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GauravButolaHello guys17:14
GauravButolaDoes someone hold classes here?17:15
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pleia2yes, but there is nothing currently on the schedule17:17
jonoPlease ask your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat17:47
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jonoand I will paste them in here for pgraner17:47
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jonoPlease only ask kernel questions, and I will paste those for pgraner17:47
jonoalrighty folks, ask your kernel questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat!17:48
jono<UndiFineD> QUESTION: what is the impact on performance on the BLK removal ?17:48
jonopgraner, ^17:48
pgranerUndiFineD, should be a positive impact, and will make things more maintainable long term17:49
pgranerUndiFineD, will be more noticeable on multi-core boxes17:49
jono<kim0> QUESTION: Does Ubuntu server have certain tweaks applied to its kernel vs desktop17:51
pgranerkim0, the only real tweaks are a few config settings and the increase on the number of CPUs the kernel supports17:51
pgranerkim0, and the default IO scheduler is Deadline17:52
jono<OkDucky> question: why does the performance of ubuntu (10.10) reduce a fair bit when under heavy hdd load? is there work being done to improve this? (it could just be my hardware of course..)17:53
pgranerOkDucky, the IO Scheduler for 2.6.38 has been revamped so you should start to see better performance17:54
jono<Taek> Question : How exactly does the glorified 200 lines kernel patch will benefit in 11.0417:54
jonopgraner, ^17:56
pgranerTaek, That is the auto cgroup stuff, isolate session tasks, it helps balance the load and will help increase performance17:56
pgranerjono, sorry takes a bit to type this17:56
pgranerTach, bottom line is you will see a benefit on heavy IO17:57
jono<m4n1sh> Question: What about btrfs? When is it going to be in a usable situation fit for default install?17:57
pgranerm4n1sh, Post 11.04 we are expecting it to shore up to be a default, right now its in the installer but you have to manually select it17:58
jono<sebsebseb> QUESTION:  What are the main features of the next kernel?17:58
pgranerjono, look at kernelnewbies.org for the 2.6.38 kernel, way to many to list here17:59
jono<Jay-Cee> QUESTION: Any improvements with btrfs performance?17:59
pgranersebsebseb, also look at the A2 release notes some more info there as well17:59
pgranerJay-Cee, file deletion is noticeable, but as with any dev system things are in flux18:00
pgraners/noticeable/noticeably faster/18:01
jono<Tach> QUESTION: will there be any fixes with the issues with input of some joysticks being detected as mouse input. An example of such an issue is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/42181218:01
pgranerTach, not sure this is an edev issue with X, not kernel per se18:02
jono<m4n1sh> Question: Lennart posted a 2 line solution for the glorified 200 lines patch for kernel. Was Lennart's solution better than that of kernel?18:03
pgranerm4n1sh, Lennart's solution had a limited use case and was not general purpose unfortunately18:04
jono<m4n1sh> Question:  I heard that installing ubuntu using btrfs as FS takes some hours to install. Is it true? Any special reason for this problem (provided it is true)18:04
pgranerm4n1sh, that used to be the case, more recent versions of the kernel have fixed that specific issue afaik18:05
jono<kim0> QUESTION: How does the server's kernel compare to other enterprise distros' kernels , i.e. does the team regularly sync drivers for Enterprise grade cards (SAS, NICs, LOMs...)18:06
pgranerkim0, So this is a multipart answer so bear with me while I type it out18:07
pgranerWe have a pkg call LBM that get updates on a few drivers (LBM == Linux Backport Modules)18:07
pgranerWe also have for LTS releases backported kernels that have the latest in upstream hardware enablement18:08
pgranerthe kernels are call LTS Backport Kernels and are basically the latest release kernel running on the last LTS18:09
pgranerKeep in mind this is NOT A DESKTOP feature18:09
pgranerit is only supported on the server flavor18:09
pgranerso yes we have some level between the two to refresh drivers for servers18:09
jono<m4n1sh> Question: The problems with suspend/resume/hibernate lies in which part of the kernel? Is the situation improving?18:10
pgranerm4n1sh, the issue isn't really with the kernel, it lies with the system BIOS, most are broken, specifically within the ACPI portion of the BIOS.18:11
pgranerwe have a tool call fwts (in universe) that will test your bios and tell you what is broken18:11
pgranerrun that if you are having issues then attach the out put when you file a bug18:11
pgranerit will help us determine if its a true kernel issue (rare) or a broken BIOS18:12
jono<doctormo> QUESTION: What should you do if a kernel bug makes ubuntu unstable for a target machine? downgrade kernel or downgrade os?18:12
pgranerdoctormo, downgrade the kernel, way easier18:12
jono<Taek> QUESTION: Is there plans or even talk about having a system update without having to restart or install third party software such as ksplice.18:13
pgranerTaek, the kernel will support kplice however we have no plans to do such a thing, there is already a commercial venture18:14
pgranerthat does that18:14
jono<sebsebseb> QUESTION: Do you think that Ubuntu Desktop might use Ksplice in the future?18:15
pgranersebsebseb, No as stated in the last question18:15
jono<doctormo> QUESTION: Is there any plan to help move packages from module-assistant to dkms in debian/ubuntu?18:15
pgranerdoctormo, no there are no plans to do so, dkms is our preferred method for out of tree drivers18:16
jono<GauravButola> QUESTION : There are wirless modems (wireless broadband data cards) and TV tuner cards, which do not get detected by Ubuntu at all. What can I expect in 11.04 in this respect.18:16
pgranerGauravButola, depending on the device there are several reasons why it may or may not be supported in Ubuntu18:17
pgranerthe biggest reason is that the firmware is not available or there is not a driver18:17
pgranerif the firmware is available and we don't have it file a bug and we will see what we can do to get it into the distro18:18
pgraneras far as what to expect, there is better support based on bugs and user feedback.18:18
jono<doctormo> QUESTION: Does hard coding usb and pci ids into the kernel driver code make enabeling hardware that would work, but for a new id, more difficult?18:18
pgranerdoctormo, It is harder but its the only way we have right now, device tree should fix this problem in the future but its not ready for prime time on X8618:20
jono<sebsebseb> QUESTION: I don't really know much about USB 3.0, but when is Ubuntu likely to support it?18:20
pgranersebsebseb, it entered the kernel in 2.6.35 iirc and has been in ubuntu18:21
pgranersebsebseb, older ubuntu kernels will get support as it bubbles into the stable tree from upstream18:22
jono<doctormo> QUESTION: Are there any automated kernel speed tests happening in order to improve perforance in the kernel?18:22
pgranerdoctormo, not currently, there are plans but that is more of a QA question (hint ask marjo on his turn)18:23
pgranerhowever there are other doing it18:23
jono<sebsebseb> QUESTION: Do you think Ubuntu 11.10 will use BTRFS by default, if so why?18:23
jonothat was the last question - any final questions? ask them in #ubuntu-classroom-chat !!18:24
pgranersebsebseb, at this point we have no idea, that will be determined based on stability at UDS18:24
jonook, we are all out18:24
pgranerGreat thanks everyone!18:25
jonoif there are no more questions in the next minute or so, we will wrap up18:25
pgranerHope it was helpful18:25
jonoOK, it's a wrap!18:25
jonothanks everyone, and thanks pgraner for taking the time today :-)18:25
pgranerThanks I'm out!18:25
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