ScottLthat's funny that you mention him persia, i thought about him yesterday or the day before and was thinking about asking him how things were going (not that i completely understand all of it)01:17
falktxhey quadrispro15:17
falktxquadrispro: thanks for all your work so far on ladish15:17
scott-workholstein: since you have testing the -lowlatency kernel can you respond to this email:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2011-January/002931.html16:31
scott-workholstein: if you could, please describe the performance of the -generic kernel comapred with alessio's -lowlatency kernel16:31
scott-worki did so already at the bottom of the thread to help people understand how much improvement this kernel gives for audio work16:32
scott-workit would be appreciated if anyone else has experience with the performance improvement derived from abogani's -lowlatency kernel and would respond to the email thread linked above16:34
scott-workailo__: ^^^^ ?16:34
ailo__Yeah, what's up scott-work?16:34
ailo__I've been reading a little about the discussions earlier, but haven't had the time to get fully informed.16:35
ailo__We can't compare with the -generic until it can do realtime16:37
ailo__Unless we compare with an older system, like Maverick16:37
ailo__I'm not clear on when the -generic will include the patch that gives us rtprio again16:50
scott-workailo__: good point, i should append my email to mention that17:01
holsteinscott-work: i saw that17:25
holsteinthe email17:25
ailo__holstein: did you ever test firewire without rt and no audio group?17:34
holsteinailo__: i thought we did17:34
ailo__I know tanders did17:34
holsteinailo__: i need to make better notes with these tests17:34
holsteinans we go17:34
ailo__But, just to be perfectly sure. 17:34
holsteinwont have time till maybe saturday 17:34
ailo__I guess we should have made a testing table17:35
holsteinailo__: we could just have a google doc17:35
holsteinor something17:35
holsteinso we dont forget what happened17:35
ailo__Sure. Maybe arrange that for next release, just to cover the basics when testing17:35
holsteinsomethine for the 2 of us at least next time we are testing17:37
ailo__I mean, of course we could do it before too, but then we don't need to think as much when we do the tests. Volunteers can just follow the table. I know there's a wiki page devoted to that, but we should form a definitive documentation for testers17:37
ailo__I think more people would join in if they got clear instructions17:37
scott-worki absolutely agree with that as well17:41
holsteinscott-work: i was actually trying not to respond to that email17:41
scott-workoh, okay17:42
holsteini feel like all of that has been covered17:42
holsteinseveral times17:42
holsteinlike you said 17:42
scott-worki agree, it is frustrating17:42
holsteini might just add how easy it is to test them17:42
holsteinand what i have found performance wise17:42
scott-workthat would be good :)17:42
holsteinanyways... BBL17:44
scott-workholstein: awesome email :)18:27

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