chaos2358DasEi so now what?00:00
goltoofi don't feel like waiting for this bad blocks test to finish, .01% per minute, i'm going to reformat, what's the best utility to reformat the volume to ext3 ?00:00
ActionParsnipchaos2358: what make / model is the printer00:00
DasEichaos2358: try again, step by step, idk what's missing, that printer works fine : http://harbhag.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/canon-pixma-mp258-or-any-mp250-series-printer-on-ubuntu-debian-fedora-and-arch-linux/00:00
goltoofneedlez:  f5 might be easier00:00
chaos2358ActionParsnip,  Its a Canon Pixma Mp250 all in one scanner, copier, printer00:01
AssiActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/151660600:01
coreireWow, this system is determined not to let me install ubuntu. When the picture of they keyboard+man is on the screen my keyboard is not active. It doesn't become active until after it disappears00:01
needlezgoltoof: Theres a reason for it... so f5 isn't a choice. I made a script to change my mac address and get the ip address but would like the page to refresh automatically after that00:01
avashi1how do i stop aptitude from running00:02
needlezscript so far is this http://pastie.org/151660900:02
ActionParsnipchaos2358: mkdir ~/canon;cd ~/canon;wget http://files.canon-europe.com/files/soft37267/software/mp250_debian_driver_pack.tar; tar xvf ./mp250_debian_driver_pack.tar; tar zxvf ./cnijfilter-mp250series-3.20-1-i386-deb.tar.gz; cd cnijfilter-mp250series-3.20-1-i386-deb/packages;  sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb00:04
goltoofneedlez: not sure, but if it's practical you could script the page to do it for you, ie, meta refresh00:04
DasEiavashi1: not to recommended, ctrl-c in terminal00:04
chaos2358ActionParsnip, HUH?00:04
ActionParsnipchaos2358: run that command and it will install the printer driver00:05
ActionParsnipchaos2358: then run:00:05
avashi1thanks DasEi00:05
coreireCan I modify the 10.10 iso image so that it will automatically use nomodeset when it boots?00:06
avashi1I just downloaded a Packet tracer (cisco application) for ubuntu.. its a .bin file but How do i install it00:06
chaos2358ActionParsnip,  ok i was confused because it was such a long command. but it is installing now00:06
Dr_Willis coreire  i did by putting it on a usb flash driv4e and editing the syslinux configs00:06
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chaos2358ActionParsnip,  ok that is done now run what?00:06
ActionParsnipchaos2358: rm -r ~/canon; mkdir ~/canon; cd ~/canon;  wget http://files.canon-europe.com/files/soft40252/software/mp250%20scanner%20driver%201.60.tar; tar xvf ./mp250\ scanner\ driver\ 1.60.tar; tar zxvf ./scangearmp-mp250series-1.60-1-deb.tar.gz; cd scangearmp-mp250series-1.60-1-deb/packages/; sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb00:07
coreireDr_Willis: Where are they located? And what must I add?00:07
ActionParsnipchaos2358: sure is but if you read it, it makes sense00:07
ezyhello folks...if I want a process (e.g vlc player) to use less cpu how do I go about it00:07
Dr_Williscoreire:  under syslinux config dirs. in one of the config files. You just have to look for it00:08
GanymedeHello. I was playing some full-screen 3D games and after quitting from them, keyboard presses no longer repeat (e.g. if I hold onto A, it only prints one A and does not print any more), which is different from the previous behavior. How can I restore previous behavior? (Playing with repeat options under System -> Preferences -> Keyboard does not fix the issue).00:08
chaos2358ActionParsnip, ok gotcha and it is done.00:08
wanderingiwhat will rmdir -f do?00:08
chaos2358ActionParsnip, now what?00:08
goltoof(<unknown>:29183): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead00:08
goltoofany idea what that means?00:08
ActionParsnipAssi: then your wireless chip isn't supported by the driver00:09
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap00:09
ubunhow do i auto detect a wireless network...?00:09
ActionParsnipchaos2358: try the scanner and try printing00:09
GanymedeNVM, Asked too soon. Answer: xset r rate 30000:09
aeon-ltdezy: you can't force a app to use less cpu, besides tinkering with its prefs, but ultimately what the devs put in uses the cpu it needs; so idealy a well written application is already using its minimum required cpu00:09
ActionParsnipchaos2358: or delete the printer then reattatch it, it should pick it up00:10
chaos2358ActionParsnip,  ok gimmie one sec and i will test00:10
goltoofif i want to wipe clean and format my usb drive to ext3 do i just:  mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1   ?00:10
ActionParsnipAssi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101075100:10
LeGambitteurhey ActionParsnip, the config file dosn't work so I'v switched to my old one.00:10
chaos2358ActionParsnip,  YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:11
ezyaeon-ltd, would changing the priority of the process help in achieving my goals ?00:11
ActionParsnipgoltoof: yes, make sure it's ext3 though, and make sure the partition isn't mounted or in use00:11
ActionParsnipchaos2358: Canon support is not bad but can REALLY led itself to long command installs like that :)00:11
goltoofActionParsnip:  it isn't ext3 currently it's ntfs.. i want to make it ext3 ... nothing else i should do first.  the drive is unmounted and g2g00:11
aeon-ltdezy: not really unless it was maxing out your cpu or something else is00:11
goltoofActionParsnip:  *nothing else i should do first?00:12
avashi1guys, I am trying to install an application and receiving this error "Attempting to install package now00:12
avashi1dpkg: status database area is locked by another process00:12
ActionParsnipgoltoof: then its fine, off you go. Make sure you copy the data off first if you need it00:12
ActionParsnipchaos2358: glad you got the gold00:12
goltoofaeon-ltd:  isn't there a command to bring a process to the foreground or background?  ie, fg / bg ?  i remember reading something like that00:12
chaos2358ActionParsnip,  I went to canon.com and went through the driver and support crap until i got to where i had to select os to download drivers for and there was no linux. how did you find00:13
ezyaeon-ltd, its actually maxing it out...the problem has to do with the heating of my laptop to tempratures of 90+ whenever I stream clips on youtube or view movies through vlc player00:13
DasEiavashi1: synaptics open in parallel ?00:13
AssiActionParsnip: thanks!00:13
ActionParsnipavashi1: make sure software centre is closed and updates are not running00:13
ActionParsnipAssi: np bro00:13
Acid190avaashil: yeah, software center + synaptics, etc. can't be loading at the same time00:13
ActionParsnipchaos2358: http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0010752.asp00:13
aeon-ltdezy: then thats the real problem, ask that question to this channel with more details00:13
ezyaeon-ltd, everytime the laptop hits 2100 Mhz of cpu usage the temprature heats up and I have narrowed it down to those activities that lead to a higher cpu frequency00:14
ActionParsnipavashi1: if they are not open:00:14
ActionParsnip!aptfix | avashi100:14
ubottuavashi1: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:14
Silentz0rhello, I have a WD My Passport which is no longer recognised on any machine (Windows/Linux). It is powered on, but not mounted and not recognised by the system. Any suggestions?00:15
ActionParsnipezy: try: sudo mkdir /etc/adobe; echo "OverrideGPUValidation=true" | sudo tee /etc/adobe/mms.cfg00:15
ActionParsnipSilentz0r: I'd ask in ##hardware too00:15
ezyActionParsnip, what does that command do ?00:16
FaffelHey guys - I'm new to using Ubuntu and I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered the inability to connect to the Steam Network using Wine00:16
ActionParsnipezy: its a liitle known file which can reduce cpu usage in flash00:16
butterflynow is 08:1600:16
FaffelIt installs fine, updates etc but it won't connect to the network00:16
lolcat_Can anyone recommend a ligthweight desktop system? Small download, and low on ram preferably00:16
gunndawgFaffel: I have no issues00:16
FaffelUsing Maverick?00:17
FaffelI first did it using PlayOnLinux, but apparently that's bugged on 64-bit MAverick and loads a 32-bit wine00:17
gunndawgFaffel: yes00:17
chaos2358ActionParsnip, ok you have helped me alot but now i must ask one more thing00:17
FaffelWhich causes some bugs, but I'm just using straight Wine now00:17
FaffelAnd it still won't connect00:17
ActionParsnipezy: also if you add: http://pastie.org/1516639    to /etc/X11/xorg.conf  it can help too00:17
ezyActionParsnip, could there be similar commands for vlc player and virtual box ?00:17
gunndawgFaffel: I am using 32-bit 10.10 and Steam works perfectly00:17
ActionParsnipchaos2358: ask the channel and we'll try and help00:18
FaffelI'm using 64-bit00:18
FaffelMaybe it's 64-bit :(00:18
noname1000Hi people, I'm having trouble setting up my WUSB54Gv4 linksys thing, I'm supposed to... "[o] if it doesnt work, edit "/etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper" change "wlan0" to "rausb1" " but when I do that I can't find wlan0, when I search for it with iwconfig, ifconfig, dhclient, and iwlist, they can't find it either00:18
ActionParsnipezy: virtualbox is VERY CPU intensive00:18
butterflywhat's time?00:18
gunndawgFaffel: yes could be some 64-bit incompatibility issues00:18
chaos2358ActionParsnip, do i have to download something in particular in order to scan documents to the computer? i insert and press the scan button on my printer and it doesnt scan to the computer00:18
avashi1guys i am still getting same error dpkg: status database area is locked by another process00:18
lolcat_Can anyone recommend a ligthweight desktop system? Small download, and low on ram preferably00:18
FaffelIs there any way to get feedback on what's going on when it's trying to connect, Gunndawg?00:18
FaffelI don't know how Linux works, haven't used it since I was like 14 :D00:18
ActionParsnipchaos2358: you have simplescan as part of a default install00:18
goddardhow do i change the default subdomain name for my local network smtp?00:18
ezyActionParsnip, any way of tinkering with that ? :-)00:19
butterflyhello,who can tell me the time?00:19
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)00:19
gunndawgFaffel: I dont believe so, that would be steams framework, and I dont think there is any way to get access to that, i could be wrong though, but it sounds unlikely00:19
rbnswartzlolcat_: try xfce or lxde (xubuntu or lubuntu)00:19
butterflywhat' time?00:19
FaffelHm okay00:19
ActionParsnipezy: you can set a higher nice value which will make the virtualbox process get less CPU time but the guest will run slower00:19
FaffelThat's too bad, Steam is my primary chat program ;(00:19
lolcat_rbnswartz: apt-get install lubuntu-desktop?00:19
Acid190avashil: sudo killall synaptic<---------terminal00:20
Acid190avashil: just to try from base i guess00:20
chaos2358ActionParsnip,  ok it wasnt installed.00:20
FaffelIs there a channel on freenode for Wine in specific?00:20
butterflyso pity!00:20
ActionParsnipchaos2358: get it in then. I beleve gimp can scan too00:20
ezyActionParsnip, aha...that was the term I was looking for...tinkering the nice number...thanks, appreciate your help on this00:20
Dr_Willisbutterfly:  it would depend on your time zone.. I got 7:20 pm here. :)00:20
Dr_WillisFaffel:  #winehq00:20
noname1000Hi people, I'm having trouble setting up my WUSB54Gv4 linksys thing, I'm supposed to... "[o] if it doesnt work, edit "/etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper" change "wlan0" to "rausb1" " but when I do that I can't find wlan0, when I search for it with iwconfig, ifconfig, dhclient, and iwlist, they can't find it either00:20
butterflythank you00:20
avashi1Acid190 i did sudo killall and it says no process found00:21
Faffelty Willis00:21
butterflyhere 08:2100:21
ActionParsnipezy: i wouldnt suggest going above 15 or below -15 for processes requiring more time00:21
manashey all, ive just installed ubuntu on my vaio. my touch pad doesnt wok what to do?00:21
ActionParsnipmanas: I've seen this a billion times. gimme a sec00:21
Dr_Willismanas:  check the forums for your exact make laptop. it maybe a known bug. with some work arounbds.00:21
rbnswartz lolcat_ yes or if you wish to use a gui search for lubunt-desktop in synaptic. Lubuntu is the lighter then xubuntu00:22
Dr_Willismanas:  also be sure the thing isent just turned off. via you rlaptop  special fn keys.00:22
noname1000Uhh, can anyone help me? I spent 4 hours last night trying to get it to work...00:22
Acid190avashil:sorry man, im stumped on this one00:22
avashi1Acid190 I am still getting same error Attempting to install package now00:22
avashi1dpkg: status database area is locked by another process00:22
avashi1Acid190, you think rebooting laptop might fix it lol ??00:22
Acid190avashi1: it's always worth a shot00:23
ActionParsnipmanas: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub     find:   GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"    and change it to  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i8042.nopnp"   save the new file, close gedit and run:   sudo update-grub 00:23
Dr_Willisnoname1000:  pay attention to how old  any 'guides' are - its possible they are out of date. and giveing wong info.00:23
ActionParsnipmanas: reboot to test00:23
needlezanyone able to help with my script? I want to add a line for firefox to autorefresh after dhclient is ran. Any ideas?? this is what I have so far...http://pastie.org/151660900:24
noname1000Dr_Willis I looked at all the guides I could find, the only ones that had answers were from 2007 :\00:24
Dr_Willisnoname1000:  i was thinking the use of ndiswrappers has basoically been eliminted these days.00:24
Dr_Willisnoname1000:  you did check the ubuntu forums?>00:24
noname1000Nope... I just used google00:25
Dr_Willisnoname1000: i suggest hitting the foriums and the bug report site.00:25
noname1000Thank you00:25
manasim sorry but i didnt follow00:25
manasim new to linux and have no clue about it00:25
manasso can you please tell me what to do one by one00:26
needleznoname1000: what is your issue??00:26
lolcat_I got three errors when I tried to install xubuntu-desktop, three packages it couldn't download from the norwegian respiories. --fix-missing worked, just thougth somoene here migth have something to do with that...00:26
ActionParsniplolcat_: is there  bug logged?00:26
noname1000needlez: Hi people, I'm having trouble setting up my WUSB54Gv4 linksys thing, I'm supposed to... "[o] if it doesnt work, edit "/etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper" change "wlan0" to "rausb1" " but when I do that I can't find wlan0, when I search for it with iwconfig, ifconfig, dhclient, and iwlist, they can't find it either00:26
Dr_Willislolcat_:  could be the servers are getting updaed/maintained, or some other issue also.00:26
Dr_Willislolcat_:  you did do a update/upgrade - befor trying to install the stuff?00:27
lolcat_Dr_Willis: I tried several times, it made my netinst disk fail installing a desktop.00:27
histononame1000: well did you change it to rausb1?00:27
lolcat_Dr_Willis: No, clean netinst installation, just the basic system.00:27
noname1000histo: thats the problem, I can't figure out how, it tells me exactly how but I can't find wlan000:27
Dr_Willislolcat_:  never done that. so cant really advise any more. sounds like servers may be missing some files.00:27
PsPhaKeR_How can I give permission to a removable disk?(psp)00:27
goltoofok, i just finished formatting my 1tb drive to ext3, but says i only have 870gb free? capacity shows as only 916?00:28
Dr_Willisnoname1000:  a 3 yr old guide. may be refering an older verion of ubuntu . and thus be wrong in that example.00:28
nofrillzPsPhaKeR_, use chmod00:28
PsPhaKeR_For a usb device?00:28
Dr_Willisgoltoof:  5% reserved. for system ussage. tuneable via the tune2fs command.00:28
histononame1000: what chipset does the wusb54G have on it?00:28
nofrillzlibreoffice > openoffice00:29
PsPhaKeR_nofrillz: How can I do that for a usb device?00:29
lolcat_Dr_Willis:  I got 404 errors on those files. I managed to install without them, and I belive the packages is unneccecary00:29
noname1000Dr_Willis: Yeah, I'm sure its too old, but the wireless connection interface thing can't find anything now because I messed around with it using the old guides00:29
noname1000histo: I'm not too sure what you mean, v4?00:29
nofrillzwhy does the psp need permission?00:29
PsPhaKeR_To use psplink00:29
histononame1000: I'll look it up give me a sec00:30
PsPhaKeR_debugging application00:30
histononame1000: what version of ubuntu are you using00:30
noname1000histo: 10 0400:30
PsPhaKeR_nofrillz: I need it to use PSPLink (debugging application), I need full permission over it.00:31
Dr_WillisPsPhaKeR_:  you mount the filesystem with the proper options. the Ntfs-config utility may help you do this00:31
histononame1000: that card should work out of hte box since 8.1000:31
Dr_WillisPsPhaKeR_:  or mount it by hand as root, with the proper options to some location.00:31
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PsPhaKeR_Dr_Willis: Sorry, I am new to Ubuntu, so all of this "permissions" stuff is very confusing to me... could you help me out a little more?00:32
bazhang!permissions > PsPhaKeR_00:32
ubottuPsPhaKeR_, please see my private message00:32
noname1000histo: uhh... Well it wasn't able to connect to the internet when I plugged it in the first time, even if it could find the connections...00:32
needleznoname1000: that card works OOB, you might wanna go enable it00:33
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needlezadministration>additional drivers> enable the one for your card. then reboot00:34
jayd3emy samba just stopped working today and I don't know why.  In my log.smbd file it says that smbd cannot start because the port is already in use; however, I think that it just because smbd is already running in the background.  I restarted my server and it still doesn't work.  I can show my smb.conf if anyone wants to see it, but I assure you that is not the problem00:34
avashi1Acid190 Reboot fixed the problem.. I was able to install the app i needed00:35
noname1000needlez: thank you, I'll try it out00:35
avashi1Thanks for your help though00:35
Jordan_Unoname1000: What version of Ubuntu are you using?00:35
lolcat_Meh, isntalling xubuntu-desktop takes forever00:35
MagicJI have changed the gltext.desktop file and ny changes are not showing when I use the test of the screen saver.  Is there someting that I needs to do to cause it to re-read the file.00:35
Acid190avashi1: yeah, while you were gonna i did some reading and that's what fixes the problem.00:35
noname1000Jordan_U: 10 0400:35
ActionParsniplolcat_: could've just install xfce400:35
avashi1i c00:35
noname1000needlez: can you type in the exact command?00:36
ActionParsniplolcat_: wan't it part of your XUbuntu CD??00:36
needleznoname1000: its not a command00:36
avashi1I am very new to linux and excited about learning it.. appericate the support here00:36
Vonorhi. is /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf the same on all installations or is it auto-generated at install time?00:36
Jordan_Unoname1000: Do you have a 10.04 LiveCD? If so it might be easiest to try to get things working there first, where there's nothing left over from old attempts to confuse things.00:36
ActionParsnipVonor: it's generic00:36
lolcat_ActionParsnip: My cd-room is busted, installing form a netinst thing on the usb00:36
noname1000Jordan_U: I don't even know what that is, so I guess not00:37
needleznoname1000: go to administration then to additional drivers and in there you should have a choice to enable drivers00:37
ActionParsniplolcat_: I see, its nice anyway as you don't have to upgrade after install :)00:37
noname1000needlez: when I click additional drivers I get an error, don't remember what it says though, something about being unable to connect to the internet00:37
avashi1Acid190: I just installed 10.04, do you recommend the upgrade to 10.10 ? if so , can i just run "upgrade manager" from System>Administration or its a whole another process ?00:37
ActionParsnipavashi1: Lucid (10.04) is supported longer00:38
VonorActionParsnip, thanks00:38
lolcatActionParsnip: Yes, it is. Except I want to see Due Date with my girlfriend and this is taking forever. All I needed was some kind of simple ex that I could run VLC in...00:38
ActionParsnip!upgrade | avashi1 if you really want to00:38
ubottuavashi1 if you really want to: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:38
jayd3emy samba just stopped working today and I don't know why.  In my log.smbd file it says that smbd cannot start because the port is already in use; however, I think that it just because smbd is already running in the background.  I restarted my server and it still doesn't work.  I can show my smb.conf if anyone wants to see it, but I assure you that is not the problem00:38
needleznoname1000: please connect to internet thru " hardwire" LAN cable00:38
Jordan_Unoname1000: The CD that you use to install Ubuntu 10.04. Since you can use the system from the CD (use firefox, try some screensavers, etc) it's called a "Live" CD as well as being an install CD.00:38
avashi1Thanks ActionParsnip. I will stick to 10.04 since everything is working fine for now :)00:38
VonorActionParsnip, are you on 10.10? if yes, could you please pastebin your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf for me?00:38
ActionParsniplolcat_: could have used something simpler, if your ONLY requirement is VLC you can esily use something like puppy or xpud00:39
PsPhaKeR1Permission error while opening the USB device.00:39
Lars_Hi! I had a friend to install roundcube on my remote ubuntu server, I access the server via ssh normally but roundcube via normal webbrowser. I wish to learn more about safety and how I can protect my mails and server, cryptation of mail etc, any tips what and where to read?00:39
PsPhaKeR1Fix device permissions or run as root.00:39
noname1000Jordan_U: I just downloaded it and installed it on my windows... I don't have a CD00:39
FaffelI haven't tried playing any modern games in Wine - does the emulation aspect of Wine cause a major performance hit?00:39
cuppsyAnyone know how to remove items from the MeMenu in 10.10? "Broadcast" is listed twice.00:39
lolcatActionParsnip: I know, couldn't remember any names though.00:39
ActionParsnipVonor: http://pastebin.com/nH8b5AA2   my vanilla Maverick file00:39
FaffelOr does it run mostly as well as it would if I was in Windows assuming Wine handles the game optimally?00:39
noname1000needlez: I'll try if I can find a cable long enough00:39
ActionParsnipnoname1000: could move the system00:39
avashi1My only problem with Ubuntu is getting HDMI audio to work on my dell inspiron 152500:40
VonorActionParsnip, thanks. though am not that familar with the nicknames of the versions, is maverick 10.10?00:40
noname1000ActionParsnip: No idea what that means... ._.00:40
needleznoname1000: I would say get up and move the system if you can00:40
Xavier1001hello everyone00:40
avashi1I can't figure it out.. tried on forums everywhere. no luck00:40
ActionParsnipnoname1000: instead of laying a long cable, move the system00:40
PsPhaKeR1I tried the chmod, didnt work... I get this error00:40
PsPhaKeR1Permission error while opening the USB device.00:40
PsPhaKeR1Fix device permissions or run as root.00:40
rbnswartzlolcat_ puppy linux is around 190mb for download and doesn't have good looks but it does work.00:40
noname1000Oh, okay00:40
Xavier1001I love puppy linux00:40
Xavier1001but i use ubuntu00:41
GoogleApparentlyPsPhaKeR1: did you google it?00:41
lolcatrbnswartz: Well, I assume I am haf way in the install now00:41
ActionParsniprbnswartz: depends on taste for "good looks"00:41
noname1000Thank you for your help people00:41
Xavier1001trye true00:41
Xavier1001rbn lol00:41
ActionParsniprbnswartz: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8c/Lucid_Puppy_5.0.0.png    looks pretty sweet to me :)00:41
needleznoname1000: np00:42
lorphI installed ubuntu 10.04 server and I can't get utf8 to display. Am I missing any packages?00:42
Xavier1001yea i love when it isnt dark green when you install the wrong video drivers lol00:42
izinucsPsPhaKeR1: probably owned by root.. sudo chown -r <username>:<username> /path/to/usb00:42
rbnswartzActionParsnip Very true. But compared to the heavy heights such as GNOME or KDE it looks a little scarce00:42
Xavier1001rbn did you see what i said00:43
ActionParsniprbnswartz: I find them both cluttered, again, it's all taste00:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:43
Xavier1001i do think they are action00:43
ActionParsniplorph: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf00:43
Jayrohey, can anyone tell me why the layout of my top panel keeps changing (calender, bluetooth, chat/mail/ battery)00:43
ActionParsnipJayro: are they locked?00:43
Vonordoes anyone know if ubuntu has applied patches to alsa in the default distro kernel? (especially the hda-intel driver) I ask, because a fix for an alsa problem on my motherboard apparently works for an ubuntu user but doesn't work for me (I'm on gentoo and the fix is adding a probe_mask option to alsa-base)00:43
BlueBomber7Jayro: That might be more appropriate for #gnome.00:44
PsPhaKeR1izinucs: Thanks!00:44
cuppsyI have an extra "Broadcast" entry in my MeMenu; anyone know how to remove it?00:44
Jayrookay, thanks00:44
BlueBomber7But I have a question similar to yours, Jayro, about GNOME panels, and no one there's helping.00:44
Noah0504BlueBomber7: What's your question.  I just hopped on.00:44
ActionParsnipVonor: you can add the probe options in /etc/modprobe/alsa-base.conf   and it will set the option00:45
BlueBomber7I have two panels on top, and on reboot they appear in backwards order.  The one that should be on top is on bottom.00:45
Jayrobluebomber7: yeah , everytime i reboot they like switch positions on the panel.,00:45
BlueBomber7I have to manually adjust them every time.00:45
ActionParsnip!panelfix | BlueBomber700:45
BlueBomber7ActionParsnip: You'll get it, keep trying.00:45
lorphActionParsnip: oh alrgith i'll try that but I can't reboot my server now :(00:45
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:45
Noah0504Hmm... I've never tried configuring my panels that way...00:46
BlueBomber7Awesome, thanks, exactly what I needed.00:46
Jayrowhat will resetting it to defaults do?00:46
GoogleApparentlyJayro: reset to default <_<00:46
ActionParsnipBlueBomber7: was trying to get that :(00:46
discord_does anybody know the window switch shortcut for irssi? does it work in the terminal in gnome00:46
ActionParsnipJayro: will let you build back up from vanilla00:46
Jayrowill my dropbox still be there?00:46
ActionParsnipdiscord_: ALT+number00:46
ActionParsnipdiscord_: yes, it will be in the notification area00:46
histodiscord_: yeah alt+number or alt+arrow left or right00:47
needlezanyone able to help with this script?? I want to make firefox autorefresh the page after the dhclient command. This is what I have so far http://pastie.org/151660900:47
Noah0504discord_: http://irssi.org/documentation00:47
VonorActionParsnip, i know. that wasn't my question, though. that option apparently fixes the issue for an ubuntu user (who has reported that fix on the xbmc forum entry regarding this motherboard) but it doesn't fix it for me (and I'm not using ubuntu) hence I wonder if there might be ubuntu specific patches to the kernel regarding asla/hda-intel which aren't in vanilla00:47
bubbles|when i ssh to my vserver over putty it looks like this: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ubuntucmpz.jpg00:47
bubbles|what am i doing wrong?00:47
Jayroactionparsnip: will my dropbox still be in the panel?00:47
histodiscord_: the only problem is if you have multiple tabs open in gnome-terminal alt+number will switch tabs in gnome-terminal00:47
ActionParsnipVonor: then you are asking in the wrong channel if you are not using ubuntu00:47
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ActionParsnipJayro: yes, it will be in the notification area00:47
histodiscord_: so you can /window number to switch00:48
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:48
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ActionParsnipJayro: the dropbox in the panel is not really needed, you only need the service running. some icon doesn't change weather it shows or not00:48
VonorActionParsnip, "is ubuntu using patches on asla/hda-intel that are not in vanilla" is a question that i should not ask in #ubuntu because i don't use ubuntu? *winks*00:48
BlueBomber7Speaking of panels, ActionParsnip and Jayro, I can't seem to have multiple panels on the same side that autohide.  Should we be able to accomplish this?00:49
Xavier1001I was wondering what I can do to make firefox start on my ubuntu machine. It won't open from the panel, dock, or applications tab.00:49
ActionParsnipBlueBomber7: not sure, i dont use panels much00:49
ActionParsnipXavier1001: use ALT+F2 and run: firefox00:50
Jayroactionparsnip: when i ran that command it made empathy show in the notifications area instead of under the ting that opens when i click the mail sign, how cna i fix this?00:50
ActionParsnipVonor: which patches do you mean?00:50
ActionParsnipJayro: not sure, I dont use empathy00:50
Xavier1001ActionParsnip:didn't work00:50
ActionParsnipneedlez: you could make it open a new tab, or close the current one and launch a new window00:51
randomOfAmbercan I print a man page?00:51
bubbles|when i ssh to my vserver over putty it looks like this: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ubuntucmpz.jpg - what am i doing wrong?00:51
Jayroyeah, imma switch to pidgin00:51
ActionParsnipXavier1001: or you open keyboard shortcuts, you can set a keyboard shortcut to open web browser00:51
needlezActionParsnip: I want it to autorefresh inside the script with out closing the browser. Since I can hit F5 can't I create a command or something to do that in the script??00:52
ActionParsnipneedlez: the guys in #bash may know a trick or two00:52
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, <ot>those are quite the ear plugs</ot> glad you like them :)00:52
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: It won't start, is it an issue with firefox?00:52
Lars_I sync my android phone with google calender today, if I would like to change google calaender to something based from my ubuntu server, what could that be?00:52
ActionParsnipZykoticK9: huh?00:52
VonorActionParsnip, don't worry, you seem busy enough, i'll wait for someone else to answer :P00:52
VCooliorandomOfAmber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/560799/ change line 15 for your pdf viewer of choice to print00:52
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, "New plugs in, YEEEEE BOIII!!"00:53
ActionParsnipXavier1001: if you run it from terminal is there an output?00:53
ActionParsnipZykoticK9: haha cheers dude, I love them :)00:53
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: Nope00:53
ActionParsnipXavier1001: does the browser run?00:53
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: Noooope lol00:54
LeDutchHey guys. I am trying to do a demo install of ubuntu on to my PC via USB stick. It seems to be looping.00:54
ActionParsnipZykoticK9: 14mm and 12mm,very cool00:54
needlezActionParsnip: asking them also, so far no luck00:54
Xavier1001LeDutch: What do you mean?00:54
slax00I need reduce windows executable size with linker in visual C. could somebody help me?00:54
ActionParsnipLeDutch: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?00:54
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, looks painful :)00:54
LeDutchI am on the screen with ubuntu, and red dots that turn white. When I hit F1 that screen seems to keep giving me I/O errors.00:54
ActionParsnipZykoticK9: nar, i'v been pusing up with teflon tape00:55
LeDutchActionParsnip Yes.00:55
ActionParsnipLeDutch: ok and have you tested your RAM00:55
LeDutchNot recently, but it runs win7 without issue. So I assume the RAM is fine.00:55
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: You seem to know everything! lol00:55
BlueBomber7ActionParsnip is awesome.00:56
ActionParsnipLeDutch: may be worth it overnight if you get no where, just to take it out of the equation00:56
ActionParsnipBlueBomber7: I try :)00:56
LeDutchPC setup, if relevant is 2x HD5770, i7 950, 12gig patriot ram.00:56
Xavier1001BlueBomber7: Amen00:56
LeDutchItel SSD.00:56
ActionParsnipXavier1001: just got badass googlefu and bing-chi00:56
LeDutchActionParsnip So back to windows to test it? Is it safe to turn off PC while it is in this loop? Or can I turn it off via command someplace?00:56
ActionParsnipXavier1001: are there any firefox processes running?00:57
ActionParsnipLeDutch: theres a memtest on the USB stick00:57
lolcat_Maan, it is taking like forever to install xubuntu-desktop!00:57
bubbles|when i ssh to my vserver over putty it looks like this: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ubuntucmpz.jpg - what am i doing wrong?00:57
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: Nope, its completely unresponsive, and my friend says googlefu all the time00:57
ActionParsnipXavier1001: do other browsers run ok?00:57
ActionParsnipXavier1001: does a reboot help?00:58
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: Yes, this event has made a opera user and nope, ive had this issue for months00:58
LeDutchHas anyone else done the demo install via USB before? If so, how long did it take you to get in to ubuntu?00:58
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bazhangLeDutch, you mean live usb?00:59
ActionParsnipXavier1001: could try the mozilla ppa and get firefox 4, or whatever version minefield is these days 9I don't use firefox)00:59
Jordan_ULeDutch: The most likely cause for IO errors is a bad burn of the CD / scratches / bad CD drive or worse (and also less likely) hardware problems with your hard drive.00:59
BlueBomber7bubbles|: It doesn't look like something necessarily wrong.  It just looks like a text-mode dropdown menu is all.  Maybe your default login script launches some app?00:59
LeDutchbazhang that is the one sorry.00:59
bazhangLeDutch, a few minutes at the very worst00:59
LeDutchJordan_U It is on a USB, not CD. HDD is fine with windows, if that matters.00:59
Xavier1001ActionParsnip: I'll check it out00:59
LeDutchbazhang ok cheers. Been a good 30 minutes.01:00
LeDutchDoing memory test now.01:00
Jordan_ULeDutch: Then there may be problems with the USB drive. Flash drives can be very unreliable.01:00
bubbles|BlueBomber7 there should be # instead of â - somebody mentioned that i'm connecting to a serial console instead of ssh, but how can i change that?01:00
ActionParsnipLeDutch: how do you mean 'loops' by the way01:00
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BlueBomber7bubbles|: Can you provide any more information?  What are your putty settings?01:01
LeDutchActionParsnip When I hit f1. It seemed to be going through the same steps.01:01
ActionParsnipLeDutch: so the usb doesn't boot?01:01
bubbles|BlueBomber7 just server-ip and port, nothing more01:01
LeDutchActionParsnip, not sure. I got to the ubuntu loading screen. Not any further.01:01
=== Guest39097 is now known as Flema
_TristanHey. I'm not too into openoffice, it's a little heavy for me. I'm having a hard time finding alternatives. Any ideas?01:01
BlueBomber7_Tristan: Abiword?01:02
ActionParsnipLeDutch: like a black screen???01:02
Flare183_Tristan: GNOME Office01:02
ActionParsnip_Tristan: what components of openoffice do you use?01:02
LeDutchNope. Like the ubuntu logo with a loading bar under it (of sorts. Dots that change colour).01:02
_TristanActionParsnip: Mainly just writer and spreadsheets01:02
LeDutchI'd get to the shitty BIOS styled screen, select demo or live or whatever the option is called. Then it would do some stuff, and sit on that screen for 30mins.01:03
BlueBomber7bubbles|: Hmmm... I've used putty before, but I don't have my settings here.  Never seen anything like that, though.  Maybe your default shell is some kinda text-mode shell instead of bash, I really don't know.01:03
ActionParsnipLeDutch: www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html may help01:03
ActionParsnip_Tristan: use gnumeric and abiword then, significantly lighter01:03
bubbles|where would i see that BlueBomber7?01:03
_TristanActionParsnip: thanks01:03
needlezLeDutch: what kind of computer??01:04
link_is there anyone understands spanish01:04
LeDutchHomemade. i7 950, 2x 5770, Intel SSD, 12gb patriot RAM.01:04
BlueBomber7bubbles|:  man chsh01:04
ActionParsnip!es | link_01:04
ubottulink_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:04
BlueBomber7Si, un poquito.01:04
j_ayen_greenI'm using a laptop often for development (lucid on vbox) and when I'm stationary, a server, also with lucid. I'd like to be able to use either...that is, keep them in synch with regards to my data. I'm thinking I can synch /home without issue... what about /etc ? and is there a good tool for this (pref with a gui setup tool) ?01:04
needlezLeDutch: is this the 10.04 LTS your trying to install?? or 10.10??01:05
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: could use rsync to updte the changed files (if I understand your question)01:05
LeDutchJust wanting to install the demo so I can show my GF it and then put it on our laptops and other PCs.01:05
needlezLeDutch: in the BIOS do you have the USB setup correctly?? what is it set on??01:05
nilesltry usb-hdd01:05
nilesif applicable01:06
LeDutchYeah, there is HDD, FDD and CD. And something else.01:06
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip, ok. would those tend to be the two directories I need to focus on, in a normal config?01:06
nilestry hdd01:06
bubbles|BlueBomber7 changing the shell to bash didn't help either01:06
LeDutchOk cool.01:06
nilesusb-cd is not your cd drive, by the way01:06
needlezLeDutch: also try toggling between Legacy on and off because sometimes that will change how the usb is recognized01:07
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: whatever suits your needs01:07
LeDutchSorry, I lied. It was on USB-HDD.01:07
nilesoh, what are we talking about?01:07
BlueBomber7bubbles|: You can try doing some research on whatever program you're running there.  That's all I would do to further help you.  Good luck.01:07
LeDutchI'll reinstall the USB stick then I guess.01:08
LeDutchreinstall the .iso on the stick that is.01:08
needlezLeDutch: see if Legacy 2.0 usb is enabled or if you can even change it01:08
LeDutchneedlez how can I do that?01:08
NixGeekDoes anyone know why my apache server would show on a random domain name (lifeahacker.com) and only from firefox (not chromium or links2) on only one computer (the computer the apache server is running from)?01:08
nilesLeDutch: dont forget to make the drive bootable01:08
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip, well, don't know what I don't know. I know my user stuff is in /home, and all the config stuff for the add-on software is in /etc.. and my web server in /var, but I could very well not be realizing something...something else I should synch, or something I should NOT because there are hardware-related config items01:08
nilesNixGeek: dns servers01:08
needlezin Bios it should be a setting under the USB not sure depends on each bios01:09
NixGeekniles: for just one broswser, on one computer?01:09
needlezwhat kind of BIOS do you have??01:09
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: then those will need to be included and such01:09
Xavier1001__does anyone know why my glk dock is having lines and other graphical issues?01:09
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip, yeah...just wanted to make sure ...give someone the change to say "NO...don't synch var, or etc, because..."01:10
Acid190Xavier1001_: graphics card update?01:10
j_ayen_green*the chance01:10
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: if you need to get them updated then go for it01:10
NixGeekneedlez: why would it do that and how can I fix it.  it's not really a big thing, just a ittle annoyance.  The domain name is just a wierd one that I got when I misspelled lifeahaker.com01:11
Xavier1001__Acid190: Yea but my compy is five years old and I'm getting  a new laptop this summer, preferably a system 7601:11
needlezNixGeek: Idk01:11
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip, wasn't updating that concerned me... was that if I have one environment on a laptop, and another on a server, didn't want to push a directory from one to the other if it would break something :)01:11
LeDutchOk. Reformatting and installing the USB stick.01:12
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: i'd say it'll be fine01:12
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip, thanks for your help01:13
xilhi everyone. What's the cli command to start MoviePlayer?01:13
Acid190Xavier1001__: try wrapping the microsoft driver?01:13
Acid190Xavier1001__: it may be more reliable than the linux driver, not sure though01:14
xiloh look at that, it's totem01:14
Xavier1001__Acid190: I have no idea what to do:/01:14
xilit appears to only open 1 instance at a time? Is there a way to change that?01:14
abstraktok so my system got screwed all to heck on the last system update01:14
abstraktso I had to reinstall01:14
abstraktanyway, then my system got screwed yet again when I tried to sudo apt-get install startupmanager01:15
matthewI'm stuck with an extra "Broadcast" entry in my MeMenu. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of it?!01:15
=== matthew is now known as Guest4686
abstraktalso it screwed itself when I attempted to install the broadcom STA driver01:15
nicofsI can't connect to the internet because my interface (should be ra0) isn't there... ifconfig only reveals lo... what can i do?01:15
nicofsaccording to lsmod the appropriate modules are loaded01:15
abstraktthe first time it corrupted my HD... I bought a new HD... the STA driver hung my system (but apparently installed successfully) the startupmanager (which I tried next) hung my system into an unusable state01:16
abstraktcouldn't even get on the net01:16
lakewhy can't I change my shell to zsh with "chsh" ?01:16
abstraktluckily I have two system partitions01:16
lakethe changes never persist when I open a new terminal01:16
sockPantsapt-get doesnt seem to be able to download any repos, they all return 404 (gutsy)01:16
ActionParsnipnicofs: remove the module, then reload it. Does that help01:16
abstraktso I just installed ubuntu flat over the other one... but on the second partition01:16
jriblake: you can01:16
jriblake: login again probably01:16
abstraktso... now the issue is... grub is defaulting to the second ubuntu install01:16
ActionParsnipsockPants: gutsy is dead and gone01:16
abstraktI want to default it to the first... as in I want my original grub configuration back01:16
sockPantsActionParsnip: can i upgrade over the network?01:16
ActionParsnip!eol | sockPants01:17
abstrakthowever, I already edited /etc/default/grub and then ran sudo update-grub but that didn't change the entries on the grub screen01:17
ubottusockPants: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:17
nicofsActionParsnip, how do i do that?01:17
abstraktand my non-configured Ubuntu "recovery" install is the default boot option01:17
abstraktso how do I change that? aside from changing default= in /etc/default/grub01:17
ActionParsnipnicofs: sudo modprobe -r modulenamehere; sleep 5; sudo modprobe modulenamehere01:17
lakejrib that worked01:17
cuppsyIs there an easy way to configure the entries in the MeMenu?01:17
lakethanks for the input01:17
abstraktI don't want to just change the default number, I want to change the actual entries in the grub screen01:17
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  boot to the one you want to manage grub and rerun 'sudo update-grub'  delete the old installs partitins first (or at least the kernel boot files) if you dont want it tobe used any more.01:17
histoabstrakt: after chaning /etc/default/grub you have to sudo update-grub01:17
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  not sure about the recovery option getting set as default. never seen that01:18
nicofsActionParsnip, FATA: module in use01:18
abstrakthisto, Dr_Willis but I did run sudo update-grub from my already configured system01:18
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  could be a 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc' may make it behave.01:18
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  you want to keep  both disrtos?01:18
abstraktDr_Willis, I don't care... I only need to keep the one I already have configured01:19
abstraktDr_Willis, the other one doesn't matter at this point, I just have two system drives so that when the next release comes out I can do a test install on that drive and migrate slowly and still have my original system in case of catastrophic failure, etc01:19
ActionParsnipnicofs: hmm, then you need to find out how to make it not used01:19
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  then delete the partions for the one you dont want. and rerun update-grub01:19
abstraktDr_Willis, delete them from where?01:19
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  disk partion manager tool of your chouce01:20
abstraktthat doesn't sound like a Good Idea (TM) to me01:20
abstraktor at least it sounds like a hack solution to this issue01:20
abstraktthe dpkg reconfigure sounds like a better idea01:20
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  that wont delete the useless install...01:20
abstraktI don't care01:20
Dr_Williswhich is what you sort of said you wanted to do.01:20
abstraktnope, never said that01:20
abstraktI said I don't care about it01:20
Dr_Willisdeleteing the partions and reruning update-grub will remove the entries.01:20
LeGambitteurgood night all01:21
Dr_Willissince update-grub is seeing the other insgtalls kernel files.01:21
abstrakti see01:21
abstraktso theoretically I could just remove the contents of /boot on the other system drive01:21
=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
abstraktand that would "fix" it as well01:21
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  yes. or just rename the boot.01:21
abstraktaight I'm gonna try the reconfigure version01:21
Dr_Willisbut whats the point in keepoing it installed if you are not going touse it.01:21
abstraktDr_Willis, the point is that I want my original grub list back01:22
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  original or not.. is not the issue.. its showing all the installed systems as its designed to.01:22
abstraktnot in my mind01:22
abstraktit should show the system that I ran update-grub from first01:22
Dr_Willisexpand your mind then.01:22
Dr_Willisit puts them in the hd order as far as i know.01:22
abstraktlike if I have install A and install B, if I run update-grub from install A then the grub menu should have A as the default01:22
Dr_Willissda first, sdb next and so on. then non linux afterwards01:23
abstraktyeah well install A is on /dev/sda6 and install B is on /dev/sda701:23
nicofsActionParsnip, mission accomplished, still only lo... and the umts modem doesn't appear either - although listed in lsusb... might there be something networking related be mising?01:23
abstraktyet the /dev/sda7 comes out first01:23
Dr_Willisit can tell what order you installed them01:23
Dr_Willisif you run update-grub with a external usb hd plugged in - with linux on that usb.. it will also get added. :) which is confuseing01:23
ActionParsnipnicofs: copy the 8 character ex ID and search for guides using that01:24
Dr_Williskill the useless install.  problem solved.01:24
abstraktDr_Willis, hmm... how does it tell what order I installed them?01:24
abstrakti guess timestamps?01:24
abstraktDr_Willis, aight I guess so01:24
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  never noticed. I dont use 2+ distros on same machine. or if i do they are on theoir own hd;s not the same hd.,01:24
abstraktDr_Willis, right... I don't really use two distros, it's for sanity/backup/restoration purposes01:25
abstraktworks quite well for said purpose actually01:25
Acid190Xavier1001__: whats a system 76?01:25
abstraktif the newest release !@#$%&'s my system then I still have my old install01:25
Dr_Willisi just set up grub to boot an iso file as a rescue option01:25
nicofsActionParsnip, both wlan and umts worked on the same kernel with a different root filesystem... and wlan is priority as i need to dl a lot more than my mobile plan allows...01:25
itaylor57Acid190: system76.com01:27
abstraktDr_Willis, an ISO file stored where?01:27
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  anywhere on any hd... or flash drive even.01:27
abstraktDr_Willis, what if Ubuntu corrupts the partition you have said ISO file stored upon? (which is what happened to me)01:27
abstraktDr_Willis, yeah I have a flash drive with the 10.10 installer on it01:27
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  you got 2 os;s on the same hd..  what if the hd dies...01:28
=== flavio is now known as Guest31570
abstrakttried to save my system with that but couldn't get on the net to look up the grub commands I needed so I just flat did a straight install on my secondary system partition (which is why I keep such a thing around)01:28
Dr_Willisive had more HD dies then i have had FS's get trashed.01:28
Acid190itaylor57: I love my laptop more than anything, but those system76 laptops could be my next01:28
abstraktDr_Willis, well then I have my 32G flash drive for file backup and my 1TB USB HD for media backup01:28
itaylor57Acid190: I have a lemur01:28
* Dr_Willis has a redundant stack of external 2TB usb hd's :)01:29
Dr_Willisneeding more usb ports next...01:29
abstraktyah I'm running in to that problem as well01:29
* abstrakt wants USB 3.001:29
Acid190itaylor57: ha, that's the one I like the most so far, but I like the 17" 1920X1200 that i have in my current laptop01:29
abstraktbackup of a TB worth of data is soooo painful01:29
abstraktesp if it's not just a single tarball01:30
=== bruno is now known as Guest93519
abstraktjust the fact that my code projects are split into like 30M of files distributed over like 150,000 files makes backup insane01:30
KM0201itaylor57: i like those system 76 laptops....01:31
ActionParsnipabstrakt: do it overnight, easy. Makes it better if you use firewire instead of slowass USB01:31
abstraktI hate having to listen to my machine at night - prefer to shut it down01:32
abstraktand besides that, to maintain current backups, gotta do it like more than once a week, and all that HD activity just adds to the wear and tear01:32
abstraktbut it's either that or don't backup your files :(01:32
Acid190Can anyone give me a quickie on how to install .tgz files?01:32
abstraktAcid190, install them? there's no such thing, how bout you learn what you're talking about?01:33
ActionParsnipabstrakt: use rsync and just backup what changes01:33
ActionParsnipAcid190: what is the filename?01:33
abstraktActionParsnip, hrm, yeah I suppose... I've been thinking about doing something similar with git or so to sync my files between the windows and *nix halves of this dual boot01:33
abstraktI will look in to rsync then01:33
=== taka is now known as Guest92033
Acid190ActionParsnip: nevermind, sorry for the inconvenience, i'll google01:34
ActionParsnipAcid190: huh? I asked for some information....01:34
ActionParsnipAcid190: I never said I wouldnt help. I simply asked for the name of the file, what's wrong with you?01:34
* ActionParsnip shrugs01:37
Acid190ActionParsnip: lol, PM me?01:37
ActionParsnipAcid190: I dont support in PM01:37
bazhang!pm > Acid19001:37
ubottuAcid190, please see my private message01:37
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html01:38
Dr_Willishmm.. what was that compileing factid01:38
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:38
* ylmson tries dillo2 and decides that links2 is a better browser01:38
Acid190ActionParsnip: I just shouldn't be asking here, sorry for the inconvenience again01:38
Dr_WillisAcid190:  extract acrhive. read its readme.txt woul dbe step 101:39
echionHey actionparsnip! You helped me out on launchpad a while ago (https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/util-linux/+question/135201) thanks for the help!01:39
=== RobotCow is now known as f8d_up_with_qwer
ActionParsnipechion: np bro, glad you got the gold :)01:42
Acid190Dr_Willis: thanks, it will take me a while to config, the instructions are definetely new to me01:43
lolcatOk, the Norwegian IPv6 respitories is useless01:43
lolcatCan anyone link me to some preferably only IPv4 and non norwegian respitories?01:43
* PASSERINE ºÜ¿áµØ×¥Æð ashtray µÄÁ½ÌõС±ç×Ó£¬×ªÁË200000000000000000000000000000000000+Ȧ£¬±§½øÁË»³ÖУºàÅ£¬Ç×Ç×01:44
* ashtray ºÜ¿áµØ×¥Æð PASSERINE µÄÁ½ÌõС±ç×Ó£¬×ªÁË200000000000000000000000000000000000+Ȧ£¬±§½øÁË»³ÖУºàÅ£¬Ç×Ç×@_@01:44
=== alienb is now known as alienb|lnx
PASSERINE¶Ô ashtray ˵: haha,funny01:44
ActionParsniplolcat: look in the sources in software centre01:45
PASSERINE¶Ô ashtray ˵: are you a regular visitor here?01:45
=== juancnh80 is now known as carabobo
PASSERINE¶Ô ActionParsnip ˵: who's that01:45
ActionParsnipPASSERINE: who is who?01:45
PASSERINE¶Ô ActionParsnip ˵: a newcomer01:45
PASSERINE¶Ô ActionParsnip ˵: welcome me ba,ha01:45
ashtrayit's English channel01:46
lolcatActionParsnip: Is there a change country thing there?01:46
ActionParsniphi PASSERINE (i guess)01:46
needlezdoes anyone know how to make a script that will refresh a webpage in firefox while firefox is running?? asking #bash also01:46
ActionParsniplolcat: change the source under the edit menu and you can change server to wherever you desire01:46
Dr_Willisneedlez:  perhaps firefox has some command line options to force a refresh01:46
=== jamie is now known as Guest93989
Guest93989nick/ redneck0501:46
lolcatActionParsnip: I need the names of the server01:46
ActionParsniplolcat: the app lists the servers, do you think people remember repo server names!?01:47
rbnswartzneedlez: you can tell firefox to open a web page from comand line but I don't know about refresh. Check the man page.01:47
Dr_Willistheres some command/tools that can scan/find fastest servers near you also i recall.01:47
lolcatActionParsnip: The app doesn't work, isn't there a webpage with a list? or could you pastebin yours? If you are on 10.1001:48
=== ivo___ is now known as ivo_
Guest93989where do you find new movies01:48
AverageComputerGCould someone please help me? I cannot connect to the internet using Ubuntu 10.04 in VMware Workstation.01:48
plectrumanyone used hostapd in ubuntu? i have it working but I have a few questions01:48
needlezDr_Willis: ,rbnswartz: I've checked and I can't find any command to do such, was wondering if I might have to create a script for like greasemonkey to autorefresh01:48
ActionParsniplolcat: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Selection_0015.png01:49
gbear14275hey guys, I am at a grub prompt and was hoping someone could help me manually boot once so I can run grub-update?01:49
Guest93989looking for new releases for january01:49
ActionParsnipgbear14275: are you using wubi or not?01:49
gbear14275ActionParsnip, no raw grub prompt "grub>"01:50
lolcatActionParsnip: The button does NOTHING! I can edit the file myself, but clicking that lets me enter my password, and then preceeds to do nothing01:50
gbear14275ActionParsnip, long story...  but am very happy to have made it this far01:50
lolcatActionParsnip: Synaptic doesn't work either, I guess it has something to do with the equilent of gksu not working.01:51
ActionParsnipgbear14275: you can use livecd and use:  http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/01:51
MagicJi want to use gltext as my screen saver  - when I change the lines in the config file to make it use my text - nothing actually changes - what do I need to do to cause it to re-read the config file01:51
ActionParsniplolcat: try:  gksudo software-center01:52
gbear14275ActionParsnip, was hoping to boot manually this once instead of trying to burn a new cd, etc.01:52
gbear14275ActionParsnip, then I can run grub-update and be good...01:52
lolcatActionParsnip: Dies after showing a program saying: Grating rigths for five seconds.01:52
ActionParsnipgbear14275: there are grub prompt commands to boot but i'm unsure of them. I always use livecd to fix that stuff01:52
lolcatCan anyone pastebin their /etc/apt/sources.list? I need the ones for 10.1001:53
askerhow to change the language of the system ubuntu from RUS to ENG? or something other lang?01:53
ActionParsniplolcat: http://pastebin.com/k7UVMpA001:53
askeri logon into remote ubuntu and cant read the text, because i cant see russian symbols01:54
askerand want to set english01:54
ActionParsnipasker: its in system -> admin -> language support (maybe)01:54
askerfor system and users01:54
askeri havent gui01:54
randomOfAmberhow do I send the samba program signals? "Sending the smbd a SIGHUP will cause it to reload its smb.conf configuration file within a short period of time"01:54
askeronly shell01:54
Ritleeis there any way to mount an ISO read AND write? or am i stuck with just read and making another ISO?01:54
devkorcvincehow to request on ubuntuforum to unblock my ip cause i think we share the same pub ip on our countries isp?01:54
=== johzephine is now known as jomo
Guest93989looking to burn pirate movies01:54
rynopanyone having probs with empathy and gchat? i cant connect, just started today01:54
Jordan_URitlee: The latter.01:54
ActionParsnipRitlee: if its an ubuntu CD you can edit it and remaster it01:54
lolcatActionParsnip: THank you01:54
ActionParsnip!remaster | Ritlee01:55
ubottuRitlee: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility01:55
RitleeActionParsnip, it's not THE ubuntu CD :(01:55
Jordan_URitlee: There is a program called iso master that makes the process fairly seamless though, for simple tasks at least.01:55
ActionParsnipRitlee: then you can extract the data from the ISO, edit it then remake the new ISO01:55
RitleeJordan_U, k01:56
v0lksmananyone have any advise on getting a microphone working in Lucid?  Nothing I try seems to bring in any sound...output works fine out the of box...no mic...tried this http://titotheman.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/microphone-problem-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid/01:56
ottermatonI'm getting multiple lines starting with Ign (which I assume is ignore) when running sudo apt-get update? How to fix this?01:56
v0lksmanamong other things01:56
ottermatonI can paste 3 lines as example if needed01:56
RitleeJordan_U, ActionParsnip, ty both01:56
Jordan_Uasker: Log in via ssh?01:57
Jordan_URitlee: You're welcome.01:57
askerActionParsnip, i havent GUI(DE) only shell01:57
askerJordan_U, ya01:57
ActionParsnipasker: not sure then, sorry01:57
dewwasker: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables01:58
dewwasker: look for lang or LANG01:58
abaraticanwhich package has the 'pfiles' utility?01:58
mrbluessbbIm trying to record from a capture card.  I have VLC Media Player to recognize video but no audio.  I used the terminal to search for audio devices, but it didnt show any.  Help?01:59
ottermatonanyone know anything about these Ign errors when running sudo apt-get update? like this: Ign http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/main Translation-en_US02:00
ActionParsnipabaratican: try:  dpkg -S pfiles02:01
jayd3ewhat is the best way to remove samba4?02:02
jayd3eapt-get remove?02:02
jayd3eb/c apt-get remove doesn't delete all of the config files and such02:03
Jordan_Uasker: export LANG=C02:03
Jordan_Udevkorcvince: Try #ubuntuforums02:03
andreaciao a tutti02:03
andreahi to everybody!02:04
=== andrea is now known as Guest39157
askerJordan_U, thanks!02:04
Jordan_Uasker: You're welcome.02:04
Guest39157is there someone that wish to teach some about Mirc to a newbie?02:04
Jordan_Ugbear14275: First thing to try would be "search --set --file /boot/grub/grub.cfg; configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg"02:04
Guest39157no one?02:05
Guest39157but can you read my mex?02:05
minimecGuest39157: You won't finf a lot o fpeople using Micr here... ;)02:05
Jordan_Ugbear14275: Do you understand that "update-grub" only updates /boot/grub/grub.cfg? If you want to re-install grub you'll need to use grub-install.02:06
gbear14275Jordan_U, I got it.  thanks though02:06
gbear14275anyone work with lxde?  is there a equivalent of startx?02:06
jribgbear14275: startx is a window-manager-agnostic command...02:07
mrbluessbbAnyone?  I don't seem to have any audio devices.  "/dev/audio*" doesnt bring up anything.  It comes up with the error "File or directory does not exist".02:08
gbear14275jrib, startx: command not found02:08
jribgbear14275: the xinit package provides startx though it seems strange you would not have that on ubuntu02:09
=== HiddenKnowledge is now known as Guest44649
minimecgbear14275: you probably want something like xdm (or gdm/kdm) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xdm&suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names02:09
bc81mrbluessbb: what was your question?  i just joined a minute ago02:09
gbear14275jrib, sorry... yeah not ubuntu... lxde on debian.  people are more helpful here hehe02:09
UgonsI'm on a MacBook Pro and not able to connect to Wifi, what do I do to fix this?02:09
jribgbear14275: ask #debian :/02:09
UgonsI was able to do so during the installer which confuses me.02:10
mrbluessbbIm trying to get a capture card to work on ubuntu.  I have video running through VLC media player but no audio.  And I cant seem to find any audio devices.  Not even default.02:10
muni have this script that calls pynotify to show a notification popup. it works in terminal but doesn't in crontab. i just get an error in the log saying grandchild failed with exit status 1. does anyone know how to fix it?02:10
KM0201Ugons: do you know what the wireless device is?02:10
jribmun: well scripts will run in a different environment in cron...02:11
UgonsI type lspci in terminal to find it, yes?02:11
KM0201Ugons: yeah, that should work02:11
matt444back on ubuntu after about 3 or 4 years02:11
UgonsIs it the network controller/02:11
mrbluessbbI run the command "ls /dev/audio*" and it comes up with an error that says File or directory does not exist.02:11
munjrib, yeah, but how do I know what went wrong02:12
mrbluessbb>in the terminal I mean02:12
KM0201!paste | Ugons paste your lspci and give me the link02:12
ubottuUgons paste your lspci and give me the link: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:12
bc81welcome back, matt4402:12
matt444this is the most user friendly OS i've ever used02:12
matt444i bought a refurbished computer (p4 era) and this thing is running smoothly.02:13
Ritleematt444, don't confuse it though, it's still linux and just as powerful ;)02:13
matt444i know02:13
FaffelHi, I'm using  Disk Usage Analyzer on a Ubuntu/WIn7 dualboot and when I check Filesystem, DUA is saying my filesystem is my entire HD02:13
Ritleeunlike the other non *nix OS's that got *cough* user friendly02:13
FaffelDoes this mean that I can access data anywhere on my HD, including on the Windows partition, from Ubuntu?02:13
jribmun: I will guess that DISPLAY needs to be set.  If you need some more info from cron, either redirect stdout and stderr to some file and read it or install an MTA so you can get mail from crond02:13
Faffeland should it be set up this way?02:13
=== jwkokc is now known as jk_
RitleeFaffel, you just have to mount your windows partition if it ins't done automatically02:14
matt444this computer had windows XP, I tried sticking in the wireless usb card, didn't recognize it.  then I installed ubuntu and it recognized it instantly. no setup02:14
=== f8d_up_with_qwer is now known as RobotCow
Ritleelol matt444 Ubuntu's motto... it just works02:14
FaffelRitlee: Well, it's a little strange to me02:14
mrbluessbbAnyone?  ;_;02:15
FaffelI set aside a 20GB partition and installed Ubuntu02:15
FaffelThe only things I've installed are Steam and Quakelive, and I copied over and then deleted TF2 files for Steam02:15
FaffelBut the "file system" in Nautilus is saying it has 6.6GB free02:15
FaffelWhen I check my filesystem in DUA, it says it's got 171GB free02:15
FaffelSo I'm really confused02:15
matt444now instead of fumbling around on OSX trying to get node.s and other programming stuff installed and working, just works on this ubuntu box.  i'm in love.02:15
FaffelI should have well over 6.6GB free on my 20gb partition02:15
RitleeFaffel, that itself is odd02:15
FaffelRitlee: 171GB is what's free across my whole HD02:16
FaffelIncluding the Windows partition02:16
guufyhow do i know which package a given installed file comes from?02:16
FaffelI set the install up using the Windows installer02:16
jribguufy: dpkg -S02:16
munjrib, apparently there's no error message.02:16
ReilithionWow, this is bad.  If I hit F1 or try to get to some Help page from Gnome Terminal, I get a window explosion.  It just keeps opening help window after help window, and I can't even get at the terminal to close it.02:16
jribmun: how are you verifying that?02:16
guufyjrib: thanks!02:16
KM0201<ubottu> Ugons paste your lspci and give me the link: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:16
RitleeFaffel, windows installer installed what?02:16
FaffelThe Ubuntu Windows installer02:16
Faffeli used that02:16
RitleeFaffel OH Wubi...02:17
KM0201ugh... wubi02:17
FaffelSo I told wubi to set a 20GB partition02:17
FaffelSo DUA is saying my filesystem has 171GB free02:17
FaffelNautilus says File System has 6.6GB free02:17
FaffelAnd in reality it should have around 13GB free02:17
RitleeFaffel, I tried wubi for about 10 minutes didn't much care for it... it does not make it's own partition not really sure how it works02:17
jribeverytime I join this channel I see KM0201 beating up on wubi... I love it :P02:17
KM0201jrib: i just can't help it... :)02:18
FaffelMaybe I should just cram "File System" full of crap and see what happens when it runs out of space02:18
RitleeFaffel, what windows OS are you using?02:18
munjrib, sorry actually there is. it says glib.GError: Unable to connect to server02:18
KM0201jrib: unfortunately i've saw more "epic fail" w/ Wubi, than successes.02:18
FaffelI'm probably not using the propery terminology either02:19
FaffelWhen I say "File System" I mean the File System drive/folder in Nautilus02:19
jk_Faffel, wubi creates a window folder that includes a file to serve as ubuntu's drive. It can be up to 30 GB but no larger.02:19
ottermatonDoes anyone know anything about this error on sudo apt-get update: Ign http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates/main Translation-en_US02:19
FaffelI see, jk_02:19
badpenguin86I installed Kubuntu, and not my plymouth theme is kubuntu and will not change back. help?02:19
RitleeFaffel, go ahead uninstall wubi and using the disk manager with windows, you can resize your Primary partition and make a 20GB partition and install ubuntu properly you should enjoy it that way02:19
FaffelRitlee I don't have any blank DVDs02:19
jk_Faffel, the discrepancy may be due to Ubuntu's "trash" folder, similar to the Windows recycle bin.02:19
FaffelNah I cleared that out jk02:20
RitleeFaffel, all you need is a 1GB thumb drive02:20
FaffelWould my Archos 3G work?02:20
FaffelIt's an MP3 player that acts like a thumb drive02:20
FaffelDoesn't require any drivers to function02:20
RitleeFaffel, it may02:20
jribmun: so did you try setting DISPLAY?02:20
FaffelHow would you install from a thumb drive Ritlee?02:21
FaffelLike using a boot disc?02:21
munjrib, in my script, i've already set it using os.environ['DISPLAY'] - ':0.0'02:21
munjrib, in my script, i've already set it using os.environ['DISPLAY'] = ':0.0'02:21
abstraktDr_Willis, yay! my system just fucked itself again!!!!! wahoooo!02:21
KM0201abstrakt: lol02:21
weaponsonlineMy trackpad settings are reset every time I restart, can anyone help?02:21
RitleeFaffel, check in system/Administration/Startup disk creater02:21
abstraktthis is seriously really bad... I have this sneaking suspicion that it's the kernel upgrade from the last update02:21
RitleeFaffel, Creator02:22
FaffelUnder Win7?02:22
FaffelOr in Ubuntu?02:22
abstraktanyway... what I need to know: shortest quickest route to reinstantiate my original grub02:22
abstraktwith a totally fubar system02:22
RitleeFaffel ubuntu02:22
UgonsCan anyone help me up with setting up my wifi? I'm only able to connect through ethernet at the moment.02:22
abstraktoh yeah and I ended up screwing my USB boot disk too by doing a system upgrade on that and then shutting down in the middle of it02:22
abstrakttook too long02:22
UgonsI'm a total newbie by the way, so if you're not patient don't bother.02:22
=== Gero is now known as CensoredBiscuit
KM0201abstrakt: well.. sounds like part of your problem is self inflicted02:23
abstraktbesides, the USB boot is way too slow... there's gotta be some sort of rescue disk image available that doesn't load all that X crap02:23
abstraktKM0201, only part of it02:23
FaffelRitlee: It's detected by Startup Disc02:23
munjrib, is there a way to set the DISPLAY variable in cron explicitly?02:23
RitleeFaffel, ? what is02:23
FaffelThe Archos 3G02:23
abstraktKM0201, seriously, the system shouldn't randomly just hang completely and flash both numlock and capslock at me02:23
FaffelMy Mp3 player/thumb drive02:23
jribmun: sure, just do DISPLAY=:0.0 python blah02:23
=== don is now known as Guest70910
mrbluessbbI assume no one can tell me what my problem is.02:23
abstraktit does this all the time now :(02:23
abstraktlike wtf02:23
FaffelRitlee: So I should erase all data off my Archos, and create a start disc using an Ubuntu iso downloaded off the ubuntu.com site?02:23
gpc!language | abstrakt02:23
ubottuabstrakt: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:23
abstraktcertainly possible, actually that this hardware has finally gone hawire02:24
RitleeFaffel, oh ok, the startup disk creator is how you would make it a bootable usb and from there you can install ubuntu properly02:24
FaffelRitlee: So I should erase all data off my Archos, and create a start disc using an ISO off the ubuntu site?02:24
abstraktgpc, get off your high horse, bud... this crap with Ubuntu warrants some curse words, seriously - this is mega lame... I am so ready to just buy a fucking mac02:24
RitleeFaffel, if you can afford wiping the music sure ;)02:24
FaffelI'll just copy it onto my Windows HD02:25
RitleeFaffel, ;)02:25
abstrakthere I go02:25
FaffelWell ty Ritlee02:25
FaffelLet me just run this down again02:25
greg3000Hi,  working on NFS-root with a local  /boot -- followed the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/OnNFSDriveWithLocalBoot02:25
greg3000But ran into the bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/mountall/+bug/53713302:25
greg3000Did anyone solve booting from local /boot and mounting / over NFS using Ubuntu 10.10 ?02:25
munjrib, hmm same thing02:25
FaffelRitlee: Uninstall Wubi from Win7 using insructions from the Ubuntu wiki02:25
RitleeFaffel, np02:25
FaffelMake sure my partitions are set up correctly02:25
FaffelCreate partition of my choice in size02:26
FaffelBoot using my USB Start "disc"02:26
FaffelAnd install the Ubuntu iso to that02:26
FaffelAnd it'll act more normally02:26
Faffelsound right?02:26
KM0201Faffel: can i make a suggestion02:26
gpc!guidelines > abstrakt02:26
ubottuabstrakt, please see my private message02:26
abstraktgpc, you're not on chanserv's list of ops? how did you get opped?02:26
KM0201before you go any further, back up important stuff... you seem tobe flying at the seat of your pants w/ this...02:27
Geyo-chanum, does anyone know how to install windows games with wine?02:27
abstraktactually I really don't care tbh02:27
abstraktGeyo-chan, yeah, go buy windows02:27
jribmun: this is in your user's crontab?02:27
KM0201abstrakt: does it matter?.. if you're breaking the rules, you're breaking the rules02:27
munjrib, no, it's sudo02:27
Geyo-chanmeh windows sucks though02:27
jribmun: why?02:27
RitleeFaffel, just about... uninstall according to ubuntu... resize primary partition using window's disk manager, to a size you want to use, and yes then boot off of the usb and install02:27
jribmun: and what do you mean by "sudo"?  sudo isn't a user02:27
Ritleebrb wife is home02:27
FaffelKM0201: There's nothing important for me to back up02:28
FaffelI just did a full format last week02:28
KM0201Faffel: ok.. thats good.. cuz i'm gonna be watching this one..lol02:28
FaffelThere's nothing on my Linux install that's useful02:28
FaffelWell I know how to make a partition etc02:28
speedhog_hi, i want to dual boot ubuntu and windows02:28
KM0201Faffel: im' talking about on Windows02:28
KM0201speedhog_: and?02:28
nit-witjrib, sudo=super user02:28
speedhog_and i want to install windows on the same partition02:28
FaffelHaha, what could screw up my windows install by uninstalling Wubi?02:28
UgonsCan anyone help me out with connecting to WiFi?02:28
FaffelOr by creating a new partition for that matter02:29
KM0201Ugons: look through that 86 line paste you gave me a little while ago(your wireless device is fairly obvious if you read this..)   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:29
speedhog_i was thinking of creating a virtual machine, installing windows into it, extract the files by booting the vm with an ubuntu livecd and then setting grub02:29
greg3000anyone able to boot 10.10 with a NFS root?02:29
keresHi guys. the page up button does not work for scrolling up in a shell, is there any way to do this?02:29
speedhog_would windows 7 work under the ubuntu partition considering the format?02:29
UgonsWill do02:30
greg3000Let me rephrase, do we have any NFS or NFSROOT people here?02:30
KM0201speedhog_: im not sure what you just said, but it made no sense... but yes, you can put 7 in a virtual machine on Ubuntu..02:30
DarkeSorry to interupt, but I have a desperate problem. :p02:30
Jordan_U!anyone | greg300002:30
ubottugreg3000: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:30
MrMintanetHey dudes.  I am trying to get an NES emulator setup for my son, and I am failing hard.  I can't get GFCE to be the default program to open NES files.  I tried to right click, and select the GFCE, but it isn't in the list.  Where does it install, and how can I get it to be the default NES emulator?  Any help is appreciated!  :)02:30
kieppiehello ladies. anyone familiar w UbuntuOne. the guys @ the #UbuntuOne channel are asleep behind the wheel. I'd like to know what the deal is with the notification applet, since I'd like info on the sync status & to be able start & stop the sync action myself02:30
speedhog_ah, i need it to work natively on my computer02:31
lewixokay so i cant connect to internet on hotspot for some reasons02:31
lewixjoin #linux02:31
DarkeBeing new to Linux and dualbooting with Windows 7, my Ubuntu won't hook up to the net.02:31
UgonsNetwork controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4321 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 05)02:31
DarkeDoes anyone know how to do this without using Ndiswrapper?02:31
UgonsShould have noticed that...02:31
munjrib, i've made it into the user crontab now, but same thing.02:31
KM0201speedhog_: so just dual boot?02:31
speedhog_to refrain from getting my ubuntu boot being rewritten, i would first install it onto my virtualpc02:31
speedhog_i want to keep it on the same partition02:31
mikebotCan someone help me with problems booting from usb? I've tried pendrivesomething and inbootsomething...02:31
greg3000Trying to get through the NFSROOT bug found in 10.04 and 10.10, seems to be a mount.nfs or mountall bug...02:32
DarkeUSB isn't the best way.02:32
jribmun: wfm.  What's your script?02:32
Jordan_UDarke: What wireless chipset?02:32
KM0201mikebot: if neither worked, its likely an issue w/ your thumbdrive... some of them just don't work well for booting live USB's.02:32
DarkeSorry, chipset? All I know is I'm using Dlink wireless router. Define chipset though and I'll probably find it.02:32
speedhog_KM0201: yes02:32
munjrib, actually i just realised i need it in the root crontab because the command i run requires it.02:32
KM0201speedhog_: yes what?02:32
munjrib, let me paste you the script02:32
nit-witmikebot, heres a link to it http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/02:32
mikebotKM0201: OK, thank you... I'll try another one02:33
jribmun: so make it say "hello" and run it as your user02:33
munjrib, ok02:33
Jordan_UDarke: Is it an internal wireless card or USB? (If you have a choice between the two internal is usually the better one to use).02:33
pervy_sageHOw do I reset my keychain password?02:33
DarkeSorry. Internal.02:33
speedhog_km0201: i want to dual boot, but i want to manually place and configure the boot so i dont need to delete ubuntu's current one and then i would boot from grub02:34
greg3000Attempting to work through bug #537133 in mountall "issues with NFS root filesystem" -- not yet found a solution, I came here to see if I might get advice02:34
assassinhallo all together02:34
KM0201speedhog_: dunno about that one... you're on your own there02:34
speedhog_ok, thanks02:34
=== HiddenKnowledge is now known as Guest22538
munjrib, ok. in user crontab, it works fine.02:35
DarkeAnyone have anything for the internet problem, by any chance?02:35
Jordan_UDarke: Ok, have you checked to see if there are drivers available in System > Administration > Additional Drivers?02:35
speedhog_heh, might try it on a virtual pc first though, i will report results later02:35
jribmun: what are you running that requires root?02:35
craigbass1976is apt-get update going to do everything?  I'm ssh-ed into a box that I'm sure needs updating (I've done several at home since I was into it last, and my laptop has had several updates) but that command seems to run very fast for having to do that many updates.  I'm wondering if it only got lists of updateable packages or something02:35
Darkeyes. None.02:35
munjrib, it's revoco, which checks the battery of my mouse.02:35
DarkeIt won't even show any networks. It's completely done.02:35
DarkeBut I'll check again.02:35
munjrib, this script basically runs every 10mins, to check the battery of my wireless mouse.02:35
DarkeDon't want to keep restarting everytime I want to check something. It becomes a hassle.02:36
jribmun: you could setup revoco so that sudo does not require a password for the revoco command (that's what I do)02:36
Jordan_UDarke: Can you run "lspci | grep Network" and post the output? (if it's more than one line use http://paste.ubuntu.com )02:36
assassinhave a question does somebody of you know. if the backtrack tools also work within ubuntu ???  because backtrack don  t uses my wlan and i don t want to rebuy things02:36
DarkeCan I run it on a Windows terminal?02:36
munjrib, it used to work, but somehow after a bit of fiddling with gtk (reinstalled), it broke.02:36
MrMintanetHey dudes.  I am trying to get an NES emulator setup for my son, and I am failing hard.  I can't get GFCE to be the default program to open NES files.  I tried to right click, and select the GFCE, but it isn't in the list.  Where does it install, and how can I get it to be the default NES emulator?  Any help is appreciated!  :)02:36
munjrib, right. do you know how that can be done?02:37
FaffelI have another question about Wubi's HD usage02:37
FaffelShould it seriously use 9GB of space from a mostly fresh install?02:37
DarkeIs there a synonymous command for cmd (please excuse my hastey spelling).02:37
greg3000NFS-root with ubuntu 10.10 --  seen a tutorial?  My errors are "mountall: mount / [406] terminated with status 32"  and "mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified"02:37
craigbass1976MrMintanet, poser, get an atari!  Just kidding.  Nesticle isn't available for ubuntu?02:37
jribmun: %wheel ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/revoco              (wheel is the group I allow to run the command without a password)02:38
mrbluessbbGuys.  I don't seem to have any audio devices.  I type in "ls /dev/audio*" in the terminal and it comes up with the error "File or directory does not exist."  Can anyone help me?02:38
DarkeI'll be back. Thanks, Jordan.02:38
Jordan_UDarke: I don't know how you would get the same info in Windows.02:38
munjrib, so do i create a group called wheel first?02:39
badpenguin86I installed Kubuntu, and not my plymouth theme is kubuntu and will not change back. help?02:39
mrbluessbbIf nobody knows what my problem is please tell me so I can stop wasting my time.02:39
Brett29229Anyone here knowledgeable with permisisons of services..?02:39
jribmun: well you can just use "admin" (default group that can sudo in ubuntu), create a new group of your choice, or just specify your user directly (in this case replace "%wheel" with "username")02:39
craigbass1976When I log into said laptop (see my earlier question) I still get the message that there are X number of updates available and Y of them are security updates.02:39
jribBrett29229: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)02:40
Brett29229My question is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10416555#post1041655502:40
jrib!here | Brett2922902:40
ubottuBrett29229: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com02:40
Brett29229Just seeing if anyone has any additional recommendations02:40
_Neytiri_i am haveing issues setting up RFC 2136 updates with bind02:40
greg3000trying "NFS-root with ubuntu 10.10", error "mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified"  <--- where do we find the options specified?02:40
Brett29229Due to an unfortunate typo, changed permissions of root of file system. Now i only have webmin access to the box. Trying to either fix the problem or fix the essentials to get ssh access again and attempt a remote install.02:41
Brett29229jrib: thanks02:41
jribBrett29229: you did it recursively?02:42
craigbass1976Brett29229, do you have physical access to the box?02:42
Brett29229jrib: yes02:42
jribBrett29229: reinstall02:42
Brett29229craigbass1976: no physical access, ~3hr drive02:42
craigbass1976Then jrib has the best advice probably02:42
Brett29229jrib: can i do anything to get ssh access again? to attempt a remote install?02:42
munjrib, ok. after updating sudoers, do i need to log out?02:43
jribBrett29229: I have no experience with webmin.  But what exactly did you execute?  You only say "chmod -R /." but don't mention the permission you actually applied02:43
Brett29229sorry, left out the #.. everything that got changed before i stopped the process is 74402:44
munjrib, so with that line, does that mean i don't need a password to run revoco even in the terminal?02:44
Brett29229jrib: ^^02:44
jribmun: that's right, you just run "sudo revoco blah" and you won't need a password.  You sholudn't need to log out02:44
munjrib, i see. great!02:45
munjrib, it's working now. thanks a lot02:45
jribmun: no problem02:45
munjrib, so do you use revoco to check your mouse's battery?02:45
jribmun: no but I have to reset the wheel mode sometimes02:45
munjrib, then how do you check the battery level?02:46
jribmun: the mouse has 3 lights on it :)02:46
wamichohey guys am newbie how do we solve this error SystemError: installArchives() failed whenever broadcom sta driver is being installed02:46
jribmun: besides, at least with my mouse, I can never discharge it in one day.  Only time it's gotten to red is when I forget to leave it in the charger overnight02:47
munjrib, ha. ok. well, i usually ignore them, which i probably shouldn't.02:47
munjrib, oh right. you recharge it everynight?02:48
jribmun: sure, I just leave it in the charger02:48
munjrib, i see. well i try to optimise my battery's life by charging when it needs to.02:48
craigbass1976apt-get update vs apt-get upgrade.  The upgrade will not bring me from lucid to maverick, right?  THat's only a whole apt-get dist-upgrade?02:48
coldboot|homeDoes anyone know how to fix the libatasmart errors mentioned in this question?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16608/02:48
MagicJI want to use gltext as my screen saver and set my own message - the man page tells me what file to change, I changed it and when I test - it seems my changes are ignored - what am I missing02:49
munjrib, since i heard lithium batteries only can live through a certain number of charges.02:49
Jayrohey, after i have my laptop running for a while, my audio gets all robot like, and its always fine after i reboot, does anyone else have this issue? if so, how can i fix it?02:49
wamicho hey guys how do we solve this error SystemError: installArchives() failed whenever broadcom sta driver is being installed02:49
greg3000NFSroot is always SUCH a time investment02:50
jribmun: logitech support is incredibly awesome.  I actually had a previous mouse, the middle click started making a funny noise, they sent me this more expensive one (because old one was discontinued).  Then I asked them to send me new mouse feet because they were worn out, and they sent me a new mouse.  So... I wouldn't worry about the battery.  As long as it lasts for a day, it's perfect for me02:50
greg3000things never work as expected02:51
greg3000as we see here, there are bugs in 10.04 and 10.1002:51
jribBrett29229: are you able to get any output from webmin?  Can you try to start ssh?02:51
KM0201greg3000: and? there's bugs in winxp, win vista, and win 7 as well?.. No OS is w/o bugs02:51
wamicho hey guys am newbie how do we solve this error SystemError: installArchives() failed whenever broadcom sta driver is being installed02:51
munjrib, oh really? my charger is very dodgy, the metal plates can't make contact with the mouse. but do you think i can ask for an exchange?02:52
greg3000KM0201: I'm trying to fix bug #537133 @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/mountall/+bug/53713302:52
munjrib, it's quite old already though.. i've lived with it for about 2yrs.02:52
KM0201wamicho: are you connected to the internet?..02:52
Brett29229I run the /etc/init.d/ssh start, says starting, then 'done'02:52
Brett29229jrib: no errors..02:52
jribmun: contact them and tell them about the issue.  My original mouse (the one I paid for) is 6 years old now02:52
KM0201greg3000: well what more do you want?.. they've confirmed the bug and assigned it?02:52
Brett29229jrib: but i cannot connect to the box, ssh connection closed unexpectedly02:52
wamichoKM0201 yap02:53
FaffelIs it possible for Nautilus to be reporting an incorrect amount of free space on the Ubuntu file system created on my Windows partition with Wubi? It says I have 6.6GB/17.3GB free, but DUA is only reporting 6-7G of space used on the File System02:53
munjrib, and they sent you a replacement even it's 6yrs old?02:53
KM0201wamicho: cuz it loksl ike you're not connected to the internet.02:53
jribmun: let's move to #ubuntu-offtopic if you don't mind02:53
greg3000KM0201: I'm not even sure, sounds like wamicho says "yes"02:53
munjrib, sure. sorry about that.02:53
jribBrett29229: can you execute arbitrary shell commands?02:54
wamichoKM0201 it downloads then when it wants to install it gives that error02:54
Brett29229jrib: yes02:54
KM0201wamicho: hmm, wel,l try installing it off the ubuntu live cd/usb02:54
tomarn2If I have a process with mutliple threads, does /proc/pid/status show the aggregate memory usage for example for both threads?02:55
jribBrett29229: does « ps -ef | grep ssh » return anything?02:55
boldfilterIs it bad to use all your gnome apps in kde02:55
Brett29229jrib: yes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/560816/02:56
jribBrett29229: by they way, I think it will be faster to drive than figure this out02:56
cpruittDoes anyone have any experience with getting CPanel to work on Ubuntu? (I do know it's "not supported" by the authors)02:56
greg3000Do we have a NFS-root veteran or maintainer here?02:56
cpruittIf this isn't the right channel can someone direct me to the best place to ask?02:56
mylastbreathCan netbook remix be run from usb only, no hard drive install?02:57
greg3000mylastbreath: anything can be run from usb only02:57
greg3000there I answered someone's question, hopefully karma will be nice to me now02:57
Brett29229jrib: ok. do you know of the best way to re-install? I'd like to get it up and running with minimal work, hopefully keeping configuration files, etc. is the only thing i can do back up /etc/?02:57
jribBrett29229: well backup your data.  /home in particular.  Also /etc for configuration as you mentioned.  If you're running apache and mysql on there, you'll likely want to back up /var too.02:58
mylastbreathgreg3000: thanks02:59
greg3000anytime m802:59
greg3000NFS-root in 10.10 -- anyone done it?02:59
Brett29229jrib: if i back up /var and /etc, then restore them once the new install is ready, will i not end up with the same permission files? don't those permissions carry over?03:00
Jordan_UBrett29229: Permissions issues can lead to serious security issues. Make sure that in tryint to back up configuration files you don't re-introduce incorrect permissions (just because it's working doesn't mean it's secure).03:00
DarkeHi. So has anyone had the problem where they're dualbooting Ubuntu and Windows and Ubuntu won't connect to the internet at all?03:00
=== Alyx is now known as Guest22935
jribBrett29229: that's a good point, you can use a live cd as a reference03:00
Brett29229jrib: not sure what you mean by that03:01
DarkeI don't want to use Ndiswrapper, and drivers won't show up, or the networks.03:01
Jordan_UDarke: Were you able to find out what chipset your wireless card uses?03:01
craigbass1976Darke, not in a while.  Did it ever get on the internet?03:01
DarkeOops. Not yet.03:01
DarkeNo networks shown, no drivers found.03:01
Guest22935Why can't you connect to the internet when your on it right now?03:01
DarkeThough I'm on my Windows and it's working find.03:01
DarkeIt's my Ubuntu that won't connect.03:02
jribBrett29229: what do you need to copy from the broken system (i.e. things you do not have working backups for)?03:02
KM0201Darke: boot ubuntu, type "lspci" no quotes in a terminal(lowercase L) hit enter, save the entire out put to a terminal, then come back here under windows.03:02
ousDarke: do you know the wireless chipset? is this a laptop03:02
Guest22935I know it happened to be for a little bit but then I restsrted it and it worked fine again03:02
DarkeMmk. Brb.03:02
DarkeI am on a lapton, Ous.03:03
Guest22935hmm, he gone now03:03
KM0201Guest22538: yeah, he can't get any internet access under Linux, so he has to boot windows when he has a prob.03:04
ousI'm guess he's on the computer he dual boots from03:04
Brett29229jrib: well now that i'm thinking about it, i have /etc, /var/www, and sql dumps of mysql databases. maybe i won't need to restore some. there are just a bunch of random things i have set up over time that would be nice to keep the config fore.03:04
Mauricio12345how can i make nautilus to open faster, like explorer in winbugs 7?? (the worst example LOL)03:05
greg3000:( fuck03:06
jribBrett29229: right, well you can use your backups to see what permissions files should have.  I imagine mostly you can just set file's permissions to 644 and directory permissions to 755.  So you can do that to files you are copying from the broken system and then maybe use « find » to search for exceptions to that rule on your backups03:06
pc_how can I downlaod yahoo messenger ?03:06
Jordan_U!language | greg300003:06
ubottugreg3000: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:06
KM0201pc_: use pidgin or empathy?03:07
pc_install yahoo messenger ?03:07
greg3000not feeling very professional with a broken NFSroot03:07
Mauricio12345how can i make nautilus to open faster, like explorer in winbugs 7?? (the worst example LOL)03:07
KM0201greg3000: well, swearing in a family friendly channel is guaranteed not to fix it.03:07
greg3000feeling more like 200603:07
pc_what is pidgin I do not know03:07
KM0201!info pidgin | pc_03:07
ubottupc_: pidgin (source: pidgin): multi-protocol instant messaging client. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.7.3-1ubuntu3.2 (maverick), package size 536 kB, installed size 1656 kB03:07
KM0201pc_: if you have just installed ubuntu.. i'm pretty sure you already have Empathy installed.... just set it up w/ your yahoo account03:08
KM0201pc_: look in application/internet and see if Empathy Messenger is there03:08
greg3000KM0201: boot time error says "mount.nfs incorrect mount option was specified"  this comes from a initramfs.conf script.. what language are those .conf scripts written with, do they respond to the "echo" command "03:08
pc_yes I saw yop03:08
KM0201greg3000: i don't know.03:09
jribBrett29229: chmod also has --reference you could use03:09
KM0201pc_: yop?03:09
pc_thanks I will see03:09
greg3000ok, there was only one person who I knew that had this level of knowledge and he's now living on one of Saturn's moons03:09
Brett29229jrib: alright, well thanks for the help03:09
greg3000and he runns QRTOS03:09
jribBrett29229: good luck!03:10
gunndawghey folks, I some how screwed up my emerald them and the only way I can get emerald to work right again is if I use "emerald --replace" in the terminal, but then when I close that terminal window it goes back to not working, how can I fix this?03:10
greg3000it's just so messed up, I was loving Ubuntu, now it's  not so cool03:10
greg3000ruined my evening03:10
happyfacegunndawg: put & at the end of the command03:10
gunndawghappyface: thx03:11
happyfacegunndawg: that tells stuff to run in the background03:11
jribgunndawg: try emerald --replace & disown   If it still doesn't work after a new login though, you might try #compiz.  Also, isn't emerald unsupported?03:11
Jordan_Ugreg3000: This is a support channel, not a place to vent frustration. Please stick to comments that will further the task of getting your problem solved.03:12
gunndawgjrib: not sure but its been working fine until I installed and then uninstalled xubuntu03:12
macogunndawg: and probably also "nohup" before it, since backgrounding doesnt detach it03:12
=== DealingWithFools is now known as ExplodingPiglets
macojrib: yes, emerald has been unmaintained for 3 years03:12
greg3000Jordan_U: hey good to hear from you LOL03:12
greg3000people will talk to you about the rules, but ignore support questions03:13
greg3000it's a great double standard03:14
KM0201greg3000: you're not being ignored, nobody knows the answer.. most people here are not the type to solve bugs.03:14
=== canon is now known as Acid190
jribgreg3000: last 4 lines I read from you were not questions :/03:14
greg3000I've given up with NFS-root and ubuntu after covering the web, and spending an hour asking in IRC03:15
greg3000Everyone should know, don't mess with NFS-root and ubuntu, it's broken broken broken03:15
greg3000mountall and mount.nfs has bugs03:15
gpcgreg3000: report bugs on launchpad.net03:15
ugghhhhey guys, got a question03:16
greg3000and funny enough, the error messages don't tell you what command lead to the error03:16
ugghhhfor whatever, conky stopped displaying03:16
ugghhhright now, it just has a tiny black square03:16
KM0201gpc: it's been reported/confirmed/assigned.. i guss he thinks complaining here... will make it get fixed faster03:16
greg3000so we are SH%T out of luck03:16
Guest27050I need help setting mesa to classic03:16
ugghhhand it's not showing anything03:16
Guest27050ubuntu doesn't use eselect03:16
ugghhhi killed the process and started again03:16
ugghhhand restarted my computer03:16
ugghhhstill getting the tiny black square not showing anything03:16
Guest27050i need to eselect  mesa set r300 classic03:17
Guest27050I have an old laptop with an ATI X200m and X just keeps crashing over and over and over nonstop after an update :(03:17
Guest27050I can alt+F1 and log in.03:18
_^doce^_ irc.freenode.net03:18
ousGuest27050: sounds like a kernel update break03:19
Guest27050no, its the Xserver03:19
ousthat's what I meant03:19
Guest27050oh lol03:19
Acid190Guest27050: you check update manager? im reading that's a possibility03:19
ouswhich driver do/did you use for that?03:20
Guest27050OS driver03:20
Guest27050X200m isn't supported by FGLRX03:20
Guest27050only HDXXXX series cards are supported by FGRLX03:20
ouswhich version of ubuntu are you on again?03:21
Guest27050Acid190: yeah, I just ran updates03:21
Guest27050well, I just downloaded the latest version of the netbook version.03:21
maco!who | ous03:21
ubottuous: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:21
Acid190k, check hardware updates for ati drivers?03:21
Guest27050Acid190: what is the CLI command to check for that?03:22
Guest27050I'm used to gentoo/Sabayon not ubuntu03:22
gpcGuest27050: lsb_release -a03:22
Guest27050ubuntu 10.10 maverick... that doesn't say anything about xf86-video-ati03:23
Guest27050hmm, how do you search for packages via CLI?03:23
gpcGuest27050: sorry I was looking at the wrong question03:23
KM0201Guest27050: no offense, but if you're used go Gentoo/Sabayon, Ubuntu shoul be a cakewalk03:23
Guest27050lol its OK03:23
plain-userhi people!03:23
Guest27050I'm just not used to your package manager03:23
macogunndawg: apt-cache search searchterm03:23
Guest27050otherwise this would be a cake walk :) lol03:23
macoKM0201: uh..except conf files are in different places and package management is completely different...03:24
bazhangGuest27050, ^ see maco 's command03:24
KM0201maco: rue... but ubuntu is way easier...lol03:24
pc_I could not get into my yahoo account from empathy ?03:24
pc_what should I do ?03:24
KM0201pc_: then it's likely you didn't set it up correctly03:24
macoKM0201: only from a GUI :P03:24
pc_uhmmm ??03:25
KM0201maco: lol, yeah03:25
pc_I guess I did03:25
Guest27050its says the latest version of the package is installed03:25
pragma_where in the world is the libc-dbg package for 10.10 amd64?  0ubuntu9?03:25
KM0201pc_: open software center ( applications/software center) search for "Pidgin" and install it.. i twill work fine w/ yahoo03:25
=== Guest27050 is now known as Darksurf
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
no--nameis using update-manager the same as using apt-get upgrade?03:25
gpcpragma_: libc6-dbg03:25
macono--name:  same as "apt-get dist-upgrade" technically03:26
macono--name: which means it is capable of handling cases where a package is removed or added due to another's dependency list changing03:26
no--namemaco: I am running ubuntu-server and would rather not use the GUI update manger... which do I need to do: apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade or both?03:26
macono--name: normally apt-get upgrade is enough. itll tell you if its held something (like a kernel) back03:27
ralliasno--name: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade03:27
jribno--name: to upgrade packages?  Or to a new release?03:27
no--namejrib, packages03:27
no--namewhat does && do?03:28
ralliasCan someone help me out with setting up a Postfix/Dovecot email server?03:28
jribno--name: command1 && command2  runs command2 only if command1 is successful03:28
* Darksurf facepalms03:28
macono--name: runs the second command if and only if the first succeeds03:28
DarksurfOMG, I can't Ctrl-C to break apt-get?!03:28
no--namejrib, ahh.. neat :)03:28
=== Pythonic|Away is now known as Pythonic
greg3000spending money on more hard drives to avoid NFS root03:29
pragma_gpc: hrm,that seem sto be downloading something, thanks03:29
no--nameso if I use "sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" I don't need to use update-manager?03:29
Darksurfshoot me... I'm putting ubuntu on my wifes laptop so she'll quite bothering me all the time cause she won't take the time to learn linux...03:29
PythonicQuick! How do I run a Ruby Script!?!03:29
ralliasno--name you need sudo on the second item too.03:29
ralliasno--name; and the answer is no you don't.03:30
no--nameok thanks :)03:30
PythonicI already have Ruby installed and everythink03:30
ralliasDarksurf: Just make it randomly play farting noises03:30
Darksurfnot to mention I was hoping ubuntu has avoided this stupid video card mishap. this happens in all distros :(03:30
PythonicJust, how do I execute my scripts!?!03:30
no--namedo I need to restart after doing that?03:30
UgonsCan anyone help? Here's my post.03:30
macono--name: no03:30
no--nameso why does update-manager tell us to restart sometimes?03:31
KM0201Ugons: did you follow that link i gave you?03:31
PythonicHelp plz03:31
macono--name: if you install byobu and answer "yes" when it asks if it should run by default, you'll get a nice screen session that when you look at your terminal lists how many updates are available at the bottom in red and shows a blue R if you need to reboot03:31
UgonsYes, I figured out the network controller03:31
ralliasno--name: Updates to kernal, or other major functions.03:31
UgonsI tried to private chat you but you didn't reply so I just posted it03:31
Jordan_UUgons: It's best to at least include a short description of the problem/question even if you link to a forum thread for all the details.03:31
no--nameok maco03:31
KM0201Ugons: because i put you on ignore when you decided to paste me your entire freaking lspci...03:32
KM0201thats annoying03:32
UgonsSorry KM03:32
ousPythonic: ruby *script name*03:32
KM0201Ugons: now if you can listen,i don't have a problem helping you.03:32
ousPythonic: at least I think...03:32
prod____hi guys, can someone link me or enlighten me as to how i make a shell script that executes every file in a certain directory. thanx03:32
Pythonicous, I tried that, thats not it03:32
ousPythonic: what does it tell you?03:33
Pythonicruby: No such file or directory03:33
macoPythonic: install it03:33
Pythonicmaco already done03:33
ousPythonic: did you try "which ruby"03:33
DarksurfOK, looks like I'm going back to Sabayon and I'll just use eselect in gentoo :( this sucks. Ubuntu has a much better system for updates too. the only thing I dislike about ubuntu is that the package system is crazy messed up. one application is split into several packages which causes confusion and irritation :(03:33
macoous: itll say not found03:33
macoPythonic: if you type ruby and hit tab a few times... maybe its like ruby5 or something like that?03:34
Jordan_UPythonic: Did you give the correct path to the ruby script?03:34
Pythoniclet me see03:34
Pythonicmaco, Yes, it says ruby 1.803:35
macoPythonic: with that space? O_o03:35
Pythonicruby     ruby1.803:35
macoPythonic: ok so the command is ruby1.8 not just ruby03:35
Jordan_Umaco: He is using the right name for the command, it's the path to the script (most likely) that is wrong.03:36
sacarlsonprod____: you want to know how to write a script or just how to change priv to exicute?  chmod +x ./nameofyourscript  or man chmod03:36
macoJordan_U: but it said the ruby was not found...03:36
jayd3ebtw I followed the samba4 installation HOW TO to a T, and the command "samba" isn't accessible from the command line.  I also started the server and I can't access the specified shares from my windows computers03:37
Pythonicmaco, that doesnt work either03:37
kermiti tried to do-release-upgrade.. it got interrupted, now any apt-get or aptitude or dpkg command results in "Processing was halted because there were too many errors."03:37
macoPythonic: ok then i guess the others are right. you're getting the path to the file wrong03:38
SilivrenionSo, I've been getting subpar graphics performance, but I've never installed the drivers for my graphics card. I found my computer has an ATI Radeon X300 mobility display in it.. how should I go about getting the right driver so acceleration is better?03:39
PythonicNo, The file is on my desktop, and I'm using ~/Desktop/<file>03:39
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?03:39
PythonicI got it in all correctly; I don't see whats wrong03:39
Jordan_UPythonic: What is the output of "ls -l ~/Desktop/<file>"?03:40
Pythoniclets see03:40
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:40
PythonicI got it now03:41
_TristanI was messing around with gdm themes and now during logout I have some new theme, which I don't like. How do I remove it?03:41
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col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?03:45
sshcHi, what scanner program that works do you use?03:46
justinsaneubuntu is no longer picking up my sound card, thus i have no sound! please help. it would be greatly appreciated. much love. thanks.03:46
prod____sarcarlson: i need to write a script that executes all files03:46
Dead_Storagebleachbit is stuck on Clipboard 0, does this just take a long time or is it just frozen?03:47
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?03:48
prod____sarcarlson : being a noob i thought ./* would work but i was highly mistaken :)03:48
sacarlsonprod____: a script that does that makes no sence to me but you could write a bash script to do it with the find command03:48
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=== Pythonic is now known as Pythonic[bnc]
bc81sshc, simple scan doesn't work for you?03:49
[thor]maco: ( this is bjorn___ ) thank-you for setting me on the right path. My network-manager woes are a thing of the past, and i have at least a basic knowledge of ifconfig.03:49
hajmolahelp! I can't get my built-in microphone OR my audio input working... the faders are up. Output works just fine03:49
justinsanehow can i get Ubuntu to recognize my sound card for playback??03:49
mikebotDoes anyone think that they can help me install ubuntu from a usb drive? I have tried multiple usb drives, multiple install methods (pendrive + unetbootin) and still no luck :( ....03:49
maco[thor]: glad to help03:49
=== root is now known as Guest11917
KM0201mikebot: usually unetbootin works fairly flawlessly... what happens when you try to boot the usb?03:50
LoofABI'm trying to get my old laptop with a SuperSavage chipset working at a decent speed. Various screen updates (when someone does a 'slide' motion or fades in/out) are HORRIBLY slow. DRI is enabled, but 3d (and presumably 2d) accel. fails.03:50
prod____sarcarlson: I need a bunch of programmes to start on startup, I symlink all the executables to this folder where i want to run the script. I have seen mention of using the find command so i will look further into it, thanx for your time again :)03:50
LoofAB[ 25854.488] (EE) AIGLX error: Calling driver entry point failed03:50
mikebotKM0201: Well, if I press nothing, the purple screen goes away after 2 seconds and I get a terminal-like screen... it scrolls a bunch of text and then freees.03:51
LoofABAny suggestions on diagnosing/fixing the issue?03:51
Unauthorisedhowdy, when making a package, how I can I specify the install path? or root path? or ??  eg:  all files go in /usr/local/bin, or even a file by file "lookup table"?03:51
bullgard4What hdparm options should I use in order to test if there are hardware faults on my partition /dev/sda7?03:51
justinsanehow can i get Ubuntu to recognize my sound card for playback??03:51
Dead_Storagehow do i do a system restore to like 10 mins ago03:51
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?03:51
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?03:51
FloodBot1col0ur: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:51
mikebotKM0201: If I press a button, the menus come up (where I pick English and then can click to install or boot) and whatever option I choose, the terminal thing happens again.03:51
TSquar3dHey all... so I am having a connectivity problem. I have a macbook running ubuntu 10.10. I recently tried to update the iSight firmware and now, although I can detect wifi and ethernet networks, I cannot connect... any ideas?03:51
macoUnauthorised: #ubuntu-packaging is better, but a packagename.install file in debian/ is the answer03:51
KM0201mikebot: hmm, thats strange...03:52
KM0201that doesn't sound like a unetbootin or pendrive problem.03:52
Unauthorisedmaco: ahh thanks! I'll look into that.03:52
mikebotKM0201: Right... and I've tried two different usb drives03:52
macoUnauthorised: install path for ./configure would go in debian/rules03:52
mikebotKM0201: So I'm wondering if it's the computer.... just bought it, came with WIn 7 Starter... Lenovo S10-303:52
KM0201mikebot: i doubt its the computer....03:53
greenwaxexcuse me. does anyone here have experience using raid arrays as home folders?03:53
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?03:53
KM0201i mean, it oculd be.. but i doubt it... it may just have some sort of hardware issue w/ ubuntu.03:53
Unauthorisedmaco: thanks again, unfortunately I'm not using autoconf stuff, it's just a set of scripts for now...03:53
mikebotKM0201: I formatted both drives to FAT32 with the Win7 built-in software03:53
macoUnauthorised: oh ok. well the commands for the compilation go in debian/rules03:54
mikebotKM0201: I think once I formatted one with the pendrive option03:54
macoUnauthorised: debian/rules is really just a Makefile03:54
mikebotKM0201: I can't tell what one of the drives is, the other is a Kingston03:54
blackstaris there any way that i can update iptables without the need of compiling ?03:54
bc81col0ur: what wine version, what game?03:54
mikebotKM0201: Is there any other way to install this to an unallocated partition? The usb has an exe on it...03:54
KM0201mikebot: hmm, ver strange.03:54
justinsanewhy can't ubuntu no longer pick up my soundcard? it use to work just fine!!03:54
Unauthorisedmaco: cool, thanks again (:03:54
col0urbc81, wine1.3, Half Life03:54
KM0201mikebot: the "exe" is Wubi, do not use that03:55
sacarlsongreenwax: I experimented with raid and find they work about the same as a normal file system until you need to maintain them when they break03:55
=== bencahill_ is now known as bencahill
bc81col0ur: in winecfg, try unckecking "allow the window manager to control the windows"03:56
mikebotKM0201: OK.... is there a way to debug this from the last line of the terminal thing?03:56
greenwaxsacarlson: WHen I mount my raid array as my home folder it starts having an incredibly slow write speed.03:56
TSquar3dHey all... so I am having a connectivity problem. I have a macbook running ubuntu 10.10. I recently tried to update the iSight firmware and now, although I can detect wifi and ethernet networks, I cannot connect... any ideas?03:56
KM0201mikebot: that would be the first thing i'd try...03:56
greenwaxsacarlson: did you experience that ?03:56
col0urcol0ur, k03:56
mikebotKM0201: On the one I just tried it ended at "[6.548159] USB Mass Storage support registered"03:56
KM0201mikebot: wellt hat doesn't sound particularly lethal03:56
mikebotKM0201: With the other drive it would constantly stop at something else.03:56
col0urbc81, testing now03:57
blackstaris there any way that i can update iptables without the need of compiling ?03:57
mikebotKM0201: Oh, I also tried the old with with nomodeset and the noascpisomething, and the new one with nomodeset03:57
sacarlsongreenwax: well in my case it was slow since it was simulated in virtualbox,  so in real world I'm not sure of speed,  it may depend on if it's syncing something03:57
mikebotKM0201: I think I tried the other usb drive with aspci=off, too03:57
col0urbc81, unforunately it didn't work03:57
macomikebot: aspci? do you mean apic or acpi?03:57
mikebotmaco: I cannot remember--one of the f6 options from the purple screen03:58
justinsanehow can i tell if my sound card is recognized?03:58
mikebotmaco: I didn't type in anything randomly, I chose one of the options on the list03:58
bc81col0ur: check is there are bugs with your version of hl/wine: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?appId=803:58
justinsanefellow jaunty jackalopes, how can i tell if my sound card is recognized?03:58
greenwaxsacarlson: yeah mine is not syncing. it is just super slow write speeds (read is fine). but write is at around 3/Mbs03:58
pragma_hrm, actually, I get a 404 when trying to apt-get install libc6-dbg:  ##c03:58
col0urbc81, okay03:59
prod____greenwax: I used raid on my workstation but it was more a pain in the *** than what it was worth.03:59
macojustinsane: less /proc/asound/cards03:59
col0urthing is it's not just Half Life03:59
col0urit's a number of other games too03:59
pragma_I can't copy/paste text from the virtual machine, so I have to use a screenshot: http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=330303:59
sacarlsongreenwax: what software raid mode are you using?03:59
pragma_how can I resolve that?03:59
greenwaxsacarlson: raid 103:59
col0urbc81, i don't thing it's a wine issue03:59
pragma_http://imgbin.org/images/3303.PNG -- direct link03:59
col0urbc81, cause on Hardy it never happened03:59
pragma_er, disregard the first 4 lines of the screenshot04:00
KM0201pragma_: i'm gonna go out on a limb and ask "did you try what it told you to do?"04:00
pragma_KM0201: yes, no result04:00
blackstarany one know how can i applied the iptable patch from netfilter?04:00
mikebotmaco: KM0201: ANy ideas on where to go from here?04:00
KM0201mikebot: unfortunately no04:00
macojustinsane: wait a second...do you realise that jaunty jackalope isnt supported anymore?04:00
happyfacewhere can I go to get help on putty?04:00
mikebotKM0201: SOmeone earlier mentioned a problem with Intel vid cards?...04:01
justinsanemaco: i have 10.10, i just like that name.04:01
mikebotKM0201: Maybe my time with ubuntu has come to an end :/04:01
sacarlsongreenwax: well raid 1 will proby be slow since it's the mirror mode and will have to write the data 2 times and only has to read it one time04:01
KM0201mikebot: i guess some intel vid cards could be a problem?... my intel video card works fine....04:01
justinsanemaco: why would my computer all of a sudden not detect my sound card? any freakin idea?04:01
TSquar3dHey all... so I am having a connectivity problem. I have a macbook running ubuntu 10.10. I recently tried to update the iSight firmware and now, although I can detect wifi and ethernet networks, I cannot connect... any ideas?04:01
pragma_well, actually, I only tried --fix-missing ... I'll try apt-get update04:01
* pragma_ would rather not update but...04:01
macojustinsane: did you upgrade to a new ubuntu release? or just do normal updates?04:01
justinsanetsquar3d: dsl or cable?04:01
_Techie_how cross hardware compatable is a fresh install of ubtuntu 10.40.1, i need to know if i install it to a 2.5inch usb drive whether that install will work when the drive is inserted back into the laptop it originated from04:01
macojustinsane: and does it actually not list it in /proc/asound/cards ?04:01
pragma_oh, update != upgrade04:02
justinsanemaco: installed 10.10 fresh04:02
* pragma_ facepalms04:02
TSquar3djustinsane: DSL04:02
=== aghjh is now known as CensoredBiscuit
TSquar3djustinsane: have never had problens until literally a few minutes ago.04:02
justinsanetSquar3d: im no expert, but i just had a similar problem. issue may be in DNS04:02
pragma_well, it's installing libc6-dbg now04:02
maco_Techie_: ive carried drives around and plugged into random computers all over campus with no problems04:02
* pragma_ disappears.04:02
mikebotKM0201: Do you know of anyone else it would be wise to ask? LIke someone in the ubuntu community?04:02
sacarlsongreenwax: raid 1 is meant for total redundancy like what a bank would use in the event one disk fails thinks keep working04:02
bc81col0ur: couple things to try:  disable compiz (if running), use wine 1.0, or 1.204:02
justinsanetSquar3d: one solution, may not be the most elegant, is to restart router. get the PPPoE from provider and redo everything. workd for me04:02
MrMintanetfceu is launching my ,rom files but not playing audio.  Anyone have any suggestions?04:03
_Techie_maco, thanks, with that being said i will give it a go ahead later today04:03
greenwaxsacarlson: yeah that is what I thought too but when i tried mounting it in /media its write speed shot up to 60/Mbs. which makes me think that it has something to do with being the home directory04:03
KM0201mikebot: not really.. sorry... try the ubuntuforums.org04:03
mikebotKM0201: OK, thanks.04:03
TSquar3djustinsane: well... the odd thing is that this is not affecting any of my other computers on the same router.04:03
col0urbc81, compiz isn't running04:03
pc_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81895  can anybody tell me about the two last steps04:03
col0urwill try downgrading later04:03
justinsanetSquar3d: i hear ya. same problem04:03
TSquar3djustinsane: and it only just happened after I updated the iSight firmware.04:03
pc_I did them but does not happen anything04:03
KM0201pc_: that is like 5yrs old... it probably doesn't even work anymore04:04
justinsanemaco: it's not listed04:04
sshcbc81: Yes, "Simple Scan" works! Thanks!!04:04
pc_really ? uhmmmm04:04
bc81sshc: glad to hear it :-)04:04
sacarlsongreenwax: it would have to do with how many files in the dir and how big they are,  if media has no files or less files then it would be faster to sync04:04
justinsanemaco: brb, restarting updates...04:04
macojustinsane: is this a totally fresh install or a "installed it earlier then installed updates" install?04:04
KM0201pc_: why don't you just use pidgin?.04:04
sshcbc81: I've tried other programs for a long frusterating period of time, but the result was either the top portion or a small vertical white line04:04
pc_it does not work04:05
LinuxGuy2009I'm reading up on adding an entry to /etc/fstab to automount my MyBookLive NAS drive and I noticed that the filesystem location at the start of the entry has two forward slashes as opposed to just one. Is there a logical reason for this? Do network locations require the double slashes?04:05
pc_I could not log to my previous accont04:05
KM0201pc_: then you're doing something wrong.. i'm on my yahoo account right now on pidgin04:05
macoLinuxGuy2009: for samba, yes they do. dunno for others04:05
pc_uhmm ??04:05
bc81sshc: yea i'm having all kinds of wine problems in maverick, too.  but in karmic didn't have so many04:06
sacarlsongreenwax: that's just a guess I"m not sure04:06
LinuxGuy2009maco: ok Ill keep that in mind. Thanks.04:06
macopc_: how old of an ubuntu are you using? older versions of pidgin dont work with yahoo since yahoo got rid of the default server it used to use04:06
greenwaxsacarlson: yeah... well i had all of the same files on the disk. it was just mounted in a different place04:06
bullgard4Welche hdparm-Optionen sollte ich verwenden, um zu prüfen, ob Hardwarefehler auf meiner Partition /dev/sda7 sind?04:06
pc_I used 10.1004:07
bullgard4Welche hdparm-Optionen sollte ich verwenden, um zu prüfen, ob Hardwarefehler auf meiner Partition /dev/sda7 sind?04:07
pc_just downlaodes04:07
sacarlsongreenwax: maybe the sync process had already completed?04:07
maco!de | bullgard404:07
ubottubullgard4: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.04:07
greenwaxsacarlson: hunh? i don't know what you mean04:07
chmodpc_, works for me too04:08
bullgard4What hdparm options should I use in order to test if there are hardware faults on my partition /dev/sda7?04:08
kermit"0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded."  why is 1 not upgraded?04:08
sacarlsongreenwax: did you try move it back to /home after you moved it to /media?  it may have already synced,  when you first start the raid it has to copy ond disk to the other to start to make the mirror04:08
pc_but can you see all the people in the lsit or no ?04:08
justinsane_please help! ubuntu is no longer picking up my sound card (soundblaster fatality)04:09
Loshkibullgard4: I would use fsck, and then look at the SMART data using smartctl...04:09
macojustinsane_: if it worked in a previous release and not this one, i think you're in "file a bug" territory:  ubuntu-bug -s audio04:09
greenwaxsacarlson: oh yeah. i see what you mean. I did move it back and the performance dropped right off again04:09
KM0201pc_: copy/paste the lines in post #5, paste line one, hit enter, let it run, paste line 2, hit enter, let it run, then line 3...  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159254004:09
sacarlsongreenwax: or did you change the raid type when you moved?04:10
greenwaxsacarlson: nope04:10
macojustinsane_: though...you can try linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic04:10
macojustinsane_: requires a reboot after install04:10
greenwaxeverything was the same, just changed the fstab04:10
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps04:10
sacarlsongreenwax: I"m clueless04:10
pc_where I psot it ?04:10
Eryn_1983_FLi just did a  reboot04:10
pc_post it04:10
Eryn_1983_FLi am tryin to get my drives that are lvm2 to show up04:11
greenwaxsacarlson: yeah me too. thanks for your help though04:11
pc_in the terminal ?????????04:11
Eryn_1983_FLits like they arnt even there anymore..04:11
justinsane_maco: no, because it has worked in 10.10 before...04:11
bullgard4Loshki: I have done exactly this before. I could not detect any fault. Still GParted cannot move this partition.04:11
justinsane_maco: just recently stopped working...04:11
macojustinsane_: well thats "ew" ... try booting an older kernel?04:11
justinsane_maco; does it have something to do with pulseaudio?04:11
KM0201pc_: do you not see where it says .. "type in terminal..."04:12
macojustinsane_: pulseaudio runs on top of the drivers. if you have nothing in /proc/asound/cards, thats the driver or udev or something kernel-y screwing up04:12
justinsane_Maco: i've never booted an older kernel...04:12
macojustinsane_: hold shift during boot and use arrow keys to pick the 3rd entry instead of the first04:12
bc81bullgard4: you test drive for errors? touch /forcefsck04:12
justinsane_let me try that04:12
bc81bullgard4: then you reboot: shutdown now -r04:12
justinsane_maco: any disclaimers?S04:12
macojustinsane_: nope04:12
sacarlsongreenwax: oh and how many users do you have on that system?  maybe other users were reading and writing at the same time so that would slow it down, as media may not of had as much trafic04:12
justinsane_maco: k, brb. wish me godspeed.04:13
retro_Hey there, what would someone do if they came back to your computer with no mouse, keyboard, or display working, when all of which functioned 3 minutes ago?04:13
Loshkibullgard4: it might not be a hardware issue. Try a different partition editor?04:13
retro_I can ping the computer, but no SSH.04:13
macoretro_: assume their friend pranked them and unplugged everything?04:13
greenwaxsacarlson: I don't think that is it either. I am the only user04:13
retro_I checked.04:13
sacarlsongreenwax: ok04:13
bullgard4bc81: What do you mean by "touch /forcefsck"?04:14
retro_No one is in the house.04:14
retro_I left to go grab a snack.04:14
retro_Came back an bam! nothing.04:14
macobullgard4: use the touch command to create /forcefsck04:14
macobullgard4: "sudo touch /forcefsck"04:14
bullgard4Loshki: GParted is the most advanced partition editor as far as I know.04:14
lc0658385about to do an install of ubuntu alongside vista04:15
KM0201lc0658385: ok..?04:15
Loshkibullgard4: "most advanced" does not imply "most bug-free". Try using fdisk instead?04:15
bc81bullgard4: check drives for errors, then come right back04:15
lc0658385not im not sure hether to install 32 bit 64 bit. i have been googling. but seems there is alot of confusion04:15
KM0201lc0658385: how much RAM do you have?04:16
macolc0658385: it depends what CPU you have and how much RAM04:16
lc0658385if i want to run ine stuff. should i avoid 64 bit ??04:16
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?04:16
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?04:16
FloodBot2col0ur: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
KM0201lc0658385: *some*(not much anymore) oddball hardware may work better under 32bit, or some web plugins, etc.. work better under 32bit...04:16
lc0658385maco: i have turion 64 x2 processor and 2 gb of ram04:16
bullgard4Loshki: Thank you very much for your advice. I know the command fdisk well.04:17
KM0201lc0658385: if it were me, w/ only 2gigs of ram, i'd just install 32bit.04:17
bullgard4bc81: Stop trolling.04:17
lc0658385maco: and broadcom wireless. i think that might be a problem on 64 bit. maybe thats a wrong assumption ?04:17
Loshkibullgard4: so can you move the partition using fdisk?04:17
justinsanemaco: did that to no avail!04:17
macolc0658385: there are native drivers now04:18
bc81bullgard4: why do you think i'm trolling?  i'm giving you legitimate advice..you can choose not to take it, but please don't falsely accuse me04:18
macolc0658385: i think dell threatened broadcom if they didnt release some post-haste04:18
KM0201maco: lol04:18
ralliasCan someone help me fix my postfix installation?04:18
lc0658385maco: thanks.. hmm.. sounds like you think 64 bit is safe enough04:18
macolc0658385: ive been using it since '08 (when i got a 64bit machine)04:18
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Can you explain exactly what you're trying to do, and pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" and any error messages from gparted?04:18
lc0658385maco: thanks.. i will install it ;)04:19
macolc0658385: the only caution is that i find 64bit to be a bit slower than 32bit with equal amounts of ram. my 64bit machine now has 4gb04:19
justinsanecan someone help me troubleshoot my sound card. Ubuntu is no longer detecting it!04:19
KM0201lc0658385: 64bit is probably fine... i've used 32bit on a 64bit machine for 4yrs, no issues.. i just don't see the point of 64bit, w/ less than 4gigs of ram04:19
strigoi66Hello, can any one help me with setup of dual screen with each one different not mirrored. I use an ati radeon 9250 and am running ubuntu 10.04lts with all latest updates/drivers.04:19
TSquar3d_Okay... so I want to reset all of my network settings... can anyone tell me how to do this?04:19
lc0658385maco: hm. slower . thats not good. im on a hp pavilion tx1000. old lady04:20
bullgard4Jordan_U: Just a minute, please.04:20
Mauricio12345how can i suspend my netbook whit ubuntu 10.10, its a hasee netbook and wont suspend04:20
Loshkilc0658385: then go 32 bit for now. You can upgrade later if you add more ram...04:20
Mauricio12345i try the s2ram command04:21
Mauricio12345but isnt works04:21
Jordan_ULoshki: lc0658385: The only way to "04:21
Eryn_1983_FLany ideas04:21
macolc0658385: others say they notice no difference. its possibly just because i keep so much stuff running constantly... id have > 100 firefox tabs with regularity at the time04:21
Jordan_ULoshki: lc0658385: ... to "upgrade" from 32 to 64 but Ubuntu is to re-install.04:21
bullgard4Jordan_U: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/gparted-input-output-error-waehrend-von-dev-sd/04:21
macoMauricio12345: sudo pm-suspend --auto-quirks     ?04:21
Mauricio12345maco thanks04:21
Mauricio12345im trying now04:21
macoMauricio12345: possibly just not well-supported hardware04:22
=== DrKenobi_ is now known as DrKenobi
LoshkiJordan_U: lc0658385: agreed,  The only way to "upgrade" from 32 to 64 is to re-install...04:22
Mauricio12345maco in winbugs works fine04:22
cokegenhi ... anyone has crashes with X-Chat ?04:23
macoMauricio12345: ...so?04:23
macoMauricio12345: windows support does not imply linux support04:23
Mauricio12345maco so this is not a hardware prolem04:23
Mauricio12345mavo ok04:23
macoMauricio12345: didnt say it was. implied it was a driver problem.04:23
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg" after getting this IO error? I still suspect it's a hardware problem, even if SMART says nothing is wrong.04:23
justinsaneany ideas why ubuntu is no longer detecting my sound card!?!?04:23
macojustinsane please file a bug. there are a group of people who know how the audio stack works04:24
justinsanemaco: ok04:24
TSquar3d_Okay... so I want to reset all of my network settings... can anyone tell me how to do this?04:24
macoMauricio12345: you can file a bug with: ubuntu-bug -p linux04:24
Mauricio12345maco i know, well, i will try the command now, thanks and sorry by my very bad english04:24
justinsanehow do i file a bug04:25
bullgard4Jordan_U: This will take time. I need to boot that computer in question.04:25
Mauricio12345ok maco04:25
macojustinsane: as i told you earlier:   ubuntu-bug -s audio04:25
pc_woooow thanks I does work04:25
pc_thanks KM020104:26
KM0201pc_: no prob, but i don't know why it didn't work w/ pidgin or empathy.. it should have04:26
pc_uhmm I have no idea04:26
pc_I am a bigginer hihi04:26
[Adam|Miner]Are there any known issues with sandybridge or SSDs? I can't get my installs to finish04:27
justinsanemaco: will they contact me?04:28
macojustinsane: yes, information requests will be made on the bug report, and they will show up in your email. you can simply reply to the emails04:28
Loshkibullgard4: if I understand correctly, you had read failures during smart self-test. "The previous self-test completed having the read element of the test failed". That's bad...04:28
[Adam|Miner]I have tried both CD and usb inbstallations, both failed04:28
bullgard4Loshki: I took notice.04:29
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?04:30
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?04:30
FloodBot2col0ur: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
mauricio_maco the command donts04:30
mauricio_dont works04:30
Loshkibullgard4: in your place, I would run an extended SMART self test next...04:30
bc81TSquar3d_: something lilke this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42317604:30
macomauricio_: they got rid of teh "-p" apparently.     ubuntu-bug linux04:30
mauricio_maco -p??04:31
bullgard4Loshki: I took it already. Just a moment. I am busy.04:31
macomauricio_: yes i said "ubuntu-bug -p linux" before, but the command apparently changed to just "ubuntu-bug linux"04:31
Loshkibullgard4: ok, good luck...04:32
=== CripperZ is now known as CripperzM
mauricio_maco aa ok04:32
Jordan_Ucol0ur: Please don't paste your question twice every time you ask it.04:33
col0urJordan_U, sorry04:33
justinsanemaco: will they contact me?04:33
justinsanedisregard that04:34
bc81TSquar3d_: see also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Editing%20Network%20Settings%20in%20Nm-editor04:34
mauricio_maco the report send personal information to launchpad like user, archives??04:34
macomauricio_: just hardware information and the email address at which to contact you for more information about the problem04:35
bc81TSquar3d_: or (if using newer distro): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Editing%20Network%20Settings%20in%20GConf04:35
avashi1guys I downloaded a momex theme and it has a tar.gz extension.. how do i install it ??04:35
mauricio_maco ok, thanks04:35
avashi1I am sorry its Moomex theme with tar.gz extension04:35
macoavashi1: .tar.gz is like .zip -- double click to open it and see whats inside?04:35
avashi1when i double clik it, its got Moomex folder04:36
DrKenobi<avashi1>, maybe you'll have to comiple :s04:36
avashi1DrKenobi here is a link to theme >> http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Moomex-Theme?content=5706304:37
avashi1i dont know what you mean by compile.. I have no computer knowledge04:37
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
macoavashi1: is it just a gnome theme *named* Moomex?04:38
avashi1Dr please help04:38
macoavashi1: if so, drag the .tar.gz into the system -> preferences -> appearance window04:38
bc81avashi1: you can i think drag and drop it onto the themes window04:38
avashi1I tried drag and drop but pop up menu for system don't open04:38
bullgard4Jordan_U: I started anwe th operation to move /dev/sda7 to the left and enlarge it. This will take 13 mins.04:38
macoavashi1: open the window from the menu first04:39
macoavashi1: then drag the tarball into the open window04:39
bullgard4Jordan_U: I started anwew the operation to move /dev/sda7 to the left and enlarge it. This will take 13 mins.04:39
DrKenobii was wrong, its just a theme, follow maco and bc81 advice04:39
bullgard4Jordan_U: No, it will take 19 mins.04:39
IRCLemurAnyone here ever boot directly from an ISO using grub2?04:40
avashi1marco I open the window first but still can't drag it04:40
bc81avashi1: you try to put it in your ~/.themes folder?04:41
bc81avashi1: extract it into there04:42
DrKenobiavashi1 Firts try at "System-->Preferences-->Appereance" with the "Install" button04:42
col0urJordan_U, sorry04:42
[Adam|Miner]What filesystem should I use, I think ext4 might be my issue04:42
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?04:42
DrKenobiif you cant install it by drag and drop04:43
bullgard4Loshki: http://pastebin.com/vr7HtGHt04:43
_TristanI somehow got a custom splash screen (which is only visible when logging out). How can I reset it back to the default?04:44
avashi1Dr install button says "theme correctly installed but I dont see that theme04:44
avashi1this is giving me very hard time04:44
DrKenobiit should be really easy. close the window and open it again04:44
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
avashi1Dr i go to system>pref>appearenace and still do not see that theme04:45
Loshkibullgard4: the read failures worry me. Are they recent?04:45
avashi1why ?04:45
=== dave is now known as Guest85907
bc81avashi1: i just tried it..open ~/.themes (it's hidden, so use Ctrl+h to see it), drop in the 57063-Moomex.tar.gz, extract it.  and then its there04:46
DrKenobiavashi1 I don't know, it should be there! Try with bc81 tip!04:46
avashi1bc81 how do i get to themes folder ?04:46
avashi1i dont see theme folder04:46
bc81open your home folder and press Ctrl+h it's hidden04:47
avashi1holy cow, there is a lot of stuff popped up when i did cntrl h04:47
bc81avashi1: yes, those are hidden configuration files/folder04:48
avashi1i see the momex folder now04:48
avashi1but how do i enable that theme04:48
xanguaavashi1: system>prefs>appearenc ; extract the theme and drag it to the window04:48
no--namehi. i am running ubuntu-server with fluxbox and after I used jockey-gtk to activate my nvidia card drivers and restarted, the fonts became smaller, how do i get them back to normal?04:48
no--nameit is ubuntu-server 10.10 i38604:49
no--namemy nvidia card is a geforce 7600 gs04:49
avashi1bc81 i do see moomex folder but how do i enable the theme04:49
Jordan_Uno--name: System > Preferences > Appearance Go to the Fonts tab, click Details, then increase the dots per inch.04:50
buckyno--name, System > Preferences > Monitors   go down in your resolution04:50
no--namethe resolution is the same04:50
bc81avashi1: do as xangua said..(or run this in a terminal: gnome-appearance-properties %F04:50
col0urTimidity or Fluidsynth?04:50
LinuxNoobi cant get ubuntu to install :(04:50
buckyno--name, listen to Jordan_U04:50
no--nameJordan_U, : ok I'll try that.. but I'm not running gnome so I don't know how to access that application04:51
avashi1bc81, i tried both ways and still do not see that theme04:51
ubuseris there a way to clear ur flash drive, mine is sayin its only 2 megs04:51
col0urTimidity or Fluidsynth?04:51
KM0201LinuxNoob: well why is it not installing?04:51
Jordan_Uno--name: Try asking in #fluxbuntu.04:51
dave9greetings all04:51
LinuxNoobbtw, who has used the usb method to put linux on a just dod formated hdd04:51
col0urLinuxNoob, can you elaborate?04:51
ubuseri just put some games on it the other day, and deleted them now its saying its only 2 megs is there a way to format or clean ur flash drive??04:52
LinuxNoobi dunno, it goes to the purple linux thing the first thing that opens04:52
col0urLinuxNoob, i installed via USB today if that's any help!04:52
no--nameJordan_U, ok thanks04:52
LinuxNoobwith the 5 dots04:52
Jordan_Uno--name: You're welcome.04:52
LinuxNooband it just loads..and loads...and loads...04:52
col0urLinuxNoob, when booting from the USB?04:52
KM0201linux_probe: hit escape, and see what the command line says bheind it, where its freezing up.04:52
LinuxNooband also when i use a cd04:52
KM0201LinuxNoob: woops, see above04:52
=== CensoredBiscuit2 is now known as CensoredBiscuit
LinuxNoobi tried 10.10 regular and 10.10 alternate04:52
speedhog_i have installed ubuntu from usb 2 times04:52
avashi1xangua/bc81 i don't see that theme in appearence tab04:52
ubuserhow do you format ur flash drive its only sayin 2 megs, please i want to upgrade from 4.1 ubuntu04:52
col0urTimidity or Fluidsynth?04:52
markosowhats command like to check folder perms04:52
bullgard4Loshki: Yes.04:53
ubuserim out of blank cds, whats a free prog that burns iso's04:53
bc81avashi1: what ubuntu version, what desktop environment?04:53
bastidrazormarkoso: ls -hald /path/to/folder04:53
Jordan_Uubuser: What utility is saying that it's only 2 megs?04:53
ubuserwhat teh command for fixing a flash drive its only 2 megs04:53
ubuserflash drive04:53
ubusermy pc, i cant put *&#% on it04:53
bullgard4Loshki: They are the latest. But as the "time" origin is not given, I cannot say what date they refer to . It is the oepration time of the hard disk.04:54
ubuserim actually going to use lubuntu, because my pc is crap04:54
ubuser768 processor, w00t04:54
markosols: cannot access test: No such file or directory04:54
bullgard4Loshki: They are the latest. But as the "time" origin is not given, I cannot say what date they refer to . It is the operation time of the hard disk.04:54
markosoi am in test04:54
col0urTimidity or Fluidsynth?04:54
LinuxNoobjust reformated my flash drive, and reput linux on there using the usb thingy tool04:54
LinuxNooblets hope it works x)x04:54
col0urLinuxNoob, :)04:55
ubuseris there a command to format the flash drive from terminal04:55
bastidrazormarkoso: what is the command you're typing?04:55
ubuserwhats the name of the tool guy04:55
col0urTimidity or Fluidsynth? Which should I install?04:55
dave9I'm having problems getting my Nvidia graphics card driver to install in 10.04. anyone know how to fix this? I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but i still can't get even "normal" settings in "visual effects"04:55
Loshkibullgard4: then if you decide to continue using the drive, I would not keep anything essential on it...04:55
markosols -hald /test04:55
Jordan_Uubuser: What utility is saying that it's only 2 megs?04:55
LinuxNoobboot error >.>04:55
bc81col0ur: prehaps ask in #ubuntustudio04:55
ubuserright click properties04:55
LinuxNooba;dkf;adkfdfadkf;dskf;dasfdsfkdsf;dsakfakd, maybe windows is better, i just cant get linux to work :(04:55
markososhould i be in test?04:55
ubuserand when i drag a .etc in the folder does not let me04:55
KM0201markoso: most likely your path is wrong.. is "/test" in your home folder?04:55
puppyhow to turn on the wireless adaptor in ubuntu 10.1004:55
col0urbc81, will do04:55
ubuseri just deleted everything off it04:55
bastidrazormarkoso: that would indicate test is located in / .. try ls -hald .04:55
markosotest is in home04:56
KM0201markoso: try    ls -hald /home/username/test04:56
bullgard4Loshki: Are you trying to frighten me? I am keeping backups. This hard drive has been working flawlessly for 4 years now.04:56
avashi1bc81 do I need to reboot the pc to see new theme04:56
markosobut i can type cd test why would it work04:56
speedhog_puppy: i couldnt get the wireless drivers working on 10.10, so i went back to 10.0404:56
bc81avashi1: most likely not, you could try logging out/in04:56
ubuserreplugged, restarted, i just want to reload my OS i dont know what progs i need dont even know a free cd burner and i need a bios booter for my flash drive and that command04:56
avashi1ok will do thanks for help bc8104:57
KM0201markoso: i guess you could cd into "test" also and do just ls -hald04:57
puppyspeedhod: oops04:57
markosook ty KM020104:57
ubuser17 hrs to reload04:57
ubuser1 blank cd no burner software04:57
puppydave9: install the driver and restart system04:57
ubuser2g flash drive but dont know how to flash it04:58
ubuserwhere is everybody...04:58
LinuxNoobdo i need to partition my hdd before i install linux, i dod formated the hdd.04:58
LinuxNoobi cant get the thing to work :(04:58
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?04:58
puppymy wireless was working with the here but I turned off during a live session.Now here I cannot turn on!04:58
dave9puppy: thanks i'll give that a try. cheers04:58
Jordan_ULinuxNoob: No, you do not need to partition the drive before installing.04:59
speedhog_puppy: well, i once had 10.04 and i updated to 10.10 and the driver kept working, but when it got accidentally uninstalled, i couldnt get it back to work04:59
puppydave9; u r welcome..........it will work04:59
bc81col0ur: i was thinking, maybe try in winecfg using a virtual desktop set to your native screen resolution04:59
LinuxNoobthen what could be the problem, why wont linux download on my system?04:59
Loshkibullgard4: hard drives get old and begin to fail. Yours is generating read errors. It is up to you whether you want to rely on a disk that has started to generate errors. Personally, I use such disks for scratch storage or unimportant data only...04:59
col0urbc81, might be worth a shot05:00
ubuserwhat is the command in terminal to reformat ur usb flash drive, its only showin its 2.3 megs when i go to properties05:00
KM0201LinuxNoob: you could just be using some weird piece of hardware thats driving it nanners05:00
fluvvellwhat is the name of the network config program in xfce? I'm trying to access it remotely (no menus)05:00
markosohow do you change pc name05:00
piper69if i have 2 different routers each is in a different subnet , router 1 is wan and router 2 gets internet thru router 1, and there is ubuntu server connected to router 2. how do i access apache2 on ubuntu server from wan05:00
bc81col0ur: also, are there any settings in HL to change resolution, or go fullscreen etc?05:00
puppyspeedhog: I used puppy 5.2 live usb and turned off and now I on from thesame live usb.But here no change in Ubuntu 10.1005:00
LinuxNooblike what?05:00
ubuserifconfig, network-admin for ubuntu05:00
col0urbc81, 800x600 only05:00
LinuxNoobi have nothing hooked up to it x_x05:01
ubuserwhat program lets u load OS from flash drive??05:01
speedhog_puppy: oh, hmm05:01
ubuserwhats a good cd burner software05:02
xanguaubuser: unetbootin is one05:02
ubuserhow do u talk to ppl like that05:02
Jordan_Uubuser: Brasero comes with Ubuntu.05:02
LinuxNoobim downloading the ultimate boot cd, hopefully that can help me out with what isnt letting me install linux X_x05:02
ubuseri got 4.1 yo05:03
speedhog_ubuser: just type <name>: <message>05:03
ubusertryin to update for 17 hrs now05:03
xanguaultimate boot cd¿05:03
ubuserhey: yea05:03
FloodBot2ubuser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
xanguaubuntu 4.1¿¿ that doesn't even exist ubuser05:03
ubusermy > and left are the same05:03
ralliaswhat program do I need to install to get saslauthd?05:04
FloodBot2ont: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:04
ubuseri got a 5.1 breezy badger sent me mahn05:04
xanguaUbuntu please don't use distros that are not longer supported05:05
ubuseri did have 9.1 i remember it had like 3 burners on it05:05
ubuserTEN HELP ME BOOT05:05
piper69if i have 2 different routers each is in a different subnet , router 1 is wan and router 2 gets internet thru router 1, and there is ubuntu server connected to router 2. how do i access apache2 on ubuntu server from wan05:05
iDangerMouseIs there a possible way to connect USR Robotics 56k Dialup fax modem to Linux/Ubuntu?05:05
ubusercommand to reformat ur usb in terminal??05:05
bazhang!enter | ubuser05:06
ubottuubuser: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:06
ubuseryeah, uh huh05:07
ubuserokay what05:07
bazhangubuser, your version is not supported. upgrade to one that is.05:07
lewixmay i ask a php question in this channel -  its mail related05:07
ubuserur gayness isnt either.05:07
bazhangubuser, that is not appropriate here.05:07
bazhang!upgrade | ubuser05:08
ubottuubuser: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:08
bazhang!eol > ubuser05:08
ubottuubuser, please see my private message05:08
ubuserwow okay05:08
=== jacques_ is now known as Guest28934
Tempus_Fugitanyone tell me how to update the GUI on clamtk?05:09
bazhangTempus_Fugit, let me check05:09
ubuserhow are you supposed to fix ur flash drive if its only showing 2.3 megs05:09
Tempus_Fugitbazhang: ty05:10
bazhangTempus_Fugit, did you mean the signatures, or the version05:10
Tempus_Fugitbazhang: the GUI version05:10
bazhangubuser, try in ##linux or upgrade your version for support05:11
ubusercomplete opposite of support doe gettin harrassed05:11
Tempus_Fugitbazhang: the signatures and virus defs are utd05:11
ubuserwtf r u talkin about05:11
bazhangTempus_Fugit, what version of ubuntu are you on05:11
ubuseri am on ubuntu05:11
ubuserand wanting the ubuntu05:11
=== root is now known as Guest91154
bazhangubuser, watch the language. I gave you the upgrade link. should you care to be supported, please follow it05:12
ubuseri'd assure you i could do without ur support05:12
speedhog_ubuser: the link bazhang gave you, you dont need to use a cd nor your usb flash05:12
speedhog_with the link*05:12
Zedeckhey guys,05:12
Zedecki'm having trouble booting a Xen PV VPS... http://paste2.org/p/122215705:13
ubuserwell, makes more sense than spam05:13
Zedeckanyone knows how to fix this?05:13
ubuserwhats it again, whats it use05:13
Zedeckit's been because of an upgrade from a linux-image-ec2 to linux-image-virtual05:13
speedhog_ubuser: scroll up to the link bazhang gave you, that page explains you how to upgrade05:14
Lichte_I installed pptp on ubuntu server 10.04 and I'm able to connect both internally and externally, but I can only access windows shares on the internal network; I'm not able to get anything once logged into the VPN from home.....any ideas ??05:15
markosowhats a good firewall?05:15
xangua!firewall | markoso05:15
ubottumarkoso: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.05:15
Lichte_oh, and I have samba installed on the server too05:16
Ugonsnew problem- I'm trying to talk to my friend on skype. what drivers do I need?05:16
markosoty xangua05:16
=== Lichte_ is now known as Lichte
DatzHi, how can I set the default editor? When I try05:17
Datzsudo update-alternatives --config editor  and run crontab -e I don't get my new choice of editor05:17
Jordan_UDatz: Is $EDITOR set?05:18
Datzwhere do I check?05:19
=== johnny is now known as Guest62193
sacarlsonUgons: as long as your sound works skype should plug and play,  it has built in test to verify it's working,05:19
Jordan_UDatz: echo $EDITOR05:19
Ugonswell I can hear him, he can't hear me05:19
DatzJordan_U: doesn't look like it. there is no output05:20
topiDatz: start another shell and try05:20
KM0201Ugons: sometimes internal mics just need some tweaking....05:20
topieh, to run crontab -e that is :)05:20
eossHello, I'm trying to update my drivers for my wireless card using this and the links seem to be outdated05:20
Tempus_FugitAnyone know how to upgrade the GUI on clamtk??05:20
Datztopi: nothing05:20
eossi have ipw2200 chipset05:20
Datzsomething like set $EDITOR=editor?05:21
Ugonswhere exactly go to change that?05:21
junioureoss which version of ubntu u are using05:22
DatzI remember a command like that, althogh all I can find now is the previous command I posted...05:22
yski have 17 gb file system and i want to mix with y ubuntu partition05:22
eossjuniour: 10.1005:22
yskhow to do it05:22
Jordan_UDatz: What is the output of "readlink -f /usr/bin/editor"?05:22
bazhangeoss, #aircrack-ng05:23
junioureoss try this system->addministration->hardware drivers05:23
DatzJordan_U: /usr/bin/emacs23-x05:23
junioureoss activate all the drivers in the list05:23
Jordan_UDatz: Is that what you want?05:23
DatzJordan_U: yes05:23
bazhangjuniour, the drivers are in the kernel, he wants to do packet injection eoss #aircrack-ng05:23
sacarlsontry skype>options>sound devices>make a test call,  if that fails try another Mircophone device if available and try again,  if that fails maybe you sound card drivers?05:23
hemispheremay I know if usb devices are mounted as read-only by default since the latest updates or is it already mounted as read-only since long time ago ?05:24
puppybazhang: could u tell me how to turn on wireless adaptor in ubuntu05:24
ubuseris there a way to clear your usb flash drive in terminal?? its showing me its only 2 megs??05:24
bazhangpuppy, which device05:25
DatzJordan_U: I ran export EDITOR=/usr/bin/emacs23 and it seemed to do the trick05:25
sudormrfYo.. does anyone know if it is possible to re-install the gnome network manager from a live-cd?05:25
=== Roxxy is now known as pixie__
oliver_Hi does anyone know how to connect the samba share on windows 7 as the host os and ubuntu as the guest?05:25
hemisphereubuser, what do you mean by clear your usb flash drive ?05:25
Jordan_Uubuser: Have you seen my comments asking you to tell me what utility is claiming that the drive is only 2 meg?05:25
junioureoss you got anything there05:25
DatzJordan_U: I'd like to start it without x for crontab, could I do somethign like export EDITOR=/usr/bin/emacs -nw   ?05:25
* Datz tries05:25
puppycompaq presario CQ60....it was working but I turned off during a live session with Puppy 5.2.And I used the same to turn it on but not working in ubuntu05:26
bazhangjuniour, no its in the kernel05:26
* Datz finds that it doesn't work05:26
LichteI installed pptp on ubuntu server 10.04 and I'm able to connect both internally and externally, but I can only access windows shares on the internal network; I'm not able to get anything once logged into the VPN from home.....any ideas ??05:26
bazhangjuniour, he should be in #aircrack-ng not here05:26
eossjuniour: I dont see drivers in admin i see "additional drivers"05:26
[thor]puppy: sudo ifconfig wan0 inet up ; sudo dhclient05:26
eossjuniour: now it says "searching for available drivers"05:26
puppybazhang:compaq presario CQ60....it was working but I turned off during a live session with Puppy 5.2.And I used the same to turn it on but not working in ubuntu05:26
puppythor: in terminal?05:26
junioureoss good go for that05:27
yskcan some body plz answer my question? i was to resize my ubuntu partition like i have one 17 gb file system free and i want to mix it up with my current ubuntu partition05:27
bazhangpuppy, lspci  ---> paste.ubuntu.com05:27
dshbusinessHello. Could anyone introduce a software to me which can merge several pdf files into one file? Thanks!05:27
Zedecknobody had a previous experience with Xen PV here? :(05:27
Jordan_UDatz: EDITOR="/usr/bin/emacs -nw"05:27
eossjuniour: it came up withonly a graphics card update05:27
Us3r_Unfriendlyhiya room05:27
junioureoss update it05:27
sacarlsonUgons: oh and also sometimes the mic has a boast mode that can be seen in sound preferences>input,  see try skype>options>sound devices>make a test call,  if that fails try another Mircophone device if available and try again,  if that fails maybe you sound card drivers?05:27
bazhangdshbusiness, pdfedit? apt-cache search pdf and take a look05:27
sudormrfYo.. does anyone know if it is possible to re-install the gnome network manager from a live-cd?05:28
UgonsI got it working, KM helped me out05:28
yskanswer mine too05:28
Us3r_Unfriendlysudormrf: I believe with chroot05:28
oliver_Hi, does anyone know how to file share with samba on windows 7 as the host os and ubuntu as the guest?05:28
Us3r_Unfriendlycorrect me if i'm wrong room05:28
bazhangysk what is your issue05:28
[thor]ysk: gparted05:28
yski have gparted05:28
ubusersimple ubuntu commands available with alt+f405:28
sudormrfUs3r_Unfriendly: Can you elaborate?05:28
junioureoss it  updating05:29
yski hav one 17 gb file system and i want to mix it with my curent ubuntu partition to make extra space for ubuntu file system05:29
bazhangjuniour, are you listening?05:29
eossjuniour: no i thought it wasnt updated but it saying it was actually05:29
[thor]!vote2ban ubuser05:29
bazhangjuniour, there are no drivers for that card in additional drivers05:29
juniourbazhang k05:29
bazhang[thor], please dont05:29
KM0201[thor]: really... come on.. this isn't a democracy05:29
sacarlsonoliver_: I've seen people having problems with windows 7 file shareing even with windows XP,  hope you have better luck than them05:29
Us3r_Unfriendlysudormrf: i'm guessing but if you were in a live environment and you open a terminal, mounted your drive, and chroot into it...I believe you could install it05:29
ubuserlike it wouldnt make my trip faster05:30
bazhangeoss, #aircrack-ng for packet injection , not here05:30
eossok thanks05:30
dshbusinessbazhang: I have tried that. But pdfeditor seems to be a little complex.05:30
oliver_Yes I got it working great on xp that's what I use.  But, my friend has windows 7 and it was completely different.05:30
ubusermake sure you dont delete the rong files tho05:31
=== blaize0 is now known as blaizer
bazhangdshbusiness, what other ones have you seen and tried from apt-cache search pdf05:31
=== blaizer is now known as blaize
Us3r_Unfriendlywindows might be okay in my book if I could use a terminal all the time05:31
dshbusinessbazhang: OK, I'll try it right now. Thanks05:31
Us3r_Unfriendly...not command prompt05:31
junioureoss wt the actuall problem you are facing05:31
oliver_Is there a video or website that anyone could recommend that might explain it?05:31
ubusermanual didnt help either05:31
ubuser-p or -g05:32
bazhangoliver_, explain what05:32
eossjuniour: its ok i figure it out thank you very much05:32
yskmy question05:32
bazhangjuniour, I told you. there are drivers for his card05:32
yskcan anyone guide me throu it05:32
bazhangjuniour, in the kernel05:32
puppybazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/560827/05:33
oliver_bazhang the samba file share with windows 7 host os and ubuntu guest os.05:33
bazhangpuppy, thats not the output from lspci05:33
oliver_Using virtualbox I should add.05:33
KM0201bazhang: lmao05:33
KM0201thats just funny05:34
puppybazhang: ok I will give it now05:34
FlynsarmyI installed the mail server with tasksel. I need to add a mail alias to forward to an email address on a diff domain (gmail account). I added it in /etc/aliases then did a sudo newaliases (no errors). Doesn't work though - get a delivery failed email. What am i doing wrong?05:34
bullgard4Jordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/56082805:34
sacarlsonoliver_: oh maybe ssh file share would be easier,  would that be an option?05:34
x_found sensors using sensors-detect, but not seeing my core i3 cpu temp.. bios shows it though.05:34
oliver_sacarlson what is ssh file share?05:34
juniourhey why cant i see the folder in windows 7 which i made in ubuntu 10.0405:35
sacarlsonoliver_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSHFS05:35
ubusersome support.05:35
bazhangjuniour, what filesystem on your ubuntu install05:35
=== blaize0 is now known as blaize
bazhangjuniour, how are you sharing the file btw05:36
juniourbazhang i have installed hrough wubi05:36
ubuserwhen i use fdisk it is saying i dont have permissions to write how to fix?05:36
remanifestHow can I get to the grub> setup menu in 10.10?05:36
ubuseri used sudo..05:36
Jordan_Uremanifest: What is your end goal?05:36
remanifestJordan_U: To setup grub manually05:36
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: sudo fdisk -l ...doesn't work for you?05:36
sacarlsonubuser: you might be trying to partition a disk you are booted from or have mounted?05:36
Jordan_Uremanifest: Why do you want to do it "manually"?05:37
remanifestJordan_U: I simply want to be able to access that setup, please... do you know how?05:37
sorandomnameyou can use gparted to configure partitions05:37
juniourbazhang i see the window7 folder and file there but vice-versa it not happened any ans05:37
remanifestJordan_U: Because it's failed to work properly on its own05:37
ubuser-l didnt display anything05:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: you might have to add yourself to either the admin group or the sudo group05:37
oliver_Ok thank you I will look into it.05:37
col0urbc81, 800x600 only05:37
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?05:37
ubuseroh okay thanks05:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: ...to use sudo if it isn't working for you right now05:37
ubuserdidnt know you had to unmount it05:37
ubuserthatll work?05:37
sorandomnameyou go into disk manager05:37
sorandomnameand then unmount the partitions05:38
Jordan_Uremanifest: What have you tried and how does it fail?05:38
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: sudo mount -l will list all the mounted partitions05:38
ubuserwhere does my flash drive go if it isnt mounted?05:38
puppybazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/560831/05:38
parohwhen will be the next update of  ubuntu will be available with libreoffice?05:38
sorandomnameSystem > Administration > Disk Utility05:38
bastidrazorCurrent status: 217 new [+24]   on an sudo apt-get upgrade No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.   10.0405:38
remanifestJordan_U: Seriously dude, can you please tell me how the syntax has changed from 0.x to 1.x?05:38
juniourhey any ans f my ques05:38
bazhangpuppy, thats still not lspci05:38
sorandomnameyou have to do sudo apt-get update first05:38
BlueBomber7Is there a way to enter *EXACT* partition size in bytes in the disk utility?05:38
bazhangjuniour, please be patient05:38
sorandomnameI think05:39
juniourbazhang k05:39
sorandomnameyou can try05:39
sorandomnameand see05:39
BlueBomber7sorandomname: I have a slider.05:39
FloodBot2sorandomname: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: it's there, just not mounted.  i personally like using "sudo tree -ash /dev/disk/" to get more info on my partitions05:39
sacarlsonubuser: you mount partitions not disks,  your usb should remain as something like /dev/sdX05:39
Jordan_Uremanifest: You use grub-setup instead if you want to do it "manually", but doing it "manually" doesn't make much sense.05:39
BlueBomber7I need to create a partition sized precisely to add to a multidisk array.05:39
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: you'll probably won't have the command "tree" but using "ls" with some arguments will do the same05:39
sorandomnameusually, partitions are mounted into the directory "/media"05:40
puppybazhang: I typed the first line only at first but says " SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation no tpossible due to RF-kill". Then I typed  both commands at a time and the result I gave u.05:40
ubusersaying i dont have tree -.-05:40
juniourbazhang in ubuntu i have right clicked on forder and clicked on sharing it says me to install sambha i have installed it bunt when i switch ti windows i cant find the folder you have idea of that shared folder path05:41
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: sudo ls -Ralh /dev/disk/05:41
bazhangpuppy, type the command lspci in the terminal  paste.ubuntu.com with that05:41
FlynsarmyI installed the mail server with tasksel. I need to add a mail alias to forward to an email address on a diff domain (gmail account). I added it in /etc/aliases then did a sudo newaliases (no errors). Doesn't work though - get a delivery failed email. What am i doing wrong?05:41
juniour in ubuntu i have right clicked on forder and clicked  on sharing it says me to install sambha i have installed it  bunt when i switch ti windows i cant find the folder you have  idea of that shared folder pat05:41
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Looks like a hardware error. You might be able to work around it by using ddrescue to read and re-write the problem blocks. What do you plan to do with the drive?05:42
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest59869
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: this shows uuid, by-path, by-label etc.05:42
sacarlsonubuser: I'm clueless what your talking about,  did you fertalize it?05:42
* ExplodingPiglets is now known as Jordan_U 05:42
ubuserwhats it do again?? lol05:42
Jordan_U!ot | ExplodingPiglets05:43
ubottuExplodingPiglets: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:43
juniourhow to share the files or folder of ubuntu for windows05:43
ExplodingPigletslol sorry05:43
ubuserno umm, i got lubuntu 10.10 i want to put it on my flash drive but it was only sayin it was 2 megs i cant find it yet..05:43
puppybazhang: Now I got it. http://paste.ubuntu.com/560832/05:43
sorandomname@junior: I usually use openssh on ubuntu, and on windows, I use filezilla. Not the best, but it works05:43
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: show's info on partitions that are connected to your machine.  it's just listing info from the /dev/disk directory05:44
ubuseri dont have a disk\05:44
BlueBomber7Will someone confirm that the disk utility does not let one enter an exact byte size for partitioning?05:44
sorandomnamehave you tried using gparted?05:44
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: also...   sudo lshw    ...will show you too.   Also "sudo lsusb" will help05:44
ubusergparted thats the name of it :D05:44
Torrcan I have ubuntu live cd on a usb flash disk?05:45
Us3r_Unfriendlyi love gparted05:45
Us3r_UnfriendlyTorr: yes05:45
bazhangAR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01) puppy05:45
KM0201Torr: google "Unetbootin"05:45
sorandomname@torr: yes05:45
Us3r_UnfriendlyTorr: check out unetbootin05:45
bazhang!atheros > puppy05:45
ubottupuppy, please see my private message05:45
sorandomname@Torr: You can use Lilo. It allows for persistence05:45
KirkMcDonaldI am on 10.10 and mediainfo doesn't seem to be in apt.05:45
KM0201bazhang: that device should work flawlessly w/ Ubuntu (i've got it on 2 laptops05:45
bullgard4Jordan_U: This hard disk is the only hard disk in my Maverick laptop computer. I was going to prepare a lecture about Banshee when my /home partiton showed an overflow. I plan to use this computer furtheron as it did in the past flawlessly. My intention is to provide more storage capacity to the home partition /dev/sda7.05:45
Torrsorandomname: persistence? you mean changes are saved?05:45
BlueBomber7sorandomname: Would you confirm that the disk utility does not let you enter an exact byte-sized (:-) partition?05:46
puppybazhang; how to get in private messages05:46
sorandomname@Torr: yes05:46
ubuserfirst one just said driver stuff no name...05:46
juniourhey can any one help me out05:46
masjokohi, alll05:46
Us3r_Unfriendlysorandomname: i haven't used lilo.  isn't it a boot loader?  or am i confusing it with a bootloader that starts with a "L"05:46
bazhangKM0201, it should indeed, looks like he has the hardware switch set to off05:46
TorrI want to buy a netbook how can I know that it is compatible with ubuntu?05:46
bullgard4Jordan_U: I did not use the command ddrescue yet. I need to read about it.05:46
ubuseram i looking for a folder or a file??05:46
bazhang!who | ubuser05:46
ubottuubuser: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:46
sorandomname@Us3r: It is a bootloader, but i think it is lili, or lilo05:46
KM0201bazhang: thats the only thing that makes sense, it's worked "out of the box"... pretty much flawlessly, since 9.04 or 9.1005:46
masjokohow to install perl/tk in ubuntu 10.10??05:47
[thor]Torr: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks05:47
masjokohow to install perl/tk in ubuntu 10.10??05:47
bazhangubuser, put the nickname of the person you are speaking to first , before your message otherwise it will be lost05:47
sorandomname@Us3r_Unfriendly: It is lili, not lilo05:47
bazhangKM0201, agreed05:47
Jordan_Ubullgard4: I know you've been told this already, but I wouldn't personally trust the drive any more.05:47
ubuseri mean gah05:47
ubuserHEY EVERY BODY, gah05:47
juniour masjoko perl comes preinstalled in ubuntu05:47
masjoko[thor], how to install perl/tk in ubuntu 10.10??05:47
bazhangubuser, stop that05:48
puppybazhang: I did not get anything05:48
Us3r_Unfriendlysorandomname: you wrote lilo05:48
sorandomnameMy mistake. It is lili usb creator05:48
bullgard4Jordan_U: Oh! Thank you for your warning.05:48
juniourhey help please05:48
Jordan_Ubullgard4: You're welcome.05:48
ubuserso if you unmount a flash drive, its usually in the folder dev/disk?05:48
Us3r_UnfriendlyTorr: unetbootin works great, except for making bootable windows flashdrive.  For that I use something else05:48
bullgard4Jordan_U: Thank you for your help.05:49
Torrso for testing a netbook  I need to take Ubuntu Netbook Remix and not just ubuntu live cd?05:49
Jordan_Ubullgard4: You're welcome.05:49
puppybazhang: I read the messages and going there to see.Thanks05:49
xanguaTorr: use what you like more05:49
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: not exactly.05:49
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as DealingWithFools
bazhangsorandomname, unetbootin and usb-creator are generally what we recommend in here for making a usb flash key bootable for iso05:49
Torrxangua: both will work? Touchscreen too?05:49
sorandomname@bazhang: I use a wubi installation and usb-creator myself.05:49
Jordan_UTorr: The hardware support is identical, it's just the UI that is different between Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Netbook Remix.05:49
ubuseri assume it isnt the same name as when it was mounted either?05:50
=== DealingWithFools is now known as _______________
[thor]Torr: netbook remix has the Unity interface, the desktop version still uses gnomepanel05:50
Us3r_Unfriendlybazhang: i've had issues with usb-creator05:50
sorandomname@ubuser: You can specify size in MB in gparted05:50
bazhangUs3r_Unfriendly, same which is why I use unetbootin05:50
BlueBomber7Where can I submit a bug/feature suggestion for the palimpsest disk utility?05:50
KM0201Jordan_U: well, i'd say the main difference is, Gnome doesn't suck, and UNR does.. :)05:50
BlueBomber7I can email the author personally as a fallback ;)05:50
Us3r_Unfriendlybazhang: i mean it looks like it works but when actually trying, sometimes it's not 100% for me05:50
bazhangsorandomname, not used wubi, so not really familiar from a first person perspective ie samba, file-sharing etc05:51
bazhangBlueBomber7, brainstorm05:51
ubottuPost your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!05:51
Us3r_Unfriendlywubi is too scary for me05:51
Jordan_U_______________: Please stop changing your nick, it just adds noise in the channel.05:51
sorandomname@bazhang: Wubi allows you to install ubuntu on a hard disk with windows, without repartitioning05:51
ubuserI need to put 10.10 lubuntu on a flash drive but its saying its full how can i find where my flash drive is after its unmounted?05:51
KM0201Us3r_Unfriendly: gee, if i could count the ways why i think that is just a mess05:52
_______________Sorry, I had to change to my other account to see which names I had grouped because I forgot how many _ this one had in it.05:52
KM0201_______________: wwell thats an annoying nick, why don't you try a normal one05:52
Jordan_U_______________: If you need to do experimenting with nicks in the future please part #ubuntu first.05:52
Us3r_Unfriendlysorandomname: when i began my wonderful trip on ubuntu i first used wubi.  My girlfriend downloaded a virus by accident on windows...and then i couldn't boot into ubuntu.  after that i just partition my drives...never wubi anymore05:53
puppyubuser: try to format the drive before installation. And u can see the disk in My computer after unmounted05:53
_______________ok, but if we are going to discuss this further, we should move it to #ubuntu-offtopic05:53
[thor]KM0201: i am amusing myself by treating the nick as a mad-lib.05:53
=== charles is now known as Guest86380
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?05:53
ubuserim sick confused05:53
sorandomname@ubuser: You can also look in the sidebar in nautilus05:54
KM0201col0ur: you upgraded direct from Hardy to Maverick?05:54
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: what's the confusion about?05:54
sorandomname@ubuser: "sudo apt-get install firefox"05:54
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: what is the goal your trying to achieve?05:54
col0urKM0201, I wiped my machine completely05:54
KM0201oh ok.05:54
[thor]Us3r_Unfriendly: trolling.05:54
ubuserto install 10.10 on my flash drive05:54
Us3r_Unfriendly[thor]: trolling?05:55
ubuseri got 9.10 isos on 2 cds, now im out of cds. and my flash drive is only showing 2 megs, i cant use the fdisk command without the location of the flash drive and it wont let me do it mounted05:55
sorandomname@ubuser: I installed 10.10 on my flash drive a few minutes ago using usb-creator. I partition my flash drive using disk utility, and install ubuntu on the second partition. With the first for data, as Windoze can only see the first partition on a drive.05:55
g_o_oubuser, have you tried reformatting the flash drive?05:55
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: well first on the machine you downloaded the ubuntu iso...is it windows or ubuntu?05:55
ubuseri NEED to reformat it05:56
xanguaand why not install from cd ubuser ¿05:56
ubuserno more cds05:56
ubuserused them and the 9.10 isos wont work, but did on my grandmas..?05:56
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: your' going to backup your flashdrive and reformat it to make a clean usb device that way you can begin05:56
sorandomname@ubuser: You can use lili on windows, and disk-creator for linux. As for mac, nobody seems to care about that.05:56
ubuserim on ubuntu right now i tried the fdisk command05:56
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: gparted is great, 100% for doing this type of task05:57
sorandomname@ubuser: You can use gparted. It specifies size in MB05:57
ubuseri dont have any files on it... i need to clear my flash to put the iso on it05:57
ubuseri got the unetbootin to install from flash05:57
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: that's exactly the point.  use gparted to reformat the usb device05:57
sorandomname@ubuser: You can also repartition it too.05:58
ubuseroh okay05:58
rshu can format in cmdline05:58
DatzHi, I have several audio outputs on my motherboard. The motherboard came with a app/driver for windows where I could control each port. I find I cannot with ubuntu's default tools/driver. Is there something else I could try?05:58
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: but first you need to know where it's name, example:  /dev/sdf1 etc.05:58
ubuserthats all ive needed :(05:58
ubuserim in dev05:59
Us3r_Unfriendlysudo ls -Ralh /dev/disk05:59
ubuserwould it be a folder?05:59
sorandomname@ubuser: Go in gparted, and go to the right side, and find your device05:59
ubuserthere is no disk file or folder05:59
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: sudo lsusb  !!05:59
ajwillhi all, I have a quick question, I'm running ubuntu 10.10 maverik, and I need to know how to run a command just before the login screen every time I boot up... I remember someone pointing me to a file containing commands that run at that time but I forget it :( help?06:00
sorandomname@cheesecarrot: That is only in DOS!06:00
Us3r_Unfriendlyajwill: like daemons?06:00
cheesecarrotLOL yea i'm fucking with ya06:00
gpc!language | cheesecarrot06:00
ubottucheesecarrot: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:00
Us3r_Unfriendlyajwill: ls -a /etc/rc*06:00
ajwillUs3r_Unfriendly: yeah kinda, except I just want to run a command every time I boot up06:01
sorandomnameajwill: /etc/rc.local06:01
Us3r_Unfriendlyajwill: is that what your talking about or are you talking about making a shell script?06:01
ubusersudo lsusb !! Bus 001 Device 002 ID 08ec:0008 M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers06:01
ajwillUs3r_Unfriendly, that's what I was talking about :)06:01
ajwillsorandomname, thanks!06:02
Wharicsup people06:02
Us3r_Unfriendlyajwill: system>preferences>startupaplications06:02
Wharicwhat's fun to do in this server?06:02
sorandomname@ajwill: I used that to fix my volume buttons on my thinkpad. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132801606:02
Torris there a torrent for ubuntu 32-bit latest?06:02
Whariccheck piratebay06:02
xanguaTorr: ubuntu.com06:02
ajwillsorandomname, ahh, thanks :) I'll have to remember this time ;)06:02
Torrxangua: I don't see torrent there06:02
Us3r_Unfriendlyajwill: this will work if your using gnome06:02
ajwillUs3r_Unfriendly, sorandomname gave me what I was looking for, thanks though :)06:02
sorandomname@torr: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132801606:03
bazhangWharic, stay on topic please06:03
Us3r_UnfriendlyWharic: piratebay has a java virus that effect linux users, i'd stay far, far away from there06:03
ubusergparted has a gui?06:03
sorandomnamesry. wrong link. here is the correcy one: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download06:03
xanguaubuser: yes06:03
Torrsorandomname: what?06:03
Us3r_UnfriendlyTorr: stay away from piratebay06:03
raviepic3people i want to make a screencast, i want the output to be in a format which i can play in my website easily (flv ?), i want to edit the video as well06:03
raviepic3what do you prescribe ?06:03
sorandomname@torr: here is the link: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download06:03
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: gparted is a gui for partitioning your drives06:04
raviepic3i googled and found xvideo, cinerella and few others but didnt know which one is real good06:04
raviepic3please suggest06:04
_vaibhav_how to unshare files or folder synced with ubuntu one??06:04
ubuserhopefully thatll work, lsusb didnt06:04
Torrsorandomname: thanks06:04
Us3r_Unfriendlythanks sorandomname for giving him a good trusted link06:04
bazhang_vaibhav_, try #ubuntuone06:04
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: what are you using as a distro right now?06:04
_vaibhav_bazhang: thanks..06:05
bazhang_vaibhav_, welcome06:05
sorandomname@torr: I don't recommend bittorrent though, as my md5sums never matched when downloading with it. I use a direct download instead.06:05
ubuserhow do u get a list of rooms?06:05
ubuser5.1 :(06:05
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: if your using ubuntu you should have a /dev/disk directory and have the command lsusb06:05
ubuseri dont.06:05
KM0201sorandomname: i always use the torrents, and have yet to have a problem06:05
Torrhow much space does wubi install take?06:05
ubuseri got a folder that has a blue arrow on it and says fd and some others no disk folder tho06:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: ubuntu 5.10??06:06
KM0201Torr: don't mess w/ wubi.. you're just begging for a disaster06:06
fanderalraviepic3: guvcview06:06
sorandomname@torr: it depends on how much you give it.06:06
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?06:06
ubuserim tryna get off it06:06
ubuser20 hrs straight06:06
ubuserhavent slept06:06
buckyraviepic3, cinerella is probably the closest to professional06:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyi'm not sure if you'll have much luck with repos06:06
raviepic3bucky, oh06:06
sorandomname@col0ur: what version of wine do you use?06:06
ubuserjust one simple command its sad06:06
raviepic3bucky, guvcview ?06:06
col0ursorandomname, i've tested with the unstable 1.3 and the stable 1.206:07
KM0201dillon: you make the best reloading equipment in the world, you're my heroes.  ;)06:07
col0urboth have the same issue06:07
raviepic3bucky, but the links that they have given to download or commands they have given to install aint working06:07
fromanoI just installed ubuntu on an old laptop. In the liveCD, the touchpad worked fine but now, after the install, I can't get the touchpad or a PS2 mouse to work. Can someone help me out?06:07
KM0201dillon: are you a blue fan?06:07
sorandomname@col0ur: I don't have problems playing pinball under wine at 640x480 on a display that is 1600x1200 in full screen.06:07
raviepic3bucky, i mean cinerella06:07
ubusergetting my sources.list update was fun06:07
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: there's a guy on youtube called gotbletu, he made a video on how to use repos from other versions of ubuntu.  otherwise you'll probably have to use firefox to download your programs in order to create your live usb06:07
ubuserim downloading gparted now06:07
dillonKM0201: actually, when my parents named me, my dad wanted to name me that spelled this way because of that :P06:08
col0ursorandomname, im not sure if its a wine error as much as an error on the OS's part06:08
KM0201dillon: is that right?... wise dad you have there... :)06:08
buckyraviepic3, a ppa would be best and then if you didn't like it you could apt-get remove cinerella06:08
CajunTechieHey everyone, quick question: friend of mine has a tv station and wants to broadcast their news to mobile phones. Any Linux tools to help with that?06:08
dillonKM0201: lol :)06:08
raviepic3bucky, ppa ?06:08
buckyraviepic3, here's the one for maverick https://launchpad.net/~cinelerra-ppa/+archive/ppa06:10
=== matthew is now known as Guest60087
Us3r_Unfriendlynow ubuntu 5.10 doesn't have /dev/disk/ directory?  i'm going to have to do some research06:10
ubuseri accidently found a script that was going to download the flashplugin and updated firefox06:11
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: do you have a software sources in there?06:11
ubuserbut the link was old and it deleted my firefox... so im stuck with epiphany otherwise i would proabably keep 5.106:12
ubuseryes i do, im download gedit now06:12
sorandomname@ubuser: you can download ubuntu 10.10: http://www.ubuntu.com/get-ubuntu/download06:12
ubuseri mean gparted06:12
ubuseri got the iso06:12
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: you probably have atleast vi or nano on there06:12
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: no need to download gedit06:12
gpcubuser: stop experimenting, downloading random scripts and Start following instructions given to you by people who have been trying really hard to figure out what it is you want to do.06:13
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: but i could be wrong...i don't know ubuntu 5.10.  it's like a whole different world from where 10.10 is right now06:13
gpcubuser: for the past hour I have been watching you go around in circles and you haven't actually done anything suggested.06:14
col0urHello, i just upgraded to Maverick from Hardy (im on a netbook). Before, on Hardy, if i played a game under wine with a resolution of 800x600, it would stretch to fill my entire screen. However now under Maverick it just uses a square in the middle (actual 800x600). Any way i can fix this?06:14
ubuseri meant gparted, to fix my flash to put the 10.10 iso on it06:14
ubuserive done it all man06:14
=== michael is now known as Teggeh
ubuserlsusb, fdisk, cfdisk, others and itried reinstalling fire fox with a 1,000 repos\06:14
TeggehGot it working. Seems the USB was the issue.06:15
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser want's to make a bootable ubuntu flashdrive but his machine is ubuntu 5.10 which has no access to our repos06:15
TeggehBurnt to CD. No issues since.06:15
meltingwackshow much of ubuntu is written in lisp06:15
ubuseri got repos man06:15
gpcUs3r_Unfriendly: 5.10 has been dead for ~3 years now06:15
col0urubuser, there's a neat program from pendrivelinux.com which makes a bootable install USB from an ISO06:15
voglsterwierd dns question via vpn in ubuntu...06:15
col0urbut it's only for windows06:15
col0urtbh atm you're out of luck06:16
sorandomname@c0lour: it is called lili06:16
col0urafai can see06:16
Us3r_Unfriendlyubuser: your only going to need "Gparted", "unetbootin", the ubuntu 10.10 iso and the flashdrive06:16
Us3r_Unfriendlythat's all06:16
fromanoI'm sorry. I just asked this but I was having a couple problems so I missed it if anyone ansered my question: I just installed Ubuntu on an old laptop and in the liveCD, the touchpad worked fine. After the install, however, neither the touchpad nor a PS2 mouse will work. Could someone help me out?06:16
KM0201col0ur: unetbootin ?  google it, its easy to use.. but it has a linux version as well.06:16
ubuserdamn forgot unet06:16
voglsteri resolv.conf has my dns server... nslookup hostname.domain.com works.. but ping hostname.domain.com does not.. any ideas?06:16
col0urKM0201, i'm just telling him what i tried06:16
kaushalplease guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-February/239382.html06:16
KM0201col0ur: oh ok06:16
sorandomname@fromano: Did you install anything after you installed ubuntu?06:16
Us3r_Unfriendlyunetbootin is one of the important parts06:16
col0ur^ that is what i used06:17
col0urit worked very nicely06:17
KM0201kaushal: what are you trying to force install?...06:17
ubuseri really hope lubuntu runs better i'll still visit with you guys lawl06:17
jayd3eanyone know how to download samba3 through apt-get instead of samba4?  b/c every time I do a sudo apt-get install samba, it installs 406:17
fromano@sorandomname: well, I had to install irssi to get on this channel and I also did updates. Maybe it also should be noted that I installed from a 10.04 CD.06:17
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: sudo apt-cache search samba | grep -i samba306:18
sorandomname@fromano: Try 10.10 I had issues with video in 10.04.06:18
voglsteri have a dns question via vpn in ubuntu... after i connect resolv.conf has my dns server on my vpn... nslookup hostname.domain.com works.. but ping hostname.domain.com does not.. anyone have any ideas why this might be the case?06:18
gogo_xin chun ge06:18
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: see if it's there, i think i heard it isn't06:18
ubuserThe kernel is unable to read the partition tables on the following devices dev/mapper/Ubuntu-root06:18
gogo_chunge chun ye men06:18
=== jacques_ is now known as Guest12013
fromanosorandomname: okay, I might do that. Does anyone else have any ideas before I try that. I have a pretty slow internet connection so it's not that desirable an option.06:19
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: ill check, why wouldn't it be?  The devs say on the wiki that samba4 shouldn't be used on a production server yet.  So I'm trying to use 3 and I can't? lol06:19
kaushalKM0201: asterisk06:19
ubuseri always get screwed06:19
[Adam|Miner]My installer keeps crashing, any tips for making it work? Core i5 Sandybridge, USB -> SSD06:19
KM0201kaushal: so just sudo apt-get install asterisk06:19
sorandomname@fromano: 10.04 had issues for me, and I used 9.10 for a year until 10.10. ;) However, I was able to get the perfect 10 of ubuntu06:20
ralliashow do I route all my outgoing mails through Sendmail through a different email server?06:20
bazhang[Adam|Miner], tried the alternate installer yet?06:20
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: i have no idea, that's what i heard someone talking about here.  they could be wrong06:20
[Adam|Miner]It seems to fail around the point where it starts copying files06:21
[Adam|Miner]bazhang: How?06:21
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: yah it isn't there06:21
bazhang!alternate | [Adam|Miner]06:21
ubottu[Adam|Miner]: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal06:21
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: yeah i don't see it either06:21
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: you might have to see their website06:21
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: sooooo, any suggestions on how to install samba3?06:21
[Adam|Miner]So I have to install it through a cli06:21
bazhang[Adam|Miner], no, a text-based interface06:22
fromanosorandomname: I suppose I'll try it and see what happens.06:22
raviepic3bucky, i use ubuntu 10.04 64 bit version06:22
[Adam|Miner]does it ship on the live disk or do I have to download something else?06:22
rallias[Adam|Miner] It isn't that painful. Its just your gui installer with less colors.06:22
sorandomname@Adam Miner: You have do download it06:23
ralliasYou have to download something else06:23
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: http://www.samba.org/06:23
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: hmmm Im thinking maybe I need to do an apt-get install samba, I may have been doing apt-get install samba406:23
[Adam|Miner]Alright, the network is restricted atm, so I'll have to try more tommorrow06:23
rallias@Adam Miner: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download06:23
Us3r_Unfriendlysudo apt-cache show samba     says it's "samba 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.2"06:24
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: would that solve my problem?06:24
[Adam|Miner]Funny how I have installed fine on my other 4 machines, but this one threw a huge fuss06:24
raviepic3how do i find mine is meverick or something else ?06:24
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: o ic06:24
raviepic3i use 10.04 64 bit version06:24
Us3r_Unfriendlyraviepic3: what's the question again?06:24
DatzHi, I have several audio outputs on my motherboard. The motherboard came with a app/driver for windows where I could control each port. I find I cannot with ubuntu's default tools/driver. Is there something else I could try?06:24
KM0201raviepic3: lsb_release -a   in a terminal will tell you what version you use06:24
KM0201raviepic3: uname -a    will tell you whether its 64 or 32 bit06:24
ralliasAdam: Trust me, happens all the time. Its just that people try to help the people with breaking installs and ignore us who need help setting up email servers.06:25
Us3r_Unfriendlyraviepic3: also "cat /etc/issue" will help too06:25
raviepic3whoa i have maverick06:25
goddardis there a ubuntu server channel?06:25
milambergoddard: #ubuntu-server06:25
KM0201raviepic3: is that a surprise?06:25
[Adam|Miner]Email servers :X, have fun! (Also, thanks)06:25
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm-afk
raviepic3KM0201, yes i thought i havd 10.04 but its 10.10 :)06:26
AranelI'm going to upgrade my PC from 2gig to 6gig ram, is it safe/possible to switch my ubuntu from 32-bit to 64-bit? without formatting or anything :)06:26
meltingwacksare there any good lisp IDEs for ubuntu06:26
Us3r_UnfriendlyKM0201: no, it would be a surprise if he replied:  whoa i'm using 20.0406:26
KM0201Us3r_Unfriendly: :)06:26
Us3r_Unfriendlyrallias: futuristic ubuntu06:27
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: did you find samba3?06:27
alteregodhow to boot from root with btrfs w/o additional stuff?06:28
Us3r_Unfriendlyalteregod: btrfs??06:28
alteregodbecause SSD is in use06:28
ralliasUs3r_Unfriendly: Yumm... brain transfers. Finally computers will know why people like doughnuts.06:28
PeterLiu a whole new filesystem for ubuntu?06:28
[thor]Datz: have you changed to a profile that uses all the outs? --> http://uppix.net/8/8/9/3d466ee5ea8ce8b43730f4e5adc05.png06:29
Us3r_Unfriendlyalteregod: i might be the only person here that doesn't know what btrfs is06:29
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly: I think that is samba3.  The version number is 3.5.406:29
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: like from the site06:29
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: do they offer a ppa?06:29
ralliasalteregod: Any particular reason you're using an unstable partition scheme? I don't even know if its supported by GRUB yet.06:29
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly:  yah, but ill just probably dl the package and install it manually06:29
Datz[thor]: maybe. They all work, I'd just like to be able to control them separately06:30
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: sounds good. hope it works out06:30
[thor]Datz: have you read up on the JACK audio system?06:30
jayd3eUs3r_Unfriendly:  thanks man06:30
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: i think i used samba once.  i have no use for it06:30
[thor]Datz: it provides more routing control than the PulseAudio system06:30
Datz[thor]: I have not06:31
milamberjayd3e: if samba3 is what you are looking for and it is in the repos, why not use it?06:31
Datz[thor]: I'll take a look. thanks06:31
[thor]Datz: JACK is useful for sound/music production, and can be co-installed with Pulse06:31
alteregodwell if it won't work i can add something like a ext4 parttition for /boot06:31
Us3r_Unfriendlyjayd3e: no problem06:31
jayd3emilamber: going to06:31
Us3r_Unfriendlymilamber: 'cuz it's not in the repos06:31
ralliasalteregod: I'd recommend ext2 for /boot, but yeah thats fine.06:31
alteregodext2 has no journal06:32
[thor]hmm, guess not06:32
milamberjayd3e: what version of ubuntu?06:32
alteregoda fs w/o journal is crap at all06:32
kaushalKM0201: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-February/239383.html06:32
Datz[thor]: is there much configuring?06:32
AranelI'm going to upgrade my PC from 2gig to 6gig ram, is it safe/possible to switch my ubuntu from 32-bit to 64-bit? without formatting or anything :)06:33
bazhangAranel, full reinstall needed06:33
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: no, i don't think it works that way...06:33
Datz[thor]: or can I just install a package and ta-da.. browse through options?06:33
KM0201kaushal: dunno, try running sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade06:33
KM0201then run the command again06:33
ralliasAranel: Formatting, yes. Reinstalling, no06:33
ralliasAranel: dpkg will bitch and moan.06:34
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: in my opinion 32 is 32 and 64 is 64, they don't mix the two when giving the option to update06:34
KM0201kaushal: you got something wrong there in your source list for sure.06:34
[thor]datz: i got it to work with minimal knowledge of the OS. the routing application is pretty straight-forward. one side has output ( be it a physical input port, or an applications audio output ), and one has input ( physical output ports, or application inputs )06:34
Araneld'oh :| but I'm using the same system for 3 years (and changed 2 computers in the process), I can't reinstall everything from start, It would take ages :(06:34
[thor]datz: you draw a line from "Firefox out 1/2" to "Soundcard Output 1/2" and it routes that signal06:35
Us3r_Unfriendlyrallias: i've used dpkg to force flash 32bit installer to work on my 64 machine...along with echo'ing a file to my /etc/ to make it work with less crashes06:35
milamberAranel: google for installing PAE enabled kernel. running 32 bit progs uses more ram w/ 64bit os iirc06:35
Datz[thor]: cool. I'll have a look. thanks06:35
xangua!pae | milamber Aranel06:35
ubottumilamber Aranel: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info06:35
ralliasUs3r_Unfriendly: You must teach me the secrets of the jedi06:36
[thor]datz: beware however; the linux audio system is murky and filled with dispair :D06:36
[thor]despair even06:36
Us3r_Unfriendlythanks xangua, i'll try that next time when i go back to a 32 bit.  i mean that06:36
Datz[thor]: ha, ok :P06:36
juniourhey i waan to connect my net via mobile via bluetooth but i cnat can anyone here to help me out06:36
Aranelgonna check PAE too, so, no ways to install 64-bit on my system, instead of starting from the day 1, correct?06:36
Us3r_Unfriendlyrallias: not much of a jedi, just a hobo with a computer06:36
Us3r_Unfriendlyrallias: hold up, i'll pull it up06:37
ralliaskk tyvm06:37
juniourhey i waan to connect my net via mobile via bluetooth but i  cnat can anyone here to help me o06:38
lanksanyone know of an easy tutorial for setting up email with virtual mailboxes (imap/smtp)?06:38
Us3r_Unfriendlyrallias: "sudo dpkg --force-architecture "file name"06:38
Aranelrallias: can't I backup /* , reformat my hdd, and copy it over?06:39
Us3r_Unfriendlyrallias: "sudo dpkg --install --force-architecture "file name" i think that's right06:39
ralliasAranel: What us3r_unfriendly just said06:39
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: i'd just backup your ~/06:40
[thor]Aranel: /var, /home (including hidden folders)06:40
AranelIt would remove tons of apps then, and make me download them all again :|06:40
Us3r_Unfriendly[thor]: why /var/?? that's mostly logs06:40
[thor]:D and apt cache06:41
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: but using the force command for dpkg might have it's risks06:41
AranelUs3r_Unfriendly: how I'm going to use it for entire system, instead of one package?06:42
milamber!clone | Aranel06:42
ubottuAranel: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate06:42
abel_nightshadeunfortunately i am new to ubuntu but i am having trouble getting my wireless card to install so i am using my windows partition06:42
[thor]milamber: thanks for that!06:42
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: just go to a 32 or 64 bit os, will make life easier06:43
abel_nightshadecan anyone help with that?06:43
[thor]abel_nightshade: most wireless cards should work without needing to use the accompanying "driver cd"06:44
Us3r_Unfriendlyabel_nightshade: i'm currently working on that type of issue with my girlfriend's dad's pc.  normally i would say use "ndisgtk" but that doesn't work for everything06:44
Us3r_Unfriendlyabel_nightshade: ** use "gksudo ndisgtk"06:44
abel_nightshadethe wireless card i am having issues with is a broadcom 43xx06:45
lanoxxdoes anyone know how i use autogen.sh and PKG_CONFIG_PATH and how it relates to the --prefix option06:45
AranelUs3r_Unfriendly: maybe, but installing the system from day 1 is not a preffered way for me. Looks like I'm going to stick to 32-bit for a long time.06:45
Us3r_Unfriendlywhy do you need 64 bit apps?06:45
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: ubuntu is great for having 32 bit programs in their repos...06:46
Aranelto use 6gig of ram, looks like PAE is an alternative to it but 64-bit is a better way to handle this I guess.06:46
Araneldoesn't it have the same for 64-bit?06:46
[thor]you don't need to uninstall to use PAE, i switched about 2 months after install06:46
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: i'd say use what the other suggested.06:46
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: that's what i'm going to do when i get some free time06:46
[thor]it's like any other kernel upgrade06:46
AranelUs3r_Unfriendly: why? does 64-bit any disadvantages I don't know?06:47
[thor]Us3r_Unfriendly: sorry, no /msg on this server06:47
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: personally i like linux in a 32 bit flavor, but that's me.  Some people want higher performance (which i have noticed -none-).06:48
Us3r_Unfriendly[thor]: guess i'll never know then06:49
Aranel[thor]: looks easy to do =) Would it perform the same as 64-bit or are there any disadvantages with PAE? (Virtual Address Extension is one of them, I don't know why I need it anyway)06:49
[thor]Us3r_Unfriendly: all i got was a message saying your incoming was blocked06:49
[thor]Aranel: i've not tried a 64bit system for any great length of time.06:50
Us3r_Unfriendly[thor]: well i can't ask you in here, never mind06:50
[thor]Us3r_Unfriendly: #thor-06:50
AranelUs3r_Unfriendly: well, Isn't it unneccesary to downgrade to 32-bit, when you already using 64-bit and It's okay?06:51
tsimpsonthere is technically some performance reduction with PAE, but in practice it's negligible06:51
Us3r_UnfriendlyAranel: for me i notice on my machine that ubuntu runs smoother with a 32bit version, due to my specs06:51
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
AranelThank you Us3r_Unfriendly, [thor], tsimpson and xangua :) I changed my mind and decided to stay on 32-bit and use PAE instead =)06:54
=== censoredbiscuit_ is now known as censoredbiscuit
* Aranel wouldn't upgrade his ram to 6gb if Mozilla optimized their Firefox :| It's consuming at least %25~ of my RAM.06:55
raviepic3bucky, http://pastebin.com/u31vapE406:56
raviepic3installation error06:56
raviepic3please help06:56
Jordan_UAranel: Have you tried Chrome?06:56
Jordan_Uraviepic3: Try running "sudo apt-get -f install".06:57
AranelJordan_U: once, a long time ago and I didn't like it because of it's lack of addons.06:57
AranelJordan_U: do you prefer it?06:57
Jordan_UAranel: Yes.06:57
AranelJordan_U: well It's the only reasonable alternative to FF, so I should try it :)06:58
Jordan_UAranel: Especially the fact that when flash crashes it doesn't bring down Chrome.06:58
[thor]just the frowny face of doom06:59
AranelJordan_U: It also doesn't bring down Firefox on 3.6.1306:59
Jordan_UAranel: Good to know. I may have to look at Firefox again as well ;)07:00
M-spriteconky window problem. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10417058#post1041705807:00
Aranelwell I think It's a good browser overall, but It just can't handle many tabs (many as in hundred)07:01
raviepic3Jordan_U, yeah done, it asked me a confirmation and i gave Y it downloaded and completed07:01
Aranelstarts to consume lots of RAM (not a big deal) and a big amount of CPU (I think this one is ridiculous)07:01
raviepic3so now il try installing cinerella ?07:02
Screwgood moorning07:02
=== jacques_ is now known as Guest46427
milamberraviepic3: i used the akirad ppa and it works great07:03
=== censoredbiscuit is now known as CensoredBiscuit
tripelbbre database: can anyone tell me what to use? anyone with experience here. (Never used Access but that's the comparison I suppose)07:04
bullgard4How can I search for a certain string in all notes contents of Nautilus > right-click on a filename> Notes?07:05
Araneltripelbb: database? why not something like SQLite?07:05
tripelbbJordan_U, Aranel, Firefox doesnt have separate actions in tabs so FF must w.a.i.t. for all tabs to finish before you can look at your choice of tab.07:05
ScrewI would like to ask a question. Can I backup my ubuntu with partimage on SystemRescuecd and restore to an new empty HDD? So partimage can create MBR and partitions?07:06
bullgard4tripelbb: I am using Kexi and Base as well very often. Both have their deficiencies.07:07
tripelbbJordan_U, Aranel, BTW chrome every so often takes up all the RAM and must be restarted. But when flash? (it reports shockwave in youtube) crashes you can just reload the tab.07:07
tripelbbI've got a speed of 28 ogen crows07:08
Araneltripelbb: same feature is also present on Firefox, you just reload the tab instead of app crash.07:08
tripelbbsorry wrong place07:08
Ugonsis there a way to make it so that if I tap twice on my trackpad it doesn't act as holding down the mouse key?07:08
tripelbbAranel, I've never had it crash in FF, heh07:08
Ugonsleft mouse button*07:08
Ugonsword choice fail right there07:09
tripelbbbullgard4 can you tell me more about Kexi and Base. I have heard of MySql too. I actually know very little. (but I did student-teach a class in data structures a while back, for CS majors)07:10
Araneltripelbb: you're lucky, mine was crashing 10 times a day, and It still crashes once in a week to make me remember why Adobe sucks.07:11
ktwoi tried to connect via ubuntu file explorer via SSH, however when i copy a file it seems that the file is first copied to the local machine, can i force him to do all operation only on remote site without using the console (due to the gui ease of use)#07:13
Araneltripelbb: I guess (I'm not experienced at all) MySql, SQLite and their kind are more advanced and "low-level" choices, afaik they don't ship with a GUI, you install one. Kexi is much more Access-like, easy-to-use but not  awesome as MySql.07:13
tsimpsontripelbb: you can use SQLite for a simple no-configuration database, SQLite stores the database in a file and doesn't require a server to be running. there's MySQL and Postgres SQL for more advanced features, but they require some more configuration and have tighter security features07:13
bullgard4tripelbb: I could. But I won't. I suggest that you use the usual Ubuntu information means to get an idea about both programs. If you have done this (your homework) I will be glad to answer your specific questions.07:15
gremmachookI can't find this package libgles2-mesa-dev in Lynx.07:15
gremmachookI tried downloading th .deb separately, but it has too many dependencies.07:15
A_Jo/ all, my deluge bit-torrent client, is giving an error, not connected..07:17
A_Jand i'm unable to connect via the local daemon07:17
=== iago is now known as Guest34835
jmad980A_J: might need to start the daemon07:18
jmad980looks like you already knew that :P07:18
ktwoif i want to move all files/directorys in the current folder to a new folder in the current directory what must i do ?   mv * -r /path/newdirectory/  ?07:18
* jmad980 watches his lag meter rise07:18
A_Jit's giving an error, unable to start daemon07:18
jmad980ktwo: just `mv /path/to/folder /path/to/destination`07:19
tsimpsonktwo: it would be easier to move all the files/directories to a directory outside the current path, then move that directory07:19
tsimpsonit shouldn't be disk intensive unless you are moving between partitions07:19
ktwomhh okay07:20
tsimpsonotherwise you'd need to do some globbing (pattern matching)07:20
tripelbb.google ubuntu data base07:20
* jmad980 prolly misread that anyways07:20
tripelbbaranel, adobe sucks has what to do with firefox crashing??07:21
* jmad980 hands tripelbb a !07:21
* jmad980 crawls back into his hole07:21
tsimpsonthe bot does not have a !google command, it's not difficult to just open a new browser tab and search yourself ;)07:21
Araneltripelbb: huh?07:22
tripelbb!google ubuntu data base07:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:22
tsimpsontripelbb: ^ read07:22
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.07:22
tripelbbyea tsimpson I read it, goes to http://google.com to do it right07:22
glacemanhi guys07:23
Ugonsomg you're so uptight lol07:23
Ugonseh eh?07:23
glacemani just reinstalled ubuntu 10.10 and i used to have  tool to automount my ntfs drive, not talking here about ntfs-config, anybody can help07:23
ejvglaceman: add a line in /etc/fstab07:24
ktwois there a tool i can use from my ubuntu box (with gui) to synchronize things on a remote box ? (like through ssh) ?07:24
glacemanejv: my drive automount on boot, but i need to click on it first, so shortcuts on desktop link to it could work, if u know what i mean07:24
ejvktwo: use the ubuntu "connect to server" tool in the start menu07:24
ejvor err applications menu, whatever its called...07:24
tripelbbthere is NOTHING for beginners who dont have a particular DB in mind. I'm off to ubuntuforums to pose my question. Thanks y'all.07:24
ejvtripelbb: bye07:25
ktwoive noticed that this transfers files first to the local machine , is this true? at least the speed was terrible07:25
MrEgg964Hi, I'm looking to mirror a remote Asterisk server to a local duplicate server. What should I look into? rsyncd? drdb?07:25
ejvktwo: 'speed' is pretty relative, a function of your local network load, disk i/o load, throughput your disk can actually support, etc.07:26
ktwoyea but see when i copy a file via ssh shell it is almost instantly it feels like only the command is being passed, but when i do this via the ubuntu gui it seems that the file is cached locally07:27
glacemanin my sources list i have lb.ubuntu etc.... luxemburgish stuffs, can someone paste to me please the english version of it07:27
ejvktwo, shouldn't no07:29
ktwoit says.. preparing to copy.. and it takes a loong time and i even see a KB/s progress like 15KB/s07:30
ktwois it correct "sftp for <ip>" in the top status bar, or maybe is it using a wrong protocol?07:31
=== Hiz is now known as Guest61795
[thor]glaceman: i think it is the same only without the country code07:31
glacemanthor can i have a source liste pasted please into paste bin so i can paste into my own07:32
glacemanso i can change that lb.. i think it's en, or de07:32
glacemansomething liek that07:32
ejvktwo: not sure, just going from memory, if you ask me nautilus is garbage, i suggest for any big file transfers, you become comfortable performing these jobs on the command line07:33
[thor]glaceman: http://ubuntulady.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/the-ubuntu-sources-list-generator-is-now-available-for-maverick/07:33
ejvdesktop environments in general aren't linux's finest selling point...07:33
glaceman[thor]: thanks07:33
ktwowell ok basically i got it confirmed i retried and monitored the traffic it actually COPIED the remote file first to my machine and back to the remote one07:34
A_Jcan som1 help me, my ubuntu has become unstable, it keeps freezing and hanging..07:34
=== richard is now known as Guest95005
A_Jit happened after a failed install of an opera .deb07:34
A_Jany1 ?07:34
ktwobut id like to have a graphical way for the sake of usability XD there must be something07:34
ktwoive tried with midnight commander on the remote machine but the usability also isnt that great07:35
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
glaceman[thor]: does this really makes a difference ?07:35
glacemani mean the source list07:35
ejvktwo: looked at gftp or filezilla?07:36
MACscranyone know of a Jing alternative (easy screencasting) that works for ubuntu? i need something that i can instantly save to the web07:36
ejvktwo: both clients should support ssh207:36
A_Jcan som1 help me..07:36
[thor]glaceman: choose United Kingdom as your country, or USA, or Canada07:36
Flannel!screencast | MACscr07:36
ubottuMACscr: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.07:36
ktwoill check them, the most important thing is that file operations are being handled completely on remote site07:36
ejv!patience | A_J07:36
ubottuA_J: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:36
Jordan_Uktwo: Could you file a bug report against sshfs (or whatever tool you're using)?07:37
glaceman[thor]: what about all the other bunch of options07:37
A_Ji searched07:37
ejvnot an excuse to not be patient, keep searching07:37
ktwoa bug report for what? you mean nautilus?07:37
hdtdihello. when i perform find / -name core i get fair amount of results. is it safe to delete them all ? i mean the core files are not important to me right? nothing depends on them07:37
[thor]glaceman: depends on which of those you have installed, or are interested in installing07:37
ktwoi dont know if it is a bug maybe it is intended =)07:37
My-Computeri get initramfs message in lucid looks like just before it almost boots what should i do07:37
glacemanwhat version are u usung [thor]07:38
[thor]glaceman: 10.1007:38
glacemancan't i just copy and paste urs07:38
Jordan_Ualteregod: You'll need grub from natty to have /boot on btrfs.07:38
glacemanthere's those ubuntu branches, many think i can check from and updates, i don't understand quite well07:39
ejvA_J: might I add, you ask terrible questions; if you're having multiple problems that appear to be unrelated, ask about one of them at a time. also include recent changes to your system, what you did that caused an error, and most importantly any error messages themselves. ask good questions and you get good results.07:39
alteregodok i will grubdate from natty07:39
Bruce_WayneDoes anyone know how to dual boot ubuntu + Fedora + (along with windows) ?07:39
bullgard4How can I search for a certain string in all Notes contents of Nautilus > right-click on a filename> Notes?07:39
A_Jejv, during an installation of opera.deb, it hung... so i restarted .. and since then it's become unstable07:39
glacemandoes anyone knowss a GUI tool to auto-mount disks on startup ?07:40
[thor]glaceman: http://pastebin.com/02kR0PPt07:40
A_Junstable as in it freezes and hangs07:40
bullgard4!dualboot | Bruce_Wayne07:40
ubottuBruce_Wayne: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:40
Jordan_UBruce_Wayne: Easiest way is to install them in the order Windows then Fedora then Ubuntu. Ubuntu's grub2 will detect both Fedora and windows automagically.07:40
Bruce_Wayneglaceman: mountmanager07:40
ejvBruce_Wayne: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot07:40
ejvA_J: pastebin.com copies of any relevant syslogs, dmesg, etc. for people to view. you'll have to narrow down what broke.07:41
A_Jejv, how can i see recent logs07:42
Bruce_WayneJordan_U: Sweet! Thanks. :D07:42
alteregodnow i got a 14tb fileserver with 16 drives and stuff with two raid5 sets and stuff07:42
p_SDoes anyone know what directory progams are installed on?07:42
Jordan_UBruce_Wayne: You're welcome.07:42
ejvA_J: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxLogFiles07:43
ktwook i read something about this connect to server stuff in nautilus, it seems that it uses SFTP and SFTP by design does not copy remotely but merely it can only read and write from the current directory (something like that)07:43
Jordan_U!fhs | p_S07:43
ubottup_S: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier07:43
My-Computeri get initramfs message in lucid looks like just before it almost boots what should i do07:43
Jordan_Up_S: Why do you ask?07:44
ktwoso maybe i must search for a graphical tool which actually "generates" shell commands , do you think there is something like that?07:44
glacemanBruce_Wayne: i can see my drive automounted when the system boot,  but i have shortcuts on the desktop that dosen;t work, unless i usually click 1 time on the hard disk partition first07:44
ejvktwo: better to bite the bullet and simply learn the commands, might I suggest 'rsync'07:44
endeavormachow can i prevent ubuntu from automatically mounting a usb drive?07:44
ktwothanks ill check rsync then too :) maybe easier than cp07:44
p_Si need to know where evolution is kept so i can point a mail notification program to it.07:45
ejvktwo: rsync is extremely powerful, as you will read07:45
A_J@ ejv gedit has not been able to detect the character encoding.07:45
A_JPlease check that you are not trying to open a binary file.07:45
A_JSelect a character encoding from the menu and try again.07:45
ejvA_J: which file are you trying to read?07:45
Jordan_Up_S: Running "which evolution" will tell you that evolution is at /usr/bin/evolution.07:45
Jordan_Up_S: You're welcome.07:46
ktwook ill read the rsync doc now :D it will take a while <.<07:46
Bruce_Wayneglaceman:  mountmanager worked for me everytime. I have no idea about for situation. sorry07:47
A_J|and the screen is black now :(07:47
devkorcvinceHelp using samsung MFP 560 I already installed the driver and it the printer is already detected but when you print it will stop: error scheduler could not execute a filter07:47
tripelbbah "base" is OO database. Yes, I have something to read.07:48
A_J|what should i do now :*(07:49
ejvA_J|: no idea, sounds like the drive has gone bad or maybe your system is overheating; can you get a temperature readouts to rule out the latter07:49
faLUCEhi. Is there a well ubuntu-compatible pci express video capture card (8 video inputs or more) that I can buy?07:50
P1P3where are thai server?07:50
A_J|temprature is about 40 degree's07:50
A_J|and using a 1tb hdd like 2 days old07:50
its-me-againhi i cant unmount a usb flashdrive using gparted to reformat it07:54
A_J|ejv: Any idea what i should do07:56
Jordan_Uits-me-again: How are you trying to unmount it and what happens when you try?07:57
passerineam i here?07:57
passerineam i here?07:57
passerineo thanks07:58
passerineso many buddies here07:58
its-me-againsudo umoout /media/NEW VOLUME07:58
its-me-again sudo umoout /media/NEW VOLUME07:58
its-me-again 07:58
A_J|yes u are07:58
A_J|happy ?07:58
its-me-againsudo: umoout: command not found07:58
passerinehappy? A J?07:59
its-me-againJordan_U: thats what i get ^07:59
passerineare you talking ot me07:59
Jordan_Uits-me-again: You spelled "umount" wrong.07:59
bazhangpasserine, did you have an ubuntu support question?07:59
=== A_J| is now known as A_J
passerineis it a must for me to have an ubuntu support question?08:00
bazhangpasserine, for this channel its support ; chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:00
nickkontoshello guys, just a quickie, I want to compile a wireless driver to my laptop. My question is, if I someday update the kernel, will I have to recompile it?  here is a link if you want more info... http://tinyurl.com/help100408:00
bazhangnickkontos, what wireless card08:01
passerineare there any differences?08:02
nickkontosbazhang Broadcom bcm4312 rev 01)08:02
bazhangpasserine, differences between what?08:02
bazhangnickkontos, any reason not to use the drivers provided by Ubuntu?08:02
passerinechit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic and chit chat in any other rooms08:03
nickkontosbazhang, yes, just what is written here... https://launchpad.net/~lenovo-g550 - it basically says that this is the best solution08:03
bazhangpasserine, yes. here is support. there is free chat08:03
passerinewhere is it?08:04
passerinethe free chat room?08:04
bullgard4How can I search for a certain string in all Notes contents of Nautilus > right-click on a filename> Notes?08:04
bazhangpasserine, you know that, you are in it ----> #ubuntu-offtopic08:05
passerineo, i see08:05
passerinethank you bazhang08:05
bazhangnickkontos, why not subscribe / join that team and ask them? the officially supported method is the !broadcom one08:07
nickkontosbazhang: ok :) I'll do that, thanks!08:08
gandalfcomeIS there a way that someone else can watch me while I'm working on a server through an ssh connection? just for training purposes. cheers w08:10
ejvgandalfcome: screen -x08:11
bastidrazorgandalfcome: they should try to match your terminal size for best viewing.08:13
A_Jcan any1 help me.. mu ubntu is constantly hanging and freezing08:14
phonex01 i majde an ubuntu copy using remastersys but when i boot it its boot as live CD and i dont have any icon to install .08:17
bullgard4man badblocks: "badblocks is used to search for bad blocks on a device (usually a disk partition)." What does the program »badblocks« consider a "bad block"?08:18
=== danny_ is now known as mbvpixies78
phonex01guys i need help08:20
mbvpixies78Can someone help me with using "places" to connect to a windows share?08:20
tsimpsonbullgard4: usually a block that can not be read from08:20
phonex01how can i install the copy of live CD08:20
phonex01i dont have install icon on the desktop08:20
phonex01and when i boot i dont ether have boot to install option08:21
phonex01i'm using a copy made by remastersys08:21
bullgard4tsimpson: Why do you say: "Usually"?08:21
tsimpsonbullgard4: because there is also an option to do a write test, so in that case it would be a block that can not be written to08:22
tsimpson(the write test will erase all data on the device though)08:22
MagicJI want to use gltext as my screen saver and have used the documentation to change the text to  be changed but nothing changed - HELP!08:22
bullgard4tsimpson: Thank you very much for your help.08:22
=== tommy is now known as Guest57309
iDangerMouseFor the person asked08:24
mbvpixies78When I try to access a Windows share from Places-->Connect to Server, it fails saying" failed to mount Windows share"  Any suggestions?08:25
iDangerMouseHow to Install LiveCD Ubuntu08:25
iDangerMouseGo here, follow the steps08:25
mbvpixies78also says "failed to retrieve shared list"08:25
ejvis ubuntu cron, vixie cron?08:25
iDangerMousephonex01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD  follow this08:25
bonjoyeembvpixies78: try nmap on the windows computer..08:26
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  ok, checking, ty08:27
=== tommy__ is now known as tommy_
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  what am I looking for?08:28
mao_any one good at the ushare08:28
mao_need to share media to the xbox 360 slim08:28
mao_mao@mao-Aspire-one:~$ ushare -x08:28
mao_Interface wlan0 is down.08:28
mao_Recheck uShare's configuration and try again !08:28
FloodBot2mao_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
mao_Starting in XboX 360 compliant profile ...08:28
mao_UPnP MediaServer listening on
bonjoyeembvpixies78: look for ports that are open....it should list 137-139...atleast...as open08:29
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  It doesn't list those ports, but 12 others (!?)08:29
bonjoyeembvpixies78: sure u scanned the windows pc?08:30
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  I scanned by hostname08:30
bonjoyeembvpixies78: for open ports that is...08:30
ae86-drifterneed a good enterprise open source backup program, any suggestions?08:31
bonjoyeeae86-drifter: u mean disk imaging?08:31
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  for target, do I put FQDN minus the http:// ?08:32
ae86-drifterno i mean folder/file backups08:32
=== iDangerMouse is now known as MouseAway
ae86-drifteri have 2 ubuntu file servers 1tb each and a 8TB NAS to store the backups08:32
tgywaIs there a bug related to buffer in Ubuntu 10.10 ?08:32
civixiernpviewer is a pain. I notice right away when it runs, because the GPU temp and CPU temps increases with 10 degrees and the fan goes like crazy (laptop). When I kill it the temps goes down again. Is there a way to prevent it from even starting?08:33
bonjoyeembvpixies78: is the win pc on you local subnet?08:33
ae86-drifterthey serve SMB shares, so i wanna run software on ubuntu to incremental backup to the NAS08:33
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  yes, I just started a second scan using its IP08:33
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  ports 135 and 139 open08:34
ae86-drifterhow do u do bestbot?08:34
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:35
brokendatapointhi all, how would i check the version of a package in the repos before installing it?08:35
lorddeltaI wondered if anyone would be able to check if my ubuntu is screwing itself over....08:35
bonjoyeembvpixies78: ok then try connecting directly..i mean specify the share name in the "connect to servers" window08:35
civixierHelp! How do I prevent npviewer from starting up?08:35
raviepic3Jordan_U, yeah done, it asked me a confirmation and i gave Y it downloaded and completed08:35
raviepic3so now il try installing cinerella ?08:35
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  share name is just the name of the folder, right?08:36
Jordan_Uraviepic3: Yes.08:36
bonjoyeebrokendatapoint: apt-cache show packagename08:36
raviepic3Jordan_U, its already installed ! !  apt-get -f install installs the error packages ?08:36
bonjoyeembvpixies78: yes08:36
raviepic3Jordan_U, its already installed ! !  apt-get -f install installs the packages which were stopped due to errors ? ?08:36
lorddeltaI've been having problems with...movies files opening. Thought it was vlc/Mplayer, so I was going to install the latest version which is supposedly available in Ubuntu 10.10. My ubuntu already claims to be 10.10, but the command update-manager -d tells me I should install 10.10...and a ton of package upgrades.08:37
Jordan_Uraviepic3: Yes.08:37
lorddeltaMeanwhile the system seems to be losing functionality as we speak...08:37
VirusTB!OT >> Apple Is Evil! Boycott The iPad! - Written From My iPad" http://tcrn.ch/gxpDjk by @parislemon08:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:37
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  it's asking for username, domain and password...  is domain FQDN minus hostname?08:37
raviepic3Jordan_U++ thank you08:37
lorddelta...if this isn't the right place for this, lemme know.08:37
Jordan_Uraviepic3: You're welcome.08:37
raviepic3Jordan_U, but there wont be any side effects right ? installing by force ?08:37
skilzhow can I limit my interenet bandwidth Im sharing over eth0?08:38
bonjoyeebonjoyee: dont think you need that..unless it asks for..08:38
raviepic3Jordan_U, any specific reasons why it gave me error earlier ?08:38
skilzmy girlfriend is hogging all the bandwidth08:38
Jordan_Uraviepic3: It did not install by force, it just grabbed the dependencies that were needed.08:38
civixierAh, never mind. Just had do install flashblock i chrome to control when npviewer is starting.08:38
raviepic3whoa cool08:38
bonjoyeembvpixies78: i mean try without it first..08:38
VirusTBskilz, get her on the wifi? or put a cap limit on what ever programs she's downloading with08:38
col0urIs there a way to get VLC to integrate into the Sound menu on Maverick like Rhythmbox?08:38
raviepic3Jordan_U, so how do i do it if i were has to install cinrealla without errors ?08:38
Jordan_Uraviepic3: There were packages which needed to be installed which were not avaialable to dpkg. dpkg on its own never downloads packages, apt does that.08:38
VirusTBWhen is hte next Ubuntu release coming out?08:39
mrmistskilz: you don't need a technical solution to that, just talk to your gf and get her to download less stuff08:39
raviepic3Jordan_U, like the first time i want to install cinrella wwithout errors how do i do it ?08:39
mbvpixies78bonjoyee:  it's asking for workgroup...  is this something I have to set up in Ubuntu?08:39
col0urIs there a way to get VLC to integrate into the Sound menu on Maverick like Rhythmbox?08:39
Jordan_Uraviepic3: Use "gdebi" instead of dpkg.08:39
bonjoyeembvpixies78: for a start..just enter the ip and the share name...nothing more08:40
Jordan_Uraviepic3: But there is actually nothing wrong with using dpkg, getting errors, then using "sudo apt-get -f install".08:40
=== michael is now known as Guest11799
=== Guest11799 is now known as Teggeh
VirusTB!ask | col0ur08:40
ubottucol0ur: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:40
raviepic3Jordan_U, understood thank you again08:41
mbvpixies78bonjoyee, When I do that, it asks for username, domain and password and whatever I put in there, it fails08:41
Jordan_Uraviepic3: You're welcome.08:41
axselI need someone who has despotify08:42
bonjoyeembvpixies78: well..then thats an issue on your windows side...u need to setup file sharing there08:42
mbvpixies78bonjoyee, ok, will double check08:42
KirkMcDonaldHow can I find out when a package was last updated?08:43
bonjoyeeKirkMcDonald: may be check the changelog?08:44
KirkMcDonaldbonjoyee: The package itself would have a changelog?08:44
mbvpixies78bonjoyee, I se now--  Windows no longer sees the Ubuntu computer for some reason08:44
bonjoyeeKirkMcDonald: yes..it has.08:44
KirkMcDonaldbonjoyee: Where would I find that?08:45
bonjoyeeKirkMcDonald: have synaptic package manager installed?08:45
KirkMcDonaldbonjoyee: It is a headless machine.08:45
=== Aldo is now known as Aldus
bonjoyeeKirkMcDonald: also do you mean updated upstream or in ubuntu?08:46
parohsandy bridge second generation chipset are with a flaw08:46
insmodsound card? <KirkMcDonald>08:46
brokendatapointbonjoyee: thank you08:46
ubuntuHey guys.....08:46
KirkMcDonaldbonjoyee: In Ubuntu.08:46
KirkMcDonaldbonjoyee: I ask out of mere curiosity. I noticed that the version of mplayer I have installed was released two days ago.08:47
bonjoyeeKirkMcDonald: for cli theres "sudo aptitude  <changelog packagename>"08:47
KirkMcDonaldbonjoyee: Ah, there we are.08:48
KirkMcDonaldOkay, that is a little clearer.08:48
bonjoyeeKirkMcDonald: its sudo aptitude changelog <packagename>08:48
KirkMcDonaldApparently, when the package says versiob 1.0rc4, that's not the same thing that mplayer itself means.08:48
ubuntuhey guyssssss08:50
insmodKirkMcDonald: then there are 2 installed08:50
KirkMcDonaldinsmod: Pardon?08:50
bonjoyee!ask | ubuntu08:50
ubottuubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:50
insmodKirkMcDonald: if there is a version coflict that usually means 2 installes08:51
chupacabrawe aint got time for you to ask to ask?08:51
KirkMcDonaldinsmod: There is no version conflict as such.08:51
chervacan anyone solve an issue for me.. I have a server ubuntu 10.04 forwarding ports to another machine and if I am outside of his network i can see the ports are open, but when I am connected to the internet behind the server (on his internel network) I cant see the ports .....08:51
insmodKirkMcDonald: sorry i thought you said mplayer sees one version but apptitude reports another08:52
ubuntui need some help08:52
chupacabrai have conflicts but i need to update/upgrade but im on stolen wireless and all my installing would raise attention.08:52
KirkMcDonaldinsmod: Apt and the version of mplayer which is installed are in complete agreement.08:52
ubuntui m using xubuntu livd cd08:52
ubuntuand not knowing ho to explore drives08:53
insmodKirkMcDonald: i see -- so what is the problem08:53
KirkMcDonaldinsmod: My confusion was the fact that the version which has been in apt since July is 1.0rc4, and the mplayer website has that version as being released two days ago.08:53
glacemancan anyoone please help me, im trying to rename my hard disk it sayas operationg unsupported by backend08:53
ejvcherva: nmap08:53
bonjoyeeglaceman: you mean rename a partition?08:54
chervaejv, nmap shows the ports as closed from lan ( scanning the external ip )08:54
glacemanbonjoyee: yes08:54
bonjoyeeglaceman: what type and how did you try to rename it?08:54
chervaejv, but they are open if I ssh to a machine outside the servers lan08:54
insmodKirkMcDonald: binary08:54
KirkMcDonaldinsmod: Binary?08:55
insmodKirkMcDonald: yes08:55
KirkMcDonaldinsmod: I have no idea what you mean by that.08:55
glacemanbonjoyee: my hardd disk is splited into 2 parts ( 1- ubuntu and the second partition is for data) i click on my computer, i right click on the disk to rename it08:55
insmodKirkMcDonald: the source -- that i am updating now! :) is updated a 6 am ever day08:56
lahwranhow do I register a url handler, so that when I run xdg-open asdf://blah it opens it in a program I specify?08:56
dzup1is there a place i can download php5-curl for intrepid?08:56
col0urIs there a way to get VLC to integrate into the Sound menu on Maverick like Rhythmbox?08:56
raviepic3people i got here through ubuntu forums, they said cinelerra is good for both capturing and editing. I want to make a screencast for my students. i went through the documentation http://robfisher.net/linux/video/cinelerra1.html but it says to use kino to record ! ! !  http://robfisher.net/linux/video/kino.html08:56
insmodKirkMcDonald: the ubuntu binary is from old svc and the stable binary just added08:57
raviepic3cant cinerella record it ?08:57
bonjoyeeglaceman: i mean what kind of filesystem? ext/ntfs?  also is the partition mounted?08:57
dzup1is there a place i can download php5-curl for intrepid?08:57
bonjoyeelahwran: in gui?08:57
lahwranbonjoyee: what part of it in gui?08:58
Jordan_UKirkMcDonald: What is the exact version number of the package you are referring to? If it has a '~' after it that means that it's not yet the final release, and should be replaced by a package with the same version number but no '~'.08:58
insmodKirkMcDonald: so the ne ubuntu 'binary' is old source08:58
raviepic3need help with cinerella ^08:58
glacemanbonjoyee: supposdly ntfs , and it's mounted right now08:58
lahwran!wait | raviepic308:58
KirkMcDonaldI see.08:58
ubotturaviepic3: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:58
bonjoyeelahwran: open gconf-editor and look into /desktop/gnome/url-handlers08:58
raviepic3lahwran, ok08:59
bonjoyeeglaceman: try after umounting it..09:00
insmodKirkMcDonald: i am installing he latest on a solaris right now09:00
glacemanbonjoyee: says only root can unmount, i put myself into the root group, didnt work09:02
bonjoyeelahwran: if that type is not listed ... go to .gconf/apps/gnome/url-handlers and create a custom one..09:02
kumar__hey can any one help me i wana to change my login name09:02
kumar__how to chnge that09:02
=== computer__ is now known as dodo
lahwranbonjoyee: why .gconf, instead of just adding one?09:03
bonjoyeeglaceman: try using the gnome disk utility..09:03
dmj726I'm having trouble installing software with apt-get after an upgrade.09:03
=== dodo is now known as eustachio
dmj726When I try apt-get xxxxxx it gives me "apt-get install: command not found"09:03
bonjoyeelahwran: not sure gconf-editor will do that..09:03
insmodglaceman: you can always chmod it (dangerous) if you don't want others but affective09:04
gobbedmj726: which version you are running?09:04
dmj726Just upgraded to maverick09:04
=== kumar__ is now known as juniour
insmoddmj726: root09:04
juniourhey hel me09:04
dmj726using sudo already09:04
glacemanonly root can unmount with the gui interface also09:05
juniourout i wanna to change my login name how to do that09:05
insmoddmj726: add path09:05
bonjoyeeglaceman: ubuntu will not allow to unmount from gui if its mounted from fstab..09:05
insmoddmj726: if it works update $PATH09:05
dmj726you mean like sudo /usr/bin/apt-get xxxx?09:05
bonjoyeeglaceman: even if you are in admin/root group09:06
insmoddmj726: if that is where it is09:06
juniourcan any one help me09:06
Sinisterwhy does my  mount.ntfs use 90% of my cpu how can i fix it ?09:06
glacemanbonjoyee: things are gettings complicated for me now09:06
insmodjuniour:yes easy but hard for a newb09:07
bonjoyeeglaceman: how?09:07
jinkjuniour: You don't just change your login name.  It'll be hell. :)  (ok, so you vipw and rename your homedir)09:07
glacemanbonjoyee: dunno what to do now09:07
madmndoes anyone know how to install mono-develope09:07
erossjuniour - I googled this - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87724609:07
juniourinsmod how to do that09:07
madmni though i installed it but can not find it anywhere09:07
bonjoyeeglaceman: try the gnome-disk-utility09:08
glacemanbonjoyee: isn't in the system, administration, disk utility?09:08
bonjoyeeits in system>admin>Disk utility09:08
glacemanbonjoyee: can;t unmount it, neither change the label09:09
insmodjuniour: add new user name then edit group uid then rename ~/name then relogin after boot ----- or easy raname user home folder and reinstall09:09
bonjoyeeglaceman: whats the output of groups\09:10
bonjoyeeglaceman: "groups"09:10
glacemanbonjoyee: adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare09:10
dmj726 I did sudo /usr/bin/./apt-get install xxxxxxx and it didn't work09:11
dmj726insmod: ^^09:11
dmj726even though I see it in usr/bin09:11
arimbunrecently my ubuntu internet connection stopped working09:11
arimbuneven though the internet is connected09:11
arimbunbut ping doesn't work09:11
arimbunany ideas?09:12
insmoddmj726: sudo /usr/bin/apt-get install xxxxxxx09:12
ChuSiangdmj726: only keyin apt-get install09:12
bonjoyeeglaceman: hmmm...then unmount the partition from terminal...sudo umount /dev/sdXX09:12
dmj726ChuSiang: That works fine09:12
arimbunrecently my ubuntu internet connection stopped working09:13
bonjoyeeglaceman: and sudo ntfslabel /dev/sdaXX [label]09:13
insmoddmj726: what did09:13
arimbuneven though the internet is connected09:13
arimbunbut ping doens't work09:13
arimbunany ideas?09:13
residentgreyhola, i run xubuntu 9.10 still, my desktop gets a second one over it now, only showing removable devices instead of the actual desktop with the trashcan and all that, and i haven't a clue how that happened, or more importantly how to fix it, i tried to 'google' answers but I don't know the right terms to search under, PLZ HALP09:13
FloodBot2arimbun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:13
residentgreyi am a nub09:13
ChuSiangarimbun: you can use "sudo iptables -L"09:14
dmj726oh, and also sudo /usr/bin/apt-get install xxxxx just worked09:14
ChuSiangany deny !?09:14
arimbunoh okay... it's empty09:14
insmoddmj726: then add path and you are ok09:15
bonjoyeeglaceman: any luck?09:15
dmj726insmod: How do I get it to work without the /usr/bin?09:15
glacemanbonjoyee: thanks solved it09:15
insmoddmj726: add it to .profile09:15
bonjoyeeglaceman: from terminal?09:15
arimbunthis is weird... cos it was working on fresh install. now it doesn't, and i don't remember doing any update09:15
glacemanbonjoyee: from terminal09:15
glacemanlet me restart to see if everything's ok09:15
danny_bonjoyee, I can pin windows from ubuntu and see it, but can't connect.  Windows doesn't see any of my linux boxes though sharing is set up09:16
Inferussounds like samba isn't set up properly danielck09:16
danny_Inferus:  look into smb.conf?09:17
bonjoyeedanny_: nmap localhost09:17
Punk`S`not`d3adi AM OUT BITCHES!!!! rm -rf /* !!!!09:17
Punk`S`not`d3adi AM OUT BITCHES!!!! rm -rf /* !!!!09:17
danny_bonjoyee,  localhost as in ubuntu?09:17
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!09:17
bonjoyeedanny_: yes...if that ok..then check firewall09:18
danny_bonjoyee,  firewall is having problems, so it's down now, running nmap...09:18
AscavasaionWhere does Ubuntu 10.04 keep its xorg.conf file?  I have checked /etc/X11/ and nothing.09:19
tsimpsonAscavasaion: it doesn't have one by default09:19
Ascavasaiontsimpson: Oh.09:20
bullgard4Ascavasaion: It is no longer needed in regular cases.09:20
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:20
tsimpsonfactoid not so useful09:20
AscavasaionSo, if I want to use two graphics cards and two monitors in an extended desktop setup?09:21
danny_bonjoyee, it scanned really quickly and says host, os, report open 9 close 0, but not much else09:21
residentgreynothing? bueller?09:21
bonjoyeedanny_: are samba ports listed?09:21
bonjoyeedanny_: as open?09:21
danny_bonjoyee, it doesn't list any ports09:22
milamber!screenshot | residentgrey09:22
ubotturesidentgrey: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.09:22
danny_bonjoyee, wait, nvmind--  shows 139 open09:22
danny_bonjoyee, but it says WORKGROUP instead of the actual workgroup name09:23
bonjoyeedanny_: ok..have you setup a name on windows?09:23
bonjoyeedanny_: i mean a workgroup name?09:24
danny_bonjoyee, as in a second login account?09:24
danny_bonjoyee, ye09:24
danny_bonjoyee,  how to set up workgroup name in Ubuntu?09:24
bonjoyeedanny_: so set the same workgroup name in smb.conf restart samba..09:24
danny_bonjoyee, ok, gotcha09:24
residentgreymilamber: http://imagebin.org/13554709:25
AscavasaionHow cna I check if VGA arbiter module is enabled in the kernel?09:26
insmodAscavasaion:running or installed09:27
redHello I have an alpha stage program that was just a precompiled tarball, how do I associate it with filetypes (just php etc) so that when I double click a file it won't open the program again, but append the file into a new tab?09:27
redIs there some default /modified for it or should I attempt to dig through the apps manual09:28
dmj726insmod: my $PATH already includes /usr/bin09:29
Ascavasaioninsmod: Umm... not sure... on other linux distros (scaled down ones like Puppy) Xorg.0.log says that VGA arbiter not enabled and therefore dual cards not allowed.  In Ubuntu however I get this line now "Found 2 VGA devices: arbiter wrapping enabled" which I presume means that it is included in the kernel?09:29
insmoddmj726: does the root path09:29
insmodAscavasaion:there you go lsmod would show it09:30
dmj726"sudo echo $PATH" gives /home/[username]/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games09:30
Ascavasaioninsmod: LE tme check.09:30
lahwranare there any alternate notification area applets for the gnome panel?09:31
lahwranin particular, one that allows you to give it a background?09:31
insmoddmj726: is it an upgrade?09:31
Ascavasaioninsmod: Well, now it is me and the Xorg file again ehehhe09:32
danny_bonjoyee, how do I restart samba?  the command /etc/init.d/samba restart didn't work (unrecognized)09:32
dmj726I'd rather not do a fresh install atm09:32
insmoddmj726: sudo updatedb09:32
=== ubuntu is now known as GuteX
ezra-sIs it possible to name desktops any more under gnome in ubuntu maverick?09:33
bonjoyeedanny_: in newer versions its smbd i think09:33
insmoddmj726: then locate apt-get | less09:33
shawnboymy ssh session hangs (won't let me type anything) if I do sudo shutdown -h 009:34
dmj726running updatedb...taking a while09:34
bonjoyeedanny_: service smbd restart09:34
lahwranshawnboy: now I wonder why that is ...09:34
shawnboybut if I then do ENTER ~ . it ends the ssh session.09:34
lahwranoh. strange.09:34
shawnboylahwran: I meant even if I do sudo shutdown -h +1009:35
GuteXHello all :)09:35
mkulkehello, how come that /usr/lib64/update-notifier/apt-check mentions updates, while apt-get update does not?09:35
dmj726insmod: ^^09:35
shawnboyanyone have any suggestions what will fix this?09:35
insmod<mkulke> apt-get distro-upgrade09:36
=== kumar__ is now known as juniour
insmod<mkulke> or apt-get dist-upgrade09:36
shawnboyor good recipes?09:36
=== RobotCow is now known as ATMRobotCow
shawnboywise cracks, even?09:36
lahwranshawnboy: already gave you my one of those09:37
shawnboylahwran: true.  ;)09:37
shawnboylahwran: that one was my fault tho. I asked for it.09:37
mkulkeinsmod: there is no dist-update, and i don't actually want to upgrade09:37
insmoddmj726: i see09:37
mkulkei just want to know whats available09:37
shawnboygoing once...09:37
insmod<mkulke> or apt-get -h09:38
capsyhello guys, can anyone help me here... i have a macbook and wanted to try ubuntu, i installed it under parallels but i cant turn on visual effects, anyone any tips?09:38
GuteXI'm new to Linux and Ubuntu, (well almost) and i'm running "live-cd" right now how do i install it without destroying windows, and how do i set the diff partitions for it?09:38
dmj726insmod: any idea what to do now?09:38
lahwrancapsy: don't think there is an accelerated graphics driver for parallels09:38
juniourGutex u can install it via wubi09:38
capsylahwran, vmware virtualbox09:38
lahwrancapsy: you're gonna have to install it in a dualboot to get the resource-hogging beauty of compiz09:38
capsyany of these?09:39
insmoddmj726: that's the prob09:39
shawnboyGutex: there should be oodles of googles on the subject. tutorials, even.09:39
shawnboygoing twice...09:39
capsykk thanks for tip09:39
dmj726insmod: what is?09:39
lahwrancapsy: virtualbox I hear has it. not used it. vmware, I tried and it didn't work09:39
insmoddmj726: the is in order of looking09:39
lahwrancapsy: uh, I have those backwards09:39
mkulkeinsmod: i don't think there is any command line option for apt-get which has check-apt functionality09:39
capsyill try vb, if it doesnt work ima dual boot and try09:39
dmj726are you saying it's looking in my maemo environment?09:39
insmod<mkulke> yes09:39
lahwrancapsy: VMWARE I hear has it. not used it. VIRTUALBOX, I tried and it didn't work09:40
capsyoh kk09:40
insmoddmj726: :)09:40
mkulkeinsmod: yes there is?09:40
shawnboygoing thrice. ...gone. I'm outta here. Thanks for playing... or not.09:40
capsythanks :)09:40
dmj726insmod: How do I change the order?09:40
mkulkeparsing the output with "update -q"?09:40
insmoddmj726: edit the path09:40
GuteXshawnboy: thx i know but was kinda hoping someone could give a quick lesson somehow ;) since i'm new to it, dont want to mess things up for my GF since she refuse other then Windows :(09:40
KranixI uninstalled OpenOffice via the software center, but it still opens when I click the menu shortcut09:40
insmoddmj726: /usr/bin first09:41
danny_bonjoyee, that worked to restart but still no other comps in windows networking, though I see it from Ubuntu so I guess I should find a Win irc channel for that09:41
milamber!dualboot | GuteX09:41
ubottuGuteX: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:41
GuteXubottu: thx i'll check that link :)09:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:41
bonjoyeedanny_: try mounting the share manually in windows..:)09:42
GuteXoh hehe09:42
dmj726which file governs $path?09:42
bonjoyeedmj726: ~/.profile09:42
juniourhey how to share files in ubuntu for windows09:42
pascal_join #symfony09:42
bonjoyee!samba | juniour09:43
ubottujuniour: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:43
insmoddmj726: i am on solaris so .profile does -- no idea about ubuntu -- wife runs it09:43
insmoddmj726: man profile mabe09:43
llutz_dmj726: /etc/environment  might be overriden by shell-related files like ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc09:44
danny_bonjoyee,  lol I wish09:44
insmoddmj726: mabey creaye a .profile and reboot -- it may looke in ~/bin/09:44
danny_password for connectiong to windows share is Windows password, not local Ubu, right?09:45
bonjoyeedanny_: no,,,i mean it..its possible!09:45
juniourno like that09:45
capsybtw what do u guys think about gnome shell 3?09:45
capsylike where gnome is headed or not really?09:45
Nutty-Nattycan anyone help me with the package quota09:45
juniouri am on dual boot i waann to see all folders of ubuntu in windows when i switch from ubuntu to windows 709:46
=== lud_ is now known as lud
dmj726in /etc/environment insmod09:46
juniourany help09:46
llutz_dmj726: grep PATH ~/.*09:46
juniourthere guy09:46
insmoddmj726: chhers09:47
juniouri am on dual boot i waann to see all folders of ubuntu in  windows when i switch from ubuntu to windows 709:47
insmoddmj726: cheers09:47
GuteXok next Q where do i find a boot cd ISO for Ubuntu, since this one i have seems to work only for netbooks/laptops when booting it seems to check for battery status and that dont work in my desktop pc somehow?09:47
bonjoyeejuniour: windows cannot see ubuntu filesystems by default..09:47
residentgreyde website09:47
redHello I have an alpha stage program that was just a precompiled tarball, how do I associate it with filetypes (just php etc) so that when I double click a file it won't open the program again, but open in the already existing session?09:48
juniourbonjoyee that i wanna to know09:48
residentgreywhat os red09:48
red10.10 64bit, Ubuntu naturally09:48
redI know how to set "open with" ofcourse09:48
juniourbonjoyee hthen how to make these foldere avalible in windows09:48
residentgreysettings manager dealie you mean?09:48
redbut when I click a file it opens up the app another time and opens it in there09:48
bullgard4Without specifying a special option badblocks performs a "read-only test". How can badblocks determine if a sector is bad if it performs a read-only test?09:48
bonjoyeejuniour: so best it to have a common ntfs partition for both..09:49
juniourbonjoyee any idea?09:49
juniourhow to do that09:49
danny_bonjoyee,  I can't find info on how to do that, so I tried mounting win in Ubuntu but got usage error09:49
Nutty-Nattyjunior: different types of file systems .. windows uses ntfs and ubuntu uses ext409:49
insmoddmj726: i told you that'09:49
insmoddmj726: mabey creaye a .profile and reboot -- it may look in ~/bin/09:49
residentgreydealie = program/script/etc catchall like stuff09:50
milamberjunior: http://www.soluvas.com/read-browse-explore-open-ext2-ext3-ext4-partition-filesystem-from-windows-7/09:50
insmoddmj726: it may look in ~/bin/09:50
=== aum is now known as aum_
juniourNutty-Natty but now a days i think ubuntu support nfts file system09:50
insmoddmj726: make a .profile in ~/bin09:50
llutz_insmod: pointless09:51
bonjoyeejuniour: if your ubuntu is using ext3...then theres are drivers for that for windows,,,but i have never used it myself..09:51
danny_bonjoyee,  when listing a path to a mount point, do I put //<servername>/<path without c:\> ?09:51
llutz_insmod: user-profile has to be ~/.profile09:51
Nutty-Nattyjuniour: you probably correct so look at that post from milamber09:51
juniourk  thanks09:51
GuteXa little Q: I have the possibility to run 64bit but as what i can see Ubuntu recomends 32Bit what is prefered? 32 or 64?09:51
bonjoyeedanny_: on windows do this: net use x: \\ip-of-ubuntu\\sharename09:52
bonjoyeedanny_: if that doesn't work ask ##windows09:52
GuteXin windows i know they have to use 64 to use all memory above 3.2 gb or something is it similar in linux?09:52
acegiakanyone got any reccomendations for a sidebar with combined twitter/google reader rss feed(and maybe other events)?09:52
llutz_GuteX: it is09:52
GuteXhmm cause i have 8 gb ram09:53
=== aum_ is now known as aum
insmodllutz_: in unix not ubuntu09:53
llutz_GuteX: so use 64bit or 32bit + pae-kernel09:53
llutz_insmod: ?09:53
Nutty-NattyGuteX: if you know your architecture then you decide - the main problems with x64 are libraries but there are a few nifty little apps around to help with that ( I always run 64 bit if I can)09:53
insmodllutz_: ubuntu changed the $PATH09:54
GuteXoh thx then i'll go for 64bit for now09:54
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info09:54
llutz_insmod: it just includes ~/bin if it exists. that won't affect the location of .profile/.bashrc09:54
Ascavasaionwhen I do a sudo apt-get install xfce4 It tells me "E: Couldn't find package xfce4"... It does not show up in Synaptic either.  any ideas?09:54
llutz_insmod: man bash (invokation)09:55
Nutty-NattyGuteX: .. search for an app called getlibs and learn how to use it09:55
GuteXthx Nutty-Natty :)09:55
milamberAscavasaion: are you trying to get the x desktop?09:55
insmodllutz_: that's what i said if u listened -- add .profile -- not there by default09:55
Ascavasaionmilamber: Lighter desktop manager... Gnome is too heavy on resources.09:55
llutz_insmod:  you wrote <insmod> dmj726: make a .profile in ~/bin     and thats definetly wrong09:56
milamberAscavasaion: xubuntu-desktop is the meta package you want then09:56
bonjoyeeAscavasaion: then try lxde!09:56
Ascavasaionmilamber: Thank you09:56
Ascavasaionbonjoyee: Will do hehe09:56
Nutty-NattyAscavasaion: try fluxbox09:56
insmod<Ascavasaion> fluxbox windowmaker and xfce09:56
llutz_insmod: no shell will read that .profile without patches09:57
bonjoyeeAscavasaion: its even lighter...without sacrificing on the eye candy!;)09:57
AscavasaionThanks chaps, will do :)09:57
insmod<llutz_>you have to follw the hole conversation09:57
AscavasaionSigh... 95Mb of downloads now... Sigh09:57
insmodllutz: man profile09:58
redHello I have an alpha stage program that was just a precompiled tarball, how do I associate it with filetypes (just php etc) so that when I double click a file it won't open the program again, but open in the already existing session? Should this be managed by the software automaticly or can I override it somehow?09:58
=== administrator__ is now known as wujie
=== aum is now known as aum_
milamberred: that is a program option, not an os option09:59
=== aum_ is now known as aum__
bonjoyeemilamber: +109:59
=== aum__ is now known as aum
bonjoyeered: you can manage the "open with" with ubuntu though!10:00
llutz_insmod: we're talking about ubuntu, not solaris, right?10:00
skilzhow can I limit my interenet bandwidth Im sharing over eth0?10:00
insmodllutz: nope $PATH10:00
skilzmy girlfriend is hogging all the bandwidth10:00
aumi have forget my password of irc is there any way to get it back ?10:00
Jordan_Ured: That needs to be managed by the program.10:00
GuteX/nickserv identify help10:00
VirusTBaum,  with the email u regisdterd check ur email10:00
Nutty-Nattyskilz: and so she should !! equality please10:01
redbonjoyee: that I've set so far yeh10:01
skilzno way!!!10:01
aumok let me check...10:01
skilznot when im trying to game10:01
redthis program can manage files as projects so guess I'll add my files there10:01
DJonesaum: If ask in #freenode, the op's in that channel will be able to send you a password reset email10:01
residentgreyskilz agreed10:01
hezcan anyone help me install nvidia geforce 9300M GS drivers? i have the driver but when i install it it fails telling me i need to disable x first. I have read the readme on the nvidia site which suggests i use nvidia-xconfig to automatically configure the X server files. but i have no idea where to obtain that. It also has a guide on how to do it manually however none of the files that it says to edit exist on my machine.. Please help?10:01
Nutty-Nattyyou could try setting up qos in your router10:01
skilzmy ping is through the roof!!!10:01
skilzI don't have a router, my internet interface is usb mobile broadband via ppp0, im sharing with firestarter firewall10:02
Richie086hez: it means you need to kill x (xwindows/gnome/kde/any window manager)10:02
Nutty-Nattyhez: get urself envy-ng and it will install the drivers for you10:02
hezhow do i get envy ng?10:03
Nutty-Nattyyou type apt-get install envy-ng10:03
Nutty-Nattyor aptitude install envy-ng10:03
GuteXaum: type /nickserv info <--- that's what should work for you sorry for the first help10:03
histo!envy | hez10:03
ubottuhez: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers on Ubuntu 9.10 or earlier. It can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver.10:03
Richie086hez: if you select the recovery mode option in grub10:03
hezunable to locate package envy-ng10:04
Nutty-Nattyyou may have to look at your sources10:04
hezi am running 10.1010:04
Nutty-Nattydid you use synaptic to search?10:04
Nutty-Nattyhang on i'll check10:05
=== iDangerMouse_ is now known as iDangerMouse
NetriX_Hey everyone10:05
NetriX_hows it going?10:05
Richie086hez: if you select recovery mode it will boot into text mode, and x will not start.  You then can run the nvidia driver installer10:05
sacarlsonskilz: I think there are things like  Wondershaper and fairnat,  I've used each a little10:05
bullgard4Without specifying a special option badblocks performs a "read-only test". How can badblocks determine if a sector is bad if it performs a read-only test?10:06
hezand no opengl will run either?10:06
Jordan_Uhez: Did System > Administration > Additional Drivers not work?10:06
NetriX_should I run a firewall with my startup applications?10:06
Richie086hez:  nope, it will just be a text mode terminal10:06
hez:/ i havent tried that. lol new to ubuntu10:06
milamber!info envyng-get maverick | hez10:06
ubottuhez: Package envyng-get does not exist in maverick10:06
Nutty-Nattyi don't see it past karmic hez but i am sure you can still use it in 10.1010:06
Richie086hez: thats why this channel is here :)10:06
amalgamai want to download an ubuntu minimal version, just the terminal and the most important apps, so i chose the server edition.. The thing is that the server edition is almost 680mb.. why is that??10:07
milamber!info envyng-gtk maverick | hez10:07
ubottuhez: Package envyng-gtk does not exist in maverick10:07
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Reads the block and if the drive reports a read error then it's bad (most drives, except thumb drives, keep internal CRCs).10:07
hezyah thought it was 9.10 and earlier10:07
llutz_!minimal > amalgama try this10:07
ubottuamalgama, please see my private message10:07
Nutty-Nattytho jokey replaced envy as i recall10:07
hezthink il try boot into the shell thing and see if that works10:07
Jordan_Uhez: Don't.10:07
=== administrator__ is now known as wunue
Nutty-Nattyif you search the net there will be a .deb for envy-ng10:08
GuteXwhat Software do any1 recomend to use for burning the Ubuntu ISO ?10:08
hezit wont work?10:08
Jordan_Uhez: The proper way to install Nvidia drivers is via System > Administration > Additional Drivers.10:08
chupacabraamalgama: funny since linux can run of a !.77 floppy just great, huh10:08
=== aum is now known as aum_
bullgard4Jordan_U: Ah! Thank you.10:08
Jordan_Ubullgard4: You're welcome.10:08
Richie086hez: yeah, have you tried t install the drivers via the driver update tool?  thats usually how i do it..10:09
Nutty-Nattyenvy did a great job for me i always got the nvidia splash screen10:09
amalgamathanx ppl...10:09
milamber!burniso | GuteX10:09
ubottuGuteX: To burn an ISO image of a CD in Linux, Mac OS or Windows, read the howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto10:09
ejvGuteX: what operating system are you using to burn the ubuntu .iso10:09
ejvGuteX: if you're using windows, use a program called imgburn, works quite well and is free10:09
hezwow i never new that additional drivers thing was there woohoo :d10:10
GuteXejv: i use Ubuntu live cd but from usb stick10:10
ejvGuteX: ahh then I would use K3B personally10:10
MikeChelenX server seems to keep randomly freezing. it will use 100% cpu, and restarting the x service doesn't help. using radeon 4250 with proprietary ATI drivers, any suggestions?10:10
danny_I turned on my laptop (win 7) and the win 7 desktop sees it fine on network, but not any of the Ubuntu desktops10:10
GuteXi'll try it and burniso, disc's are cheap ;)10:11
Richie086yeah k3b is great10:11
lousygaruadanny_: do you have problems seeing win7 from ubuntu or ubuntu from win7 or both?10:11
Nutty-Nattyok i will ask again before i go - is anyone here any good with using qiota to check file systems10:12
danny_lousygarua, only problems seeing Ubuntu from Windows.  Ubuntu seess Win but can't log in10:12
Nutty-Nattysorry i mean quota10:12
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ejvquota to check a file system, that question makes absolutely zero sense to me...10:13
=== bose_ is now known as bose
=== bose is now known as om
dmj726insmod: I deleted scratchbox, so now locate apt-get | less gives /usr/bin as the top result10:13
GuteXoh hmm seems i will stuck for a while cause there is almost 3 hours to complete downloading Ubuntu ISO :(10:14
danny_lousygarua, when I try to connect to win from ubuntu, it says "unable to mount location:  failed to retrieve share list from server"10:14
Richie086danny_: i have run into that same issue quite a lot in ubuntu when trying to connect10:15
dmj726insmod: it still doesn't work though10:15
danny_Richie086,  is this a bug?10:15
* chupacabra thinks command line is mostly broken in ubuntu10:16
GuteXcrap server or overloaded with downloads since it will take almost 3 hours for a cd iso?10:16
=== om is now known as nick
=== nick is now known as Guest30377
Richie086danny_: not sure..10:17
insmoddmj726: reboot or echo in  a term10:17
=== Guest30377 is now known as foo_
dmj726echo $PATH10:17
milamberGuteX: try the torrent?10:18
insmoddmj726: still not first10:18
bullgard4'badblocks -n' specifies a "non-destructive read-write mode" of testing a disk. What does this test not destroy in contrast to its "write-mode test"?10:18
dmj726insmod: but it's the same as my other ubuntu machine10:19
insmoddmj726: look put the path first or... ls it to you10:19
foo_i am unable to login graphically, the password window pops up again and again, to login graphically i have to go to terminal then login into it and the "startx". even sudo services gdm restart" is not working....10:20
foo_i am unable to login graphically, the password window pops up again and again, to login graphically i have to go to terminal then login into it and then "startx". Even "sudo services gdm restart" is not working....10:22
anodesniHi, how can I start gmrun with alt+F2 combination?10:22
lousygaruadanny_: there's a similar problem here: http://www.art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1607610 one of the solutions was to try removing windows live messenger from the windows machine it didn't always work. there's some solution on page 3 that you might try as well10:22
soreauanodesni: If you use compiz as your wm, set it in ccsm>Commands10:25
hezhey all.. having some trouble connecting to windows 7 machine via vnc.. Just says connection closed doesnt even ask for a password or anything10:25
hezand ideas?10:25
soreaufoo_: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?10:25
anodesnisoreau, thanks10:25
Richie086hez: realvnc?10:26
Richie086or what vnc implementation10:26
hezusing vinarge10:26
hezas client10:26
hezand uh10:26
danny_lousygarua, ty, looking into it...  also, would listing all computers in hosts config be helpful?10:27
hezyeah real vnc on the win 7 machines10:27
Richie086hez: and can you connect to the vnc session from any other machines sucessfully?10:27
hezyep i can connect to the ubuntu box from other machines successfully10:28
Richie086never heard of vinarge..10:28
hezand the win7 machines can connect to each other10:28
foo_http://pastebin.com/KK9qdZLy     here it is...10:28
sk_i have problem with ubuntu 10.0410:28
hezits just the standard remote eesktop viewer10:28
soreauhez: firewall not configured properly?10:29
soreau! ask | sk_10:29
ubottusk_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:29
hezdoes ubuntu cone with a firewall?10:29
GunnDawgHey folks, I installed xubuntu inside of Ubuntu 10.10 to check it out, but after I got rid of it then my emerald themes quit working unless I ran "emerald --replace" every time I booted up10:29
Richie086hez: ever used teamviewer?10:29
Richie086hez: i perfer it over vnc personally10:29
Richie086hez: works on linux, windows and mac10:29
sk_i m not able to switch for remote desktop running window 7 from ubuntu10:29
sk_my firewall is off..10:30
hezmm have thought of using something else but i have 6 comps that all use vnc and cant be bothered getting something else to work on al lof them10:30
sk_and also not getting any error message10:30
Richie086hez: http://www.teamviewer.com10:30
Jordan_U!firewall | hez10:30
ubottuhez: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.10:30
sk_no..i dunt want to use team  viwer..10:30
sk_actually i m using rdesktop command10:31
sk_and it's work for nearby system10:31
Richie086ahh..  I have run into a ton of strange vnc implementation issues personally over the years so I got tired of it and decided to use something else..10:31
sk_but dunt work for distant system..10:31
soreaufoo_: Looks fine. Not sure why X wont start.. what did you do to it?10:32
Richie086sk_: distant meaning a machine somewhere out on the internet?10:32
foo_i just fresh installed it...:)10:32
sk_no ..in same intranet10:32
lousygaruadanny_: i think the hosts config can be helpful if you have static ip on your lan10:32
dmj726insmod: I added /usr/bin to the front of $PATH and it still doesn't work10:32
Richie086so, how is the machine 'distant' exactly?10:32
hezturned off ufw.. still doesnt work :(10:33
sk_just like a system in cc and at hotel..10:33
sk_i am able to remote for cc system10:33
sk_but not able to do same for hostel10:33
sk_means computer center lab..10:33
=== exutux is now known as Guest19257
sk_but when i m using same for window 7 to window 7 its working10:34
sk_but when using for linux to window 7 ....only works for cc system but not able to connect with hostel..10:35
GunnDawgAnyone have any clue how to fix emerald after installing xubuntu ?10:35
dmj726insmod: one suggestion I found online is to use synaptic to do a complete removal, then reinstall apt-get10:35
dmj726Is that a good idea?10:35
sk_sudo apt-get install emerald10:36
GunnDawgsk_: its already installed10:36
danny_lousygarua, my nmblookup failed to find a name for my win computer10:37
GunnDawgthe themes just dont work anymore, even after I uninstalled ubuntu and went back to ubuntu 10.1010:37
sk_then whts the problem10:37
danny_lousygarua, but by hostname it works10:37
GunnDawgthe theme manager works and everything, and they work when I run "emerald --replace &" every time I boot up10:38
soreau! pm | foo_10:38
ubottufoo_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:38
soreaufoo_: You do not need an xorg.conf. X is smart enough to know what is sane for your setup10:39
foo_so what i can do else...10:40
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soreaufoo_: Was it like this since the first time you installed ubuntu or has it ever worked?10:41
mantiseI installed Ubuntu, but wanna try XFCE10:42
=== iDangerMouse is now known as Dr_Mouse
mantisewhen i try to install xubuntu from the software manager10:42
foo_yes, it did not word at all ever...10:43
mantisei get this error:10:43
foo_yes, it did not work at all ever...10:43
mantiseFailed to fetch http://dk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/w/wv/libwv-1.2-3_1.2.4-2ubuntu3_i386.deb 404  Not Found10:43
mantiseit cant fetch the files10:43
mantiseit didnt work ever ?10:44
foo_its been 5 days i have freshly installed it...10:44
sacarlsonmantise: I get 404 error here also10:44
mantiseso how can i install XFCE to my ubuntu install ? :s10:45
sacarlsonmantise: have you tried other mirror servers?10:45
MagicJI want to  use the gltext screen saver and set the text myself - I have modified the control file per the man page but the change does not work - no change - how do I set this10:45
AscavasaionIf I have done the apt-get install xubuntu-desktop... will it automatically uninstall allt he Gnome stuff that is not needed and that slowd the machien down?10:45
milambermantise: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu10:45
mantiseNo Ascavasaion, but u can chose which desktop to start up10:46
milambermantise: go to the "Download Server" section10:46
adacDoes there exist a good latex editor for gnome?10:46
foo_can you tell me the packages to reinstall...?10:47
Ascavasaionmantise: And choosing which desktop means that it will not load the unnecessary stuff?10:47
dmj726is completely removing then immediately reinstalling apt-get safe?10:47
danny_I enabled netbios over tcpip and am uninstalled Win Live Messenger as suggested, but still having no luck connection Ubuntu to Win 710:47
arunkumar413hi,how to do syntax highlighting in openoffice10:48
erUSULadac: emacs + auctex ?10:48
erUSULarunkumar413: oo.org is not a coding editor.10:48
foo_previously i have had ubuntu 9.4 and that was working fine...10:48
sacarlsonmantise: I checked this mirror and it has the file http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/w/wv/10:48
adacerUSUL, kk, I will take a look at that, thx"!10:48
sre-suI had a driver fault recently which made the system to break. How can I find about it?10:48
mantisemilamber: thanks, i guess i just get the US/EN version tho :)10:49
arunkumar413erUSUL: but in the document i want to write, i need syntax highlighting10:49
mantisesacarlson: i just took main server from the software manager.. can i chose a specifik server aswell ?10:49
IledenIs there a way to move the partition /dev/sda5 to /dev/sda1 ?10:49
sacarlsonmantise: in synaptic you can change repository site10:50
milamberadac: lots of people also like texworks & jabref10:50
sre-suCan system lof help to find the cause?10:50
=== windkids is now known as windGone
mantisesacarlson: thanks :) it is installing now :)10:50
erUSULarunkumar413: use an highlighter that produces html copy the html in the docs10:50
adacmilamber, ok this goes on the list of testing candidates aswell. thx!10:50
erUSULadac: gedit also has a latex plugin10:50
adacerUSUL, oh I like gedit a lot!10:51
dmj726anybody ever removed apt for a short time?10:51
mantiseSacarlson / milamber: do i need to remove gnome? or it doesnt run any gnome stuff when i chose to start up in xubuntu ?10:51
lodderis there a support channel for natty?10:51
arunkumar413erUSUL: cant we do it in openoffice10:51
milamberlodder: ubuntu+110:51
negevhi, is there a way to run dkpg-buildpackage and have it skip the tests?10:52
loddermilamber: thx10:52
erUSULarunkumar413: i do not know of any way. but maybe in a openoffice channel they know better10:52
milambermantise: you don't have to uninstall it10:52
classical_how can i use locate to search in a specific directory only ? /home for example10:52
mantisemilamber: Ok, thanks10:52
erUSULclassical_: use find for that ?10:52
danny_All I want to do at this point is copy all my documents from Win 7 to Ubuntu.  Can anyone help me in connecting to Win 7?10:52
sacarlsonmantise: I think it will still run gnome apps,  when apps are installed it will install needed libs as needed10:53
markvandenborreworking on a FOSS press release, need an English word for a big, recurring event that people look out longingly for every x time10:53
classical_erUSUL, find need a lot of time10:53
markvandenborreany suggestions?10:53
llutz_classical_: locate <pattern>*10:53
medflyhi dudes, how can I tell ubuntu to stop running a disk check every so often?10:53
erUSULdanny_: PlacesZ>Network>Windows Network does not work? Places>Connect to Server also does not work ? ( given that you created a shared folder in windows )10:53
mantisesacarlson: hm, and if i dont want it to run gnome apps ?10:53
mantiseim installing xubuntu to get a lighter desktop :)10:54
sacarlsonmantise: then just don't start them10:54
markvandenborrethink "high point of the year"10:54
erUSULclassical_: locate "/home/*filename*" ?10:54
danny_erUSUL, no, neither works.  I enter password and it keeps prompting for password.  Shares are set up on Windows and I can access them from another Win comp10:54
GunnDawgmantise, what makes it lighter? im curious10:54
classical_erUSUL, es thats exactly what i need10:55
classical_thanks :))10:55
milamberarunkumar413: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/project/coooder10:55
mantiseGunndawg: I never tryed it, just whats ive been told and been reading on the internet10:55
sacarlsonGunnDawg: mantise: my guess is they won't run in compiz?  I'm not sure what makes it smaller or lighter.10:55
viviersfhi guys10:55
arunkumar413milamber: may be that requires java10:55
viviersfanyone got an idea10:55
viviersfwhen i update my 10.1010:56
viviersfthe sound stops working10:56
medflyhow can I tell ubuntu to stop running fsck every so often?10:56
milamberarunkumar413: it's openoffice (iirc ooo is pretty crippled w/o java)10:56
mantisesacarlson: Am I wrong ? LDXE and LXfe lighter than KDE and Gnome ?10:56
gerthmedfly: tune2fs10:56
danny_erUSUL, mount won't work or I'm using it improperly, the 2 methods you suggest treat my password as if its wrong and JFTP doesn't work either10:56
dmj726insmod: Even when $PATH is only /usr/bin it doesn't work10:56
erUSULmedfly: man tune2fs; see the part about mounts between checks10:56
GunnDawgsacarlson: ubuntu it self cant be all that "heavy" can it? I mean its more efficient than windows right ?10:57
mantisesacarlson: XFCE10:57
=== Craig_Dem_ is now known as Craig_Dem
IledenGunnDawg: it's not that straight a comparison, really.10:57
markvandenborrehow do you say "moment to look forward to" in English in one word?10:58
GunnDawgIleden: ah ok10:58
erUSULdanny_: mount -t cifs -o username=userr,password=paswordhere,otheroptions //ip_of_win_machine/share /mount/point/in/linux10:58
mantisegonna check if i can log into XFCE now10:58
medflygerth: erUSUL: thanks10:58
gerthmedfly: you should consider fsck-ing as a good thing (if you don't care about a clean and fully working fs, go ahead)10:58
IledenGunnDawg: Win7 is pretty efficient for a Windows, and Ubuntu is pretty slow for a linux. But both are pretty fast.10:58
dmj726Can I use synaptic to reinstall apt?10:58
erUSULdanny_: last option if it is a one off thing use filezilla ftp server in windows. Places>Connect to server in ubuntu10:59
GunnDawgIleden: oh i didnt know that, I am rather new, so ubuntu is the slowest distro ?10:59
llutz_dmj726: synaptic is an apt-frontend, unlikely10:59
manashey all10:59
IledenGunnDawg: however, there are reasons why Windows and Ubuntu are slower than more faster OS'es - they are both multi-purpose, "install and forget" type of systems10:59
dmj726llutz_: Any way to reinstall apt?10:59
dmj726llutz_ I'm trying to figure out how to get apt-get install to work11:00
llutz_dmj726: why would you do that?11:00
manasi have just installed ubuntu on my vaio laptop but my touch pad doesnt work. However when i cooect my usb mouse it does. What should id o11:00
llutz_dmj726: apt or apt-get (which also is just a frontend)11:00
GunnDawgIleden: good point, thanks for that info11:00
dmj726If I do sudo /usr/bin/apt-get install xxxxx it works11:00
ajahwhen i start gparted doesnt show me the partitions only whole hard disk unallocated11:01
dmj726but just sudo apt-get install xxxx doesn't11:01
IledenGunnDawg: on an older/slower computer, I'd myself use something like Xubuntu, which has a faster desktop system (xfce instead of gnome) but still carries most of the ease of use of ubuntu.11:01
raviepic3which software can i use to make a screencast ?11:01
raviepic3which software can i use to make a screencast ?11:01
llutz_dmj726: "which apt-get"11:01
dmj726apt-get install11:01
popey!screencast | raviepic311:01
ubotturaviepic3: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.11:01
popeyraviepic3: personally I use gtk-recordmydesktop11:01
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llutz_dmj726: what does "which apt-get"  give back (its a command)11:01
medflygerth: it's just that I need to provide keyboard response and for some reason it ignores it11:01
ajahand have a warning can have overlaping partitions11:01
medflygerth: I'd be fine if my computer pooped itself at some point11:02
GunnDawgIleden: now you got me thinking, I am about to reinstall ubuntu on my laptop, thinking maybe xubuntu is a better choice for a laptop, though i dont have issues with ubuntu so far11:02
IledenGunnDawg: but then again, ubuntu isn't very slow. neither is Win7. If you don't want the hassle, just go with ubuntu. :)11:02
raviepic3popey, i used record my desktop right now, i recorded lenghty video and converted to .dat using mncoder, when i see the video and audio out of sync and more over theres is half the video missing11:02
raviepic3in between11:02
llutz_dmj726: whats the error you get, when not using full path?11:02
raviepic3am like ! ! !11:02
dmj726sudo: apt-get install: command not found11:02
darksiferhi everyone11:02
danny_erUSUL, mount seemed to work!  How can I set it up so it issues this command every time at boot?11:02
raviepic3popey, how do you get the audio and video in sync11:02
darksiferis www.linux.org down???11:02
popeyraviepic3: dunno, it just works for me11:03
gerthdmj726: what is the output of "echo $PATH"11:03
popeydarksifer: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/linux.org11:03
IledenGunnDawg: I installed xubuntu on my netbook to get a bit of performance gain. On a generic laptop, I'd use ubuntu. Depends, of course, some people prefer to get the performance gain - I don't care that much myself.11:03
llutz_dmj726: "sudo -i " and then "echo $PATH"11:03
raviepic3popey, omg how do you convert the .ogv file into .dat or .flv ?11:03
manasmy touch pad doesnt work!!!!11:03
manaswhat should i do11:03
GunnDawgIleden: alright cool11:03
raviepic3popey, which command you use ?11:03
randomus1rI have 'ubuntu-desktop-package' installed. ubuntu hardy server - 'startx' says 'xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (No such file or directory)'11:03
erUSUL!fstab | danny_11:03
ubottudanny_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions11:04
IledenGunnDawg: XFCE isn't as friendly or pretty, though. Although compared to some of the stuff out there, it's really, really easy :)11:04
darksiferpopey : thanks11:04
popeyraviepic3: http://popey.com/blog/2009/08/25/getting-back-into-screencasting/ see that11:04
stresseddmj726 what is the result of "sudo which apt-get"11:04
popeyraviepic3: i use ffmpeg to convert to mp4 and flv11:04
dmj726$ sudo which apt-get11:04
danny_ubottu:  what does "!Partitions" mean?11:05
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:05
dmj726sudo which apt-get install11:05
erUSUL!synaptics | manas11:05
ubottumanas: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad11:05
popeydmj726: you don't need "sudo" for "which"11:05
GunnDawgIleden: Are there better ways to theme your setup other than Emerald? I heard thats pretty unpopular11:05
raviepic3popey, what parameters you used with ffmpeg ?11:05
popeyraviepic3: one moment, I'll dig them out11:06
raviepic3thank youi11:06
llutz_dmj726: "sudo -i " and then "echo $PATH"         not "sudo echo $PATH"11:06
IledenGunnDawg: probably there are. But I'm not very familiar with themeing. :)11:06
manasahh. so that mean i have to install the drivers??? im sorry im new to linux and do know much about it11:06
llutz_dmj726: looks correct too. sry no idea11:07
GunnDawgIleden: ah ok11:07
pelaihi, how do i configure x from command line?  dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg doesn't work and returns no error message11:07
stressedpopey, in fact if he is trying to diagnose a problem running "sudo apt-get install xxx" he does need sudo, otherwise the result is for the user path not the sudo'ed path!11:07
dmj726it's only the apt-get install command11:07
dmj726not apt-get as a whole11:07
erUSULpelai: Xorg -configure11:07
popeystressed: I specifically said he doesn't need "sudo" for "which", which is true.11:07
randomus1ranyone who sees my question, please ping me and inform me about that you're looking for an answer or something, I'm out of ideas there...11:07
gerthdmj726: apt-get install11:07
gerthapt-get install: command not found11:07
pelaithanks erUSUL11:07
llutz_dmj726: "alias"11:07
gerthdid you get that error?11:08
gerthdmj726: you have to specify a package name after install11:08
dmj726yeah, I get the error when I specify a package11:08
popeyraviepic3: I am having to boot another pc, sorry.11:09
raviepic3popey, no issues, il wait11:09
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
dmj726gerth is it possible that it's having a hard time finding the "install" part rather than the apt-get part?11:10
stressedhas anyone seen problems with 10.10 failing to mount a sata partition? the machine I am looking at atm you can copy (using dd) data from the raw device, but mount hangs if you try and mount it!!!11:10
erUSULstressed: a corrupted filesystem?11:11
MikeChelenX keeps randomly freezing using 100% cpu, and restarting X doesn't help. using radeon 4250 with proprietary ATI drivers, any suggestions?11:11
stressedcould be, trying to confirm atm.11:11
gerthdmj726: can you type it again on the command line?11:12
dmj726gerth: I found something odd11:12
stressedI should have said that it is a new MOBO (intel with i3)11:12
gerthdmj726: something strange is going on11:12
dmj726sudo apt-get  install clamav clamtk11:12
gerths0161789@K-SA-11-003:~$ apt-get install nasm11:12
gerthE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)11:12
gerthE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?11:12
dmj726two spaces between get and install works11:12
pelaihas anyone had a Fatal server error:  AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0?11:12
gerthE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?11:12
gerths0161789@K-SA-11-003:~$ apt-get install nasm11:12
FloodBot2gerth: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:12
gerthapt-get install: command not found11:12
erUSULstressed: see "dmesg | tail -n 25" when the lock happens11:12
gerththose 2 command lines are not the same, apparently11:12
sacarlsonrandomus1r: I think the hardy version might be at end of life for packages outside server11:13
randomus1rsacarlson, http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/ubuntu-desktop11:13
randomus1rsacarlson, all I want is to start a gui11:13
randomus1rsacarlson, specifically gnome-session11:13
dmj726okay, what the heck?  After executing it with two spaces it suddenly works with one space11:14
stressederUSUL  doesn't show anything interesting, btw have been working under the hood with linux for over 10 years, so is likely to be something bleeding obvious :)11:14
=== WizardOfOz___ is now known as WizardOfOz
ajahcan someone tell we whats going on http://img207.imageshack.us/i/24533173.jpg/11:14
erUSULstressed: as i said "corrupted filesystem" have you passed a fsck in the partition?11:15
popeyraviepic3: http://paste.ubuntu.com/560896/11:15
arunkumar413hi, i need a gui plain html page creator with features to insert the pic from a url,syntax highlighting,insert java-script,tables,different font styles and sizes,changing colours of text.11:15
dmj726insmod: llutz: gerth: Thanks for your help11:15
danny_vbs is visual basic, right?  What kind of editor works with it?11:15
popeyraviepic3: thats how I encode an ogv to flv, mp4 (h.264) and webm :)11:15
erUSULajah: you have a blank hard disk11:15
stresseddmj726  is it possible that you had something other than a [space] the first time.  eg if you copy/pasted from a web page and got a non ascii space.11:15
MikeChelenarunkumar413: try bluefish?11:15
erUSULajah: is that what you expect?11:15
dmj726stressed: that actually could be11:16
gerthdmj726: is was not a space11:16
gerth00000000  61 70 74 2d 67 65 74 c2  a0 69 6e 73 74 61 6c 6c  |apt-get..install|11:16
gerth00000010  20 6e 61 73 6d 0a                                 | nasm.|11:16
mrbowhey there,11:16
mantiseHi again ^11:16
mantisei got the xubuntu working now :)11:16
ajaherUSUL, there is already a tread about this http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1582376 but can fixed it i hope someone that understand what happedn really to help me11:16
mrbowhave a question: how can i add a man page to my system11:16
sre-suAre these pacakges source correct - http://imagebin.org/135555 ?11:16
manasi still cant get my touch pad to work11:16
arunkumar413MikeChelen: bluefish is advanced user who have knowledge of html. what  i require is a GUI editor like writer but i should be able to save it as html file11:16
popeyraviepic3: if you get problems let me know :)11:16
sre-sufor Ubuntu Maverick *11:17
mantisesacarlson, do you use xfce ?11:17
stressederUSUL  that is part of the issue, fsck don't want to read the partition either, will get the error for you soon, but dd if=/dev/sdx1.... works ok!11:17
gerthdmj726: but a enter '0xa0'11:17
MikeChelenarunkumar413: bluefish has a gui mode too, or try open office and save as html11:17
=== Domush is now known as Domush|Away
* Domush|Away is away, ZZzZZzz11:17
arunkumar413MikeChelen: how to enable gui in bluefish11:18
sre-su!away | Domush|Away11:18
ubottuDomush|Away: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»11:18
popeyraviepic3: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/535666/ might need these packages (or newer) from medibuntu for h.26411:18
sacarlsonrandomus1r: I was wrong ubuntu 8.04 expires on April 2011 (Desktop),  so you best do all your updates now or do your own mirror to keep what you might need in the future11:18
mrbowknows anyone a method to add man pages to the system? i'm searching for the man page for sem_wait11:18
gerthdmj726: this is the correct one:11:18
gerth00000000  61 70 74 2d 67 65 74 20  69 6e 73 74 61 6c 6c 20  |apt-get install |11:18
gerth00000010  6e 61 73 6d 0a                                    |nasm.|11:18
dmj726gerth: ugh...that silly thing has been confounding me for hours11:18
raviepic3popey, nmcoder was the issue i guess, it was eating my video out, when i use ffmpeg i get full lenght video with proper audio and video sync but the video quality is terrible :(11:18
randomus1rsacarlson, so how do I start gnome?11:18
popeyraviepic3: the sync is an issue with recordmydesktop, not ffmpeg/mencoder11:18
mantiseI just installed Xubuntu, and did by an accident move the clock, shutdown buttom ect to the left bar side :s how do i move them back to the bars right corner ?11:19
raviepic3popey, the video quality ?11:19
randomus1rmantise, right click, move11:19
MikeChelenarunkumar413: let me check, maybe i am thinking of some other program11:19
erUSULajah: that threath appears as solved ....?11:19
popeyraviepic3: that script I use makes good quality videos :)11:19
mantiserandomus1r, and then just move it with mouse ? trying, but it wont move :s11:19
popeyraviepic3: see http://ucasts.tv/11:19
MikeChelenarunkumar413: the king you want is called "wysiwyg" if you want to try searching11:19
sacarlsonrandomus1r: I don't know,  I recall 8.04 ran gnome when I had it installed,  can you reinstall it?11:20
MikeChelenarunkumar413: maybe try kompozer?11:20
dmj726thanks gerth11:20
arunkumar413MikeChelen: ya that is what i want11:20
erUSULmantise: right click on the separator ( you have to move the notification area a container ) choose move11:20
raviepic3popey, why is the script producing multiple formats same time ? mp4, flv, webm11:20
randomus1rsacarlson, it's server edition, I vnc to it and get a terminal, no gui11:20
gerthdmj726: np11:20
popeyraviepic3: why not? :)11:20
randomus1rsacarlson, how do I start gnome-session ?11:20
MikeChelenarunkumar413: open office is gui and can save as html, there might not be syntax highlighting though11:20
MikeChelenarunkumar413: try kompozer11:21
dmj726if nothing else, I learned a lot about how certain internals of Ubuntu work.11:21
raviepic3popey, it can ask the user which fomat he needs, because what happens if the user runs out of disk space11:21
mantiseerUSUL, i can only move their positions around eachother11:21
MikeChelenarunkumar413: kompozer has both wysiwyg "design" tab and source code tab11:21
mantisei cant make a space between it, so its going to be at the right side11:21
arunkumar413MikeChelen: open office adds some extra thing in html than what i need11:21
sacarlsonrandomus1r: it's a server so maybe just ssh into it instead of vnc11:21
popeyraviepic3: patches welcome11:22
erUSULmantise: do you see the separator i am talking about. is a kind of "3d" dot11:22
gurkhali69hello can anyone help me with ltsp in edubuntu?11:22
MikeChelenarunkumar413: could try abiword or libreoffice, also might want to get the latest version open office11:22
Iledenarunkumar413: erm, ANY wysiwyg editor will add some "extra thing in html" than what you need.11:22
popeyraviepic3: disk space is not a problem :)11:22
randomus1rsacarlson, I would, but one of its users needs vnc, so I'm trying11:22
ajaherUSUL, if i disable swap what will happen11:22
MikeChelenarunkumar413: all wysiwyg editors add some extra stuff, probably the more advanced editors like kompozer add less additional html11:22
raviepic3popey, so the command to convert the file to flv would be this ?11:22
Iledenarunkumar413: if you don't want extra things, you need to write html directly.11:22
raviepic3basename=`basename "$1" .ogv`11:22
raviepic3echo $basename11:22
raviepic3echo "Encoding to mp4 - first pass : `date`"11:22
FloodBot2raviepic3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:22
stresseddmj726  a good practice is to actually type commands in, rather than copy/paste especially from web pages where a variety of character encodings can bite you in the bum.... especially if the first attempt at a cut and paste doesn't work.11:22
erUSULajah: nothing wrong; linux can work without swap for a while11:22
mantiseerUSUL, no i dont :s where should it be ?11:23
dmj726yeah, I totally didn't even think about that11:23
arunkumar413MikeChelen: can abiword documents be saved as html11:23
erUSULajah: the problem is gparted show unallocated space but there is actually partitions in there?11:23
ajaherUSUL, Disable swap space. Typing "sudo swapoff -a" should do this. can u tell what this line exactly do11:23
dmj726...will remember it in future though!11:23
MikeChelendmj726 stressed or look for code snippets posted through standard tools such as pastebin and gist11:23
ajaherUSUL, yes11:23
MikeChelenarunkumar413: probably11:23
erUSULmantise: right side of the icons for clock and networkmanager11:23
sacarlsonrandomus1r: the server isn't meant to be upgraded to a desktop install,  so I guess there must be a sequence of libs and packages that need to be installed, but maybe easier to just install the desktop edition of 8.04,  it works out of the box11:23
raviepic3popey, ffmpeg -y -i myfilename.ogv -sameq -vcodec flv -f flv -r 29.97 -s 1280x720 -aspect 16:9 -b 5000kb -g 160 -cmp dct  -subcmp dct  -mbd 2 -flags +aic+cbp+mv0+mv4 -trellis 1 -ac 1 -ar 22050 -ab 56kb -loglevel quiet $basename.flv &> ./encode_flv.log11:23
erUSULajah: and fdisk comaplins about overlapping patitions and so on ...11:24
popeyraviepic3: yup :)11:24
raviepic3that would be the command to convert it to flv alone11:24
raviepic3thank you11:24
popeyraviepic3: np11:24
ajaherUSUL, i thing i found the solution but i will paste from fdisk to tell if this will work w811:24
popeyraviepic3: you might want to adjust the -s, which is the output resolution11:24
erUSULajah: i would use something like testdisk to fix the partition table11:24
randomus1rsacarlson, I'm not re-installing anything, I have lots of custom stuff installed, I'd rather start X somehow just now if possible.11:24
gurkhali69sacarlson: hi again. i have a quest related to ltsp in edubuntu?11:25
mantiseerUSUL, there should be somethingi can click ?11:25
erUSULajah: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step11:25
randomus1rsacarlson, as I said 'ubuntu-desktop' exists for hardy server, and I installed it.11:25
raviepic3popey, got it11:25
raviepic3thank you11:25
ajaherUSUL, i have this from /dev/sda4           25774       25774        8032+   e  W95 FAT16 (LBA) from fdisk -l if i delete this partition is it going to work11:25
erUSULmantise: no; that the problem with it; is hard to spot and hard to right click on it ... let me take a screenshot11:25
ajaherUSUL, start and end are the same11:25
mantiseerUSUL, thanks11:26
sacarlsonrandomus1r: ya that looks like it installed most everything you need,  maybe try run gdm11:26
raviepic3popey, video quality is awesome, but i am not able to scroll the video properly ! ?11:27
EnricoNirvanahi there : i would like to install ubuntu 10.10 32bit on my machine intel core 2 duo p7370 2ghz 2 ghz with 4gb Ram but  when i install it (downloaded the 686) it installs the amd64. I need the 32 bit for some compile/build. Any suggestion on how to force the 686 there ? Ty in advance for your answers11:27
ajaherUSUL, http://pastie.org/151774911:27
erUSULmantise: http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/9711/pantallazonf.png11:29
sacarlsonrandomus1r: I think I found it http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/02/08/starting-and-stopping-gnome-from-the-command-line/11:29
erUSULajah: this is different from the one in the forums threath ...11:31
ajaherUSUL, how can i delete this partition11:31
ajaherUSUL, /dev/sda411:32
danny_for device in fstab, do I just put UUID+= <UUID>?11:32
erUSULajah: fdisk surely has a command to do it. i do not remember upfront.11:32
mantiseerUSUL, thanks, gonna take a look11:32
erUSULajah: ahh is "d"11:32
ajaherUSUL, sudo fdisk -d 4 fdisk: invalid option -- 'd'11:33
NetShadowis there is a software that can boost my bittorrent upload ratio like greeytorrent for linux?11:33
erUSULajah: no you do « sudo fdisk /dev/sda » then you do m to get help o p to print the partition table. is an interactive program11:34
mantiseerUSUL, hm, my panel bar is black background.. to be honest, i cant see anything like that on your image :s11:34
mantiseerUSUL, but if i find it, right click and ?11:34
erUSULmantise: chose move11:35
mantiseerUSUL, :( cant i just redo panel settings to standard ? :s11:36
erUSULajah: so you have to partitions of lenght 0 ...11:36
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:36
mantisegnome panel ^ :)11:36
mantiseerUSUL, that wont help on xfce panels ?11:37
sacarlsonajah: try http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-how-to-delete-a-partition-with-fdisk-command/11:37
erUSULmantise: i thought you were on plain gnome ... you will have to ask in #xubuntu11:38
=== marcos is now known as Guest89352
mantiseerUSUL, ah11:38
banozhi there11:38
mantisethats why i cant fint that bottom :p11:38
banozany idea of why cmake sometimes doesn't create the .so symbolic links?11:38
AndymanHi, I upgraded virtualbox. It started an ncurses configuration tool but that closed immediately because vms were still running. I stopped them now. Any idea how I can restart the configtool?11:38
stressedajah  if you are unfamiliar with using fdisk, try cfdisk instead. it is a more intuitive interface. therefore far less likely that you will make a mistake.11:40
erUSUL!blkid | stressed11:40
ubottustressed: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)11:40
danny_I understand fstab but not how to place a windows share in it11:41
danny_any help pleasE?11:42
Sp0ttehwith the default "Remote desktop" within 10.10, anyone know how to close active connections from the cli? i can see its posible from the gui.11:42
danny_I've got my Windows UUID but there is missing information on how to add it to fstab11:42
ontdanny_: uuid?11:43
ajahstressed, i ve deleted the partition i got this -> WARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 16: Device or resource busy. The kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8) Syncing disks.11:44
danny_ont:  my understanding was that I could use UUID to ID windows partitions11:44
sacarlsondanny_: this might be helpfull http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/configure-a-system-to-automount-a-samba-share-with-etcfstab/11:44
ontdanny_: nah11:44
ajahstressed, is going to fail when i reboot11:44
Sp0ttehdanny_ try: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently ?11:44
danny_sacarlson, ty11:44
erUSULajah: you better this those things from a livecd with all the partition not mounted ...11:45
danny_Sp0tteh, ty11:45
ajahi m rebooting let see what will happen11:45
rohitnikcoolhi , i am having probel with exaile player it does not show the Shoutcast radio list11:46
awantihi i have implemented samba server. Now i am facing bit problem.  I want to give the permission like 'in perticular shared folder users can create the files but they can't delete it11:46
Sp0ttehwith the default "Remote desktop" within 10.10, anyone know how to close active connections from the cli? i can see its posible from the gui.11:47
rohitnikcoolShoutcast radio list in exaile plyr not appearing ,plz help11:47
MikeChelenX keeps randomly freezing using 100% cpu, and restarting X11:47
MikeChelendoesn't help. using radeon 4250 with proprietary ATI drivers, any suggestions?11:47
rohitnikcoolShoutcast radio list in exaile plyr not appearing plz help11:47
TopCati just installed 10.04 and i'm having the same problems i had when i installed 9.10 a year ago11:48
rohitnikcoolShoutcast radio list in exaile plyr not appearing plz help11:48
rhoxHi I have an external hard disk formatted with HFS+ and it is formated with two partitions. I already managed to mount the first one with the following command: "sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdb /mnt/hfs_disk"   Can anybody tell me how I can mount the second one?11:48
TopCateither the system reboots or i get logged out at random11:48
stressederUSUL blkid reports the drive, and partitions as it should!11:48
TopCati have no idea what it is, nor how to identify what is causing it, but this is totally unacceptable.  the main reason i used 9.04 until now was because it was stable.11:49
rohitnikcoolShoutcast radio list in exaile plyr not appearing11:49
TopCatis there any way i can view a log to see if termination signals are being sent and from what service?11:49
rohitnikcoolplz help Shoutcast radio list in exaile plyr not appearing11:49
bubbles|why does pear install Mail fail on my system?11:49
stressedalso I am fully conversant with UUID's :)  have been developing Embedded linux devices for far toomany years now .11:49
rohitnikcool:( Shoutcast radio list in exaile plyr not appearing11:49
=== fastman61 is now known as ali_yildiz
stressedajah  you will need to reboot in this case. unfortunately there are instances where the kernel can't update it's records correctly after a partition change.11:51
sacarlsonrhox: I didn't even know you could mount a disk like that,  I thought you could only mount partitions like mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1; mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/sdb211:51
ont baby11:51
ontget shaky11:51
ontafter school11:51
ontoho hhoohh oh there u go11:51
ontoh oh there u11:51
FloodBot2ont: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:51
stressedajah what makes you think it will fail at reboot?11:51
monkstressed, you can also use ksplice after a kernal update11:52
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lc0658385installing linux from usb alongside vista. created 116 gb free space with vita disk tool. but now ubuntu installer wants me to specify details for that free space. what settings should i use ? ext4 primary at the beginning or what ?11:53
repgahrollhello guys... does someone know how to disable the grub screen? I've tried to set the timer to 0, but didn't help. here's the current config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/560912/ thank you.11:53
=== Guest24945 is now known as naomi
lc0658385sorry.. that was 16 gb. not 11611:53
=== naomi is now known as Guest41901
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jrib!grub2 | repgahroll11:55
ubotturepgahroll: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:55
jribrepgahroll: if os-prober finds multiple OS it will ignore GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT (see the wiki for workarounds)11:56
lc0658385if i chose empty partition when installing ubuntu, will ubuntu create the swap partition ? its very unclear hat to do11:56
repgahrolljrib, i'm not installing the grub... i just want to know how i can add a option on that config file to make it "bypass" the one-option menu. thanks11:58
=== lc0658385 is now known as landingonwater
jriblc0658385: i always just tell it to use unpartitioned space and that works well (so you could delete the partition and do that)11:58
jribrepgahroll: read the last link ubottu gave you, it details how to configure grub11:58
ali_yildizwhat is the error :S Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)11:58
TopCatanyone know how to determine if my box is getting reboot termination signals or if my user is being logged off?11:58
stressedTopCat are you local to the box or remote?11:59
TopCatstressed: local11:59
=== fastman61 is now known as ali_yildiz
landingonwaterjrib: its says "free space" and if i click install it says no root partition specified. I can specify It, but I just dont know what to select.12:00
stressedTopCat if that is the case, a reboot will flash up the BIOS POST screen, and likely beep the internal speaker.12:00
jriblandingonwater: use "guided partitioning"12:00
stressedTopCat while a logoff will just bring you quickly back to the login screen12:00
landingonwaterjrib: should the partition be at the beginnin gor the end ? should it be ext4 journaling system ?12:00
repgahrolljrib, i couldn't find anything applicable... i could set an 1-second hidden timeout, but that's an ugly  workaround, and the boot would be 1sec slower;;;12:01
jriblandingonwater: the installer handles all this for you if you choose guided partitioning12:01
TopCatstressed: it's occuring when i'm not in front of the machine12:01
stressedTopCat can you explain a little more about what symptoms you are getting12:01
landingonwaterjrib: okay.. i will see if i can find a way to start the guid12:01
TopCatstressed:  i leave the box, i come back, and there is a login screen12:01
jribrepgahroll: if os-prober finds multiple OS it will ignore GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT (see the wiki for workarounds)  (did you read this?)12:01
TopCati'm either getting logged out or the box is rebooting12:01
stressedTopCat  if that is the case, have a look at /var/log/messages, and /var/log/auth.log12:01
TopCathow can i cat output to file ?12:02
TopCatcat file | output ?12:02
stressedTopCat is it a laptop or desktop machine12:02
stressedTopCat yes cat /var/log/messages > /tmp/messages.log12:03
danny_sacarlson, I added a line to fstab and the web site said and then I typed "sudo mount -a" to remount and it's taking a while...  is that normal?12:03
nellimtopcat      cat file > output12:03
repgahrolljrib, okay... i'm gonna read that carefully12:03
jribTopCat: COMMAND > FILE  will redirect output of COMMAND to FILE (warning: FILE will be *overwritten* if it exists)12:03
stressedTopCat but it is already a file :)12:03
nellimjrib - you can use a >> to ad to the end of file12:03
TopCatthanks stressed jrib nellim12:03
danny_sacarlson, ah, just got a connection timed out12:03
stressedTopCat I normally would just do..."less -S /var/log/messages"  the -S stops less from wrapping lines, you then use the arrow keys to scroll in all 4 directions12:04
sacarlsondanny_: if the system that shares the files is down or not prived that would be normal12:05
danny_here's my fstab:  http://pastebin.com/rF5DJEJK12:06
danny_I think it's right12:06
sacarlsondanny_: you should be sure you can mount it on the command line before you go editing your fstab files12:06
multiplatinumhow can i record my speakers? so no matter what i say in my mic, it doesn't get recorded?12:08
bazhang!es | 84XABM99Q12:08
ubottu84XABM99Q: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:08
landingonwaterany guide on what to do during installation of ubuntu 10.10 64 bit12:13
=== DeathCrawler is now known as Deathye
stressedTopCat did you find anything helpfull?  BTW: to look at auth.log you may need to be root. eg: sudo less -S /var/log/auth.log12:13
=== aknm is now known as monk
TopCatstressed: i see some stuff now12:15
TopCatbut don't know what exactly it is...i want to pastbin it12:15
TopCathold on12:15
danny_sacarlson, I was able to mount it command line, but I didnt get a chance to write down the command.  Can you type the mount command again for me please?12:16
tolaAny news on the UbuntuOne maintenance? I was expecting it to be back up by now?12:16
bazhangtola, try in #ubuntuone12:17
danny_sacarlson, I removed Win 7 from homegroup and now I can see my Ubuntu box, booyah12:17
tolabazhang: thanks12:17
stressedTopCat looking now, brb12:19
TopCatstressed: that's my /var/log/auth.log during the time it happened12:19
stressedTopCat  what is your normal username?12:22
danny_can someone please share the command to mount a windows partition?  I need to write it down and am not finding it anywhere12:23
leoncutzhi there12:23
leoncutzi am very new to ubuntu. i have just install it12:23
stresseddanny at a minimum I would need the output of "sudo blkid"12:24
leoncutzi want to play  a few games online but it needs java runtime. i hv dload it but dont know hot to install it coz it requires some commands whioch i ma not very familiar12:24
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bazhangleoncutz, downloaded from where12:24
leoncutzcan someone help me plz.12:25
coz_leoncutz,  what is the problem?12:25
leoncutzits all jargon to me here. sorry12:25
bazhang!java | leoncutz12:25
ubottuleoncutz: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.12:25
bazhangleoncutz, enable the partner repo and install from there12:25
pfarrellhi! I'm trying to make a debian package for a library I'm writing. dh_auto_build is acting a bit funny. is this the right place to ask questions?12:25
bazhang!partner > leoncutz12:25
ubottuleoncutz, please see my private message12:25
TopCatstressed: look at PM12:26
sagacidanny_: where is your mount point and what /dev/sd is it?12:26
pfarrellin my source directory, if I type 'dh_auto_build', it just works12:26
bullgard4!dualboot | DarkMio12:26
ubottuDarkMio: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:26
leoncutztks guys for ur kind response. let me try it12:26
stressedTopCat  didn't get a pm, I will try and open one to you now...12:27
danny_here's blkid:  http://pastebin.com/kUd9GhXz12:27
danny_sagaci:  I want my mount point to be /mnt/gaia  as for dev/sd, how do I find that out for windows computer?12:27
sagarchalisecan anyone tell me what package is that places > connecct to server ?12:28
leoncutzguys, i might sound very stupid here. how do i enable the partner in java?12:28
stresseddanny the output of blkid shows that there is no windows partition on your computer, therefore you can not mount one :(12:28
BitGeniusAnyone know about linux thin client solutions....we are going to make our network in linux thin clients12:29
danny_stressed:  I can't mount a Windows share from a different computer?12:29
stressedah, if you are trying to mount a windows share, that is a totally different thing.12:29
nellimdanny_ you talking about smb at that point12:29
landingonwaterjust a note. when installing alongside vista, and one goes into advanced partitioning, there is no turning back to the install wizard for dual boot. one has to remove the usb, log into vista, shut down and start over. pretty weird.12:29
TopCatstressed: you getting my pm ?12:30
stressedthe easiest way, is to not touch fstab, but in nautilus (file manager) choose "connect to server" and from there is should be simple.12:30
danny_nellim:  yeah, but how to do it is still a mystery to me after many tries12:30
danny_I keep getting failed to retrieve share list from server12:31
landingonwatersince ubuntu can resize a partition, then why is it advised many places to create empty space on the disk using vista disktool ? or maybe thats all outdated information ?12:31
nellimdanny: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-mount-remote-windows-partition-windows-share-under-linux.html12:31
danielhello would anyone be able to help me download a .tgz program12:31
bazhangleoncutz, hang on I'll give you the command12:32
randomus1rWhat package does ``gnome-session'' belong to?12:32
bazhangsudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner12:32
bazhangleoncutz, type that in terminal ^12:33
danielhow do i install a .tgz file12:33
randomus1rdaniel, extract by 'tar xvf filename', read the install file; it's usually source and needs a manual compile12:33
bazhangdaniel, what package12:33
danielits called tibia870.tgz from tibia.com12:34
danielit says its for linux12:34
nellimdaniel: tar -xvf the file12:34
nellimdaniel: then read the README file if there is one12:35
randomus1ror INSTALL12:35
randomus1rbut it is manual compiling, if they offer another package, it'd be easier12:35
randomus1rlike .deb or something12:35
danny_I get mount -t cifs //ntserver/download -o username=vivek,password=myPassword /mnt/ntserver  usage error12:35
BitGeniusAnyone know about linux thin client solutions....we are going to make our network in linux thin clients12:36
danieldaniel@Shelia:~$ tar -xvf Tibia870.tgz12:36
danieltar: Tibia870.tgz: Cannot open: No such file or directory12:36
danieltar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now12:36
FloodBot2daniel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:36
danielthats what it gave me12:36
BitGeniusAnyone know about linux thin client solutions....we are going to make our network in linux thin clients.........would anybody tell me advantages over other thinclients12:37
randomus1rPlease, if someone sees my question, raise your hand.12:37
kunahow one can use webcam?12:37
bazhangkuna, with cheese or camorama?12:38
bazhangleoncutz, did you use that command in the terminal?12:39
danielrandomus1r, how do i tar xvf something the file name is Tibia870.tgz12:39
Next1hey does anyone know how to low level format a netbook12:39
Next1i need to boot and do it all from a USB12:39
bazhang sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" leoncutz12:40
randomus1rdaniel, can you open a terminal and do this: cd path/to/the/tar/file/directory/12:40
Next1hey does anyone know how to low level format a netbook12:40
landingonwateris it stupid to excrypt the home folder during installation ? what if the system breaks and I need to get my files out ?12:40
Next1i need to boot and do it all from a USB12:40
danielrandomus1r, no such file or directory12:41
randomus1rdaniel, what command did you run?12:42
danielthe one u told me to12:42
GunnDawgHey folks, I recently reinstalled 10.10 and forgot the fix I applied for my headphones jack on my Toshiba Satelitte C655. it had something to do with editing the alsa-base.conf but I forgot what it was12:42
bazhangdaniel, are you in the correct directory when you run the command?12:42
danielbazhang, didnt know i had to be hmm let me try to get there12:43
danny_Nellim:  the command on the web site doesn't work (usage error) and someone typed in a mount command that worked for me...12:43
thauriswulfaQUESTION: is there any sound theme for xubuntu.??????/12:43
danielThank you who ever helped me u guys are awesome :D it worked cya next problem i have lol12:45
devilcodehow do i add my user to group www-data12:46
=== gen2monk is now known as monk
Guest85587 12:47
stresseddevilcode why would you want do do that, it sounds dangerous to me?12:48
landingonwaterokay.. been reading . and still not clear on encrypting the ubuntu home folder. if i encrypt, what will be the situation if the system breaks ? will that shut me out completely ?12:49
devilcodei want to be able to add and remove files12:49
devilcodefrom the website12:49
devilcodeis that not the way to do it ?12:49
stresseddevilcode  if you really want to do it and you understand the security risks, use "adduser devilcode www-data"12:49