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shadeslayerhi, will it be possible to get xz compression for source tarballs in PPA's?11:17
jelmershadeslayer: hi12:24
jelmershadeslayer: there's an open bug with a fix for that IIRC, it's just waiting for some deployment issues to be sorted out12:25
wgrantIt requires some changes to Lucid's dpkg, I believe :(12:29
wgrantAh, actually, I think the existing fix was for xz in binaries, not source tarballs.12:30
wgrantI guess we should do xz sources soon, given that squeeze is almost upon us.12:31
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jelmerwgrant: I thought Colin's branch added source support?12:42
jelmerah, no.. you're right. it's for binary packages12:42
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wgrantjelmer: xz source support is basically just a regex change, though.12:49
wgrantA bit simpler :)12:49
brovmaxb: around?13:17
brovanyone from the staff around?13:30
jelmerbrov: brov hi13:36
smokexhi brov and I work on the same project, jelmer13:39
jelmerhi smokex13:39
brovjelmer: can you at least temporarily fix sf imports?13:40
brovhi jelmer ;)13:40
smokexwe were wondering if anyone has worked out how to get repos from sourceforge after new cert change13:40
brovby just accepting sf svn cert13:40
brovif you do for example 'svn ls https://quazaa.svn.sourceforge.net'13:41
brovit will complain13:41
jelmerhave you seen http://blog.launchpad.net/general/sourceforge-code-imports-are-disabled ?13:41
brovyeah I've seen thins13:41
brovbut it could be fixed on lp side at least temporarily13:42
brovsf doesn't want to cooperate as far as I heard...13:43
brovI complained to them few times about this issue13:43
jelmerbrov: it's a known issue on their side: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/ticket/1713413:43
jelmerbrov: you can work around it locally if you have bzrsvn installed13:43
brovhow much time it could take to install correct one?13:44
brov10 minutes?13:44
brovjelmer: I want to mirror sf repo on lp13:44
brovmaybe later move the whole project to lp13:44
smokexI wonder if our git repo is updated13:45
brovbzr seems to be better choice smokex13:46
brovis it that hard to press 'p' on lp side, jelmer? :D13:47
jelmerbrov: FWIW I'm not a launchpad administrator so I can't help, I'm just upstream for bzr-svn/bzr13:47
brovI know that should work without any intervention...13:47
maxbFurthermore, yes, it's very hard to press 'p' once for every single different sourceforge project that launchpad imports from13:48
brovmaxb: IIRC it has to be done ONCE13:48
maxbonce per project13:48
maxbI tested this13:48
brovI can help you with pressing 'p' then :D13:49
maxbSourceForge really ought to be capable of fixing this on Monday, I would hope.13:52
brovmaxb: what about 'svn --trust-server-cert --non-interactive'?13:52
maxbThe point is moot anyway, by the time a non-kludgy solution could be prepared and rolled out properly. SourceForge ought to have fixed this.13:54
brovcould it be done for sf specifically?13:55
brovI know it's not "right" solution, but...13:55
brovwe are not only ones who have such issue13:56
maxbI should point out at this juncture that I'm not a Canonical employee, just an interested member of the wider Launchpad community.13:56
brovnow all clear :D13:56
brovI thought you are13:56
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shadeslayerjelmer: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/63609997/buildlog.txt.gz << poke :(17:15
linuxtechHi, any launchpad admins on here today?17:53
linuxtechAccording to the page at help.launchpad.net/HelpRotation jcsackett is on dudy, but I don't see him logged in now.17:56
maxblinuxtech: I believe that only applies to week days18:06
MTecknologyholy crap...  PPA build status:  amd64 16 1013 jobs (13 hours)18:06
maxbMTecknology: yes, but it's a rebuild archive executing at lower priority than standard PPA uploads18:07
linuxtechOK, I had sent an email to one of the Canonical people got a reply already. less than an hour too, Thanks!18:08
MTecknologymaxb: Is there any way to know that without asking about it here?18:09
maxbWell, you can spot that something you uploaded recently has an estimated wait time much less than that18:09
MTecknologyok- thanks :)18:10
maxbor, you can spot that some of the stuff currently building on PPA builders at https://launchpad.net/builders doesn't have the usual [person/ppa] suffix18:10
shadeslayer^^ they have a archive-rebuild in their descriptions somewhere18:11
d34df00dFor which architectures packages are built in PPA?18:36
d34df00dSeems like x86 and amd64 only, but the list in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qxmpp, for example, makes me a bit confused.18:37
lifelesswe only have secure builders for x86 and amd6418:37
lifelessso thats all that regular PPAs build for18:38
lifelessthe qxmpp page you linked to is in Ubuntu itself, not a PPA.18:38
lifelessso it builds on regular hardware, rather than in the virtual machine environments PPAs use.18:38
d34df00dAh, I get it.18:38
d34df00dThanks for clarifying things.18:39
shadeslayerany ETA on a new release of the bzr-svn plguin?20:35
shadeslayerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/638492 << Need that bug fixed20:35
elvhi, how i can copy a package from ubuntu primary archive to my ppa?21:06
elvi saw a package marked "Copied from ubuntu natty in Primary Archive for Ubuntu"...but i didn't understand how is possible.21:08
elvanyone can explain?21:10
bcurtiswxhttps://launchpad.net/~verhansa  spamming my bugs21:11
bcurtiswxbug #60660921:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 606609 in telepathy-haze (Ubuntu) "telepathy-haze segfault" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60660921:12
elvhave look at this for example: https://launchpad.net/~guido-iodice/+archive/guiodic-testing/+sourcepub/1485246/+listing-archive-extra21:20
elvgosh anyone can help?21:29
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james_wbcurtiswx, if you would file using https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion then an admin will be able to act on that on Monday21:35
james_welv, I think that's only possible using the API21:36
elvjames_w: can you give me an example?21:44
james_welv, I don't know where you would find one21:44
james_welv, if you get your PPA object, then call syncSource on it that should do the cop21:45
elvthanks i could write to that ppa manteiner askig him how21:45
yofelis there a reason why launchpad tells me about *successful* recipe builds? "[recipe build #18850] of ~scribus scribus-daily in natty:Successfully built" for example22:37
lifelesstheres a bug open to stop that22:41
lifelessrecipes are still beta22:41
lifelesswe're fine tuning the behaviours22:41
MTecknologyWhat was the tool for uploading a package to a ppa with the ~natty/~lucid/~etc tags?23:33
james_wMTecknology, autoppa23:34
MTecknologyjames_w: thanks!23:35
james_wMTecknology, recipes can do that too now :-)23:36
MTecknologyjames_w: except for quilt; but that bug seems to be making a lot of progress :)23:36
james_wMTecknology, indeed. I think it may even have been rolled out?23:37
MTecknologyjames_w: heh.. this thing is starting to seem like a bit of a pain in the butt..23:57

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