youAreNotFOSSty. KDE works like a charm00:00
youAreNotFOSSi just hope the day never comes that the OS supports software that needs a newer more common hardware00:01
youAreNotFOSSbought my computer '1000:02
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binaryBah does anybody know why I am not able to apply themes in emerald? I installed compiz etc and I still can't just select a theme and have it change.01:10
macoerm....because emerald is buggy as hell and hasnt been supported or maintained in at least 3 years?01:11
binaryWell that's one answer. Not the one I am looking for but none theless a answer.01:12
binaryYou use compiz fusion instead?01:12
macoemerald is just a window decorator for beryl (which is now gone, merged with compiz to form compiz fusion)01:13
binaryBecause I can't seem to get that working without breaking my windows and force closing :/01:13
binarythe other 2 decorators won't even run :/01:13
macoyou get no window decorations AT ALL with compiz??01:13
binaryI am not even sure I have this crap installed right >.>01:14
binarynot anymore at least01:14
macokde-window-decorator should just give you normal kwin decorations but maybe with some compositing added on (same as simply turning on kwin's effects which are very similar to compiz's)01:14
binaryI can't find up to dat documentation01:14
binaryOk so what do you use to get all those snazzy themes off of kde look?01:14
macoand gtk-window-decorator will look like metacity decorations but with some compositing01:14
macoi would guess kde-look would be having kwin themes01:15
macoand qt themes01:15
binaryI see01:15
binaryWell I can't seem to have it seect a theme01:15
binaryeven using kwin01:15
binaryit's the wierdest thing01:15
macohang on a sec01:15
macoif you go system settings -> workspace appearance01:16
macoit should list a bunch of decorations01:16
macoand at the bottom you have "get new decorations" which is an interface to pull more from kde-look01:16
binarywtf so simple01:17
FloodBotK2binary: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:17
macono problem01:17
sri13hi to all , where can i find help regarding to ns-2 network simulator02:42
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luis_hello everyone i am using kubuntu hardy and i like to upgrade kde3.5.10 can somebody tell me how to do this please, i have been googling it but the directions that i have found so far won't work at all04:13
CorinWhat version of Kubuntu are you in? O_o04:15
macoCorin: he just said hardy...04:15
macoaka 8.0404:15
macothe last release to include kde304:15
macoalso...not supported04:15
macokubuntu 8.04 was not lts and so has not been supported since october 200904:16
luis_kubuntu hardy04:16
CorinI see.04:16
CorinI thought 8.04 was still supported...04:16
CorinIsn't that LTS?04:17
maco*ubuntu* and *xubuntu* 8.04 are LTS04:17
maco*kubuntu* 8.04 was not04:17
CorinI see.04:17
luis_so i am screw?04:17
macobecause it only had as kde options the 3.x branch which kde was dropping support for and the 4.x branch which was a developer release and not well-supported or very usable to start with04:17
luis_then there's no way that i can upgrade kde04:18
macoexcept to kde 4...04:18
macothere's one person trying to maintain kde 304:19
macoi *think* he's still going at it04:19
macobut i have no idea how it is or about the state of packages or anything04:19
luis_i actually don't want to but the thing is that the newest kubuntu release is kinda heavy for my old pc and it does slow down every thing i wan to do04:19
macothere's a new ubuntu derivative that's very lightweight called Lubuntu that you could try04:21
macoit uses LXDE with OpenBox04:21
luis_i see04:21
luis_let's take a look04:21
luis_thing is kubuntu is lovely :)04:21
luis_does this lubuntu has a website? cause i can't find it04:22
luis_just find it04:23
CorinWasn't Xubuntu supposed to be *lightweight*?04:23
CorinNow it's less efficient than Ubuntu, isn't it?04:23
luis_xubuntu don't like it at all04:24
luis_nor even ubuntu is to heavy04:24
luis_i love kubuntu04:24
luis_and this lubuntu looks pretty much like xubuntu04:24
luis_it looks like a weird combo between gnome desktop and xubuntu04:25
luis_actually it uses gnome04:25
luis_as i can see04:25
luis_but lightweight04:26
luis_hahahaha even the guy giving the tutorial in lubuntu gets confuse :P04:26
CorinI didn't like Gnome.04:32
CorinI'm a KDE user for life, no matter which distro I'm using. :)04:33
ubuntu_good nite to you all05:21
ubuntu_i need help please i did delete libc and i loose a lot of thing on my OS, how can i restore everything? is there anyway to go back to the wey it use to be before deleting it?05:22
ubuntu_right now i am using live cd05:23
ubuntu_hel pls05:23
DarthFrogubuntu_: Your best option would be to re-install.  You have really mucked up your system by deleting libc which, next to the kernel, is pretty much the most important package in the system.05:28
ubuntu_i know but how do i do that05:29
DarthFrogThe same way you originally installed the system.  Just install it again.05:29
ubuntu_like i said i am using live cd other wise i cant use my pc05:29
ubuntu_it need to be connceted to internet and it is not05:30
DarthFrogYou can use the LiveCD.05:30
ubuntu_i see05:31
ubuntu_but how_05:31
DarthFrogThere should be an icon on your desktop to install to the hard drive.05:31
ubuntu_kubuntu has no icon on desktop05:32
DarthFrogHow did you install Kubuntu in the first place?  Do that again.05:33
ubuntu_so you mean to resintall it again05:34
DarthFrogYes, that's what I told you originally.05:34
ubuntu_like doing a fresh new installatioon_05:34
DarthFrogAre you now clear on the concept?05:35
CorinYou might wanna back up your files first though, if you can. :P05:35
ubuntu_yes thanks05:35
ubuntu_my question was that if it is possible to restore the system to the way it use be wothout the need to resintall05:36
ubuntu_that was my questions05:36
ubuntu_do fresh installation i know how to05:36
ubuntu_other wise i wouldnt be asking05:36
CorinYou could devote your life to building a time machine...05:37
ubuntu_i see only windows has that advantage05:38
ubuntu_thanks anyway05:38
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Guest22860How do I change my password08:46
CorinIn kubuntu?08:47
Guest22860I am using konversation in ubuntu08:47
Guest22860I haven't tried xchat yet08:47
Guest22860I know I am guest08:47
Guest22860but I have a registered nick I want to change the password of08:48
tsimpsonGuest22860: if you have forgotten your password for your freenode account, you need to /join #freenode and ask for a staff member to send a password reset email08:48
Guest22860no I haven't fogot my password08:48
tsimpsonGuest22860: then you should identify to the account first "/msg NickServ identify <account> <password>" then use "/msg NickServ set password <new_password>"08:49
Guest22860I was on Pleasuredome which I guess registered me, however right after that it had the you can register with this code which for now I have been copying and pasting so I did and realized that they saw my password which shouldn't be a big deal because I am just a normal user who doesn't care all that much but it would be nice to know and thank you for the code you just posted08:51
Guest22860ya I know, stupid08:51
Guest22860thank you very much08:52
Guest22860I didn't realize what happened until it was too latte08:53
Guest22860latte, ha ha08:53
Guest22860thank you and good bye08:53
Guest22860is account suppose to be my nick or the email address I used for signing up my nick with?08:57
pemeonhi I have error then I'm compilig app it dosen't find /usr/lib/libGL.so how can I install it ?09:44
yofelyou want to install libgl1-mesa-dev09:45
yofelyou also want to install apt-file, 'apt-file find /usr/lib/libGL.so' will tell you that you need libgl1-mesa-dev for it09:46
valorieyofel, what a great tip!09:53
* valorie adds it to the blog09:54
valoriemay I use your name, or should I anonymize it?09:54
tsimpsonyou know, packages.ubuntu.com has the same function09:54
yofelsadly doesn't work with PPAs though since the LP folks didn't implement the Contents.gz it needs yet :S09:54
tsimpsonas does ubottu :)09:54
pemeonyofel: but I have file libGL.so  but still same error09:55
valorieI always forget how to ask ubottu politely enough to get the answer I want09:55
yofel!find libGL.so09:55
pemeonyofel : cmake .. works fine but make dosen't works09:55
ubottuFile libGL.so found in fglrx, ia32-libs, libgl1-mesa-dev, libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg, libgl1-mesa-swx11, libgl1-mesa-swx11-dbg, libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev, lsb-build-base3, nvidia-173 (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=libGL.so&mode=&suite=maverick&arch=any09:55
yofelpemeon: odd...09:56
tsimpson!find usr/lib/libGL.so09:56
ubottuFile usr/lib/libGL.so found in libgl1-mesa-dev09:56
pemeonok I try to reinstall this package09:56
ct529hi there! I have a serious problem with audio .... I have found the right configuration, added the options to alsa-base.conf .... all well the first time and when I rebooted yesterday, but the behaviour is random .... some times I have all controls, some other times not, back to basic  .... alsamixer and amixer recognise everything properly, so does pulseaudio .... it must be phonon09:57
pemeonyofel : http://paste.kde.org/4175/ - I get this09:58
ct529I am using kubuntu 1004 lts 64 bit .... the card is Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller09:59
ct529the codec is SigmaTel STAC920510:00
ct529any clue?10:00
valorietsimpson and yofel, any problem with being quoted, or shall I anonymize?10:02
Peace-ct529: hey10:03
ct529Peace-: hey!!10:03
valoriect529: you might try #phonon10:03
tsimpsonvalorie: I have no problem being quoted10:03
valoriealthough apachelogger is at FOSDEM10:03
tsimpsonthis is a publicly logged channel after all :)10:03
valorieoh right10:03
Peace-ct529: what's you problem ? audio ah?10:03
Peace-ct529: explain i am just log in10:04
ct529Peace-: yes .... driving me mad10:04
ct529valorie: thanks10:04
Peace-ct529: so what? no audio ?10:04
yofelvalorie: me neither ;)10:04
yofelpemeon: no idea, I guess you're missing something, but I don't know what :S10:05
ct529Peace-:  have found the right configuration, added the options to alsa-base.conf .... all well the first time and when I rebooted yesterday, but the behaviour is random .... some times I have all controls, some other times not, back to basic  .... alsamixer and amixer recognise everything properly, so does pulseaudio .... it must be phonon10:05
ct529yofel: card?10:06
pemeonyofel: I forgoten to say that everything was fine but I updated os and reinstalled ati drivers10:06
ct529pemeon: what happened there?10:06
yofelpemeon: so it fails after the updates?10:06
pemeonct529 : I get error then I try to recompile app which I could compile before10:06
yofeltry to do a clean cmake/make10:06
Peace-ct529: mmm have you tried to remove pulse?10:07
pemeonct529: I get this http://paste.kde.org/4175/10:07
pemeonyofel: I tried this eve I deleted /build direcotry10:07
ct529Peace-: that is quite harsh .... half ot eh applications stop working, including skype10:08
Peace-ct529: ah,,,10:08
Peace-ct529:  try to install these10:09
Peace-ct529: pavucontrol  paprefs  paman10:09
ct529pemeon: did you install the opengl libraries, including headers?10:09
pemeonct529: I installed fglrx-dev and cmake .. don't return errors10:10
ct529Peace-: already done10:11
Peace-ct529: phonon-backend-vlc ?10:11
ct529pemeon: cmake?10:11
ct529Peace-: I do not have that in my repository10:11
pemeonct529: yep this error I get then I'm trying to compile by make but cmake .. works fine before if I didn't had any libs it shows me that10:12
Peace-ct529: kubuntu version ?10:12
ct529Peace-: 1004 lts 64bit10:13
Peace-ct529: :(10:14
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ct529pemeon: was the LD_LIBRARY_PATH updated after installation?10:17
valorie!find backend-vlc10:34
ubottuFound: phonon-backend-vlc, phonon-backend-vlc-dbg10:34
pemeonct529: how can I do this ?10:34
ct529pemeon: it should have been done originally, but I am not sure this is the error10:35
ct529pemeon: did you google for it?10:35
pemeonct529: yep but I didn't foud anything which can help me10:35
ct529pemeon: you can do export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/path_to_your_library10:35
ct529pemeon: before running ake10:36
ct529pemeon: sorry, make10:36
pemeonct529: It dosen't help the worst is that I have lilbary in this path10:36
ct529pemeon: oh10:38
ct529pemeon: from your message it actually seems that there is no rule to make it10:38
pemeonct529: ok I try to reinstall ati drivers10:38
ct529valorie: unfortunately, that is only for maverick not for 1004 lts (which sounds more like long time forgotten, so it should be ltf)10:39
valorieso true10:39
valorieit is possible to build it from source, if you are willing to do so10:40
valorieI do10:40
valoriefor testing purposes10:40
jann__msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER jann_kiriubisgidk10:58
Tm_Tjann__: you might like to change the password now10:58
jann__I think so too :-)10:58
jann__First time trying this.10:58
Tm_Tjann__: also, such things are best done in server window, so no accidents should happen (:10:59
__-osh-__How can I find out what char encoding a file has? It displays some strange inverted-questionmark-in-a-box as part of the name. How can I fix this so that I can use rsync?11:45
danboidWhere is the correct place to post ideas for buntu? I presume on launchpad somewhere?11:49
rork!brainstorm | danboid11:51
ubottudanboid: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!11:51
danboidthanks rork!11:52
rorkyou're welcome11:52
danboidI expect we'll see more people switching to kubuntu and xubuntu for 11.0411:53
danboidHow dare they deviate from the desktop of 85? ;)11:54
rorkI think it's called innovation, doing stuff radically different and putting small computer touchscreens into everything11:56
paytammy keyboard shortcut doesn't work(such as Alt+Tab). I don't know why.I configure the global shortcut to default, but nothing happened.Do you have any suggestion?11:57
danboidrork, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that people are wary of change- hence most everyone still using Windows12:04
danboidI had a go with unity in Maverick- bleugh. I'll need to try NN's unity before I pass judgement but I think I'll be going xubuntu for 11.0412:05
danboidI'm just one of those who wants his RAM for apps not a shiny DE. Thunar is great, especially now it can browse FTP, SSH, samba shares etc. Woop!12:07
rorkyes I know, still I think it's great they're trying something way different although it feels kinda bad forcing setting it as default. Maybe we should continue this discussion in #kubuntu-offtopic12:08
danboidrork, s'ok I've said my piece now. I've just signed up for brainstorm and about to post my killer feature :)12:09
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vickiewhen I try to update the system from a fresh install I get this: Cannot get the exclusive lock on the packaging backend. Please close any other legacy packaging tools that may be open. W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com maverick Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2 E: Error http://us.archive.ubuntu.12:18
vickiecom maverick Release12:18
vickiehow do I fix this12:18
kaddihi, I'm looking for a decent offline dictionary for ubuntu12:25
Peace-kaddi: mmm there is12:29
Peace-but i guess you need to convert dic files12:29
Peace-i guess12:29
vickiewould this work: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81512212:29
kaddiwhere would I find those?12:30
kaddii've checked out stardic.. Even I have a bigger word vocabulary than them12:30
vickielol well then12:31
kaddiit's got some 800 words in it12:31
kaddii'll check out moby and wordnet and see what those are12:32
kaddimeh, I must have been using the wrong word >.< What I'm looking for is something which will help me translate stuff between english, french, german and spanish (or a subgroup of those languages)12:33
kaddiah, that's a good idea :)12:39
kaddii'm looking at the first link now :)12:39
vickieyeah I think the first one is a win program12:39
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kaddivickie: yeah looks like it :(12:43
kaddithe portable version might run in wine though12:43
kaddior not... teh download link is a 40412:44
vickienever know until you try12:44
vickiedont you just hate that12:44
kaddii do, lol.. let's see what openoffice has to offer.. now that you link me to it, I kinda seem to remember that i needed fixing those dictionaries anywasy.. spellcheck wasn't working last I needed it12:45
kaddiso thanks for the reminder :)12:45
vickieyeah no problem12:46
__-osh-__How can I find out what char encoding a file has? It displays some strange inverted-questionmark-in-a-box as part of the name. How can I fix this? I want it to show a proper filename.12:55
emilsedghis there any Kubuntu 10.10 image with kde 4.6 instead of 4.5?12:58
vickieI cant update my system13:00
kaddivickie: why not?13:00
vickiewish I knew13:01
kaddiemilsedgh: I don't think so. You could enable a repository after installing 4.5 and upgrade13:01
kaddivickie: what message do you get when you try to update?13:02
emilsedghkaddi: we're having a kde release party. i wanted to give a 4.6 enabled distro13:02
vickiewhen i use the update center all of the http give back error13:02
vickieErr http://archive.ubuntu.com maverick-security/restricted Sources13:02
vickie  Sub-process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)13:02
vickieFetched 442kB in 47s (9,306B/s)13:02
vickieW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick-security/restricted/source/Sources.bz2  Sub-process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)13:02
FloodBotK3vickie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:02
kaddivickie: I would try to select a different server or just wait a while and try again. It sounds like some of the packages are incomplete13:05
vickieI have been having this problem since the other day13:06
kaddiemilsedgh: ohh. Maybe look into this guide then: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization It should allopw you yo make your own live-cd?13:06
emilsedghthanks kaddi13:06
kaddivickie: maybe try to do an sudo apt-get clean  then to delete all partially downloaded files and see if that helps.13:08
vickieok I will get that a try13:09
bob_please, someone can tell me how to go from Lucid LTS to Marverick 10.10 in command line?13:14
bob_I have a graphic error, I can not solve it without a screencaps13:15
kaddihttp://www.unixmen.com/news-today/1147-how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-1010-maverick-meerkat-from-ubuntu-1004-lucid-karmic-desktop-a-server have a look here13:17
lucidfoxunixmen? huh13:17
kaddihowever I would recommend that you solve your problems first and upgrad then13:17
lucidfoxas opposed to unixwomen?13:17
kaddii checked the content not the address :p13:18
kaddihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades there, that link is less sexist :p13:18
kaddiohai :)13:24
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CoolSpeeDкто здесь из россии?13:35
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:36
kaddiI hope that's right13:36
CoolSpeeDwho is from Russia?13:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:39
bazhang!ru | CoolSpeeD13:39
ubottuCoolSpeeD: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:39
CoolSpeeDthanks, but i seek people13:40
BluesKajmaybe he can't read cyrillic :)13:40
CoolSpeeDi can =)13:40
kaddihe posted in cyrillic earlier13:41
bazhangCoolSpeeD, this is not a chat channel, its support13:41
BluesKajkaddi, copy & paste works in cyrillic too :)13:42
kaddiyes, but why would he ask a question in cyrillic if he can't read it? Apart from trolling obviously13:42
* BluesKaj 's humour fails to translatre into text13:42
BluesKajkaddi, nm13:43
kaddilol, ok13:43
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ct529where is the xorg.conf file in 10.10?13:56
kaddiit's not present by default13:56
kaddiif you need to create one put it in /etc/x1113:56
ct529kaddi: what about xorg.conf.d13:58
paytamsince I update my KDE,my shortcut does not work(such as Alt+Tab or Alt+F1) I reset global shortcut to default but still doesn't work. Do you have any opinion?14:00
kaddict529: I don't know. xorg.conf got depreciated a while back. If you want to write your own xorg.conf have a look here: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man5/xorg.conf.5.html14:00
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__-osh-__How can I find out what char encoding a file has? It displays some strange inverted-questionmark-in-a-box as part of the name. How can I fix this? I want it to show a proper filename.14:15
__-osh-__Can I just change LC_ALL?14:15
__-osh-__If so, to what should I change it?14:15
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wn1zidhi, i'm almost new to this, but, i was wondering how i go about upgrading to kde 4.6.015:27
wn1zidok, ic, nvm, its in the topic, thanks15:28
wn1zidbefore i proceed, is this worth it, are there alot of breakages ?15:29
BluesKajwn1zid, open a konsole and do : sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports , then sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa , then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:29
wn1zidpreciate that15:29
wn1zidi'm a gnomer making the plunge, lol15:30
BluesKajwelcome to kubuntu then , wn1zid :)15:30
wn1zidrok on15:30
teadictso, 10.10 keeps forgetting the screen resolution, wth?15:31
BluesKajwn1zid, I prefer to use aptitude to apt , so might need to do sudo aptitude dist-upgrade ... I've forgotten some of the commands can be different15:32
wn1zidok, gotchya15:33
* BluesKaj brushes up on apt-get commands15:33
teadictanyone knows why screen resolution keeps going back to 1280x1024 on reboot? also, splash screen became that crappy blue and terminal letters, I fix that once but I forgot how... could the two be related?15:37
rork!resolution | teadict15:40
ubottuteadict: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:40
rorkYou can xrandr to set the correct resolution and then look under 6. to set them permanently15:41
teadictrork: thanks15:42
teadictthat'll do15:42
luis_good morning everybody i need some help i just install kubuntu10.10 but i can't fix my screen res since it only gives me 800x600 and i need it to be 1024x768 can somebody help me please???15:45
rork!resolution | luis_15:45
ubottuluis_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:45
rorkYou can xrandr to set the correct resolution and then look under 6. to set it permanently15:45
bombergood mornin15:47
kaddimorning :)15:47
bomberi need to change my home partition15:48
bomberi have 3 drives in this machine and if i leave the ide's plugged in during the install... after the install it doesnt regognize the root drive so i have to install without the ide plugged in... and thats where my home partition is15:49
luis_sorry what was the page to fix my screen res???15:49
bomberany help would be appreciated15:50
luis_my pc restarted and miss the page to fix my screen res15:50
bomber https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:51
luis_txs a lot15:51
bombercut and pasted for yah15:51
bomberno sweat15:51
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luis_i that web page i already been trough that and nothing in there works at all15:52
luis_any other sugestion please15:53
luis_this is what i get when typing xrandr on terminal: http://pastebin.com/D9vu9zEM15:55
luis_my screen res should be 1024x76815:55
luis_help me to fix it please15:56
BluesKajluis _, open the kmenu/applications/system/hardware drivers , choose the recommended graphics driver for your setup , it will require a reboot if it installs properly , then check your resolution upon reboot16:07
luis_i only have 800x600 option16:08
russjr08Hey guys. I'm having problems with KMail (under Kontact)16:08
russjr08It's threading all of the messages by the Sender, and it is very confusing16:08
BluesKajluis_, have you installed the proper graphics driver for your syatem as described above ?16:09
russjr08I have tried purging both Kontact and KMail, deleting the mail account, and deleting some of the config files, but it still is threading it by the sender16:09
luis_my pc has no nvidia drivers16:09
BluesKajluis_, well we ned more info than that in order to help you16:10
russjr08Also, my GTK apps (I installed KDE over Ubuntu) look horrible16:11
BluesKajrussjr08, sorry , but I gave up on kmail due to it's clunkiness and difficulties16:11
rorkrussjr08: have you been playing with Settings > Configure Kmail > Appearance > Message List (or right click the message list headers?)16:12
luis_ok again i just install kubuntu10.10 and i just find out that when i was tryin to fix my screen res in monitor setting it only has 800x600 option i need it to be 1024x768 and i have been trying this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution but nothing in there is working16:13
russjr08rork, I think something in there got changed16:13
coz_hey guys.. I notice in synaptic   kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-full... what is the difference?16:14
russjr08rork, you were right! I got it fixed!!16:14
rorkrussjr08: nice, you can set your GTK theme in "System Settings > Appearance > GTK+ Appearance"16:14
russjr08rork, it seems like whatever I set that too, it looks horrible16:15
russjr08even Firefox looks like Windows 9816:15
rorkrussjr08: which options do you have?16:16
russjr08I even got the oxygen-molecule thing and tried setting it to that16:16
russjr08rork: right now, oxygen-molecule16:16
russjr08Under widget style16:17
russjr08I am using KDE 4.6 if it matters16:17
BluesKajcoz_, I beleive kubuntu-full includes the canonical partners repos and non-default apps16:19
russjr08I did install KDE over Ubuntu16:19
coz_BluesKaj,  ah ok   i noticed on natty it wants to remove the nvidia-common as does natty updates  but the kubuntu-desktop does not ..thanks guy :)16:19
BluesKajrussjr08,  then you are probly still running the gnome window manager, that could expalin it16:21
russjr08BluesKaj: How would I shut that off?16:21
luis_i just install kubuntu10.10 and i just find out that when i was trying to fix my screen res in monitor settings it only has 800x600 option i need it to be 1024x768 and i have been trying this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution but nothing in there is working so how can i fix my screen res? help me please16:22
coz_kwin --replace ?16:22
BluesKajrussjr08, relogin using kde instead of gnome16:22
russjr08BluesKaj: Do you mean choosing KDE Plasma Workspace as the session?16:23
russjr08Because thats how I normally login16:23
BluesKajrussjr08, at the login scrn there a drop down where you choose your window manager, is that whatyou are doing ?16:24
russjr08Yes, choosing the KDE one16:24
rorkluis_: which graphics card do you have?16:24
russjr08I think part of GNOME is still running though (Maybe because I have GDM as default) because using KRunner I clicked the little process thing running and saw Nautilus (just killed) and gnome-keyring-d running16:25
luis_let me see16:26
luis_i can't find it on kinfo center16:28
luis_how do i find my graphic card on terminal?16:28
BluesKajrussjr08, alt+ctrl+F1 , sudo service gdm stop , then sudo service kdm start , then alt+ctrl+F716:28
russjr08BluesKaj: Will that log me out or anything?16:29
rorkluis_: it's listed in lspci16:30
BluesKajrussjr08, you'll log in then do the commands , nothing should change on your desktop16:30
BluesKajluis  lspci | grep VGA16:30
luis_this i what i got: http://pastebin.com/Xy4JNNAH16:33
ct529hi! is there a graphical interface to manage nfs sharing?16:35
ct529I appear to be only able to manage samba sharing16:35
russjr08BluesKaj: Sorry I left, TTY7 stoped working so I rebooted and used those codes and just logged in. Now what?16:35
russjr08Just checked Firefox... Still looks bad16:36
rorkluis_: are there any drivers listed in System > Additional drivers?16:37
rorkluis_: do you have a file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:39
dsl2672kubuntu 10.10 KDE 4.6 and Nvidia prop.  google earth 6, Font does not work  looks like ||| ||| ||||| who can help?16:39
russjr08Does Anyone else know what might be causing GTK apps to look like Windows 98?16:40
luis_ley me see16:41
luis_i don't think so16:41
BluesKajrussjr08, the only thing I can tell you is to remove gdm16:41
russjr08BluesKaj: Will that make GNOME stop working if I ever need to use it again?16:41
BluesKajyou can always reinstall ubuntu-desktop16:42
BluesKajunless you still have it installed , then remove that instead16:43
russjr08I still have ubuntu-desktop, is that what you mean?16:43
luis_nop i don't have that16:44
BluesKajrussjr08, yes16:44
russjr08I knew I should have just installed Kubuntu... it's just last time I installed it, it didn't like NDISWrapper which I need to use to get wireless working16:44
russjr08I think if I blow gnome away... it will destroy my network connection16:44
BluesKajluis_, sorry I was addressing russjr0816:45
rorkluis_: if xrandr doesn't work for you you can try creating an xorg.conf (see: http://www.osguides.net/operation-systems/217-how-to-create-xorgconf-in-ubuntu-910.html ) and addapt it (see http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-256470.html )16:45
luis_no problem16:45
BluesKajrussjr08, which wifi chip ?16:45
russjr08Realtek RTL8187SE16:45
BluesKajrussjr08, that should run fine on maverick without ndiswrapper , afaik16:46
russjr08It does... but only to unsecure networks16:47
russjr08My parents will not allow me to take off the security...16:47
BluesKajrussjr08, no wpa options?16:47
russjr08Nope... They like to use WEP16:47
BluesKajheh wep is less secure than wpa2 or wpa-psk16:48
russjr08I know! But they won't listen to me :(16:48
russjr08I even proved it to them...16:49
russjr08I showed them online articles16:50
russjr08Infact, I tried to get them to not even get this laptop, I wanted this other Acer one at Walmart, they wouldn't get it because this laptop had 50 GBs extra space......16:52
russjr08I wonder....16:53
BluesKajrussjr08, http://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#wpasupplicant16:53
russjr08BluesKaj: ?16:54
BluesKajrussjr08, check it out16:54
russjr08I'm looking at it, what is it for?16:54
linuxjoint me16:54
BluesKajrussjr08, it's for setting up wifi using wpa supplicant which will work without ndiswrapper16:56
russjr08But I don't have wpa16:56
BluesKajyou will16:56
russjr08My parents wont let me use WPA for the router, they want WEP16:56
BluesKajrussjr08, are you dual booting W7 and Kubuntu ?16:57
russjr08Well Windows 7 and Ubuntu with KDE16:57
BluesKajthen the salesman probly convinced your parents that wep is safe enough because that's what windows default uses if the router is set to wep16:59
russjr08No, my dad just thinks he knows everything about computers...17:00
russjr08He let the hard drive fail in our new Dell Inspiron 15R17:00
russjr08We heard clicking and everything, saw all the signs, tried to tell him...17:00
russjr08He wouldn't call Dell finally until it stopped working17:00
BluesKajwindowsn will use wpa as well if the router is set to use it , it's just as simple set up and much more secure ...wep is easy to break into by someone who wants to get in17:01
russjr08Yup, I know17:01
russjr08Anyways, I bet kubuntu will work with ndiswrapper if I used ndiswrapper from the command line instead of using ndisgtk17:03
russjr08Maybe that was the problem?17:03
russjr08I might just have to make a persistent live usb of Kubuntu 10.10 and try that out17:04
BluesKajI'm an old computer user , retired technician and if you parentsa are using the laptop to do their banking with wep security then they're living in a dream world if they think they can't be trojaned and keylogged17:04
russjr08Yeah, my dad should know. He works at a security place for the government...17:05
BluesKajI dunno who's been giving them advice, but whoever it is doesn't know his pc security from a hole in the ground.17:06
russjr08Infact, were using an old SBC router (which is now AT&T). We have been trying to convince him to get a new router for a very long time, he even picked one up at Office Depot (for $40) and then put it down saying "I can find a cheaper one somewhere else"17:07
russjr08I can't even get 1.50 mb/s with that old thing17:07
russjr08How much cheaper can you get then $40 for a router!17:08
spider623any one knows how to intergrade ubuntu one in dolphine?17:08
BluesKajnot much, and they aren't very good at that price ...should pay about 60 minimum for a decent router17:08
westmi49319spider623,  what does the website say?17:09
russjr08Exactly, I'm just going to get one for my birthday coming up in March, and connect to that one... Let everyone else enjoy the speed but him17:09
BluesKajspider623, install nautilus17:09
spider623i'm using it but i want to know if there is a way to use it with dolphin17:10
* BluesKaj doesn't see the benefits of ubuntu one ...maybe ask in #ubuntu17:11
russjr08Anyways, I'm going to go check if I have an ISO of kubuntu 10.10 in Windows (I have a lot of Linux ISOs there) and try it17:11
russjr08See you guys soon17:11
westmi49319is there a channel for linux mint?17:13
BluesKajyeah #linux-mint17:14
spowhi, how do I connect to freenode #ubuntu-fr using Quassel IRC please ?17:14
bazhang!mintsupport | westmi4931917:15
ubottuwestmi49319: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:15
BluesKajoops ##linuxmint17:15
bazhangits not on freenode17:16
BluesKajyeah, 4 ppl17:16
BluesKajok , time to go ...later gents17:16
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rtdoswhat is a good text mode editor that 'color codes' per language? i don't want to have to open kate all the time.17:49
james147rtdos: command line editor?  vim is a good choice if your willing to spend a couple weeks getting use to how it works17:51
rtdosi know how vim works, james147. :-) i was just wondering if there was one that color coded the way kate does?17:53
james147rtdos: ^^ vim does (make sure you install the full version and not jsut vi...17:53
rtdosah, ok. i'll look in synaptic17:54
james147you may also need to enable "syntax on" (add that line to ~/.vimrc or type ":syntax on" inside vim) and possibally set "filetype plugin on" as well (in the same way)17:55
busyfingerscan anyone help with an issue concerning updates?17:57
rtdosthanks james14717:57
Snowhogbusyfingers: Just ask the question.17:58
busyfingersok here gues thanks i am tryng to install some updates and receive the following message,18:00
busyfingersCannot get the exclusive lock on the packaging backend.18:00
busyfingersPlease close any other legacy packaging tools that may be open.18:00
busyfingerswhen looking further i am intructed to use dpkg--configure=a to resove the problem which does not apear to work18:01
busyfingerssoor resolve.,18:01
eMyllerhello, peeps18:03
busyfingershello eMyller18:03
eMyllermy laptop got washed by a rain, and the only problem with it now is that my Alt Gr key doesn't work18:04
eMylleri don't need it much, but it annoys me so much that i bought another keyboard18:04
eMylleranyway, it's not being that comfortable.18:04
eMyllerSo, is there a way to map Alt Gr to another key, like Menu or Right Ctrl?18:05
eMyllerthanks in advance;18:05
CorineMyller: Buy a new laptop.18:06
CorinProblem solved!18:06
eMyllerCorin: send me the money.18:07
eMyllerSolution found.18:07
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HourglasssPeople here are willing to help a total linux noob right?19:23
ArGGu^^Hourglasss yes19:23
HourglasssI installed Kubuntu yesterday and am trying to get skype to work19:24
Hourglasssthe problem is the microphone19:24
Hourglasssno matter what i do i cant get it to pick up19:24
Hourglasssi followed the tutorial on the ubuntu communites page on troubleshooting but that didnt help either19:25
ArGGu^^Hourglasss do you have mic in your mixer?19:25
ArGGu^^is set to capture?19:26
Hourglassswhen i hit mixer the first time there is just one thing, internal audio analog stero19:26
Hourglassswhen i hit mixer i get capture with the same thing19:27
Hourglasssunder capture devices internal audio analog stereo is set to full volume19:28
ArGGu^^Hourglasss open konsole run alsamixer, press F4, check that the mic has capture19:28
Tectuhi guys... I had a working xinerama system with two monitors. Some days ago, I reinstalled the system (same hardware) and now i cant configure the xinerama again. I know, that I configured it in the amdcccle, but now, it says: "You curently have only one dekstop enabled. Configure more than one desktop in the Display Manager will allow you to configure Xinerama", but i have 2 Dekstops... any ideas?19:28
ArGGu^^you can set it to capture with space19:28
Hourglassscapture is set to 10019:29
Hourglasssby default19:29
Hourglasssor somthing19:29
ArGGu^^Hourglasss I mean there need to read CAPTURE under the mic19:30
Hourglasss after I hit f4 i got 3 collums one is at 67 with <from mic boost> underneath one is 67 with mic boost underneath and one is set to 100 wih capture underneath19:32
Hourglasss* the one with capture has it 2 times once in red above the number and once in white below19:32
ArGGu^^Hourglasss the it is set as capture, but usually there is two capture mic and line-in19:35
ArGGu^^Hourglasss you are using kubuntu 10.10?19:37
Hourglasssthere are only three things front mic boost mic boost and capture, it may help you to know that this is a laptop and the mic i want to use is a built in one19:37
Hourglasssyes kubuntu 10.10 fully updated19:37
ArGGu^^Hourglasss install pavucontrol and check the input devices tab19:38
ArGGu^^there might be two microphones19:38
Hourglasssi installed pavucontrol for the tutorial online the only input device is internal audio analog stereo19:39
Hourglasss(just rechecked19:39
ArGGu^^Hourglasss but what you have in the port dropdown19:41
ArGGu^^in input devices tab19:42
Hourglasssin the dropdown it has internal audio analog stereo with front left and front right underneath19:42
Hourglasssif i set the "show" thing to all input devices (it was on all exept monitors) i also get monitor on internal audio analog stereo with front left and front right19:44
Hourglasss*monitor of19:44
ArGGu^^Hourglasss what you have selected int configuration tab?19:48
Hourglasssanalog stereo duplex19:48
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sriramomani am using kubuntu 10.10 64bit, and all windows change to no-border mode when i maximize them. how can i avoid this19:50
Hourglasssthanks for your help but i need to go19:50
james147_sriramoman: add/edit the line "BorderlessMaximizedWindows=false" in ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc (in the [Windows] setion)19:53
ArGGu^^sriramoman are you using netbook interface?19:54
sriramomanjames147_: do i have to logout+login for effect or just restart kwin19:54
sriramomanArGGu^^: i used it once but switched to desktop interface several weeks ago19:55
Peace-james147_: :P19:55
sriramomanArGGu^^: i agree that this change is noticeable since that day i tried netbook interface19:55
james147_sriramoman: restarting kwin should be enough19:55
gorgonzolahello peoples. could anyone please explain precisely what one is supposed to do to get iphone 3g support in kubuntu? ie, how should it appear to hal, how should it appear to solid, how to make amarok see the damn thing, etc...20:01
Snowhoggorgonzola: Check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone20:07
gorgonzolaSnowhog: been there, done that, it doesn't work. it never worked in any of my machines prior to kde 4.6, where the iphone showed up as a device to kde but amarok couldn't see it, and it doesn't work now with kde 4.6 where it shows up as a camera20:08
Snowhoggorgonzola: Slightly dated, and it is a hack, and I don't know if it will work with 10.10, but have a look at http://blog.zoomeren.nl/2009/03/24/mount-iphone-in-linux-using-usb-ifuse-libiphone/20:12
gorgonzolaSnowhog, ok, will check it out. thanks.20:13
westmi49319gorgonzola,  you cant brows various files/folders?20:13
popeyagguys, i copied natty alpha 2 on usb using dd, but it seems not working, some tips?20:15
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.20:16
popeyagi've not a cd drive on my netbook20:17
james147_!usb | popeyag20:17
ubottupopeyag: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:17
james147_^^ ment that one :020:17
popeyagI konw that documentation, I use dd frequently to put distros on usb device20:17
popeyagbut, it seems that using dd won't work with natty alpha 2, and i wanna know if someone already do that20:18
* yofel uses https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/MultipleISOBootUSBKey for his iso tests20:19
popeyagthank you yofel, i'll try that way20:21
vanguardhow can I tell tar to extract into a certain directory?20:32
Snowhogvanguard: Just append the directory you want to extract to to the end: tar -xf somefile.tar /directory_you_want_to_extract_to20:37
james147_vanguard: cd into that directory :p20:37
vanguardSnowhog: thx20:37
vanguardjames147_: not so easy in a makefile :)20:38
james147_vanguard: yeah :p20:38
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* genii-around ponders tar -xvzf yadda.tar.gz -C /whaerever/you/want20:38
james147_^^ didnt know that worked though Snowhog :p20:38
Snowhogjames147_: Well, I haven't tried it, but man tar implies that this works.20:38
* james147_ has the feeling it wasnt so easy ^^20:39
genii-aroundSnowhog: In the syntax you gave it tries to untar /directory_you_want_to_extract_to into the current working dir20:40
vanguardand how can I tell debuild that is should go into a different dir?20:41
westmi49319yofel, good one20:46
vanguardcan I at least tell a bash script that all paths are relative to the script's dir instead of the calling dir?20:46
* Snowhog Stands corrected. Thought it could be done, but just tested,and nope. Not directly anyway. ;)20:47
iulian_did i make something wrong or in kaffeine 1.1 settings-->xine engine parameters just missing20:48
yofelwestmi49319: yeah, but I don't know how to add entries for alternate images, they work differently :/20:48
edgyhi, if i have an ascii file, how can I convert it to utf8 so that file command would show this?20:48
westmi49319that one is for kubuntu or ubuntu?20:48
genii-aroundSnowhog: Yeah, in case of: tar -xf file.tar /testdir          it wants to pull thing /testdir out from archive file.tar and put it in current dir20:49
yofelwestmi49319: for any desktop image, they're all the same besides the desktop environment20:49
marcusdavidusim banned on ubuntu so i writ this on kub untu : burg should be replacement fro gub fro ubuntu it looks way better21:01
Peace-marcusdavidus: banned?21:02
Peace-marcusdavidus: #ubuntu-ops to talk about the ban21:02
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busyfingersHi, I am currently using kubuntu 10.10 and have a problem with a recent update, in that,, when attempting to install them I am greeted with the following message.21:11
busyfingersCannot get the exclusive lock on the packaging backend.21:11
busyfingersPlease close any other legacy packaging tools that may be open.21:11
busyfingersThen looking at the details, window I get the following.21:11
busyfingersE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.21:11
FloodBotK3busyfingers: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:11
busyfingersIssuing the requested command does not appear to solve the problem the serminal spits out a message telling me the commend cannot be found.21:11
busyfingersok sorry the text did not echo back.21:11
busyfingersi will ask the question bit by bit so others have tie to chip in.21:12
Snowhogbusyfingers: The command is:  sudo dpkg --configure -a21:12
busyfingersdid that.21:12
Snowhogbusyfingers: And the system replied that the command cannot be found?! Really?21:13
busyfingersi am baffled!!21:14
macoum if dpkg is missing thats BAD21:14
macolike... either A) how the heck did you uninstall it  B) why'd it get deleted or C) uh oh disk corruption....21:15
DarthFrog Did you spell it correctly?21:15
busyfingersyes very. looks like i might have to do a reinstall!!, I hope not though.21:15
busyfingerskubunu did an automated disk check on startup a couple of days prior to the problem but id not report any errors21:16
busyfingerslooking at the list of installed packages, dpkg, seems to show as being installed.21:18
shane4ubuntuanyone around that can help mount a usb mp3 player thing?  I'm usually at a loss when it doesn't just 'pick it up'  lsusb shows this:  Bus 006 Device 002: ID 10d6:1101 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd D-Wave 2GB MP4 Player / AK1025 MP3/MP4 Player21:23
shane4ubuntuso it is showing up, but not mounting, at least not automatically21:24
Out_Coldwhat's the pkg pointer for kde4 desktop??21:25
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu:  What does dmesg tell you about the device name?21:25
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: bunch of these:  Attached SCSI removable disk21:26
shane4ubuntu[168190.894071] usb 6-1: reset full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 321:26
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu:  Is it /dev/sdb?21:26
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu:  If so: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 <mount point>21:27
Out_Coldany takers? apt-get kde-desktop-something??21:27
shane4ubuntuI don't think so, hang on one second, let me try to change the settings on the mp3 player21:27
DarthFrogOut_Cold: kubuntu-desktop21:27
Out_Coldthanks... never would have figured that one out....21:27
DarthFrogOut_Cold:  You could always use the apt-cache command.  viz: apt-cache search kde21:28
Out_ColdDarthFrog: i totally apt-cached and greped and less'd and couldn't find it...21:28
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: ohh, this looks odd:  http://pastebin.com/kH6YXxa1   it is sdh, but the entry looks odd to me.21:29
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu: It looks like the system doesn't see any partitions on the device.21:30
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: ohh, nevermind, got it, had to change the setting in the mp3 player that worked.21:30
Out_Coldmind you i was looking for a package with kde in the name..21:30
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: yeah, it was the player settings, got it, thanks though21:30
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu:  What was the errant player setting?21:30
shane4ubuntumost of the things I have used (limited experience) they just autoconnect, and I never have to do anything21:31
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: yep, apparently21:31
Out_Coldshane4ubuntu: that's not the case with linux ;)21:31
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu: No, what was the specific setting you had to manipulate?21:31
shane4ubuntuOut_Cold: oh it has gotten loads better, it used to be worse, and I don't mess with a bunch of mp3 players this was a birthday gift for my son21:32
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: it was: Online Mode:  1.  Multidisk mode  2.  Normal mode  3.  Encrypted mode      1 didn't work and 2 worked.21:32
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu:  Good to know.  That might be useful to someone else in the future.21:33
Out_Coldi have no DE :(21:33
shane4ubunturight, I didn't think to check for a setting first.21:33
shane4ubuntuOut_Cold: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop21:33
Out_Coldya, that's been running since i found out it was kubuntu- and not kde-21:34
shane4ubuntuOut_Cold: yep, kubuntu-desktop ubuntu-desktop  and I think there are a few more for future reference.21:34
Out_Coldi have a bitcoin app but as far as i can tell, it runs in GUI, and I've been waiting to get this desktop up so I can get my $$$ lol21:35
Out_Coldand my system is definitely a frankenstien box... debian and ubuntu live DO NOT like her at all21:36
DarthFrogOut_Cold: you don't need to run KDE to run KDE apps.  As long as the proper libraries are installed.21:36
Out_Coldi still need a DE tho lol21:36
DarthFrogOut_Cold: Have you logged out and back in again?21:36
Out_Coldi'm in CLI only atm21:36
Out_Coldit's still installing the desktop21:37
Out_Cold44% done21:37
DarthFrogGo have a coffee.  :-)21:37
Out_Coldor beer! <321:37
DarthFrogBeer and system administration can be a volatile combination. :-)21:38
Out_ColdDarthFrog: only if your beer gets into the PSU..21:38
Out_Coldgeez if it wasn't for computers and people being so graphic orientated, i'd probably stick to screen, finch, elinks and bash lol21:41
DarthFrogOut_Cold: Have you ever had a look at ratpoison for a window manager?21:42
Out_ColdDarthFrog: i've heard of it... i'm a fan of key combos but i just don't have much time for that now i'm back in school... someone had said they use ratpoison and something else i believe for their graphics and WM21:43
Out_Coldi 'need' shell much more than i need a compatible and suitable WM or DE21:44
Out_Coldi just was getting sick of gnome and hoped that kde4 has fixed some bugs since the last time i tried21:45
DarthFrogKDE SC 4.6 rocks!21:45
Out_Coldi remember trying it when it was 3.6->4.0? was very buggy21:46
DarthFrogKDE 4.0 was not intended for general release, it was intended for devs only.  I think calling it a .0 release was a mistake.21:46
Out_Coldwhat ever the case, it still needed time to get fixed..21:47
* Out_Cold should have installed elinks before kde :(21:50
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rserithi all22:15
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polarisquestion, has anybody had a problem on randomly disconnecting from the wireless connection ?22:45
polarisi got a d-link wireless usb pen, and ubuntu 922:46
DonjrI have just finished installing kubuntu 9 on my laptop.  It shows my wirless card in lspci, it shows wlan0 in network config but when I scan it shows nothing.  I manually put in my ssid and still no connection.  What can I check to get my wireless working please?22:56
starejbar_try to turn on the radio22:57
DonjrHow do I do that?22:58
Donjror what do you mean by it?  I had to use the function button to turn on the wireless on the laptop and then restart for the wireless options to be shown in the network manager in the first place.22:59
Belial6663can someone help me with a Mount error message?23:10
yofeldepends on what the actual error is23:10
Belial6663Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,23:11
Belial6663       missing codepage or helper program, or other error23:11
Belial6663       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try23:11
Belial6663       dmesg | tail  or so23:11
FloodBotK3Belial6663: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:11
CorinBelial6663: Always ask before mounting. ;)23:11
yofelhm, how are you mounting it and what are you mounting?23:11
CorinIt's obviously an external hard drive.23:12
Belial6663im using dolphin and it's an ext423:12
yofelnot obviously, sdb1 could be everything23:12
CorinBut I was right, wasn't I? :o23:12
yofelhm, I wonder why that would fail then..23:12
yofelBelial6663: can you mount in from the command line?23:13
Belial6663i can try. im not real familiar with the mount command, what would the line be?23:14
yofel'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt' for example23:14
Belial6663gives me the same error23:16
Belial6663it's my second harddrive if that helps23:16
SnowhogBelial6663: What is it formatted to?23:16
CorinBelial6663: We already knew it was a secondary hard drive. :o23:18
Belial6663no it's not an external23:18
SnowhogBelial6663: In the console, type: sudo fsck /dev/sdb123:18
CorinI know. That's why I said "secondary" the second time.23:19
Belial6663Snowhog Thanks that worked23:20
Bauldrickhello, how to install kubuntu and remove all gnome etc...?23:20
CorinBarridus: Burn a Kubuntu install disk, boot it and follow the instructions?23:21
CorinOh well...23:21
CorinFormat your hard drive first.23:21
CorinThat might make it simpler.23:21
CorinOr just install kubuntu-desktop and delete ubuntu-desktop.23:22
Bauldrickguess that was for me Corin....23:22
CorinYes, it was. lol23:22
yofelyep, install kubuntu-desktop and then follow23:22
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »23:22
Bauldrickyofel: thats the one , cheers23:22
elenasi alguien pusiese ayudarme , necesito una página donde pueda realizar online sopa de letras con frases ocultas con las letras sobrantes y despues de echa pasarlo a pdf, y formar nubes de palabras desordenadas, si alguien sabe de alguna se lo agredecería23:24
mara__tem alguem ai do brazil23:25
iulian_just insane still cant find good dvd player23:25
elenaalguien que hable español??23:25
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t_bozalguien que hable español??23:26
mara__qual e seu nome ?23:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.23:26
CorinNo hablas Espanol!23:26
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.23:26
DonjrI just installed Kubuntu 9, fresh install, lspci shows my wirelss card, network manager shows wlan0 but when I scan for connection points it does not show anything, I manually add the ssid and still won't connect, what can I try to remedy this?23:26
CorinHe was speaking Portuguese?23:26
genii-aroundCorin: Basically, in the channel which is for it and not here23:26
CorinOr Spanish?23:26
genii-aroundCorin: Yes, thay have many languages in brazil23:27
CorinThe official language is Portuguese.23:27
CorinSpanish is far less widely spoken.23:27
Reaper50435I updated my system then my keyboard and mouse doesnt work but and usb set does, then when I login I get this Warning: Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session: The permission of the setuid helper is not correct23:28
CorinReaper50435: Have you checked Synaptic for your drivers?23:30
CorinIf you know the what model mouse and keyboard you're using, it shouldn't be hard.23:30
Reaper50435when I click ok I dont have wireless or anything I dont even think I have synaptic installed23:30
Reaper50435I have no clue what the keyboard and mouse are for the laptop23:31
DonjrNo help for my wireless problem?23:33
Reaper50435looks like the only thing that is working for me now is terminal23:35
Reaper50435try to open additional drivers to see if I can get my net back up just closes23:36
CorinIdk. Someone a bit more savvy will come along eventually, Reaper50435.23:36
CorinI could probably fix it if it were on my end but I'm no good at solving the issues of others.23:36
Reaper50435yeah I know how that is23:36
Donjrwhat is the command to find out my kernel version please?23:50

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