wgrantIt should have closed an hour ago, right?00:00
henningeI am pretty sure it's just the subject00:02
wgrantsinzui: Looks like your branch broke the build?00:03
sinzuiwow I played that test00:04
* sinzui prepares a fix00:04
henningeah, I had seen that on ec2 but could not reproduce it locally. My devel must be too old.00:04
henningewhich means nothing will land anyway atm because of testfix mode.00:05
sinzuioh good, this looks like the test is actually wrong now. I thought I had broken one requirement while fixing another00:10
wgrantDoes anybody read launchpad-error-reports?00:15
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sinzuiwgrant: I do.00:29
wgrantsinzui: There is so much noise.00:32
wgrantAnd so many errors.00:32
sinzuiproduction's would be more intelligible if several of us fixed checkwatches + external bugtrackers to not report offsite data issues as oopses. Or we add a nominal data cleansing task before we read the broken xml00:32
wgrantsinzui: Oh, not the OOPS reports. The launchpad-error-reports ML's cron spam.00:33
sinzuiwgrant: checkwatches was divorced from the normal reports because of this, but the issues were not fixed. lifeless hops to may the problem visible by spamming the report00:33
sinzuiwgrant: sorry, my confusion. I specifically tag the messages that talk about teams, karma, the prf, and distributionmirrors00:34
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wgrantsinzui: Ah. I silenced the DMP (except for errors) yesterday.00:41
sinzuiI was certain your bug was a dupe. spm had remarked about it in the past. I could not find it though00:44
wgrantDamn. We could deploy that and the nightly.sh fix now, if it wasn't Friday afternoon.00:45
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (343): FAILURE in 5 hr 38 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/343/02:22
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LPCIBotProject devel build (420): FAILURE in 5 hr 18 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/420/03:21
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=allenap][no-qa] Machinery for building documentation with sphinx03:21
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=bac][bug=710054][bug=530476][bug=530477] Fix the protocol in the03:21
LPCIBotgpg documentation and branch and MP api docs.03:21
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=allenap][ui=none][bug=693689] Escape the token and title in03:21
LPCIBotlp.app.widgets.itemswidgets renderer.03:21
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=henninge][ui=none][no-qa] Add direct unit tests for03:21
lifelesswgrant: resetting the cache would be fine, but noone knows how to do that04:31
lifelessit would be nice to fix deleting of unpublished packages to actually delete.07:02
lifelesswgrant: so what do you think, is there some way to purge apache-openid nonces?07:06
wgrantlifeless: Probably rm /tmp/mp_sess.dbm07:10
wgrantUnless the mp config has been customised.07:10
wgrantBut devpad has that file.07:10
lifelesswgrant: care to note that in the bug; do we need a graceful or will it be recreated automatically?07:14
lifelessProtocolError for xmlrpc.lp.internal:8097/codehosting: 502 Bad Gateway07:15
wgrantlifeless: I believe it should be recreated automatically, but I've never used the default dbm store before.07:15
lifelessnot a great sign07:15
lifelesshmm, i think I made it oops :P07:16
lifelesspushing to lp:debian/sid/python-poster/packaging07:17
wgrantThat should blow up. But nicely, not with an OOPS.07:17
lifelessjust gives a 50207:18
lifelessI'm sure its booming in the background07:18
wgrantDoes it tell you which method it was executing?07:18
lifelessrobertc@lifeless-64:~/source/debian/poster-0.7.0$ bzr push lp:debian/sid/python-poster/packaging07:19
lifelessWorking tree "/home/robertc/source/debian/poster-0.7.0/" has uncommitted changes (See bzr status). Uncommitted changes will not be pushed.07:19
lifelessbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', '<ProtocolError for xmlrpc.lp.internal:8097/codehosting: 502 Bad Gateway>')07:19
wgrantAh. Fun.07:19
lifelessbtw ^ - lets you upload to +storeblob07:19
wgrantAnyway, add a username.07:20
wgrantHmm, why would we want to do that?07:20
lifelesswgrant: subunit stream storage07:20
lifelesswgrant: also, shrink the code in apport07:20
lifelessI'm getting round to an old tuit of mine - subunit-upload -> lp07:21
wgrantAh, right.07:21
lifelessok, two bugs for one action with lp.07:25
lifelessgood times.07:25
lifelesswgrant: ok, so openid -  we can experiment I guess; if you can record what you *do* know, I can pester a sysadmin on monday07:27
wgrantlifeless: Commented.07:32
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (344): STILL FAILING in 5 hr 19 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/344/07:41
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=bac][ui=none][bug=548][incr] Mute self-generated bug notifications07:41
LPCIBotfor accounts that set that option (iow, mute themselves).07:41
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=bac][ui=none][no-qa] Add "selfgenerated_bugnotifications" as a07:41
LPCIBotglobal option for people so that we can work on bug 548. Only07:41
LPCIBotin the DB at this time,07:41
LPCIBotsince the actual implementation is not yet done.07:41
_mup_Bug #548: Launchpad sends change notification updates to the person who requested the change <email> <lp-bugs> <story-better-bug-notification> <story-better-notification-sending> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/548 >07:41
lifelesswhat is webservice:register in configure.zcml for08:20
lifelessfigured it08:24
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LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!09:35
LPCIBotProject devel build (421): FIXED in 6 hr 13 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/421/09:35
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [testfix][rs=sinzui] Print the escaped text of the structured string.09:35
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [r=henninge][ui=none][bug=697294] Refactors create_questionreopening09:35
LPCIBotto be called as a helper, rather than a listener to notifications;09:35
LPCIBotthis avoids the need for a slew of guards on the method, and keeps it09:35
LPCIBotfrom doing work when we don't want it to.09:35
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!12:59
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (345): FIXED in 5 hr 17 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/345/12:59
LPCIBotLaunchpad Patch Queue Manager: [rs=buildbot-poller] automatic merge from stable. Revisions: 12330,12:59
LPCIBot12331, 12332, 12333, 12334, 12335 included.12:59
wgrantjelmer: It's emailing you for successful binary builds?13:03
jelmerwgrant: actually, I just have a lot of failing builds at the moment :)14:00
elvHi, how can i copy  a package fromubuntu primary archive to my ppa? i just saw some packages marked as Copied from ubuntu natty in Primary Archive for Ubuntu .21:15
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cjohnstonThis bug (Bug #340640) says there is no plan of fixing this "at the moment" but that was a year ago... Any chance we can revisit this? It is currently breaking the LoCo Directory.23:22
_mup_Bug #340640: Standard way of finding mugshot url, default if not set <api> <lp-registry> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/340640 >23:22
lifelesscjohnston: we have 6000 bugs and close ~ 1000 a year23:30
lifelesscjohnston: why is it breaking the loco directory now ?23:32
cjohnstonwe are trying to pull the profile images.. but if there isnt one, it gives a broken image23:33
lifelesswhat makes it broken? Why don' you catch the exception and use the default in that case?23:34
cjohnstonit tries.. i dont know if maybe the LD code is broken in that aspect or what23:35
lifelessI would assume it is23:35
lifelessanyhow, in the set of things we're trying to focus on, this really seems appropriate as low23:35
lifelessif you need it escalated, the stakeholder process provides a forum for the different stakeholders to convince each other about the relative importance of things23:36
lifelessyou can supply a patch23:36
cjohnstonthat is the code we have.. i dont know if you know anything about how it would be broken or not23:36
lifelessits hard coding api urls23:37
lifelessthats pretty much guaranteed to run into trouble23:37
lifelessspecifically -23:37
lifelessbeta is deprecated23:37
lifelessyou should use 1.0 for clients that are packaged23:37
lifelessand devel for clients where you're tracking bugfixes etc23:37
cjohnstonoo.. more23:38
lifelessissuing those urls back to browsers will be very very slow23:38
lifelessyour website should resolve the real url using lp apis and then output that.23:39
lifelessotherwise you're forcing directory viewing to do an HTTPS handshake with launchpad.net23:39
lifeless(when you're already logged in and have handshaked already)23:40
lifelessboth of the urls you are returning are going to do a full appserver request and then issue a 30223:41
lifelesswhat would be most efficient would be for whatever collection you're asking Launchpad for to return things with preresolved urls (which we can do for public assets).23:44
cjohnstonok.. thanks23:44
lifelessI'd consider a bug to enhance LP to do that high (which means 3-9 months away) priority, because we're trying to make Launchpad snappy across the board23:45
lifelessin the meantime, lets see if we can work around your issue23:45
lifelessgot a link to a broken page on the diretory?23:46
cjohnstonsorry.. just finished dinner23:49
lifelesshow do we land things on lazr-js23:50
lifelesscjohnston: ok23:51
lifelessso in that page you're outputting this:23:51
lifeless<img src="https://api.edge.launchpad.net/1.0/~drubin/logo" title="David Rubin" valign="top" width="32" height="32">23:51
lifelesscjohnston: but this is a little crazy because you've done an API call to determine the team membership anyway.23:52
cjohnstoni dont know very much about the api and such... so bare with me23:53
lifelesswhats the api call you make to find out about the members of the team?23:53
cjohnstonRonnie: do you know what the api call is that finds out the members of teams23:55
lifelessRonnie: specifically how are you populating http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/666/detail/23:55
cjohnstonlifeless: i know that we pull what team a person belongs to, the code is there, but i dont know if we use it for finding out their TZ23:56
cjohnstonthe attendees statuses are all done completly through LD... you dont have to be a member of a team to attend an event, only to create/edit an event23:57
lifelesscjohnston: do you verify their lp uids?23:58
cjohnstonI believe that we do now lifeless23:59

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