kreignhi, I'm trying to figure out what the upstart tool does on shutdown - eg. where the commands are defined that are run on shutdown06:51
kreignthere's /etc/init for startup but I'm not seeing where eg. filesystems get umounted on shutdown06:52
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mbieblwhat distro?11:15
djszapiJanC there ?11:40
djszapiyou tried last time to get the messages we discussed, can you remember ?11:40
djszapiKeyBuk told me it is because upstart cannot log to the kmsg and the proper daemons are not running during the boot-session to get those messages into the syslog.11:41
djszapiso I am trying to write a patch for upstart in order to be able to write into the kmsg for need.11:41
djszapiJanC: so it should fex. work after the startup.11:54
SpamapSkreign: shutdown happens on runlevel 013:11
SpamapSkreign: most of it ist still handled in /etc/rc0.d13:12
SpamapSkreign: at least, in Ubuntu13:12
gp5sti'm here (http://upstart.ubuntu.com/index.html) where can i find a list of all directives for an upstart script? the wiki seems more technical and doesn't help:(16:19
gp5stbut to the point, what i want to know is if there is respawn keyword, i've seen hints on other sites but i can't find one in the upstart page or man page16:20
JanCgp5st: read the init(5) manpage16:29
gp5stthe (5) is what must have got me16:30
gp5sti found it, i was just doing man init before not man 5 init16:31
JanCthere is a reference to init(5) at the bottom of init(8)  ;)16:32
gp5sti'm sure:)16:33
kreignfhi, I asked a question in here last night... does anyone know where the 'shutdown' time events are defined for upstart? eg. umount -a 17:41
JanCkreignf: depends on how you or your distro configures it20:20
kreignfJanC, :| ok, so where would I look? this is on ubuntu.20:21
kreignfJanC, I've dug around a bit but can not find anything suggestive (eg. grep umount /etc/init/*)20:21
JanCsomebody answered that earlier today:20:22
JanC<SpamapS> kreign: shutdown happens on runlevel 020:22
JanC<SpamapS> kreign: most of it ist still handled in /etc/rc0.d20:22
JanC<SpamapS> kreign: at least, in Ubuntu20:22
kreignfSpamapS, ah, thank you mate. ;P20:24
kreignfJanC, didn't see it, passed out before I got a response. thanks.20:24
kreignfnot sure how i missed that on looking myself20:25
SpamapSkreignf: its not very obvious honestly20:29
SpamapS/etc/init/rc.conf covers it tho20:29
kreignfSpamapS, I'm not so sure I like the... complexity... of upstart, vs. classic init, at this point. at least for a server.20:29
kreignfSpamapS, seriously hope the intent is to have an all-in-one start/stop mechanism. 20:30
SpamapSkreignf: its the complexity of the hybrid implementation that makes most uneasy. As it gets more purely upstart.. it will seem more elegant. :)20:30
kreignfSpamapS, "sometimes it's set here and sometimes it's here" is not a good way to do it. :| 20:30
kreignfSpamapS, right. 20:30
kreignfSpamapS, I'm sure.20:30
kreignfstill, I'd think startup and shutdown would be handled by upstart, at the least. you know, 'system' tasks.. not relegating umount to rc20:31
SpamapSI think that was the plan.. but the push in lucid was to get the bootup fast, not the shutdown. :)20:32
SpamapSand it actually works ok20:32
kreignfwell I know where to stick my command then20:33
kreignfwas kinda fading last night when I was looking into it20:33
SpamapSthere is a need for some more synchronization .. there are races right now that can lead to the fs's not unmounting I'm afriad.20:33
kreignfnot all cylinders were firing20:33
kreignfSpamapS, oh joy. :|20:33
kreignfSpamapS, where are the races?20:33
kreignfin upstart?20:33
SpamapSbasically things that stop on runlevel [!2345] are not guaranteed to be stopped when fs's are unmounted20:33
kreignfeg. a long-terminating database process20:34
* kreignf considers a lengthy sleep20:35
kreignfSpamapS, do the desktop guys push the ubuntu server direction quite a bit?20:35
kreignfubuntu server is a nice thing20:35
kreignf(due to the newer kernel)20:35
kreignfjust not sure i like the... process refinement?20:36
kreignfthe resulting refinement is damn nice20:36
SpamapSkreignf: ubuntu is ubuntu .. server and desktop are just different "seeds"20:37
SpamapSkreignf: which affects the CD creation, and the length of security fixes.20:37
kreignfSpamapS, I don't recall sources.list having a definite "server" tag ; what determines the seed, to the mirror?20:38
kreignfor is it just a package selection that gets said support?20:38
SpamapSI would say.. realistically.. lucid is just now stabilized and tested enough that I'd want to roll something out on it.. 10.04.2 is out in a week or two.. it has a lot of little weird things fixed.20:38
kreignfSpamapS, yeah.20:39
kreignfSpamapS, been a bit long in the uptake IMO20:39
kreignfSpamapS, anything I can tell the kernel/upstart on boot to "tell me what you're doing!" ? I get "Starting /scripts/init-bottom... ; Done. Done. Finishing /scripts/init-bottom; Done - and then nothing21:14
kreignfjust hangs there21:14
kreignfc-a-d reboots it21:14
kreignfbut other 'n that I can't do much21:14
SpamapSkreignf: pass --verbose to the kernel21:15
kreignfSpamapS, hmm 21:16
kreignfSpamapS, would that be akin to "ro verbose" or do you mean --verbose?21:19
SpamapSkreignf: at the end of the line in grub, add --verbose21:19
kreignfSpamapS, the line starting linux, I presume21:19
kreignfjust not familiar with --verbose as an ammendum to kernel boot opts21:20
SpamapSits unknown to the kernel, so the kernel passes it along to upstart21:20
kreignfah ok.21:20
kreignfSpamapS, I'm getting some cryptic "init: hostname goal/state is start/stopping post-stop->waiting/etc." info here, and then it just hangs up /goes no further after "init: handling stopped event"21:50
kreignfSpamapS, going to paste the image up21:52
kreignfSpamapS, mind if I email you the image?21:54
SpamapSkreignf: the lines before 'handling stopped event' are probably more interesting :)23:33
SpamapSkreignf: what OS is this?23:33
kreignfSpamapS, ubuntu23:35
kreignfSpamapS, that was a couple hours ago; I got by it. now I'm trying to figure out why the freaking modules I need aren't loading on boot (they're in /etc/modules) but load just fiiine on manual modprobe23:36
kreignfand it works on another system :P23:37
SpamapSkreignf: /etc/init/module-init-tools.conf23:40
kreignfSpamapS, so this is going to sound a bit cheap but I see something scroll by on intial boot 'failed' - but I'm not finding it in logs. it's directly before login starts. 23:42
kreignfany idea where that'd be logged?23:42
SpamapSaka "the console"23:42
kreignfunfortunately it does not appear to scroll. meh.23:46
SpamapSkreignf: those should also end up in /var/log/boot.log23:49
kreignfvirtual console is slooow in vbox23:49

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