Lion-SimbaHi all. Is there any command in Upstart to reset job hanging in "stop/killed" status?09:22
Lion-SimbaI'm trying to write my own job file for my service, and it don't work well yet. So, I need to debug it, but now I've stuck with this "stop/killed" state.09:22
ionUpstart’s current fork-tracking code is preliminary and gets confused easily. You probably used the ‘expect’ stanza claimin a certain style of daemonizing and the behavior of your main process was different. Can you reboot?09:31
ionhttp://heh.fi/tmp/workaround-upstart-snafu if not.09:32
ion‘# workaround-upstart-snafu n’, where n is the pid ‘status jobname’ says, given that no such process actually exists.09:33
Lion-SimbaYes, I can. But I'm not very happy to do it every time during development.09:33
ionIf you’re not absolute sure of the forking behavior of the main process, it’s better to make it not fork and not use the ‘expect’ stanza.09:35
Lion-SimbaWOW! I've just started workaround-upstart-snafu without arguments... and it start output a lot of numbers (pids?) and not interruptable by ctrl+c09:36
Lion-SimbaNot quite good behaviour..09:37
ionpkill -f workaround09:38
ionI never said it’s a good program. :-) As the name says, it’s a workaround.09:38
Lion-SimbaOk. It's died. )09:38
Lion-SimbaBut... ‘# workaround-upstart-snafu n' not helped.09:39
Lion-SimbaSame numbers.09:39
ionUpdated the file. Now it shouldn’t behave incorrectly when given no parameters.09:41
ionExactly what does ‘status jobname’ print?09:41
Lion-Simbaroot@dahari:~# status stargazer09:42
Lion-Simbastargazer stop/killed, process 1214809:42
ionWhat does ‘ps -p 12148’ print?09:43
Lion-SimbaOh. It's over. I used workaround-upstart-snafu 12148 and wait a bit longer, letting it proceed with numbers. :) Now status is stop/waiting. Thank you. :)09:45
cr3when I run an upstart job on hary, initctl start doesn't return to the shell and just leave me hanging. if I ctrl-c, the process I exec'ed in my upstart job is running fine though20:03

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