ArMo3The reboot and shut down options are greyed out.00:11
ArMo3wrong channel00:12
mucushey, i'm new to linux and was wondering how i use the terminal to make a program from a source01:59
bazhangmucus, compile?02:02
mucusactually yes02:02
bazhangmucus, install build-essential02:02
mucusi'm in the terminal now, but having problems changing to the proper directory....02:02
mucusbuild-essential h?02:03
bazhangsudo apt-get install build-essential02:03
mucusi get a couple of errors02:03
bazhangsuch as?02:04
mucusoh ...maybe that's due to synaptic being open02:04
bazhangyou can install from there as well02:04
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:04
bazhangmucus, you may want to have a read of the above as well02:04
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!02:04
mucuscool thanks, i wanna get started on compiling my own source, but i need to get back into the swing of things with c. . .02:05
mucuswhen i install something in that manner, where does it go?02:06
mucusie where does it install to02:06
christo_mhow can i stop xubuntu from saving state03:12
christo_mi dont want the samecrap opening everytime i shut down03:12
skyhawkCan someone help me with a desktop enviornment question?06:15
skyhawkI would like to boot without xfce or any desktop enviornment06:21
Sysiwith them being installed or do minimal installation or remove some?06:27
CloseYetFarHey is there anyway to get a text boot up that will show you the loading of all the scripts like on Gentoo?06:36
Sysiyou can replace "quiet splash" with "verbose" in /etc/default/grub but then it prints useless stuff too06:38
CloseYetFaris it just kernal stuff? I basicly want to see init run its rc scripts06:39
Sysiafaik there isn't really good way with grub2, you can see boot messages after booting with 'dmesg'06:40
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »06:47
CloseYetFarupstart is the new program that manages rc scritps?07:13
bazhangmany , yes07:13
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:14
CloseYetFarok thanks07:17
nkadmini am using tightvnc server. the screen on the windows client is gray blank. whet must i do to see the real scree?14:35
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psycho_oreosxubuntu being the vnc server and windows being the vnc client? how do you mean real screen?14:39
nkadminyes, so14:56
nkadminon the client machine inthe vnc client window is dark grey.15:13
psycho_oreos!vnc| nkadmin15:16
ubottunkadmin: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX15:16
nkadmini will see the link! :)15:18
WhitePelicananyone know of a ppa for xfce4.8 for Maverick yet?15:32
mark76I wish :(15:37
Sysii'd compiled it for myself but it would have ment i'd had to remove almost all gui application15:41
WhitePelicanguess I will have to wait 3 months then :)15:42
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rtdosi have a 6.04 desktop that does not have access to the internet (so i'm not as concerned about security updates) - is there a way to install software from the repositorie archives using only a CD?15:48
quantumbityea if you have it15:48
quantumbitaltough, you should upgrade to 10.10 to get newer software versions15:49
rtdosquantumbit: i mainly use this 6.04 machine for games, it's not even connected to the internet. given how old the hardware is, i doubt 10.10 would be much of an improvement.15:51
quantumbiti run 10.10 on an old machine I upgraded to 512mb ram lately15:52
quantumbiti ran it with 256mb although, it wasn't very usable15:52
quantumbiti run it on 2 such machines actually15:52
rtdosthe machine i have 6.04 machine only has 128 Meg and a 700MHz Celeron.15:52
rtdosyea. :)15:53
quantumbitok I understand :D~~15:53
quantumbityea, for some reason newer software/distribs seem to use quite a lot of ram15:53
quantumbitI think, mostly because they assume availability15:53
rtdosit's an hp and althoguh i like hp, i bought it as a wal-mart special15:53
Sysimoder HW for modern OS15:53
rtdosand wal-mart specials, um, suck. :)15:54
Sysirtdos: that old software may be hard to get, bu you van install .deb:s manually quite easily15:54
quantumbitit makes no sense though, that a web browser with just one google.com page loaded, consumes almost 100mB ram15:54
Sysiman what typing15:54
quantumbitbut it's the case15:54
Sysibut if you want*15:54
Sysiquantumbit:have you recently tried win98?15:55
Sysiyou'd notice where all the ram goes15:55
quantumbitthe fact that modern machines have lots of ram is not a reason to waste it where it's not required though.. economy is always a good principle15:56
Sysii admit software in general is still bad, but we do have much more options and better user experience15:56
Sysii assume you also aren't programmer?15:57
quantumbitsome applications do require a lot of ram, some don't15:57
rtdoswhat kills me is that back then hp didn't even put an option in for more than 128Meg (it initially came with 64Meg)- only had 2 slots for ram, the other 2 slots were not solderd in for the wal-mart special.15:57
quantumbiti am:D15:57
Sysii'm not15:57
quantumbitweb browsing consumes huge amount of ram I think15:57
Sysibut i know how much effort it takes15:58
quantumbitesp. with all the modern dynamic components, scripts, and stuff15:58
quantumbitit's not much effort when you enjoy it:)15:58
Sysii hardly ever use 1GB of ram even with new kubuntu15:58
quantumbithm.. I take it you don't run many apps at once15:59
Sysii don't consider that being much in kinda heavy use15:59
quantumbitwith 512mb and kubuntu, im always on swap with just firefox+pidgin+wine+ a few xterms15:59
rtdoswell, if we're talking ram: look at how programmers creatively took advantage of the small amount of ram in an atari 2600. but i digress. is there away to install stuff from the xubuntu archives on my machine using only a cd rom?15:59
quantumbiterr xubuntu15:59
Sysiget adblock15:59
quantumbiti wouldnt even attempt kde D15:59
quantumbitI have it16:00
Sysii've used kde with 512, not very bad16:00
quantumbitman, I dev'ed for microcontrollers with like 64 BYTES of ram total16:00
quantumbitand I can tell you you can design complex systems with it16:00
Sysibut think, 512 isn't too much for WinXP and it's 10 years old16:00
rtdoswith dependencies and recommended packages ?16:00
Sysirtdos: you need to download all of them and put to that cd16:01
Sysithen install with dpkg -i16:01
quantumbitnah.. you have to admit.. when sales persons tell you.. 3GHz 2GB will be good for basic stuff like word processing etc.. but you need more for multimedia games etc..16:02
quantumbitcome on.. in the 60's people were doing text processing just fine16:02
Sysirtdos: you need to have packages for right ubuntu version ofc16:02
Sysiquantumbit: technology goes on, let's use it16:02
Sysi*goes forward16:03
Sysii still think most of software is pretty bad16:03
quantumbitI like low footprint software16:03
charlie-tcahm, I remember using my old boss talking about using text processors in the '60's. He waited seconds to minutes to see what he typed16:03
Sysidoing good is expensive16:03
quantumbitcuz it's slick, usually designed to be simple & efficient16:03
quantumbitwith probably much more elegant & flexible code base too16:04
Sysii use apps that i like16:04
Sysii have intel dual core, i don't consider this modern after buying left4dead16:05
Sysilga775 socket cpu:s are expensive :/16:06
* quantumbit takes a look at 'top' output16:06
Sysiwith FF, transmission, thunar and terminal, gnome-system-monitor says 226MiB16:07
quantumbitI realise I'm a linux fanatic16:12
quantumbitI have hardly used any other OS in years16:13
quantumbitor maybe like 5min top once :D16:13
Sysii started again when win7 came, but it'n not really that much better than XP16:14
SysiXP was my reson to get linux, i just hated it16:14
quantumbityea.. last regular use of a MS OS for me was win9816:15
quantumbitbut that's when I started with linux too16:15
quantumbitat the time I had a dual boot with many different distroes shiftin' in and out at a high rate :D16:16
Sysii installed hardy about when 8.10 was released, "newbie"16:16
Sysithis year i've only reinstalled this machine few times :P16:17
quantumbitya I settled for simplicity myself16:17
rtdosdpkg -i ? does it automatically detect the cd rom drive ?16:18
Sysiyou propably need to mount it and point to packages16:18
quantumbityou have synaptic in 6.04?16:19
Sysibtw it's actually 6.0616:19
charlie-tcaand, yes, it did have synaptic package manager16:20
rtdosnot sure if i have synaptic in 6.06 or not, i doubt it.16:20
quantumbitI remember back then ubuntu was shipping free CDs16:20
rtdosif it did then yes i do. :)16:20
charlie-tcartdos: you do know 6.06 server edition is end of support in June 2011, right? Desktop has not had support since 200916:23
quantumbityou could try microkernels on that machine.. or distroes specifically targeted at low spec hardware maybe16:25
quantumbithavent researched that in a while16:25
rtdosyes, charlie-tca: this machine doesn't even have internet, the hardware specs are low (128Meg 700Mhz Celeron) mainly use it for games and word processing.16:33
rtdosmicrokernals, quantumbit? i didn't think linux was capable?16:34
wizardslovakhello people16:34
wizardslovaki have settup ssh but is there possibility to actually see desktop16:35
wizardslovakboth machines are xubuntu16:36
rtdoswhere would i d/l the archived packages / repositories for 6.06 ?16:38
charlie-tcartdos: MIght look at Lubuntu for an up-to-date distro. It is based on Ubuntu, using lxde, which is very low resources16:39
rtdosbut it requires 256Meg, doesn't it?16:40
charlie-tcartdos: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/16:42
charlie-tcabut there are none for Xubuntu 6.06, only for Ubuntu 6.0616:42
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.16:42
charlie-tcaIt should need 64MB ram16:42
rtdosthanks, charlie-tca i'll check it out.16:45
sphereoidis there a way to securely wipe a hard drive with xubuntu?17:14
charlie-tcaSame as with any linux distro, yes17:16
sleekis there a way after the xubuntu install to set a passphrase for my encrypted home directory?17:16
charlie-tcasphereoid: use either wipe or shred17:17
error21I can`t install gcc17:38
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charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 17 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend.18:42
quantumbitwhat are these meeting?18:45
charlie-tcathey are meetings to discuss what xubuntu is doing, keep users informed of xubuntu's decisions, and today to verify the project leader18:48
Sysii could join.. haven't attended even in loco meetings for ages18:49
charlie-tcaheh, yes you could18:50
charlie-tcaI am going to attend today18:50
charlie-tcaquantumbit: the agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:51
MichealHcharlie-tca: Its time?19:02
MichealHcharlie-tca: Shall I open the meeting?19:02
charlie-tcano, I will chair19:03
bcgrownwhat do i need to (re)install to connect to network file shares?  My "Service type" list in the "Connect to Server" dialog is empty19:18
WebDawgbcgrown You prolly need samba or cifs clients.19:21
bcgrownWebDawg: I wonder what I did, because I had them working at one point :/19:23
WebDawgYou try testing them at commandline?19:23
bcgrownWebDawg: no...  actually what I want right no is SFTP,  but don't I just need ssh for that?  i definitely have ssh..19:23
WebDawgI thought their was a sftp binary but I could be wrong.19:25
bcgrownyep, but i already have that.  it's just Gigolo that seems to be confused19:25
WebDawgYou got me atm man.19:26
vinnlYou can also install a dedicated FTP client like gftp bcgrown19:31
bcgrownvinnl: i want to have my shares permanently mounted as part of my filesystem though19:31
bcgrownI'm pretty sure gigolo+thunar can do that,  same as gnome/nautilus does.   mine seems to have forgotten how, though.19:32
bcgrownwell... semi-permanently, that is19:32
vinnlbcgrown, ah, yeah, Gigolo should be able to do that19:32
vinnlNot sure what the problem is19:33
bcgrowntried uninstalling, deleteing ~/.config/gigolo, and reinstalling,  but no dice19:33
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bcgrownapparently i was missing gvfs-backends19:43
yonderinghola.  anyone know if xubuntu 10.10 has pulseaudio enabled by default?20:10
yonderingthank you20:11
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:11
q_a_z_stevecody-somerville, are you also in ##windows or ##windows-server by chance?20:43
q_a_z_stevestupid XP giving me fits again.20:44
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cody-somervilleq_a_z_steve, No sorry. I don't even have any computers that run Windows.21:09
q_a_z_stevegood place to be, unfortunately I support them still21:16
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AlexanderQuery: Is there a way to change the background image for the login screen? I am tired of looking at blue skies and clouds.21:23
bazhangAlexander, gdm themes?21:28
AlexanderIs it gdm? I thought everything was xfce4. (I am not very good at this)21:30
AlexanderI just installed the iso of 10.10 onto my netbook, so it's whatever the default settings are.21:31
bazhangAlexander, the netbook edition? of xubuntu?21:31
AlexanderNo. Just the default edition (desktop edition?)21:33
bazhangthere are a ton of gdm themes21:33
bazhang!info sabily-gdm-themes21:33
ubottusabily-gdm-themes (source: sabily-gdm-themes): Sabily GDM themes. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3 (maverick), package size 2635 kB, installed size 3060 kB21:33
bazhangapt-cache search gdm reveals quite a number21:34
Alexanderokay, so I go to gdmsetup and it gives me login screen settings, but nothing to change the theme21:37
Alexanderjust default session, show list of users, etc21:37
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