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sssshello how do i get to the ipv4 settings?22:59
persiaWhat are you trying to do?22:59
ssssset up a network22:59
ssssi just was trying o find it and noticed it was different from ubuntu23:00
sssspersia i am trying to share the internet between my macbook and my buntustudio comp i was reading and it said to change the ipv4 settings but they are not in the same place as plane ubuntu i believe23:05
paultagssss: wernt you just in ubuntu-beginners?23:07
sssshaha a bit ago y23:07
paultagssss: you seemed to have lost some s-es23:07
ssssi traded them for info23:07
frederickjhNot just running out of steam?23:08
persiassss, So, where do you expect to find the settings?23:08
sssshonestly though this is mad annoying expecially since the help file i pointing to the wrong place23:08
ssssit says to right click network manager icon in the sys notification area click the wired tab select the connection click edit23:10
paultagssss: like hwe said in u-b ( and the link we gave you ), it's any number of things23:10
ssssclick ipv4 settings23:10
paultagssss: it's either the macbook or the linux box. Use that link to set both ends up :)23:10
persiaAh, OK.23:10
ssssoh well i think i figured somethin/g out23:10
paultagssss: I can pull the link / logs if you need them again?23:10
persiaI think it's system/preferences/network or similar for Studio.  We don't use Network Manager23:10
ssssyeah i see but it doent say anywhere how to change the ipv4 settings23:11
ssssoh and paultag i am using one ofthe links23:11
paultaggreat :)23:11
ssssand a help file i jut cant find the stupid settings23:12
persiaSorry, it's System/Administration/Network23:13
sssspersia i have seen this i just cant find the ip4v settings on the like i have its telling me i must change the method to shared to other computers https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing but i cant even change that23:16
persiaStudio doesn't use Network Manager by default, so that guide won't apply.  You can install Network Manager (at a cost of some unreliability in CPU usage from NM), or you can follow the iptables method.  I don't think that GNOME Network Settings has that functionality.23:17
ssssthanks bye23:20

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