu.com/558785/01:09
joeoshawais there a permission setting for flash drives01:09
coraxxNiglop: first take out the flash drive ...make sure you are logged on your ubuntu01:09
jhansonxiroot___, you could change proftpd to daemon mode with "dpkg-reconfigure proftpd-basic".  Reinstall and then purge the other ftp package and then change ProFTP back to inetd.01:09
rez410im running ubuntu-server 10.10 with a wireless adapter. My power just went out and now my box wont connect to the network. Everything is the same in /etc/networking/interfaces file, and i tried /etc/init.d/networking restart and it still did not connect. All of my other wireless devices have automatically connected back to the network router without a problem. Any ideas?01:10
Niglopcoraxx› i am logged in01:10
coraxxNiglop: ok then ...take the flash-drive out ...count to 5...an re-insert it.01:10
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Niglopwow it worked coraxx  lol01:11
Niglopwhat was wrong with it?01:11
coraxxNiglop: yes...thought so01:11
joeoshawarez410: just a quick one unplug the cable from the linux box wait long enough for the server to see its not connected and reconnect it01:11
root___jhansonxi: i think i found it, it was openbsd-inetd01:11
noobuntooA newbie question; how do I get the fire anim, I have compiz but no fire anim. thnx01:11
joeoshawaif that doesn't work to a network restart on the linux box01:12
coraxxNiglop: (when you flash-drive is in your computer while booting ...and therefore not yet logged in ...the automount daemon mount as the root user....not as the user you usually log in as...therefore the files appears as read-only, as you don't have the same rights as root)01:12
Sorinanthe alternate CD provides also live environment or it's just the installer?01:12
xanguanoobuntoo: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager ; configure plugins with that01:13
xanguaSorinan: no01:13
noobuntoook thnx01:13
Sorinanxangua, thanks01:13
mateuszHi, I have a question. I have to set JAVA_HOME, I just installed openjdk-6-jre but can't find it, where is java home?01:13
Aginormateusz: where the root directory of your jre/jdk installation01:14
Aginormateusz: I can't verify it, but have a look in /usr/java01:14
pznI need to use 3 pci-express video cards to have 6 intependent monitors. can someone recommend me a card model with "stable"(not buggy) drivers for ubuntu?01:14
Aginormateusz: it should be something obvious in /usr01:14
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joeoshawapzn: go with nvidia01:15
Aginorpzn: we use nvidia card for our display wall at the university here01:15
Aginorpzn: although we only have two cards per machine01:15
Aginorpzn: (driving four monitors over dvi)01:15
mateuszAginor, thanks01:16
joeoshawai am using a geforce 8400 gs and muti monitors works great01:16
joeoshawaproprietary drivers01:16
joeoshawaeasy setup01:16
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joeoshawaand configures xorg.conf for you01:16
joeoshawajust make a backup of the existing one01:17
joeoshawaany nvidia model should have great linux support i believe01:17
Aginormateusz: did you meet success?01:18
xyzuse x chat01:18
xyzuse x chat01:18
xyz? in one of these shows can we talk about the future of wireless spectrum?01:19
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic xyz01:19
pznAginor, any nvidia recommended model? or anyone will fit? I'll only display avi/mpeg files, no 3d, no rendering01:19
l0vejoeoshawa, I love nvidia01:19
pznAginor, anyone->anymodel01:20
joeoshawabrb switching clients01:20
joeoshawasame here01:20
Mumiyo everybody01:20
Aginorpzn: let me log into one of the machines and have a look01:20
Mumii'm new to this irc01:20
jufdaSome GUDA should be good01:20
joeoshawaNVIDIA ROCKS thanks nvidia for linux support01:20
rez410to whoever it was helping me with my networking problem; Thank you. Unplugging the adapter for a second worked. My power actually went out right after I read your message.01:20
mateuszAgentBlair, i think so, i find it here: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin01:20
joeoshawanp rez01:20
joeoshawathats what my box does01:20
mateuszAginor, sorry, ^^01:21
MumiIs there anybody who can help me with my new Asus u45jc and geforce 310m?01:21
FloodBot2avenge: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:21
Aginorpzn: we are using Gefore 8800 GT in four of the machines, one of them failed because of solder issues in the manufacturing process and we replaced it with a newer card using the same model, let me see if I can find that box too01:22
MumiIs there anybody who can help me with my new Asus u45jc and geforce 310m?01:22
jhansonxiMumi, see this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1392766&page=401:22
bezaohow can i execute sql query in pgsql while in ubuntu console mode01:22
Mumithx.. will look01:22
macoavenge: keep off the illegal activities topic please01:22
FloodBot2avenge: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
TWILisAwesomei have a dynamic IP address, I would like to see my current IP what is the command?01:23
l0veTWILisAwesome ipconf01:23
mateuszTWILisAwesome, ifconfig01:23
Aginorpzn: Geforce GTX 46501:23
TWILisAwesomety mateusz l0ve01:24
TWILisAwesomeit would be inet addr right?01:25
TWILisAwesome*under the interface being used01:25
CoinOpNeed help with a wireless problem, did all the ticket information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://paste.ubuntu.com/558785/01:25
AginorTWILisAwesome: yes01:26
biiterok.. so i just installed ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop and im getting only blinking cursor.. what can i do abou it?01:26
TWILisAwesomeAginor, ty01:26
itaylor57KM0201: man system76 support is awesome01:27
vectoryhi, could grepping /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/per_cpu/cpu1/trace_pipe go wrong?01:27
Vooloosince installing new kernels my network card stops working randomly for 5-10 seconds, what can I do?01:27
KM0201itaylor57: i haven't really dealt w/ them... did you order one of their ubuntu systems?01:27
biiterhmm. there is a bug in bununtu usb stick installator..01:27
pznAginor, gtx465 or 8800gt? I have some cheap 7200GS, will they fit?01:28
biiterafter succesfull installation the usb stick is broken and i can't boot it again01:28
joeoshawathat is better01:28
joeoshawawow the white background01:29
biiteri gues.. somewhere in the installation the writing is done on usb stick instead of hdd01:29
itaylor57KM0201:  They have a utility to capture logs in a tar file and responded back within 15 minutes01:29
Aginorpzn: I don't know :) in our case it was more a question of what was available at the time which didn't require us to have differnt software on one of the machines and could also drive dvi-only01:29
KM0201itaylor57: well, pretty cool01:30
vectorywhy would find without rootpriviliges try to -exec a file i dont own?01:30
pznAginor, anyway... if I get a model from nvidia (not a state-of-art model), chances of the driver working correctly will be big?01:30
itaylor57KM0201: mind if I pm you I don't want to be ot here01:31
KM0201itaylor57: sure if you want01:31
Aginorpzn: yes01:31
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vectory!ubottu find-utils01:31
Aginorpzn: you will have fun setting up your X-server to use all of the cards, but there will be plenty of tutorials around for that kind of thing01:32
joeoshawamuch better01:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:32
joeoshawai like xchat01:32
ubutom!msgthebot | vectory01:32
ubottuvectory: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:32
pznwhen I launch a X11 application in a multi-screen system, how can i specify in which screen it will start?01:32
vectorygood question pzn, wanna know too01:33
Aginorpzn: as in, position in the desktop provided by X? it's handled by the window manager so find a suitable window manager01:33
carl0s-I removed most of /etc/ldap, which broke slapd (open-ldap). Now I cannot do anything with apt-get, because I tried to purge slapd, but the prerm script is failing, which meant I can't do anything with packages. How can I fix this ?01:33
joeoshawapzn open it in the window you wish it to be in01:34
Aginorpzn: depending on your setup you can have an X server per monitor, one spanning several monitors or a combination01:34
carl0s-Every time I try to do anything with apt-get, it tries to sort of slapd which fails at: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 101:34
Jordan_Upzn: DISPLAY=:0.0 command01:34
boldfilterare the only people who use gentoo, geeks?01:34
Quantum_IonThis is what IBM SDK looks like running on my Dell Mini 9 netbook -> http://i55.tinypic.com/2uqoeft.png01:34
joeoshawaif you have one desktop for all just move it to the destop you wish it to be in01:34
pznjoeoshawa, my system won't have users... that will be an auto-login and auto start of 6 totem players in full-screen, one in each monitor. how?01:34
ZweiI'm running the latest version of Ubuntu, 10.10, after an update, it boots straight into terminal mode (sorry, not been using linux for long, not sure what's the proper terminology for this). How do I fix this?01:34
Jordan_Upzn: You can find the proper value for $DISPLAY by running "echo $DISPLAY" in a terminal in the X session in question.01:35
pznJordan_U, nice! I'll try it01:35
AginorJordan_U: that'll only make a difference if he's running multiple X-servers though01:35
amoskZwei, init 501:35
Fucowhat PDF viewer would you recommend?01:36
Zweiamosk: init 5?01:36
joeoshawaahh that is a different story so to be clear one machine 6 seats 6 desktops01:36
FucoI used to use Foxit on windows, but linux only has v1.1 which is quite ancient01:36
joeoshawavirtual machine?01:36
pznJordan_U, in my notebook (LCD + external monitor), display is :0.0 in both01:36
rwwFuco: the one that comes with Ubuntu is fine :\01:36
Jordan_UAginor: True. I may have misunderstood the question.01:36
pznJordan_U, I opened gnome-terminal in both screens and echo $DISPLAY01:36
joeoshawai would just have all separate desktops open one instance for each01:36
Fucorww: no, not relly :P01:36
biiterhi.. any fix how to force ubuntu to install MBR to the correct hdd ???01:36
rwwFuco: Works for me. If you're not going to give any actual specifications, that's the best you're going to get :P01:37
Zweiamosk: what do you mean by "init 5"?01:37
Aginorpzn: kde's window manager can do it, but there should be several other window managers that support it as well. Google around ;)01:37
joeoshawanot really my territory to tell you the truth01:37
vectoryxinerama for dual monitors01:38
pznis there any C programming API where I could send commands like this x=findwindow(...); movewindow(x,screennumber,xcoord,ycoord); maximizewindow(x) ?01:38
Fucorww: well I want something like foxit obviously ;D01:38
CoinOpAny help with wireless would be awesome. http://paste.ubuntu.com/558785/01:38
xanguaFuco: epdf, xpdf01:38
* rww shrugs, tabs01:38
xanguaadobe reader, okular, etc01:38
Aginorpzn: xlib01:38
ereotavi just installed 10.10 on my comp..i have two hdds..i put it on sda (c:\) but my sdb (d:\) seems "split" in half.. any ideas01:38
joeoshawavectory depends on what you want01:39
Aginorpzn: you would in effect be writing your own window manager if you do it on that level though01:39
Aginorpzn: http://incise.org/tinywm.html01:39
ZweiCan someone tell me what does amosk means by "init 5"?01:39
joeoshawai have separate desktops cause one screen is a 20 inch lg the other is a 47 inch sony projection01:39
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.01:39
bazhangZwei, ^01:39
joeoshawaso spanning both is unusable01:39
joeoshawabut for two identical monitors xinerama may be for you but compiz is then out of the question some say01:40
joeoshawaor you could go twinview01:41
joeoshawaif its one card01:41
Zweibazhang: I don't understand that. What does it mean by runlevels?01:41
ZweiSorry, I've not used to linux.01:41
Aginoranyway, teatime for me01:41
pznAginor, really nice URL! I don't intent to write a window manager. just intend to write a program that will exec 6xmplayer and put each of them in the right window maximized. anyway, tyniwm sources will help a lot!01:41
Noeltoriousso im having an odd issue, i type in dvorak and my fiance types in qwerty, if she starts chromium with qwerty set and tries to set up a card on walmart.com it will only type in dvorak. any thoughts?01:42
ZweiI think I'm going to re-install Ubuntu then...01:43
joeoshawanoeltorious you need the keyboard icon on the top taskbar01:43
joeoshawato switch between01:43
Noeltoriousjoeoshawa: its up there, thats how she switches (i just use alt-shift01:43
joeoshawaoh so everything switches but firefox01:44
joeoshawasorry chromium01:44
itaylor57Zwei: runlevel on unix show the state of the system see this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runlevel#Ubuntu01:44
rumpe1Noeltorious, does it work in different browsers?01:45
Noeltoriousjoeoshawa: chromium switches fine and she can go to sites and search and stuff in qwerty but when she tries to design a card on walmarts site (flash?) its locked on dvorak regardless of system setting01:45
itaylor57Zwei: show/sets01:45
Noeltoriousrumpe1: hmm i'll try01:45
biiterwhat release name is ubuntu 10.10 ?01:46
rwwbiiter: the development codename for Ubuntu 10.10 was maverick.01:46
macobiiter: maverick meerkat01:46
edwardteachCoinOp, whats the problem apart from its not connected to a ap ?01:47
snypzzneed help installing displaylink01:48
snypzzanyone else out there using displaylink01:48
vectoryjoeoshawa: using seperate displays, can u move the mouse between them, or how do u switch?01:48
aeon-ltd!anyone | snypzz01:49
ubottusnypzz: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:49
Noeltoriousrumpe1: ah ha, on the same flash object in firefox it not only detects her qwerty but i can switch between the two layouts w/o issue. so must be something with chromium?01:49
joeoshawausing separate displays the mouse moves between windows do not01:49
snypzzI need help that's why I'm here...01:49
bazhangsnypzz, provide some details then01:50
joeoshawai have used all manner of muti head displays01:50
CoinOpedwardteach: it doesnt detect a network, either option. I don't know if its a driver issue or what, so I listed every possible terminal list i could in case someone could tell me.01:50
vectoryNoeltorious: theres a panel widget to change keyboard layout which gets saved on a per app basis01:50
Noeltoriousrumpe1: i'll use ff, thanks, forget i had it (i usually uninstall that) wonder how i can go about reporting this as a bug01:50
rumpe1Noeltorious, maybe its stored for some reason in a cookie... really don't know... perhaps you can move the chromium-settings (.chromium?) and try the same with a default-config...01:51
snypzzok just installed 2 USB Graphics adapters Displaylink DL165 chipset01:51
Noeltoriousvectory: im aware ive been using this for a long time, thanks though01:51
joeoshawai find flash is buggy in chromium01:51
Noeltoriousrumpe1: good idea, thanks again01:51
snypzzusing Ubuntu 10.1001:51
bazhang!pl | kolo01:51
gpc!pl | kolo01:51
ubottukolo: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.01:51
itaylor57joeoshawa: flashis buggy period01:52
JuJuBeeI just finished upgrading from kubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 and it reported an error.  I opened a terminal and tried to apt-get install -f to fix things... but I get http://pastie.org/150114201:52
joeoshawaand resource hungry01:52
bazhangsnypzz, please provide full details on a single line01:52
koloja nie pojemajet01:52
bazhangkolo, english here01:52
edwardteachCoinOp, well it scans the network all-right!  are you using network-manager?01:52
gpckolo: /join #ubuntu-pl01:52
itaylor57joeoshawa: i use chrome but i just don't play full screen videos and have had no problems01:53
joeoshawaalthough it provides a great way to watch tutorials as you dl them then save to desktop01:53
koloje tam ktotato01:53
joeoshawai don't play many vids01:53
joeoshawajust my kids01:53
Noeltoriousjoeoshawa itaylor57 i cant even use it at normal size on my machine01:54
joeoshawabut in firefox i have no problem01:54
edwardteachi meant frequency's!01:54
joeoshawai had that problem i upgraded firefox and problem solved01:54
FloodBot2kolo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:54
itaylor57Noeltorious: what version/browser01:54
torsionTried pulling video files off a DVD (to mp4 files) with Handbrake software and default settings, but the result was grainy. Any ideas?01:55
torsionSorry I'm a video n00b01:55
bazhangtorsion, try ogmrip instead01:55
bazhangtorsion, many nice presets to do exactly what you wish01:55
Noeltoriousitaylor57: my flash is i use chromium stable lol i think the real issue is my pc though01:56
Descriptionedanyone can help me about wop world of padman ? i downloaded the unified .zip file it says linux/ windows but i see .exe isntaller into it01:56
mrBearOk I have a big problem. I dual boot to windows and ubuntu (I have two separate ubuntu installations). I was in windows and deleted a volume/partition or something. (I was trying to get rid of one of the Ubuntu installations). Now I can't boot (grub error) and I can't boot ubuntu from usb (error: can not mount /dev/loop0 ...)01:56
edwardteachCoinOp, sorry no scans  my bad !01:57
joeoshawatorsion did you try dvd rip i am a bit of a noob at it myself01:57
joeoshawai can author and such just haven't pulled them off dvd's really01:57
itaylor57Noeltorious: I use chromium stable and I use the standard flash that came with the resitricte drivers01:58
torsionjoeoshawa only s/w I tried so far was handbrake. Will try ogmrip now or dvdrip now; so I rip the video to mp4 files, then dvdauthor/style to make new iso?01:58
ZykoticK9Descriptioned, just an FYI, but WoP is on PlayDeb http://www.playdeb.net/01:59
joeoshawayeah well i go and make new menus and such but you'll have to read the online tutorials its a bit much to go into here01:59
Noeltoriousitaylor57: still no full screen is sucky i need my hulu fix lol01:59
joeoshawabut yes01:59
sacarlsonmrBear: does that usb flash device boot on another system ok?01:59
joeoshawabut you rip them into whatever file you wish to use01:59
DescriptionedZykoticK9: i need install playdeb or?02:00
bazhangtorsion, with ogmrip you can simply copy, rip to various formats, the list is quite long.  I'd suggest you go with --install-recommends if you choose to install it02:00
mrBearscarlson it has before02:00
joeoshawaanother format may give you a much better image02:00
itaylor57Noeltorious: utube is available via html502:00
sacarlsonmrBear: has it ever booted on this system?02:00
ZykoticK9Descriptioned, ya, you need to add it as some weird quasi-repo -- see the "Click here to learn how to install games from PlayDeb" at the top of pages to learn how.02:01
DescriptionedZykoticK9: i downloaded the win/linux ver from here http://padworld.myexp.de/index.php?news02:01
kai__/j #omg!ubuntu!02:01
Tasteso.... last night i was prompted with an updat, so i updated, but after i updated, my sound no longer works.... anyone know whats with that?02:01
Descriptionedbut it's zip file and dont have game.sh or game.run just .exe files.02:01
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ZykoticK9Descriptioned, sorry I don't play WoP - i had once, i install from PlayDeb a long time ago.02:01
sacarlsonmrBear: well is there any other options to boot like cdrom?  do you have one?  can you burn one?02:01
Descriptionedi did installed ti though install.sh02:01
major_ive got several "yes" process running hogging 100% cpu ... I kill them but they keep spawning from time to time. Is there a way to know where are they coming from? (parent pid is init :S)02:01
joeoshawaif youtube fullscreen is a problem bring up the video pause it and when the red line gets all the way to then end browse file system and go to /tmp take the flash file and copy it to desktop02:02
mrBearsacarlson good idea i'll give that a try right now02:02
joeoshawathen you have it forever rename it and move it whereever you wish02:02
micromwine is giving me wine 'cannot find L"D:\\Installer.exe"' and I can't find a solution on google...02:02
torsionjoeoshawa, can you recommend a better format?02:02
ubu_plyCan anyone tell me why my laptop doesn't use the speakers when I tell it to use "Analog Output"?02:04
macoubu_ply: headphones are plugged in?02:04
Zweiitaylor57: thank you.02:04
macoubu_ply: or you found a driver bug02:04
ubu_plyIf they are, then it uses the headphones, when the headphones are not plugged it, it doesn't automatically switch to speakers02:05
ubu_ply*plugged in02:05
itaylor57Zwei: np good hunting02:05
xiackokhey i have fresh installed ubuntu 10.1002:06
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joeoshawalooks as though mp402:06
Zweiitaylor57: what do you mean by show/sets ?02:06
xiackoki have an packard bell lm98 notebook when i connect to internet via ethernet cable there isnt any problem02:07
xiackokbut when i try connect via wireless, the speed is very slow02:07
bazhang!es | serg_02:07
ubottuserg_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:07
itaylor57Zwei: I was correcting my statment replacing my type02:07
itaylor57Zwei: I was correcting my statment replacing my typo02:07
Zweiitaylor57: ah, okay. Thanks a lot :)02:07
Vooloosince installing new kernels my network card stops working randomly for 5-10 seconds, what can I do?02:08
joeoshawaubu_ply: i have the same problem i ended up buying speakers with a headphone jack to do the same thing my headset port doesn't work at all in linux02:08
ubu_plyNo, but my laptop has built-in speakers, and Maverick doesn't use them when I unplug my headphones02:09
joeoshawalinux sound is a disaster unfortunately but it is being worked on02:09
itaylor57ubu_ply: you have to set speakers vs headphones via the audio preferences02:09
mrBearsacarlson it didn't work either from cd02:10
ubu_plyFor output in the sound prefs I have two options "Analog Speakers" and "Analog Output" Analog Speakers uses the speakers, but Analog Output uses the headphones, it should automatically switch from headphones to speakers when there's nohting plugged into the headphone jack02:11
TasteWell i dont even know why i ask anymore.... been asking all day but last night i downlaoded an update i was prompted to download, and after i did that my sound doesnt work anymore....02:11
ubu_plyBut it doesn't02:11
bazhang!ko | puting_02:11
ubottuputing_: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko02:11
itaylor57ubu_ply: not it is not automatic02:11
joeoshawaubu_ply: not to rtfm but unfortunately this is the best answer i got for you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure02:11
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Zweiitaylor57: I just read that Ubuntu doesn't use runlevel: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138190502:12
codairemfirst time IRC user - how do I connect to irc.thebox.bz/#thebox.bz02:12
xangua!!doesntwork | Taste02:12
ubottuTaste: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:12
ZweiHow will runlevel work?02:12
Zweishould I restart, then just type runlevel?02:12
joeoshawaactually there is an autodetect feature but like i said linux sound is a mess02:12
itaylor57Zwei: yes it does02:12
Zweiitaylor57: thanks, I'll restart now. I'm currently running off the live CD.02:13
joeoshawainit 6 =runlevel 6 restart your computer from command line02:13
itaylor57ubu_ply: you have to manually change the audio prefs if you remove your headphones to send sound to your speakers02:15
torsionjoeoshawa, tried to rip using "standalone DVD" setting on ogmrip, got error, log: http://pastebin.com/uDYP4SZV02:15
htcis there a way to make a launcher for ffmpeg? (so i can drag and drop the file i need to change with ffmpeg)?02:15
ubu_plyitaylor57, it didn't used to be that way02:15
bazhangtorsion, did you install using the --install-recommends option?02:15
dragonkeeperi try boot my pc and all i get is grub rescue>     but i want to get into windows instead       how can i load windows from this grub ?02:15
itaylor57ubu_ply: then you could be right I have limited experiance with unbuntu02:16
ubu_plyHaha, I'm sos tupid02:16
itaylor57ubu_ply: its just my experinece02:16
htc is there a way to make a launcher for ffmpeg so i can drag and drop the file i need to change with ffmpeg?02:16
torsionbazhang no I just did sudo apt-get install. n00b. How do I do it your way?02:16
ubu_plyitaylor57, turns out, if you select speakers, it'll route to headphones it they're plugged in02:16
itaylor57ubu_ply: could be a bug02:16
bazhangtorsion, sudo apt-get install packagename --install-recommends02:16
ubu_plyitaylor57, maybe02:17
Vooloosomeone please help me with my NIC problem! :( I cant disconnect from IRC every 30 secs02:17
Descriptionedr configure the repository manually: Go to System-Administration-Software Sources, Third-Party Software tab, Add:02:17
torsionbazhang, okay did that, it didn't add anything02:17
Descriptionedi dont find "Software Sources"02:17
Vooloor8169, gigabit motherboard network card02:17
Descriptionedanyone help.02:17
joeoshawahow do i use chown to make everything in a directory belong to one user eg chown joes /home/joes02:17
joeoshawause -r ?02:17
htc is there a way to make a launcher for ffmpeg so i can drag and drop the file i need to change with ffmpeg?  anyone know if that is possible02:18
torsionjeooshawa, -R (caps)02:18
ZykoticK9Descriptioned, have a look in Ubuntu Software Center for where sources was moved02:18
torsionbazhang any luck with that error log from pastebin?02:18
Quantum_Ionthis is me running java program on my netbook -> http://i52.tinypic.com/29v04fa.png02:19
=== Lenin_Cat is now known as King_Cat
DescriptionedZykoticK9: im new on this the instrucions says find that what happend all has moved in 10.10 version omg.02:19
bazhangtorsion, an issue with the css it seems (libdvdread)02:20
macoDescriptioned: it was removed from the menu in 10.10 you can get there through software center's settings02:21
=== King_Cat is now known as Lenin_Cat
ZykoticK9Descriptioned, i'm on 10.04LTS so I can't tell you exactly where Software Sources is in U.S.C. but I know it's in there somewhere02:21
torsionbazhang, I did apt-get install libdvdread4 and it's there02:21
bazhangtorsion, and libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org ?02:21
Descriptionedmaco:  how?02:21
ZykoticK9torsion, after install libdvdread4 did you run the required script?02:21
chovynzhow do I run programs on startup?02:22
bazhangchovynz, put them in startup applications02:22
chovynzin command line sorry for nto saying first off.02:22
macoDescriptioned: wherever you configure updates in there02:22
ZykoticK9chovynz, for programs to start at login System / Perferences / Startup Applications02:22
macochovynz: system -> prefrences -> session02:23
Descriptionedthey sucks on 10.10 version hope will change that..02:23
torsionzykotick9, required script?  What's that?  (n00b alert!)02:23
macoZykoticK9: it got renamed?02:23
ZykoticK9maco, sorry - my bad.02:23
ZykoticK9torsion, sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh02:23
lastmNautilus -- is there a way to save columne widths from session to session or must they be manually reset each time the program is launched?02:23
macoDescriptioned: the update manager and software center settings both go to the same place. having a third place was deemed unnecessary02:23
chovynzbazhang, ZykoticK9, maco : How do I do teh same for command line startup?02:23
torsionTried ogmrip with "just copy" setting, made big .mkv file; looks better, but still a bit grainy?02:23
macoDescriptioned: you could just hit alt+f2 and run software-properties-gtk02:23
smallfoot-what other shells are there than bash in ubuntu?02:24
ajwillhi all, I have a quick question, I'm using jack for routing my guitar from my gt-10 into my computer then back out to my headphones, and I was wondering, how would I be able to get programs like Rhythmbox to playback while I have jack running and my guitar routed through jack as well?02:24
torsionbazhang,  libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in /build/buildd/libdvdread-4.1.3/src/ifo_read.c:116802:25
macosmallfoot-: well, /bin/sh goes to dash... you can also install rsh (restricted shell), ksh, mksh, zsh, csh...02:26
JuJuBeeAny suggestions on what to do about these messages after upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10? http://pastie.org/150114202:26
ZykoticK9maco, oh was that a question?  In 10.04 i have System / Preferences / Startup Applications -- not sure if it's different in 10.10 (don't remember)02:26
DescriptionedZykoticK9: it is..02:26
macoZykoticK9: it used to be Sessions and then there was a "Startup" tab02:26
jribsmallfoot-: ..., fish, tcsh, probably even more.  I like zsh...02:26
macoZykoticK9: but i havent used gnome since 8.0402:26
gpcZykoticK9: same in 10.1002:26
sacarlsonchovynz: there are many whys my method is us crontab -e   with a line @reboot  /home/user/yourprogramtorun02:26
DescriptionedZykoticK9: i was have 10.04 lts before 2days and i think 10.04 is better than 10.10 im noob i dont know but i see that it is.02:26
ZykoticK9maco, ya - you'r a big KDE use i know ;)02:27
chovynzsacarlson: Ah... I want the programsto run before user login.02:27
macoZykoticK9:  it got de-uglied!02:27
sacarlsonchovynz: that's what this does02:27
ZykoticK9maco, "de-uglied" great word :)02:27
chovynzsacarlson: So when it says /home/<user> a <user> doesn't actually have to log in first?02:28
sacarlsonchovynz: as noted by the @reboot  it will run the program when the sytem boots02:28
chovynzsacarlson: Am I putting a variable (<user>) where there is none?02:29
sacarlsonchovynz: no it doesn't but it does have to exist02:29
jribchovynz: maybe if you have encrypted homes...02:29
chovynzsacarlson: oh ok. thanks. You too jrib.02:29
sacarlsonchovynz: change those values to match your case02:29
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:30
jetsaredimany suggestions on how to fix video playback like this: http://i.imgur.com/p3NGH.png02:30
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm02:30
ajwillhi all, I have a quick question, I'm using jack for routing my guitar from my gt-10 into my computer then back out to my headphones, and I was wondering, how would I be able to get programs like Rhythmbox to playback while I have jack running and my guitar routed through jack as well?02:30
KM0201dascapital2: answer your PM02:30
Vooloor8169 drivers is WORTHLESS02:31
ZykoticK9chovynz, you can use "/msg UBOTTU !foo" to get factoids privately02:31
chris2kn5ajwill: Probably a question for #pulseaudio02:31
chovynzthanks ZykoticK902:31
ajwillchris2kn5: thanks :)02:31
torsionusing "Copy (no reencoding)" and it looks good. Thanks all!02:32
kenwhat's this?02:32
biitergoddammit.. blinking cursor of dead02:32
bazhangken ubuntu support02:32
bazhangbiiter, watch the language please02:32
sacarlsonajwill: I was able to patch Audaucious  audio into jackd before by selecting the jackd output option in audaucious02:32
jetsaredimany suggestions on how to fix video playback like this: http://i.imgur.com/p3NGH.png02:33
bazhangjetsaredim, turn off compiz?02:33
kenI coI come from China, some people like me it?02:34
biiterbazhang: do you know how to fix it?02:34
bazhangken support for Ubuntu in chinese is in #ubuntu-cn , just so you know02:34
kenWell here? Global  port?02:35
sacarlsonken: they are all global this one is the english global02:35
jetsaredimbazhang: a - not sure how; b - has worked before02:37
kenthanks very much02:37
chovynzsacarlson: So, even though I'm editing crontab for my username, this (as you indicated up there) will work before I login because of @reboot?02:37
ZenGuyIf I use ubuntu 64bit, does that mean all the software avialable in the repos are also 64bit?02:37
jribZenGuy: mostly, yes02:37
bazhangjetsaredim, normally alt f2 metacity --replace will do02:38
sacarlsonchovynz: yup, if you need to do sudo stuf then you might want to login or sudo -s to modify the root account crontab02:38
=== danny_ is now known as mbvpixies78
ZenGuyjrib: mostly? so it's a mix of 32bit and 64bit in the repos then?02:38
jribZenGuy: no, there are a handful of things that are 32bit (I can think of flash and the ia32-* stuff I guess is too)02:39
chovynzsacarlson: I'm modifying something on my server. Is this the better way to do it?02:39
gpcZenAdm1n: the few apps that aren't 64bit will use ia32libs to make them work02:39
chovynzsacarlson: I guess I should just try it :)02:39
ZenGuyjrib: besides accessing more ram, what are the end user benifits to using 64 bit?02:39
ZykoticK9jrib, ZenAdm1n flash is the only example I can think of that is 32bit on 64bit systems (from default repo)02:39
gpmhi all. chrome won't stop asking if i would like to make it the default browser. i've said yes in gnome-default-application-properties and with update-alternatives...any clues as to how to make chrome know it's the system default?02:39
ZenGuyI was going to wait another year and a half before I decided to switch to 64bit completely02:40
DrGrovWhat is this thing with Ubuntu 10.04 and Plymouth? I am trying to get a new theme but I am extremely lost on how to install it02:40
jribZenGuy: there's a speed increase for "certain things", check out the wikipedia article, it's likely to be less vague than me :)02:40
sacarlsonchovynz: well what every your server user runs under the one that runs the program to modify any files in it must be at least in the group of the servers user02:40
jribZenGuy: I've been using 64bit for years, no problems02:40
ZenGuyjrib: ok02:40
chovynzsacarlson: I got lost on server user :) I'm going to try what you said and see what happens.02:41
ZykoticK9DrGrov, what theme?  The Ubuntu Earth Sunrise comes as a DEB and is pretty awesome http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/earth-sunrise-is-gorgeous-plymouth.html02:41
inktrihow can i insert a new line into a file after line X using command line?02:41
hunterkasyI need some help using the ubuntu forums, is this the right place to ask?02:41
DrGrovZykoticK9: Thank you. I am trying to get it now then :) How do I install it then?02:41
xanguahunterkasy: that would be #ubuntuforums02:41
ZykoticK9DrGrov, just double click the deb or install it from command line02:42
snypzzubuntu 10.10 looking for help to get displaylink working, currently have 2 green screens. using displaylink on acer8940G I7 laptop, USB Graphic Adapter Displaylink DL-165 chipset...02:42
sacarlsonchovynz: if you mean server as apache2 then the user that runs that is www-data  so your user would require being in that group with priv to read and write files02:42
jribinktri: you could use sed for example02:42
test34is ubuntu going to switch to libreoffice?02:42
ZykoticK9test34, i think so for 11.04 perhaps?  I'm not sure on that though.02:43
DrGrovZykoticK9: Ok, does it matter if I use the proprietary nVidia drivers?02:43
rwwtest34: yes, in 11.0402:43
bazhang!cn | yukun02:43
ubottuyukun: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk02:43
rwwit already has, in fact.02:43
test34thanks ZykoticK9 and rww02:43
jastivCannot find /lib/modules/
Quantum_IonShe slides down the pole like a certified stripper02:43
k-milogarshello for all02:43
DrGrovCan I get Libreoffice to work on the side with OpenOffice without any issues?02:43
bazhangQuantum_Ion, pardon?02:43
ZykoticK9DrGrov, that same link has a script fix for nvidia/ati proprietary drivers - works well for me02:44
gpc!ohmy | Quantum_Ion02:44
ubottuQuantum_Ion: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:44
jastivI broke my package manager!!!02:44
rwwDrGrov: not with the Ubuntu packaging, no02:44
DrGrovZykoticK9: How do I use that script then?02:44
Quantum_Ionmy bad wrong room02:44
ownerHi All02:44
ZykoticK9DrGrov, see http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html02:44
DrGrovrww: Ok. So I need to continue with OpenOffice until Ubuntu gets into 11.0402:44
Quantum_IonDrGrov, Yeah I wil lstick with 10.04 until 12.04 LTS02:44
ZykoticK9DrGrov, i use the LibreOffice PPA right now on 10.0402:45
ownerCan someone please help? I have an issue with a newly installed laptop: It seems that the X server is completely messed up. I have an ATI Radeon 1200 graphics card02:45
DrGrovZykoticK9: Nah, that is too painful to change the plymouth theme02:45
jastivE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:45
sacarlsonjastiv: how did you do that?  did you modify /etc/apt/source.list  or something?02:45
ownerDo I need to install some proprietary driver?02:45
ZykoticK9DrGrov, then just leave it then???02:45
jastivI don't know how I did it02:46
ownerI can only log in in recovery mode02:46
DrGrovZykoticK9: Yes, I will leave it02:46
jastivI do know I tried to install imlib02:46
chovynzdoes command line search search for <input> or does it do something else?02:46
Igoruhow can i remove a PAN between my notebook and my desktop that was added to network-manager when i paired both computers?02:46
jastivfrom source02:46
DrGrovI do not have the time to fix around if it starts to get wrong02:46
ownerAnybody has an idea what is going on?02:46
DrGrovHave too much study related stuff going on so I do need the computer up to date :)02:46
ownerThe keyboard also makes a tak tak tak sound with every key stroke02:46
ownerit is extremely annoying02:47
DrGrovAnything I could use as more eyecandy for GNOME on Ubuntu 10.04?02:47
chovynzHow can I find a program that I'm trying to run, via the command line? e.g. mediatombe, would I type search mediatomb?02:47
DrGrovI have compiz working as I want but is there something else to work with?02:47
pznwhich app can I use to play a flash(swf) file from command line?02:47
jastivnow everytime I try to install a package I get this E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:47
ZykoticK9chovynz, "apt-cache search foo"02:47
ownerCan someone please help?02:47
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  you could toss in some conky scripts/displays for more cruft to look at. :)02:47
jastivbut it doesnt' correct the problem02:47
bazhangwhich mediatomb chovynz02:47
jribjastiv: try what it says and pastebin the result (and what you ran)02:47
chovynzZykoticK9: doesn't that search teh web?02:47
bazhangchovynz, that searchs the package list02:48
ZykoticK9chovynz, oh sorry i thought you meant "search to install something" my bad02:48
sacarlsonjastiv: so did you try follow the instructions sudo dpkg --configure -a?02:48
Dr_Willisowner:  clarify the issue on one single line. also sate the video card you are using. Your issue is a bit hard to follow when you spread it out.02:48
DrGrovDr_Willis: Hello. Perhaps yes, Conky though was giving me a hard time last I used it on my old hardware. Did not go as planned so it ended with me removing conky :D02:48
ZykoticK9chovynz, "which foo" to find a path for an executable02:48
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  you can spend weeks playing with conky configs.02:48
ownerDr_Willis: How do I find what graphics card I have?02:48
chovynzbazhang: yeah, that's what I thought. how do I search on my computer for the location of the program? So, ZykoticK9 I would say in terminal "which mediatomb" ?02:49
bazhangowner, lspci in terminal02:49
ZykoticK9owner, "lspci | grep -i vga"02:49
bazhangchovynz, yes02:49
Dr_Willisowner:  lspci for starters.  check stickers on the pc perhaps.02:49
chovynzweird. Why "which"? that doesnt make any sense that I know of yet.02:49
DrGrovDr_Willis: Yes, that was my issue actually... I have a disorder that I need to use eyecandy. Customizing my mobile phone, desktop wallpapers at least 3-4 per day etc etc.02:49
vectory_chovynz: whereis02:49
KuwangerI'm having an odd problem with fonts.  Specifically, I have a font that seems to work fine when passed to xterm through .icemw's toolbar/menu but fails to work if I try to pass it through either icewm's runbar or a terminal.02:49
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  i suggest getting over it... :)02:49
ZykoticK9chovynz, if you have more then one binary with the same name - it will point you to the one that will actually be running02:50
DrGrovDr_Willis: But I would love something easy to get so I can perhaps finally settle down with the customizations.02:50
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  theres a web artical or 2 out i saw last week on '5 great conky setups'02:50
DrGrovDr_Willis: Trust me on that, I have tried but the dark side is pulling me back in LOL02:50
vectory_chovynz: the prog u look for might need to be in the searchpath tho02:50
chovynzZykoticK9: Ahhhh, that makes sense. Thanks vectory_02:50
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  i think i bookmarked it on my delicious.com/dr_willis page.02:50
ownerI know now what graphics card I have: VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]02:50
vectory_ur fucked02:51
DrGrovDr_Willis: I am checking now02:51
vectory_ati drivers for linux are bad02:51
ownerWhy is my X server so messed up?02:51
bazhangvectory_, watch the language02:51
DrGrovNow I gotta ask02:51
ownervectory: et decent ATI drivers then?02:51
DrGrovAh bazhang, the sheriff remarking the language. I almost though that would slide since my swearing never slided through LOL02:52
vectory_soz, dunno but people keep tellin me that02:52
ownerHow do I find decent ATI drivers? Anybody has had similar issues?02:52
vectory_so, i just quoted ;)02:52
chovynzoh blast. I activated mediatomb by accident. I'm guessing that /usr/bin/mediatomb would be what I need to "run" in crontab? sacarlson02:52
bazhangowner, alt f2 jockey-gtk02:52
sacarlsonowner: I would think at worst case you could run in vga mode some how02:52
ownerI just found out that the "tak tak" sound is from the keyboard being in insert mode02:52
DrGrovDr_Willis: The problem I have is that it is a bit difficult for me to know if my CPU will give out the information.02:52
ownerThe strange thing is that the resolution seems absolutely normal in recovery mode02:53
coz_owner,   ah yes... a nice  relief when that is figured out :)02:53
DrGrovDr_Willis: I am not sure, temperature definitely not. It is a HP xw9300 Workstation.02:53
b0otCurrently I'm dual booting ubuntu 10.10 (recently upgraded from 9.10) and now I'm out of space... how do I resize my partitions to make my windows one smaller and my ubuntu one bigger SAFELY02:53
ownerbut I can't log in in normal mode02:53
jastivI broke dpkg!!!! http://paste.ubuntu.com/558818/02:53
ownerI just updated everything, hoping to have the problem disappear. It didn't work02:54
sacarlsonchovynz: yes you would add a crontab line with: @reboot /usr/bin/mediatomb  but what is mediatomb?  is it an x application?02:54
yeatsjastiv: do 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'02:55
ownerAnyone knows how I can install decent ATI driverS?02:55
jastivI tried that, it gave me another error.02:55
DrGrovDr_Willis: I love that you linked to those Conky scripts :)02:55
chovynzsacarlson: not a x app. It's a web media server app for my private server02:55
yeatsjastiv: in your paste, you're leaving off 'sudo'02:55
jastivCannot find /lib/modules/
coz_owner,     For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.02:55
DrGrovDr_Willis: The problem is still there. I am not sure I can use any of those since I really do not know how to customize them more to my liking02:55
tony_ubuntuDoes anyone know how I can save my current setup including fonts as a theme?02:56
ownerthe default driver on my system seems to be working properly in recovery mode, but fails to run properly in normal mode02:56
yeatsjastiv: oh I see now - you did at the end02:56
jastivI did sudo, its still the same :(02:56
ownercoz_ : My graphics card is ATI Radeon 1200 series02:56
sacarlsonchovynz: if it opens listen ports in low numbers like bellow 1024 I think it would require sudo to run02:56
ownerdo you think that driver would work for me too?02:56
yeatsjastiv: now do 'sudo apt-get -f install'02:57
DrGrovDr_Willis: Anything else you can suggest for eyecandy? :)02:57
coz_owner,   then I am not sure... you may want to go to the #radeon   channel02:57
chovynzsacarlson: opens port 49152. does that by default. I'll I need to do is run it in the background (i think, that's what I'm testing anyway...)02:57
biiterhow do i create bootable usb installer from hd-media/boot.img.gz ?02:57
ownerNo help there. First place I went to02:57
ownerThey suggested I come here02:58
jastivE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:58
gunndawghey I am trying to modify nslookup's functionality by adding "Enter a URL" in front of it so its not just a blank cursor waiting for input02:58
jastivI did it and got this same thing02:58
gunndawgI put echo "please enter URL" >> nslookup; but that does not work02:58
sacarlsonchovynz: then I don't think sudo is needed it should run under your normal user that has internet access02:58
chovynzsacarlson: Now, I have a question RE: crontab. Why is it trying to save the crontab file to /tmp/crontab.jLcQyb/crontab? (I'm logged in remotely)02:59
ZykoticK9gunndawg, your echo command says to append that output to a file called nslookup - doubt that's what you want.02:59
k-milogarsUbuntu I do not read the cd / dvd02:59
sacarlsonchovynz: I think it first tests the file syntax then if it's ok it puts the crontab into action02:59
gunndawgZykotick9 doh! guess I need to learn shell syntax better, lol02:59
gunndawgzykotick9, any way to do what I am trying to do then ?03:00
rumpe1gunndawg, use "read"03:00
chovynzsacarlson: will that crontab exists after I reboot? Guess it's a good time to try it :)03:00
gunndawgrumpel, example please03:00
ZykoticK9gunndawg, perhaps "echo "Please enter a URL" && nslookup" would work (untested)03:00
ownerAnybody can help with a messed up xorg for an AMD with ATI x1200 graphics card?03:00
sacarlsonchovynz: if you used crontab -e to edit it and it checks ok at save then yet it is saved,  will it run is another story03:01
coz_owner,   did you try the #radeon  channel :)03:01
yeatsjastiv: what is "libre-fshoppe1"? do you know?  and what was apt/dpkg doing when it was interrupted?03:01
ownercoz_ : yes, they recommended I come here03:01
coz_owner,  oh  :)03:02
gunndawgrumpel, any suggestion ?03:02
sacarlsonchovynz: you sure the problem didn't already auto start at boot?  you should have checked /etc/init.d to see if any media*  existed already03:02
jastivI think I broke it then did not realise it was broke till I tried to install something else03:02
jastivSo I'm not sure what did it exactly03:03
ZykoticK9gunndawg, i just tried it, i believe it's what you're looking for: echo "Please enter a URL" && nslookup03:03
sacarlsonchovynz: sorry not problem program03:03
rumpe1gunndawg, http://linux.die.net/man/1/read03:03
BrzlnB0yconnect irc.quakenet.com03:03
chovynzsacarlson: Yesterday I got mediatomb running manually. Today I acciendtly shut off the server and media tomb was not active. So I figure that it would be best to make it run auto, incase teh server ever needs to reboot03:03
gunndawgzykotick9 but it puts the users input on a 2nd line,03:03
biiterwtf.. module loop not found...03:03
yeatsjastiv: you can probably do 'tail /var/log/dpkg.log' to see what the last few packages were03:04
sacarlsonchovynz: ok03:04
ownerI guess ubuntu is not ready for some laptops03:04
ZykoticK9gunndawg, ya, i think you'd need to re-write nslookup if you wanted something different.  Best of luck man.03:04
ownerSo much for "switch to Linux, it's better than Windows"03:04
gunndawgZykotick9 I dont think you fully understand what I am after, but thanks for the help!03:04
chovynzhaha. it didn't run03:04
ZykoticK9owner, "switch to linux, it's better... so long as you don't have ATI" more like it ;)03:05
sacarlsonchovynz: bummer03:05
sacarlsonchovynz: and you can run it with the same command line you put in crontab?03:06
chovynzMmm. I'm out of time. I'll have to come back to this at a later stage. Thanks for your help sacarlson ZykoticK9 bazhang03:06
ZykoticK9sacarlson, just want to point out that just because a script/command runs successfully from command line does NOT guarantee it will run successfully from crontab - BUT if it doesn't run from command line it won't run from crontab :)03:07
sacarlsonchovynz: it could be it tries to do something to soon at boot or something totaly different,  might need to make a script that adds a sleep 30  or some time for system to be stable,  yes true ZykoticK903:09
christo_mxubuntu keeps reloading things i had open before03:10
christo_mhow can i stop saving state03:10
=== godmode is now known as Guest44407
ZykoticK9christo_m, IF you don't get an answer here, you might want to ask in the #xubuntu channel.  Good luck - i don't use xubuntu myself.03:11
christo_mZykoticK9: thanks bro03:12
mbvpixies78When I type in my FQDN for my Ubuntu server, I get "It works!" but when I append "/index.html" I get the actual index page I set up.  What am I missing here?03:12
jethrothow can i set up my monitor on the thinkpad with a newly installed version of ubuntu, it's an x30103:12
christo_mjethrot: you mean dual, or switch03:13
christo_mFn + F7 will do it03:13
danubdoes ubuntu not have metasploit in its repos?03:13
DrGrovIs emulator ROM's free these days for most of the consoles?03:13
jethrotit only does 800x600003:14
christo_mDrGrov: technically yes03:14
jethroter 60003:14
drakemanhey guys, ubuntu 10.10 is better than previous version?03:14
christo_mbut you're supposed to have a hardcopy of the game03:14
ZykoticK9danub, "apt-cache search metasploit" returns w3af and a w3af-console -- i have no idea what any of these 3 things are.  good luck.03:14
drakemany want to try it but would be good some reference03:14
sacarlsonmbvpixies78: my guess is it's the cache in your browser try close and reopen it or maybe just reload03:14
DrGrovchristo_m: Anything you could suggest? What would be a good platform to play on?03:14
DrGrovchristo_m: I have played all the genesis games already before03:14
Descriptionedits any program or how i can put my own ubuntu Button?03:14
Guest44407drakeman: it looks better03:15
DrGrovchristo_m: I was really hoping to get NeoGeo working03:15
sacarlsonmbvpixies78: or do you run a proxy?03:15
Guest44407i like the splash screen ^_^03:15
danubZykoticK9: yeah those are for testing web applications. they aren't used for testing system strength03:15
ZykoticK9drakeman, that's a very subjective question - i did run 10.10 (better/newer Nvidia driver) but returned to 10.0403:15
DaGeek247DrGrov what are you lookin for?03:15
mbvpixies78sacarlson:  <shift> relead worked!  thanks..  swore it didn't last time03:15
dascapitalKM0201: someone get KM0201 for me03:15
philip_Hey I have a problem I cannot get GTKpod working with my IPod touch 4G IOS 4.2.1 8GB model./03:15
KM0201dascapital: lol..03:15
christo_mDrGrov: im not sure, i dont know about the emulator scene on linux03:16
drakemanZykoticK9 you think 10.04 its better than the new version?03:16
DrGrovDaGeek247: I am looking for a working NeoGeo emulator and some ROM's I am sure I can find. Mostly to get the NeoGeo emulator working properly. I would love some Super Sidekicks 2, 3 and 4 again03:16
philip_I have all my LIbImobile stuff upgraded Ubuntu Mounts my IPod but, I can't sync to it.03:16
mbvpixies78sacarlson:  I'd like to set up a proxy--  for that would I just have the router forward from the proxy to the server?03:16
philip_Also, I'm on Ubuntu 10.1003:16
DrGrovchristo_m: Ok, no worries. Thanks though for helping :)03:16
ZykoticK9drakeman, it's personal preference more then anything.03:16
DaGeek247wrong channel, oops03:17
Descriptionedits any program or how i can put my own ubuntu Button icon...?03:17
ZykoticK9drakeman, for me it's the LTS that I really like.03:17
nooniandrakeman, 10.10 fixed a few annoying issues for me, but introduced a gew new ones also03:17
emoave downloaded this log in theme from Gnome wit a .tar extension how do i install it it03:17
noonianand i always like getting the new version03:17
drakemanZykoticK9 the nex lts would be 11.04?03:17
sacarlsonmbvpixies78:  I'm not sure what do you need the proxy for?  in this case I asked since the proxy will provide you the same page if it's not expired yet03:17
ZykoticK9drakeman, no - 12.04 i think03:17
drakemannoobuntu any notable bug ¡?03:17
DrGrovDaGeek247: You got any suggestions for the NeoGeo emulator stuff?03:17
drakemanZykoticK9 thanks03:17
* philip_ sighs.03:18
emoave downloaded this log in theme from Gnome wit a .tar extension how do i install it it03:18
drakemanZykoticK9 actually im using rhel and centos, or fedora, would be good an dpkg distro _:D03:18
emoany one03:18
DaGeek247DrGrov no, i thought you were looking for gamesc to play, sorry.03:18
sacarlsonmbvpixies78: the meta in the html file will tell the proxy or browser that the file is expired and will reload it03:18
DrGrovDaGeek247: What kind of games did you mean?03:18
mbvpixies78sacarlson:  I'm just brushing up on my networking on my own (in school for security and programming) and trying to find projects and other things to learn from03:18
ZykoticK9emo, GDM themes from old versions will NOT work with the new GDM - you have very few options for current GDM themes.03:18
mbvpixies78sacarlson:  ok, good to know thanks03:19
DrGrovNot anyone here is using a NeoGeo emulator on Ubuntu? Please do tell me in case you are using such. I would love to get my hands on the old cool NeoGeo again.03:19
emowhea can i get the new themes that will work?//03:19
philip_Anybody has anything that will help?03:19
Descriptioned /join #flossk  03:20
Descriptionedasdasags sorry03:20
DaGeek247DrGrov games for ubuntu in general. like halo 1 for windows.03:20
christo_mno one knows how to stop ubuntu from saving state03:20
christo_msomething in power management maybe?03:20
DaGeek247emo :  what ubuntu version?03:20
DrGrovDaGeek247: I would love to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein to work through Wine. I have had immense issues with it.03:21
neothecathello.  i just installed 10.10 desktop.  every now and then, under my cursor, this animated bullseye thing comes up.  what is that?  my searches yielded no answers...03:21
DaGeek247DrGrov I dont really mean like that, i meant native for ubuntu. :/03:21
DrGrovDaGeek247: Ah ok03:22
DrGrovDaGeek247: I actually am going to try Penumbra03:22
DaGeek247emo were did the themes coome from?03:22
emoi got it from the gnome website03:22
DaGeek247never heard of it, but i have been looking for native games for ubuntu.03:22
emoart.gnome .org03:22
asdfasdfasdfasdfhello does anyone know howto love a track to last.fm ( add to favorites ) with decibel audio player?03:23
yeatsjastiv: is this a custom kernel?  where did you get it?03:23
joeoshawareturn to castle wolfenstien has a linux installer03:23
neothecatDaGeek247: sorry if this was mentioned already, but Urban Terror is pretty awesome.03:23
DrGrovDaGeek247: One really cool game is Uplink03:23
ZykoticK9DaGeek247, my install instructions for various native games at http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/gaming03:23
DaGeek247emo sorry, you cant. its a bad messup n ubuntus part. they have bad link.03:23
DrGrovjoeoshawa: Yes it has. I still have not made it work :(03:24
emoso whea can i get log in screen themes03:24
DrGrovI hope I could get Uplink working on Ubuntu 10.04 but I have had problems there as well.03:24
=== Loongjiang is now known as LongJ
gunndawgDrGrov you mean Uplink the game ?03:24
DaGeek247you dont. (that i know of.) i looked into it myself.03:24
ZykoticK9emo, short answer is "you can't".  Ubuntu Tweak lets you use a couple, Mint's for example.03:24
danubDrGrov: he should be able to go to he site and download the packages and then once they are on his desktop just open the themes window and drag and drop though still right?03:24
joeoshawahttp://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/wolf/ not sure if you saw this but03:25
yeats!themes | emo03:25
ubottuemo: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:25
DaGeek247danub, yes but he cant.03:25
madprofHello, what is the best program for screen recording/shots?03:25
emoaiit thankx03:25
DrGrovgunndawg: Yes, Uplink the game. The hackerish game ;-)03:25
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:25
dereckkcan someoone help me with a tunneling command syntax03:25
gunndawgDrGrov, fun game03:25
DrGrovgunndawg: It sure is but I do not get it working with Ubuntu 10.04 which is painful... :(03:26
danubok, off to get metasploit to install03:26
DaGeek247so a couple cool games == uplink,03:26
joeoshawaemo: you can get login themes and use them just haven't personally03:26
gunndawgTry 10.1003:26
christo_muplink is sick03:26
DrGrovchristo_m: You like Uplink?03:26
joeoshawawhat is with the whole you can't thing03:27
reedsHey guys, I was wondering how to see some kind of "log" of my Ubuntu boot process?  I'd like to know what parts of the boot take what amount of time, and look for things to trim that I don't use.  Any advice would be appreciated, thx.03:27
joeoshawayou can do anything in linux thats the point03:27
christo_mDrGrov: ya i used to play it03:27
DaGeek247joeohawa in 10.04 the themes ae messed up.03:27
joeoshawachanging the login screen is easy if you know how03:27
DrGrovjoeoshawa: Uplink the game is dependent on some old libs that can not be installed properly on Ubuntu 10.0403:27
pseudonymousDaGeek247, he's referring to uplink, an old game where you play a hacker. Entirely fictitious, though quite fun03:27
Igoruhow can i remove a PAN between my notebook and my desktop that was added to network-manager when i paired both computers?03:28
joeoshawaahh sorry dude03:28
joeoshawathat last one was to the you can't theme the login dude03:28
joeoshawayes you can03:28
joeoshawamine is03:28
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:28
DrGrovI want a petition to get Uplink The Game working for Ubuntu 11.04 or some soon to be released Ubuntu03:29
joeoshawablue dragon black window for the login  with a little red tossed in03:29
yeatsreeds: start with /var/log/messages03:29
reedsok, thanks yeats03:29
DrGrovDr.House is calling... Gotta go and watch03:29
madprofwhat's the best screen capture program?03:30
dereckkyeats:  can you help me with ssh tunneling syntax  please03:30
gunndawgwhen is the next ubuntu release, as far as I am concerned 10.10 is pretty new isnt it ?03:30
philip_madprof: GTKRecordmydesktop03:30
DrGrovmadprof: GTKrecordmydesktop03:30
xanguagunndawg: 11.0403:30
yeatsdereckk: what are you trying to do (I may not know)03:30
ZykoticK9gunndawg, April 201103:30
DaGeek247gunndawg 11.04 is coming real soon.03:30
philip_Features of 11.04?03:30
ZykoticK9gunndawg, version numbers are the date, and a new version comes out every 6 months03:30
=== chris_osx_ is now known as chris_osx
DrGrovIs it about safe to update to 10.10 already from 10.04? Can I update within 10.04 -> 10.10?03:31
gunndawgah ok03:31
DaGeek247plilip_ its new.03:31
=== chris_osx is now known as chris_bsd
dereckkyeats:  i want to open a port on my wifi connection so that other can connect to my server thought ssh03:31
dereckki have a external server to use as a tunnel/sock/proxy03:31
yeats!11.04 | philip_ gunndawg03:31
ubottuphilip_ gunndawg: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.03:31
christo_mdereckk: forward the port on your router03:31
jethrothow do I set up an Intel Mobile 4 chipset on ubuntu for display?  it will only let me do 800x60003:31
christo_mdereckk: usually03:31
DaGeek247DrGrov , you canupgrade to 10.10 in 10.04. i did, andit ruined my os.03:31
christo_mor you can check the ip of your gateway by typing ifconfig in console03:32
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
yeatsdereckk: that's actually beyond me, sorry ;-)03:32
dereckkchristo_m: yes but with one goes first in the ssh syntax03:32
philip_I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on a7 yr old desktop :)03:32
DrGrovDaGeek247: It ruined your OS? What did you actually do?03:33
DrGrovWell, time to run out before I miss the appointment with Dr. House03:34
dereckkchristo_m: like it's ssh -D port:routerIP:port to open   user@tunnelserver  ?03:34
DrGrovCan't afford to miss it03:34
danubwhere do i go to change the ctrl+shift+c to do a copy? i want to change that to just ctrl+c03:34
christo_mdereckk: woah..03:34
Zelozeloswhat was that command to see a list of dependencies for a program?03:34
joeoshawadanub: it is ctrl c to copy03:35
danubdereckk: reverse ssh tunnel?03:35
coz_danub,    ctrl+shift+c  generally is copy from a terminal window  not from the main system03:35
danubcoz_: joeoshawa is there a way to make it that way in the terminal also?03:35
DaGeek247i installed 10.10 from  10.04, and 10.10 failed me. (would not boot) and since i upgraded my current os i had to reformat and install 10.04 again, and lose what little data i had.03:35
dereckkdanub:  yes  to open a port on my wifi connection that has all ports closed normally03:35
danublol im a dumbass, ignore me ;)03:35
semitonesgmail: slow for all, or just me03:35
sexcopterhi, any chance someone can help me convert this streaming .mov file into an offline version? My attempts at using mplayer with -dumpstream don't go very far :( (link: http://hstreaming.zdf.de/3sat/veryhigh/110126_wa_das_tier_in_dir_ard.mov)03:36
=== folklore2 is now known as folklore
joeoshawadanub: there probably is i just never had a reason to that is probably that way to avoid a conflict03:36
DaGeek24710.0 has had various problems, and in general is not the best ubuntu os.03:37
coz_sexcopter,   that appears to be a text file... it will not download an actual video03:37
dereckkchristo_m:  i mixup the ssh command,  which port and ip goes first ?  the server tunnel one or my wifi router's  ip ?03:37
joeoshawathere is no 10.0 you mean 10.10?03:37
sexcoptercoz_, I believe it has an rtsp address inside, so starts a stream going03:38
joeoshawayeah i have had problems as well i have just been able to fix them or they got fixed in an update03:38
coz_sexcopter,  ah ok I didnt check it out03:38
Pemalitescould anyone help me figure what drive my ipod is when it's connected?03:38
sexcopter(and i tried using the rtsp link as well with mplayer)03:38
joeoshawabut 10.10 also fixed some problems for some people03:39
joeoshawaput 10.04 on a dell 240003:39
joeoshawait will bork03:39
DaGeek247i never relly got to mess with 10.1003:39
PemalitesI'm trying to rename it using mtools...03:39
philip_I have Ubuntu on a AMD Sempron 3000+ 1.8GHZ 1GB ram 160GB hard-drive nvidia geforce FX 5200256mb agp8x03:39
DaGeek247his has turned offtopic. :p03:40
DaGeek247so that is were we should go.03:41
=== peregrinator_six is now known as death_note
danubPemalites: when you pug it in, it should put an icon on your desktop yes?03:42
cryptodirasay folks, what would cause vlc or totem to occasionally NOT play part of an audio track on a dvd...for instance, i can hear music and background noises (rain, wind) but NO vocals... yet the dvd plays fine in another system... thoughts??03:42
joeoshawaamd athlon 2.7 ghz dual core 4gb ddr2 ram 1tb hdd nvidia 8400 gs 512mb ddr203:42
danubcryptodira: maybe you are missing some codecs? :: shrugs :: dont quote me though because audio isn't my bag03:43
joeoshawai know the vid card sucks03:43
joeoshawaincidentally its fanless03:43
danubPemalites: now that it has an icon on your desktop, go to system->administration->disk utility03:44
danubit will list it under there with any relavent info you will need03:44
joeoshawaif i can work out a new one with say 512 ddr4  thats a little newer i will give it to my mother03:44
danubfigure it out Pemalites ?03:45
DaGeek247i got my gcard for five $ and its got 256mb ram03:46
joeoshawasorry gddr503:46
Pemalitesnot quite, the instructions for this mtool thing required that I add in a line to the mtools.conf03:46
Pemalitessomething written like drive: d file= /dev/sdb3/03:46
ZykoticK9cryptodira, sounds like you have some sort of surround sound (5.1) setup and are getting the back channels only - see if there is some option for 2 channel somewhere.  Sorry I don't user VLC or Totem so can't guide you.03:46
SnakkahHi. My wireless connection is working fine, but my wired connection is not. "eth0" isn't even listed when I type ifconfig into the Terminal. Why did this happen and how do I get it to detect wired connections again?03:47
cryptodiradanub, i do not think so... as other dvd's play just fine all the way through....it is certainly perplexing... where there are multiple audio tracks, i can hear the french ... spanish... just fine.... on these dvd's in question, i can hear the audio track with commentary, but not without.03:47
=== death_note is now known as peregrinator_six
DaGeek247ZykoticK9 what do you use?03:47
cryptodiraZykoticK9, good thought, i will check that out.03:47
ZykoticK9DaGeek247, mplayer-nogui NOT for everyone ;)03:47
danubcryptodira: does it play fine in a dvd player?03:47
danubPemalites: so locate the fine in question, open it, add that line and save the file?03:48
cryptodiradanub, yes, in a dvd player and on a mac g5....03:48
danubhmm, that is odd03:48
slestakhey guys.  got a 10.10 ubuntu machine having a problem with gdm03:49
danubtry a different dvd application and see if that one does it too03:49
slestakwas working fine for several weeks03:49
danubslestak: ask your question03:49
cryptodiraZykoticK9,  looking at sound preferences, i have internal audio analog surround 4.003:49
Pemalitesthe /dev/sdb3/ information was in the disk utility however i'm not sure which partition to add it under in the mtools.conf or what letter the drive is. the ipod wouldn't be it's own partition would it?03:50
danubif someone knows the answer they will pipe in and help out03:50
slestakI am looking at it now, and the right side of the screen is black, except for a cursor centered03:50
ZykoticK9cryptodira, so try turning surround off03:50
slestakdanub: trying to phrase it correctly03:50
slestakthe left side looks perfect.03:50
slestakafter logging in, the whole lcd is used and no problem can be noted03:50
danubso just when its booting its messed up?03:51
slestakanother strange thing is the keyboard takes explicit hard slow presses to type in the username, password, and Enter to login03:51
BalmungWanting to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 ..... shrinked the partition on windows 7 (was a HP laptop so it had like 4 partitions) Ubuntu was being a pain still... then gpart decided to crash every time i ran it.... and now my windows 7 got corrupted ... is there a easy picture tutorial thats UPDATED ._.03:51
cryptodiraZykoticK9,  i thought of that.... but do not see where to do that... in sound prefs i only have surround 4 and a radeon output for hdmi03:51
slestakagain, after in gnome, the keyboard works with typical amount of pressure needed to register a keypress03:51
GerwinI noticed the LCD tv I'm currently using as a screen shows some distorted/dead rows of pixels at the bottom when running Ubuntu, I'm over 100% sure those weren't there when I ran WinXP, any idea where does might've came from?03:52
SnakkahHi. My wireless connection is working fine, but my wired connection is not. "eth0" isn't even listed when I type ifconfig into the Terminal. Why did this happen and how do I get it to detect wired connections again?03:52
slestakdanub: not really on boot, seems to just be gdm03:52
danubPemalites: i dont have an ipod to connect so im just gonna rough it here, but in the disk utility, in the bottom section under volumes, how many are there for that ipod?03:52
DaGeek247Snakkah make a new eth0 connection.03:53
danubslestak: but when you log in it is fine? just the splash screen is messed up?03:53
ZykoticK9cryptodira, are there any sound options in vlc or totem that allow you to select 2 channel?03:53
slestakdanub: thinking about modifying the upstart rule to make gdm not start to get to a console?03:53
slestakafter logging in, there is nothing wrong at all03:53
slestakthis is a dell mini9 with intel video chipset03:54
Balmunganyone know a guide to my problem above?03:54
slestaki have been using this machine for prob 1.5 to 2 years (since they came out)03:54
slestakwith ubuntu03:54
DaGeek247Balmung how important is wi dows to you?03:54
danubslestak: gdm doesn't have to start to get a console, you can just hit ctrl+f1. not sure why it would just all of a sudden mess up the splash screen and then apply the correct settings after loading03:54
Pemalitesmmm under  host adaptor theres the hard disk and cd drive :/ and then under peripheral devices theres just the ipod03:54
Pemalitesi think that was the correct thing to say?03:55
BalmungI need it , I am currently booted on a live ubuntu cd backing up my files.03:55
Balmungbecause windows will not run03:55
cryptodiraZykoticK9,  not in totem... vlc shows me the other audio channels... (other languages, commentary) but nothing else.03:55
slestakdanub: i know.  i have been around linux for years, and this is a strange one.  checking logs and dont see anything really pertinenent03:55
Pemalitesunless you meanth space.... in the ipod which is listed as 30gb03:55
DaGeek247Balmung k. whats problm with windows?03:56
slestakthis is my daughers machine now, and she did fill up the ssd not long ago.  I have since cleared space, but i wonder id sth got corrupted03:56
Pemalitesthank you for trying to help03:56
=== matthew is now known as Guest83802
ZykoticK9cryptodira, sorry i don't have any other suggestions, good luck man.03:56
SnakkahDaGeek247, did that. The Network Manager just won't detect wired connections at all.03:56
SnakkahI'm on a laptop by the way.03:56
=== Guest83802 is now known as mtt
danubslestak: its possible. maybe there was a gdm update that got cutoff because the disk was full?03:56
cryptodiraZykoticK9, np, was a long shot... these intemittent situations are sometimes tricky... Thanks.03:56
philip_Snakkah does it matter? Wireless is working fine isn't it?03:56
danubPemalites: on the left, you have your storage devices, click on the ipod, then the right side will populate with data03:57
cryptodiradanub, thanks for your suggestions.03:57
BalmungDaGeek247 well I think i corrupted it honestly so I am getting my flies off and sending a nuke to it.  After which I WILL install windows 7 and Ubuntu of which I want to be prompted which i want to use when I start up my laptop03:57
DaGeek247Snakkah what do you mean wont detect?03:57
slestakanohter note is when i boot to a live usb, it does not show the problem, so it is def the package on that install03:57
danubslestak: you can try to do the dpkg --reconfigure thing and see if that fixes it?03:57
slestaki dont think the install would let me do a --purge on gdm, it would prob nork everything03:57
slestaklet me try to log in, its being a little tempermental03:58
BalmungDaGeek247 My problem is .. all the "tutorials" are like way confusing or non updated (which most arent and makes them confusing)03:58
philip_Snakkah does it matter if wireless is working?03:58
DaGeek247Balmung by default, if you install windows then ubuntu, you will be given a choice which one to boot.03:58
danubPemalites: once it populates with data, you will see volumes in the right section, about halfway down. clicking on different sections will tell you the volume03:58
aprilharehello. can you tell me what package is responsible for the display of the ubuntu logo on startup?03:59
danubPemalites: so if there are 2 partitions and your drive is /dev/sdc, you will have sdc1 and sdc203:59
DaGeek247Balmung if you just want to explore ubuntu, try using vmare or soething.03:59
ZykoticK9aprilhare, Plymouth03:59
danubPemalites: see which has the music on it, and go with that partition03:59
BalmungDaGeek247 well thats good to know but my problem is The hp laptop i have apparently used all the "primary partitions" it could so I had to delete one of them (which was named HP tools , which was useless) and  it still wouldn't let me install ubuntu ... so Yeah.. I need a hp windows 7 tutorial03:59
BalmungNeed it for a class so i have to have it03:59
aprilhareZykoticK9, ty i'll try reinstalling that. it's not working and looks messy and tacky03:59
slestakdanub: im having difficulty even loggin now.03:59
Pemalitesokay I'm going to try adding it in using that logic04:00
ZykoticK9aprilhare, if you're using a proprietary nvidia/ati driver - that's "normal" lol04:00
danubslestak: change to a different screen (f2 maybe), log in that way04:00
joeoshawaomg updates ubuntu i have had three this week04:00
slestakgood thought04:00
aprilhareZykoticK9, hmmmm ic. i need nvidia driver04:00
=== chris_ is now known as Chr|s
ZykoticK9aprilhare, here is a non-trivial script that can "fix" it http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html04:01
joeoshawaaprilhare you can use an open source driver but some features don't work like 3d etc04:02
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DaGeek247Balmung o when windows data is backed up, you are just gonna refomat everythingand ut windows back on?04:02
mbvpixies78I have 2 computers freezing after "DMI update...  GRUB"  Anyone know what I can do?  They won't start from CD or flash drive04:02
slestakdanub: im lock out of this thing now.  i need to get to the grub menu04:03
Chr|shey guys I use Thunderbird mostly for email, how do I remove evolution and use Thunderbird in the indicator applet instead? Ive done it before, but can't remember04:03
danubslestak: you cant log in on any of the f* screens?04:03
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philip_sudo apt-get purge thunderbird04:03
richthegeekhey, my Xorg is using 50% of my CPU usually when firefox/flash or totem is involved... 3GHz processor, GeForce GTX 260, nvidia-current drivers04:03
richthegeekanyone got an idea why?04:04
danubgot any spare terminals open?04:04
BalmungDaGeek247 yeah because its currently corrupted so might as well you know? , Know of any like EASY to follow guides.  I am  a computer major and such but I have only ever used Windows and never bothered trying to experiment with other OS nor messing with the setup/boot stuff04:04
slestakno, its been rebooted,04:04
slestaksince its my daughters machine, i don think i have ssh server running either04:05
devkorcvincewhy is compiz always a bug on hp machines? it will freeze from time to time04:05
danubBalmung: windows 7 is different then xp, it uses a completely different boot loader. i ran into issues trying to install linux over it. you might need to just pop in your win 7 disk, restore the boot sector and then you should be able to access windows04:05
richthegeekhey, my Xorg is using 50% of my CPU usually when firefox/flash or totem is involved... 3GHz processor, GeForce GTX 260, nvidia-current drivers - any idea why (and yes I'm spamming this)04:06
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danubslestak: how are you connected to the machine right now? remotely or pyshically?04:06
danubare you in gdm?04:06
DaGeek247Balmung, partitining is not hard at all. just put gparted live onto cd, boot gparted, reformat ALL patitions to one blank one, then change the fs to ntfs. install windows, and come back here.04:06
KSHawkEyeHey, I have a few errors on Ubuntu Server. They read:04:06
KSHawkEye[drm:drm_edid_block_valid] *ERROR* EDID checksum is invalid, remainder is 13204:06
KSHawkEyeThis error only shows on bootup and before the login?04:06
slestakim on a spare laptop04:06
devkorcvincemt greate solution remove compiz use metacity it wont hurt my productivity and install awesome wm minal is the key to the fastest dev04:07
slestaki wonder if pam is what may be screwed04:07
danubohhh, your using a different one to talk here04:07
Balmungdanub well >.> if i really really wanted to I could just pop in my windows xp os and try using it that way but My computer was setup for windows 7 and i need to learn how to use 7 well for IT problems04:07
slestakdanub: yes04:07
nexesDaGeek247: You can actually just apt-get install gparted onto the Ubuntu live CD if you have network. It's convenient if you already have that disc handy. :)04:07
danubBalmung: yeah, pop in the win 7 disk, restore boot sector, it will allow you to get back into windows04:07
slestakyep, im on a ... ewww.   win7 machine troubleshooting ubuntu.  sth is very wrong w this picture04:08
danubBalmung: you can deal with the rest later when you learn your way around04:08
SnakkahCan someone explain to me why suspend/hibernate disabled my ability to connect to wired networks? That seems to be what happened according to what I've read elsewhere.04:08
BalmungDaGeek247  so put gparted on a cd like you would put ubuntu on a live cd?04:08
danublol slestak04:08
DaGeek247Balmung yes04:08
danubso you cant access her laptop at all? or you have atleast 1 terminal you can use there?04:08
slestaki thought Esc during boot would bring up the grub menu04:08
slestakbut that is not workign either04:08
slestakif i could get into busybox maybe i could fix sth04:09
DaGeek247you need the 100+mb dowloaded iso of gparted04:09
rwwslestak: shift, not esc04:09
slestaki have no terminal there04:09
slestaklet me try that04:09
BalmungDaGeek247 OK ill look up on doing that.     Danub: Hp was kind of a douche and didnt include a cd with my computer so i will have to make one i think xD.04:09
philip_How come my download speed under ubuntu is faster than my DOwnload speed in Windows?04:09
danubyou may have to drop into single user04:09
danubthen it wont load gdm or anything like that, you just get the console04:09
slestaki changed the gdm setup to not present list of users, and the "hard press" keybard issue in gdm messes up loggin in04:10
mbvpixies78now one of the two just started booting from a CD...  but the other computer is still frozen in "GRUB"  is there any reason to just let it sit like that a while?04:10
nexesphilip_: Download speed with what? Just downloads through your web browser?04:10
slestaksec, rebooting mini04:10
richthegeekhey, my Xorg is using 50% of my CPU usually when firefox/flash or totem is involved... 3GHz processor, GeForce GTX 260, nvidia-current drivers - any idea why (and yes I'm spamming this)04:10
philip_Firefox on Ubuntu is 5x faster than Firefox on Windows04:10
danubslestak: ok, you do that, im getting coffee04:10
nexesphilip_: Likely just a coincidence.04:10
DaGeek247google chrome is farster than both.04:10
SnakkahCan someone explain to me why suspend/hibernate disabled my ability to connect to wired networks? That seems to be what happened according to what I've read elsewhere.04:11
philip_Chrome sucks.04:11
Snakkahphilip_, agreed.04:11
mal10ci love chrome!04:11
nexesDaGeek247: He's talking about bandwidth, not actual speed of the browser itself. :)04:11
slestakmeh, chrome04:11
DaGeek247its perfect for me.04:11
mbvpixies78If you want privacy, don't use google or chrome04:11
philip_If chrome didn't suck then why would firefox be included as the main Browser?04:11
JoseeAntonioRi have a problem, my empathy contact list is empty04:11
Pemalitesand does anyone have any suggestions for a music manager compatible with ipod other than amorak?04:11
nexesphilip_: Actually, it's moreso because Firefox integrates better into the desktop environment.04:11
slestaki have so many sites that dont work with chrome04:11
Descriptionedwhy i cant open iexplorer.exe with wine??? :S04:12
philip_That too.04:12
philip_Why use IE?04:12
DaGeek247cuz it been here forever, chrome isnt open source...04:12
nexesDescriptioned: Try checking out winetricks.04:12
slestakDescriptioned: that is a feature, not a bug04:12
philip_IE SUCKS>04:12
JoseeAntonioRanyone reading me?04:12
SharpclawWhat is Wine? Still no Ubuntu. :(04:12
Descriptionedin past it was running now not..04:12
nexesDaGeek247: It's Chromium in Linux, which is free software.04:12
ZykoticK9philip_, chromium is now the default in UNE - wouldn't be surprised if soon it's that for desktop as well.04:12
philip_I just use FF that came with the OS.04:13
DaGeek247no, chrome is different from chromium.04:13
philip_No since installing another OS.04:13
danubok back04:13
nexesDaGeek247: Is there actually a straight Chrome for Linux?04:13
richthegeekhey, my Xorg is using 50% of my CPU usually when firefox/flash or totem is involved... 3GHz processor, GeForce GTX 260, nvidia-current drivers - any idea why (and yes I'm spamming this)04:13
philip_I hit 224kb/s in updating on Ubuntu linux.04:13
DaGeek247nexs yes04:13
Chr|s:( Nope04:13
ZykoticK9nexes, yes - get it from google04:13
danuboh pema left04:13
SkaagHey, CLI messages (from apt-get for example) are in Russian - any quick way to make them all English again?04:14
philip_On 1.6DSL04:14
nexesZykoticK9: Any real difference? Chromium seems to work well enough.04:14
ZykoticK9nexes, use Chromium it's open source.  Chrome available from http://www.google.com/chrome/04:14
DaGeek247yes, chrome is googles version.04:14
SharpclawWaht is Wine??04:14
Sharpclawwhat not waht. LOL!04:14
slestakdanub: hey, got an idea04:15
SkaagSharpclaw: program to run windows applications under emulation04:15
philip_Wine makes it so that it's sortof possible to open Windows programs in Linux.04:15
DaGeek247Sharclaw it runs windows exes04:15
nexesZykoticK9: I have Chromium installed, although it's not my main browser. I just wasn't aware that Chrome itself was available.04:15
slestaki have the bysigi themes installed04:15
richthegeekSkaag: WINE = WINE Is Not an Emulator04:15
slestakthat may be screwing things up04:15
SkaagRichie_: right, so when it creates all those windows folders, and wraps some linux API's with Windows API's, that is not emulation? :-)04:15
SkaagI don't care how they call it...04:15
danubslestak: that is possible04:15
nexesSkaag: It's a Win32 API for Unix. :)04:16
richthegeekSkaag: it's not emulation. Emulation is a specific method of "faking" a system04:16
philip_How is it possible that Ubuntu 10.10 is faster on my computer than Windows XP?04:16
Pemalitesi keep getting disconnected, my ipod manager question is the last one for tonight04:16
DaGeek247i have like 4 differnt browsers04:16
Skaagrichthegeek: it fakes windows for those apps04:16
richthegeekSkaag: read "specific method"04:16
Skaagrichthegeek: it even asks you, which windows version you want to fake for the apps04:16
richthegeekSkaag: a method which WINE does not use because of it's inherent problems04:16
danubphilip_: because windows xp is a 7 (8) year old operating system that isn't optimized for new architecture?04:16
DaGeek247philip_  its better?04:16
bikcmphi all, I'm looking for the location of "cp"04:16
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bikcmpyes, I'm sure I need it.04:17
philip_Danub my Computer came out about the time WindowsXP Home was being included.04:17
drakemanbikcmp mmmm location?04:17
bikcmpas in /usr/bin/cd04:17
Skaagthe way I understand it, they mean not-emulation because there is no byte-code emulation happening. the code is executed as-is by the CPU.04:17
drakemanbikcmp maybe whereis cp04:17
gpcbikcmp: /bin/cp04:17
drakemanbikcmp that sould show you the path04:17
bonjoyeebikcmp: which cp04:17
bikcmperr, did I say cp?04:17
bikcmpI meant cd, I'm sorry.04:17
JoseeAntonioRanyone reading me? i need help with empathy04:17
drakemanbikcmp whereis cd04:18
bikcmpdrakeman: nope :(04:18
rwwbikcmp: cd is generally a builtin function of your shell04:18
drakemanJoseeAntonioR si te leimos04:18
DaGeek247cd is a command04:18
bikcmpbuilt into bash?04:18
rwwbikcmp: yes04:18
gunndawgwhats a good IDE to program in with linux ? i am so used to windows programming04:18
JoseeAntonioRnecesito que me ayuden con empathy04:18
bikcmprww: thanks!04:18
danubok, in which case, its been 8 years... things have been done to encrease efficentcy04:18
danubJoseeAntonioR: i read you, but i dont use empathy04:18
nexesgunndwag: What language?04:18
drakemangunndawg netbeans?04:18
bikcmpi would of been looking for hours04:18
bazhang!ide > gunndawg04:18
ubottugunndawg, please see my private message04:18
JoseeAntonioRdrakeman: mi lista de contactos de empathy esta vacia, a que se puede deber esto?04:18
bazhangJoseeAntonioR, english please04:19
Skaaganyway, how do I change the language of system messages in ubuntu?04:19
Skaagmainly, the CLI04:19
danubSkaag: you cant change the language under the system settings?04:19
danubthat should change the language for everything04:19
JoseeAntonioRbazhang: I talked in spanish because someone answered me in spanish. I need help with Empathy, the main window, where contacts are shown, is empty. Why?04:20
Skaagdanub: I have no access to X/Gnome, I'm logged in via SSH04:20
danubJoseeAntonioR: are you logged in?04:20
richthegeekhey, my Xorg is using 50% of my CPU usually when firefox/flash or totem is involved... 3GHz processor, GeForce GTX 260, nvidia-current drivers - any idea why (and yes I'm spamming this)04:20
slestakdanub: i was able to get in.  when i was pressing shift to get into grub menu, it seemed to start gdm on the whole lcd, but the theme was missing.  it was undecorated gtk and an error about the battery applet04:20
aprilharethanks for the plymouth script link, worked a treat :) now, issue two: is the login screen supposed to appear 'chocolatey' in meerkat? if not, how do I change to how it's 'meant' to appear in meerkat?04:20
joeoshawais there any way to turn the scroll wheel sensitivity down in ubuntu04:20
drakemanJoseeAntonioR i talked to you in spanish because you have a latin name :D04:20
codewizhi, i am trying to install a broadcom wlan driver which tells me that the kernel module "wl" is missing, what can i do about that?04:20
slestaki used synaptic to ninstall the bisigi-themes and I am rebooting now04:20
JoseeAntonioRdrakeman: Yes, I'm from Latin America :D I speak Spanish and English, so there's no problem.04:21
danubSkaag: ahh.https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf might help04:21
JoseeAntonioRdanub: Logged in? What do you mean?04:21
Skaagthanks danub04:22
danubJoseeAntonioR: isn't empathy a buddy list or something like msn/yahoo/etc?04:22
danubSkaag: no problem04:22
JoseeAntonioRdanub: Yes, I'm logged in Empathy. I can open conversations, read and answer normally. But my contacts aren't shown in the main window.04:23
mbvpixies78you have to use a remote computer as a proxy server to increase privacy, correct?  i.e., a proxy server on a local network is still just the same local network to the internet?04:23
danubJoseeAntonioR: if no one is online, i dont think it shows anyone04:23
danubJoseeAntonioR: is the "show offline" checked under the "view"?04:24
mbvpixies78does a proxy server also increase security in any way?04:24
danubmbvpixies78: for who?04:24
JoseeAntonioRdanub: Yes. But I have many contacts online.04:24
danubJoseeAntonioR: i got nothing then. I use pidgin04:24
JoseeAntonioRdanub: Oh, ok. Anyway, thanks.04:25
mbvpixies78danub:  I'm talking about my local network and securing it further from the internet while still being connected to the internet04:25
danubmbvpixies78: i use one of my linux servers with squid and have my kids network connect thru it so i can block certain content, but other then that, not really04:25
bonjoyeeJoseeAntonioR: any specific protocol?04:26
danubmbvpixies78: just set firewall rules. if you have a home network though, you probably have a router and if its a newer one (like in the last, 4 years) it has NAT04:26
wandersickmbvpixies78: some companies implement proxy to be the only way to access the internet, i.e. the client cannot access internet thru other means.04:26
CoinOpSo can someone recommend a bug free wireless pci for a desktop running 10.10? Kind of sick of the issues with mine.04:26
JoseeAntonioRbonjoyee: If you refer to MSN, Yahoo, GMail, etc., yes. In MSN.04:27
danubmbvpixies78: so unless you have a certain system that is acting as the dmz, you shouldn't have to worry. the connections into your lan have to be initiated from inside your network04:27
mbvpixies78danub:  is NAT a form of proxy?04:27
bonjoyeeJoseeAntonioR: i mean..do you have this issue with only a specific protocol? like MSN, Google Talk etc?04:27
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philip_USe pidgin.04:28
philip_It's better for Linux04:28
danubmbvpixies78: NAT = Network Address Translation. basically, all trafic comes into the router and it decides where to send the info. generally, only traffic that is let in is traffic that originated from inside your network04:28
mbvpixies78wandersick:  I'm using AT&T...  I changed their modem to pass PPoE to my router04:28
JoseeAntonioRbonjoyee: I only use MSN. I don't have a way to check if this is ocurring with another protocol, as I only have a MSN Messenger account.04:29
compengprofanyone familiar with kvm and virsh?04:29
mbvpixies78danub:  I guess you don't really know how secure you are until you wait and see04:29
philip_Then you can install AMSN then.04:29
DaGeek247were was the list of games again? i lost it.04:29
danubmbvpixies78: unless you have a certain machine set as the dmz (de-militarized zone) which then that machine gets forwarded all non-inbound originating network traffic (if i scan your IP with NMAP, and you have a dmz system, i will get to that system)04:29
slestakdanub: dpkg-reconfigure gdm doesnt appear to do anything04:30
philip_Sudo it.04:30
danubmbvpixies78: if you dont have a dmz setup, all i can scan is your router which wont provide much in the way of accessing your network04:30
mbvpixies78danub:  what is the purpose of a dmz?  Isn't any web server a dmz?04:30
philip_Hey i_is_broke04:30
slestaka dmx is a "location" on your lan where a webserver may sit04:30
danubmbvpixies78: typically yes, web-servers are in a DMZ, but normal workstations aren't04:30
DaGeek247games list?04:31
danubmbvpixies78: there are exceptions, if load-balancers are attached, if you have a cisco router with advanced routing configurations, etc. but your on a home network so those things dont apply04:31
danubslestak: maybe you have a bad splash screen theme?04:32
mbvpixies78danub:  that's where I'm fuzzy--  I have a web server but am not sure what all I need to check to make sure it is secure as possible04:32
slestakcould be04:32
slestakwhere is the spash screen theme configured?  Not in Login Settings, or in Settings04:32
mbvpixies78danub:  for a dmz, does it all boil down to permissions and secure passwords?04:32
slestakI mean Appearance04:32
JoseeAntonioRanyone who uses empathy?04:33
danubmbvpixies78: then you should run an audit against it, theres a few applications out there for that04:33
gunndawgcant wait to really be able to modify and change the apperance of everything04:33
RedWraithyou can configure it with ubuntu tweak04:33
danubslestak: lol i actually cant help you with that one. i access it via kde ;)04:34
DaGeek247!games  DaGeek24704:34
RedWraithslestak: ubuntu tweak isn't available in the repository, you'll have to google it and download the .deb04:34
mbvpixies78danub:  ok, looking into auditing tools, thx04:34
danubmbvpixies78: no, not quite. i mean strong pass is good04:35
coz_compengprof,   we see you :)04:35
compengprofAnyone with any experience with kvm and virsh?04:35
danubmbvpixies78: you can also set certain firewall rules, dont allow icmp (stop certain forms of DDOS), etc... but your webserver will only be as secure as the operating system and the applications running on it04:36
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gunndawgI have ubuntu 10.10 on this laptop. thinking about putting the 64bit version on my desktop04:36
slestakdanub: +1 applications04:36
markosomy flash games and youtube are running slow any suggestion04:36
slestakthe apps you install are the ones to be cautious about.04:37
newi can not get sysinfo to open any suggestions04:37
slestakand the ones you dink with and dont use and leave half configured can be a vector04:37
danubi have seen asp web apps that i could compromise the entire server because of the way it intereacted with the database and the database having the ability to run system commands04:37
RedWraithmarkoso: what are your processor specs? Flash does not play nice with older processors.04:37
mbvpixies78any opinions on what's better among firewalls--  guarddog, firestarter, etc ?04:38
markosoit worked fine when i had win 704:38
danubmbvpixies78: w3af in the repos can be used to test your web applications04:38
gunndawgdoes Ubuntu 10.10 not come with a default firewall ?04:39
lithprhi!  created a usb install using the Startup Disk Creator w/ 4 gigs of storage.  When i booted the drive, i get the "try or install" screen.  How do i use the drive as a persistent install?04:39
danubmbvpixies78: nessus is a really good auditor, get the old version which is still free though. the newest one is closed source04:39
joeoshawai was just looking at imwheel to adjust wheel sensitivity is that possible in 10.10?04:39
RedWraithmarkoso: flash has gpu acceleration on windows and is more efficient.04:39
joeoshawaand how would i go about it04:39
markosois there a ctrl shift escape how do i kill apps and processes04:39
danubmbvpixies78: nmap will give you a quick rundown on possible ways to get in, tell you open ports and what info it can get.04:39
gunndawgis the 64bit version of 10.10 worth using ? I opted for the 32bit version because it was reccomended04:40
mbvpixies78danub:  awesome, downloading, thx04:40
lithpri usually use 64bit, i have had very few problems.04:40
gunndawghmm I dunno if i should be using 32 or 64, lol04:41
gunndawgnow im in a predicament04:41
RedWraithmarkoso: graphically you can do it with the system monitor.04:41
danubmbvpixies78: lol once you use nessus to see what exploits and things are broke, you *could* go as far as getting metasploit installed and actually cracking your system to help you understand what actually happened and how parts fit together, if you were so inclined04:41
markosoty red04:41
lithprgunndawg,  the real issue is: do you want to address more than 3.2 gigs of ram.04:41
RedWraithmarkoso: in the terminal you can do it with the command ps -e to list all processes and kill <process_number> to kill it.04:41
joeoshawagunndawg if you have a dual core or use 4 gig ram or more yes 64 bit is worth using04:41
lithprif not, go with 32 bit04:41
danublithpr: depends, do you have more then 3.2 installed? if yes, then probably04:42
markosoawesome thanks RedWraith04:42
RedWraithyou're welcom.04:42
Loshkigunndawg: and consider using 10.04 instead of 10.10, for better stability...04:42
lithprdanub, i think i said that04:42
gunndawgright now my laptop is a 64bit cpu, but only has 2gb ram04:42
mbvpixies78danub:  I am--  want to learn all I can now to make the rest of my degree that less difficult (security/programming)04:42
ericp_I'm having problems with logging in.  User has encrypted home directory,  and I'm seeing errors in /var/log/messages04:42
danubsorry, im kinda half reading with all the crap i got flying at me ;)04:42
markosois nautilus a required process04:42
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mbvpixies78danub:  metasploit was hard to install tho, but will try again04:42
MrDudlembvpixies78: no technology makes security/programming easier04:42
gunndawgI havent had any stability issues with 10.10 yet04:43
ericp_Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO04:43
danubmbvpixies78: hold on, ill get you the link for easy install04:43
joeoshawait should be noted if your using a dell 2400 do not install 10.0404:43
gunndawgI am using a Toshiba C655 Laptop on Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit and have had no issues04:44
RohzanIs it possible to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu?04:44
joeoshawai am using ubuntu 10.10 64 bit on a desktop with no issues04:44
ZykoticK9gunndawg, if you only have 2GB RAM stick to 32bit04:44
slestakRohzan: yes04:44
nikitisRohzan yes04:44
MrDudleRohzan: very much so04:44
MrDudlei've done it04:44
slestakthe machine i am on now is doing that04:44
gunndawgalright, will do, thx04:44
Rohzani want to use ubuntu but still need windows04:44
gunndawgdual boot Rohzan04:45
nikitisuse ubuntu and vbox windows04:45
rshubuntu i am lovin it04:45
slestaknikitis: +104:45
gunndawgrsh, what ubuntu you usin ?04:45
joeoshawaubuntu like all linux distros comes with a lovely boot loader which will allow you to choose which to boot04:46
Rohzankk thanks04:46
nikitisrsh, time to upgrade04:46
gunndawgno kiddin04:46
rshno i have modest uses04:46
joeoshawayou can't even update 9.404:47
gunndawgstill, modest uses can be easier and more efficient if you upgarde04:47
joeoshawabut it depends on his computer04:47
rshon slow dialup its impossible04:47
nikitisUpdate for security reasons04:47
joeoshawayou upgrade a really old computer its useless04:47
danubjoeoshawa: have you done it?04:48
rshis there security  hole04:48
ZykoticK9rsh, FYI 8.04's EOL is April 201104:48
ZykoticK9rsh, for desktop04:48
joeoshawaa dell t500 crawled to a stop04:48
nikitisI'm running 10.10 on a 10 year old pc, it's now my web server, file server, etc.  Runs great and fast04:48
gunndawgNikitis, you running the server edition of ubuntu then I take it /04:48
danubjoeoshawa: i had an old OLD pentium 4 with 256 meg ram, and it ran just fine.04:48
nikitisgunndawg, nope, i just installed the packages i needed04:49
compengprofI'm looking for some help with kvm and virsh. I followed the insructionsw in http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/virtualization.html to create the bridge and vmbuilder to create the vm, but it keeps getting stuck as Grub stage 204:49
gunndawgah ok04:49
danubjoeoshawa: the only ting it couldn't handle was desktop graphical eye-candy04:49
joeoshawai got a 500 mhz dell with 640 meg ram04:49
joeoshawait didn't04:49
gunndawgwhat do you use for a web server? I wanna get an apache and mysql server goin04:49
nikitisgunndawg and it's headless, meaning no monitor is attached04:49
rshp4 1.8ghz 512mb 845g is that supported for even liveCD04:49
nikitisgunndawg: i use apache2 with mysql, php, perl04:49
ericp_Help!  Can't log in.  Ubuntu 10.10    user with encrypted home directory.04:49
slestakrsh: it will be miserable04:50
danub500 mhz.... that doesn't even meet minimum requirements04:50
joeoshawanikitis its fine with any live cd04:50
ericp_I can log in with another user, su to the user that doesn't work, and everythign looks good.04:50
gunndawgnikitis is there a package deal that includes all that? or did you download them each individsually ?04:50
joeoshawathat's my point04:50
ericp_But if I log in directly as that user, I get kicked back to login screen and see errors about ecryptfs in /var/log/messages04:50
nikitisi did it individually since it's an old pc, don't want other services running on it that don't need it, but you can google LAMP install for all in one package04:51
rollmanwhat's new update kernel? i'm updating system now04:51
vultrazcan someone help me with a torrent question?04:51
joeoshawait runs like a top with debian and fluxbox with rox04:51
ericp_Any idea why?04:51
nikitisUbuntu needs 2.6.38.  Huge speed increases for modern PC's04:51
rollmanericp i got kicked back to log in upon updating realizied my ubuntu is case sensitive left caps on lol04:52
joeoshawaubuntu is designed to be competition for windows ease of use and such and does a great job but like windows its very resource heavy04:54
=== hjkl is now known as Guest21385
joeoshawamany users once they get comfortable with linux move to lighter distros04:54
rshcan we make ubuntu light?04:54
gunndawgwhats a good example of a lighter distro ?04:55
philip_Lightweight desktop environment04:55
ZykoticK9rsh, check out lubuntu04:55
joeoshawayes you can people have come out with lighter versions04:55
RohzanDoes dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu have any side effects?04:55
jgcampbell300I have mediatomb runing on a notebook and for some reason i can not connect anything to the media server any more ... can someone help me find the problem please ?04:55
Vixieless drive space for either, depending on how you set up your partitions04:55
philip_Rohzan some people have had GRUB destroy their windows.04:55
rshnone excepth wasting partition wor win04:55
joeoshawaslackware is about as light as you get but you really need to know your way around linux for that distro04:56
breadcrumbubuntu is fat04:56
RohzanSo both OS's  hog space that only they can use (I'm new to all this)04:56
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=== Guest42743 is now known as redneck05
=== J-rock is now known as J-rock1031
rsheven windows destroys GRUB04:57
=== emil is now known as Guest75308
joeoshawasort of they could use the resources in a better manner but then it would not be as easy to use04:57
rshwhat abt MAC isn't that good unix but eay to use04:58
redneck05yes im looking to see if any one could let me know which cd dvd label maker to use04:58
joeoshawathere are fatter ubuntu versions like ubuntu ultimate04:58
rollmanwhats with microsoft end user agreement with updating new kernel?04:58
=== root is now known as Guest45163
bazhangrollman, where04:58
clarkfischerIs there a hotkey (similar to alt+tab) for switching workspaces?04:58
rollmanit was in update im updating system now04:59
ZykoticK9clarkfischer, alt+ctrl+ left or right arrow04:59
bazhangrollman, screenshot please04:59
clarkfischerThanks, ZykoticK904:59
bazhang!imagebin | rollman04:59
ubotturollman: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.04:59
rollmani've already went past that now sorry04:59
ZykoticK9bazhang, rollman refering to a ttf update04:59
redneck05yes im looking to see if any one could let me know which cd dvd label maker to use05:00
bazhangrollman, the microsoft fonts?05:00
joeoshawaits an hp update probably i just did it05:00
rshsmbdy answer redneck05:00
rollmanmaybe a dialog came up with microsoft end user agreement i checked marked it05:00
redneck05thank yoi rsh05:01
joeoshawai am not sure about label makers i was actually going to look into lightscribe05:01
bazhangrollman, thats not a microsoft eula05:01
markosoin 1 day i got 2 people converted to ubuntu :)05:01
redneck05ok how do you find that05:01
rollmana virus?05:01
Cpt_Zyphhey how can i back up a theme from firefox and transfer it over to another machine ?? i cant find were i installed it from back in the day and i would hate to lose it 8/05:01
bazhangrollman, no05:01
joeoshawai have converted tons05:01
markosoi just installed 3 days ago05:02
joeoshawaat least 250-300 in 8 months05:02
rollmanhow come it says microsoft?05:02
gobbeCpt_Zyph: could it be under ~/.mozilla05:02
gobbeCpt_Zyph: at least all extensions are installed there05:02
rollmani'll see if i can find the change after update05:03
Cpt_Zyphgobbe ya i figured that but i didnt want to back up the entire .mozilla/firefox folder .. i was hoping i could copy just some theme files directly05:03
joeoshawaprobably a package that has microsoft programing in it05:03
joeoshawaanyone here ever seen microsoft sorce code?05:04
bazhangjoeoshawa, `thats offtopic here05:04
gobbeCpt_Zyph: ok, i'm not sure is it possible to export it from there :L/05:04
bazhangso #ubuntu-offtopic please05:04
HajuuHi guys, bit of a weird question, but is there a way with one command line I can check if say, gedit is open, and if it is, then to switch to the window, or if not, to open it?05:04
joeoshawai just apologized did i not05:04
isitokayhi, im not sure if this is the right irc channel for my question, but if i use gparted to partition my HHD, will any harm be done to  ym vista partition?05:05
rshbazhang is ubuntu employee05:05
joeoshawayour point05:05
joeoshawai apologized05:05
rwwrsh: Ubuntu doesn't have employees.05:05
jay_why_bee2very strange... I keep getting disconnected randomly from WoW.  When it happens, I disconnect on my ubuntu laptop.   What is going on?05:05
bazhangjoeoshawa, lets move on.05:05
leptonHajuu: ps ax |grep gedit in a terminal05:05
joeoshawathats what i am saying05:05
philip_bazhang do you know why I can't sync my IPod 4th gen touch 8gb with GTKPOD keeps throwing me a error05:06
Hajuulepton: Need to do it all in one command05:06
bazhangphilip_, could you pastebin the error please05:06
jay_why_bee2I have setup an FPING to my two routers, the first hop in my ISP and this irc server.  Nothing lost ping05:06
bazhangphilip_, what version of ubuntu is this btw05:06
lwizardlon 10.04 whats the most supported ipod tool for 5th gen video ?05:06
ericp_Has anyone had problems with an encrypted home directory?05:07
philip_unsupported checksum type05:07
_vaibhav_how to get fd (file descriptor) of any file??05:07
ericp_I have a strange thing going on here.05:07
philip_That's the error.05:07
lepton_vaibhav_: lsof05:08
rollmani have to restart05:08
philip_Why am I getting Unsupported Checksum Type in GTKIPod Manager.05:08
_vaibhav_lepton: thanks.. :)05:09
abstraktI have another Ext3 partition that I'm going to just use for files, but I can't change the volume label in Nautilus I get an error saying that the operation is "not supported by the backend"05:11
rshi m stuck at bluetooth again. downloadd bt filesharing and it has diabled bt analyzer05:11
piper69howdy folks05:11
jay_why_bee2very strange... I keep getting disconnected randomly from WoW.  When it happens, I disconnect on my ubuntu laptop.   What is going on?05:11
jay_why_bee2I have setup an FPING to my two routers, the first hop in my ISP and this irc server.  Nothing lost ping05:11
piper69i need a second pair of eyes05:11
ericp_I have an encrypted home directory for on user,   if I log in with that user, I can't log in.  I'm back at the login screen05:12
ericp_if I login as another user and "su broken-user"   I can see that broken user's encrypted home directory and read the files.05:12
ericp_But that user can't log in.  I get Ecryptfs errors in /var/log/messages when that user tries to log in.05:12
ericp_Hi piper69,05:13
ericp_what's up with you?05:13
piper69i have a DynDNS free account setup for my Domain name. so intertnet ---. linksys .1.1 as Gateway and 1.146 to another router .10.1. my server address is
piper69can hit my DynDNS domain from out site my LAN05:14
ericp_OK.  I think I follow so far.05:14
ericp_so what is the problem, piper69?05:15
piper69i can't get to www.mydomain.com05:15
ericp_is the domain resolving to the correct address?05:16
ericp_Also, do you have the router set up to route the inbound traffic to that address?05:16
piper69ericp_: how can i tell05:16
joeoshawaphilip_:what version of gtkpod05:16
ericp_Do you know your global IP address?  The public address of the router?05:17
piper69well DynDNS is resolving my domain.com to my WAN ip address05:17
ericp_You can go to http://whatismyipaddress.com/  and see what your address is.05:17
sacarlsonpiper69: login to your router and make sure you have port forwarding the ports you want to listen on directed to the systems that are running those services05:17
ericp_Yeah,  if your DNS is resolving correctly, then you need forwarding at the router to get the traffic in.05:17
piper69ericp_: i did ...fwd port 80 to which is connected to WAN on the 2nd router05:18
piper69sacarlson: i did ...fwd port 80 to which is connected to WAN on the 2nd router05:20
sacarlsonpiper69: I don't think you want to route port 80 to another gateway,  you setup port forward 80 to your ubuntu box or whatever you have that is running apache2 or other service05:21
joeoshawahow come in xchat when you click someones name it doesn't put them in the message window05:21
HajuuIm having trouble with accessing a share on my windows pc host (from a VM).05:21
philip_The latest version joeoshawa05:21
HajuuThe VM can connect to the host but it just keeps asking for a username and password05:21
rollmanwow i feel like im in a windows enviroment even the picture looks clearer05:21
piper69sacarlson: i did so too. my ubuntu box is at
piper69so i fwd .10.33 at the first router05:22
bc81help please, maverick won't let me update.  update manager says this: http://pastebin.com/hE3sj5DN and a screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/4l5ta7405:22
joeoshawai will go search and get it sometimes the software center and apt-get are useless05:22
vultrazHelp! how do i create a bootable disk from an iso in 10.10? Startup disk creator?05:23
sacarlsonpiper69: so you have two routers both having wan access?05:23
abhijaini am on ubuntu 10.10 and i want to put my laptopn on do nothing option when i closed the lid. but in power option there is no such option for that. how can i put my latop on do nothing option05:23
joeoshawanot worth it it probably won't fix it anyway its only one point release05:23
rollmani think my graphics card is working better than it ever did05:23
piercedwaterDoes anyone know why the start button is greyed out in Handbrake? I added the repository from the Hrandbrake website and installed GTK and common libraries.05:24
joeoshawai have 2.8.8 the newest is 2.8.905:24
abstraktjoeoshawa, right click the name and select "open dialog"05:24
piper69sacarlson: the funny thing is if i do mydomaindotcom:8080 i can access the first router05:25
K6HXI'm having a devil of a time getting my HDA intel sound card working under lucid lynx, anybody have any expertise/ideas?05:25
rollmanthis is really nice system now someone needs a congradulations05:25
bc81piercedwater: alt+f2 gconf-editor, navigate to "/apps/gnome-power-manager/buttons/lid_ac" and lid_battery.  change the Values to say "nothing"05:26
sacarlsonericp_: piper69 so you checked your domain ip as ericp_: suggested05:26
hunterkasyabstrakt: I am having the same issue with clicking on a name to open a dialog, when I when I right click on a name the only options are clear and select all05:26
piper69sacarlson: yes. i know my IP address05:27
Goddardis there anybook out that outlines server setup from start to finish using ubuntu?05:27
vultrazHelp! how do i create a bootable disk from an iso in 10.10? Startup disk creator?05:27
sacarlsonpiper69: and I guess you missed my last post, I asked if you had two router both having wan access?05:27
piper69Goddard: what server ?05:27
bazhangvultraz, unetbootin05:28
gobbevultraz: startup disk creates you usb, if you want cd just burn it05:28
Goddardpiper69: your server!05:28
Goddardpiper69: im coming over to set it up05:28
rollmanmy graphics is smooth i mean really smooth05:29
piper69sacarlson: i have a cat5 from LAN port in router 1 connected to router 2 WAN with ip address
bc81abhijain: sorry, my message was to you, but i accidentally sent it to piercedwater..alt+f2 gconf-editor, navigate to "/apps/gnome-power-manager/buttons/lid_ac" and lid_battery.  change the Values to say "nothing"05:30
piper69router 2 is setup as a DHCP - .10.6505:30
bazhangvultraz, unetbootin creates a bootable usb stick with that iso05:30
piper69i am behind router 2 now and i am able to access the internet and chat with you05:30
sacarlsonpiper69: and you are port forwarding to  for port 80 on router 2?05:31
piper69my ip is 10.34 this is a windows box05:31
piper69my ubuntu box is on 10.3305:31
=== lynx is now known as Guest54642
piper69sacarlson: no port fwd in router 205:31
bc81piercedwater: i have and use handbrake regularly with xubuntu 10.10.  the start button is disabled until you load a file/disc/directory05:32
piercedwaterbc81: can u tell me those directions again? it scrolled off the screen before I could get to gconf05:32
sacarlsonpiper69: inside router 2 port forward port 80 to
joeoshawaif anyone knows a way to input the command to doubleclick a user let me know compiling a new xchat from source for a point release that probably will not do anything is not worth the effort05:32
bc81piercedwater: sorry, that message was to someone else05:32
piper69sacarlson: doesn't have port fwd option05:32
bc81piercedwater: but about handbrake, you installed it from the ppa?05:33
clarkfischerMy ubuntu terminal stopped letting me paste in it....05:33
sacarlsonpiper69: you need to login to the router to change it,  I never seen a router that doesn't have it05:33
piercedwaterbc81: yes, someone tolf me to open gconf, but i didnt see what to do after that05:33
piper69sacarlson: it is a ZyXEL P-330W_V1.05:33
RPG-MasterOH. CRAP. My computer is telling me that all I have is 420kb left. I KNOW this isn't true. After scanning my hard drive with that utility it says I actually have like 400gb left. What the heck?05:33
sacarlsonpiper69: I have a zyxel and it had port forwarding05:33
bc81piercedwater: no, the gconf message was from me, to someone else.  forget about that.  what version of handbrake are you using?05:34
mkanyicyyou have only one partition, RPG-Master ?05:34
sacarlsonpiper69: unless your isp won't give you the password in such case I do a reset on the box and login to change it05:34
piercedwaterbc81: Rev296505:34
piper69sacarlson: i am logged in the ZyXEl now05:34
piercedwater64 boit05:35
RPG-Mastermkaay: Besides swap, yes.05:35
mkanyicyRPG-Master, I mean, does your system complain about lack of space on the same filesystem you scanned?05:35
piper69but can't find/see port fwd settings05:35
mkanyicyRPG-Master, ok05:35
RPG-Mastermkaay: Yeah.05:35
tmr0Updated to kernel 2.6.32-28 and computer reboots continuously05:35
tmr0Running on 2.6.32-2705:36
sacarlsonpiper69: here are the instructions on how to setup fowarding on that box http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/ZyXEL/P-330w/Echolink.htm05:36
RPG-Mastermkaay: OK, the utility actually says 45gb, but  the problem still stands.05:36
tmr0How do uninstall the latest kernel?05:36
=== invisiblek is now known as invisiblek-afk
bc81piercedwater: ever installed a ppa before?  go here: https://launchpad.net/~handbrake-ubuntu/+archive/ppa that will get you the latest version05:36
mkanyicyRPG-Master,  what is the utility you are using?05:36
mkanyicytmr0, use synaptic05:37
fate234anyone use WINE here?05:37
RPG-Mastermkaay: It's in Accessories as "Disk Usage Analyzer".05:37
piercedwaterbc81: that is where i got my ppa from that i added05:37
tmr0mkanyicy, thanks05:37
mkanyicytmr0, search for 'linux image' and then 'linux source' and then 'linux headers'05:37
piper69sacarlson: ahhh it is virtual servers :) sorry i missed that :)05:37
mkanyicyRPG-Master, you mean, baobab, right?05:37
RPG-Mastermkaay: According to it's About, yes.05:38
bc81oh, i see.05:38
piper69so which ip address i will fwd05:38
mkanyicyRPG-Master, try on terminal: 'df -h' and see if this agrees with baobab05:38
bc81piercedwater: so, tell me have you used handbrake before with success?05:38
piper69if i have apache2 in my ubuntu box .10.3305:38
piercedwaterbc81: I have never used it on Ubuntu05:38
sacarlsonpiper69: that can't be your address I assume it's
RPG-Mastermkanyicy: :O I just realized I've been mention the wrong person!05:40
piper69sacarlson: it is .10.3305:40
bc81piercedwater: oh, try testing out the loading of a DVD/video_ts folder05:40
sacarlsonpiper69: it will have to be within the netmask of your wan router05:40
mkanyicyRPG-Master, all you ave to do is to use TAB COMPLETION05:40
RPG-Mastermkanyicy: But it's saying: /dev/sda1             895G  849G  416K 100% /05:40
piper69eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:xx:8b:xx:03:xxinet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
mkanyicyRPG-Master, 416K is available05:41
mkanyicyRPG-Master,  the 100% says you have used 100% portion of the disk05:41
RPG-Mastermkanyicy: I do, which typing "mka" and then tabbing gives me mkaay :P05:41
mkanyicyRPG-Master, the second tab will give you 'me'05:41
sacarlsonpiper69: then I guess that won't work since your wan router 2 is off that mask with ip
RPG-Mastermkanyicy: Can I use that boabab as root to see where all that space has gone?05:42
abhijainbc81: thanx alot05:42
mkanyicyRPG-Master, sure05:42
piper69sacarlson: router 1 WAN and it is acts as a DHCP for range -
RPG-Mastermkanyicy:  OOOOHHH. I've been using IRC for two years now and I just learned something new... :P05:42
mkanyicyRPG-Master, lol05:43
sacarlsonpiper69: that's fine setup your ubuntu box to anything in that range or a bit above like
piper69sacarlson: and i have a cat5 going from LAN port in my linksys router 1 connected in WAN port of ZyXEL router05:43
madsailormkanyicy, RPG-Master...me too05:44
madsailorthanks for the tab tip ;)05:44
mkanyicyI guess you know now how to proceed from here, good luck. I gotta go now.05:44
RPG-Mastermkanyicy: Thanks for the help.05:44
mkanyicyRPG-Master, no prob05:44
mkanyicymadsailor, no prob05:44
sacarlsonpiper69: your router 1 can just act as a bridge for wan router 2,  just let it all fall into one bridged network lan05:45
bc81abhijain: you're welcome05:46
piper69sacarlson: i wanted to use to different subnets to kinda separate the two networks05:46
TheMusicGuyI need help allowing my standard login to be able to mount an NTFS usb hard drive and still be able to use NTFS-3G's UserMapping features (ie. remembering ACLs, user ownership, etc.)05:46
sacarlsonpiper69: ok up to you just setup your ubuntu apache2 on the wan side in static then05:47
TheMusicGuyI tried to add a line to /etc/fstab but now normal users can't mount it anymore05:47
joeoshawathats just nasty05:47
joeoshawaapple broke the linux compatibility on ipods05:47
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
piper69sacarlson: well thats what i ve been trying to do ....but i don't know why its not working even thu i setup the ip in for my ubuntu box in router 105:48
joeoshawayou can't connect new ones now05:48
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest29992
sacarlsonpiper69: you will have to setup your ubuntu box with a static ip in the mask range router 2 side05:49
sacarlsonpiper69: do you know how to setup static ip address in ubuntu?05:49
sacarlsonpiper69: or are you thinking of another solution?05:50
sacarlsonpiper69: you could change the mask to be  that might also work05:51
piper69for which router05:51
sacarlsonpiper69: I don't know I will let you find a solution of your chosing,  I would stick with the static IP address in ubuntu and leave the routers as is05:52
=== hjkl is now known as Guest48505
bencarverHi guys, I just installed ubuntu a couple weeks ago and the internal mic on my lenovo does not work.  Does anyone have any ideas?05:53
piper69sacarlson: setup my ubuntu with the .10.33 as a static ip05:55
HajuuHi guys, bit of a weird question, but is there a way with one command line I can check if say, gedit is open, and if it is, then to switch to the window, or if not, to open it?05:56
diecastartshailz all .. quick question how can i find the name of my joystick .. trying to use jstest or jscal // hoping to get get that mapping to so i can setup different games ..but it seems i going to have to manually input all that which is fine but no idea what the mapping are or even the name .. I have try Joy0 no go05:57
ericp_Help.   I can't log in with my normal user account.05:57
sacarlsonHajuu: try ps -A |grep gedit05:57
EagleHi Alllll :)05:57
ericp_Hello everyone.05:58
yusufagcahello everybody, is there any software about agriculture and animal science in linux?05:58
sacarlsonericp_: is this the encrypted account?05:59
=== RobBeane|Away is now known as RobBeane
Hajuusacarlson: sure, that will give me whether its running or not - but how - in one line - do I make that into a conditional so - if any output, open the window, else open the app05:59
ericp_account with encrypted home directory.05:59
ericp_When I log in, it boots me right back to the login screen.05:59
sacarlsonericp_: maybe just create a new user with a none encrytped account05:59
ericp_I wish it could be that simple.06:00
TheMusicGuyI'm trying to solve a problem regarding NTFS-3G/FUSE. I'm reading this FAQ about the issue (see link) but I don't really understand what its saying about setuid root, and I don't know how to apply persistent permissions to a block device (they always see to go back after I change them). http://www.tuxera.com/community/ntfs-3g-faq/#unprivileged06:00
EagleCould someone please help me, I installed a game yesterday on someone elses computer, the game is Warcraft 3, I used playonlinux, but i dont know how to get the Patch to work, and help?06:00
sacarlsonericp_: why is the entire /home directory encrypted?06:01
diecastartsEagle best bet it to talk to wine support06:01
ericp_the account was set up that way.06:01
diecastartsis to**06:01
ericp_laptop,  some concern about it being stolen and wanted data to be inaccessible.06:02
diecastartsoh sorry no playonlinux support then06:02
ericp_Actually the account I'm logged in with also has encrypted home directory.06:02
sacarlsonericp_:  maybe so but you can create a new account that isn't setup that way,  just boot single user and create a new user06:02
ericp_That's an option for ubuntu 10.1006:02
sacarlsonericp_: I assume you forgot the password or ??06:02
ericp_No, I know the password.06:03
ericp_I'm logged in as a different user now.06:03
ericp_if I open terminal and 'su ericp'06:03
ericp_I get logged in,  everything mounts up and I can see ericp's home directory.06:03
sacarlsonericp_: oh ok so you have another user so create a new one from there then and just copy the encrytped files to the new unecrytped dir06:03
ericp_Yeah,  I might end up doing that.06:04
ericp_What's different when I log directly in?06:04
gunndawganyone know if 11.04 o accelceration in flash ?06:04
gunndawgoops, that came out wrong06:04
bazhanggunndawg, #ubuntu+1 for natty please06:04
ericp_I get Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO error in /var/log/messages when I log directly in.06:04
gunndawgbazhang, what ?06:05
sacarlsonericp_: I"m not sure I created a test encrytped account but I don't use it,  I was afraid I would have problems like you are having now06:05
bazhanggunndawg, natty is 11.04  channel for discussion is #ubuntu+106:05
gunndawgoh ok06:05
ericp_Yeah, it has worked well for months.   Actually had it under 10.04 as well,06:05
ericp_no problems every06:05
sacarlsonericp_: well lossing the key is the same as forgeting the password06:05
ericp_until now.06:05
bc81yusufagca: have a look - http://www.softscout.com/Linux-Farm-Management-Software sorry, it's all i could find06:05
ericp_OK.      but it finds the key when I su.   It can't find the key when I log in directly.06:06
ericp_I have the encryption passphrase, too.     Not sure where I can manually put that back in.06:06
sacarlsonericp_: I guess the key file has wrong priv or user numbers assigned06:06
philip_Welp I'm going back to windows all thanks to  Apple....06:07
diecastartssounds like you may have use SU and not sudo on at one point in time eripc.. that may have missed up the ownership ectect06:07
sacarlsonericp_: might just be easier to create a new encrypted account and sudo cp all the files into your new account and make sure to chmod all files to match your user06:07
banisterfiendhey anyone know the address i connect to on my web browser to configure a cisco router?06:08
ericp_OK  Which file is the ownership wrong on?06:08
sacarlsondiecastarts: ericp_: if we had an encryption expert dude they might know where the key is located so you can check to see who owns it06:09
TheMusicGuyHow can I get a drive to automount with root priveleges?06:09
diecastartsbanisterfiend, try searching for the default on the web06:10
=== Look is now known as _____________xD
diecastartsif you have changed at that some point in time then no idea .. you have to hard reset the router06:10
snimavatwhat is the difference between gnome and unity?06:10
diecastartsbut there should be a site that would have you default gateway06:11
diecastartsor actually sorry check the network tool .. it should have it .. just look for gateway address06:12
sacarlsonsnimavat: I've seen examples of unity on youtube.com  if you want to see a video of what it looks like google unity youtube06:12
=== jmad980 is now known as a11
diecastartsso anyone know how i can find out what my joystick device name would be?06:14
diecastartsoh one sec i think found it06:14
blackrockHi. I want to reinstall a package I _accidentally_ removed. But I'm getting errors all over06:15
blackrock(E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1))06:15
KM0201the_pharoah: yes, you are06:16
amitwhen i shut down something like this type of message seen      Jetty running on port 8080 (JETTY)       what does it mean?06:16
diecastartscrap guess now ... has anyone dealt with gamepads before .. ??06:16
=== behrooz is now known as Guest87478
skyhawkCan someone help me with a desktop enviornment question?06:17
noonianamit, i dont know about jetty specifically, but those are services that have been running that are shutting down06:18
bc81_!ask | skyhawk06:18
ubottuskyhawk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:18
noonianamit, i think jetty is java servlet engine and webserver or something06:18
Richie086yeah it is06:18
skyhawkSorry I'm new to IRC. Is there a way to start xubuntu without a desktop environment?06:18
amitnoonian: no it is related to firewall but i cannot understood why this message is being shown always06:19
=== zkriesse_ is now known as zkriesse
Hajuuskyhawk: lol why would you use xubuntu then?06:19
Hajuuwhy not use ubuntu-server06:19
Hajuuor similar06:19
Richie086Jetty provides an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container. These components are open source and available for commercial use and distribution.06:19
royceremer_skyhawk: ctr+alt+f1 ?06:19
Richie086from there webstie06:19
noonianamit, something that is installed is configured to start at boot and it uses jetty. when you shutdown it tries to shutdown those services in a safe way06:19
=== a11 is now known as it`s
=== blaize0 is now known as blaize
skyhawkBecause I rarely use it but when I do its nice to have chromium and stuff06:20
amitok thanx06:20
Richie086amit: what is the error you are getting06:20
Fuchsskyhawk: yes, in general it is possible06:20
piercedwaterAnyone have any GUI video conversion program reccomendations besides vlc, winff and handbrake?06:20
Fuchsskyhawk: you can either remove or disable gdm/kdm/xdm, so X won't be started unless you need it06:20
bc81_piercedwater: avidemux06:21
bc81_piercedwater: it has a GTK+ GUI06:21
skyhawkFuchs: How can I do that?06:21
noonianskyhawk, i think the best way would be to remove the stuff you dont need from one of the runlevels that ubuntu doesnt use, and then switch that to default06:22
=== it`s is now known as jmad98O
Richie086yeah I agree with noonian06:22
Richie086no reason to remove gdm/kdm or whatever gui you are using06:22
skyhawknoonian: that sounds great. I don't know where to edit those though06:23
nooniani dont really either, this is something ive been meaning to do actually06:23
Fuchsskyhawk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpstartHowto  << there you go06:23
Richie086skyhawk: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84364606:23
Richie086its pretty easy to do06:23
skyhawkThanks! Fuchs: your name wouldn't be referring to the style of wheel would it?06:24
hey_joe if i want to boot windows xp, windows 7, and ubuntu with say grub 2.  i have installed XP, installed 7, and now i will install Grub to the MBR.  however, when selecting win xp, it takes me to the win 7 chooser, where i need to choose winxp.  is there a way to make xp go to xp, 7 go to straight 7 from the Grub menu?06:24
hey_joesome special finicking with 7 loader or something?06:24
Fuchsskyhawk: no, rather to the (swiss)german word for fox06:25
piper69this might be a weird question , my dell poweredge server got to built in nic, how would i know which one is eth0 and with on it eth106:25
bc81_piercedwater: you might also want to give arista a try, i tried it a while back but it wasn't so good then..it might be better now though06:26
dwalterhey_joe I don't believe it's possible to send grub straight to the xp boot loader, because after you installed 7 the XP bootloader was replaced with the win7 one06:27
Richie086piper69: so one built in nic and one pci nic?06:27
piper69Richie086: nope both are built in06:28
Richie086i would plug one in, leave one dissconnected, run dhclient and see which one gets an ip address06:29
smegzorHi.  I have a laptop that is failing to boot up.  It has Ubuntu on it and it is saying Mount of file system failed.  What do I need to do to recover?06:29
Richie086piper69: i am guessing you are using ubuntu?06:30
dwalterPiper69: If you have physical access to the box just unplug one of the nics and see which interface goes down06:30
Richie086that works too06:30
Fuchssmegzor: you could try to boot a live system and check the filesystem with fsck, and restore it, if needed06:30
Richie086piper69: do you have physical access to the server?06:31
smegzorThanks.  Trying that now.06:31
piercedwaterbc81_: may i pm you?06:33
ericp_sacarlson, you still around?06:33
kthomas_vh_howto add ssh key to account without login shell?  possible?  (ssh-add etc) ?06:33
ramontayaghey folks. when I open bookmarks (Places > Home Folder) it would open them in VLC. I uninstalled VLC to fix this, but now it opens up in a browser. how do I fix this?06:33
linogehi there06:34
linogeis there a version of ubuntu without openoffice, gnome and all those programs? somethin 'light' ?06:35
ramontayaglinoge, xubuntu06:35
HajuuDoes anyone know of a wordpress client so easy that I can just literally press a key combo and have an input box drop down?06:35
=== zvrk is now known as xXx_hazard
kickingvegasHave a question; are folks having problems with suspend using 10.10?06:36
joeoshawayes i can suspend but i have to shut off my computer and turn it back on to get it back06:37
kickingvegasMy NIC (Intel 82566DM) on a DQ965GF motherboard won't wakeup after suspend or reboot06:37
piper69Richie086: yes... i am trying to assign static ip to any of the two NIC, every time i do so and i /etc/init.d/networking restart i get failed to bring up eth106:37
linogestill, i need something lighter06:37
dwalterlinoge: what's your goal for this machine? Light-weight desktop? otherwise ubuntu server comes with next to nothing installed06:37
joeoshawadon' t use suspend it doesn't work06:37
joeoshawaand yes i have over 4gb of swap space06:38
linogedwalter: i need something like.... mmm... just a dwm desktop with a console and build utilities06:38
bc81_piercedwater: yes, sorry was afk06:38
linogedwalter: and the desktop is... optional06:38
ZykoticK9linoge, you can start with ubuntu-minimal and only install what you want06:38
allan8904i'm trying to install ubuntu, but it reboots halfway through the installation. The cd is fine though....any ideas?06:39
allan8904i was running with the nomodeset option06:39
kickingvegasjoeoshawa: on suspend; how authoritative is that?06:39
linogewhy aren't those beautifull things in the main page?06:39
noonianlinoge, or you can uninstall office and everything you dont want06:39
Richie086piper69: so, eth0 is working then?06:39
linogeslow connection here06:40
linogethank you so much ZykoticK9 :)06:40
ZykoticK9linoge, glad to help06:40
joeoshawai guess the thing for me is mine never stops working i mean when i sleep i got a movie playing06:40
piper69Richie086: nope samething06:40
linogestill, why aren't those so usefull images in the downloads page?06:41
sacarlsonpiper69: would setup both eth0 and eth1 as static be a viable option?06:41
joeoshawawhen i play with my kids i got their shows movies and such on06:41
Richie086piper69: so both ports are failing to come online?06:41
ZykoticK9linoge, ubuntu's goal is to be "linux for everyone" ubuntu-minimal is NOT for everyone06:41
kickingvegasjoeoshawa: so consider suspend broken in meerkat?06:42
piper69sacarlson: well i am trying to setup it as static06:42
ZykoticK9linoge, sorry "linux for human beings" but you get the message ;)06:42
joeoshawaas far as i can tell yes06:42
linogehehe, well, anyways.... i have a broadcom card, how would i do to use it while installing?06:42
joeoshawai can't use a suspend that bricks my machine till i hit the power supply switch06:43
nooniankickingvegas, suspend works for me as long as i dont have an external monitor plugged in, then  it works sometimes but sometimes only wakes on the external and laptop stays blank or something similr06:43
sacarlsonpiper69: make them both static http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html06:43
kickingvegasjoeoshawa: yeah, I agree. figure you get what you pay for :|06:43
ZykoticK9linoge, you MUST have net access for ubuntu-minimal - do you have a wired connection you could use for install?06:43
piper69sacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/558872/06:43
joeoshawanot really i mean ubuntu linux is a great distro os06:43
joeoshawait is just suspend that is a problem06:44
joeoshawabut i think it is ok in 10.0406:44
linogeZykoticK9: yes, but i thought it would be fun to know how to connect through wireless :)06:44
joeoshawayou would have to ask someone who used 10.0406:44
kickingvegasjoeoshawa: nope, vncserver in 10.10 is broken as well06:44
joeoshawathe partition manager wouldn't see my hdd06:44
Richie086piper69: gateway?06:45
sacarlsonpiper69: your gateway is outside the mask address of your network06:45
Richie086piper69: yeah 192.168.10.x and 192.168.1.x06:45
ZykoticK9linoge, the minimal cd has VERY few drivers on it - i can't even get 10.04s minimal to use my regular ethernet on my EEE, so wireless is probably NOT possible (or very difficult) if it's not automatically working06:45
piper69sacarlson: well i thought the gw will be of the other router ip address06:46
sacarlsonpiper69: that's fine then don't add a gateway on this eth1  just need one gateway06:46
dwalterSuspend works on my 10.04 boxes....but suspend "functionality" seems to vary with hardware.  I'm running 10.04 on a Dell Latitude E6410 and it works fine06:47
joeoshawalooks to me like many people have vncserver working in 10.1006:47
piper69sacarlson: explain please ....just one gateway06:47
linogeZykoticK9: mmm, so, is there a way to install it through usb?06:47
joeoshawaseems to me i did06:47
sacarlsonpiper69: only one of your 2 nics need to point to a gateway address you only have one wan router06:47
joeoshawabut the machine  i used it with was a pos lol06:48
Richie086piper69: why are you using two seperate networks?  are you trying to seperate logical networks?06:48
joeoshawaold and dead06:48
Hajuutrying to add my buzz account to my social messaging thing, I authorize it and it just shows a page saying Authorization complete06:48
Hajuubut doesnt add the account06:48
angel_itohi everyvody06:48
joeoshawai collect machines other pitch06:48
ZykoticK9linoge, there are no build tools on the minimal cd - issue i ran into, i couldn't even install the drivers as there wasn't enough tools.  if it doesn't work automatically, it probably won't work.06:49
joeoshawai am looking now for an xt and an at to play with06:49
ActionParsnipjoeoshawa: me too its great06:49
angel_itoalguien de ustedes abla o entiende el espanol06:49
dwalterjoeoshawa: Linux is great for revitalizing old crap, you can easily get another 2 - 3 years out of old hardware06:49
ZykoticK9!es | angel_ito06:49
ubottuangel_ito: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:49
linoge ZykoticK9: mmm, i mean, install the system through a usb pendrive06:50
angel_itook muchas grasias06:50
joeoshawai got a dell 500 mhz cpu with 640 meg ram running almost as fast as my dual core06:50
ZykoticK9linoge, i doubt you can successfully boot a minimal from USB... maybe.  It's NOT a LiveCD though!06:50
kickingvegasok later folks!06:50
joeoshawaits running debian fluxrox06:51
piper69sacarlson: i keep getting , SIOCADDRT;NO such process failed to bring up eth106:51
ActionParsniplinoge: try it. Its free :-)06:51
dwalterlinoge: if you have an ubuntu laptop just use the startup disk creator under system > administration or try unetbootin06:52
linogeZykoticK9: lol, it's just... i don't have any blank cds and it's 2:20 am here, i wanted to do something for the fun of it06:52
sascha__good morning, do you know if oracle database file system (on a nas share) can handle simultanious r/w access from fibre channel attached servers?06:52
ZykoticK9linoge, no harm in trying ;)  Best of luck.06:52
ActionParsnipjoeoshawa: i'd use puppy or xpud. Xpud boots superfast on anything06:53
linogenop, i have a windows 7 laptop T.T, that's another reason i want to install it fast06:53
fenreunetbootin is very good06:53
fenreworks like a charm06:53
joeoshawaits for my 4 year old06:53
joeoshawaand its running fantastic actually06:53
joeoshawaxgm or whatever its got a disney princess login06:54
=== Guest48505 is now known as hjkl
dwalterlinoge http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/06:54
dwalterfor windows too06:54
joeoshawai am thinking of installing all the kids games like educational ones i can and making a live iso for parents06:55
fenreand if you don't know what it is; unetbootin will make you a bootable usb drive..06:55
joeoshawafor kids 2-1206:55
dwalterjoeoshawa: edubuntu may have beat you to it06:55
dfg34244rlqpmchi all06:55
joeoshawacan it run on a 5oomhz computer06:56
joeoshawamost ubuntu installs can't06:56
dwalternot sure, only one way to find out lol06:56
joeoshawathis is really light06:56
joeoshawai mean really light06:56
joeoshawathe menus are all widgets lol06:56
joeoshawaexcept for the right click of course06:57
joeoshawabut i used the rox manager to make icons into menus06:57
joeoshawaso all the stuff the kids access is right on the desktop06:58
sacarlsonpiper69: example that might work for you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/558874/06:58
joeoshawait would probably run ok on a 486 dx 6606:58
joeoshawalittle laggy but what do you expect06:58
joeoshawaany garbage computer would do07:00
dfg34244rlqpmcwhat r u talking about?07:00
kuruI would like to use WindowMaker is my primary window manager, but it seems that my wifi doesn't work when I switch to it07:00
kuruhow can I have wifi enabled even if I don't run X?07:00
joeoshawaread back i made a setup for my daughter with a really old slow computer07:01
joeoshawai am going to take it upstairs and get my nephew to play with it for a while to see how it goes07:02
sacarlsonkuru: you can setup wifi in /etc/network/interfaces07:02
joeoshawaanother day07:02
kuruscarlson, is there any way to make whatever is setup under GNOME permanent?07:02
kuruI don't understand why it's done in silos07:02
dfg34244rlqpmcHow i can run win app in ubuntu?07:02
bazhang!appdb > dfg34244rlqpmc07:03
ubottudfg34244rlqpmc, please see my private message07:03
joeoshawa!wine | dfg34244rlqpmc07:03
ubottudfg34244rlqpmc: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:03
dfg34244rlqpmcbut is a bit complex07:04
joeoshawanot really07:04
joeoshawagive it a try07:04
dfg34244rlqpmci try that before , but failed07:05
sacarlsonkuru: that seems like the oposite of what you asked you want wifi to work outside X but you want it permanent in gnome?  the original suggestion will work in both07:05
joeoshawawhat are you trying to run07:05
joeoshawafor an out of the box solution there is always the proprietary solutions07:05
sirscrubsalothey will Office 2007 run on ubuntu 10,04 LTS (single boot OS laptop)? i'm a medical student and we get a MS office 2007 Home and Student edition - i heard about using "wine" but the web presented with so many varied opinions and tutorials on how to do/run this - my rotations actually require me to use word/powerpoint/onenote - up until now i've been using open office and googledocs, but it's not going to cut it - thanks for inpu07:06
sirscrubsalott and if somebody has a good URL to show me this too , would be great!07:06
joeoshawabut nothing works with every program perfectly07:06
kurusacarlson, no.. I want it permanent. I can configure it and set it up in GNOME and I want to know why I can't extend that to make it permanent, system-wide, independent of X1107:06
=== banisterfiend is now known as horsefish66
dfg34244rlqpmcit is very unstable07:06
kurusacarlson, the original suggestion requires that I do some voodoo configuration.. when GNOME provides me with a very easy GUI interface.. is there anyway to take whatever it's producing and just use them with minor modification/07:06
kuruthat's the jist of my question07:07
sacarlsonkuru: if it make you happy you can use the gedit editor that runs in gnome to edit the file07:07
asfjiohello, guys! i installed openssh-server package in order to login to my machine. now i tried to stop the sshd daemon by "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop" and it says stopping OK. then i still was able to login to the machine. when looking into processes i saw "/usr/sbin/sshd -D" is running. am i doing something wrong?07:07
joeoshawawhat are you trying to run exactly07:07
Jordan_Uasfjio: sudo service ssh stop07:07
kurusacarlson, seriously? ok.. thanks but yeah.. that's not a solution07:07
horsefish66i have a modem and a wireless router, the router was reset and now i when i connect to it i cant access the internet. Can anyone tell me what i should do?07:08
sacarlsonkuru: sorry I don't know07:08
joeoshawahorsefish66 unplug the network cable from the linux box wait for a while for the router to realise its not connected then reconnect it07:09
fenreasfjio, I guess you could kill the process07:09
horsefish66horsefish66: there is no linux box - it's a cisco router plugged into a modem07:09
joeoshawawrong room07:10
piper69sacarlson: this is killing me man. if i typed my domindocom it hit my first router then stop there07:10
sacarlsonpiper69: did you see my example?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/558874/07:11
joeoshawai was assuming you had a linux machine somewhere in the mix07:11
joeoshawaparticularly a ubuntu machine07:11
joeoshawai have no idea about cisco systems07:12
piper69sacarlson: yes , but my server is a headless, so if it fu**s up i will have to walk all the way to the end of the house and open the rack and pull it out and come back here to reconfig it07:12
piper69am too lazy now...i am thinking to head to bed and work on it in the am07:13
piper69maybe i am not seeing clearly now07:13
markosowhats a easy way on ubuntu to share desktop vlc?07:14
asfjioJordan_U: why it doesn't anymore use the init scripts themselves?07:14
joeoshawayeah man07:14
joeoshawathin client07:14
markosowhats it called07:15
joeoshawai got it set up on mine07:15
markosovlc its in app center07:15
joeoshawadon't ask it took many moons and lots of baldness to setup my machine was kinda messed uup07:16
Jordan_Uasfjio: It's been converted to a native upstart service. The SYSV init sctipt is there for people who for whatever reason still want to use SYSV init.07:16
shcherbakjoeoshawa: vnc?07:16
gunndawgWould running ubuntu use less laptop battery than say windows 7 ?07:16
joeoshawaltsp actually07:17
Jordan_Ugunndawg: It depends very heavily on how well the hardware is supported.07:17
shcherbakgunndawg: It depense.07:17
gunndawghm alright07:17
joeoshawai had three server programs all fighting for dominance07:17
gunndawgI am not sure how well supported my hardware is, cant tell just by using it07:17
joeoshawaa few other conflicting programs07:18
joeoshawaand a partrige in a pear tree07:18
joeoshawahow are you Garzooka all is well i trust07:19
Garzookawhen did my irc auto connect07:19
Garzookayes I am fine thanks07:19
shcherbakBefore I will start search, does anyone know better (faster and more precise) tool to monitor wifi signal than iwconfig?07:20
GarzookaI don't think anyone is awake at this time07:22
gunndawgsure we are :)07:22
VanDykesure we are!07:22
VanDyke23:21 here07:22
gunndawgdoes my name appear "blue" to you guys ?07:22
gunndawgcause its grey on my screen, and hard to read07:22
sacarlsongunndawg: no kind of brown/yellow07:23
Garzookanope its black here07:23
gunndawgI guess it depends on what irc client you use07:23
gunndawgI am using XChat07:23
asfjioJordan_U: how should a stop of sshd for example will look if you use SYSV?07:23
Garzookawell I dont wanna shock you guys but its 07:26 AM here07:23
=== dev2_ is now known as dev2
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:24
kx250quick question.. ive been reading about it and i'm trying to help my friend out. he has a ps3 and can't stand the crappy featureless browser on it and wants to know if a ubuntu livecd will allow him to boot into linux and use a proper browser on his ps307:24
kx250ive found installation instructions and a ps3 port but im more looking into if a livecd will work07:24
shcherbakGarzooka: Eggs time!07:24
realeyesHey guys I need some help with my ethernet/router07:24
Garzookawhats the issue07:25
realeyesThe router isn't playing nice with the mainboard ;/07:25
Garzookamy irc auto connected at 06:50 AM this morning07:25
Jordan_Uasfjio: You should also use "service ssh stop" with SysV. You weren't ever really supposed to call the scripts directly.07:25
realeyesEthernet light on the mainboard works and blinks. Router doesn't light up07:25
Garzookais the router turned on?07:26
=== nan is now known as Guest6517
realeyesYes. All the lights are on, except the ethernet light.07:27
joeoshawashcherbak check this out http://www.ghacks.net/2009/03/31/gather-wireless-information-with-wavemon/07:27
sacarlsonrealeyes: try unplug and replug both sides and power off and on the router07:27
Garzookacheck the Ethernet and telephone cabled07:27
Garzookainto the router07:27
realeyesOk ok07:27
realeyesShould I get off win7 and get on ubuntu? lol07:28
joeoshawathats always a good start lol07:28
songer7hello what can i do to use hard disk drive as esternal drive? window says new hardware and install its driver now i can use it on windows bit no in linux07:29
songer7the light just is flashing07:29
Garzookaare you using I internal Hdd as an external Hdd?07:30
songer7Garzooka, yes07:31
Garzookadoes Linus reconise the drive07:32
songer7no thas what i'm saying07:32
Falun_where does ubuntu keep the RC files for the gtk themes?07:32
Smaughello all.  I have installed ubuntu 10.4 on my computer via Wubi.  My wireless internet is not working.  It does not detect any networks.  My wireless card is an Intel 4965AGN.  Can anyone offer me some help?07:33
Garzookathe Hdd is in the wrong format for linux07:33
realeyesWifi sux on ubuntu07:33
Garzookayeah, thats y I dont use ubutu07:34
Smaugyet you are on an ubuntu chat?07:34
Smaugi need to be able to do this for a course07:34
realeyesGarzooka, I rebooted into ubuntu and like...07:34
Falun_Garzooka, which .themes directory? ~/.themes is empty07:34
realeyesEverything is plugged in...07:35
Garzookawell I used to until now07:35
realeyesThe router just wont play nice with the mainboard...07:35
realeyesIt was working yesterday...07:36
sacarlsonrealeyes: but it's working when booted into windows?07:37
StrangeCharmall my graphical effects just vanished, leaving me with bland, unthemed windows, bar &c. what could have happened?07:37
ubottuFalun_: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.07:37
bazhangGarzooka, thats not helpful07:37
realeyesEthernet is the only light not on07:37
sacarlsonrealeyes: so it's hardware a bad cable sounds like  try another cable or if you have more ports on the router try another port07:37
realeyesTried another cable and its the only port07:38
* Falun_ pats Garzooka on the head.07:38
sacarlsonrealeyes: try another computer  or another router then07:38
* Garzooka purrs07:39
Falun_Garzooka, also you weren't even right07:39
Falun_(not .themes)07:39
Falun_no cookie for you07:39
Garzookaoh yeah thats the one, havnt been on ubuntu for about half a month07:40
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest45459
* Garzooka is away07:42
bazhang!away > Garzooka07:42
ubottuGarzooka, please see my private message07:42
Garzookabeg your pardon07:43
bazhangGarzooka, dont use noisy away messages07:43
cziooornybecause we sleep07:44
sergiu14how can I write to an already started process STDIN, from another process owned by me (root)07:45
sergiu14is this posible?07:45
shcherbakLet me repead myself, does anyone know better (faster and more precise) tool to monitor wifi signal than iwconfig?07:45
shcherbaksergiu14: temorary file?07:45
Garzooka"hes a cat, hes a cat, hes a cool cat"07:45
bazhangGarzooka, stop that07:46
bazhangshcherbak, wavemon ?07:46
shcherbakbazhang: roger that, thanks07:46
sergiu14what do you mean?07:46
=== root is now known as Guest22057
bazhang!info wavemon07:46
ubottuwavemon (source: wavemon): Wireless Device Monitoring Application. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6.10-1 (maverick), package size 40 kB, installed size 152 kB07:46
Garzookabazhang, my bad forgot to turn of script07:47
shcherbaksergiu14: What procer do you talk about?07:47
sergiu14is already started07:47
sergiu14i want to write to its stdin, from another process07:47
sergiu14not from his console07:47
FloodBot1sergiu14: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:47
bazhangGarzooka, thats not a script, thats you writing it. chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here07:47
pinoyoragonHi, What is the default logging daemon/service in 10.10 server?07:47
shcherbaksergiu14: you mean script, or bash?07:48
ThrashedPotatoeshello everyone07:48
* Garzooka is once again outsmarted by an op07:48
sergiu14bash (like a process)07:48
sergiu14not a script07:48
sergiu14my bash is not running a script07:48
sergiu14he is wating for commands07:48
asfjioJordan_U: thank you for your time!07:48
Jordan_Uasfjio: You're welcome.07:49
sergiu14how can I inject into STDIN of an already started bash process(wich is not running any commands), from another process07:49
Jordan_Usergiu14: What is your end goal?07:49
sergiu14to set up some env variables in all started bash processes07:49
babymammothliveshello, my question is odd. I log into my windows on dual boot on this machine and my ip is different. I log with ubuntu and its stayed the same07:49
sacarlsonsergiu14: you can pipe into stdin but I don't think you can do that after it's already started unless you have piped something to start that will pipe it later07:49
sergiu14so the user doesnt require a boot07:49
realeyesWow, now my router wont even turn on!07:50
shcherbakhm, nothing comes to my head, you can forward output of command (via tty id), but execute? Dunno.07:50
sergiu14nothing is piped(I know how to do it this way), I want something for my situation :p07:50
babymammothlivesdoes anyone know why my ip on ubuntu stays the same andi can change it on windows on the same dual machine?07:51
Jordan_Usergiu14: I still don't understand your end goal.07:51
sergiu14I was tought that root can do anything... so I guess he can do that...but I dont know how07:51
sergiu14END GOAL:  all started bash process get an new env variable07:51
sergiu14so I dont require a bash restart07:52
sergiu14lets say I have 100 started bash processes07:52
sergiu14and I want to update all with a new env variable07:52
sergiu14I dont want to write 100 times that...07:52
Jordan_Usergiu14: Why do you want all bash processes to get a new environment variable?07:52
sergiu14in each bash terminal07:52
babymammothlivesi wonder what the ratio of men to women is in here  :P07:52
Jordan_U!ot | babymammothlives07:52
ubottubabymammothlives: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:52
sergiu14so the customer won't restart the machine :)07:53
sergiu14it a bit odd.. I admit it07:53
sacarlsonsergiu14: I'm not sure when the env values are read, can you just loop on checking one and echo it then change it and see if it changes?07:53
sergiu14the values are read when bash starts.. but in my case.. bash is already started07:53
Jordan_Usergiu14: You still haven't stated an end goal. Unless your customer just really enjoys having environment variables changed there is more to the situation. Please explain your *end goal*.07:54
m1ndvirusHello. Why does /etc/init.d/networking fail when /etc/network/interfaces contains the following line at the end: "post-up /etc/network/if-up.d/zoneedit"? I have an /etc/network/if-up.d/zoneedit file marked +x.07:54
sacarlsonsergiu14: but what if you run it in a seasion as script&  then change the env  will it change in the script?07:55
babymammothliveshas anyone else noticed that their ip stays the same in ubuntu and is different on windows on a cable ISP?07:55
sergiu14this is kind of a theoretical problem.. I have a started process. Now from another root process I want to write into the started process STDIN (the process are not relatives.. and I dont want to change the first process) :)07:55
ThrashedPotatoesHey everybody. Is there any way to change an ubuntu partition to ntfs while using netbook remix 10.10?07:55
ThrashedPotatoesany help would really be appreciated07:56
Jordan_Usergiu14: Please read http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#goal07:56
babymammothlivespotatoes..isnt that an option when you install the OS?07:56
sergiu14this is a UNIX related question not really an UBUNTU question, I know, but I thought there are smart people in the UBUNTU comunity who could help me :)07:57
=== Loongjiang is now known as LongJ
ThrashedPotatoesIt was, but netbook remix got rid of my other partitions. Basically I fucked up on installation07:58
ThrashedPotatoeslet me re-state the question07:58
bazhangThrashedPotatoes, watch the language07:58
mcnellisIs there a cli command that I can use to get how many lines are in a fiel/07:59
babymammothlivesi'm surprised that nobody knows that answer, potatoes. It seems like something that would come up often07:59
Jordan_Umcnellis: wc /path/to/file07:59
m1ndvirusAnyone know anything about /etc/network/interfaces?07:59
sacarlsonsergiu14: I have a thought you could just have your script loop every X secounds and resource a script that will setup the env to the new settings if the sourced scirpt has changed anything08:00
mcnellisah thanks Jordan_U08:00
Jordan_Umcnellis: You're welcome.08:00
babymammothliveshas ANYONE successfully changed their cable static or dynamic ip in ubuntu? I've done it thousands of times in windows via ipconfit/release and etc08:00
babymammothlivesive been trying for two days and nothing seems to work for me08:01
dzup2sudo dhclient eth0  <--or the like?08:02
SyriaGuys can I sync my Nokia e72 with the computer?08:02
sacarlsonm1ndvirus: some08:04
badpenguin86How do I tell what programs require me to unlock the keychain on boot? I have four windows pop up to do it08:04
babymammothlives-- renewal in 39269 seconds. is what i get, dzup208:05
ThrashedPotatoesI wanted to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu. I acidentally got rid of my main and recovery partition, so now I'm left with just netbook remix. I'd like to get back to having just windows 7 so I can dual boot correctly, but windows won't download on to anything but a ntfs partition. Any ideas?08:05
babymammothlivesi want to force it to renew08:06
Gneababymammothlives: it automatically polls the dhcp server every so often.  open a terminal and type:  tail -f /var/log/syslog  you will see when it does that08:06
dzup2babymammothlives: then you release/renew your ip, check: wget www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp -O - -o /dev/null08:07
GneaThrashedPotatoes: create an ntfs partition witu ubuntu08:07
dzup2babymammothlives: yw08:08
ThrashedPotatoesI'm completely new to ubuntu. Where would I go to do that?08:08
Gneababymammothlives: everytime it 'polls' it's basically renewing the dhcp lease08:08
sacarlsonThrashedPotatoes: I guess you will have to repartition to provide the needed space for your windows 7 to install,  if you already have the needed space in what you deleted then just install windows 7 and recover grub2 after08:09
babymammothlivesha..ok, thanks..let me see what happened08:09
Jordan_UThrashedPotatoes: What do you mean "won't download onto anything but an ntfs partition"? Do you mean install?08:09
badpenguin86How do I tell what programs require me to unlock the keychain on boot? I have four windows pop up to do it08:09
koolHi, excuse me. My ubuntu 10.10 64bit most of the times can't browse the internet, can't download updates but is getting a network connection to ISP, settings are default from install, DHCP, not PPPOE, no routers, connected straight to DSL modem. The MS Windows is working. I tried deleting old network settings and adding new one, again connected to ISP but still cant use internet. Can someone08:10
koolhelp please08:10
FishmeistercodI have a problem. :< I'm trying to run something as a program, so I right-click --> properties --> permissions --> Allow executing file as program, but it keeps unchecking itself whenever I click on it! T_T08:10
GneaThrashedPotatoes: if you're familiar with the disk management tool in windows, then gparted is right up your alley08:10
Jordan_UFishmeistercod: What filesystem is the file on?08:10
dzup2kool, check your default gateaway08:11
ThrashedPotatoesIt won't install on to anything but ntfs formatted disk space and I don't know how to reformat it within netbook remix08:11
FishmeistercodFAT. I'm using the HDD for all my WINE installations.08:11
Jordan_UFishmeistercod: FAT doesn't have a concept of an execute bit.08:11
GneaFishmeistercod: FAT doesn't support permission changes.08:11
kooldzup2 ok TY will do, I'll try as well the live 32bit and see what happens08:12
shmupis there something i can install to monitor my cpu temp from a terminal?08:12
ThrashedPotatoesI'll look into gparted, thank you08:12
FishmeistercodWill windows installations work on anything other than FAT?08:12
GneaFishmeistercod: NTFS08:12
FishmeistercodThank ye :D08:12
m1ndvirusWhy does /etc/init.d/networking fail when /etc/network/interfaces contains the following line at the end: "post-up /etc/network/if-up.d/zoneedit"? I have an /etc/network/if-up.d/zoneedit file marked +x.08:13
shcherbakshmup: acpi-tools, you already have acpi, so look around in its directories.08:13
ShapeShifter499my high school blocks nearly every port I can think of, blocking me from controlling my computer from home via vnc, are there anyway around this?08:13
Jordan_UFireblasto: You don't need to use a windows filesystem for wine.08:13
dzup2ShapeShifter499: man ssh  use reverse connection08:14
FireblastoJordan_U ? Obviously08:14
Gneam1ndvirus: who owns zoneedit?08:14
songer7hello i want to use  external hdd with an adapter08:14
Gneasonger7: so use it08:15
dzup2ShapeShifter499: google reverse tunnel ssh08:15
songer7i  can not see it08:15
=== danny__ is now known as mbvpixies78
m1ndvirusGnea: Zoneedit?08:15
sacarlsonm1ndvirus: I'm not sure what's in zoneedit?08:15
Gneam1ndvirus: yes.08:15
dzup2zoneedit is a free dns server08:15
Gneawho owns the file?08:15
mbvpixies78is there any security benefit to sharing an internet connection as opposed to letting each computer in a home network have its own connection?08:16
m1ndvirusGnea: root:root with permissions 700.08:16
Gneam1ndvirus: okay, what happens if you change it to 755?08:16
Gneasonger7: it doesn't show up in Places?08:16
babymammothlives>sudo dhclient eth0  <--now that wont work08:16
songer7Gnea, on windows said new hardware installing driver then i could see it08:16
m1ndvirusGnea: Same thing.08:16
songer7no Gnea08:16
Gneasonger7: will gparted see it?08:16
m1ndvirusThis is what's in the file:08:17
ShapeShifter499dzup2  what about vnc connections?08:17
dzup2babymammothlives: whats the error?08:17
Gneam1ndvirus: would you mind pastebining the contents of the file?08:17
m1ndviruswget -O - --http-user=ASDF --http-passwd=ASDF 'http://dynamic.zoneedit.com/auth/dynamic.html?host=ASDF'08:17
m1ndvirusThat's the entire file.08:17
m1ndvirusWith ASDF replaced.08:17
dzup2ShapeShifter499: yes, you can.08:17
Gneam1ndvirus: ah, you need to make it a proper shell script08:17
Gneam1ndvirus: add this to the top of the file:  #!/bin/sh08:17
m1ndvirusGnea: Failed againl.08:18
Gneam1ndvirus: even if you run it on its own?08:18
m1ndvirusGnea: Nope.08:18
kx250wsup w/ubuntu.com08:18
songer7http://pastebin.com/Nh3ejhf2 from lsusb Gnea08:18
pvh_sahey, does anyone know if it is possible to disable a laptop keyboard in ubuntu? i've got  a laptop with a dodgy keyboard that keeps producing spurious keypresses, but otherwise it works ok (i attach a usb keyboard), i just want to disable the built-in keyboard08:18
Gneam1ndvirus: 'nope', meaning that it failed?08:18
m1ndvirusGnea: It works running as a shell script.08:19
ShapeShifter499dzup2, so if I'm reading this right http://www.howtoforge.com/reverse-ssh-tunneling   I have to ssh to a computer behind the schools internet?08:19
kx250pvh_sa: i had a similar issue and physically removed the keyboard instead08:19
babymammothlivesrenewal in 37747 seconds.  its working agian, but i couldnt force it to renew the ip08:19
pvh_sakx250, sounds scary. ah, google tells me about a i8042.nokbd option, going to investigate that08:20
songer7disk utility can see it08:20
dzup2ShapeShifter499: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC08:20
songer7gparted says scanning all divices and still there after 1 and something minute08:21
Gneam1ndvirus: maybe you need to add an 'exit 0' to the end08:21
Gneasonger7: okay, then you just need to find a place to mount it08:21
sacarlsonm1ndvirus: my guess is that it's like noip2 that requires a username and password in the config to update you dns08:22
songer7how can i do that Gnea08:22
gunndawgHey Gnea!08:22
sacarlsonm1ndvirus: try run the script outside the intefaces file and see what error you get there08:23
m1ndvirussacarlson: The script works.08:23
ShapeShifter499dzup2,  I have no way of installing a vnc client on a computer at my school. I was using a client off my ipod through their wifi08:23
m1ndvirusGnea: Didn't help.08:23
Gnea!mount | songer708:23
ubottusonger7: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:23
Gneagunndawg: yo08:23
dzup2ShapeShifter499: then ssh -C is the answer08:23
Gneam1ndvirus: where does the error occur? what exactly are you typing for it to happen?08:24
sacarlsonm1ndvirus: could it be another apparmor problem?08:24
* Gnea wishes he could get this zotac system to work right...08:25
songer7disk utility says: on smart status says mormat not supported08:25
babymammothliveszotac gpu?08:25
ShapeShifter499dzup2,  huh?08:25
Gneababymammothlives: it's a geforce 9300 motherboard with an lga775 pentium4 dualcore08:26
m1ndvirusGnea: /etc/init.d/networking restart.08:26
m1ndvirusWhen I take out the line it works.08:26
ShapeShifter499dzup2,  if I can't connect to my computer because of port-blocking, how will that help?08:26
Rekohi, used apt-get ubuntu-desktop and now it boots into gnome.... how do i get it back to booting into console and just using startx to get gnome08:26
m1ndvirussacarlson: Don't think so.08:26
bazhang!nox | Reko08:26
ubottuReko: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:26
Rekohow do i install mouse copy and paste in console08:27
dzup2ShapeShifter499: i told you, google reverse ssh08:27
sacarlsonm1ndvirus: I see  /sbin/dhclient3 in my sudo apparmor_status  list  also /usr/sbin/named08:28
Gneam1ndvirus: have you tried it with just up instead of post-up?08:28
balthusReko: gpm08:28
babymammothlivesthanks for the help, ppl. I'll keep trying and if something works i'll make sure to post it somewhere08:29
ShapeShifter499dzup2, ok but isn't it assuming there is a ssh client running behind the wifi at school?08:29
stedesomeone can tell me why my key "d" minizie a windows instead of typing "d" if i am connected via tightvnc? other letter works fine08:29
karex[HELP] I want to make other folders than Public to be browsed by bluetooth, I'd be pleased if anyone can help me :)08:29
ShapeShifter499dzup2, *internet08:29
=== danny__ is now known as mbvpixies78
Rekowhats a good console web browser?08:29
m1ndvirusGnea: Will do.08:29
Gneababymammothlives: basically I can get it to boot up to a certain point. from there, it fails to display or anything.08:29
mbvpixies78what's the option to remove a directory that's not empty?08:29
dzup2ShapeShifter499: i guess you can try ssh -N -L2001:localhost:80 somemachine08:29
dzup2from that machine08:29
Gneambvpixies78: rm -rf dir/08:29
mbvpixies78Gnea:  ty08:30
m1ndvirusDidn't work, Gnea.08:30
balthusReko: w3m08:30
ShapeShifter499dzup2 my home machine?08:30
dzup2no, the other machine, read http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/matching/ssh/c3No/sort-by-votes08:30
Gneam1ndvirus: go back to post-up and try: service networking stop && service networking start   instead of restart08:30
karexmbvpixies78: rm -r or rm -rf08:30
babymammothlivesgnea, i had a simular problem and then just upgraded to ubuntu 10.10 and now i'm able to use both screens08:30
ShapeShifter499dzup2 so from my ipod08:31
ShapeShifter499dzup2 while at school08:31
dzup2dont own a ipod, sorry08:31
babymammothlivesbtw, i have no idea how to respond to the pm type of message for anyone thats tried i'm new to this08:31
Cydshut up08:31
Gneababymammothlives: I haven't tried 10.10 with it yet, I'm hesitant, but at this point, I'll try anything (tried puppy linux and it booted, but the mouse still doesn't work, even though the laser is on)08:31
ShapeShifter499dzup2 just think of it as another computer, ssh is installed on the device if I jailbreak it08:32
=== nymphetamine is now known as merodach
dzup2ShapeShifter499: heh, sh -f -L 5900:localhost:5900 your.ssh.server "x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :0"; vinagre localhost:590008:32
dzup2s/sh -f -L 5900:localhost:5900 your.ssh.server "x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :0"; vinagre localhost:5900/ssh -f -L 5900:localhost:5900 your.ssh.server "x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :0"; vinagre localhost:5900/g08:33
ShapeShifter499dzup2: oh sorry, there is no native x11 display system for the ipod08:34
ShapeShifter499not sure if it would work08:34
dzup2ipod i dont know, but regular linuxes will08:34
mbvpixies78where is desktop located relative to root?08:34
ShapeShifter499dzup2 what about mac?08:34
hblounthi. what multiplayer linux games have the most ppl playing online?08:35
Jordan_Umbvpixies78: /home/your_username/Desktop08:35
dzup2mac is bsd based, i should work08:35
mbvpixies78Jrdan_U:  ty08:35
Jordan_Umbvpixies78: You're welcome.08:35
ShapeShifter499dzup2 my school is pro-mac and pro-windows, but anti-opensource xD08:35
dzup2ShapeShifter499: mac uses ssh i think08:35
Gneawtf, http://www.ubuntu.com: Site off-line08:35
GneaThe site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.08:35
dzup2ahh those haxors08:36
Gneagreat, I decide to give 10.10 a try finally and it tells me "no."08:36
rsh:~$ sudo hcitool scan08:36
rshScanning ...08:36
rshInquiry failed: Connection timed out08:36
rsh     what's this problem abt08:36
FloodBot1rsh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:36
venusGnea: no brother its not08:36
=== loquace_ is now known as loquace
venushow about 11.04 guys? who all are testing?08:36
ShapeShifter499Gnea google for a mirror link to ubuntu 10.1008:36
Gneavenus: it's a drual message08:36
GneaShapeShifter499: yup08:36
Gneavenus: *drupal08:36
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.08:37
karexHow to browse folder other than Public via bluetooth?08:37
venusGnea: how natty is different?08:37
ShapeShifter499dzup2 the easiest thing would be to somehow circumvent the port-blocking,08:38
gunndawgim bored :(08:38
Gneavenus: it's new, #ubuntu+1 is the best place to ask about it08:38
ShapeShifter499dzup2 can I directly connect the computer and port to a dyndns.org account or a public ip?08:38
ShapeShifter499so that it doesn't need a port08:38
rshanyone please help couldn't display obex:[xxxxxx]  error did not reciev reply08:39
mbvpixies78can you run nessus or w3af from localhost or does it have to be another computer?08:39
dzup1ShapeShifter499: if you can NA?T the port from the university router to your box.08:40
venus_GRUB  failed..08:40
babymammothlivesim assuming natty narwhal  takes up more space so its  a clever idea to increase the animal sizes as the OS grows08:41
Jordan_U!details | venus_08:42
ubottuvenus_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:42
rshhelllo anyone please help me with BT  problm08:42
ShapeShifter499dzup1 eh idk   I think I'm just going to ditch the idea of controlling my computer from school08:42
babymammothlivesisnt that what remote desktop viewer is for?08:43
ShapeShifter499dzup1 thanks for the help anyways08:43
piotrwitam :)08:43
dzup1ShapeShifter499: if that machine is linux/bsd/mac then you can control via tunnel08:44
ShapeShifter499babymammothlives, the ports for rdp, vnc, and ssh are blocked at my school08:44
rshrsh nobody is going to help u08:44
dzup1ShapeShifter499: use a random port, like 22222 for ssh and be happy :)08:44
ShapeShifter499I've tried that twice08:45
ShapeShifter499I've tried 2316 and such08:45
rshthey r all trying to control remote desktops08:45
babymammothlivesshapeshifter..i suggest you use a mobile phone if u can then to control it remotely08:45
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: They aren't going to block port 80.08:45
hblounthi. what multiplayer linux games have the most ppl playing online?08:45
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U, a online open port finder seems to say they did08:46
rshhblount nobody listens u and me08:46
babymammothlivescant you just use wine and play WoW?08:46
rshthey all have some remote work08:46
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: Incomming maybe.08:46
venus_i am running on 10.10 suddenly my boot loader is creating some problem  am not sure what it is. some thing weid got happend. its not showing up  my Win 7 in boot loader . so i am not sure about this problem but seems like its a problem of GRUB08:46
rshedit grub08:47
Jordan_Uvenus_: So the problem is that you don't see the option to boot windows anymore when you boot?08:47
venus_i just installed ubuntu 11.04 over windows 7 and ubuntu 10.1008:47
venus_Jordan_U: exactly08:47
gunndawghow ya like it Venus_ ?08:47
Jordan_U!11.04 | venus_08:47
ubottuvenus_: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.08:47
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ShapeShifter499is there a way of having the vnc server run but on multiple ports at the same time?08:50
ShapeShifter499I think there may be a open 8000 port, because thats where my icecast server is, and I can access that just fine08:50
ShapeShifter499:/ brb08:52
gunndawgtime to do some shell scripting08:53
babymammothlivesvenus: try typing sudo update-grub  and then see if your win 7 OS shows up08:54
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=== johan is now known as Guest67225
Guest67225Hi, I have a very strange NumLock behavior that I need help with. To use Delete to remove selected text (that has been selected with the keyboard) I have to either press NumLock, Delete, NumLock, Delete *or* Press Shift+Delete. This is very strange, and I need it fixed. It is only in gnome, in wmii it works fine. Any ideas?08:59
=== Dragon is now known as Guest25488
babymammothlivesso nobody here has gotten their ip to change immediately in ubuntu 10.10 while on cable net?09:03
babymammothlivesi read that if i delete whats in the dhcp3 folder that i can do it, but the commands to get there don't go through09:04
LadKiwiI have got a problem with gnome menu09:04
LadKiwihow can I ask to gnome to refresh the list of the contents ?09:04
LadKiwiI would like to do that properly09:04
bazhangLadKiwi, the gnome menu?09:04
LadKiwinot in editing menu by ha,d09:04
bazhanggconf-editor ?09:05
Guest67225dzup1, was that for me?09:05
babymammothlivesladkiwi: have you tried rebooting or killing the process?09:06
LadKiwibabymammothlives: yes I reboot, what process ?09:06
=== Loongjiang is now known as LongJ
babymammothlivesgnome-panel --replace   is my guess  can anyone verify?09:08
apple314hy guys... and girls. I know this is off topic, but i tried asking on nfs channel, but no responce. Can someone please tell me can it be done, and how... I have setup nfs sharing, and it works great, but can it be done that machine asks for username and passwors, rather then checks only by ip address? Thanks in advance.09:08
babymammothlivesthen killall gnome-panel09:09
Guest67225Hi, I have a very strange NumLock behavior that I need help with. To use Delete to remove selected text (that has been selected with the keyboard) I have to either press NumLock, Delete, NumLock, Delete *or* Press Shift+Delete. This is very strange, and I need it fixed. It is only in gnome, in wmii it works fine. Any ideas?09:09
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo apple31409:10
ubuntuesqueI need some help with uninstalling software from Ubuntu09:10
apple314bazhang: Thanks, im reading...09:11
bazhangubuntuesque, use the package manager09:11
bazhangubuntuesque, or sudo apt-get remove packagename09:11
ejvubuntuesque: Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center09:12
ubuntuesquewell, I need to uninstall all printer/printing support cuz I don't have printing or printing jobs. The updates to the software(s) are taking up my disk space09:12
ejvubuntuesque: or System -> Administration -> Synaptic09:12
LadKiwibabymammothlives: this create a new panel true ?09:12
bazhangubuntuesque, so select them in package manager and choose remove, then apply09:12
HerrBlumeHi, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 Server 32 Bit, with an ati HD4200 video card, and after the installation the system boots to a black screen09:12
babymammothlivesladkiwi: not sure..i got it from a ubuntu forum just now09:12
bazhangHerrBlume, the server? there is no X by default09:13
LadKiwibut now I do not have any panel :)09:13
bazhangThE-MaGiCiaN, watch the language09:13
ejv!language | ThE-MaGiCiaN09:13
ubottuThE-MaGiCiaN: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:13
bazhang!resetpanels | LadKiwi09:13
ubottuLadKiwi: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »09:13
HerrBlumebazhang: I now, after disabling quiet mode, it still gets black09:14
ubuntuesqueok thanks09:14
badpenguin86why is there nothing in my /etc/default/grub file?09:14
HerrBlumebazhang: maybe kernel mode setting is still enabled.09:14
bazhangHerrBlume, what desktop do you have installed then09:14
ejvHerrBlume: ubuntu 10.04 *server* doesn't come with a graphical desktop environment, if i recall correctly... so there's your problem09:14
HerrBlumeejv: I do not need an desktop, but i still need an konsole09:15
bazhangHerrBlume, you dont need graphics drivers for a console09:15
ejvHerrBlume: it didn't present you with a prompt?09:15
LadKiwiThe problem is not realy the gnome panel09:16
HerrBlumeejv: no i don't get a prompt09:16
ThE-MaGiCiaNbooooo watch your language ! not goooood.... i'm already a princess !09:16
babymammothlivesi still cant reset my ip on cable modem :(09:16
bazhangThE-MaGiCiaN, please stay on topic09:16
ThE-MaGiCiaNwar is good, language is bad09:16
homehi all i need some help, my hard drive has stopped mounting i use to have it mount in fstab on boot, I was copying a file from the same disk to the same disk, it froze then I shut it down (hard shutdown) went to power back up and the drive does not mount any ideas?09:16
LadKiwithe problem is the menu, I install new apps and I cannot find them anywhere neither with edit -> menu09:16
ThE-MaGiCiaNbazhang, don't tell me what to do09:16
bazhangThE-MaGiCiaN, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please09:17
bazhangLadKiwi, okay09:17
babymammothlivesthe topic is resetting my ip with the click of a button on demand09:17
ThE-MaGiCiaNbahzang: better. thanks, and have a nice dat09:17
bazhangLadKiwi, sometimes it takes a relogin to get them there09:17
LadKiwiok I will try and I come back09:17
ejvHerrBlume: you may need to adjust your framebuffer settings09:18
bazhanghome did you check via sudo blkid?09:19
bazhangah he quit09:19
ejvHerrBlume: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer09:20
HerrBlumeejv: Thank you, will look at it09:21
ejvHerrBlume: if it's server and you have openssh-server already configured, just use another computer to take control09:21
ejvs/server/headless server/09:22
=== MortenTemp is now known as Morten_
ubuntuesqueI am searching with keywords: hp , printer  and marking for complete removal all those results that are apparently printer related software/divers09:25
HerrBlumeejv: Thank you very much, didn't know that ubuntu is using the framebuffer by default. I have my console back!09:25
SmallPox1where is RU room??09:26
SmallPox1help please09:26
rctgamer3Hi, i'm trying to recover my vista bootloader from ubuntu. is this possible?09:27
stanman246does anyone play 3d games inside a virtualbox on ubu?09:28
stanman246am wondering about performance09:29
gunndawgI havent yet, no09:29
gunndawgI have played games using WINE09:29
gunndawgand that worked fine09:29
stanman246well. cod black ops doesn't run i think (haven't tried it yet...(09:29
gunndawgcod black ops hardly runs on windows09:30
apple314<bazhang> I'v read the link you gave me, but it talks about encription and IPSec, but it says nothing about user identification using passwords. Maybe LDAP is the way to go, but I still don't get can it be done using only nfs.09:30
stanman246got me a dual install, but i don't want to keep rebooting, so i figured, maybe vbox could do it, that would be great, cuz then i can dump the win partition09:31
bazhangstanman246, try in #vbox09:31
stanman246will do! But 'cause i run ubu maybe there would be fellowes here doing the same09:32
GunnDawg|Terminayay, IRC via terminal :)09:35
GunnDawg|TerminaTest complete09:35
ryan-cWhat's better for good, stable 3d support these days, nvidia or amd/ati?09:36
GunnDawg|TerminaI like Nvidia09:37
GunnDawg|Terminabut they are both good09:37
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GunnDawg|Termina2: test09:39
=== sebner_ is now known as sebner
GunnDawg|TerminaGnea you around ?09:41
sveinseI want to start a daemon from upstart. How can I run this daemon as non-root?09:41
sveinseI.e. I'm writing the upstart config09:42
skiwithpeteI've just installed myth - and through all the trouble shooting, discovered that mysql is not running09:43
skiwithpetecan someone help me figure out how to make it run09:43
sveinse"exec su -c daemon - $USER" ?09:43
skiwithpetesveinse, I assume that's not for me09:43
fuuuhey :)09:46
HerrBlumehooo :)09:46
=== GunnDawg|Termina is now known as GunnDawg
GunnDawganyone else use IRSSI ?09:47
skiwithpetecan anyone help me with mysql09:47
sebrockcan someone help me create a backport of a package to 10.04?09:47
ryan-csebounet: usually it's download source, download debian patch, unpack source, apply patch, debian/rules binary09:49
babymammothlivesok, heres the deal09:49
GunnDawgSkiwithpete, whats wrong with mysql ?09:49
skiwithpeteGunnDawg, I'm trying to setup myth09:49
puppywhere will get Kubuntu help09:49
skiwithpeteI just did a grep mysql and it isn't running09:50
GunnDawgskiwithpete, I havent set up mysql on linux yet, I was gonna do that in a bit09:50
skiwithpeteBut I've just done some further reading and I don't know if I've installed mysql-server09:50
GunnDawgI am gonna setup apache and mysql09:50
skiwithpeteand I don't know if I need to09:50
GunnDawgdid you install apache without any problems ?09:50
skiwithpeteyeah, apache is easy09:51
babymammothlivesmyputer@myputer-laptop:~$ ifdown eth0 <--typed in terminal09:51
babymammothlivesifdown: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied  <=this is what i get?09:51
skiwithpetemyth is the bitch09:51
GunnDawgnever heard of myth09:51
babymammothlivesthats why its a myth09:51
puppyanybody could suggest Kubuntu help channel09:51
cryogenfxany banshee gurus able to tell me if it's possible to edit the list of options available in filename organization? there's only a number (dot) title option, i want a number (dash) title.09:51
GunnDawgcryogenfx, write a shell script that does it for you :)09:52
cryogenfxwell, i'd have to run it every time, cause bought music from ubuntu one store, trickles back in with it's naming scheme09:52
skiwithpeteGunnDawg, MythTV - the package for turning your comp into a PVR09:53
GunnDawgSkiwithpete, sounds interesting09:53
skiwithpetebasically if you have a TV card - it is required (-ish)09:53
skiwithpetecheck out mythbuntu bro09:53
GunnDawgI dont have a tv tuner card09:54
GunnDawgso meh09:54
GunnDawgnot worth looking into09:54
GunnDawgI am on a laptop09:54
* ryan-c uses sabnzbd+ and sickbeard as a PVR09:54
dustring010hello, um does anyone know how to stop grub from adding more linuxes to itself with each kernel update?09:54
skiwithpeteryan-c, know anything about mysql?09:54
babymammothlivesgood question, dustring...why does it do that?09:55
GunnDawgdustringo010, thats a good question considering ubuntu likes to update its kernel randomly on me09:55
babymammothlivesone os per line is what i say on the grub09:56
dustring010its very annoying i have linux appearing on my grub 4 diff times! >.<09:56
GunnDawgonly 2 for me09:56
GunnDawgat the moment09:56
dustring010well do you guys know how to remove old ones?09:56
GunnDawgno clue :(09:56
babymammothlivesmine has vista and 10.10 ubuntu but i see too many other options09:56
Gerwindustring010: It's probably an old kernel that's left from an upgrade09:56
dustring010i know it is just wanna see if i could get rid of it09:57
Gerwindustring010: Try typing 'sudo apt-get autoremove' in a terminal window, that'll remove any possible leftovers09:57
GunnDawgGerwin does autoremove work for all packages and left overs ?09:57
GunnDawggets rid of all un needed files ?09:57
babymammothliveson a more important note..how do i reset my ip in 10.10?09:58
arunkumar413HI,i'm trying  to install a deb package. but it is opening with software center instead of synaptic installer09:58
dustring010dang just did something for libreoffice...09:58
GunnDawgwhat did ya do dustring09:59
GerwinGunnDawg: It removes any file marked unnecessary by apt, be it because of an upgrade, or because it's no longer used by any program.09:59
dustring010i typed sudo apt-get autoremove09:59
dustring010in terminal09:59
GunnDawgGerwin, nice! just found 103mb of stuff unused09:59
GerwinGunnDawg: If you want complete removal, try 'sudo apt=get autoremove --purge', that will remove all the files normally left (configuration files etc.) as well.10:00
dustring010i know >.>10:00
GerwinAnyway, time for some grocery shopping10:00
GunnDawgHave fun with that ;O10:00
babymammothlivesbuy us some ubuntu donuts10:01
GerwinOnly if you buy me Tux fishsticks10:01
babymammothlivesive been doing donuts all night trying to reset or renew my ip10:01
arunkumar413Hi,i'm using ubuntu 10.10. trying to install Libre Office. But when i double click on the .deb package, it is opening with the software center instead of package manager. Help me how open it with package manager10:02
GunnDawgI've been writing my own system maintinence tool via shell scripts10:03
nerd_in_needhi, is it normal that /script/init-bottom takes so much time for bootup?10:03
puppyarunkummar413: u can do the installation with software center as well10:03
Guest63966http://felicity.iiit.ac.in/kk (online puzzles and Programming contest)10:04
puppyarunkumar413: u can do the installation with software center as well.Both will do almost same job10:04
arunkumar413puppy: no, i'm not able to do it10:04
darrel_hi all10:05
arunkumar413puppy: the install button in software is disabled10:05
puppytell the package name10:05
Guest63966Go to http://felicity.iiit.ac.in/kk/10:05
DJonesGuest63966: Please stop spamming10:05
puppyarunkumar413: say the package10:05
arunkumar413puppy: Libre Office, i downloaded it from another computer10:06
puppyarunkumar413: u can do the installation with terminal easily10:06
puppyarunkumar413: do u know how to add ppa10:07
arunkumar413puppy: nope10:07
arunkumar413puppy: cant me make it to open it with the synaptic installer10:07
sacarlsonarunkumar413: my guess is maybe that user you now loged into isn't a sudo user?  sudo -s to find out10:07
puppyarunkumar413: wait10:07
babymammothlivescan ANYONE change their ip at will here via terminal?10:08
babymammothlivesif so..how do you do it10:08
sacarlsonbabymammothlives: I created a script to do it so yes10:08
Delphius_sudo ifconfig10:08
stanman246vi /etc/network/interfaces10:09
Delphius_sudo ifconfig eth0 ip10:09
stanman246sudo that is10:09
babymammothlivesso which one will do it?10:09
sacarlsonbabymammothlives: Delphius_ problem I have with just ifconfig is that it is overriden from network-manager so my script stops that10:09
puppyarunkumar413: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/install-libreoffice-in-ubuntu-from.html10:09
Delphius_mkay, but standard linux, to change a ip in console, is using ifconfig10:10
puppyarunkumar413: u can do install that if u have administrative right10:11
kwtmHi. What's the command-line for determining status of a package again? (installed / upgradable / not installed etc.)10:11
Delphius_and then to save the ip and its config is by using /etc/network/interfaces10:11
erUSULkwtm: apat-cache  policy?10:11
kwtm(I notice someone is using the silly nickname of _____________xD  --interesting.)10:11
=== Delphius_ is now known as Delphius
GunnDawgBack :)10:12
babymammothlivessacarlson, does that script give me a new ip?10:12
VirusTBis their a usenet for ubuntu?10:12
VirusTBanyone  here uses usenet?10:12
arunkumar413puppy: i know it, when i double click ,it will ask for admin password to install.But here it is not opening with synaptic installer10:12
DJonesVirusTB: Yes, now and again anyway10:12
Guest63966any one tell about nmap command10:12
kwtmerUSUL: Thanks, that was it.  (apt-cache policy)10:12
DelphiusGuest63966: nmap ip10:12
erUSULGuest63966: stands for network map10:12
Delphiusnmap -h10:13
ryan-cour network guy gets annoyed when I run nmap.10:13
jetboyjetgirlwow, this channel is the happenin place10:13
erUSULGuest63966: if you want more precise answer you have to doa more precise question10:13
dustring010who knows how to remove old linux kernels?10:13
babymammothliveswhy so, ryan?10:13
Delphiusdustring010: www.kernel.org10:14
erUSULdustring010: whith synaptic.10:14
ryan-ctends to fill up the connection tracking table in the firewalls10:14
Guest63966if i have to enter into another computer using their open ports10:14
erUSULdustring010: do a search based on package name10:14
ryan-cGuest63966: You should try irc.2600.net10:14
dustring010.... but i have no idea what the package name is...10:14
erUSULGuest63966: nmap will only tell you if there is an open port and some other info. how to get into is entirely another problem pne we are not going to help you here10:15
nerd_in_needhi, is it normal that /script/init-bottom takes so much time for bootup?10:15
erUSULdustring010: liux-image-blah-version-bla10:15
erUSULdustring010: either search for linux image or for the version string you want to remove10:15
babymammothlivesdont you have to restart to see the p ackage name?10:15
puppyarunkumar413: I am also have the same problem,so I tried with terminal by adding PPA.U can also do it if u have an internet connection10:15
erUSULdustring010: either search for linux-image or for the version string you want to remove10:15
babymammothlivesim sure there's an easier way10:15
jetboyjetgirlwhy is 32-bit version recommended on the Ubuntu 10.10 download page? Are there known issues with 64-bit ?10:16
erUSULjetboyjetgirl: that's a bug in the website10:16
dustring010so i found them, do i mark the old ones for removal and remove?10:16
erUSULdustring010: example search 2.6.32-28 or whatever ...10:16
puppyarunkumar413: if no net then go to the directory where the package downloaded then run this command in terminal sudo dpkg -i package.deb10:16
jetboyjetgirlok thanks10:16
sacarlsonbabymammothlives: yes it will give you a new ip but only until you reboot,  then it will return to your default setings10:16
erUSULdustring010: yes;10:16
erUSULdustring010: make sure you do not unisntall all your kernels10:17
=== jetboyjetgirl is now known as cpinclass
HoboSteauxhew im having problems with variable expansion in sed over ssh10:17
dustring010lol i'll keep the latest one10:17
HoboSteauxmy variables turn up as plain blanks10:17
babymammothlivessacarlson, so i've got to input the ip i wont or it does it automatically? Can i get rid of dhcp3 logs and force it to give me a new one?10:17
erUSULHoboSteaux: #bash ##sed or #openssh will be better places to ask imho10:18
babymammothlivesi read somewhere taht some guy did that10:18
dustring010should i do removal or complete removal ?10:18
HoboSteauxkk ty erUSUL10:18
arunkumar413puppy: Libre office is not a single deb file. it contains many small deb files10:18
erUSULdustring010: as you wish; i allways do complete removal10:18
Guest63966how to install ubuntu using .iso file10:18
Guest63966if i have no cd10:18
arunkumar413puppy: so does the command work10:18
erUSULGuest63966: burn it to a cd or a usb stick10:19
sacarlsonbabymammothlives: you need to modify the script to setup the static ip and gateway address you want10:19
dustring010thanks, oh and would i have to do this everytime there is a kernel update?10:19
erUSUL!usb | Guest6396610:19
ubottuGuest63966: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:19
GunnDawghow come when I run sudo apt-get upgrade it holds 3 things back and says 3 not upgraded10:19
sacarlsonbabymammothlives: it bypasses dhcp10:19
babymammothlivessacarlson, that seems like a pretty awesome script10:19
puppyarunkumar413: i told u this same prob happened to me.what I did was with PPA10:19
erUSULGunnDawg: maybe you need a dist-upgrade ... do you have third party repos enabled?10:20
puppyarunkumar413: may somebody here can help u10:20
GunnDawgerVSUL no I didnt check 3rd party repos when I did the install10:20
daedrais there a nice way to list programs installed > 100MB?10:21
=== dmart__ is now known as dmart
GunnDawgdaedra, write a shell script10:21
daedraGunnDawg: ok. Thanks10:21
erUSULdustring010: with aptitude10:21
kcghi everyone, i've installed ubuntu 10.10, but just find the system very lagging, does anyone know why?10:21
trap2do people still use irssi ?10:22
GunnDawgerUSUL how do I enable 3rd part repos ?10:22
GunnDawgso that I can get those 3 upgrades10:22
GunnDawgtrap2 I am using irssi right now10:22
trap2and VIM ?10:22
dr0idthere was some command, that would print the structure of the current directory10:22
GunnDawgtrap2, I use vim and irssi, lol10:22
babymammothlivesTo remove old kernel versions, open up Synaptic Package Manager, found in the System > Administration menu10:22
dustring010kk YAY they're gone TYVM <erUSUL>10:22
dr0idwhats that ?10:22
dr0idsomeone tell me10:22
erUSULGunnDawg: no; i asked about 3 party repos becouse those can couse the problem you are seing10:22
dr0idor else I'll kill GunnDawg10:22
cpinclassanyone using Smuxi IRC Client? The one available at the "download center" .... can't figure out how to change the color set up, asking in the smuxi chan everyone seems to be idling10:22
kcgto put into perspective, my cpu is Q6600, 2Gb DDR OCZ ram, and i still find ubuntu very laggy :(10:23
erUSULdustring010: no problem10:23
puppyarunkumar413; new idea. To install Libre office, first u have to remove oppen office10:23
dr0idthere was some command, that would print the structure of the current directory , including the relative path..10:23
erUSULdr0id: tree? ls -R ?10:23
ryan-cfind .10:23
greppydr0id: if someone knew, they would answer you, calm down.10:23
dr0idThe program 'tree' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:10:23
dr0idsudo apt-get install tree10:23
puppyarunkumar413: follow this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-libreoffice-in-ubuntu-using-deb-packages.html10:24
greppydr0id: so follow the directions.10:24
erUSULGunnDawg: try just dist-upgrade? « sudo apt-get dist-upgrade »10:24
GunnDawgerUSUL I'll try10:24
sacarlsonbabymammothlives: I added comments just for you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/558921/10:24
GunnDawgerUSUL, that seems to have fixed it10:25
erUSULGunnDawg: no problem10:25
GunnDawgerUSUL so what is it upgrading by dong a dist-upgrade ?10:25
daedraDoes ubuntu delete packages after downloading & installing them?10:26
daedrae.g. for updates?10:26
benedicthi, my boottime is 80 seconds, on a lenovo ideapad s12, intel atom @ 1,6GHz, 2GB Ram and a 160GB hdd. i use the minimal install und fluxbox. 60 seconds of the 80 are taken by running /script/init-bottom. i found 2 such folders /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom (which is empty) and /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom wich contains plymouth and udev. afaik plymouth can not be removed because it's a cure package and udev is10:26
kcgim not sure my pc is slow, because win7 seems to run fine but only ubuntu 10.10 has lags (e.g. it lags when i click the menu, open terminal, etc), anyone has this experience?10:26
babymammothlivessacarlson, ty..i'll try it in a few minutes :)10:26
erUSULGunnDawg: well dist-upgrade can uninstall and install new packages when tryin to resolve an upgrade situation. plain upgrade can't do that and sometimes it can get stuck just like you saw10:26
karexdaedra: no10:27
erUSULGunnDawg: you only use dist-upgrade as last resort10:27
sebrockcan someone help me create a backport of a package to 10.04?10:27
greppydaedra: the are stored in /var/apt/cache, you can do an apt-get clean if you want to remove them.10:27
daedraah cool10:27
daedranot that I really need to10:28
erUSULsebrock: probably more/better help in #ubuntu-motu #ubuntu-packagin10:28
daedraapt is complaining about Disk Full though10:28
erUSULsebrock: probably more/better help in #ubuntu-motu #ubuntu-packaging10:28
karexdaedra: greppy: /var/cache/apt/archives10:28
benedictkcg maybe grapics driver?10:28
karexdaedra: try `sudo apt-get clean` to delete10:29
daedrakarex: ok10:29
daedraI'm getting this error when I do apt-get install -f (the Updater told me to run this) http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327692/10:30
=== coolmadmax is now known as xXx_hazard_
kcgbenedit, thanks, but i doubt its the graphics card because i just bought a new an overclocked GT45010:31
daedraDisk Full?! but df -h shows: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327693/10:31
benedictkcg: i an not speaking about the card, but the driver10:31
kcgbenedict, could you pls guide me to the latest driver?10:32
benedictkcg: maybe ubuntu doesnt have the needed driver, then your card is worth zero to ubuntu because it can not be used up to its full speed10:32
GunnDawgWhat does "dist" stand for in apt-get dist-upgrade10:32
kcgi only installed the default restricted driver in ubuntu10:32
benedictdaedra: if you are interested about packagemanagement, have a look at aptitude. it keeps better track of packages than apt-get ... this is at least my opinion. google apt-get vs aptitude...10:33
benedictdaedra: aptitude is some kind of intelligent extension of apt-get10:33
benedictkcg: !nvidia10:34
greppy!nvidia | kcg10:34
ubottukcg: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:34
daedrabenedict: ok. But how might I fix this disk full error?10:34
benedictgreppy: ah, thx ;)10:34
erUSULGunnDawg: distribution as in distro/ linux distribution10:34
VirusTBDJones,  usenet on ubuntu?> for free?10:34
benedictdaedra: you are sure your disk is not full10:35
DJonesVirusTB: No, I use a paid account10:35
daedrabenedict: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327693/10:35
VirusTBDJClean,  u mind explaijing to me about usenet?10:35
VirusTBexplaining **10:35
ikoniabit off the scope of topic for #ubuntu10:36
kwtmtrap2: did anyone answer your question from 15 minutes ago?  I use vim, if that answers your question.10:36
BuzzerSont mignons pour l'obligation de venir a l'ecole pour acceder au thot, mais si c'est ferme le week-end en province? On se touche?10:36
greppy!fr | Buzzer10:36
ubottuBuzzer: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:36
VirusTBim gonna reformat my pc10:37
benedictdaedra: so you get this message when updating?10:37
DJonesVirusTB: As ikonia said its a bit off topic for here, but have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet That'll explain what usenet is.  Software wise, I use "pan" which is available from synaptic to read the messages on usenet10:37
daedrabenedict: I run apt-get install -f, and get http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327692/10:37
ChipCherouI just did an update and now ubuntu is going to terminal on bootup10:37
sacarlsondaedra: can we see also sudo mount  and sudo fdisk -l10:37
daedrabenedict: I run du -f and get http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327693/10:37
VirusTBwhich software is best for ubuntu, windows and Mac to run a virtual Windows XP ?10:38
tensorpuddingif you want to pay, probably vmware10:38
kcgthanks, greppy.10:39
daedrasacarlson: sudo mount: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327696/   sudo fdisk -l: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327697/10:39
kcgi guess im not going to install  nvidia driver manually, because its too technical to my noob's level10:39
ChipCherouhow do I start gnome manually?  gnome-session cannot open display10:39
kcgbenedict, i believe i do have the latest driver, was there any settings i need to optimise?10:40
dshbusinessHelp! I compiled my own kernel. But was failed. I cannot enter my grub kernel choose menu, either. How can I solve it? Thanks10:40
greppy!virtualbox | VirusTB10:40
ubottuVirusTB: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox10:40
benedictdaedra: sacarlson from you first to links i see, that the problem is lack of space in /usr failed in write on buffer copy for backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-25/include/linux/fb.h': No space left on device10:40
benedictNo apport report written because the error message indicates a disk full error10:40
daedrabenedict: so it's a genuine disk full error?10:40
ChipCheroudshbusiness, use live disk, mount drive and fix grub10:41
daedra78% is not full10:41
dfrybe aware you should use VirtualBox OSE for the 'free' edition10:41
trap2GunnDawg: kwtm, do you guys work in extreme places where GUI is scarce ? you guys must be hobbyist, I use NetBeans to create GUI.10:41
dshbusinessChipCherou: But I don't have a live disk right now. Do you know where can I download a small iso image and the write it to my usb disk?10:42
greppy!ot | trap210:42
ubottutrap2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:42
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:43
benedictdaedra: hm, i think apt-get will not lie to you ;) see it says "failed to wirte on buffer copy" and the files that are supposed to be in /usr10:43
benedictdaedra: looking at /usr you have 1.3 GB free10:44
edwardteach!usb | dshbusiness,10:44
ubottudshbusiness,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:44
GunnDawgWhat is happening when you run sudo apt-get clean ?10:44
daedrabenedict: so is df -h lyng to me?10:44
daedrabenedict: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327693/10:44
ChipCheroudshbusiness, follow instructions here: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download  .  If you want a small one, your gonna have to google that10:45
karexGunnDawg: /var/cache/apt/archives/* wil be deleted10:45
edwardteachGunnDawg, man apt-get lots of info! :-)10:45
zeroseven0183Did anyone of you noticed Panorama is not in Firefox 4 beta 10?10:45
dshbusinessubottu: Thanks! I have found puppy, which is less than 100MB. I can rescue my system quickly.10:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:45
GunnDawgedwardteach, so is that basically just temp cache ?10:45
sacarlsondaedra: I've never seen this btrfs file format used before does that have some user limits maybe set10:45
benedictdaedra: i got a 4 links you psoted.... hm, 1.3 G should be enough... maybe it's the "buffer copy" no dea where this is placed10:45
GunnDawgkarex, rather10:46
ChipCherouUbuntu told me to update.  I said okay.  Now when it boots, I only get the terminal screen(ctrl+alt+F1). Dont see any errors but there might be one at a screen flicker10:46
benedictdaedra: also, is that install for a server? usually it is only advisabel to put all the directories to different partitionf when you need max. data security10:46
serializedhi all,im using linux mint xfce and randomly i get corrupt graphics from time to time.  I get a dazed and confused message with in the logs. can anyone help me out...?  I thought it was over heating but my cpu never goes over 50c (T7400) and my gpu never goes over 60c (nVidia 350M)10:46
daedrabenedict: no just a home install10:47
daedrabenedict: gives me more flexibility10:47
zeroseven0183Never mind. I just saw how to switch from it. It's now CTRL + SHIFT + E (changed from CTRL + E)10:47
daedraI don't see how partitioning can help security10:47
kwtmtrap2: I control my home server from my smartphone, so I edit files on the server with vim.  Also I edit files on my smartphone with vim.  I enjoy using Linux but try to spend as little time fixing it as possible.  I am not familiar with NetBeans.  Do you have a question to ask?10:47
benedictdaedra: what? separating your system on different partitions? i'd say you'll get the opposite..10:47
Idol_MindI installed a new gfx card, installed current drivers from amd, but I still can't boot into X.. help?10:48
greppydaedra: you can limit what people can do on partitions, and if you don't enable quotas, if someone fills a partition, it is unlikely to take down the entire box, asuming they only fill /home.10:48
benedictdaedra: if you have your stuff on different partitions, you will have most of your data, when one partition is corrupted10:48
erUSULyou can mark some readonly or noexec10:48
daedragreppy: can't you do that anyway, regardless of partitioning?10:48
Cyberfusionhow big does / usually get over time?10:48
daedrabenedict: that's not security10:48
greppydaedra: if you enable quotas, yes, but then you are turning on quoats for /10:48
Bored26manyone know if wireless disappearing is a common problem? booted up this morning and I just can't enable it anymore, doesn't even ask me for default keyring :-s10:49
benedictdaedra: i said data security10:49
daedraah ok :)10:49
sacarlsondaedra: I guess you could check with  sudo ulimit -a10:49
kwtmCyberfusion: Haven't been following your conversation, but maybe this helps: I had been able to make do with a "/" partition of only 4GB but it was tight.  8GB is comfortable.  I've put my data (/home) in another partition.10:50
daedrasacarlson: ulimit: command not found10:50
Cyberfusionare people having trouble with the new kernal updates?10:51
kwtmChipCherou: Not sure if anyone answered your question yet.  I don't know how to answer, but I feel for you.  I guess you already went through Ctrl-Alt-F1 to Ctrl-Alt-F12 and no graphics session.  Do you know if the X server is running?  If yes, then you want "gdm" (Gnome Display Manager) running, too.10:51
sacarlsondaedra: wow I can only run ulimit -a as a user not as sudo10:51
Idol_Mindwhen i do a 'fglrxinfo' from tty1, i get "Error: unable to open display (null)" how do i fix this? I installed new ATI 6850 which replaced my nVidia 8800gts10:52
benedictdaedra: here was some1 having the same prob and solved it10:52
benedictdaedra: http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154122210:52
daedrasacarlson: same10:52
ChipCheroukwtm, thanks for replying.  Did that and didn't work.  checked log files to see nvidia drivers complaining...so Im guessing a new kernel came down the pipe and killed nvidia.  in midst of installing new drivers to see where that leads me10:53
benedictkcg hm, don'T know10:53
daedrasacarlson: I think I  know why10:53
daedrasacarlson: it's a per user limit10:53
erUSULsacarlson: ulimit is a shell built in10:53
daedrasacarlson: and you have to be that user10:53
daedraoh.. maybe not10:53
erUSULsacarlson: try « sudo bash -c "ulimit" »10:53
serializedhi again, is there a hardware irc for ubuntu and its children?10:53
kwtmChipCherou: Considered rebooting to older version of kernel?  (Should be selection at bootup.)  Which version of Ubuntu?10:53
erUSULserialized: no10:53
sacarlsonerUSUL: daedra: that works « sudo bash -c "ulimit" »10:54
erUSULserialized: ask here10:54
daedrasacarlson: unlimited10:54
hosahi ubuntu room. sorry my english isn't very well. I need to Google Chrome default fonts settings.10:54
=== FireCrotch is now known as nickmoeck
serializedi did lol but no answer... basically i get a dazed and confused error and my gfx corrupts10:55
kwtmCyberfusion: Not sure if you have any particular help question to ask.  You want to know about "/' and kernel updates in general?10:55
erUSULserialized: the error is?10:55
benedictdaedra: did you try my link?10:55
daedrabenedict: looking at it10:55
hosawould your please send Chrome default fonts settings?10:55
ShapeShifter499anyone know how to use tightvnc-java10:55
Cyberfusionkwtm na just in general thanks though10:56
benedictShapeShifter499: try 'man tightvnc-java'10:56
serializednmi error10:56
ShapeShifter499there is no man page10:56
benedictShapeShifter499: to your terminal/console10:56
hosaheyy please help me10:56
ShapeShifter499I've tried that10:56
sacarlsondaedra: well I guess I would look at /etc/fstab and at least maybe see if usrquota is enabled10:56
ChipCheroukwtw, Its 10.10.   I think kernel i was runnign was 2.6.35-24 and now trying to run 2.6.35-2510:56
serializedUhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason a1 on CPU 0.10:56
benedictShapeShifter499: http://www.tightvnc.com/doc/java/README.txt10:57
benedictShapeShifter499: no. 1 google result ...10:57
hosaI need to Google Chrome default fonts settings. please help me10:58
greppy!ask | hosa10:58
ubottuhosa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:58
Idol_Mindhow do i reset my xorg.conf file for new gfx card?10:58
benedicthi, my boottime is 80 seconds, on a lenovo ideapad s12, intel atom @ 1,6GHz, 2GB Ram and a 160GB hdd. i use the  minimal install und fluxbox. 60 seconds of the 80 are taken by running /script/init-bottom. i found 2 such folders  /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom (which is empty) and /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom wich10:58
benedict contains plymoth and udev. afaik plymouth can not be removied because it's a cure package and udev is the device  manager - so shouldn't be remove either. but why is it taking so much time?10:58
greppy!repeat | hosa10:58
ubottuhosa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:58
erUSULIdol_Mind: removing it? or are the cards from the same brand? ( i.e. both nvidia )10:58
ShapeShifter499benedict, I thought my computer could host the java viewer10:58
hosa!ask I need to Google Chrome default fonts settings.10:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:58
ChipCheroukwtm, Its 10.10.   I think kernel i was runnign was 2.6.35-24 and now trying to run 2.6.35-2510:59
sacarlsondaedra: are these maybe hardware raids that need space for backup like raid1 with mirror10:59
hosa!ask I need to Google Chrome default fonts settings. please help me10:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:59
Idol_MinderUSUL, I removed the old card (nVidia) and installed a new card (AMD)10:59
daedrabenedict: no I am simply prompted by apt-get to run apt-get install -f again10:59
daedrabenedict: due to unresolved dependencies10:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:59
Idol_MinderUSUL, I also installed the latest driver from amd.com (had to d/l in windows..)10:59
erUSULIdol_Mind: then just remove/move the old xorg.conf aout of the way11:00
daedrabenedict: I can't just apt-get remove them11:00
benedictdaedra: can you give me the unresolved dependicy output?11:00
kwtmChipCherou: Do you still have the grub boot menu with option to boot to previous kernels?  If yes, and booting to earlier works, I'd say use earlier kernel till new upgrade comes out.  Set grub to default to "same bootup as last time"11:00
benedictShapeShifter499: so you want to connect to your pc via vnc?11:00
daedrabenedict: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327706/11:00
hosa! ask11:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:01
ShapeShifter499benedict: ya, and I thought the tightvnc-java in the ubuntu repo was a java viewer witch I could also host on the computer I want to control11:01
ChipCheroukwtm, I will do that if the new nvidia drivers fail me11:02
daedrabenedict: maybe i should just try a reboot11:02
benedictdaedra: hm, i think, before resolving the space problem (wich might be a lie looking at it now ;) ) you sould resolve the dependency problem first..11:02
benedictdaedra: yes... but make sudo apt-get update first11:02
Idol_Mindwow, brain fart... where is xorg.conf located? *blush*11:03
erUSULIdol_Mind: /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:03
benedictIdol_Mind: /etc/11:03
daedrabenedict: how do I resolve this then?11:03
erUSULIdol_Mind: "locate xorg.conf"11:03
benedictdaedra: 'sudo apt-get update', reboot11:03
benedictdaedra: or you can try aptitude first11:03
daedrabe right back ;)11:03
elementzhi all11:04
Idol_MinderUSUL, ah, neato!11:04
hosahi elementz11:04
Idol_MinderUSUL, so, just rename it and then reboot?11:04
Gneahosa: /join #chromium-support11:05
elementzi keep getting a strange error regarding my fsystem:11:05
elementzEither the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO11:05
elementzgoogling did not help11:05
sacarlsondaedra: I just found something I'm not sure of here Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.  you seem to overlap partitions sda1 and sda2 is that posible?11:05
hosaoov Gnea very thanks. :)11:05
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=== Guest26998 is now known as Us3r_Unfriendly
Us3r_Unfriendlygood old java11:07
Us3r_Unfriendlynow i don't want to start a panic, but I yesterday found my first linux virus on my system11:08
bazhangUs3r_Unfriendly, where11:08
Idol_MinderUSUL, thanx alot, worked like a charm11:08
franck606j'ai installe le cube...j'aimerai savoir comment je fait mettre des images differentes et egalement mettre une photo dans le fond...11:08
erUSULIdol_Mind: no problem11:09
ocxi, i have 2 internet connections and would like to load balance them so i can use them both in parallel , any linux open source software that can get the job done?11:09
bazhangfranck606, english here please11:09
erUSUL!fr | franck60611:09
ubottufranck606: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:09
bazhangfranck606, #ubuntu-fr for French11:09
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: oh really?11:09
=== sudharshan is now known as reddyweb
Us3r_Unfriendlybazhang: it's java malware that manage to find it's way in ~/.icetea11:09
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: is it described on a website somewhere?11:10
Us3r_Unfriendlybazhang: Gnea: .jar file11:10
reddywebWhat is the command to search words in multiple files or a folder?11:10
Us3r_Unfriendlyi removed it though, but it makes me wonder how'd i get it11:10
Us3r_Unfriendlyreddyweb: grep11:10
=== robinsmidsrod is now known as robins
Us3r_Unfriendlyreddyweb: grep with the right arguments11:11
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: no, I said URL that describes it, not the filetype.11:11
=== robins is now known as robinsmidsrod
reddywebwhat are the arguments for grep command to search words in a folder?11:11
jribreddyweb: grep -R WORD FOLDER11:12
Gneareddyweb: grep searches within files11:12
Us3r_Unfriendlyreddyweb: you don't know the file11:12
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: please answer the question.11:12
Us3r_Unfriendlythey talk about it there a bit11:12
reddywebfloder contain multiples files11:13
Us3r_Unfriendlytwil talked about it too11:13
reddywebso i ned to search few words in that folder11:13
Us3r_Unfriendlyreddyweb: do you know the file you need to search?11:13
benedictreddyweb: hm, maybe you can do something like cat "all-file" | grep your_word11:13
Us3r_Unfriendly" grep -i "11:13
Us3r_Unfriendlyjust in case11:14
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: interesting11:14
mmadminhi dudes11:14
erUSULreddyweb: grep -R word dir/11:14
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: i found it a few spots11:14
erUSULreddyweb: grep -ER '(word1|word2|word3)' dir/11:15
reddywebok thanks11:15
Squarismis there some nice tool to get an overview of what occupies space on a disc?11:15
erUSULSquarism: Aplications>Accesories>disk use analizer11:15
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: didn't even notice it before...so I thought i'd find someone who knew a bit about java based malware.  I didn't see it when I would use "top -c" or "ps -eF | less" either11:16
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: but without a doubt it wasn't too hard to remove...just manually going through directories and removing them11:17
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: that's assuming it didn't actually do any damage elsewhere on the system11:17
benedictdaedra: did ti work?11:18
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: i don't even notice anything, but that's the best kind of malware there is...the kind you don't see11:18
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: I'm going to remove java...it's a huge security risk...cross-platformed risk11:19
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: up to you11:19
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: i don't need it11:19
SquarismerUSUL, thanx.. but can that Disk User Analyzer be started from cmd line in some way (wanna start with sudo to get the complete picture)11:20
erUSULSquarism: gksudo baobab &11:20
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: but i got to hand it to bitdefender on linux, don't know why it's not in the repos but awesome, awesome command line scanner11:20
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: there's clamav, but that's just the basic form11:21
daedrabenedict: oh dear. it won't boot into X11:21
daedrabenedict: and the error message at the end of boot (just before CLI login prompt) is too breif to see11:21
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: i've used clam and avast before...the gui's always seem to stop working for some reason for me.  But i'm all cli anyways so i don't use them.  Avast and Clam are just okay, nothing more in my opinion11:22
daedraI just spent the last 10 minutes fiddling with wpa_supplicant to get an internet connection since NetworkManager used to do that11:22
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: they're really made to write better front-ends for11:22
daedraI know I should have foreseen problems with GUI-only network access11:22
Gneadaedra: it's usually not a problem11:23
daedraunless I'm missing something11:23
benedictdaedra: this is one of the few thing i never got around - wireless in commandline11:23
Gneait's possible11:23
daedraoh I've done it11:23
benedictdaedra: do you can a clabe at hand. it will be better than fiddling ;)11:23
daedrabut it's just horrible11:24
Gneaoh, wireless in cli has saved me before11:24
GunnDawgmy wireless works perfect11:24
GunnDawgon 10.10 running on a Toshiba laptop11:24
benedictGnea: how do you manage it? ifconfig or any ncures software?11:24
GneaGunnDawg: yeah, but you've only been running it a couple days now :)11:24
NewToUbuntuI've just downloaded a software synthesizer(instrument) and installed it using the software center. I've now searched for it but can't actually find the program. I'm using netbook remix 10.10. Any help would be appreciated11:24
sacarlsondaedra: I found this message in you fdisk -l Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.   but I assume this won't be seen if we do sudo sfdisk -uS -l /dev/sda11:24
Us3r_Unfriendlywireless in cli...where's the file for the config in /etc for wireless?  I don't know seeing that i'm paranoid and don't use wireless, but it'd be nice to know just in case11:24
Gneabenedict: ncurses? pfft, iwconfig and dhclient11:25
GunnDawgGnea, so your saying over time the wireless will just quit working? seems unlogical11:25
benedictGnea: with a wpa2 network?11:25
daedraunlogical XD11:25
jribNewToUbuntu: dpkg -L PACKAGE | grep bin11:25
GneaGunnDawg: no, I'm saying that different places will result in different results11:25
Gneabenedict: any network11:25
GunnDawgGnea, ah yeah well thats pretty true with windows also, some wifi spots work and some dont11:26
Gneaobviously, if encryption is involved, have to kick wpa_supplicant into gear at some point11:26
benedictGnea: wpa2 always caused me troubles :( also i dont feel comfortable writing my wpa2 password to a file11:26
GunnDawgwhat is wpa_supplicant good for ?11:26
GneaGunnDawg: yup, they tend to be configured differently at times... heh, I found a public access point not too long ago that was 101% open11:26
Lala_Chersihi there i ve installed myth tv in ubuntu cant set it right for my tv card ... any ideas11:26
benedictdaedra: so now you have network connection?11:27
Gneaand by 101%, I mean the extra 1% was in relation to the fact that the AP had no password set for the admin account11:27
GunnDawgGnea, wow11:27
rethusi had installed gnome beside my kde. now gnome is gone, but on kde startup i get an errormessage about missing screenlets (the packages are also removed). why kde ask on startup for screenlets?11:27
Gneait was hilarious. I set a password on it and it stopped handing out IP's.11:27
Gneadidn't change anything else11:28
Bipul`How shud i know i have Mysql installed on my ubuntu 10.1011:28
Gneayes, it was a belkin :)11:28
GunnDawgGnea, what is wpa_supplicant used for ?11:28
GneaGunnDawg: encryption algorithms - wep, wpa1, wpa2, etc11:28
benedictGunnDawg: wpa2 encryption11:28
daedraalso wpa11:28
Idol_Mindwhen I try to install the latest ati drivers (again), I get all kinds of make errors... how do I properly remove the previous install and try again?11:28
GunnDawgGnea, so it cracks weps ?11:28
GneaGunnDawg: no, it handles encryption for your network connection11:28
GunnDawgah ok11:28
GneaGunnDawg: it's the component that makes it *work* :)11:28
BajK_Is bluedevil being packaged/rolled out separately from KDE 4.6 since I did some translation updates and they are not in 4.6 final in bluedevil11:29
Idol_Mindi am following this guide: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide#Installing_Proprietary_Drivers_a.k.a._Catalyst.2Ffglrx11:29
benedictdaedra: hm so to fix your packages i'd try aptitude11:29
daedrai wish I'd never run apt11:29
daedranow I can't even launch X11:30
Gneadaedra: what?11:30
Us3r_Unfriendlystartx doesn't work for you daedra ?11:30
daedraand have spent ages configuring wpa_supplicant11:30
Us3r_Unfriendlywhy did ubuntu get rid of the inittab anyways?11:31
jrib!inittab | Us3r_Unfriendly11:31
ubottuUs3r_Unfriendly: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:31
daedrabenedict: sudo aptitude: command not found11:31
Us3r_Unfriendlyguess i'm old school11:31
Us3r_Unfriendlydaedra: sudo apt-get install aptitude11:32
GunnDawgur old school? I am using ISSI to access IRC ;)11:32
benedictdaedra: :/ on all my systems aptitude was install my default..11:32
daedrawpa is no longer working11:32
benedictGunnDawg: me too11:32
Us3r_Unfriendlydaedra: it's funny, you need apt to install aptitude11:32
GunnDawgterminal chat ftw11:32
sacarlsondaedra: maybe clean up your disk check what uses all the space with Applications>accesories>Disk usage analizer  and find some stuf you don't need like the apt-get cache11:32
jribbenedict: it's not anymore11:32
Us3r_Unfriendlyterminal chat is my favorite11:32
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg: i'm using Wee-chat11:33
GunnDawgnever heard of that11:33
benedictjrib: i did a minimal install (my current system) and it was there.11:33
daedraalso why is dhclient trying DHPDISCOVER on!11:33
jribbenedict: what ubuntu version?11:33
GneaGunnDawg: did you get screen sorted?11:33
benedictoh... 10.04 jrib11:33
jribbenedict: :)11:33
GunnDawgGnea, yeah we did that yesterday morning, remember ?11:33
roothello there11:33
daedraI'm used to dhcpcd11:34
benedictsomehow 10.10 doesn't want ot work on my system11:34
=== root is now known as Guest72040
jribbenedict: space on the cd is precious11:34
daedrahow is dhclient different?11:34
Bored26mI have read the rules, so apologies if this isn't appropriate: I've lost my wireless connection, rfkill says it isn't blocked at all..and ubuntu no longer asks me for my default keyring n starup...using ubuntu 10.10, and it worked fine until this morning11:34
GneaGunnDawg: ah okay, well I remember introducing the concept to you, didn't figure you'd jump right into it lol11:34
sacarlsondaedra: static ip?11:34
GneaGunnDawg: very cool, though :)11:34
GunnDawgoh I thought you meant my E16 issue11:34
GunnDawgno I Havent messed or looked into "screen" yet11:34
daedrasacarlson: no11:34
benedictjrib: eben the minimal install11:34
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg: it's like irssi but with a different command-line/interface layout.  it's command-line11:35
daedraI've always got my ip via dhcpcd11:35
GneaGunnDawg: I use irssi all the time. I like to use it within screen so that if I have to logout/login to the system, I can do so without having irssi interrupted11:35
daedrahow do you get it using dhclient11:35
benedictGnea: have you tried tmux?11:36
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg: my youtube video where i'm using wee-chat11:36
GunnDawgGnea, where can I learn abot how to use it ? I did use "screen irssi" when I launched this though11:36
daedra(screen is also good to detach form on a server for that reason)11:36
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rShwAB62qM&hd=111:36
Goliathi removed a package lets say gnome, but gnome keeps working11:36
Goliathwhy is that happening?11:36
* jrib bets goliath removed his irc client...11:36
GneaGunnDawg: it's pretty much a matter of understanding how the ctrl sequences work11:36
GneaGunnDawg: but you understand vim, so the learning curve won't be too bad11:37
Gneabenedict: nope11:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyvim is awesome!11:37
sacarlsondaedra: iwconfig wlan0 essid youraccesspointname; sudo dhclient wlan011:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyvi is old school and i found out i was pronouncing vi wrong this whole time lol11:37
daedrayep,  thats what I'm doing11:37
GunnDawgpretty cool chat Us3r_Unfriendly, I might get that11:37
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: erm, what were you saying?11:37
benedictGnea: it's like screen, but a bit "cleaner" . also it natively supports slpitting vertically and horizontally... and you can ask it to use vim syntax :D11:38
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: what are you comparing to vim?11:38
daedrasacarlson: with the added wpa_supplicant call11:38
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: about what? the vi or vim part?11:38
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: pronouncing "vi"?11:38
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: the difference between command and input modes11:38
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: i was pronouncing it to friends as (Veeee) when it's actually pronounced (Vee I)11:39
jribBored26m: no idea, but try messing with network manager some?11:39
sacarlsondaedra: I'm not sure where to add wpa_supplicant on the command line,  maybe in /etc/network/interfaces11:39
daedraI say "vie" for vi but "vim" for ... vim11:39
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: I see11:39
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: okay yeah it's like that11:39
daedrasacarlson: Its worked on my archlinux box11:39
Gneabenedict: interesting..11:39
daedrasacarlson: I place it after iwconfig wlan0 essid "ESSID",  and before dhcpcd11:40
benedictGnea: it' in the ubuntu repos11:40
Gneabenedict: I'll have to give it a shot when I get my other system up and running11:40
Gneabenedict: yeah, I just don't have time to learn something completely new right now11:40
Bored26mjrib: been doing that all morning! is it possible to remove and reinstall do you know...or will the fact that I've got a wired connection on the go stop it uninstalling completely?11:40
daedratmux comes with a status bar at the bottom by default, which is nice11:40
daedraas that's harder to configure in screen11:40
Us3r_UnfriendlyVeee I in my opinion makes it sound like a futuristic system, vi is old school command line editor.  And i say this about the actually Vi version out there, not the one installed on Ubuntu be default, which is more like vim11:40
benedictGnea: it has some kind of bulit in help... like the vim help11:41
jribBored26m: well can you think of any reason for it to stop working?  Did you change anything? Install any updates?11:41
daedrabut everyone knows the best editor is ED11:41
GneaI swear, one of these days I'm gonna break this netbook when I plug a usb device into the wrong port11:42
Cyberfusioni blew a usb port on mine once11:42
Cyberfusiongood thing it has 3 lol11:42
benedictdaedra: network stil not working?11:42
ikoniaBajK_: could you join us in #ubuntu-ops channel please.11:42
Bored26mjrib: I Did install a few things last night trying to look into my bios, uninstalled them all now, to no avail...and it worked fine last night After the installs...I did boot from a liveCD this morning that didn't register my wifi either, since Then its been off, but I didn't think a liveCD would actually make any changes to my system11:43
daedrabenedict: nope11:43
jribBored26m: hmm, did the wifi used to work on the livecd?11:43
eXpLoDhelp,i configured a vpn by following a tutorial and now that thing in the upper panel with the connections and stuff dissapeared!how can i get it back?11:43
GunnDawg|WeeChatyay weechat11:44
daedrais there a way I can get NetworkManager to work from CLI?11:44
Bored26mjrib: no, this was the first time I'd used it, went into live versions of CentOS and sabayon11:44
daedrawpa_supplicant is misbehaving11:44
jribdaedra: yeah, nmcli is one way, there's also some curses interface I forget the name of11:44
Gneadaedra: how are you diagnosing it?11:45
eXpLoDhelp,i configured a vpn by following a tutorial and now that thing in the upper panel with the connections and stuff dissapeared!how can i get it back?11:45
GunnDawg|WeeChatHey Gnea can you PM me ? I wanna see how weechat handles those11:45
daedraGnea: dhclient does a DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to
daedraGnea: and fails to  get a reply UP11:46
daedraGnea: because that's not where my router is11:46
Gneadaedra: aaah, yeah, I see that happen once in awhile... not sure why that is, but I find that if I reboot, it just works again11:46
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: i have to say in my opinion that weechat is slower than irssi11:46
Us3r_Unfriendlyi use both11:46
* daedra rolls eyes11:46
s^anyone having problems with this plymouth update that just got pushed in lucid?11:46
daedratime ro reboot..11:46
* Gnea picks them up and hands them to daedra 11:46
GunnDawg|WeeChatuser_friendly, how so?11:46
s^shit just royally fucked one of my servers11:46
daedradon't think it's goin gto do anything11:46
Gneahere, you lost these11:46
Gnea!language | s^11:47
ubottus^: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:47
jribBored26m: and you're sure the wifi is not at fault?  Can you connect okay with another device?11:47
dgxCan someone tell me, why  when I start downloading torrents, on this laptop/Ubuntu, downloads won't start. When I use the other PC/winXP everything is fine?11:47
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: takes longer in wee-chat to connect to a server than irssi11:47
GunnDawg|WeeChatyeah but stuff is laid out better in wee chat11:47
GunnDawg|WeeChatuser lists, etc11:47
tiberius__Hi - how to mount a remote nfs share with the  option no_root_squash11:47
daedraGnea: no. I rebooted and it's doing it again11:48
Us3r_Unfriendlydgx: that's due to your web-browser...not ubuntu11:48
Gneadaedra: oh my..11:48
daedraDHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 1811:48
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: i like the colors11:48
dgxUs3r_Unfriendly: Web browser or torrent application?11:48
Bored26mjrib: I'll try my usb dongle...but I assumed it was software because it usually asks me for my keyring before the desktop's fully loaded, but worth a try11:48
Gneadaedra: yeah, sounds like something isn't lining up correctly. you're on 10.04, right?11:48
benedictdaedra: don't you have a way to connect via cable?11:48
tiberius__mount -t nfs remoteshare name local share name -o no_root_squash doesn't work11:49
Us3r_Unfriendlydgx: if your using firefox beta it doesn't work but configing the web-browser to open the file up after download and having your favorite torrent client (like the great "Tixati")11:50
Us3r_Unfriendlyfirefox beta 411:50
benedicthm, i have two 10.04 setups. one with gnome, one minimal. the gnome one let's me play teeworlds perfectly fine, minimal does not (like 5 fps). what did i miss?11:50
Us3r_Unfriendlydgx: that's my case11:50
s^ok so is plymouth like harmful or something? i just updated and plymouth was the only package that needed updates. it segfaults when i boot and now everything is broken.11:50
daedrabenedict: the AP is 2 floors down11:51
kodekonundrumsOnline Puzzles and Programming Content flags on 29th Jan..Go to http://felicity.iiit.ac.in/kk11:51
Idol_Mindi just reinstalled the ATI 11.1 driver, but aticonfig reports no adapters found? Using HD8650 on 10.10 x6411:51
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: so would you say this is old school?11:51
daedrafrom my tower pc11:51
benedicts^ i updated too mut have not rebooted oO11:51
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: wee-chat that is11:51
benedictdaedra: -.-11:51
s^benedict, do me a favor and reboot. if you don't come back i'll know it's plymouth :)11:51
GunnDawg|WeeChatus3r_unfriendly, not as old school as ISSI ;)11:51
Gneas^: what version of ubuntu?11:51
Bored26mokay jrib: the dongle's plugged in now...when I click on my little network manager icon, it shows my eth0 connected, and two greyed out options for Both wireless adapters...a right click Still has the 'enable wireless' option greyed out though11:51
s^gnea, 10.04 server11:52
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: now are you saying irssi or issi?11:52
Gneaokay, I'm on 10.04 netbook remix and just did an update11:52
Gneahaven't rebooted yet11:52
s^everyone who updated11:52
s^please reboot11:52
HerrBlumeHas anyone experience using ati hd4200 with h264 video?  Is hardware accelerated video supported11:52
benedicts^ sooner or later i'll do. i case youre still around i'll inform you about my findings11:52
GunnDawg|WeeChatus3r_unfriendly, meant irssi11:52
GneaI"m waiting11:52
FloodBot2Gnea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:52
s^benedict, i'd appreciate it if you would :)11:52
s^i have a production server that is completely hosed11:52
Us3r_UnfriendlyGunnDawg|WeeChat: they seem about the same to me, except for the suttle differences which is not by much11:53
s^and if this is a screw-up on their part11:53
jribBored26m: hmm, what wireless card?  Are there drivers available in System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers?11:53
Gneas^: if it's a server, why does it need plymouth?11:53
aprilharehello. i'm running meerkat. is it recommended to upgrade to ext4, or is it safe to leave it ext3?11:53
s^gnea, got me11:53
s^gnea, i tried to purge it and it says it's gonna delete apache and everything11:53
GunnDawg|WeeChats^ who is "their" part ?11:53
Gneashould be fine to just remove it11:53
s^on shuttleworlth! :) lol11:53
benedictaprilhare: stay with ext3 for now...11:53
daedradamnit I hate apt11:53
Us3r_Unfriendlyaprilhare: ext3 is olderschool11:53
GunnDawg|WeeChats^ who is the "they" you are refering to ?11:53
daedraI'm so going back to Archlinux -_-11:54
aprilhareUs3r_Unfriendly, this is true.11:54
Us3r_Unfriendlybenedict: why do you say ext3?11:54
s^GunnDawg|WeeChat THEY you know.. THEY :P11:54
Us3r_Unfriendlydaedra: what's the problem with apt?11:54
aprilharebenedict, have there been problems with ext4?11:54
Gneas^: oh, OH, I see.... it's 'required'.... what a crock...11:54
s^so yeah. i'm thinking this last update is breaking lot's of stuff.11:54
Bored26mjrib: nope...and lshw says the ath5k driver is installed for my wifi card (AR5001)11:54
Us3r_Unfriendlydaedra: gksudo synaptic will do good too11:54
s^and i'm wondering if anyone confirms11:54
Idol_MindI successfully installed ATI 11.1 drivers for my new 6850, but I cannot get ATI CCC to work. aticonfig reports no adapters found. How do I fix this?11:54
GneaI'm thinking the ubuntu devs have lost their sense of reality11:55
eXpLoDhelp,i configured a vpn by following a tutorial and now that thing in the upper panel with the connections and stuff dissapeared!how can i get it back?11:55
benedictaprilhare: to me there were... also ti seems to be slower. ext3 is well know and always did it's job well. i won't recommoned what i aam not convinced of11:55
daedraUs3r_Unfriendly: it's reporting disk full when it's not11:55
Us3r_Unfriendlydaedra: are you sure of this?11:55
benedictaprilhare: to me there were... also ti seems to be slower. ext3 is well know and always did it's job well. i won't recommoned what i aam not convinced of Us3r_Unfriendly  - sry for span11:55
daedraUs3r_Unfriendly: yea11:55
Us3r_Unfriendlydaedra: what does "sudo df -ah" say?11:56
daedrait doesn't matter I've been sorting it out with benedict and sacarlson11:56
daedrait's just been a rabbit hole of problems11:56
daedrawon't update - disk not really full - x won't start - wpa won't work :(11:57
jribBored26m: do you have some sort of hardware switch for the wireless?11:57
ZweiHi, after trying to enbale the  nVidia GeForce GT 420M Driver on Ubunbtu 10.10, I only get a terminal when I boot up11:57
Zweiwithout the GUI11:57
Bored26mjrib: I do, but rfkill says its turned on11:57
Zweihow to I get back to the gui?11:57
jribBored26m: hmm11:57
Us3r_Unfriendlybenedict: what are you not convinced of me?...my question on your opinion on why ext3 vs ext4?11:57
daedraubuntu should configure wifi for commandline through network manager11:57
jribBored26m: tried toggling it?11:57
Bored26mI know!11:57
daedramaybe that's a future feature idea11:57
jribdaedra: nmcli11:58
Bored26manway..gunna restart with the usb dongle plugged in, see if that does anything11:58
daedragenerate the right config file for starting wifi automatically using NetworkManager11:58
daedrajrib: yeah I know11:58
daedrajrib: but I would still have to configure it11:58
daedraNM should auto-make one from the GUI, so if your GUI dies, you still have net access11:59
sacarlsonUs3r_Unfriendly: daedra: if you want to see here are the links: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327693/  http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327696/ http://paste.pocoo.org/show/327697/  I'm clueless why it would say it's full11:59
benedictUs3r_Unfriendly: what i wanted to say is that ext4 caused me a lot of troubles while ext3 is doing good. this is why i recommend ext311:59
jribdaedra: i've never used nmcli, but I assume it's like clicking on the gui applet but running commands instead11:59
benedictUs3r_Unfriendly: i am not sure of beiing convinced of you ... i barely know you ;)12:00
Us3r_Unfriendlyi'm lost, who's having the issue?  sacarlson or daedra ?12:00
daedrajrib: it annoys me when people recommend stuff they've never used12:00
daedraUs3r_Unfriendly: mw12:00
benedictUs3r_Unfriendly: daedra12:00
jribdaedra: I didn't recommend anything, I answered your question12:00
Us3r_Unfriendlywhy is sacarlson showing me stuff on his partitions?12:01
Us3r_Unfriendlyno offence, i'm just lost12:01
sacarlsonUs3r_Unfriendly: you asked for sudo df -ah  from daedra,  she had posted them before12:01
daedraUs3r_Unfriendly: that's my partitions12:01
* daedra is a he, last time he checked12:01
Us3r_Unfriendlysacarlson: sorry, i didn't see that12:01
daedraoh dear. this time I'm a she12:01
benedictdaedra: the only time i managed to connect to wpa2 via cls was when using wicd-curses12:01
sacarlsonUs3r_Unfriendly: I'm not sure you were online at that time12:01
daedrabenedict: it's wpa-psk12:02
=== zvrk is now known as xXx_hazard
daedrabenedict: works fine on my eeepc with wpa_supplicant12:02
daedrabenedict: and I  did get it working for a second on the problem-box12:02
Us3r_Unfriendlysacarlson: yeah i've only been on for not that long12:02
kodekonundrumsLove to Code..go here http://paste.ubuntu.com/558958/12:02
daedrabut now dhclient is giving up12:02
eXpLoDhow do i make messages like ***eXpLoD etc12:02
Us3r_Unfriendlysacarlson: sorry for the confusion...12:02
Us3r_Unfriendlykodekonundrums: after what i've been through on linux, i'm not sure i want to click any links for a long time12:03
bazhangkodekonundrums, that s offtopic for here12:03
Us3r_Unfriendlykodekonundrums: especially when you say i love to code12:03
kodekonundrumsits an online puzzles and programming contest12:03
bazhangkodekonundrums, ie don't advertise12:03
* eXpLoD needs help: help,i configured a vpn by following a tutorial and now that thing in the upper panel with the connections and stuff dissapeared!how can i get it back?12:04
Us3r_Unfriendlysounds mischievious12:04
kodekonundrumsits not adevrtisement..its an opportunity12:04
bazhangkodekonundrums, please dont do it again12:04
Us3r_Unfriendlykodekonundrums: after my java virus on my linux machine, no thanks12:04
daedrammm.. java virus12:04
GneaeXpLoD: using what tutorial?12:04
eXpLoDthe tutorial from the vpn's site12:05
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.12:05
GneaeXpLoD: not good enough, need the URL please.12:05
Us3r_Unfriendlyyou know why is it that alot of ppl that know how to hack, like coming to ubuntu channel12:05
benedicthm, i have 2 10.04 ubuntus. one has good graphic performance the other one has not... what could i have missed12:05
Us3r_Unfriendlyi know it's off subject, but it's about this room12:05
sacarlsonUs3r_Unfriendly: we had some kind of a flash link that did stuff that made me have to create a new firefox profile, so it's getting scary12:06
Gnea!pm | eXpLoD12:06
ubottueXpLoD: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:06
GneaeXpLoD: please paste the URL here, in the channel. Thanks.12:06
tiberius__How to mount a remote nfs share using the no_root_squash option?12:06
daedraI'm just going to install dhcpcd12:06
daedrasince that works on ArchLinux12:06
Us3r_Unfriendlysacarlson: i've never had a virus, never until i saw it today...bye java12:07
itguruUs3r_Unfriendly: Java Virus?!?12:07
Us3r_Unfriendlysacarlson: but i believe this was due to certain sites, non-pornography site, but ones that are very popular amongst the music lovers12:07
benedicts^ rebooting now12:08
Us3r_Unfriendlyitguru: yes12:08
s^benedict, see ya after you re-install ;)12:08
Us3r_Unfriendlyjava is cross-platformed12:08
thauriswulfaQUESTION:apt-get install php5-mail NOT WORKING12:08
itguruUs3r_Unfriendly: Was it cross platform?12:08
GneaeXpLoD: have you tried performing the steps again?12:08
* itguru is going to research this thing ...12:08
Gneathauriswulfa: that's not a question, it's a statement.12:08
Gnea!details | thauriswulfa12:09
ubottuthauriswulfa: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:09
thauriswulfaGnea: ok , then how do i install php5-mail12:09
itguruhey death^ -- How you doing? remember you tried to take me to the afterlife, and I kicked you in the nuts? Come near me again, and I'll do it again :)12:09
Gneathauriswulfa: start by finding the correct name of the package12:09
bazhang!ot > itguru12:09
ubottuitguru, please see my private message12:09
death^itguru go and medidate12:09
Us3r_Unfriendlyitguru: for me, yes.  now usually when you download a virus on linux by accident it just stays as a file in a folder, nothing more...but this one spread it self through my home directory in various parts...weird stuff12:09
death^that's why i switched after long time to ubuntu12:10
itguruI was just joshing around with death^ .. like base jumpers, and building climbers do, but I'll stop going off topic12:10
v0lthey download speed using ubuntu is half what i get when i download anything using windows why ?12:10
death^first i tried debian 5.0 but i had problems with drivers12:10
death^itguru hehe i can take jokes, don't worry12:10
eXpLoDGnea: Yeah i have done that but I can't seem to find the connection icon in the upper panel!12:10
death^anyone done LPIC 1 ?12:11
bazhangdeath^, please stay on topic12:11
Us3r_Unfriendlylpic 1 ?12:11
=== anomie is now known as Guest94856
GneaeXpLoD: perhaps you need to open network manager and see if it's saved somewhere12:11
benedictdaedra: see ya later .. be right bac in 10 minutes12:11
eXpLoDGnea: Where do I find it?12:11
death^bazhang, sorry what is the topic again ? yesterday i smoked some kind of heavy buds, it was like rm -rf12:12
GneaeXpLoD: it's the network connection icon you were referring to12:12
bazhangdeath^, stop that12:12
Us3r_Unfriendlydeath^: congrats, you know a command12:12
Gnea!guidelines | death^12:12
ubottudeath^: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:12
Us3r_Unfriendlydon't ppl here get kicked for revealing that command?12:13
eXpLoDit dos not have that option,it's Called Network Connections12:13
Gneaonly if it has a certain argument12:13
sacarlsonthauriswulfa: I don't see any package with that name but I do see php-mail  so maybe sudo apt-get install php-mail12:13
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: you mean place in directory12:13
GneaeXpLoD: that is correct, so if you right-click on it and then on 'edit connections'...12:14
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: pretty much12:14
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: the arguments are there, his way doesn't work though12:14
thauriswulfasacarlson: thanx12:14
benedicts^: no probs at all12:14
benedictreboot sound and soft12:14
GneaUs3r_Unfriendly: right, but his attitude was off12:14
ignorance1484 users :O12:14
benedictdaedra: back12:14
Us3r_UnfriendlyGnea: i think we're in the same boat on that12:15
eXpLoDI dont have any edit connections,the icon in the panel was called Networ Manager,it was next to the sound icon12:15
vjacobhello all! What do I do if dpkg --configure -a is fubar?12:15
GneaeXpLoD: well what options do you have when you right-click on it?12:15
benedicteXpLoD: got to commanline and type 'nm-applet'12:15
benedicteXpLoD: without the '' ofc ;)12:16
Us3r_Unfriendlyvjacob: isn't foobar just an expression?12:16
eXpLoDbenedict: thanks so much!12:16
daveb_is this the right place to ask a question about hardware compatibility?12:17
sacarlsonvjacob: I guess I would need a clue as to what package name or names it was and how it might have happened12:17
bazhangdaveb_, check the hcl12:17
vjacob"dpkg: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"12:17
bazhang!hcl | daveb_12:17
ubottudaveb_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:17
vjacob"find: arithmetic overflow while converting 0 days to a number of seconds"12:17
daveb_this is about Intel Ingrated Graphics12:17
daveb_i couldn't find anything about it12:18
badpenguin86can someone help me figure out how to make the subwoofer in my laptop work?12:18
bazhangdaveb_, which one12:18
sacarlsonvjacob: normaly it gives the package name that it attempts to configure before that12:18
daveb_I am considering building a new machine using i3 Clarkdale processor or i512:18
ignorancepeoples here have BNC's ?12:18
benedicteXpLoD: no problem ;)12:18
daveb_i want to know if there is any benefit from using integrated graphics12:18
bazhangdaveb_, not really , no12:19
daveb_i hear that Ubuntu will work out of the box12:19
ignorancethis channel have a BNC's bots?12:19
eXpLoDtoo bad the openvpn from their service is paid,only PPTP is free12:19
benedictdaveb_: usually yes... also integrated is cheaper ;)12:19
ignorancehave a no real users?12:19
bazhangignorance, try a channel on that.12:20
daveb_benedict: im not running a budget but I hear that it will work better because the kernal supports it directly12:20
daveb_benedict: whereas say Nvidia requires a propriatory driver12:20
vjacobsacarlson: are there any general methods to "reset" in a situation like this?12:20
eXpLoDanybody knows a free vpn working on ubuntu?12:20
sacarlsonvjacob: I would first try to uninstall the package and reinstall it12:21
daveb_benedict: my requirements are for building a development machine for programming java12:21
daedraargh. dhcpcd can't get me an IP either12:21
vjacobsacarlson: tried that, will keep trying though12:21
sacarlsonvjacob: I'm now researching it to see if others have such a problem12:21
daveb_benedict: i want my machine to run smoothly and response to be instant12:21
badpenguin86can someone help me figure out how to make the subwoofer in my laptop work?12:21
daedraso it's probably wpa_supplicant12:21
thauriswulfaanybody use joomla here?12:21
benedictdaveb_: in that cas integrated is the best choice i think12:21
daedraBUT it's the same config that's working on Archlinux12:21
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ignorancePeople ask that all users are real or are there bots?12:21
daedrathis is bizarre12:22
daveb_benedict: I want to build a machine that will be powerful enough to see me in development over next 5 years12:22
sacarlsonvjacob: a complete --purge is what you want to try if posible12:22
=== bnima is now known as e-anima
ignorancePeople ask that all users are real or are there bots?12:22
daedradaveb_: what type of development?12:22
daveb_benedict: with the least amount of support12:22
daedradaveb_: Ray Tracing?12:22
daveb_daedra: java programming, php, netbeans application, web server, mysql etc12:22
vjacobsacarlson: it wont let me, perhaps because of other packages depencies12:22
daveb_daedra: many shells12:23
ignoranceI want to know whether all are true12:23
daveb_daedra: all about producing software12:23
daedradaveb_: ah for netbeans you'll want maybe 2GB RAM. That thing is bloated already12:23
daedradaveb_: and I don't see it getting slimmer12:23
daveb_daedra: will having an integrated graphics like i3 clarkdale slow down the machine?12:23
sacarlsonvjacob: what package is complaining that it needs it?12:23
dfgdfg2332_45g41hi all12:23
daveb_daedra: also, I might like multiple monitors are being able to rotate the screen to see the code full length12:24
benedictdaveb_: hm... see. i use a netbook with 2GB ram and intel atom at 1.6GHz. using gnome is good, but with fluxbox it's frick'in snappy. so it depends... i think it is diffcult to make recommendation for the next 5 years12:24
Us3r_Unfriendlyi believe i got that java virus from the pop-ups in piratebay.org12:24
daveb_benedict: i want enough poke so there is minimal lag time for compiling, editing, file system etc12:24
Us3r_Unfriendlylol i was using that site to get a older version on ubuntu lol12:24
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: ...12:25
benedictdaveb_: i that case the grapics will eb your least problem... you'll need fast hard disks, fast cpu and fast/a lot of RAM12:25
KranixI uninstalled openoffice via the software center, but it still opens when I use the menu shortcut...12:25
Us3r_Unfriendly*of ubuntu...ubuntu 4.1012:25
daveb_benedict: you mean having a separate graphics card like Nvdia12:26
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ don't use it though, no support12:26
daedrawhy might dhcpcd be failing to get me an IP?12:26
daedracan someone try and diagnose my problem?12:27
daedradhcpcd settles on
benedictdaveb_: if you do programming/software development with no 3d-graphics in it, every intergrated card will me ok... even my Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller works fine on 2 monitors. but for compiling the power of your graphic card is not of importance.12:27
daveb_i dont have a lot of choices for motherboards where I am12:27
daedraI'm using  wpa_supplicant to connect to a WPA-PSK access point12:27
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages12:27
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: i wouldn't need to support.  not on my old laptop that was already running it12:27
daveb_benedict: what about if I want two big monitors 1920 x 1080 and above12:28
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: support means security updates and given your recent discussion I'd say you want those :)12:28
sacarlsonvjacob: did you try sudo dpkg-reconfigure initramfs-tools ?12:28
daveb_benedict: will it be best to choose a i5 with non-graphics support and an Nvidia graphics card12:28
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: very true...but this was a test machine that didn't connect to the internet12:28
rahadianada yg tahu emulator untuk PS112:29
jrib!id | rahadian12:29
ubotturahadian: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia12:29
daveb_benedict: and will having integrated graphics onboard the icore CPU mean that the memory will be taken for rendering the LCD display?12:29
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: i'm shook up because i got the virus on my main desktop, i wouldn't have cared much if it was a test machine12:29
dfgdfg2332_45g41hi, i m a fish here, and i wanna know how to become a program12:30
=== jae_ is now known as jae
ikoniadfgdfg2332_45g41: take silly behaviour elsewhere, this is a support channel.12:30
rahadianterima kasih12:30
sacarlsonvjacob: do you have the lilo package installed?12:30
Us3r_Unfriendlylater guys12:30
daedracan someone try and diagnose my problem? dhcpcd settles on (not in valid ip range). I'm using wpa_supplicant to connect to a WPA-PSK access point.12:30
benedictdaveb_: usually integrated graphic cards use shared memory . that means the thae some of your ram12:30
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia12:30
daveb_benedict: so could that mean a slow down in performance of the other applications?12:31
ikoniadaedra: it's not connecting to the dhcp server, so it's using a fallback, hence why it's not in your range, probably your wirless connection is not setup correctly12:31
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:31
mah454what is this message :12:31
mah454No protocol specified12:31
mah454FXApp::openDisplay: unable to open display :0.012:31
daedraikonia: ok. how do I determind how it is set up?12:31
benedictdaedra: sorry, don't think i let you down... but due to the fact that i never managed to run wireless from cli i don't think i can help you... if you got connection again, i'll be beack with you12:32
daedrabenedict: ok :)12:32
daedrabenedict: one problem at a time eh :)12:32
daedra(which spawn more subproblems)12:32
benedictdaveb_: yes... but only if you have a small amount of ram... usually the graphic cards take like 256-512 MB or ram... if you hav 2 or 3 GB you won't notice12:32
zenithdkhi, if I need help with recovering data from ext3/ext4, which channel can I go to? #ext3 or something?12:33
gp5stso, what bad things could i expect if i apt-get install upstart? as opposed to installing from source?12:33
ikoniadaedra: use the networking config tools to see how it's setup12:33
ikoniagp5st: upstart is already installed12:34
rileypupnp mythtv reading wiki trouleshooting it says Make sure you have a route for out your lan nic BEFORE mythbackend starts (route add -net eth0). It seems it won't work if you add the route later.12:34
rileypHow do I do that12:34
ikoniagp5st: it's the default init system in Ubuntu12:34
daveb_benedict: the shops in my location only have gigabyte, Asus and a few Intel motherboards.. do you know which one would be most compatible for a super fast desktop machine?12:34
benedictdaedra: just know so much... i once had a similar problem (dependencies messed up -> resoving killed my whole system -> no network -> wpa-pain -> f*ck it going to use cable -> fix it -> performnace loss -> reinstall)12:34
gp5stikonia: oh, apt seemed perfectly happy to install it though12:34
db-any idea why my storage devices like sda are missing the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrDeviceTable tree? OS is ubuntu lucid 10.04 net-snmp version
benedictdaedra: so you got my full empathy... althought this won't help you now...12:34
ikoniagp5st: it's already installed12:34
rahadianwho is from indonesia???12:34
gp5stikonia: no, you're right, i was told wrong, this is a debian install -_-, thanks12:35
benedictdaveb_: do you have a full list of what they offer?12:35
benedictdaveb_: also if you have chance, maybe buy things over internet... you got more choice and prices are usually better12:35
daveb_benedict: im based in bangkok... here its WYSIWYG... today I saw DH55TC (micro-atx) intel motherboard.  Asus P57 range and lots of gigabyte boards12:36
KiiKhow can I know when network card I have ?12:37
bazhangKiiK, lspci in the terminal if pci lsusb if usb12:37
ActionParsnipKiiK: sudo lshw -C network   will tell you the chip, the card is moot12:37
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hid3Hello everyone. I am writing a script (not on ubuntu machine). Any ideas how can I get the current release's codename and numeric version? (I guess from a webpage or mirrors?)12:37
daveb_benedict: the prebuilt machines are junk.. i nede to find a nice combo of motherboard and processer as a foundation... any recommendations would be great12:37
ActionParsniphid3: read: man lsb_release12:38
daedrabenedict: heh12:38
ActionParsnipdaveb_: ask in ##hardware   this is ubuntu support12:38
daedraI feel much more in control with Archlinux as the system architecture is simpler12:38
daedrayou know what to expect12:38
daveb_ActionParsnip: well, I need a combo for Ubuntu to work on12:38
rahadianhave you ever try GNOME 3.0????12:38
ActionParsnip!hcl | daveb_12:38
ubottudaveb_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:38
daedraSystem V style init12:38
jribhid3: you can probably use the url update-manager uses (you'll have to read the source code, I don't know it offhand)12:39
daedraplain text config everywhere12:39
bazhangrahadian, its not been released so no12:39
hid3ActionParsnip: I do NOT want to get my distro's version. I want to get what is exact release now, at this moment12:39
daveb_ActionParsnip: i couldn't find 90% of the modern motherboards on there12:39
ActionParsnipdaveb_: or buy from companys stating they support Linux12:39
ActionParsniphid3: define "release" please12:40
daveb_ActionParsnip: errmmm.. this is bangkok12:40
rahadianbazhang, it is still alpha, maybe you should try12:40
ActionParsnipdaveb_: so?12:40
daveb_ActionParsnip: these people will tell you anything you want to hear12:40
daveb_ActionParsnip: "will it make toast".. "sure!! 100%"12:40
hid3ActionParsnip: maverick, 10.10.12:40
hid3at this moment.12:40
bazhangrahadian, its offtopic for here, try the gnome devel channel12:40
sacarlsondaveb_: I'm in pattaya thailand I'll show you what to buy here12:40
hid3after 2011-05 it will be probably natty, 11.0412:40
ActionParsniphid3: lsb_release -c12:40
ActionParsniphid3: like I said, read the man page12:41
daveb_sacarlson: can you recommend a good motherboard?12:41
hid3The only problem is I'm not running ubuntu on the machine in question...12:41
sacarlsondaveb_: I like gigabyte with nvidia12:41
ActionParsnip!lsb | hid312:41
ubottuhid3: The Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.12:41
rich_hi there. if ive got a router setup, ie broadband line in(adsl2) > router  and the adsl line is dead, and ive got a laptop with a 3g wireless device, any idea if i can set it up so my wireless device takes over it somehow? or make my router get its ip from the wifi device?12:41
ActionParsniphid3: it will work on ANY standard Linux12:41
daveb_sacarlson: did you get any comatibility problems?12:42
hid3What about ... Solaris?!12:42
ActionParsniphid3: i'd ask in a solaris room then12:42
hid3looks like the version is available from help.ubuntu.com12:42
rahadianbazhang, sorry12:42
ActionParsniphid3: why ask in an Linux channel about Solaris...?12:42
sipiorhid3: you can try reading and parsing the ubuntu web page. since the release schedule is only known approximately a priori, it is difficult to establish programmatically.12:42
sipiorhid3: you might try python or ruby instead of a shell script for the parsing bit, though.12:43
ActionParsniphid3: instead of looking at the make etc, look at the components on the board to check compatibility12:43
death^ikonia i wish you pleasant afternoon and thank you for kick-ban ;)12:43
ActionParsnipdaveb_: instead of looking at the make etc, look at the components on the board to check compatibility12:43
ActionParsniphid3: wrong target on that last one, sorry12:43
daveb_ActionParsnip: most of the boards I saw had intel x58 stickers and seems up to date12:44
daveb_ActionParsnip: is there anything in particular I should avoid12:44
ActionParsnipdaveb_: that doesn't mean much. look at the sound chips and the network chips used etc12:45
rich_how can i easily setup internet connection sharing on my ubuntu laptop?12:45
rich_ie im getting internet via a wifi device12:45
ActionParsnipdaveb_: I'm very biased in what to avoid12:45
ActionParsnip!ics | rich_12:45
ubotturich_: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php12:45
daveb_ActionParsnip: what is your basis for bias?12:46
daveb_ActionParsnip: makes or chipsets.. i'd like a pinch of knowledge.. :-)12:46
Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/558971/ can any one tell me what's wrong wit it12:47
KiiKbazhang,ActionParsnip: thanks12:47
sergiunegarahowdy, can anyone recommend a nice-looking irssi theme?12:48
benedictdaedra: brb12:48
eXpLoDsergiunegara: I'd like to know that too12:49
=== denny_ is now known as denny
jribhid3: did you find that file I talked about?12:50
sergiunegaraI guess none of u can))12:51
sergiunegaraor want...12:51
serializedhi again everybody, i have a nvidia quadro 350m and now and again the screen would flicker and i get the following output nvrm xid etc12:51
serializedthis happens alot... is there away to stop it switching pages?12:51
jribserialized: just browse irssi.org and choose one you like, they have screenshots12:51
jribsergiunegara: just browse irssi.org and choose one you like, they have screenshots12:52
ActionParsnipdaveb_: i dislike some companys like ATi which wil start some weird flame/arguments12:52
Dr_Willisserialized:  I have gotten where i perfer weechat to irssi these days. :)12:52
ActionParsnipdaveb_: creative are another of my pet peeves12:52
daveb_ActionParsnip: i always use nvidia12:52
ActionParsnipdaveb_: me too, their linux support is phenominal12:53
PinguincscI am looking for a way to configure the mouse pointer for a touch screen12:53
PinguincscI mean - the mouse should be functional but invisible12:53
mah454Hello . I have problem with mkahawa-client in ubuntu-10.1012:53
serializedwhats that got to do with nvidia?12:53
PinguincscIs there a configuration for it under X?12:53
jribserialized: you and sergiunegara share the same first three letters in your nicks and we are lazy typers12:53
mah454i receive this message after start mkahawa-cliend :12:53
Dr_Willissergiunegara:  ive gotten where i perfer weechat to irssi these days.12:53
mah454+ /usr/bin/mkahawa-client -nossl -name S5 -host
mah454No protocol specified12:53
mah454FXApp::openDisplay: unable to open display :0.012:53
ActionParsnippidgin ftw :)12:54
daveb_ActionParsnip: i read that the linux kernal would support the ingrated graphics of the icore processors and that using the nvidia cards would mean using propriatory drivers?12:54
=== sean is now known as Guest80936
Guest80936is this ubuntu help?12:54
dubeyI am using ubuntu 10.04. From last update i am getting a red trangle icone which starts update manager. When i update system i get  10-15 GPG error. How can overcome this problem ?12:54
ActionParsnipdaveb_: yes, iv'e seen some users with integrated intel video but it can be hit and miss. Depends on the system use12:55
daveb_ActionParsnip: i thought there would be a beneift the the ubuntu system recognising the motherboard + cpu (with combinted GPU) out of hte box12:55
ActionParsnipdubey: use http://pastie.org  to give the output of:  sudo apt-get update     Thanks12:55
daveb_ActionParsnip: the arguement was that the kernal would have direct access to the graphics rather than going through the black-box nvidia drivers?12:55
Guest80936every time I try to access my folders from the Places menu it launches a Music player!! I can launch nautilus from the command line and use it but I'd rather fix this12:56
ActionParsnipdaveb_: never had an issue myself, but you'll hear a billion different stories if you ask a billion people12:56
mah454what is this message :12:56
mah454FXApp::openDisplay: unable to open display :0.012:56
dubeyActionParsnip : http://pastebin.com/E8RJ8U3s12:56
ActionParsnipdubey: you added PPAs without the key12:57
ActionParsnipdubey: if you run:  sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com LONGCODEHERE     then you will add the key relating to the code12:57
ActionParsnipdubey: e.g.  sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 7FB8BEE0A1F196A812:57
serializeddoes anyone have frequent nvrm page changes?  is this normal?12:57
bbbbjest ktos?12:57
serializeddoes anyone have frequent nvrm page changes?  is this normal?12:57
bazhang!pl | bbbb12:58
ubottubbbb: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:58
dubeyActionParsnip : thanks a lot12:58
ActionParsnipdubey: np bro. I have that in a script ;)12:59
reminkHi guys, is it possible to create a image from 2 others images ? side by side12:59
rahadiansomeone, do you know the best PS1 emulator for ubuntu 10.04.112:59
ActionParsnipremink: imagemagick may be able to do it12:59
ActionParsniprahadian: there is no single best app for anything13:00
ActionParsnip!info pcsx13:00
ubottuPackage pcsx does not exist in maverick13:00
rahadianactionparsnip: i mean, good.......13:00
ActionParsniprahadian: again, that is speculative13:00
ActionParsniprahadian: http://maketecheasier.com/guide-to-playstation-emulator-on-ubuntu/2008/03/1913:01
reminkActionParsnip, I'm actually using it. I convert a pdf to a image but now, I need to create 1 image for 2 pages PDF13:01
eXpLoDLoaded Plugins: AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC, Libnotify Popups, MSN, MXit, MySpaceIM, NSS, Perl Plugin Loader, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, SSL, Sametime, Tcl Plugin Loader, XMPP, Yahoo, Yahoo JAPAN, Zephyr13:01
mah454nobody help me !13:01
eXpLoDUsing Pidgin v2.7.3 with libpurple v2.7.3.13:01
mah454what is this message :13:01
ActionParsnip!info pcsx-bin13:01
ubottuPackage pcsx-bin does not exist in maverick13:01
mah454exuse me !13:02
mah454what is this message :13:02
mah454No protocol specified13:02
mah454FXApp::openDisplay: unable to open display :0.013:02
ActionParsnip!patience | mah45413:02
ubottumah454: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:02
dubeyActionParsnip: keyserver.ubuntu.com will be same for all keys or i have to replace url of the repository ?13:04
ActionParsnipdubey: it's the same, all you change is the hex code you pass it13:05
dubeyActionParsnip: Oh, ok, thanks again13:07
=== dreamtraveler is now known as noobuntu
CaBahow does the gui package update tool (that produces the tray icon if package updates are available) check if the user has the permission to install them?13:08
sarge1221I'm needing help troubleshooting overheating issues. My computer usually only runs around 30% to 40% cpu running a few applications. However according to gnome censor applet its running at 41 C. Any idea why my computer gets so hot, I'm even running a cooling pad underneath of it.13:09
Dr_WillisCaBa:  perhaps it checks to see what group they are in.  users with sudo rights are in the admin group i recall.13:09
dubeyActionParsnip: gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.13:09
=== first is now known as ciaosijhasjsh
ActionParsnipdubey: what command did you run?13:09
CaBaDr_Willis: what would be bad implementation, since also other users can be provided with sudo permissions13:09
Dr_WillisCaBa:  sudo can be set for specific apps.. but thats not the default.13:10
dubeyActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/BYbnQLHa13:10
Dr_WillisCaBa:  you can also set the pacakge manager to auto-update/upgrade - but thats not the default eitehr.13:10
CaBaDr_Willis: yes, for apps and also for users and groups != admin - and i wonder if the gui tool detects that13:10
Dr_WillisCaBa:  try it and see i guess.13:10
thauriswulfashould i burn ubuntu to cd or dvd? because its 693 mb13:11
Dr_WillisHmm.. updates want me to reboot...13:11
Dr_Willisthauriswulfa:  thats a cd size image.13:11
Dr_Willis700mb cd :)13:11
thauriswulfaDr_Willis: thanx13:11
ActionParsnipdubey: that key is for http://download.opensuse.org13:12
ActionParsnipdubey: which uses RPM instead of DEB13:12
Guest67225Hi, I have a very strange NumLock behavior that I need help with. To use Delete to remove selected text (that has been selected with the keyboard) I have to either press NumLock, Delete, NumLock, Delete *or* Press Shift+Delete. This is very strange, and I need it fixed. It is only in gnome, in wmii it works fine. Any ideas?13:13
ActionParsnipdubey: why are you trying to use that repo?13:13
dubeyActionParsnip: It comes with auto update. how can i remove this13:15
ActionParsnipdubey: in /etc/apt/sources.list  or in software-centre13:15
=== rimen is now known as Rim3nX
dubeyActionParsnip: i have two list source.list & source.list.distUpgrade13:17
ignoranceirc.sofiabg.net - FreeNode #2 user's is FULL :|13:17
ignoranceirc.sofiabg.net - FreeNode #2 user's is FULL :|13:17
logiclordi need some guidance in customizing ubuntu  . Is it right channel to ask such things??13:17
ActionParsnipdubey: sources.list is the file you need to edit13:18
ActionParsnip!theme | logiclord13:18
ubottulogiclord: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:18
BluesKajHi all13:18
logiclordi am not talking abouts themes. my team will be customizing ubuntu at code level13:18
logiclordallowing some educational air app to be pre installed in our college13:19
ActionParsnip!remaster | logiclord13:19
ubottulogiclord: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility13:19
sarge1221Does no one know? I'm running ubuntu 10.04 and I'm runnign really hot on my laptop. The graphics card is running proprietary drivers and seem to function fine. CPU hangs around 30% to 40% running a few applications. Top reads the highest cpu app is music player which isn't much only like 17 to 19 cpu. Computer running on a cooling pad and still reads around 39 and 41 C on average for gnome applet. Any help appreciated.13:20
logiclord1 more thing ... any suggestion about modifying default user access in ubuntu13:21
dupondjeHello, I got a small question my root user has /usr/bin/scponly as shell, but now I can't su to it, it gives me Cannot execute /usr/bin/scponly: No such file or directory. Any idea how I could become root? I'm now logged in as 'admin'13:22
jriblogiclord: well modify in what way?13:23
john519Hi everybody13:23
john519My network manager on the panal is gone. how do i get it back? alt + f2 and nm-applet ist now working13:23
jribdupondje: why don't you just use sudo?  But you can do something like: su - -c bash    I suppose13:24
dupondjejrib: sudo is not installed ^^13:24
jribdupondje: erm, is this ubuntu?13:24
dupondjejrib: it just quits that command somehow, its debian .. :)13:25
jribdupondje: actually, reading « man su » suggests -c bash won't work, ha13:25
visofis there a way to move between workspaces in ubuntu using keys from keyboard ?13:25
john519My network manager on the panal is gone. how do i get it back? alt + f2 and nm-applet ist now working13:25
jribdupondje: yeah, the man page says -c will just be run by the shell set in /etc/passwd13:25
constlHello, I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 through VMWARE player and I want to ask whether it's possible to start a service and actually be able to use it in the host machine13:25
tiberius_How to mount a remote nfs share using the no_root_squash option?13:26
dupondjejrib: no idea how to override that ?13:26
=== iceroot_ is now known as iceroot
jribdupondje: man su, suggests -s13:26
tiberius_Because > mount -t nfs remoteshare name local share name -o no_root_squash doesn't work13:27
dupondjejrib: but that doesn't do *** :)13:27
jribdupondje: su - -s bash   doesn't work?13:27
dupondjejrib: nope13:28
dupondjejrib: it gives no error, but just throws me back to default shell13:28
jribdupondje: give /bin/bash...13:28
dupondjeas non-root13:28
jribdupondje: actually, continuing to read the man page, is scponly in /etc/shell?13:29
jribdupondje: /etc/shells*  (typo in man page)13:29
Vatiwhat's the difference between `export` and `declare -x` ?13:29
jribVati: try #bash13:30
dupondjejrib: nope :(13:30
AkhlDhello, i'm having issues with wifi...I just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my Dell laptop and i cant connect to my wifi network from ubuntu, it does works on my windows!!13:30
jribdupondje: you probably need to change the default shell for root then13:30
dupondjescponly got removed, without changing the  passwd file :(13:30
dupondjejrib: true :) but thats the problem :) how ... :D13:30
jribdupondje: the usual, boot a live cd, or use recovery mode from the grub menu13:30
john519My network manager on the panal is gone. how do i get it back? alt + f2 and nm-applet ist now working. It's Ubuntu 10.10.13:30
opc_0deHi, I want to check if a set of variables are SET in a shell script, but I am getting syntax errors. Can someone please tell me what's the problem with following code . http://paste.ubuntu.com/558986/ . Help is much appreciated.13:31
jribdupondje: from scponly man page by the way: "(though root should never be configured to be using scponly as the default shell."13:31
sipioropc_0de: outermost delimiters in if-statement should be "(" ")".13:32
dupondjejrib: I know its a fail :) to bad13:32
dupondjethx anyway :)13:32
degennnnSomeone know how to Sniff up a IP-adress with Dhcp server or with tcpdump?13:32
muellnerhello @ all13:32
degennnnNote that i have dhcp server installed and its up, but how can i sniff a IP?13:33
j3d3can a clozezilla image of 10.10 64bit be used to build a raid with a raid controller?13:33
daedrahow can I test sound from CLI/13:33
degennnnBest way to sniff a IP-adress??13:34
jribdaedra: heh, you should just use the live cd or recovery mode, but I'm thinking if you want to play a game, you could try using scp to overwrite the /etc/shells file with one that includes scponly, then use su - -s /bin/bash13:34
j3d3fegennn - from what?13:35
sipiordegennnn: use tcpdump, filter the packets for the dhcp protocol. read address from DHCPOFFER packet.13:35
jribdaedra: erm, ignore that.13:35
daedrajrib: I just want to test some speakers13:35
jribdupondje: heh, you should just use the live cd or recovery mode, but I'm thinking if you want to play a game, you could try using scp to overwrite the /etc/shells file with one that includes scponly, then use su - -s /bin/bash13:35
daedrajrib: :P13:35
jribdaedra: silly people with the same letters in their names...13:36
degennnnsipior: I've tried tcpdump but it doesnt find my computer that is connected to my laptop13:37
sipiordegennnn: you're not using it correctly, then.13:37
Benkinoobydaedra, did you fix your old probs?13:37
=== root is now known as Guest62488
degennnnsipior: Yeah, i have one more option, that i can use my dhcp server on my laptop, but how do i look up ipadress with dhcp server?13:38
Dr_Willisdhcp server should have some logs wouldent it?13:38
sipiordegennnn: if your laptop served out the address, there should be a log of it.13:39
sipiordegennnn: you might just try a broadcast ping, and see what responds.13:39
degennnnsipior: Ok, isnt there any command to u know see all computers that i connected to my dhcp server?13:39
Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/558991/ guys check this i think there is some issue with my ubuntu13:40
Dr_Willisnmap the whole lan. :)13:40
Dr_WillisBipul`:  give a summary of the issue. and you may get more people looking at the post.13:40
sipiordegennnn: actually, if the computer communicated with your laptop, the mac address is likely still in the arp cache. try "arp -a"13:40
Bipul`well when i used apt-get update i got some problem in my terminal with dpkg13:41
Bipul`oh got it13:42
Bipul`there is a silly mistake:p13:42
opc_0desipior, : The code works now. tks for the help.13:43
sipioropc_0de: yep.13:43
ShapeShifter499where is sound located in ubuntu?  I want to route it to /dev/dsp13:44
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions13:44
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  why are you wanting to do that exactly?13:45
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, trying to follow this http://www.prupert.co.uk/2010/08/02/stream-live-audio-from-a-microphone-in-near-real-time-in-ubuntu/   the part at the vary bottom of the page. I want to stream my audio in real time.13:45
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, not microphone but system sound,13:46
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, do you know how to find what file to connect to for system sound?13:47
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  you proberly can do it with some pulse audio tools.13:48
Dr_Willispavucontrol  pavumeter13:48
damascenoHow can i remove from nautilus the smaba share? I did change some thing in gconf-editor, it remove the share smba folders from my right side of nautilus, but remove all devices mounted too.13:53
damascenoI just need that share samba don't be listed in right side from nautiulus.13:53
Bipul`http://paste.ubuntu.com/558996/ i can not able to insta