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ari-tczewRiddell: could you sponsor bug 713422 for me?00:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 713422 in paramiko (Ubuntu) "Sync paramiko 1.7.6-5.1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71342200:12
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c2tarunIn case if a patch fails rejects are saved in .cc.rej file. If the patch is already applied we should remove the patch. but what to do with .rej file? should we remove them too?02:55
macoc2tarun: here's a hint:  when you're not sure if a patch will apply, use --dry-run to test it first. itll still claim to write to .rej but it wont actually do it, just give you warnings about what all failed.03:05
macoc2tarun: but yes, remove the .rej after you're sure all conflicts have been resolved03:05
c2tarunmaco: 2/3 patches failed. I checked them, 2nd one is already implemented in the source files, but in case of third patch I don't know. Third patch claims on four files, 2 files missing and I think line numbers are wrong for the next two files.03:08
c2tarunmaco: there is also nothing mentioned about the missing files in changelog?03:09
macodebian/changelog or upstream changelog?03:10
c2tarundebian/changelog? what is upstream changelog?03:11
c2tarunmaco: I mean where is upstream changelog03:11
macothe changelog from the original source03:11
jjesseanyone have any luck installing alpha2?03:11
macoits usually named CHANGELOG and not in the debian/ dir03:11
macobut its also usually as simple as "added feature X" not as complex as a per-file listing03:11
c2tarunnothing about those files in upstream changelog also, wait let me check in prev version03:12
c2tarunmaco: yup those files are there in previous version :( what to do now03:13
macoeither port the patch or drop it03:13
macoactually first... determine whether its even needed anymore03:13
c2tarunmaco: how to do that? Actually with missing files what is the need of the patch? I think we should drop it03:14
macois this for natty?03:14
c2tarunprevious version is for lucid, I am packing it for natty.03:15
macook and what software is this?03:15
macoits not in maverick at all?03:15
macooh it is, its just a binary copy. i see03:16
c2tarunmaco: so what should I do?03:17
macoc2tarun: where'd the patch come from?03:17
c2tarunmaco: don't know, how to check that?03:17
macoyou dont know where you got it/03:18
macowas it in the old version of the source package? or you grabbed it off a bug report? or what?03:18
jjessehrm ok alpha2 of natty doesn't install in virtualbox, runs fine in the live cd but not able to install03:18
c2tarunsorry :) I downloaded from uscan.03:18
jjesseafter typing in password and hitting next the installer closes03:18
jjessesame bug i had in alpha 103:18
macojjesse: lovely03:18
jjessemight be something in X?03:19
macoc2tarun: thats how you got the new tarball then. but the patch you're trying to apply is from....where?03:19
macojjesse: alpha 2 has a new X stack03:19
c2tarunI downloaded its source code, simply by 'apt-get source bibshelf'03:19
macoc2tarun: what version are you running right now?03:19
macoof kubuntu03:19
macook so you pulled down the old source package03:20
c2tarunmaco: yup03:20
macouscan grabbed a new upstream source tarball03:20
c2tarunmaco: yup03:20
maconow you've done.... what? copied debian/ from the old source package to the unpacked new source tree?03:20
c2tarunyup :) exactly.03:20
c2tarunmaco: ping03:22
macoim trying it right now03:22
c2tarunmaco: ok :)03:22
macoc2tarun: ok so 01 applies. 02... did you check to see if that change is already in the source?03:26
c2tarun02 and 03 both failed.03:26
c2tarunmaco: 02 is already implemented in source code, but the problem is with 0303:27
macook so do you know how to tell it not to use 02 anymore?03:27
c2tarunmaco: its in the source + it failed, so its of no use. (I guess)03:28
macoyeah but...do you know how to tell *quilt* that?03:28
c2tarunby removing the name from series file.03:29
nigelbheh,  I'm having a flashback of maco teaching me quilt :P03:29
macoc2tarun: right03:29
maconigelb: hiya :)03:29
c2tarunmaco: so what to do with 03*?03:30
macowow. upstream changelog is so... useful...03:30
macohahaha and they spelled debian wrong03:30
c2tarunhehehe :)03:31
macowow ok so those changes seem...not linux related03:32
macolike.... if aix...03:32
macoif solaris...03:32
macoyeah id drop that one too03:32
c2tarunmaco: so I am droping 02 and 03 both. for 02 i'll write that applied upstream. What should I write 03?03:33
c2tarunmaco: what should I write for 03?03:33
macoc2tarun: doesnt apply03:33
c2tarunmaco: ok.03:33
macobroken patches are fair game03:33
c2tarunmaco: can you please check my changelog entries? http://paste.ubuntu.com/562884/03:37
macoc2tarun: that should do. are you communicating with the debian maintainer at all?03:38
c2tarunmaco: nope, I never thought its necessary? should I communicate?03:39
c2tarunmaco: I mean only for this package i never thought its necessary, I am also working on schedio and I communicated with the upstream maintainer.03:40
macoah nevermind. i see it's not in debian03:40
macoperhaps you should see about submitting it to debian as well03:40
c2tarunmaco: but I don't know how to submit it to debian, all i know is that i'll upload the file in the bug on LP03:41
macothere are many ubuntu developers who can sponsor uploads to debian03:41
macogenerally, the way things go is packages are uploaded to debian and then at the start of each ubuntu dev cycle they are automatically sync'd to the ubuntu archive. given debian's large & highly-technical userbase, we benefit from their additional testing while they quite like it when they get the software too instead of us hoarding it03:43
c2tarunmaco: hmm... ok i'll surely look for sponsorship in debian :) thanks a lot :)03:46
macoi mean, at this point in the cycle you'd have to either quickly request a sync or upload to both anyway, but still...should get it into debian too!03:46
nigelbIt might be a good idea to ask for sponsorship in #debian-ubuntu on oftc03:50
nigelbfar less people there, but they'd all appreciate it03:50
nigelband lots of Ubuntu people there03:51
c2tarunnigelb: I'll surely do that, right now i placed my file for reviewing on bug 713023 if this bug is declared fixed then I'll apply :)03:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 713023 in bibshelf (Ubuntu) "Newer Version Available" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71302303:56
c2tarunmost of the time when i look for needs-packaging or upgrade bugs they are in ubuntu. Is ubuntu and kubuntu have same repository?04:18
macothe only difference is the default set of packages installed04:19
c2tarunmaco: so contributing to ubuntu means contributing to kubuntu?04:22
c2tarunwhat is difference b/w pull-lp-source and apt-get source?04:30
macoc2tarun: if anyone's made changes in bzr the former will get it while the latter just grabs the source package04:31
c2tarunmaco: I was working on this list http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html   is it necessary to file a upgradation bug everytime I pick one?04:34
macouhh i dont know04:34
macoi can upload to the archive, so i just would....04:34
macoi guess since you need to request sponsorship for it, yes04:34
c2tarunmaco: can you please look at bug 713023 I posted the file as an attachement to the bug? do i still have to look for the sponsorship?04:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 713023 in bibshelf (Ubuntu) "Newer Version Available" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71302304:35
macowell you cant upload to the archive yourself, so of course you need sponsorship04:36
macoyouve tested that your new package builds in pbuilder right?04:36
c2tarunmaco: hmm.... so how to apply for it?04:36
macoand did you test that it installs and runs on 11.04?04:36
macoyou subscribe the ubuntu-sponsors team to the bug to get them to look at it04:36
macoi dont have an 11.04 system to test on, so i wouldnt feel comfortable sponsoring it without first doing that04:37
c2tarunhow can i test it on 11.04 I have natty pbuilder with me.04:37
c2tarunmaco: ^04:38
macoby setting up a natty vm04:38
c2tarunmaco: Can't we build the .deb file in natty environment and check in on maverick only?04:38
macoi guess, if it runs on maverick...04:39
macothere's no guarantee that a deb built for natty will either install or run on maverick though04:39
c2tarunmaco: ok where can i guess iso of natty?04:40
macoor releases.ubuntu.com04:40
macoalpha 2 just came out04:40
c2tarunmaco: where can i get the latest one, that alpha2?04:40
macoboth should have it i think04:41
c2tarunmaco: ok got it, thanks :)04:44
apacheloggerQuintasan: do we haz a bangarang maverick ppa build stuff thing?10:15
Quintasanapachelogger: you want it for maverickz too?10:16
apacheloggerno way in hell am I going to do a talk running broken natty and broken natty x11 and broken stuff10:16
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* apachelogger has quite the hangover10:16
Quintasanyou broke the X yourself, noone told u to upgrade broken stack :P10:17
Quintasanapachelogger: can i go to our backports ppa?10:18
apacheloggerQuintasan: well, whereever 4.6 is10:19
apacheloggeras it will be the suck with 4.5 anyway10:19
Quintasanapachelogger: stuff builds, uploading to backports PPA10:23
Quintasanapachelogger: cookies for me10:26
apacheloggerkubotu: order cookies for Quintasan10:27
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to Quintasan.10:27
Quintasanapachelogger: built in ppa10:40
Quintasanbut not published yet :S10:40
Quintasan_apachelogger: jpw11:55
Quintasan_bangarang working?11:55
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apacheloggerQuintasan: slow speed12:08
Quintasanapachelogger: hmmmm12:09
Quintasanwhat makes it work slow12:09
apacheloggerI mean the networx is the slow12:10
apacheloggerthe intarwebs connection and stuff12:10
apacheloggeryou know, here in egypt intarwebs is all screwed thesedays12:10
ari-tczewdoes somebody know how can I test aspell?12:12
apacheloggerby mispelink something12:14
ari-tczewapachelogger: I have to test deutsch umlaut \, probably I have to install german language12:15
apacheloggerQuintasan: thanks for the bangarang12:29
apacheloggerit is the worky worky12:29
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ryanakcaQuintasan: Any changes to bangarang that I should apply in Debian?16:56
shadeslayerQuintasan: ^^17:11
ScottKTm_T: Dunno if you saw, but I got the powerpc live image added to the alpha 2 release based on your testing.17:26
Tm_TScottK: nice, and sorry a bit laggy testing17:28
ScottKTm_T: No problem.  It worked out fine.17:28
ScottKIf anyone's around that has kubuntu.org access, please PM me.17:47
shadeslayerScottK: one sec ... i'll need to check logs18:04
shadeslayernope ... Riddell sent me instructions via PM ... and i don't have them anymore :S18:04
ScottKshadeslayer: Someone else is already sending it to me.18:04
shadeslayerah kool18:04
ScottKThanks for looking.18:04
shadeslayersure no problem :)18:05
ari-tczewI've got a problem on kubuntu natty. I removed some widget from panel accidentally. Now panel can't show me opened windows. what happened?18:23
shadeslayerari-tczew: you might have removed the taskbar widget18:24
ari-tczewshadeslayer: hmm, "task manager" ?18:25
shadeslayerthats the one18:26
ari-tczewshadeslayer: thanks! it works :)18:27
tazzshadeslayer, what do you need done, in neon ?18:27
shadeslayertazz: ah ... hmm ... ever packaged anything before?18:27
tazzshadeslayer, i just packaged bc18:27
tazzshadeslayer, erm... repackaged.18:28
Quintasanryanakca: I did no changes when uploading and apparently it works18:28
shadeslayerQuintasan: dude .. i need a upload of kdegames18:30
Quintasanand I need faster interwebz18:31
shadeslayerthat's a primal need that is never going to be satisfied18:31
shadeslayersheytan_: dude!18:35
shadeslayersheytan_: i need Project Neon presentation templates18:35
CIA-40[messages] efremov * 1219026 * trunk/l10n-kde4/ru/messages/extragear-sysadmin/desktop_extragear-sysadmin_libqapt.po SVN_SILENT Add extragear-sysadmin/desktop_extragear-sysadmin_libqapt.po18:37
ari-tczewdo we have to keep this change in d/control? kdelibs5-dev (>= 4:4.5.2a-0ubuntu2)19:53
ari-tczewlibkutils4 transition19:55
ScottKari-tczew: Yes.  Until after Natty releases.20:08
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