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alexMocanuHi everyone!14:57
alexMocanuI am not sure how Bazaar and Launchpad work together14:59
alexMocanuso for example if i do bzr branch lp:unity14:59
alexMocanua branch of Unity is created on my computer14:59
alexMocanubut if I try to commit the code what actually happens? Because it probably won't modify the code on the website15:00
alexMocanuI see it just modifies my files. So basically I am working on a branch on my computer and only when I think it is suitable to merge it with the trunk I proceed to do that?15:16
alexMocanuBut what if the project trunk gets modified when I'm working on my branch? This means I'll work on an outdated version15:17
lifelessalexMocanu: then you can merge or pull in code from the unity trunk18:22
alexMocanulifeless: yes, but isn't my work going to be overwritten? :)18:22
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delamanim runnning Ubuntu with the main language in Spanish.  I installed Bazaar Explorer and I want it to be in english.  I did the following http://pastebin.com/JmVYBv48  however the explorer still shows up in spnaish.  how can i fix this?22:55
delamanlet me put the whole thing here http://pastebin.com/YyMeYyN522:58
delamani got it to work with23:20
scorp007can bzr reorder commits similar to git rebase -i ?23:42
lifelesstheres some support for that in the bzr rewrite plugin23:55

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